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Curse of Castle Crow

By RavenNightfall

Replies: 0 / 1 years ago

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Once upon a time, in a faraway land there is a powerful princess. She has magical powers but is trapped in a place they call Castle Crow, and she is guarded by a large dragon, that will stop at nothing to keep the princess in the Castle with it. And it is your job, when you're older, to find this Castle and to save the Princess to marry yourself.

This is what all of the Princes are told when they are young. They don't know if the entire story is true or not, but they, when of age, set out and find the Castle or die trying.

The kingdoms are starting to die off because of having no heir to rule after the kings die, and a prince has set off to find the Castle Crow to save the Princess.

Little does he know, that the entire story is wrong, and he is about to join an adventure he was not expecting.

The only two people who know the true story are the princess and the dragon themselves. The princess and the dragon, though, are kept in the walls of the kingdom of the Castle Crow. They have lived with each other, and fought of the princes that come, and soon grew feelings for each other. So now, when this prince comes, they, already together, are struggling with what to do with the one prince that actually chose to live instead of dying with honor by the dragon's claw and pledge his service to them both. And what will happen when they all realize this curse needs to stop now or else no one is going to get out of this alive.

There are 2 slots for this, for the prince and the princess. But before you ask to join please know a few things: This will turn out to be a polyamorous relationship between the three of them. This is LGBTQ+. This also will be a semi-lit RP. This will not be a love at first sight thing with the Prince. This will not be at any time have any sex scenes or mention of it, and no makeout sessions or anything like that. That may seem weird for me to put that here, but it's necessary for some people for me to put it there. And NO DITCHING.

If you are still interested, please PM me your skelly of either the prince or the princess and we will start as soon as I have both roles filled.