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Untamed Magic [closed]

By RavenNightfall

Replies: 603 / 1 years ago

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Dragons are magical creatures and all, both tamed and wild, deserve respect.

Tame dragons have either chosen to live with the humans when born outside from the humans, or born within a clan and chooses to stay.

Wild Dragons, most of them, have a strict belief that humans are dirty rats that should not be tolerated and conversed with by Dragons.

Regal Blaze is an Ice Dragon, tamed by the Deathclaw clan of humans. But when her father died of old age, she was the only dragon in the clan. She set out to find more dragons to come back with her to her clan. Unknowest to her only she and one other dragon exist now; and the other clans aren't so excepting with dragons.

You are a Wild Dragon, who was raised by your mother to hate humans until she died of old age. You set out for other dragons, having seen only one other dragon, being your mother, and want to make a connection with someone, though you don't know that only you and Regal are the last ones.

What will happen when You and Regal meet, and the other clans find out where the last two dragons in the Realm are? Join, Untamed Magic to find out.


1. No godmodding

2. Have fun; rude people won't be tolerated

3. Don’t steal ideas

4. Let me know when you will be unavailable for a time

5. Some mature content is tolerated, just not directly, ask me if you have questions about this. I think I put it down in a confusing way :p

6. You break the rules, you are gone. No second chances. Sorry (not sorry)

PM me if you want to join!


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((Peace bro))

((See you around, I'll miss you too, I'll send you a PM or something to let you know I'm back lol))
((It’s fine. I’ll miss you, and I guess I’ll catch you on the flip side))
((Lol, ok, I promise I will. I'm not leaving because I want to anyway, I'm being forced, so whenever I can I'm coming right back. I just don't know how long that'll be.
((It’s fine bro. Life before friends, just make sure you come back and don’t die, ok? I don’t mind that you’ll b gone)j
((Hey, by the way I have to leave all rps I'm in because of some personal stuff, so I'm sorry))
He shrugged, but echo and location had already left. Wave was still by his mothers body, silently crying
"Okay," She said, smiling slightly, "We can keep them if they want," She licked Dreydal's snout, watching as the healers wrapped up my wing.
“Or we could just let echo who is 18 take care of her little brother, and take care of this baby and our own.” He said, sitting down as echo and loctparion left the village
"I know, but we're gonna have more," She paused, "Right? Because we're the last two dragons?"
“It’s only 3” he said, as the two warms slowly floated over, confused
She looked at him, "Only if you want to have lots of kids.."
Location and curled up by his still knocked out sister, and looked at the healers “should we adopt the children?” Dreydal asked, cocking his eyes at her
She hung her head, trying not to focus on what was just said to her, and took Wave in her good wing, turning to the healers saying, "Go find Echo and Location," She then curled up again in the snow, with Wave.