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Draco Malfoy x OC

By RavenNightfall

Replies: 49 / 1 years ago

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Don't ask to join, this is between Hazelnut and I. Feel free to read along if you want, though.


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"I don't anymore," I said, looking at the ground, "Last year, when I almost joined I wanted to do it because I thought it would make people respect me. I wanted to show I was useful and could be better than my father at being a Death Eater. It was stupid, I was stupid," I corrected myself, "I wasn't thinking and the only thing that had stopped me was Professor McGonagall, I don't know how but she found out what I was doing, but she told me how stupid I was being. I only realized the risks until she said them in my face. I'm not even thinking about it now,"

I looked up at Draco again, and tried blinking away the water that had formed in my eyes because of the memories, "I'm realizing that being a Death Eater is absolutely horrible, and I am never going to join."
Draco stared at him for a long while, silent, before he pulled away, his icy blue eyes glancing around the empty, secret corridor. “Why would you want to be a death eater anyways?” He mumbled, honestly a bit curious. He had never wanted to be one, so it intrigued him that someone, a raven claw no doubt, would want to become a death eater.

Only crazies wanted to become death eaters. Look at bellatrix and just about every other death eater. Only his dad wasn’t crazy in his mind, just a little stupid and cruel.
Hazelnut / 1y ago
I had felt a slight blush creep up on my cheeks as he had unexpectedly pushed me against the wall and had both arms next to my head to where I couldn't do anything but look at his pale face.

"I know that," I said quietly, "The entire Ravenclaw house does that with me. It's not as bad as it is with you, but I have a taste of it." I paused for a moment, biting my bottom lip nervously before continuing.

"I thought about it, I don't anymore. I was stupid and not thinking at all last year. I-I'm sorry for bringing it up." I added, my eyes started to feel irritated because I was thinking about what had happened last year to me. It was the worst year of my life, and even being at Hogwarts didn't help.
With every word, Draco calmed a little, slowing down slightly. The apology was one he wasn’t expecting, most people never caring if they offended him. And it sounded sincere enough. Not fear like all of the rare ones he got. But when green said he wanted to become a death eater, his emotions flared back up. Spinning around on his heel, he shoved green against the wall, his hands on both sides of the males head, trapping him. “Don’t you dare think about becoming a death eater. It is a horrible thing you can never quit. You think I wanted to become a death eater? No. I was forced. I was supposed to kill dumbledore. Do you know what that’s like? How it feels when people stare at you, whispering, sneering? You don’t get a purpose. You become a SLAVE.” His eyes were glossy, Draco so angry he felt like he was about to cry. The last thing he wanted was for another person to be fooled into becoming a death eater.
Hazelnut / 1y ago
I frowned deeply as he pushed past me through the doorway and into the hallway. I immediately felt a pang of guilt flash through me and the desire to apologize. Of course, he wouldn't want to talk about it. He hates being a Death Eater, why would I ask him if he was one?

I quickly followed him, and then as I caught up said, "Draco, I'm sorry, I didn't think about it before asking. Just ignore what I said, please. I didn't mean to mock or anything, I just wanted to know if there was any motivation behind it." I looked around us to see if there were any students and seeing there were none continued.

"I wanted to be one last year because my father was one before Voldemort killed him. He was never heard of because he never made himself known, and when he tried Voldemort took his life. I wanted to join because of the thought I could do better than him, and maybe I would have a purpose." I paused for a moment and wondered why I had just told him that, but I pushed the thought aside and continued, "I just wanted to have a conversation about your motivation to join if you wanted to." I looked at the ground, holding the heart from hand to hand slightly nervously, "You can still tell me to Piss off if you want, but just know all I wanted was a conversation."
A burst of rage went through Draco and he stood, glaring at him. “Of course. Just like the others. Always so curious. You think it’s funny, don’t you? Poor little me being a death eater? I don’t need to to mock me, green. Piss off.” He shoved past him, opening the door to storm into the hallway. Why would green ask that? That’s all anyone asked anymore. He hated talking about his association with the dark lord. It’s all anyone would ever know him for. Not for his quittadge scores, his grades, or how many house points he got, but his stupid tattoo that ruled his life.
Hazelnut / 1y ago
I frowned, but then shook my head, "I'm not correcting myself, you know what I mean." I paused, looking Draco up and down and then continuing, "What's it like being a Death Eater? You don't have to answer but I am curious what your standpoint is about this whole thing. I've heard very mixed up things about you, and want to see if some of them are true." It was true. I had heard some pretty messed up things about Draco, some of which I knew was true. He played a part of Dumbledore's death. Everyone knew that was true. It was sad, but I knew why he did it, so I didn't judge him as much as the others. Sometimes when I heard other students mocking him, or gossiping about him, I even took his side. I understood what he was going through, and didn't want anyone to make it worse for him than it already was.
“You just did.” He leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms and legs to mock greens posture. His words rang in his head for a moment, and he realised dumbledore had spoken them once. He never would again.
Hazelnut / 1y ago
I let out a chuckle, and shook my head at him, "Whatever, Draco. Now, if we are done with the homework assignment may I ask a question?" I put my wand and parchment paper in my robe and leaned up against the wall as I spoke.
Draco blinked at the compliment, the slightest hint of a blush spreading on his too pale cheeks. “Of course it does. I’m a Malfoy.” He forced out, trying to put on his usual air of confidence that lately, he didn’t have. Being a Malfoy wasn’t like it once was. His mother was kind, but he never saw her. He didn’t like how he had been forced to become a death eater by his father.
Hazelnut / 1y ago
"Huh," I said, clearly impressed. I took out the piece of parchment and then scribbled some things on it pertaining to Draco's spell, including what it was.

"Only the most skillful wizards can make spells," I said, "Even I can't make a spell yet. Congrats, Draco," I said, truly meaning it. I then went over and picked up the heart form the ground, "I think yours wins."

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Draco hummed quietly. “I have one that should work.” He stood, pointing his wand at the heart. “YOODELAYEEHOO!” (Clearly not a spell) a blast of black shot from the wand and into the heart, the heart vibrating from beating so fast. Draco pulled his wand away, nodding. “It’s a spell I made. It’s a knock off crucio curse.” He said simply.
Hazelnut / 1y ago
"I read the same book that Harry did, I believe it was last year, to get ahead in class. Saw the same spell. It's a cruel spell, but it works." I walked over by Draco so I could hit the heart better. I pointed my wand at it and said, "Luptin Vatra!" (It's not an actual spell, but I am referring to the spell that Molly Weasley used to kill Belletrix)

The heart started beating very fast once the spell hit it, and I saw that it was faster than the previous spell.