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The place to chat among ourselves and discuss the RP. For example how we will start and posting order
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OK ladies and gents. Welcome. The first thing that I'd like to say is this is going to be fun so let's have fun with it! Now I envision that we will take turns creating arcs for our characters, whilst creating and progressing through the story.

For example i'll start things off and it will be an arc focused on Helena to give insight of who she is and her backstory to the rest of the team. Each arc should not be long since we need to keep in mind that this is how we will do our back/origin stories and expand upon our characters, further bringing them close together.

After we quickly cycle through these arcs we will begin a story to be set up and revealed at the end of the Character Atlan's arc.

That being said let's talk posting order. I will e going first as green canary, do we have any volunteers for second, third, fourth, and fifth?
YorunekoAlicia Kazeki   2y ago

So the first part revolves around Helena's story? Sounds good. I can go second and fourth.

Basically. I failed to properly explain for everyone. Your arc will revolve around you and serve as a way to tell your story. And the reason your character is who they are. We will all follow your lead but keep in mind these should be short as their purpose is solely to really introduce the character to the others in the group. After we're are done with the first five I will introduce Atlan by going straight into his arc. Which at the end of our central mission will be decided on
TeslaClaymore   2y ago

Thank you for the welcome! Looking forward to roleplaying with you all.

I will readily volunteer for third position.

That sounds like a solid strategy to me if I am understanding it right.

Awesome we'll wait for cookie to see the chat and I'll start this evening. Now as for how we all meet for the first time. Yoruneko and I were talking and we like the idea of all of us chasing the same villain for whatever reasons our characters have. For going after him. Again I'll set it up in the first post.
Mikeymickeymike     2y ago

Perfect then we have the order
3 Tesla
5. Cookie
*6. Mikey when character is brought in

And we are a full go guys. Let's have fun with this and get some villains.

A close family friend just passed away. Cookiecookie can go ahead of me

Alright looks like we are back on track so the next person to post would be tesla followed by yoruneko and then cookie
TeslaSpare   2y ago

My condolences to you and yours Yoruneko.

My post is made and I hope that it provides ample material for everyone. Hope you all have a good weekend.
cookiecookie524Kyra Allen   2y ago

Sorry for not posting in a bit, just been busy with school work and I've also been busy with other roleplays that are always going on constantly. The reply should be up soon for you guys. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the wait. And yes, I did have to be reminded since I had kind of forgotten with all of my other work.

It's all good Cookiecookie. Thank you for letting everyone know

It's all good. Again no rush I just wanted to make sure that you were aware

Hey cookie I understand your busy schedule so if you need us to skip you for this rotation just let us know what you would like your character to do. That way we are not just completely ignoring her.
cookiecookie524Kyra Allen   2y ago

Yeah, I was gonna say something, but I had to wait until later. Go ahead and skip me, sorry for the hold up.

Lol dang tesla, you really got to it. I did not expect to see a response so quickly.
TeslaMolly   2y ago

The benefit of me already having an idea of what I wanted to do with the post and my turn landing on a free day for me. I do hope it provides some useful material to work with.
cookiecookie524Kyra Allen   2y ago

I'm leaving this rp. Its too much to deal with ontop of everything I already do. At the time I joined, I had time for it. I'm sorry for any inconvenience and feelings that I may have hurt or upset. You have every right to be angry with me, and I understand if you are. Thank you for the experience and the short journey, but I hope that you all have fun on this rp and this doesn't stop any of you from role playing with me in the future, and again, I'm sorry.
Mikeymickeymike     2y ago

Yeah I figured you were going to let this go. Oft of course there's no hard feelings. Have fun with your other projects.
Mikeymickeymike     2y ago

Alright guys we will write the flash girl out of the story. Pretty easy. We'll recruit somebody else later on but for now let's proceed with just the three of us

Hey guys. Sorry. A lot happened this past week. Gunna post soon.

Sorry. Please skip me this round. Sorry for the extended wait.
Mikeymickeymike     2y ago

Alright guys i've put up my sadistic post lol I will begin advertising this now to try and get one more person to join.
TeslaSpare   2y ago

It is a fabulous post MikeymickeyMike and I approve wholeheartedly. Also thank you for the acceptance.

Yoruneko would you like me to post as Chaos next to give you some more time and more to work with?

Yeah, that'd be great. Sorry for the inconvenience. Been kinda lethargic on my off-days from work.... I was in & out of sleep this whole afternoon to evening.
TeslaSpare   2y ago

No need to apologize whatsoever as I completely understand. I do hope that things get easier on you. One of my illnesses after I made the offer which is what delayed me and so I totally understand.

Post is up though and with the information on the broadcast for when we decide to timeskip so everyone can react appropriately. Hope everyone has a better week this time around!

Things got worse, but handling better. Was going to post tiger claw's following day in the same post, but decided against it.

I hope ur better. & yeah, that worked out. Thank you for going ahead. I needed that relief.

this is awesome. Thank you for incorporating that Tesla. I was stumped on how to suggest a team up

Also Tesla I was thinking about who the next target should be. I think to smoothly transition into this Short Helena arc let's make it a former business partner of Oliver Queen. That way there's a reason for her short arc and we can run through it and get to all of the rest as well

Alright guys I'd like to welcome Phytocanis to the RP. We will review the posting order momentarily. I think this round we all threw it off lol. For the story i believe we need a post from Tesla and Yoruneko. After that we will review the posting order and modify it if necessary. Until then those two posts go up I would like to encourage Phytocanis to read what we have posted to ensure that he is caught up. It is not a lot as this RP is still a baby. I think we have all posted maybe or 4 times.
Phytocanis324     2y ago

Hello everybody. Glad to be back into something that I can really dig into. Forgive me for being less familiar with the universe lore and characters, I may be asking a fair few questions if I get confused. This still seems like it will be a lot of fun.

No problem at all. Ask away, for the most part we are doing our own thing so we dont have to worry too much about the cannon characters
TeslaSpare   2y ago

Well better handling is at least something. Still hoping things get better for you though Yoruneko!

Thank you kindly for the well wishes.

Honestly happy to help! Especially as it seems to have been quite well received.

That seems like a perfectly reasonable next threat and so since I included a few names you may choose which one will pop out as that role!

Welcome Phytocanis! This is a comics universe so no need to worry too much about lore. A ton of it gets shuffled around every few seasons anyway.

I made my post to keep in line with last turn, and am happy to discuss the new order when possible. Hope everyone has a good end to their week!
Mikeymickeymike     2y ago


After we get a post from yoruneko as Kwan we will go to grimoire and this will be the posting cycle

& posted!

Welcome Phyto~~ I'm glad you joined us. This definitely is going to be a really fun rp.

Thank you Tesla. Yeah, things are getting better.

I like that posting order
Phytocanis324     2y ago

Okay, so... I've posted and left a description of the weapons Grimoire has. If anyone needs a visual aid, I do have a picture of the weapon that I've drawn and will forewarn in advance that I am no artist.

Secondly, because I do not use this site very often, I am unaware of how to change my text color and other things of the like. If anyone could PM me and show me the ropes it would be appreciated so I feel less basic. :P
Mikeymickeymike     2y ago

So the text color is pretty easy. You open a bracket + color then the text you want] for example [+blue glad to have you onboard] (+blue glad to have you onboard)
Phytocanis324     2y ago

[+orange This, then, should be orange if I understand correct.]

Yes that is perfect. See not too difficult. Also if you want to bold, italicize, or underline you use the bracket and b,i,or u no plus sign.

& don't forget to use close bracket after what you want colored, made bold, italicized, underlined, etc. Otherwise, it'll affect everything after command.

I'm interested in seeing how we meet up with Grimoire. This is starting to really heat up.
Phytocanis324     2y ago

I really hope you guys can tell how much fun I'm having playing this character. I also hope he isnt getting too grating. Please let me know if and when I should tone things back.

I can definitely tell. do you man. I have no problem with making your character how you want.
Phytocanis324Grimoire   2y ago

I just dont want him to become too grating on anyone. I want people to enjoy this character as much as I do.
TeslaSpare   2y ago

I must say that I am quite liking the direction that the roleplay is going. Hope the meet up with Grimoire continues this positive trend.

Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself as well Phytocanis324! Honestly I do not think he is being grating at all, but given Chaos' penchant for performance I am not sure I would be the best judge.

That is an excellent stance to take Mikeymickeymike and is one I will readily second.

Hope everyone is staying safe and has gotten to enjoy the weekend some!

*Gasps* Chaos is going somewhere in person!? Truly this is A sight to behold

it's short, but the post is up. Sorry for the delay guys, been a bit busy.
Phytocanis324Grimoire   2y ago

Mine is short as well. Recently (about a week) out of surgery and still in some pain, so its hard to concentrate. But I'm talking to people! Finally!
MikeymickeymikeAtlan   2y ago

I pray for a good recovery Phyto. I wouldn't worry about length as long as you got your point across.
TeslaSpare   2y ago

Sometimes you got to do things in person. That said I am looking forward to how this plays out.

No need to apologize whatsoever! I hope things get better for you.

Good luck in your recovery Phytocanis324! Wish you well.


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