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The Will of My Master

By ganondorf

Replies: 126 / 2 years ago

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Vader not wanting to seem weak went straight into the ship not acknowledging his injuries and staying silent onboard the vessel.
ganondorf / 1y ago
As soon as they got there, she got out of the speeder and went to his side.
Vader meditated focusing on recovering any damage that was done to his still human self minus the burns that have already happened to his scarred body.
She nodded as he spoke and drove as fast as she could back to the ship.
"the breathing aparratus isn't damaged but to do any repairs we must head for the Friday above us." He said and signalled the shuttle to land at the capital. "Hurry."
She immediately went to the speeder as well and said. "I'll help you as soon as we get back, if you can wait, sir."
The other Jedi fell from the blast as vader cut down the one in front of him wheezing slightly. "Damn I'll need repairs...." He said hobbling back to the speeder collecting the vibro blade.
Elissha watched them fighting and gasped when she was pushed out of the way of the Jedi. She sat back up and saw someone shooting Vader. She frowned and grabbed her own blaster aiming at the other Jedi shooting at him.
Vader and the cloaked figure fought before the cloak went for Elissha. Vader force pushed her out of his swing before pulling the Jedi back to him disarming the man before getting surprised by a blaster to his back from another Jedi waiting in hiding.
Elissha got out with him ready for a fight and watch the man.
He see his lightsaber cutting it on as a man in robes stepped out from a house holding a vibro blade. "Hmph..... primitive."
She got out as well and followed him cautiously looking around.
They arrive finding the place abandoned. "He's definitely here." He said getting out the speeder.
She followed him and made sure he was okay. "Yes sir." She said and started driving again.