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I'm not a Pokemon, I'm a PokeHUMAN

By MythicMallow

Replies: 112 / 1 years ago

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Pokemon rp for IKage


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The girl smiled as her pikachu and emolga both came over to say hello "whats funny?" she asked confused
Eva / MythicMallow / 1y ago
Jake smiled apologetically at her one again "sorry if i seemed rude" he told her
Mei nodded with a soft smile as she held her pokeball in her other hand and went along with him.
Wes nods. Best if you follow me I have been her plenty of times." He said and gently ttook her hand as he leads her to the Lab.
Wes / IKage / 1y ago
nodding lena looked down and smiled. "alright i will remember that for next time."

blinking maxy looked at the two and laughed
"best to be covert for now" mei agreed slowing down to a sprint.
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jake smiled a little "i just don't like physical contact, don't worry"
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the girl took maxy's hand as her emolga came over. "he has pretty eyelashes" she said out loud dumbly.
Mei Suzuki / Myth- / 1y ago
Wes smiled as he heard her giggle . "YOou must be having fun." he said as they started to near Sandgem town. "Looks like we are almost there, we may want to stop soon and figure out how to get you in without people noticing. Unless you want everyone to see you?"
Wes / IKage / 1y ago
letting go she realised. "sorry sorry i hate being alone."

Smiling after a bit, maxy held his hand out. "come on."
Jake looked down at where she was touching his arm uncomforably.

the girl lifted herself into a sitting position and looked up at maxy through all her hair "hi" she said shyly.
Mei Suzuki / Myth- / 1y ago
nodding lena went over and grabbed his arm. "thank you."

Maxy was surprised and huffed. "are you okay?"
"i guess that's fine" jake said as litten rubbed against his leg.

a trainer girl about maxy's age was playing tag with her emolga, her blond hair blowing allover the place when she tripped over maxy's feet.
Mei Suzuki / Myth- / 1y ago
frowning she looked around, "well my brother is again gone, so can i come with you."
"i already told you, do you have seive for a brain? The leafeon girl and pikaboy" jake said in a huff
Mei Suzuki / Myth- / 1y ago
looking at him, lena tilted her head. "and they are."

maxy had dissapeared again