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A Chill Zone

By ARandomDarkener

Replies: 46683 / 1 years ago

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Note: The place is up and open again, to welcome the newer users coming along. We wouldn't want this place to die out again, would we?

It's just a place where you can chill with other users and talk about pretty much anything. Serious, casual, pretty much anything. Hell, even go ahead and advertise your RPs a bit.

For older users, this is basically every one of those chat threads ever, but every little bit of random chaos is multiplied by 10. Prepare yourself.

For newer users here, welcome to Eliteskills. We all hope you enjoy your stay here. Please have patience as not everyone will respond immediately to your first post. Also, you will need to reload the website in order to see if any new posts have come up or to update the advertisements seen. As in the Introduce Thineself thread, join RPs that seem interesting or like-minded. And most of all, have fun with what you do here. Go crazy, but not too crazy.

Until next time,
thanks that means alot
we can be friends
IzzySanders / 20m 44s
all i want is a bunch of friends that are girls just because i am a different type of girl doesn't mean the should judge me and ignore me.......
how come? that seems kinda stupid
IzzySanders / 25m 42s
yeah i tend to get along better with guys then i do girls.....every girl has ended up being jealous over me......
oof i can't tell you how many times that has happened to me
IzzySanders / 1h ago
yeah i tried waving at someone today but she just ignored me and it made me feel like crap......that's how it has been lately
i understand that struggle.
IzzySanders / 1h ago
thank you it's just hard irl right now
Lightangel. it's okay. we all are here for you
IzzySanders / 1h ago

Me and my mom were sitting on our porch watching videos and we heard a noise that sounded like a mix between a human and an animal
amyumino / 1h ago
well i just feel like a ghost in real life..........no one notices me and always ignores me
alright im here
IzzySanders / 1h ago
yeah i guess it would help a bit
do you want to talk about it?
IzzySanders / 1h ago