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Final fantasy: Cloud Strife x OC

By Ceva

Replies: 166 / 1 years ago

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"well at least you're not angry anymre" she said with a pisitive look
Cora night / Ceva / 1y ago
"I'm fine but now when I look back at that moment, I laugh." Cloud said.
"its not your fault, I was the one who knocked you into the river in the first place" Cora insisted drawing her legs up to her knees, tilting her head to the side as she looked over at Cloud "are you feeling any better now?" she asked.
Cora night / Ceva / 1y ago
"I still can't believe that I pissed off a river spirit." Cloud said before laughing slightly.
"hello cloud" cora said in a sleepy voice as she rubbed her eyes
Cora night / ceva / 1y ago
"Good morning." Cloud told Cora. He yawns and sighs.
cora yawned and tried to push cloud up so she could get up off the floor
Cora night / ceva / 1y ago
Cloud woke up and yawned. He felt better after sleeping.
Cora woke up in the morning and snuggled into cloud a bit before waking up properly
Cora night / ceva / 1y ago
Cloud continued purring throughout the night and into the morning.
Cora smiled as she fell asleep to the sound of cloud's purring. She didn't have anymore nightmares.
Cora night / Ceva / 1y ago
Cloud started to make a purring noise in order to soothe Cora.
Cora was still scared so she moved cloud she was under him and snuggled him.
Cora night / Ceva / 1y ago
Cloud killed the monster quickly and fell unconscious. He had exhausted himself from the fight.