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missing tank x F(needs literate player 1000+)

By Alfa279escaped

Replies: 7 / 1 years ago

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[Center What happens if a german tank was missing in world war II and finds itself still alive with three soldiers(Who later died) in 2020. Will they get over the war that ended 75 years ago or will they continue to fight? Many have told her(The tank) that the war was over and that her commanders are dead. The Tank still didn't believe them.

[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=409591 my OC]

[Center [b [I [U [+blue [Size20 Rules]]]]]]]
[Center [list
Be nice if doing an OOC chat unless you're mad about something
Be patient I'm slow to type and I have no computer during the weekends(Because on no WIFI router broke)
If you want a literate Roleplay the number count is 1000 or more(Will be discussed) and paragraph will be at least 5 sentences in total
You must be able to play with 15-year-old that turns 16 in April 20th if not less
Hate the OC not the Controller
You must not have a roleplay going with me
Website rules Apply
[b [i AND HAVE FUN]] (this is my main rule)

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sighing sarah waved her hand to the table. ¨
Tut mir leid zu sagen, dass es eine Weile her ist seit dem Krieg und wir sind jetzt im Grunde alle in Ordnung mit einer Einigung.¨ wiping her hands for a moment, she smiled

looking at her suit once more, sarah sighed and spoke. ¨
Nun, ich kenne einen Ort, an dem man einen Job bekommen kann, aber jetzt braucht man die Erlaubnis, Waffen darin zu haben ... und eine Erlaubnis.¨ pointint to the gun, she motioned to the building.

nodding at her she spoke. ¨Jocelyn fern,ich weiß nicht, wo ich finden kann, wonach du suchst. Dieser Ort ist jetzt ziemlich voll.¨ sighing apologetically, sarah shrugged her shoulders.

all of this is on me dont pay.¨ she spoke in english holding her wallet and pushing jocelyn´s hand down. she didnt want to hve her waste her money when she didnt have much right now. ordering something big for her the waiter went away and she looked back at her. ¨SO i need more information for the time being okay?¨
Soft_angel / 1y ago
She looked at the menu before looking at her from the comment, [+purple "Ich kann mich nur an meinen Befehl erinnern, den amerikanischen Außenposten außerhalb unserer Basis anzugreifen, aber als ich nach der Zerstörung zurückkam, war die Basis verschwunden."]

She sat there looking at her armor, [+purple "Ich habe versucht, meine Kommandeure zu finden, aber ich konnte nicht und ich brauche einen neuen Job für meine Rüstungen und Waffen"]

She looked at her smiling and then frowned, [+purple "Wissen Sie, wo ich Informationen zu meiner Basis finden kann? auch mein Name ein Jocelyn Farn"]

She looked at the meals and pointed at pancakes, eggs, sausage/[u bacon], and [u oranges]/apple slices she then held up her 20 Euros, [+purple "Wird das reichen?"]

She sighed when the guy told her that the money wasn't excepted in the building and she sat there holding her stomach, [+purple "Leider kann ich hier wegen des falschen Geldes nichts kaufen"]

((I don't know german I use translate (^-^') ))
nodding she than motioned to the water. ¨Nun, ich bin nicht jeder andere. Ich neige dazu, mein Studium auf den Punkt zu bringen.¨smiling she motioned to the other parts of the stores. ¨Nun, ich bin nicht jeder andere. Ich neige dazu, mein Studium auf den Punkt zu bringen.¨

looking her over, sarah noticed her style and focused on the emblem before blowing out a breath. Smiling again, she took a drink and tilted her head. ¨Ich brauche nur ein paar Fragen und Antworten.¨

motioning to the style she than grinned and asked one of her own. ¨
Aber zuerst sollten wir nein essen?¨ looking at the menu, Sarah hummed and tapped at the paper before waving the waiter down. ¨I want a steak please. with some side sauce. Un DU?¨

Tilting her head now confused sarah coughed a bit. ¨Ich weiß nicht, in welcher Zeit du warst, aber es gibt überhaupt keinen Krieg. Was war das Letzte, woran du dich erinnerst, bevor du hierher gekommen bist?¨

¨Da.¨ she said nodding
Soft_angel / 1y ago
She looked at her chuckling speaking german, "Guten tag, Ich vergesse immer wieder, dass alle hier außer Ihnen Deutsch sprechen können"

Some of her clothes were worn out for her like her boots which needed new traction pads and her armor needed a new paint job. The armor had a faint German symbol on it to show where she came from and who she was fully. Her skirt was a little tattered and some of a few spots were missing armor, "Damit Möchten Sie helfen?"

She sat there sighing as she waited for her answer, "Ich war in der Lage, ein amerikanisches Gelände anzugreifen, nur um zu sehen, dass es verschwunden ist, und ich habe einige Übersetzerprobleme. Ich weiß, dass wir immer noch von den alliierten Streitkräften überfallen werden. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, mich zurück zu meiner Basis zu führen?"

She didn't seem to know that World war II was over with. She still waited patiently as she is a soldier. She smiled looking at her and held up a menu, "Können Sie das bitte auch übersetzen?"
i know how to understand german i took classes heh// am i directly playing a female just for reassurance

walking around the now new place, she looked around to see if anything was out of the ordinary and hummed waiting for the right moment to jump into something right instead of making yet another mistake and getting in trouble. going back over her daily agenda she murmered to herself and stopped outside of the restraunt where she saw the thing most out of the ordinary. She saw a tanks machine gun sitting on the floor while the person next to it was speaking a different language to one of the waiters. Laughing to herself, she than went inside and over to the table with no problem.

¨Guten tag, is there a problem here?¨

Crossing her arms and looking over the two, She flipped her semi long brown hair. ¨I am Sarah Dean and i am here to help if there is a problem here yes?" Looking over the two curious, she than sat down. ¨Excuse me waiter two waters please and make it stat. This meal will be on me due to i want some information.¨
Soft_angel / 1y ago
Entering the town A human Tiger tank sighed her stomach growled as she found what remained of a supply group and ate the bad food there 3 days ago, "Man I need food" She held up some German money and placed her weapon down to count them, "I have 20 Euros I hope that's enough"

she picks up her weapon and carried it into a restaurant starving, [+blue "Ich mag einen Platz bitte (I like a seat please)"] the waiter looked at her confused, [+Gray "Um... excuse me what?"] She sighed clearing her throat speaking in a german accent, [+blue "I like like a seat please"] he nods frowning, [+grey "Please leave your weapon here"] she placed the weapon down and the waiter escorts her to her table, [+grey "Here you go"] She sits down thanking the waiter. She looks at the menu seeing what they got to eat and drink, [+blue "Hmm"] She looked up and called for a waiter hoping someone will call forgetting that probably most of the people didn't know german, [+blue "Kellner, Kellnerin Ich habe meine Bestellung (waiter, waitress I have my order)"]

(She is german if you read her tiny back story)