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By RavenNightfall

Replies: 339 / 1 years ago

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You have a deadly power. You didn't tell anyone about it but the government found out about you. You are only a teenager you are snatched away from your home, your family, and your friends, and brought into a boot camp for people with abilities like yours. You soon find out that this is no normal boot camp, and the government is not like they seem. They are training you to become personal weapons for them.
You have to figure out how to get out of the boot camp, meeting new people, try not to die by the government's harsh training tactics, and some of the out-of-control teens who are also there, all while you are still figuring out your powers.
How will you survive?

No Godmodding
No ditching once you join
No one-liners
Have fun!

Skelly Info you NEED:
Name: First, last
Age: 14-18
Gender: any
Sexuality: any
Likes: at least 3
Dislikes: at least 3
Personality: how would they act with a bunch of people? an enclosed space? etc.
Fears: Everyone has them
Backstory/Bio: What was it like before they were snatched from their home?
Anything extra: you dont need this, this is just if you have anything you want to add.

Post at your own pace, this can be a slow Roleplay, just PM me your character's skelly and then you will receive access. Just title your PM Trapped Rp!
There can be Romance, just keep it realistic. NO falling in love at first sight things, please.


My Character:
Name: Valerie West
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Likes: Animals, The outdoors, Equality
Dislikes: Bossed around, laziness, people not getting treated the right way
Personality: outgoing, but shy, will speak out against something if she believes fully in it, but if she doesn't her lips are sealed.
Fears: Losing everyone she loves, not being able to restore peace, (like if there is a fight she can't stop), and needles.
Backstory/Bio: When she turned 13 she realized how different she was apart from everyone, (She believed differently, acted differently, and this is also when she found some of her powers and managed to keep them hidden), and started to strive to make the world a better place, by doing community service, and etc. She was taken by the government at age 15 because, in order to save a friend who couldn't swim, from drowning in a river, she summoned an animal (part of her powers) and the government found her and took her away the same day.
Anything Extra: Had lots of friends, and always tells someone right off the bat that she's bisexual. She hates keeping secrets.

Spire's Character:
Name: Angel Howell
age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Likes: Basketball, Freedom, Parkour
Dislikes: Big crowds, Being restrained, Bees
Personality: Friendly and introvert at same time
Fears: Bee's and death
Backstory/Bio: An orphan who was kicked out at 12. He as lived on the streets since. He discover hints of abilities at 15 and was taken.
Anything extra: He has no friends and is protective.

Ser-dan's Character:
Name: Aur, Willow
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Likes: Reading, the forest, chocolate, cuddling
Dislikes: arguing, physical training, heat, rude people
Personality: Willow is generally quiet, but she is very sweet. She may initiate conversation with quiet people if they are alone or peak her interest. She isn’t very defiant, normally doing what she is told. However, she will murder to protect the people she loves if it comes to that.
Fears: Hurting loved ones, being hurt, failing.
Backstory/Bio: Willow lived a nice life with her single parent mother and older twin brother. One day her and her brother got into an argument over whether or not they should live with their father, and willow couldn’t control her hidden powers. A blast of solidified air burst from her, snapping every bone in her brothers body, killing him. Unable to deal with the pain, her mother willingly gave her up to the government.
Anything extra: Willow has the ability to solidify air, giving her the technical power of flight, underwater breathing, force fields, and the technical power to move things without touching them. She also has the power to bend light, giving her the technical power to be able to become invisible and create solid holographic images.


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so, uh, hazelnut, you are kinda just abandoning some RPs, please let ppl know if you're gonna do this or not :p I kinda need to know because in several RPs we are doing I am in charge of and you kind of just.... disappeared on them kinda need to know))
"What!" He said, sitting upright. He no longer felt tired, so he stood up.

"I think those dragons where using powers," He said, petting the small dragon in her hand.
I grunted as the two fell asleep almost immediately, and I looked over where I heard whimpering.

The other dragon, that wasn't killed, was huddled up against the wall, staring at me with it's pure yellow eyes.

I sighed, "I am too nice to kill you." I muttered, and then looked at the two asleep, before turning to the dragon. I summoned a raw chicken leg, which was disgusting to hold, and squatted near the dragon, "Here you go-" I said, and then tossed the leg near the dragon.

The dragon looked at the leg, and then me, before snatching the leg, and then eating it whole.

"There we go.." I muttered, cocking my head at the dragon. The dragon looked at me then crawled next to me, and nuzzled my hand.

"Heh, I guess we can get along as long as you don't attack anyone," I said.
“N-No sle...eep....” willow managed to say, her voice slurred and slow. Her body sunk into the bed, refusing to move, no matter how much she wanted to. Eventually, it betrayed her, and her eyes closed, a sudden ringing taking over her, filling her head, blocking her senses. She fell limp, completely still as if dead as her mind went blank.
Hazelnut / 1y ago
It's ok, thanks for letting me know)) asdfghjklkjhgfdsasdfghjasdfghjkl
Okay, he thought. He drifted off into a sleep,

((Sorry its short, i am really busy.
I whipped my head at the other dragon and then summoned a knife, and threw it at it, piercing it through its skull, surprisingly. It died instantly.

"Shut the heck up!" I shouted at the ceiling at the person speaking through the intercom. I looked between the others. They seemed more affected by this place than me, "Come on, we need to leave before they through something else at us." I turned to look at the door, but then it suddenly slammed shut.

"Oh, I guess we are staying here," I squeaked in alarm.

I helped Willow up, bride carrying her over to the bed, and laid her down, making sure there was enough room for another person. I looked over at Angel and then helped him up, "Get in the bed both of you, I'm keeping watch." I said, in a demanding way, not wanted either to protest because they looked like total crap and they needed the rest.
((Sorry, busy busy

Willow groaned, head pounding. “Who the hell cares?” She gasped, her legs sliding against the cold ground, rocks brushing against her skin. There was more than one.

Bright red eyes peered through the dark at her, the dragon that had its grip on her most likely bloody leg had eyes of fury, not of fear, but willow could do nothing to stop it. She couldn’t even feel scared.

[b “Not so powerful now, are you?~”] the speakers mused, before clicking off, and willow let out a quiet whimper. She was so tired she couldn’t even speak. She just wanted to sleep.
Hazelnut / 1y ago
He felt cold, the heat being sucked away, his life almost. He saw the small dragon lunge at Varlerie, so he used his last amount of force in his body and hit it, causing it to fall to the ground, curling up and looking at them, scared.

"It's, it's scared," He said, looking at it, the heat returning to him a bit.

((I can make a challenge too, maybe *Looks around seeing what he could do, comes up with nothing, "AHhhhh,"
XD ok, i'm a little nervous now lol)
((Oh, you like a challenge? Well then. *cracks knuckles* prepare for a challenge, rav, cause I’m about to bring the heat.... as soon as angel replies.
Willow / Hazelnut / 1y ago
XD yea, I'm still trying to bring the original plot idea I had for this (Which was inspired by a book i'm writing) so whenever someone adds to it and we go off of it, I love it because it's a challenge and it challenges me to see if I can still do it XD So please continue adding to everyone's ideas guys lol))
((I like that none of us know what to do now, so we’re winging it and going off of each others ideas XD
Willow / Hazelnut / 1y ago
I frowned and feeling heavy I fought against it until my fear took over and I felt nothing at all. My ghost mode had set in and I couldn't feel anything.

"Guys we need to get out of here," I said, not knowing what to do because I couldn't touch them and haul them out, and I was just floating there helplessly until I heard a sound behind me.

I whipped around, hearing a weird growling noise, but saw nothing. Instead, out of the corner of my eye saw that Willow was moving on the ground, being tugged at by something and I instinctively went over and started to pull back. The same growling noise happened and across from her a small black dragon appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, and lunged at me before I could think about it.