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frozen fairy

By RavenNightfall

Replies: 0 / 1 years ago

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You are an Adventurer who goes around the world, founded by your faithful viewers and watchers on the internet. It's going really well so far. Until everyone starts telling you to go to Antarctica for your next adventure.

It was hard, but you finally convinced yourself to go, and since you are just a vlogger, only you go.

But when exploring the wrong cave your camera gets broken, after slipping, and you were about to head back to get your other camera until you spotted something.


She was a fairy, frozen in the ice, stuck in a time period that isn't hers.

What will you do after you free the fairy and she has no clue about this time period?

Just a quick fyi, the fairy is not mini, she is about the size of a normal human, and in her looks is a lot like Malificent, minus the horns.

Please, PM me with the title of this RP, and with the skelly below if you want to join!

Age: (20-26)
Gender: (If you want this to be a mxf, pick male, if you want this to be a fxf, pick female. Not to hard)
Physical Description:
Personality Description:


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