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Surviving the Dream Realm

By RavenNightfall

Replies: 4 / 1 years ago

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Everyone is assigned a monster under their bed, or in their closet. But it's not to scare the child.

It's to protect them.

Randy wasn't normal. From the very beginning, she and everyone knew that. But what took the cake is that what she thought was true was actually coming true, and she was not ready for it.

What's going to happen when Randy finds out about her monster in her closet and all her nightmares and dreams come true at once? Because it's not just the world of protecting monsters that is about to show up to Randy.

It's the entire Dream Realm.

And Charlie, Randy's monster, is trying to keep Randy alive as the only human in the entire world tries to escape the dangers of the Dream Realm.

In this Roleplay I am going to play as Randy's monster, Charlie. You will play Randy.

An important thing you need to know about Charlie is that they are Genderfluid, so sometimes they are male, sometimes they are female, sometimes they are neither (nonbinary), sometimes they are all. If that's too complicated, I'm sorry, but that's my character.

This will be FxF and FxM, because of Charlie, so if you aren't cool with that I suggest you go find another RP.

You are not allowed to join, and then ditch me, if you join please commit.

No one-liners, there will be a character limit so be literate.

Minimum cursing, there can be cursing, and there will be cursing, but keep it decent. You don't need to curse every time your character speaks.

If you haven't been scared off yet, and you are still interested PM me with the title Dream Realm, and be ready with an example of your writing. This is not a first come first serve thing, if you don't get picked please don't complain. I am looking for a specific type of writing style, so I'm sorry if you don't get picked.


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Charlie immediately remembered that Randy was there when she started to scream and they retracted her claws and tried to look less threatening by shifting into their more human-like look. The only monster-like thing still there being their tail.

They walked up to Randy's bed gesturing for Randy to be quiet, "Quiet! Quiet, Randy! Don't scream it's ok!" They decided not to touch the girl since she might take that as threatening and backed up a little.

"I'm not going to hurt you! It's okay! I only killed her because she was going to hurt you!" They said, hoping that Randy would listen to them, as their cattail swished nervously. Of all the things that could have happened, besides Randy dying, this was the worse. With their human's knowledge of Charlie, and why they were there, she had the ability to go into the Dream Realm; and of course Randy had to know all those things. If not she would live in terror all her life, and might accidentally go into the Dream Realm without knowing even what it is. That would be worse than accidentally going in even the slightest knowledge of the place. Charlie only hoped that their human would listen to them and calm down.
Randy had done as she did every day when she got home. She mostly locked herself in her room. This way she was out of her Mother's way, and there was no way she could do anything to anger her. If she became angry, then there was always a punishment or a beating to teach Randy a lesson. Though the lessons were never cohesive or simple. Long story short, stay away from her unless she called for her specifically.

Randy was never really sure why her mother despised her so much. She blamed Randy for anything and everything that went wrong in life as if it was Randy's life mission to make her mother miserable. This wasn't the case as Randy was only sixteen years old and unsure of where her life was going to go. She tried to do well in school, but when she tried to show her mother so that there might be something her mother was proud of her for, her mother would simply smack her and tell her she was wasting her time. This was what started the growth of Randy's white hair. She had been born with a deep chocolate brown hair, with mahogany highlights. But one day her mother had gotten extra mean and when Randy fell, she hit her head pretty hard.

She had been taken to the hospital, as she had many times before, and was treated for severe head trauma caused by "falling down the stairs". Ever since her hair would grow out alabaster white. After a while, she grew to like the color. It was like a little light in her life, something good from the bad. But nothing compared to when it was time to go to sleep. That was when Randy felt the safest. She wasn't sure why or how, and she was always afraid her mother would come for her after she went to sleep, but she would always wake up the next morning feeling safe and rested.

Tonight though felt oddly different. Randy just knew tonight would be different as she climbed into her bed and curled up beneath the blanket as she always did. She thought it was maybe just because mother had been mostly quiet all day, and so she brushed it off as she fell asleep. Dreamless sleep as it usually was, until Randy heard something that disturbed her sleep. [b "Randy, wake up!"] came the harsh voice of her mother, and Randy was startled awake almost instantly in a fit of icy fear trailing her veins, not expecting the scene that lay in wait behind her.

She turned around towards the door of her room, and that was when her eyes took in the scene before her. Something in the dark room stood over a crumpled pile against the wall, and something wet was smeared down the wall. It was hard to make out in the dark, so she quickly reached over to turn on the lamp and then look back to the room. Her eyes went wide and looking to her mother's dead figure on the floor and then the one standing over her Randy did the only thing she could do.

She screamed.
Charlie stood up, hearing the familiar snores of her person on the other side of the closet door.

They creaked the closet door open and looked around.

"No one," They muttered, breathing a sigh of relief. Maybe she had gone to sleep early tonight or was just late. Their cat-like tail swished, slightly nervous, as they started to pace at the end of Randy's bed. Charlie looked around in the all-familiar room, everything just as they remembered it from last night. The door was shut closed, a poster of something from their person's favorite movie showing on the back of the door; The desk in the corner of her room cluttered with projects she never bothered to finish; her small laundry basket overfilled with unfolded clothes; and her small, blanket filled, bed with Randy in it.

Charlie smiled, "Just like normal." They muttered softly, knowing the noises wouldn't wake Randy up.

Their head shot up, as the door creaked open and a familiar person walked through the door, sneering at me like normal.

Charlie growled softly, "Get out of here while you still can old woman."

Randy's mother smirked at her, "I was just about to say the same to you monster." She started to make her way to the bed, a large gleaming kitchen knife obvious in her gloved hands.

Charlie made her way in between the mother, and he child, flexing her claws ready to fight again.

The mother laughed softly, mockingly, "You better hide while you can," She muttered, to where Charlie could barely hear her.

"Never, I'm not letting you kill her." They said in defense, raising a lip in a sneer to show their gleaming sharp teeth.

"You should have done something sooner before I started to abuse the kid then," The mother snapped back, "You knew I hated her from the beginning why didn't you just kill me then?" She asked, in a mocking tone.

"It's not in the code," Charlie said simply, waiting for the mother to make a move.

Instead of making further conversation the mother looked behind the monster and at her daughter before doing something unexpected to Charlie.

"Randy wake up!" She yelled, and Charlie frantically looked Randy, and the closet, before realizing that this was the woman's plan. Charlie wasn't supposed to be seen by Randy and the mother knew that.

Charlie lunged at her mother just as the mother lunged at Randy, knife in her hand, and the force of the lung threw her up against the wall, the knife in her hand stabbing her.

Charlie went up to the woman, and sneered, pulling the knife out of her stomach, letting the blood pour out as they put their mouth near her ear, "Never threaten someone unless you want to tangle with their monster."

The mother died, and Charlie turned to Randy.