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Drowned Secrets

By RavenNightfall

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Breathing heavily, she turned around another corner of the ship and flattened herself against the wall.

Three men in heavy raincoats ran past the small hallway the woman was flattened against and she breathed a sigh of relief.

“Hey, you!”

“Oh, no,” She said, as she spotted another man come out of a door beside her. The man grabbed her by the arm and started to shout for fellow crewmates.

“Let me go!” She shouted, as more men started to grab the girl, and pulled her to the deck of the ship.

“Tie her legs and arms up!” The men around her, which stank like fish, sweat, and salt, yelled.

“What-No!” She started to frantically yell back at them as they took her wrists and tied them together with a piece of rope, and did the same with her ankles.

“No! We-we can talk about this! We don’t have to throw me overboard! I promise I won’t ever-”

“Shut up girl!” A man with a thick brown beard said and yanked on her long black hair.

She yelped out in pain and the men started to chant, “Throw her overboard! Throw her overboard! Throw her overboard!”

They held her off the ground, by her legs and arms, and started to swing the girl back and forth near the edge of the boat.

Screaming, she thrashed around, tears pouring down her face, and she was thrown into the sea.

The coldness hit her like a wave and she quickly shut my mouth in order to preserve air for a few seconds she had to undo the ropes.

Her head getting foggy, she slowed her movements, and sucked in a gulp of water, hoping for a second it was air. Struggling for a moment, the water filling her chest, and then running out of anything else she could do, she went limp.

Sirens are those who, back in the old days, were thrown off the ships because it was a common thought that to have a woman on a boat was back luck. Or those who are thrown into the water to drown and die.

Mermaids are those who committed suicide by drowning.

With dreams like the story above happen almost every night it seems like destiny when Mellissa, or Mel, dies by her own "friends" hands. You, Mel, and a group of other teenagers are on a week-long cruise. The only thing is: Only Mel doesn't know the real reason they are all going. The others were planning on getting rid of Mel. Permanently. With the information in hand, you have to wait until everyone else is gone in order to tell her. But you never get the chance.

What happens when your best is turned into a Siren, to your dismay, and you jump in after her and die on their way? Join, Drowned Secrets to find out.


In order to join, please title your PM the name of this, and PM me your skelly, must be the skelly below. Please let it be known as a mermaid or merman you don't have any powers. So, please, no powers.

Gender: can be Any
Sexuality: Any
Physical Description:
Mermaid/Merman Description:
Personality Description:
Likes: 3 at least
Dislikes: 3 at least
Anything extra: anything you want to put.


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