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By RavenNightfall

Replies: 12 / 1 years ago

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A RP for me and Nobody101


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I shrugged, "Don't know yet..." I looed out at the water, "The only thing that has happened here that might signify which godly parent I have is the water. So Posiden. But that wouldn't make any sense, and if it did, well, I don't think that would be good." (FYI He is still a son of Hermes not posiden)
I kicked a rock into the water as I was speaking, then added, "What about you? How long have you been here? I've never seen you here before either." I shrugged, "But it might just be because I've only been here for a few weeks.."
"I, I couldn't sleep. I came out here, saw you, and I honestly have no Idea, but had the urge to come and talk to you, so yeah, Oliver," He said weirdly. He never had any friends and was not a people person. He continued looking at the water, "Who's your godly parent?" He asked in a joking manner.
Octane / Nobody101 / 1y ago
I shrugged, "I feel like I am calmer near the water. I didn't feel like going back to sleep to another nightmare." I added, knowing he could probably relate since he was a demigod as well because only they were allowed in the camp.
"What about you? Why are you out here?"
"I'm Carson, nice to meet you," I said, taking olivers hand. "So whatcha you doin out here?" I asked him.
Octane / Nobody101 / 1y ago
I turned to see one of the campers coming towards me and I frowned, "Oh! Sorry I didn't know anyone else would be awake at this time. I'm Oliver, you?" I said, extending my hand for him to shake.
We could do a mxm, I'm fine with that, let's continue.
Octane / Nobody101 / 1y ago
Well I'm ok with anything, but the character I am using currently was Oliver, from the other RP, so in this case it would be mxm If you aren't comfortable with that we can keep it just friends.)
I honestly don't care, would the character be a girl or boy? This (If it is a romance if not does not matter,) Is this going to be a mxf, mxm, fxf, just wondering, because my character would probably be a boy.
Octane / Nobody101 / 1y ago
yeah, unless you think I should use a different one, then I will because then I will just have another greek mythology OC lol)
((Are you using the character from the greek mythology thing?

I saw a person walking along the beach, looking around. I don't know why but I felt attracted, so I walked over. "Hey, who are you?" I asked the person.
Octane / Nobody101 / 1y ago
I gasped, sitting up quickly, waking up from another horrible dream.
I looked around in a slight panic and realized I was still in my cabin.
"Oh, thank the gods," I muttered, and then rubbed my forehead.
I saw out the window that it still wasn't the day time, but I got out of my bed, still in the same clothes as the day before cause I didn't bother to change, and then walked out the door.
"Let's hope the harpies don't see me again," I muttered and then headed towards the beach, one of the few places in the camp that I could get quiet and relax. Another was the forest, but I decided that wasn't the best idea after the last time I had done that. Nymphs hold grudges I had found out.
I started walking along the beach, looking into the water, and at the sky, wondering when my godly parent was finally going to claim me. Or if they even wanted to.