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Search thread!

By RavenNightfall

Replies: 0 / 1 years ago

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Just a regular search thread :p Look and see what you are interested in and then PM me the title of it if you want to do it! Will make a thread for it, unless you want to keep it in PMs. Need a distraction os anything works

The Soul Selling:

Last night the only thing you remember is walking into the local occult shop. Now, waking up from a major hangover, find a piece of paper on your chest.

The following has sold their soul for magical powers and a familiar.

And then you see your signature below it on a line. Slowly the smell of bacon and eggs is wafting into your room and an inhuman voice shouted from the kitchen, "Master, your breakfast is ready!"

Cody Adams was a regular young adult who had just gotten out of college at age 24. Well, he was normal until he souled his soul to a young witch named Rose Neal. Rose Neal was a 21-year-old witch, who was very good in her field, which was healing and plant manipulation. She made a deal in that occult shop with Cody, giving him the ability to Control Plants, to an extent, and a familiar.

I would play Rose Neal, while you played Cody Adams unless you want to play the other.

Seven Not-So-Deadly Demons:

A depressed guy, named Eliot Grave, moves into a haunted house with 7 demons each corresponding with a deadly sin. But, they are trying to help this guy get back on his feet. Pride helps him with self-confidence, Greed helps him budget things, Glutton gets him on a good diet, Sloth helps him get good sleep, Wrath and Envy makes sure he keeps a good connection with people and helps him make friends, and Lust helps him get a girlfriend.

Well, when things start to go well, Eliot meets a childhood friend from when he was a teenager. Her name was Lexi Galloway, and they were now neighbors.

How will they both get along with the additional 7 demons by their side?

I would rather play as Eliot but can do either depending on what you want to do.

Satan's daughter:

Being the daughter of a demon is one thing. Being the daughter of Satan himself is another.

Regan Dellavu, the daughter of Satan, was... different. She didn't like doing most things someone related to Satan would do, she was just really shy and an introvert.

Bella Cohen was a normal mortal. Very outgoing, and daring, she loved to cause trouble.

They meet, after trying to get out of their family's houses, (for Regan out of Hell to try to be normal) and they end up becoming apartment roommates.

I will play as either, so just tell me what you want to be.

If you don't want to do any of those here is a list of my fandoms and my ships that I'll do:

Harry Potter:

Oc x Oc
Harry x Ginny
Harry x Draco
Harry x Oc
Draco x Oc
Draco x Harry
Ron x Hermione
Fred x Oc
George x Oc

Or no ships, and I can do any time, just nothing too far into the future, so Mauraders era, Harry Potter era, or the Era after Harry Potter.

Percy Jackson: (Or any other books, and mind you I am talking about the books NOT the movies!)

Percy x Annabeth
Jason x Piper
Hazel x Frank
Leo x Calypso
Nico x Will
Nico x Oc
Nico x Percy
Oc x Oc

Or no ships.

How to Train Your Dragon:

Hiccup x Astrid
Hiccup x Toothless (we can work some things out if we do this)

I can also do human or dragon RP if dragon, boy I have a lot of ideas XD

Thomas Sanders:

Virgil x Roman
Logan x Patton

Will do pretty much anything, but no partners for Remus or Deceit plz


Pretty much anything Disney, we can even screw with the plots and add some stuff lol

That's pretty much it, but if you have any you really want to do, ask and I'll see if I just forgot to put it up there. If I don't know it I won't do it.

PM me if you want to do any of these!


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