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{Our hopeful song of melancholy.} Fin

By Mr-X

Replies: 105 / 1 years ago

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[center [pic https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/naruto-bleach/images/2/2e/Huecomundoopening.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/340?cb=20111110135243] ]
[center [i Welcome to the world of Hueco Mundo. An eternal wasteland where the night never ends. Here, in the darkest depths, a human soul has been taken captive by orders of Aizen. Held prisoner and watched day and night by Espada Ulquiorra Cifer one wonders when will she be rescued? Or perhaps, shes not the one in need of saving?]
[center [i Orhime]
[center [Pic https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRopZGMF1hNLdNjyh31s81BCoHFr_2Lz_9w1Mq0O8ClwhQiVhS0] ]
[center [b Ulquiorra] ]
[center [pic https://static3.cbrimages.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Bleach-Ulquiorra-1.jpg] ]
He stirred away only vevayae of the womans urging. As his eyes open he looked around to find evidence that the battle had been wage. Nodding his head, the make stand to his feet and looked at Ichigo who was prepared to fight the man behind it all. Pointing his fingers towards the sky, it didn't take long for a black portal to open before them. Thus was their ticket to the outer world. beyond this gate lied their fate and the final act of this war.

"There's no guarantee that we'll be able to stop Aizen." He spoke as he looked at the pair before shifting his weight to one foot to another. "But we'll try."
Ulquiorra Cifer / Mr-X / 317d ago
Orihime was relieved when they were allowed to rest and she sank down beside Ulquiorra and tried to stay awake for as long as she could. She nodded when he agreed to rest and she couldn’t fight her eyelids growing heavier as she dropped off to sleep. She shifted slightly now and then it otherwise she just wanted to rest and sleep claimed her right beside Ulquiorra.

Orihime stirred some hours later, for a moment she reluctantly tried to go back to sleep as if she could forget everything. She opened her eyes and remained silent as she did so, not wanting to wake the others as she sat up ever so slightly and moved to turn over and watch Ulquiorra for a moment, looking him over to check he was alright and really hadn’t sustained any injury. It was the first peaceful moment they had, and seeing him asleep was strange. She had never seen him sleep before, and he looked so serene and peaceful. Orihime didn’t want to wake him so instead she moved and rubbed her eyes.

She lay back down and looked at the skies above. She would never get used to that sky and how different it would look. They need to get moving and Orihime looked down at Ulquiorra and placed a hand to his shoulder,
“Ulquiorra.” She said softly and gave a small smile, “Come on, we need to wake up.” She said to him.
Orihime / Resident Fey / Nullification / 330d ago
As Orihime spoke about him saving his life he simply looked away feeling abashed. He had only been doing his job which was to protect her under Aizen's order. He felt like that was his purpose in life for now. And as she asked the question he nodded his head slowly. Yes, he was positive that they had time to rest. The battle, he felt, was far from getting started and he saw no reason in rushing into. Plus his transformation had taken out more from him than he'd expected. Sitting down on the floor he leaned back and looked up over Hueco Mundo. The world had an eternal dark sky and its world was filled with melancholy souls that wonder around endlessly looking for a hopeful song to sing.

For the first time, he felt like there was something beyond the endless see of white. Something worth actually investing in and saving. As his eyes turned towards the girl and than towards Ichigo and his friends he closed his eyes before opening them again. "Yes.. Let's rest..." He spoke closing his eyes again and slowly, and silently falling into a peaceful sleep.
Ulquiorra Cifer / Mr-X / 339d ago
Orihime looked to the Espada, unflinching and not ashamed to see him like this.
"You saved my life, again." She said to him quietly and looked to Ichigo. Another plan? She didn't know what was going on but she did know that Ulquiorra looked exhausted.
"Do we have time to rest?" She asked because she knew that they would be of more use when they weren't all exhausted. She Was tired too but she had a funny feeling they wouldn't have enough time for resting right that moment. Whatever was going to happen it probably wasn't good.

She fixed her tattered and torn outfit as best she could, it wasn't perfect and she lowered her hand from Ulquiorra and looked to Ichigo,
"If we can't then let's go, someone's going to get hurt if we don't rest and the longer we take the longer time we waste." She didn't know what Aizen was doing but she would stop him. She didn't even know who to trust anymore, if there even was anyone. Aizen was supposed to be the level headed one so why wasn't he?
Orihime / Resident Fey / Nullification / 342d ago
He hadn't been expecting this. For her to see the unending goodness within him. As he turned towards her and her friends, he blinked his eyes before he softly sighed. In truth, the future was full of mysteries and there wasn't anything which he'd couldn't handle. Turning to his friend and to Orihime he spoke to them softly. "We need to return to the human world. Aizen is planning an attack on your town.. I don't know what he's planning; he only told his top three espada's.." he spoke as he shifted his weight. Slowly, the male reverted back into his human form and as he did so; he stretched out his body.

Transforming always took so much out of him to the point where he was exhuasted beyond belief. So, as he stood there watching the female and her friend he gave them a smile.
Ulquiorra Cifer / Mr-X / 343d ago
Orihime had swallowed whatever fear she had, because if this was her end then so be it. She looked directly at Ulquiorra and focused on him, if he was going to slit her throat then at least she wouldn't be alone. He didn't cut her throat though, instead tearing her clothing to expose her and she cringed. The ground began to shake, tremoring and Orihime was dropped rather ungracefully as she looked to Ichigo as he covered her up with his jacket. She looked to Ulquiorra, stunned. He had wings and horns, not nearly as monstrous as Nnoitra. She gazed at him and flinched as he cut down his enemy as though he were nothing.

Orihime looked to the two allies, stunned she was even still alive as she got to her feet and fiddled with some buttons of the coat she now wore, it was far too big on her small frame but she didn't care. She looked to Ulquiorra at his words and she was shocked. Did he think she saw him like that? She shook her head, approaching him with no fear as she looked up at him.
"You saved my life." She said to him, "Not for the first time, either. You're no monster, Ulquiorra." She said quietly and touched his shoulder very gently. He was not a monster, even angels had wings. She looked around at the damage done to Los Noches and wiped her face free of any remenants of blood from Nnoitra's assault.

"What happens now?" She asked quietly, afraid of the answer. They couldn't fight forever, but she knew they would all try if they had to.
Orihime / Resident Fey / Nullification / 352d ago
The male knew that Nnoitra was baiting him to enter into his second form. And as he stood there holding Orihime tightly, he felt a new emotion rising up with him. Clutching his sword rather tightly he and Ichgio were at a stand still as to what to do against the bastard who now had someone they both cared for in his hands. In one hand, the Espada could easily take him out, but he didnt want to put the girl in danger. Turning towards the male, he gave him a look and ichigo nodded. They new exactly what they were planning to do. Meanwhile. NNoitra was watching them intently holding the girl by her hair and holding him closer to her.

"I'd be careful what you'd do! Wrong false move... and she might get cut~" To prove this point, one of his hands quickly sliced through her shirt exposing her. Letting out a lecherous laugh, the male grinned and instantly Ulquiorra let out a low hissed.

[b "You wanted me to show you my resurrection form? You foolish bastard.."] he spoke and suddenly the ground began to shake. The world around them tremble and and without warning, the Male spoke one word and suddenly rain started to fall upon the group of people.

Dark green rain fell upon the dry desert as a beam of light enveloped the Esapad and for once in his life. NNOITRA felt fear. Letting go of the girl, he slowly backed away his voice trembling. "What.. the fuck.. its raining spiritual pressure " his voice came out shocked and soon the rain stopped and Ulqiourra stood there different.

Two wings protruded from his body, and he had two large horns jutted from out his skull. Leaning forward, he nodded to Ichigo and before a word could be exchange, Ichigo was covering Orhime up with his jacket and the two males were fighting... though it was hardly much of a fight seeing as Cifer made quick work of the male and within instance he was no more of this world.

Turning towards Ichigo and the girl, his eyes seemed to narrow as he looked upwards. They'd taken down two out of seven-Including himself- that Aizen had left behind to safe guard Los Noches. Seeing as this were the strongest by far, he doubted that the others would bother them from this point on.

[b "Dammn... I didn't want her to see me like this... like.. a monster.. "] his voice came out slow
Ulquiorra Cifer / Mr-X / 352d ago
“I’m not leaving you.” Orihime said defensively. Aizen didn’t matter and neither did anything else, she wasn’t going to just abandon Ulquiorra like this in the midst of a battle. She couldn’t do that to him, not after everything. She watched the two males and grabbed onto Ulquiorra as the building crumbled, bracing herself for some sort of pain but there wasn’t any. She realised they were outside and Ulquiorra had helped her as she got to her feet and looked to Ichigo and the others. She could feel her heart beating hard in her chest and she stared as Nnoitra sprouted extra arms and revealed his true form.

Orihime swallowed and looked as Ichigo and Ulquiorra took on the other Espada and she made sure she was out of the way. Did Ulquiorra have a form like that? Could he sprout extra limbs? Orihime didn’t know what to do, she didn’t know how to help but she focused very hard from the sidelines, every so often she threw up a shield to block some of Nnoitra’s attacks or at least throw him off. That ended though when Nnoitra got close enough and smacked Orihime hard with the but of one of his weapons, sending her staggering backwards and onto the floor, her lips bleeding as well as her nose.
“Stupid girl.” He hissed and turned back to Ichigo and Ulquiorra, dragging Orihime to her feet by her hair.

“I don’t share my toys, Ulquiorra.” He said darkly as Orihime spat out some blood and stared at Ulquiorra and Ichigo.
Orihime / Resident Fey / Nullification / 353d ago
[center [u Karakura Town] ]

The serenity of the midday blue sky was shattered as a gaping black thin line appeared within the sky. Like jagged teeth, the line open up revealing figures amidst the blackness. Six figures emerged from the darkness of the black hole, and as Aizen stepped out, he was more than surprised to be greeted by his former allies. Leading the charged was the head of Soul Society, the ancient general who’d lived for more than a thousand years so far. His eyes were keen and his spirited strong. Holding his staff in his hands the male looked up towards the man whom he’d once mentored and welcome into his ranks as a friend and ally.
“Aizen… You dare show yourselves here, after the treachery you’ve pulled and the mishap and chaos you’ve brought!” His voice came out low and even.

Looking down upon the man, he simply shrugged his shoulders whilst standing there above them all. Looking upwards, he exhale his breath before turning his back upon the man whom he once was force to call his “superior” though he was anything but. Lifting his hands, his top three Espada’s immediately squared off against the head-Yamamoto-and his captains whilst Aizen and his other two companions drew their swords. “As much as I’d like to stay and fight with you; I have 100,000 souls I need to slay. And these 100,000 souls are here, in this town. And to think, I orchestrated everything to go perfectly; but you just always try and be one step ahead of me… don’t you, Yamamoto…”

Lifting his staff, he instantly summoned a wall of fire and before Aizen and the others had time to move; they found themselves trapped within a burning wall. Letting out a sigh, Aizen looked at the others as they felt the heat radiating off of them. Yamamoto was the strongest without a doubt; but he hadn’t been force to fight in centuries. The last time he ever lifted his sword was close to 800 years ago. He’d ushered in an era of peace in the soul society, and that peace had made the old man weak. Still, Aizen decided to humor him. Humor him for the sake of it all.

[center [u Back at Heuco Mundo] ]
[right [pic http://i.quotev.com/img/q/u/14/6/14/e566f2bb09-tumb.jpg] ]
“Orihime, listen to me very carefully.” Ulqiuorra spoke as he shifted his weight to one side waiting for the male to attack him. “You need to find your friends and return to your home town.. Right now as we speak, Aizen is-“

Before he had a chance to talk, the male was lunging at him with his blade in hand. Laughing that evil laughter, he instantly brought down his blade, to which Cifer was easily able to catch and throw back at him. Pushing him away, he could sense the air fill with spiritual pressure as Nnoitra was preparing to fire off another cero blast at the male. Growling he was lifted his finger to prepare to fire his own. It seemed as if the male was serious about fighting the male and as he went about to do so, Ulqiuorra could only glare at him before being firing off and cancelling the blast.

As a huge explosion came about, the entire hall way began to crumble and the male cursed himself. He’d forgotten that compare to the raging power of two Espada’s the castle held no chance. As the building began to collapses and debris began to fall all around them, the male turned his head to try and rescue the girl and eventually, the pair found themselves outside again standing amidst the ruins of part of the crumbling building. Rising from the dust, the male Nnoitra grinned as he looked at the male.

“Haha, now that we’re outside you can finally show off your badass Resurrection form. Come-on, let’s go.. I’ll show mine first..” Nnoitra growled as he suddenly transformed. Growing four more arms from his torso, and two horns grew from out of his head. “Hahaha! Now we can fight for real; afterall you promise no quarter given!” he growled laughing manically and here the male spoke.

“I did, but I don’t need to transform to kill you..” his voice came out lower and right then and there, Orihime’s friends were by their side.

“Ulquiorra, who is this freak!” Ichigo ask as he drew his sword and looked at the male who was sprouting six arms with each one holding a weapon in it.

“Espade numero Cinco, Nnoitra” Ulquiorra Cifer spoke as he lifted his sword. “Ichigo protect Orihime, this battle will-“

“Shut the fuck up and let’s do this!” The male screech as he charged both of them and almost in synch, the Espada and soul reaper both went up against the madman known as number five.
Aizen / Mr-X / 353d ago
Orihime wasn’t stupid, she knew that look and she was immediately filled with terror. She saw him gearing up for another fight and she cringed, focusing as best she could but there was a shattering sound and suddenly Ulquiorra stood before her. Orihime shielded her eyes when the light emitted from Ulquiorra and she got to her feet, unsure of her play in this but she would defend Ulquiorra as best she could. She placed a hand to his arm when he drew his sword and looked at him, half pleading with him to just run. It was no use, the other espada had drawn his sword and Orihime swallowed thickly and stepped back, her back pressed against the wall.

Orihime wasn’t sure if she wanted to watch this. She knew what ‘no quarter’ meant. She knew it was a fight to the death and she knew Ulquiorra was powerful but so was the other Espada and she didn’t know which way the tables would turn. She knew she could run, not alone because she could run into more trouble. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she looked between the two, where the Hell was Aizen and why wasn’t he stopping this?!
Orihime / Resident Fey / Nullification / 356d ago
Oh, how wrong the fool was.
Had the male not been trapped inside the crystal he'd been able to sense his lust for the girl several miles away. However, seeing as he was trapped inside there was nothing he could do but sit and wait for what might be the "worst" to happen.

[i "Ah what the hell!"] The voice of the male cried out, as he felt his hands burnt the moment he touched the shield which the girl had put up. Stepping backwards, he looked a the girl and let out a growling sound. He had so, so, wanted the girl for his own sick amusement. And as he was going over all the lustiful and lewd plans he had for her in his head, he was getting more and more angrier by the moment. Sticking out his tongue, he grinned as he started to speak. "Let's see how well you can guard against this!" he spat

Instantly, the crystal broke and Uliquorra was before the male. Holding putting his hand on his sword, he looked at the girl and growled. "It seems as if it's time I got involved with this fight.." the male spoke and instantly a blinding blast illuminated Uliquorra as the male fired off a cero laughing.

But it did nothing, instead, it merely just torn the clothes the male was wearing. "Is that all you've got?" the male asked as he drew his sword and instantly the male grinned smiling brightly. "OOh! OOOOH! HAAA! Let's go, you punk!" He roared with laughter and the male was happy to oblige.

[i "this time no quarter will be given to you."] he murmured.
Ulquiorra Cifer / Mr-X / 356d ago
Orihime listened to him and she didn’t know what to do. Usually she would try to rebel and disobey but not this time. She was horribly afraid and she knew she shouldn’t be. She was in the castle and figured she was safe. She touched the crystal,
“I should be out there, with them. I should be fighting too.” She murmured, “Or at least helping them and healing them.” She mumbled like a forlorn child. She was tired and drained and worried. Ulquiorra was worried too and she got to her feet.

“Can’t hide in corridors.” She said to herself as she started making her way down to find a room or something. Orihime heard voices and immediately ducked into a room, leaving it open a crack to listen. She didn’t know that voice but it was Nnoitra. The espada made her sick in a strange way. The way he looked was odd and she held her breath and clamped a hand over her mouth as the espada paused outside the room she was hiding in. Orihime clutched the crystal but the door flew open as Nnoitra stormed in, knocking her back.
“Well, if it isn’t Aizen’s plaything.” Nnoitra said with a chuckle and eyed Orihime over. Orihime stared up at him and swallowed, the man was easily taller than her and a formidable foe.

“Ulquiorra isn’t around to keep you safe now, Princess.” He drawled and Orihime made for fun for the door but Nnoitra easily tripped her so she landed on the floor, banging her head off the floor and she groaned. She sat up, heart hammering as she wondered what to do. Nnoitra lunges and Orihime instinctively put up a shield around herself in a strong bubble.
Orihime / Resident Fey / Nullification / 358d ago
Sitting within the Crystal, the male could see the battle unfolding and was mildly impressed at his skill. In truth, he had fought the boy and had down the similar thing to him. As the girl continued to run through the castle halls, all he could do was close his eyes and picture everything which was going to happen. No doubt the over Espada's were mobilizing and getting ready to launch a counter attack against her and her friends. And with Aizen gone, there was no one left to enforce the law of her not being touch. This bothered him, bothered him alot. However as the girl found a quiet place to hide, the male placed his hands against the cold wall of the crystal and sighed.

In a few more minutes he'd be able to break out from this isolating prison Just a few more minutes. [i "The best thing that we can do is just hide till the assault is over. I don't think it'll last any longer than an hour. Most battles are decided quickly with experience fights.. I just want you to stay way from Nnitora. He would be itching to look for any reason to get caught up in a fight.."] he spoke those words as he closed his eyes.

He hated being trapped like this. He should've known that the bastard Grimmjow would do something so dirty.
Ulquiorra Cifer / Mr-X / 360d ago
Orihime watched the two and stepped back when she realised her attacks were completely useless and she stared at Ichigo, listening to Ulquiorra’s words.
“Alright.” She said quietly, staring in disbelief as Ichigo downed Grimmjow like he was a mere pest under his foot. Orihime watched him and nodded,
“I understand. Stay safe, Ichigo.” She said to him and took a few back steps, looking to the palace. She wasn’t sure where to go. Safety? She didn’t know where that was. She put a hand to Ichigo’s shoulder and gave it a soft squeeze of reassurance that she was alright and she believed he would be too. She turned and looked back at the palace, more places to hide back there.

She brought her hand up to clutch the crystal around her neck and started running, doing her best to avoid any trouble as she stumbled in the doors of the palace, the castle seemed oddly quiet and she ran down the hallways, running until her legs gave way from under her in a shadowed hallway and she leaned against the wall, gasping for air, head tilted back as she tried to catch her breath. She was exhausted from the long run and she just needed a breather for a few minutes.

“What do we do?” She asked quietly, letting go of the crystal and inspecting it. She couldn’t fix this and it seemed even when she tried to stop a fight it just happened anyways. Ichigo would be fine and the others, no doubt. She hadn’t ever pictured them so strong but Ulquiorra was right, they had downed Grimmjow and that was no mean feat.
Orihime / Resident Fey / Nullification / 362d ago
[center [pic https://media1.tenor.com/images/59aac6ba91a308b951e42edbb4ad5c57/tenor.gif?itemid=9493131] ]
If she though such a useless attack would phase him she was dead wrong. The blast hit him, but it didn't so much as do nothing but left a little bit of a mark on him. Turning towards her, he let out a roar before lifting up his hands. "Was that suppose to hurt?" Leaning forward, he grinned as he slowly got on all four of his hands. He could've easily taken her out, and as the woman started giving him orders he could only laugh. "Aizen just left not even five minutes ago. As far as I'm concern, fuck him and all of his previous orders!" he growled and suddenly Ichigo was there before Orihime.

Bringing out his mask and sword, he quickly counter Grimmjow's attack as he came charging at him Drawing his sword, the ground beneath them shook and suddenly the pair vanish. But each time their swords clash the world all around them seem to shake and even though Uliquorra was trapped in that small little diamond he could see sense what was going on.

[i "Orihime can you hear me? It's a little to late to stop the pair from fighting.. Trust me, Provoking him will only make him want to transformed into his release form. We Arrancars have two forms, our suppress form and our release form... Or, how we truly look like. Its best that you get yourself to safely. Your friends are extremely powerful, I trust that they wont be defeat easily."]

His voice came out in a bit of concern tone as the battle raged on between the two. As soon as the male's voice came out, Ichigo appear before her and offered her a smile. He'd had on a mask that resemble the ones that the Arrancar's were wearing and as Grimmjow came throwing a punch at him, Ichigo easily grabbed hold of it before turning his head and giving him an apologetic glance.

[center [pic https://i.makeagif.com/media/8-09-2016/VGvoBJ.gif] ]

[b "What the hell is this!?"] Grimmjow roar as he stood struggling to get away from the male. Turning his head he spoke to Orihime.

[i "I'm sorry Orihime. I know you don't want us to fight; but these guys don't intend to let us leave here alive..."] Turning towards the male caught in his grasps he raised his sword before sighing.
[i "Hey Grimmjow, I have to put you to sleep for a while.."]

Bringing it down, Grimmjow's eyes widen as he lost this battle so completely and utterly. Falling face forward before the male, Ichigo caught him before laying him down on the ground. Turning back towards Orihime he sighed. [i "Sorry for not trusting you.. As long as your safe that's all that matters to me. Honestly.]
Mr-X / 1y ago