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By RavenNightfall

Replies: 1 / 1 years ago

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Hello. This is not a true role play, and I'm just needing some OCs from people for a story I'm writing. It's a fantasy short story called Rise, and if you want more information you can PM me! The only thing I need from you is an OC, I'm not going to be publishing it or anything, but if you still want credit for your character, I can put it in. The story is full of fight scenes so if you want my character, the main character of the book, and your OC can have a little match in either PMs or in this thread. Depends if there is already a fight scene going on in the thread, if not we can do it in PMs.

Any OCs that are human-like, magical abilities or no, are allowed.

PM me with the title "Rise"! Thanks!!
full name: Daniel Phoenix Jackson
nickname: DJ
hated nickname: Jake

age: 23

type: demon

Mana Storage: 1,000
Mana Regeneration rate/ M.R.R.: 15 m/h

Eye color: flame-yellow lizard like
Hair color: black, one stripe is red
Hair length: medium
Skin color: Dark white
Face Features: dark burns
wings: charcoal black with a flame-red inside
horns: male goat shape, sharp

Headgear: N/A
Shirt: black hoody
Pants: black swear pants
Back: sometimes a backpack to hide the wings

magic types: Demonic/flame

dark orb: a fast-moving ball that explodes on contact stealing a soul from the target and those around in a 15-foot radius
Mana; 150

black hole bomb: gets stronger after every kill, strength time 5 posts, minimum kills 1, maximum kills 5
mana; 250

solar burst: creates a flame ball as big as a basketball explodes on contact burns everyone in a 30-foot radius
Mana; 750

Demonic ritual: creates a seal that boosts mana by 16% for 3 posts the seal is stationary
mana 1000