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Fantasy Jail

By RavenNightfall

Replies: 65 / 1 years ago

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Just imagine yourself in a Jail, but for magical creatures of course.

The only thing you need to do is to make sure you explain what your character looks like in your first post.

Have fun in jail
Maja your turn, lol just in case you lost track or whatever)))
Arya / RavenNightfall / 1y ago
Mythic Mallow was escorted into one of the cells. She had long purple hair and purple eyes to match. She glared at the guards who brought her in "you've got the wrong person!" she yelled kicking at the bars "i'm MYTHic Mallow, you guys are after MYStic Mallow!"
DarkMythic / 1y ago
She shrugged for her statement of theivery, "Hey, I live by the saying, 'Steal a little they put you in jail, steal a lot they make you king.' But I don't think that should apply to you just yet.It doesn't fit you. And don't worry about bloody safety. You got us. You're sticking with us kid."
Arya / RavenNightfall / 1y ago
“For safety! I was suggesting the nearest towns or villages for my own safety. I know my home is unsafe right now, but I have no other place to go. The inns in the towns should be alright for me, they hold all sorts of horrible criminals the law has yet to find.” Katia was being completely serious with her suggestion, she knew that the town might be a risky choice, but the local inns and taverns were always home to the sleaziest of brigands and vagabonds the law had yet to uncover, or had already found, nobody in those places had been caught yet, but there was always money involved.

“Besides I’ve already committed one crime I might as well commit another. Horse theft is as punishable as murder nowadays, but once we part that could get me away to somewhere more... hidden.”
Katia / Maja / 1y ago
"For what?" She questioned, "I am talking about you. Are you going to stay at your home with family until you get dragged back to prison or do you have another plan?"
Arya / RavenNightfall / 1y ago
“You do? I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, the Isle of Fire has appeared in a few storybooks.” Katia would wonder if the island was far away or nearby, she hadn’t really heard of the island again since her early travels with her father.

“I would say the nearest town but that would be pretty stupid considering. What about the villages? They’re small enough.”
Katia / Maja / 1y ago
"No, I know where the island is." She said it filled with hope. She finally had a lead to someone like her!

"But back to the now," She shook off her imagination so she could focus on what was happening already, "Have you decided what you want to do? We are nearing the mainland."
Arya / RavenNightfall / 1y ago
"I'm not sure. The man had a name but I can't remember, the island was from so long ago." Katia was being honest, the story had been told so many years ago that she couldn't remember all the facts, the name of the man and who he truly was, was a mystery to her now. "I suppose if you had a map you could find the island yourself."
Katia / Maja / 1y ago
"Anything else? Any other part of the story you remember? A place the man was found? A name? The story name? Anything?" Arya waited for an answer desperate to have maybe a chance to find this man like her. She had been searching for all of her lives for another like herself, never a trace of someone like her until now. It had kindled her long lost hope of finding someone.
Arya / RavenNightfall / 1y ago
"The island? It was so long ago." Katia would try her best to recapture any memories of the island she had but the memory was from so long ago, she feared that she'd already forgotten. She'd repeat multiple random words to herself over and over again, trying to retrace her memory until finally, the name came up...

"The Isle of Fire! That's where I and my father travelled. There was this story of a man who could die and come back as anyone and anything he wanted. A woman, a dog, a bird... a dragon. Whatever he wished to be that's what he became - but only with each death he suffered."
Katia / Maja / 1y ago
"Yes, I'm a Pheonix in human form pretty much. When I come close to dying I kill myself, and then I'll come back. If I don't kill myself before I die I won't come back. And I haven't met someone like me in any of my lives..." She thought about the possibility of someone like her, was it really possible?

"What is this island? I want to meet this... other."
Arya / RavenNightfall / 1y ago
"So, you're a spirit? I guess. No, I believe reincarnation is real, every spellbook has at least one spell for the possibility of coming back, but the natural ability is just so... out there." It was clear to everyone Katia was a little more than confused, but she tried her best to keep her composure. She had heard of some people with the natural ability to always return after death, almost like phoenixes in human form, but they were seen as rare where Katia was from and nobody in her village had even really heard of one before.

"You know, I once travelled to an island when I was very little with my father and the locals, well, they mentioned someone with similar powers to you. They were described as - hold on a minute - um... as those weird phoenixes in another form. Y'know, those weird firebirds that are reborn with every death. I suppose people like you are rare."
Katia / Maja / 1y ago
"Oh, I am, trust me. I hate this part of maturity, and only a few more years and I'll be hitting puberty." She groaned, "I am a spirit technically speaking. I have the unique power of coming back from the dead in a reincarnation. This is, I believe, my 15th incarnation. Might be 14. I don't keep track anymore, I find it useless. Does this answer your question?" She waited for an answer from the woman, she hadn't talked to another human being like this in a while and didn't know if any speaking slang or wording was different.
Arya / RavenNightfall / 1y ago
Katia sighed at the thought of leaving her home behind, but as she thought about the girl's reasoning more deeply she began to understand why leaving for a safer place would best. She nodded her head in agreement, whether or not the girl could even see Katia didn't care. She merely held onto the dragon tight and looked below, the cotton clouds slowly moving past with each breeze from the dragon's wings, every cloud looking quite akin to a strolling sheep in a pure white field.

Her silence was broken as the girl offered answers to Katia's evergrowing curiosity. Finally, her questions could be potentially answered. Though Katia had so many questions she wanted to ask, picking a few was more than just difficult, a full five minutes went past until Katia settled on just one question, the simplest question of all.

"Who are you? I'm mean, who are you truly? I know you're not the little girl you claim to be, everything you said suggests otherwise, and yourself in general? I'm sorry but... you're way too mature to be [b that] young."
Katia / Maja / 1y ago
"You can always go there, and go somewhere else. I wouldn't advise telling your family, though, they may have soldiers that can read the minds of the unprotected. Then they'll know where you went. If you want any more ways just ask. Also," She paused for a moment, looking around them, unable to see nothing but clouds around them, "Feel free to ask any questions now, I can feel your bloody curiosity, and we are away from any unwelcome ears."
Arya / RavenNightfall / 1y ago