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The life of an unnacepted guardian

By HydreigonMaste

Replies: 2463 / 1 years ago

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You allready know the plot


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on the back of the note, it said, "They were all fighting that is why they are grounded trying to kill each other literally!"
“You can’t ground her” he grunted “you’re just a thought”
He spanked her again before teleporting her to frost with a note saying, "She's grounded and I can't control her!"
“Gonna spank daddy!” She said, wriggling try and grab the switch
He hits her more, "No biting now listen to me, corner before you get more!"
She hissed “gonna bit daddy!” She said, biting his talon
(Just in case you didn't know!)

He grabbed her and started to slap her butt with the switch, "Now, listen!"
(I know what a switch is. Willow stick, for whipping)

“Kinky” she repeated “if other daddy say it about that, I say it bout that”
He looked at them holding up a switch(A stick), "Do you want to test me?"
“Ooh, kinky” tsunami said “i heard other daddy say that”
“I’m not doing it either!” Tsunami said p, thrashing her tail, and walking out of the corner
He pinned her down with Diamond, "Punishments shall be to everyone now on and will grow if one doesn't listen does everyone understand life isn't far and teamwork falls on all so keep that in mind!"
“Not GONNA!” She said, throwing a fit and wailing