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The Soul Selling

By RavenNightfall

Replies: 0 / 1 years ago

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Last night the only thing you remember is walking into the local occult shop. Now, waking up from a major hangover, find a piece of paper on your chest.

The following has sold their soul for magical powers and a familiar.

And then you see your signature below it on a line. Slowly the smell of bacon and eggs is wafting into your room and an inhuman voice shouted from the kitchen, "Master, your breakfast is ready!"

Cody Adams was a regular young adult who had just gotten out of college at age 24. Well, he was normal until he souled his soul to a young witch named Rose Neal. Rose Neal was a 21-year-old witch, who was very good in her field, which was healing and plant manipulation. She made a deal in that occult shop with Cody, giving him the ability to Control Plants, to an extent, and a familiar.

I am going to be playing as Rose Neal, while you played Cody Adams.

Regular rules of the Website, there will be a character limit, so only join if you can be literate and neat. I will give you two chances and if I have to PM you to fix something in your post more than that I am going to have to find someone else. Sorry if I seem strict, but I am, and I just want this to be good.

Pm me with the title of this to ask if you want to join.


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