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{Into the depths below} fin

By Mr-X

Replies: 53 / 1 years ago

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[Size40 [b [center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=148497 PART I ] ] ] ]
[center [b Story thus far] ]
[I [center The rebellion against the matriarch was successful, although with it came the reveal that humanity is on the brink of a growing food shortage. Face with humanity facing another threat of dying off from mass starvation, and the inhospitable terrain outside the city. Humanity's only option is to go below and scavenge outside for humanity's final hope.] ]
[center [pic https://www.scifibloggers.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/zion-Matrix.jpg] ]

[center [b Marcus Aurelius Thorn] ]
[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/9c/14/a8/9c14a83fc23e5bb9f8eecc9471a90b28.jpg] ]
[center [b Swayer Lyric Barlow] ]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/K4tNPEd.png?1] ]
Marcus was hardly one for ever agreeing with what Lyric said. But for once in his life, he found himself agreeing with everything the woman said and more. Of all the things he felt the man before him to be, a coward best surmised his word. However, it seemed as if they weren’t the only ones. All of the other councilmen seemed to rise and clap after the rousing speech with Lyric gave and as the oldman stood there surrounded by those around him. His face contorting and twisting into a cunning smile Marcus couldn’t even fathom what it was the old man was doing. However it wasn’t long before the man rolled back his sleeves and produced something. A small vial which had blood within it and as the crowd began to lower their voices the male looked at the female and spoke again.
[b “My dear, you’ve passed the test. My words were meant to challenge your resolve and see how truly fierce and determine you were to save this world. Here, all along n my sleeve, is the sample of blood which you. With this final act; I’m doing what I can to pave the way for future generation. Truth be told, I’ve sat on my ass all this time waiting for change. A smart man knows that it is not his generation, but the future generation that will change the world. All he can do is forge with the last of his strength, tools and leave them behind..”]

“Fuck you old man!”
“Get off your high horse!”
As the other councilman called Octavious out on what he had just said, Marcus went to grab the vial and shake his head from left to right. They’d seemingly gotten what they came from and now was time to go forth and take it to the others that waited outside. Turning his head upon the underground Marcus blinked once and then twice. He knew that he would return here. Something called for him to do so.

[center [u Two months later] ]

Drawing the syring which was filled with the concoction which Barret and Kyle had been working on, Barrett let out a huff before plunging it deep within his skin. He had been hook up to a device that was measuring his resistance to toxicity. As the priest from the underground sat watching the device she closed her eyes and held them together. It had been a long time since society had ventured out these walls and as Barret watched the way the machine ran his diagnosis work he let out a sigh. [i beep… beep…. Beeeeep~!]

[b “No way..!”] Barret’s eyes widen in disbelief. Even though he had predict it; he still couldn’t believe it. The sample which Octavious had given them was enough to produce a cure against the toxicity and now, now was humanitys chance to take back the world. Jumping up for joy, Barret ran out the room and leapt for joy. [b “It works! It works! We’re finally free of this toxicity we’re free!”]

As Lyric passed by, Barret grabbed her by her waist and picked her up, spinning her around. “It’s over! It’s finally over, we're free to explore the outside world!” Putting her down he grinned smiling. “I can’t wait to see Black’s reaction to this!”
Unlike the others, Sawyer wasn't shocked. These types were the same no matter where you were. In fact, she laughed aloud as the elderly man spoke so decidedly down to them. [+teal “Hah, how nice it must be to think yourself so high above others.”] It was a mindset she couldn't fully understood. These people were also human, but they seemed to think themselves apart from the rest. And to be fair, in a way they were, but humanity was not meant to live in this way. [+teal “If the people of the surface cultivate a resistance to the toxicity, everyone will benefit; but you only want to reap the reward without contributing to the cause... Or could it be that you plan for you and yours to stay down here indefinitely?”] It was a pointed question, and her tone conveyed that. She was all sorts of agitated at these people. [+teal “Somehow I doubt that. You just expect everything to go how you want with little to no effort on your part. Or maybe you just don't want to deal with it so you claim it will work itself out.”] It was a selfish mindset, one that dumped the issue on those to come after himself. But given how old this man looked, it might not be long now. Then again, she should have expected it when they demanded to be entertained with the story of their pasts while offering no such thing in return.

[+teal “Humans caused this problem and we have to be the ones fix it, but first we have to find a way to adapt.”] There was no telling how long that might take, but she knew it was possible. She was a testament to that. [+teal “Once that happens we can go out and right the wrongs of those who came before us. The Earth has survived this far, it is not at the point of no return. We can make this right. We will.”] Sawyer somehow doubted she would live to see it, but one day they would be able to stretch out once again, to sustain themselves on the land and nurture it in turn. That's what all this was for, to get back to a world they could inhabit.

Her dark eyes stayed trained on Octavius; her gaze was hard and fiery all at the same time. [+teal “You claim this this is retribution, but that's just an excuse. An excuse to clear your conscious while you sit on you ass, content with the way things are... because that's easier than putting in an effort. It's easier than actually facing the problem head on and doing something about it.”]
[b Opposite sides is putting things a tad bit lightly don’t you think?”] The male spoke with sarcasm as he looked at Lyric before turning back towards the council. In truth, he was still having a hard time composing himself in front of the old man. He had the same analytical eyes as the one whom he’d not seen since childhood. So there was pressure to make sure that the truth was believed. But with such an outrageous tale would it be even conceivable for it to be so? Down within him he’d hope so. Clearing his throat Marcus began to launch into his side of the story telling things which had been heard before and things which hadn’t been. The secrets which he’d kept within came pouring out and he spoke with passion and a sincerity that he’d not have to use in years. His eyes were pleading, yearning to be believed as he spoke about the rebellion and his hatred for them.

As others listened, he could see the arrangement of emotions going through their faces. Some were surprised at how the two whom hated each other could stand here united in the threat that of humanity decreasing, while others seem to find it amusing that they weren’t able to get along. As the story came closer and closer to the End Black’s voice began to grow even more passionate, but he didn’t scream or raise his voice. He kept it low and even. Never loosing control he finished at last with his side of the story and stood back as he nodded towards Lyric to share her side. He was completely curious as to see find out how the rebels perspective of the whole thing was. And in truth, he was surprised to learn truths that he himself hadn’t even realized.

Once the telling of the story was done the council above them went gravely silent and only one of them looked poised to say something but instead he remained silent. The man, Octavious, was chewing on his own words. Most were expecting him to be the one to break the silence but instead it was the youngest person on the council. One whose family had a history with opposing the Thornes. Standing up he clapped his hands not once, but twice, before speaking.

[i “Quite the elaborate yarn to spin.”] Leaning forward, one of the men on the council stroke his beard before blinking his eyes. [i “But I sense no lies..”]

With that all of the others nodded in agreement. At once the voices start to intermingle as they began to voice their own opinions about the story which they’ve been told. Clapping her hands, the young priest came between the council and guest and smile. “So; this means that we will help them save the rest of humanity right?” She chimed in hopefully, and before any of them could answer Octavius spoke.

“Over my dead body. There stories proves why humanity was on the verge of being wiped out. Humans are ignorant to coexist; and you wish to spread this plague across the Earth before its done healing itself? I say we let the Earth run its natural course, the poison will cease eventually. Whether or not humanity survives to see it is our greatest test to come. If They wish to comne to us and spend time underground, so be it! But I will not contribute to Earth being ruined. Not again.”

Those words baffled all of those who stood on the council. Even Marcus found himself at a lost of words assuming that the man who sat beore them would be reasonable and understand the desperate need for the cure.

“If you wish to travel with them so be it; but know this. Anyone that leaves the walls of the underground city will be consider an enemy of us, Marcus, Swayer, you may take your leave after resting for tonight. You don’t need our help, or the blessing of our council. After hearing this story I see that you’re both capable of recognizing what humanity needs best. If its the cure so be it. If its to die out so be it. I want no part in this.”
It wasn't that Sawyer couldn't feel the tension in the room; she simply did not care. Authority figures, especially ones she hadn't seen prove their worth with her own eyes, weren't so high up the list of people she respected. But what else could one expect? The rebel in her hadn't died as of yet and she didn't expect it to anytime soon. Not that anyone in this room knew that, as she doubted Ryan had gone deep diving into her past over their short acquaintance. If he had, there was a good chance he wouldn't have brought her along.

When the old man answered her, she wasn't particularly happy with what he had to say. She could have confirmed that for him herself, but it didn't look like that was what he wanted. What's more, she was going to be stuck here waiting. The extent of it was unclear, but Lyric was captive once again. It was unfortunate, because she really did want to give Black at least the little information she had before sending him in here. Letting out a long sigh, her expression of discontent was displayed clearly on her face.

Time moved as it is wont to, which was just a hair too slowly for the woman. Conversation was at a standstill once the robed woman from before took off. The dark eyed woman entertained herself as best she could taking in both the details of the room and the people in it. She doubted it would give her any real advantage to the current or near future situation, but there was little else to do for the moment. That changed eventually though, as the priestess returned with Marcus in tow.

The couple of Thorns marveled at one another for a bit, but it was a far cry from being some touching reunion of kin. In fact, the whole thing came and went rather quickly before the ancient man pulled her back into the situation. Staring at him with a confused expression, she failed to grasp what she had to do with any of this. However, Marcus seemed all too willing to lay their story out for this likely very distant relative of his. Sighing yet again, she left the stop she'd been standing to join her friend to at least make sure he was telling it right.

Looking at him as he weighed his options of where to begin, the tall man settled at the beginning as he looked at her almost as if to ask for help. [+teal “I mean, if we really have to tell this story, that would make sense. Though as far as I am concerned, it was a horrible day that I'd rather not think about.”] Between remembering signing her life away to a tyrant and now knowing she did it for some double agent bastard, she wasn't exactly thrilled with that moment of her life. [+teal “I guess we should preface this with the fact that until recent years our society has been run by a dictator whom a lot of us weren't exactly happy with. I was a member of a resistance against her faction. This one here,”] she motioned toward Black, [+teal “was on the opposite team.”] Her ability to trivialize this came from the fact that she had gotten over much of it.
Loxi / 148d ago
Ryan and all the others in the room tenses as they heard Lyric speak to the elder. Most people, knowing the power he had, weren't ones to question his orders. At his age the male was more then use to having his orders followed without questions. But hearing a young girl raised questions as to why he needed to speak to Thorne pleased the male. Leaning forward he laced his fingers together before giving the little girl a warm smile. "The thorne have a distinct look which is almost unmistakable. I want to see if this man has the same look as I remember those of us having.." His words came out softly.

Octavius wasn't one to often show his soften side. The fact that he was doing so was proof that he had a rather good feeling about this in his soul. Clasping his hands together, he turned towards the priestess who had been the one who suggest they'd hear the new comers out. "Alyssa, you know where they make camp at? Why not fetch this Thorne fellow why we keep Lyic girl here? So as we can make sure that we are not being duped." His voice came out rather calm and collected as he leaned back into his chair. "It shouldn't take no more than an hour?" He asked and she looked back at the pair apprehensively before nodding her head.

[center [u Outside the city.] ]

"What's going on?" Barrett and the rest of the campers had been waiting outside of the city for the past day and a half waiting on an update from Sawyer and Ryan. So when the maiden had come with other men in white they'd assume that they had an message which would be favorable for them. However with one look on the young woman's face they could tell. Something amiss was arising and as Marcus head towards the little girl his eyes start to analyze what was going on. The hood shrouded the girl's face in shadow and as she turned upon him, she threw back her hood revealing that of a youthful girl's face. Stone eyes stare back at inquisitive ones before she spoke up in a surprisingly commanding voice.

[i "Instead of trying to pry answers from me; come with me and see them answered. You truly are the spiting image of the old crone bastard.'] Her voice came out softly and Marcus was taken aback by that declaration. [b "Old crone bastard?'] Marcus spoke, before closing his eyes and then opening them again.

No, no, this simply could not be. However, it seemed as if there was truth in the Lillie being long lived and what not. [b "Fine; lead the way.."] He spoke as he watch the girl cover her face and turn upon her heels. As he did so, Barrett reached out and grabbed him by his arms, "Marcus... Don't be rash.." He caution and the male turned to his friend and simply nodded. "Rash? Me, of course not..."

[center [u the trail room.] ]

As Alyssa knocked upon the door to the trail room, a voice on the other side bade her enter and as she did so Marcus was right behind her. Already, he could feel the tension in the air and as his face turned towards those whom he assume where the inquisitors, he cocked his head back before he saw a face that for some odd reason looked familiar... To, familiar.. Stopping in his track, his eyes widen before he turned upon his heel and looked at the old man. [b "It's not possible.. It simply isn't possible.."] He affirmed to himself as he stare at Octavius, and likewise the old man was leaning forward from his chair, before he stood up fully. It was as if one where looking at the same person split into two. The entire council grew silent as the two men slowly walked towards each other.

[b "If I were not a man of reason; I'd question if you were my grandfather brought back from the dead. I say the resemblance you share to my deceased caretaker is uncanny."] Marcus spoke.
[i "Yes, and I see that there are things different about you. You're left eye, is fake.. It's... to... mmhm.."] The old man fell silent.
[b "You're the first person to tell.. Yes, it is a cybernetic eye.."]
[i "Mmhm, you and this Lyric girl.. I want you to tell us everything from the beginning... Leave nothing out.."] the old man order as he moved backwards to take his seat.

Turning towards the girl whom he held as a former enemy he let out a sigh before blinking. [b "I guess, If we should start anywhere.. It should be on that rainy day we first met.."]
Ryan Parker / Mr-X / 172d ago
Strangely enough, it was the man with familiar eyes that spoke to her. Normally, she might resent being called a child at her age, however, if this guy was half as old as he looked Sawyer would let it slide. Once you hit a certain age, just about everyone was a kid to you. Seems he was well passed that threshold. Good for him, there weren't many on the surface who lived that long... at least not without enhancements. Did they have something like that down here? She kind of doubted it, since from what Ryan said they didn't even have proper firearms.

When he mentioned the surname Thorne, Lyric was finally able to place his features. They were different, but there threads of Marcus in him. Or vise versa, it did not really matter. But she realized there must be some relation there; albeit distant at this point. These thoughts while prevalent in her mind, did not distract her from his words. He wanted to meet Black.

Pausing a moment, the dark eyed woman kept her gaze locked with his as a bird might an old house cat. She wasn't scared of him, but she still felt the need to air on the side of caution. Her arms folded in front of her as she went to speak.[+teal “I don't see why that can't be arranged.”] Marcus had already expressed interest in coming into this settlement. This could be his chance, however she wanted more information. [+teal “But before I convince my friend-”] it felt odd to call him that, but the bright haired woman wasn't about ready to go into their rather colorful past with a bunch of strangers. [+teal “-to come and meet with you, might I ask just what exactly you want with him?”] It wasn't like she didn't think he could fend for himself in this den of wolves, but it would be best to have some idea of this old man's intentions before throwing Black in here. He deserved as much of a heads up as she could give him, so she would pay very careful attention to the answer she received. Sharp ears listening for any sign of untruthfulness or some such similar thing.
Loxi / 194d ago
There was a deafening silence as Ryan stood before the council with his hood over his face. All eyes were on him and it did nothing to make him feel anymore at ease then before. Clapping his hands together the male had done his best to give the speech in hope that those whom had listen would understand where he'd had been coming from. However he knew that often times words fell on deaf ears when hearts were already tone to stone. As he pleaded his case to those who stone face old men he felt his anger slowly rising by each second as none of them seemed to truly comprehend what was out there. However, before he could feel himself one of them stood up suddenly.

[b "Thorne!? Did you say this.. Lyric girls knows a Thorne!?"] The voice of one of the council men lept and taken aback Ryan nodded his head. It seemed as if the very thought of a meeting another person who bared the name Thorne excited him. Before Ryan could finish going over everything he was waved away and the Lyric girl was called in.

Octavius was the oldest member of the council. This winter, if he would live to see it. Would mark the one full year of being alive after living an entire century. Deep down he'd had always one wish and that was to find out the truth of his family which had left all those many many years ago. So when the girl was ushered into the room he couldn't help but give her a smile which seemed to be a mixture of a sneer but also kindness of some sorts.

"Child.. Ryan tells me an interesting story.. that I can't help but ask if its true.. tell me; did you encounter a man who, by any chance, whose last name is Thorne? Do tell me if he is of this world?" His voice came out slow and softly "if you can produce this man and bring him to me then perhaps, I'll agree to what it is that you've come here for."
Ryan Parker / Mr-X / 212d ago
After refreshing herself, Lyric was lead to another room, one less ornate, but by no means barren, to sit with her thoughts. There were plenty of things to look at, though nothing to get into or snoop about in. Which allowed Sawyer, as she took in the strange architecture of it all, to supposed a few things. The first being that she was intentionally separated from her other party member. The second being that he must be off doing something of at least mild importance if that were the case. Knowing very little of this place, the woman couldn't surmise quite what it was, though she was fairly certain it wasn't something as mundane as taking a bath. Still, despite being temporarily left out of the action, there was very little to no disappointment building in her. A bit of nervousness not knowing what was going on, but she was content to take this moment of rest and let it be. No one knew when she might get this chance again if things when awry.

Time passed slowly, as it often does in silence. But eventually someone came to her. It was time to move on, and with little conversation she followed along. Sawyer managed to get it out that Ryan was in a meeting of sorts and her presence was also being requested. He must have been setting the stage for something with these religious types, though she did wish he had given her a little more information before they came here. Though, it was completely possible that he too was flying by the seat of his pants.

Ushered into another waiting area of sorts, Lyric stood impatiently. Two thick ominous doors stayed shut tight at the other end of the room. She assumed they lead to the conference room, however she couldn't make out a word of what was being said on the other side. The buzz of Ryan's speech made it though, but nothing more. He was going on about something and she wished she knew just what it was. Then as if in response to her thoughts, the door slowly opened and the thin woman was called in.

There were more people in the room than she expected, and despite what she had previously thought, it didn't seem they were all a part of this church. At least, not in the way that the priestess before her was. Looking across each of their faces, one in particular caught Sawyer's attention. She'd never met him in her life, yet hints of familiarity ran through his features. At the moment, her dark eyes could not place them. So she moved on. Noting both hard and curious gazes on her, she realized why she had been bathed and changed. It was an attempt to make her a bit more palatable here in front of these judges. What she needed to say, if anything, wasn't clear to her just yet, but all the same she thought it best not to rile these people if she could help it. [I If] being the defining particle. Lyric wasn't exactly known for going with the grain if it didn't suit her or her ideals. However, for now she kept silent, waiting for her call to join in.
Loxi / 228d ago
There where Alot of things which the Male was expecting to happen. However being greeted so warmly was not one of them. As the priestess took Lyric to the bath house to bath Ryan remain skeptical as he was lead back to the another part of the temple. It seemed as if they had a guess waiting on him, someone whom looked a tad bit familiar in the face. His moustache was short and his eyes were cold and distant. Standing before the male he clapped his hands as he waited for Ryan to take off the hood and reveal his boyish features once again. Disdain came across his face as he saw the male breathing the word "interesting" before he moved to sit down before him.

[b "When I last help you escape I was sure that you'd never return again Afterall. I never took you for being a God in the first place. But now. It seems as if you've finally brought witness that you aren't the only survivor out on the surface. This might finally he enough to convince the council to let us leave this wretched place. And help you save the rest of humanity."] The males voice came out slowly before he stood up and stretch out his body. The man who currently was head if the council was none other then Octavius Thorne and he was as stubborn as they came. The wizened old fossil was a decrepit relic from the past whom 2as convince that it was impossible for humanity to survive anywhere but below ground.

As Ryan let our a sigh he figured that this would be the case. Afterall the words from last year still lingered in his ears about then requiring proof that this would not spell their doom. Even with the priestess and her body guard on their side, without substantial evidence the council would not budge to help. Worst of all the food crisis was apparently getting worst so it wasn't as if they had all the time in the world to linger and wait for help to come..they needed it as fast and as soon as the could receive it.

[i "That's why I brought the girl Lyric. She can be a testament to how humanity has struggle and fought back to try and win and prosper above ground. We're so close to finding the cure from the toxic waste. All we need is blood from those who have fully become immune to the poison."] His voice came out softly and the male nodded his head. It was still such a crazy idea to him; that all.this time there had been a massive city surviving on the fringe of the toxic wasteland.

Humanity tenacity for survival had been great and wonderful and as the proud male stood before Ryan he nodded his head. [b "However, do you have a back up if things go wrong...?"] The male ask as he looked at him. Turning his head Ryan sigh. He did have a backup, however he rather not use that trump card seeing as how unpredictable he was at times. Holding that thought In to himself, he turned upon his heel and started to head towards the door which led to his own private chambers. The council would surely call them the day after tomorrow or at the very least, soon. And he knew that priestess was making preparations as they spoke together.

[u The council room]
Octavius sat upon his high chair with his eyes close and his breath coming out slowly. His age was well advanced in years and he was several years older than the priestess whom stood before him. While most on the council look at the girl with a licentious leer which was because of her unnatural beauty, the old men looked at her with contempt. Afterall, the enemy of his clan had been the ones who were chosen to protect and guard the wretch child. Who knew what impossible and foolish dreams that man Willliam had been filling her head with.

"Oh great Elder, Ryan has returned and with him he also brings a girl from the upper world as well.."

[b "Bah! We're not the only city that's survive underground. Surely the man could've easily have found another city like ours."] The old man spoke as he huffed and looked at the girl

"I doubt it sir. I feel it in my bones, they hold the key to all of humanities survival. We must come with them annd... "

[b "Survival!?. Bah don't make me laugh. Two and a half centuries ago members of my clan left with a mysterious woman to travel to the surface....and do you know what happen to them? They were never heard of again. Has they survive do you not think they would've been able to send word of their survival?. There is not cure for humanity, our Gods have blessed us with safety and sanctity underneath the ground of the pollute earth. You, are priestess, should show piety and strike the thought of leaving our city!"]

"But the gods show me another vision!" The girl protested.

And at once another member of the council stroke his bread and murmured. [i "Why not humor the girl... afterall, she is well endowed.... with the gifts of our Gods. I say let us listen to Ryan plead his case."] And with that the other men agree and seeing as Thorn was out number he fell back into his chair and grumbled.

[b "Fine! So.. be it."]
Ryan Parker / Mr-X / 242d ago
Lyric followed Ryan along the path he determined. There were certainly more direct paths into the city, however, they seemed to be going the road less traveled. That was fine, though the walk did seem to take some time. Eventually, keen ears picked up the sound of footsteps ahead of them. The woman wondered if they were coming closer to a street of some sort, but as they pushed on she realized the sound was coming at them more directly. It seemed someone was on the way to meet them, though she hadn't a single clue how they knew they were here... unless Ryan had set out to be so. That thought made her a touch nervous, but she continued to move forward all the same.

It wasn't much longer before contact was made. It was a whole pack of people, all hooded not unlike Ryan. One woman stood out though, she spoke to her companion in familiar terms. There was no anger in her voice, so Lyric took it that she was not the one determined to stop the blond from returning to the surface. Or maybe not, appearances, especially initial ones, could be deceiving. All these things ran through her head, but there wasn't time to dwell, as she almost instantly became the topic of the conversation.

With a nod of her head, the woman greeted the religious figure who approached her. Lyric knew nothing of their customs or niceties here, but things seemed to go on well enough without any proper introductions. The topic of gods came and went before she was offered a bath. After their weeks of travel, that was a luxury she would not pass up. [+teal “Yeah, that sounds nice.”]

From there the pair were almost corralled along the thin path that traveled, down, down ,down. Lyric would be glad to step upon flat land when this was all said and done. However, they finally came to a dead end, or so it seemed. The woman at the lead touched a wall, pressing upon it, it opened to reveal a room. It was an inconspicuous sort of room, but it led to what looked to be a sanctuary. The high walled room was lavishly furnished and brightly lit with crystals similar to the one they used to light their decent. Now that she looked at it, even though this building was dug into the cave walls, it seemed the walls were lined with a finer stone slabs that did not match the surrounding area. No doubt it was mined elsewhere and brought here to inflate the grand, almost ethereal, appearance this place wished to display. It was beautiful, as much as she hated to admit it.

Split off from Ryan, the unnatural haired woman was lead to a bathing room. The basin was deep and wide in the center of the room and the walls lined with shelves that held an assortment of oils and salts. It was a strange sight to see such a large space dedicated to such a simple task, undoubtably this would be one of many differences she found between this place and the surface. As attendants drew the water, adding some concoction of oils as they went, Lyric walked along the walls, taking a closer look at all the finely labeled bottles and bobbles. When the water reached the top of the basin, they left her to wash up. Letting out a sigh of relief, the dark haired woman was glad they excused themselves. She was not accustomed to her baths being public events.

Sinking into the water, it smelled sweetly divine. She couldn't place a single one of the scents, given where she was, but it did seem floral to her foreign nose. Nearly scalding hot water was warmly welcomed after such a long and stressful journey. Sawyer nearly felt bad enjoying it while the others stayed camped outside the city. However, the guilt did not plague her long as she steeped her muscle aches away. The water was just above lukewarm before she finally decided to drag herself from the bath. Met with clean clothes, the woman dressed herself in the robe-like attire, all the while wondering if everyone down here dressed this way or if it was simply a custom of the church. Glancing at a mirror, she thought it suited her very ill and hoped it was the latter. But with such carefree thoughts came a more serious one. With such a warm welcome, why exactly had Ryan wanted her to accompany him in his return?
Loxi / 254d ago
Of course; there were multiple ways to get into the city which was known by the common people. However, the most secret of passages were revered for the priestess and those that attended her every whim. The air around her was filled with anticipation. She'd been perpetually preaching of new arrivals and how it was their duty to assist in any them in any way possible. So; as she led a small congregation of followers to one of the secret passages a hush silence fell over them.

Alyssa was the name of the girl whom would be greeting the foreigners from above ground. To those who believed in superstition and religious folklore, they'd would be seen as Gods from the heavens. Proof that the rumors of old that claimed that all of humanity upon the surface had been wipe out
And only those who dwelled on the surface still existed. But; deep down the girl knew better. Being a priestess she wasn't allowed to voice such blasphemous out loud. However, it was so much harder for her to allow herself simply believe in some higher purpose. After all her premonitions weren't psychic at all. It was something which she couldn't explained.

Turning towards the group of people that had follow her she spotted a man whom hadn't been invited. A thorn which stood out ready to prick those which got to close. A part of her had expected him to show regardless of if he good permission from the governing body or not. Afterall, his family held just as much influence as the ruling ones. [b "Do you hear the footsteps coming closer and closer? These are not the footsteps of deities coming to beg for our worships. These are the steps of mortals from above which bring indisputibale proof that humanity survived. It was a sin to doubt the resilience of humanity and its ability to survive despite the insurmountable odds, it was a sin to go into hiding and shut ourselves off from the land given to Adam and Eve, but these sins were necessary to fulfill an even greater purpose."]

As the priestess spoke those around her didn't know how exactly to take her words. Indeed, as she turned around and took pulled her hoodie down tighter around her face she sighed and waited for those to arrive to finally press forward and descend. But this anxiety! It could not wait it calls for her to go. And so, without explanation or warning, the girl found herself soaring towards the upper levels.

Laboured breathing fills the air as the girl and a group of men dressed in white followed after all. They'd been running uphill for quite some time and as soon as the girl stop, she lifted up a crystal to find light coming towards them. With a little more push, the girl found herself pushing forward only to crash into two strangers. One of them a boy and another girl. Embracing the two she let out a happy sight before looking down upon them. [i "Ah! Rye you've returned to us. And you've brought with us a girl."]

Turning towards the girl she looked Lyric up and down before smiling. [i "Ah! You must be... I'm not sure who you are. But the Gods told me to be of assistance to you so there's that! Come Miss, let's get you a bath you must be weary from your travels."]
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Lyric wasn't really expecting an affirmative answer out of Ryan, but it was still just ever so disappointing when he admitted he hadn't tried the food here. Her curiosity would not be sated, however she understood why. This was neither the time nor place to be taking risks. Though, she still found it a shame as their conversation ended and she stared at the greenery speckled with deep crimson berries. They would remain undisturbed for the time being.

Being out of the cold was a nice change of pace, but days later, an even nicer surprise would come. The expedition finally made it to a pocket of soil untouched, or perhaps absolved, of radiation and other such toxins. It was a joyous moment for all of them, but most of all Barrett who exclaimed his vindication to the others. Lyric was happy for him. This moment was a long time coming, and he deserved every second of it. She didn't even mind his ranting and raving as everyone set up to eat a meal much grander than most of them were accustomed to. And for once, that theoretical night, she didn't feel so bad about eating her fill.

The final third of the journey through the caves went much quicker. Their decent was not nearly so steep as before and the lack of ice sped things up immensely as well. It seemed like easy sailing, but the closer and closer they got, the more nervous Sawyer began to feel. She wasn't entirely sure what was causing her to feel that way, other than maybe the sense of the unknown, but there she whether that was the case or not. The woman reassured herself it would be fine. She'd fought her way out and survived much bleaker situations. Everything would be okay. And so, with that mindset, the day came when she and Ryan were supposed to make their way into what to her eyes looked like a strange rendition of a city. Everything was foreign to her. Even from afar, the architecture was unlike anything she had seen. She wondered what Johnathan might pay to get a look inside and spark his imagination with all these new ideas and themes to bring back to the surface. The same went for just about everyone else she knew. Before them sat a whole slew of knowledge, cultivated alongside their own.

After some final preparation as to Ryan's plan, she got a few final questions out. Some were broad, like what should she expect upon entering, while others were of much less consequence, such as if she might have to dye her hair as well. Then the others sort of gathered around the two who would soon split off to venture out on their own mission. It was not a tearful parting, as there was too much excitement running through everyone's veins, but still, Lyric found the whole ordeal bittersweet. [+teal “See you guys when we find who we are looking for.”] She spoke with a smile and a nod. Of course there was more to it than that. Ryan and she would also need to convince whoever he had in mind to come along with them, but how hard could that be?

With that, their farewells were finished and the pair split off to sneak their way back into the city Ryan had so narrowly escaped from the first time.
The question came as a surprise to the male. He’d had thought that she would’ve known that he’d been prepared for his first trip out here. However, as he shifted his weight from one side to another, he slowly turned towards her and spoke. “I wanted to; but I didn’t. I couldn’t take any risk, and Barrett was right. By the end of tomorrow if we keep up with this good pace we’ll come to clean soil. I can’t believe tomorrow marks the end of our first week into this cave..” he spoke that as he nodded his head. He had a feeling that things were going rather to easy and as he went to check his map which he had made he looked ahead.

It was impossible to tell whether it was day or night. The artificial crystal was their only light source at times. Other times bright crystals illuminated they’re path and as they broke camp the next day they started to head down deeper into the cave. The next 48 hours were uneventful. However upon the third day things started to change. One such thing was the presence of animals. Specifically the appearance of birds which looked odd. These birds had mutated in some way and had sharp claws upon their wings and feet and long becks with slits in them. Amazing Barrett was tempted to study and those weren’t all. Reindeer-like creatures with noses that seemed to glow a dark red in the light appeared as well. It seemed as though several animals had developed adaptations to help cope in the darkness. Not only that but at long last on the third day, they found an underground river that was following and as Barrett went to examine it he grinned and then he laughed.

It seemed as if they’ve finally headed further enough down into the cave that there was clean vegetation and water as well. The soil here was practically radiation free and the animals were easily eating fruit off the ground. [b “This is amazing! I was right. I knew it! I knew it! This clean soil; it somehow gets rid of the toxin in the planets and make them editable!”] It was a cause for celebration and nodding his head Ryan quickly gather the group and spoke to them all.

“I wanted this to be a surprise; but we’ve finally reached the three-thirds part of our journey.” He spoke looking at everyone before pressing on further. At this point we’ve finally reached the part in our journey where the water is clean. So; not would be a good time to refill our water supplies. I haven’t tried the fruit personally. but I have tried some of the animals. The birds honestly, taste like chicken..”

[b “So what? You prepose we feast tonight?”] Black joked as he looked at Ryan and the male grinned.
“You’re words not mine.”

[center [u else where] ]
[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/7c/0c/d8/7c0cd8d886d767155562d2660d56dc1c.png] ]

[i “Anti’oc, zen’lo Tah. Anti’oc, Zen’lo Tah.”] The voice of the young girl filled the temple as she sat before the statue of a hooded figured. Her face was shrouded in the hood and as she rose up she turned towards three men who stood behind her. Lifting up her hand she slowly turned around and lifted up her pinky with her left hand. With her right she made a thumbs up sign and spoke.

“The pinky is the shortest finger.. Meaning that our wait is almost over. The thumps up normally means to go; meaning we are to wait at the entrance of our village for arrival of our lost God.” She smiled as she turned towards the statue once again and bowed.
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When he admitted that he wanted to come along, Sawyer nodded. It made sense. She was certain half the people on this journey would give an arm or a leg to get a look at this society living parallel to their own. But it seemed he had more than curiosity to drive that desire. It was a longing to connect to the past. Perhaps that was what launched him into all this about himself, or really his family and their demise. The bright haired woman listened intently. It wasn't that she found history particularly fascinating, more that she was genuinely interested in knowing more about the mysterious Marcus Thorne, even if at times she found the man insufferable. Albeit less and less as time went on. And what's more, by the way he spoke this almost seemed like something he [i needed] to talk about. One of those secrets that burned a searing hole inside of you the longer you held it all on your own? There was no telling for sure. Not without asking, and it didn't seem the time.

After hearing such personal stories, normally one might show camaraderie by sharing one of their own, but once again it didn't seem the time. Black fell nearly immediately into his books. She chose to take that as his way of closing the conversation and obliged him with a nod of acknowledgment. Though she did give a short response to his final comment. [+teal “Yeah, me too.”] It wasn't long after later that she stood and settled herself into bed for the 'night.'

The appearance of food was a surprise, even if it was irradiated. It begged the question of whether it was a natural occurrence or if these were planted here long ago in a sort of trial and error of where was fine and where was no. Along with that Sawyer couldn't help but wonder what levels of radiation her altered body was capable of withstanding. Fortunately, she was smart enough not to haphazardly test that on a whim, but she did wonder enough to inquire to Ryan offhand. [+teal “You ever try eating something like that out here?”] He was more in the know about this sort of thing, seeing as he'd probably been given access to Jaeger's research and findings at some point. Though that didn't guarantee he'd tried it, nor that it would be the same for her considering there were some pretty stark differences in how their bodies handled what was done to them. Still, she was curious to know.
Of all things the male had prepared himself for mentally the shift in temperature and the blistering cold was not one of them. The descent into the icy caverns of the tunnels was a dangerous and he huffed and puffed as he followed the way which Barrett and Ryan treaded. He found it quite annoying that the light which they followed produce no warmth. However, that did not surprise him since after all it was a faux sun. Still, he continued on and when night came and they found a place to rest Black sat along the fire with everyone else. As he sat on the flat shelf and found himself once more close to the girl formerly in his captive he rolled his eyes at her.

For once, her sarcasm remark was spot on. He did indeed bring a book for him to read. It was his first time diving into it and as he looked off into the ridge the male started to speak softly. [b “In truth, a part of me wanted to explore this city with you and Ryan.. Afterall it’s where my family came from.”] Marcus hardly ever talk about his family or his past. So much pain came from it that was truly the reason whWy he was so hate filled and angry. Looking out into the darkness of the underground tunnel he slowly begin to open up to the girl. He had a feeling that if he didn’t share what was left his life that his name and his family history would disappear from the rest of the world.

[b “I was raised by my grandfather till I was around eight. That was the first time I met Lillie, after that, I was placed in her care. My father was a scientist along with my mother who were dedicated to improving the military enhancements at the time. Not many people know about it; but there were four great noble families that had the most influence. The thorns control most of the Military exploits, the Finches trade, the Kyles and your family which oversaw communications. That was how it was till my family was massacre. I was around ten when my family was wiped it. Lillie feared that the four noble houses were being target and so she ask them to step down and she began to redesign how our government worked. But the four noble families still operated from the shadows..”]

[b “I was never close to my family. So I’d be lying if I said I felt sadness or sorrow about being the only surviving Thorn.. but, when I read the diaries of my ancestors it makes me wonder…….. why were was my clan so obsessed with science. And why was I raised strictly to be military? The secrets died with my clan and I doubt I’ll ever rediscover them. But, I’ve brought several volumes of my family’s history. So I’ll be reading those.”]

As he finish speaking he sighed. It was the most he ever spoke about his past and growing up on the constant watch of the Supreme Commander. He’d been free of her for the past four years but still he felt her influence in everything and anything he did. Blinking his eyes he reached for one of his ancient dairies and started to read it. There was something hidden within the pages and as he blinked he shrugged his shoulders before closing his eyes and sighing.

[b “I can’t wait till it warms up again.]

Luckily for Marcus he didn’t have to wait long. Halfway through the next day the Ice started to melt and the underground Tunnel started to get very, very warm. As a matter of fact by the end of the next day they ended up making camp by a spring which had fruit trees growing. Blinking his eyes, Barrett took out his radioactive gear and started to test the fruit. Curiously he was caution but as he measure the radioactivity of it he signed and spoke to everyone.

“Don’t eat the fruit. Even though the radiation in it is low; its still dangerous to eat and can cause cancer.. But I have a feeling that we’re getting closer and closer to clean soil.”