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~Closed to Wolfy~

By TheLizardWizard

Replies: 385 / 1 years ago

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Sai nodded a little. "It smells nice," he promised with another smile.

Choji relaxed just a little. "Are you thirsty or anything?" he asked after a small hesitation.
Sai / TheLizardWizard / 109d ago
She smiled and blushed. "Really?"

"It's not that bad. Omui has sucker wrappers and bags everywhere even in his bed." Karui commented and kissed his cheek.
Sai kept playing with her hair for a bit before he relaxed again. "You smell like flowers," he commented after a small pause.

Choji looked embarrassed by the small mess in his house. He didn't go out of his way to trash the place, of course, but he didn't keep it spotless either. The only girl he ever had over was Ino and she didn't seem to mind how he kept his home. "S-sorry it's a mess," he mumbled shyly.
Sai / TheLizardWizard / 109d ago
She smiled up at him and relaxed happily.

Karui looked around and smiled. Sure it was a little messy especially in the living room but it wasn't horrible. She smiled and hugged him.
Sai seemed to relax at her words and his smile became a little more genuine as he watched her. He remained silent for a moment before he continued to play with her hair. Sai slowly ran his fingers through it and occasionally pet her.

Choji smiled at her once they were inside. "This is my home," he said a little shyly. He wasn't exactly used to having girls over. Sure, Ino visited him often but that was...different. He saw Ino as family and her visits didn't make him feel shy.
Sai / TheLizardWizard / 111d ago
She smiled and nodded. "Yes we are."

She followed him and smiled looking around curiously.
Sai nodded and pet her hair gently before kissing her forehead. "We're getting married, right?" he pointed out curiously and smiled as best as he could.

Choji hesitated then relaxed and nodded. He took her to the clan homes and went to his house before going inside with her.
Sai / TheLizardWizard / 196d ago
She relaxed at his touches and snuggled into him happily. "You promise you'll always think that?"

Karui hugged him back and thought for a moment. "Um...." She hummed a little bit and blushed. "We can go to your place for a little bit?"
Sai visibly relaxed at her comforting words and kissed back before he gently touched her hair once more. He really liked playing with her hair. He smiled a little at her and touched the flower he gave her. "You're beautiful," he complimented.

Choji relaxed and hugged her before looking around. "What now?"
Sai / TheLizardWizard / 196d ago
Ino smiled and hugged him tightly. "Sai, listen. You're trying really hard and you've been doing really well, every time you touch me or show some kind of affection no matter how awkward, i know what you mean through your actions." She said and kissed him softly.

"It's okay. It wad pretty scary towards the end." She said and smiled at him gently.
Sai kissed back softly and smiled as he touched her hair. "I love you, Beautiful," he whispered. "I know it doesn't sound like it, or look like it, but I do care," he promised.

Choji followed her shyly and smiled at her. "Sorry, I didn't think I'd get that scared..."
Sai / TheLizardWizard / 196d ago
she got up and followed him happily blushing when she saw it. she smiled at him and kissed his lips. "i love it... and you."

she smiled and stood grabbing her things leading him out.
Sai took her hand and took her to the painting. He got it down perfectly, every little detail in the painting looking just like Ino. "I saw you sleeping and wanted to paint it. You looked...peaceful." he explained.

Choji blushed but nodded a little.
Sai / TheLizardWizard / 197d ago
she squeaked slightly as he woke her up and blinked up at him. she smiled and asked. "can i see it?"

she kissed him and whispered. "it's okay, baby. if you want we could leave now."
Sai continued to quickly paint, staying focused on the sleeping woman. When he finished he went to her and gently put a hand on her shoulder. "Beautiful, the painting is finished," he whispered.

Choji blushed. "S-sorry, I didn't think it would be so scary."
Sai / TheLizardWizard / 197d ago