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New x Bully [BxB BxF] high school RP ~closed~

By Alfa279escaped

Replies: 16 / 1 years ago

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A new student named Joseph arrived at school and is the first target of a bully named _____ _____. As Joseph walks to lunch ____ would ask him for his money but he would say he would have none. _____ would ask why wouldn't he carry money and he would respond saying I carry my lunch. ____ would storm away in anger and would try to look for payback. When Joseph walks away from his locker leaving it open on accident _____ would look into it seeing all of the papers showing A's. ____ spots a picture of him with another female and would take it. When Joseph makes it back to his locker and notices it was open. He thought it was him leaving it open again he would open it and noticed the picture was gone. ____ would walk up behind him and waves the picture. _____ said to do her homework and the picture wouldn't be shown. How would Joseph react, what would happen to the picture an what would happen if that picture would be revealed?

Hello, all of you knows me as Alfa279escaped well, I'm here stepping out of my reality and stepping into the reality we have today so I'm looking for a literate Role-play that would do a realistic RP I will be using myself as a character my name is yes indeed Joseph Hassett I do live in the USA and that is all I'm saying about myself now I hoped you have read this because when you request I will and I will be throwing a question at you I promise this will be easy if you read this you will easily pass it and join but I will be looking at your Role-plays you have there for a literate Role-play and if this is the only Role-play you will be literate on then no you will not join

Rules for literates
1 or more paragraphs
0 to 10 mistakes in posts

Please PM me when you're interested


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I look up. "Fine...i'm dyslexic, especially with numbers.." I'd look away, huffing softly. "It's why i.m failing all my classes." I'd sit up. "You think you can help?" I'd look up at him, blinking.
Leo / Namtiddies / 1y ago
I walk in with a sigh, "Well let's get this over with" I sat down beside him, "What is the problem?" He has a feeling he isn't going to be happy once I asked, "There is nothing to hide from me tell me I will keep it a secret I promise"
I would sit in the library, glasses on, nose in a book. Only two people actually knew i wanted to pass my classes, but also knew i was dyslexic and struggled with my classes. I'd grunt and throw the book and my glasses down, rubbing my eyes. "Damnit..." I groan and toss my head back. "I fucking hate this.."
Leo / Namtiddies / 1y ago
After the bell rang, I headed to my A.A. and started to work on my homework but couldn't stop thinking about why would a bully offer a challenge to a useless person that is good for getting picked on. He chuckled muttering, "What is your gay a$$ plan and what is it that you want" before he even knows it he had worked himself by thought, "Damn it I'm going to hate this challenge but hell with it"
((sure ig
Leo / Namtiddies / 1y ago
((Would you like to time skip or not because at this point they are probably not together
He chuckled. ¨We´ll see about that.¨ He watched as the other male walked away then went to his own class. He sat and casually talked with his friends.
Leo / Namtiddies / 1y ago
I walked away chuckling heavily, "OK and good luck but don't expect an easy match you will need more brains and strategy and I promise to tell no one of this deal tell anyone and I will get my revenge" I walked into a classroom smiling knowing that I'm is just as strategic as a general and more fearfull when returning words. I mutter chuckling, "Will he get me easy or hard I wonder if my body agrees with hi or doesn't it just depends how he takes it... far or short but it won't matter unless he planned something"
I'd blink. "Okay." Was it really that easily? I shrug and smile. "Tomorrow then." I'd shake his hand and yawn softly. "I-i'm sorry about Harry- and if i came off as a dick..i just needed help with my homework...but uh...dont tell anyone i said sorry..."
Leo / Namtiddies / 1y ago
I looked at him chuckling, "You think you can get me hu? well then challenge excepted" I held out his hand, "But I will still help you with your homework" I waited for him to shake hands on the challenge knowing that it's near impossible to get me to hook on someone that was bullying me, "Well it will start tomorrow because the challenge was made today"
Leo listened, and blinked, he muttered a 'wow' and followed the other male. "Hey! Wait, instead of doing my homework, i'll make you a bet..." He waited till the other had stopped. "If i can make you fall for me by the end of the year i keep the picture, if not you get it back..." He put his hand on the shoulder of the other. "I didn't know that he meant a lot to you."
Leo / Namtiddies / 1y ago
Joseph chuckled, "Well if you're caring about someone but that is a friend long past friend served in a war that I forgot, the name was Harry" he then sighed, "I haven't shown hardly any emotions to anyone and I haven't cared about them" He continued to click his mouse playing his games. He then chuckled, "And who cares about what others think I will continue my mission even if it holds me back in school"

He clicked again and again as well as scraped across the desk playing his game and not paying any attention to him as if he didn’t exist. He then muttered, “I have not cared for anyone after his death he was like family to me” Once he ended the game, he stood up and walked away to use the rest room.
Leo hummed a soft smile painted across his lips. He leaned back, seeing the boy, he bounded up and strode over. "Well hello." He smiled. "So...who's the other in the picture..Hmm? They seem like a...boyfriend maybe?" He smiled. "Didn't know there were other gays around." He smiled his wicked fuckboy smile and shrugged once more.
Namtiddies / 1y ago
Joseph sighed, "Well, God bless you and have a good day” He walked in the same direction as the male. He walked into the same classroom and sat at the back-left-corner. He pulled out a computer and went to his normal sites. He sat there doing his work while playing but got hooked onto a game and stopped doing his work.

He was typing slowly on his computer but fast for a pecker. He was playing some kind of strategy game that was taking a lot of time for him to play around with. He upgraded a building and then trained troops as well as crafted something. He then used gems in the created item that was carrying some sort of percentage.