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Fire Force (Closed)

By ShieldHero-

Replies: 650 / 2 years ago

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[center [h3 Setting]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLvm8-VMRDk]]

[center [b At an unspecified point in the future, world sea levels have risen and the world is in a shambles. The rising sea levels have been carving up continents and causing the disappearance of many countries. Japan is now much smaller with people gathered within the small Tokyo Empire where the Holy Sol Temple and Haijma Industries have developed the Amaterasu, perpetual thermal energy plant. In the year 198 of the Solar Era in Tokyo, special fire brigades called the Fire Force fight increasing incidents of spontaneous human combustion where humans beings are turned into living infernos called "Infernals". While the Infernals are first-generation cases of spontaneous human combustion, later generations possess pyrokinesis while retaining human form. The Fire Force was formed by combining people with these powers from the Holy Sol Temple, The Tokyo Armed Forces and the Fire Defense Agency. Though the equipment is funded and made by the company known as Haijima.]]

[center [h3 Plot]]

[center [pic https://img1.ak.crunchyroll.com/i/spire3/b8dfce5cdbfd958e2b35c7a4054f55511545790836_full.jpg]]

[center [b The Fire Force is made to combat the threat of the "Generation" a total of eight companies exist in Tokyo. This is the story of the men and women in Company eight. One day these companies hope to reach the answer to what causes the infernals.]]

[center [h3 Roles]]

[center [pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/03dbdf514dfe33d829bb68be3c62bedb/tumblr_poiu9rDX4d1vz5npso2_500.gif]]

[center [b These are the roles/ranks of those in each company. Though I plan to start with six characters. I may add more later? We shall see how it goes.]]

[center [i Captain: There will only be one captain. This person will be the oldest and most experienced of the team. Leading the company into Fire Fights.]]

[center [i Lieutenant: The second in command of the team.]]

[center [i Sister/Priest: This person is important in giving the Infernal their last rites otherwise they might not be able to find peace in the afterlife. These men and women also usually spend time learning in the medical field to look after the team.]]

[center [i First Class Fire Soldier: A first-rate fire soldier with plenty of combat experience and training.]]

[center [i Second Class Fire Soldier: A second rate fire soldier who still has plenty left to learn about the job. Usually in their young years.]]

[center [i Engineer: These men and women repair and maintain equipment given to the company understanding the ins and outs of how to use said equipment as well.]]

[center [i Scientist: These men and women research the bodies of the fallen Infernals helping classify every infernal. They are not a one size fits all after all. These women and men are the hope for the greater goal of the Fire Force. To find out where the source is coming from.]]

[center [h3 Pyrokinesis]]

[center [pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/2d022f744e3f6352c4ad3d477af4d4d7/tumblr_ptabps51EO1vqgkxmo6_500.gif]]

[center [b Important terms used for those with and without Ignition ability. Also, the differing ways in which it could be used.]]

[center [b Unpowered: Those lacking any sort of Ignition.]]

[center [i Second Generation: Those who can train to push and manipulate already existing flames. They cannot create flames without using some sort of starter. A match for example.]]

[center [b Known Second Generation Abilities]]

[center [i 1: "Living Flame" Shifting existing flames to create small seemingly sentient flames to use as familiars.]]

[center [i 2: "Flaming Bullet" Allows the user to control the gunpowder inside bullets, making the impact they make stronger or weaker, depending on the situation. The user can use this ability to make their bullets non-lethal. With "Trajectory Control", one can change the trajectory of their bullets, which allows them to shoot their targets at any given angle and from longer distances, and with "Bullet Speed Control" they can accelerate said bullets, leaving behind a trail of fire. With "Ricochet Control", one can force their bullets to rebound, bounce or skip off a surface, increasing their velocity.]]

[center [b Third Generation: Those of the newest generation, these individuals can create flames from thin air. While also being more resistant to flames than most though not completely immune to flames.]]

[center [b Known Third Generation Abilities]]

[center [i 1: Propel: Using flames under the feet and hands to zoom and fly around the battlefield.]]

[center [i 2: Plasma: A rare ability heating an area to create a plasma weapon that appears more akin to electricity. This fire is more difficult to be manipulated even by second generation users.]]

[center [i 3: Cloak: Cloaking the user in a sea of flames used to increase speed and strength however this can a very dangerous technique to use. Lesser cloaks are usually used to avoid any serious injuries.]]

[center [i I'm open to the idea of creating new ways or powers that the ignition users can use. As long you discuss it with me first.]]

[center [h3 Company Eight's Equipment]]

[center [b Members of the Special Fire wear bunker gear, which is shared by all individual brigades. Fire Soldiers from Tokyo tend to wear black helmets on their heads, with the letters "FIRE SOLDIER # TOKYO", which was later changed to "FIRE FORCE # TOKYO" (with # being the brigade's corresponding digit). They also wear large jackets, with bright neon-blue stripes across the arms and stomach-area, and a collar directing outwards. Their jackets have buttons in shape of a cross. On several occasions, members of their respective brigades were seen wearing orange jumpsuits, when off-duty, with the same cross-shaped symbol on their backs.]]

[center [b The uniform also consists of gloves and a neck protector. The Fire Soldiers wear striped trousers, black-colored shirts, buckled at the waist with a belt, and black boots. On the left upper-arm of their jackets, a number patch with the insignia of the brigade is present. The uniforms, however, are allowed to be customized, for example exposing the feet of a third generation to use a propel ignition ability..]]

[center [b Seven-Style Fire Fighting Battle Axe is a weapon made by Haijima Industries, that is used by members of the Special Fire Brigades. When its trigger is pulled, the ax allows its user to fire sacred spikes from the firing hammer, which is located in the front of the weapon. The battleax also has a safety switch installed.]]

[center [b Core Annihilating Pile Bunker is a weapon made by Haijima Industries, that is used by members of the Fire Force. It is composed of a pneumatic or hydraulic piston, connected to a spiked shaft and recoil springs. When equipped to the user's hand, it can be used to impale an Infernal's core. This equipment is rather heavy and difficult to use without proper physical training.]]

[center [b Flame Resistant Shield: A massive shield used to protect the user and their team. Requiring top physical form however to be able to be used. The shield can withstand extreme flames and physical attacks.]]

[center [b Flame Resistant Helmet: An additionally heavy helmet used for even further protection. Though not required equipment to wear due to its weight. It's extremely flame resistant and even useful against many physical attacks.]]

[center [b Special Fire Extinguishing Bullet, which allows to subdue and slow down an Infernal's movements. However, the firearms required to use such bullets are rather heavy. The bullets aren't overly plentiful.]]

[center [b I'm open to new idea's for equipment as long as you discuss it with me first. (In fact, I'm going to be adding in more equipment as we go along)]]

[center [h3 Skeletons]]

[center [b I have six different sheets to be filled out. You're given free roam on your character's background and personality. These sheets are more so the six kinds of characters I'm looking for. Captain etc, and also to set limitations/rules for each character sheet. As to prevent any form of god-modding and such.]]

[center [b Captain's Sheet]]

[center [i Name: Prefer the captain to be born in Tokyo but he can be any nationality.]]

[center [i Pic: I'll be really picky when it comes to pictures overall. If I don't like the picture (or character for that matter) I may ask you to make some small changes. (I promise I won't be mean about it though >~<)]]

[center [i Gender: Male or Female]]

[center [i Age: 30-40]]

[center [i Height: Up to you (though I want them to be rather tall but your call)]]

[center [i Weight: Up to you (Though I'd want them to be really built/strong physically)]]

[center [i Abilities: Unpowered: Can't use an ignition ability however trains like crazy and unlike their comrades? They can carry over 30 Kilos of gear on top of the bunker gear. While still moving and fighting carrying said weapons and equipment. Being easily the physically strongest and most experienced on the team. What equipment and fighting style they'll use? Is completely up to you. You are probably the most talented at using every weapon to so keep that in mind!]]

[center [i Role(s): Captain (obviously) as for the second role? You can choose between Engineer or Scientist.]]

[center [i Personality:]]

[center [i Background:]]

[center [b Lieutenant's Sheet]]

[center [i Name: ]]

[center [i Pic: I'll be really picky when it comes to pictures overall. If I don't like the picture (or character for that matter) I may ask you to make some small changes. (I promise I won't be mean about it though >~<)]]

[center [i Gender: Male or Female]]

[center [i Age: 24-30]]

[center [i Height: Up to you]]

[center [i Weight: Up to you]]

[center [i Abilities: Second Generation User: (Up to you which variation of second-generation abilities they use. As well as being fairly good at using the equipment they help maintain.]]

[center [i Role(s): Lieutenant and Engineer.]]

[center [i Personality:]]

[center [i Background:]]

[center [b Sister's/Priest Sheet]]

[center [i Name: ]]

[center [i Pic: I'll be really picky when it comes to pictures overall. If I don't like the picture (or character for that matter) I may ask you to make some small changes. (I promise I won't be mean about it though >~<)]]

[center [i Gender: Male or Female]]

[center [i Age: 18-26]]

[center [i Height: Up to you ]]

[center [i Weight: Up to you]]

[center [i Abilities: Nonpowered, wearing lighter equipment than the rest of the team. Only these people can say the last rites for the Infernal. They are also experts in the medical field. (Note: Unless you choose second class soldier for your second role you won't be very useful in combat.)]]

[center [i Role(s): Sister/Priest and as for the second role? You may choose between the three. Second Class Fire Soldier, Scientist, Engineer.]]

[center [i Personality:]]

[center [i Background:]]

[center [b First Class Fire Soldier's Sheet]]

[center [i Name: ]]

[center [i Pic: I'll be really picky when it comes to pictures overall. If I don't like the picture (or character for that matter) I may ask you to make some small changes. (I promise I won't be mean about it though >~<)]]

[center [i Gender: Male or Female]]

[center [i Age: 19-24]]

[center [i Height: Up to you ]]

[center [i Weight: Up to you]]

[center [i Abilities: Second Generation User and on top of that this individual is ex-military. Making them an extremely dangerous fighter.]]

[center [i Role(s): First Class Fire Soldier]]

[center [i Personality:]]

[center [i Background:]]

[center [b Second Class Fire Soldier's Sheet]]

[center [i Name: ]]

[center [i Pic: I'll be really picky when it comes to pictures overall. If I don't like the picture (or character for that matter) I may ask you to make some small changes. (I promise I won't be mean about it though >~<)]]

[center [i Gender: Male or Female]]

[center [i Age: 17-19]]

[center [i Height: Up to you ]]

[center [i Weight: Up to you]]

[center [i Abilities: Third Generation User: Up to you which variation of Ignition you will use.]]

[center [i Role(s): Second Class Fire Soldier]]

[center [i Personality:]]

[center [i Background:]]

[center [b Second Class Fire Soldier's Sheet (Yes I'll be having two-second class, fire soldiers.)]]

[center [i Name: ]]

[center [i Pic: I'll be really picky when it comes to pictures overall. If I don't like the picture (or character for that matter) I may ask you to make some small changes. (I promise I won't be mean about it though >~<)]]

[center [i Gender: Male or Female]]

[center [i Age: 17-19]]

[center [i Height: Up to you ]]

[center [i Weight: Up to you]]

[center [i Abilities: Third Generation User: Up to you which variation of Ignition you will use.]]

[center [i Role(s): Second Class Fire Soldier]]

[center [i Personality:]]

[center [i Background:]]

[center [b Though I don't care what gender each role is. I do want about roughly even of the two genders. It doesn't need to be split down in the middle three males and three females. However, I would like at least two of either gender.]]

[center [h3 Current Cast]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/4d/61/f7/4d61f7d723ce71f0e379832e7b5bf21c.jpg]]

[center [i Name: Daichi Takakai]]

[center [i Pic: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/4d/61/f7/4d61f7d723ce71f0e379832e7b5bf21c.jpg]]

[center [i Gender: Male]]

[center [i Age: 34]]

[center [i Height: 198.12 cm (6'6")]]

[center [i Weight: 127.06 kg (280 lb)]]

[center [i Abilities: Unpowered: Incredibly fit, with tons of expertise and training in several weapons.]]

[center [i Role(s): Captain, Engineer]]

[center [i Personality: Daichi is a strong stalwart man. Always putting himself on the front line to protect his subordinates. That isn't to say he doesn't have faith in his company. He'd trust any of them with his life. He appears light hearted and reckless however beyond his smile is a seasoned Fire Force soldier. He doesn't believe in leaving behind anyone on the Fire Force. Despite being an Indomitable leader he relies plenty on his Lieutenant to keep up with paperwork and other busy work such as maintaining the equipment around. Resulting in the Lieutenant surpassing the captain in terms of engineering. That being said the captain is known for performing well under fire. ]]

[center [i Background: Daichi grew up in Tokyo and trained and studied plenty to become a Fire Soldier. He's the latest captain of the Fire Force (only been a captain for about 4 years.) He's been a Fire Soldier since seventeen however. He's been in service almost since the birth of the Fire Force. He's also the only soldier recruited to captain without having any Ignition abilities.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/QJJvSmf.jpg]]

[center Name: Mari Hayes]

[center Pic: http://i.imgur.com/QJJvSmf.jpg]

[center Gender: Female]

[center Age: 26]

[center Height: 175.5 cm (5'9")]

[center Weight: 62.25 kg (137 lb)]

[center Abilities: Second Generation User: Living Flame. Highly skilled and experienced engineer.]

[center Role(s): Lieutenant and Engineer.]

[center Personality:
Mari's an avid believer of work hard, play hard. As long as the job gets done the way it needs to and respect isn't discarded, everyone can feel free to relax, joke around, and have fun. She won't expect her team to do anything she wouldn't do herself. Striving to be an example, she's always looking to better herself, skill-sets, and ways to help the team. She can get carried away with that by tinkering with the equipment and practicing abilities, but will eventually allow herself to get to a stopping point. After a day of hard work, she loves to decompress. Same applies with her team. After a good success, she'd take them somewhere to treat them as long as she got the okay from the captain. 'Drinks on me!' (no, really, she'd do that). Overall, she can be real chill and wants to have fun, but the job is the job. Once she's on-duty, that takes priority, but she always looks out for her team.]

[center Background:
Born & raised in Tokyo, but mixed nationality (large part being Irish and Japanese). When Mari was little, she loved making various contraptions; whether they were toys, tools to get into things around the house (whether she was supposed to or not), props/traps to prank someone, etc. Her older cousin (more like an aunt) was a director of one of the development departments and used to take her with as a kid. This gave her an opportunity to enhance, direct, and refine those skills under the company's guidance. She ended up doing an internship when she was 13 and working there from 15-19. At that point, she wanted to do more than just develop equipment she would never truly be able to test out and utilize, so she joined the Fire Force. Since then, she's gained a lot of combat experience and still does some contracted work here and there for extra funds and resources. Her drive has allowed her to become a lieutenant of one of the teams and a vital leader among the Fire Force's engineers.]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/08/51/2f/08512fd1e1b476d6a687cd25e749b4cf--cool-anime-guys-anime-boys.jpg]]

[center Name: Alfred Greaves]

[center Pic: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/08/51/2f/08512fd1e1b476d6a687cd25e749b4cf--cool-anime-guys-anime-boys.jpg]

[center Gender: Male]

[center Age: 24]

[center Height: 6' 0"]

[center Weight: 215 lbs]

[center Abilities: Second Generation User and on top of that this individual is ex-military. Making them an extremely dangerous fighter.]

[center Second Gen Ability: Ability: "Flaming Bullet" Allows the user to control the gunpowder inside bullets, making the impact they make stronger or weaker, depending on the situation. The user can use this ability to make their bullets non-lethal. With "Trajectory Control", one can change the trajectory of their bullets, which allows them to shoot their targets at any given angle and from longer distances, and with "Bullet Speed Control" they can accelerate said bullets, leaving behind a trail of fire. With "Ricochet Control", one can force their bullets to rebound, bounce or skip off a surface, increasing their velocity.]

[center Role(s): First Class Fire Soldier]

[center Personality: When you first get to know Alfred, he seems like a bit of a muscle-headed jack ass. At least, that's what his appearance would tell you. A tempered and disciplined soldier, he has no qualms with taking the life of an Infernal. He may even relish the bloodshed. But at the end of the day, he fights to protect that which is most important to him. Just don't let his love of fire dissuade you. When not on a mission, or training, he enjoys snacking on tea and crumpets with his "familiar", Fuzzball.]

[center Background: Born and raised in Her Majesty's United Empire (Known to the Colonies as the United Kingdom), Alfred joined up with the Royal Commandos as soon as he was old enough. Why? Because he wanted to fight back the terror that was plaguing the borders. Learning how to kill, when to kill, and, by extension, how to protect his Homelands, was just part of the job. Terrorists, looters, they were nothing compared to these "Infernals". Realizing he and his homeland were under equipped, and not trained on how to take these new threats down, he set his eyes on this "Fire Force" he had heard of in Japan for new equipment and training. With nobody but Fuzzball by his side, he set off to join the Fire Force, to train and fight against this new enemy. Now, as a 1st Class Fire Soldier, he wants to know what makes these Infernals appear, and what makes them tick.]

[center [pic http://i63.tinypic.com/6o3fbd.png]]

[b Name:] [b [#ff9900 Alica Bell]]

[b Pic:] [#ff9900 [b http://i63.tinypic.com/6o3fbd.png]]

[b Gender:] [b [#ff9900 Female]]

[b Age:] [b [#ff9900 28]]

[b Height:] [#ff9900 [b 1.67 meters] (5’5”)]

[b Weight:] [#ff9900 [b 72.6 kilograms] (160 lbs)]

[b Abilities:] [#ff9900 Aside from being able to perform the [b Last Rites of an Infernal], Alica doesn’t have any special abilities aside from being a [b first rate medic] and a [b useful Scientist]. ]

[b Role(s):] [#ff9900 Her primary role is a [b Sister/Priest]. Her secondary role, while not as good as her first she’s still damn good at, is being an [b Scientist].]

[b Personality:]
[b * [#ff9900 Humourless]] [b —] [#ff9900 The inability to find humour in things, and most certainly in themselves]
[b * [#ff9900 Stubborn]] [b —] [#ff9900 Unreasonably, often unyielding; bull-headed: Determined; resolute]
[b * [#ff9900 Apologetic]] [b —] [#ff9900 Apologizes all the time, even when not at fault]
[b * [#ff9900 Blunt]] [b —] [#ff9900 Characterized by directness in manner or speech; without subtlety or evasion]
[b * [#ff9900 Fortitudinous]] [b —] [#ff9900 The courage to stand up for what is right, even in the face of pressure]
[b * [#ff9900 Patient]] [b —] [#ff9900 Remaining calm and not becoming annoyed when dealing with problems or difficult people]
[b * [#ff9900 Philosophical]] [b —] [#ff9900 Showing a calm attitude toward disappointments or difficulties]

[b Background:] [#ff9900 First things first, she ain’t from [b Tokyo]. Hell, she wasn’t even from [-b Japan]. Alica’s country of birth was the [b United god damn States of fucking America]. One thing to understand about her, which was her love of playing [b support roles] in video games: specifically [b repairing], whether it was repairing damage to people or inanimate objects. And based on her video game playing preferences Alica decided to make a career out of fixing people. It took a few years, but through stubborn determination she was a [b doctor]. Working in America became a bore, but events in a certain country, [b Japan] to be specific, perked her adventurous curiosity.]

[center [pic https://sun1-23.userapi.com/c846522/v846522683/1abde4/0rvfhsg8ss8.jpg?ava=1]]

[center Name: Darcia Lovell

Pic: https://sun1-23.userapi.com/c846522/v846522683/1abde4/0rvfhsg8ss8.jpg?ava=1

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Height: 5’5

Weight: 125 lbs

Abilities: Third Generation User: Cloak

Role(s): Second Class Fire Soldier

Personality: Friendly towards most people. Willing to help. Sometimes she seems like she seems full of herself. Really she’s not though. She always thinks that everyone else is better and that she’s only in the way. She never voices this to anyone though. She constantly thinks she needs to prove herself so she will push her limits. She isn't afraid of putting herself in harms way.

Background: She was born and raised in France.]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/5b/44/45/5b4445bda6033030406a6e2230a790fe.jpg]]

[font david [#89add2 [size10 Name: Yumi Adachi

Pic: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/5b/44/45/5b4445bda6033030406a6e2230a790fe.jpg

Gender: Female (Least last I checked)

Age: 19

Height: 5,2

Weight: 121 lb

Abilities: Third Generation User: Propel:

Role(s): Second Class Fire Soldier

Personality: Mild tempered with unusual taste and preferences. She's lost many friends due to her blunt honesty. She may be soft-spoken and even monotone but she's got a sarcastic sense of humor if given the opportunity. She can be surprisingly flirtatious as well although with her intense ice-cold stare it's hard to tell. She's cool calm and collected on the outside but underneath? Who know's what that girl is thinking.

Background: Yumi's has mostly lived the lifestyle of a NEET. She did graduate high school but she never really wanted to just stay home and play her Otome games. She's never exactly been social but when her unique and extraordinary powers were discovered. Due to certain circumstances back at home, she was forced to apply for the Fire Force. She had always been very reliant on her powers and has shown great prowess.]]]

[center [h3 Rules]]

[center [i 1: No Drama, at least outside of the roleplay. Inside is fair game of course.]]

[center [i 2: Site Rules Apply (No cybering etc)]]

[center [i 3: Only control other people's characters once you've PM'd them and asked]]

[center [i 4: No posting order, that being said wait for at least two others to post first before posting again.]]

[center [i 5: I hold the right to change any rules if the need arises.]]

[center [i 6: Not a strict rule but I ask you to post at least once a week. However, if you can't just let me know and we can wait on you.]]

[center [i 7: I don't mind short post just no one-liners!!]]

[center [i 8: If you wanna join send me a PM with the title "Fire Force" to let me know you have indeed read the rules.]]

[center [i 9: I don't mind romance, hell even if you want a quickly formed romance (as long as the other one agrees) go for it. I only ask that the romance doesn't consume the main plot. That being said certain moral challenges like choosing to save a lover? Or doing your job and saving a citizen? That could be lots of fun. It can be apart of the plot! Just not the ENTIRE plot.]]

[center [i 10: No more than two characters per person! However, you aren't required to play two characters!]]

[center [i 11: Due to a question I was asked I wanna clarify. Anime or Illustrated pictures only. (Again very picky though, I'm even more so picky with Illustrated pictures.)]]

[center [i 12: Just in case I wasn't clear for Ignition users? I want you to only use one of the variation techniques along with whatever your generation is capable of. So when you send in a skelly I may ask what type of Ignition they use. Like "Living Flame" or "Flame Bullet" I don't want your character to be able to use all the known abilities that generation. We can also work together to create a new technique or form of that power if you wish! As for those using equipment based fighting styles. You are free to use multiple weapons and change up gear on the job. Depending on your role may affect how effective you are at using said armory. Course you can always improve as the Roleplay goes along!]]

[center [i 13: Just have fun! It's a laid back semi-lit group roleplay so just enjoy it!]]


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[pic https://pic8.co/sh/mMGL16.png]

Alica was not surprised at waiting for Daichi to remember. She'd already gotten accustomed to his bouncing between remembering and forgetfulness, and it was not a big problem in the grand scheme of things. Whatever Mari had done, no way it was an accident, that one time up in the lab this day was much more problematic than Daichi's memory jumping.

As Daichi presented her with gloves, Alica's left eyebrow jumped up slightly before making a slow eye raise. Though her face stayed mostly flat, her eyes were full of curiosity and thankfulness. Without saying a word she politely took a few steps forwards, reaching for the gloves. Her hands moves up without much resistance which meant the gloves themselves were light, but they definitely were sturdy. Alica cast an appreciative glance at the gloves. Their craftsman knew their work quite well.

Looking back up at Daichi, a cheeky smile popped to Alica's lips. [#cc00cc “I assume this is less for actual combat when dealing with converted fire people, and more so if one of the other companies want to rub it into me?”] Cracking a chuckle at her own joke, Alica embraced Daichi for a few seconds before pulling away. [#cc00cc "Doctor's orders: Don't get yourself injured or killed. I will be expecting for you to rough me up."]

Alica left Daichi after giving him a departing wink.

Wandering back to her office, Alica spotted Mari sitting in the chair. Having the pair of gloves from Daichi gave Alica the perfect excuse to walk past Mari and go to her private office at the end of the lab. Alica exchanged the gloves for Mari's medical file before walking back out and taking a seat on one of the operating tables.

Alica silently opened Mari's medical file, slowly reading the first page. After finishing with the first page, she flipped it over to the second and third pages. She wanted to see whether Mari would acknowledge what had happened without Alica's prodding. If not, Alica knew how to make Mari talk, although Alica hoped not to get there because they were friends after all.
[center [b Daichi had chuckled at Mari's comment.]]

[center [+brown And a shame that would be huh?]]

[center [b He finished his drink with Mari before everyone began to head out. It wasn't fair that Alicia and Mari got to watch the fight and he was stuck with paperwork. The other captains got onto Daichi as it was when it came to paper work. Just getting the upper brass to hand over this run over building was like pulling teeth. Perhaps it's cause Daichi was their newest captain or maybe it was the fact he was... Well anyhow him and his crew had cleaned the place up good. Not to mention handling every case in the district assigned to Fire Force company eight.]]

[center [b As Daichi fell into what felt like a sea of monotonous questions filing the latest report. Someone had knocked on the door. As soon as the door opened without an answer he knew it was Alicia. She had a knack for being a little pushy but she was a good soul. She had told him he brought up a surprise. Had he? Daichi bit on his pen pondering a moment. The captain had razor sharp memory when it came to the brass tacks unless it was a brawl than he could remember every detail. Though oddly enough the captain would remember the words of others better than his own. He had stretched and thought for a moment.]]

[center [+brown Hmm...]]

[center [b Today was a big day and than it struck him. At least something had. Wasn't the same surprise? Possibly not but he remembered something he wanted to do that day nonetheless. He went into his compartment to find a pair of thick leather gloves. Specially made and heat resistant durable and light. They weren't protective gear though they were a weapon. Finely made by Mari but Daichi had a few favors to cash in for some upgrades on the whole thing from Company 4.]]

[center [+brown Those are for you... If you want them. I know the nuns of the great Sol are supposed to handle the more... Spiritual matters. So if you decline this gift I'll understand but if you do accept it I'd like to train you in hand to hand. You've got a strong spirit and I think the look will suit you.]]

[center [b Daichi had chuckled with an easygoing grin.]]
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Kaushan+Script:400,700&display=swap&subset=latin-ext] Everyone seemed to enjoy their drinks, even the two drinking the virgin ones. That warmed Mari's borderline tipsy heart. Daichi's comment about becoming a bartender even got a happy laugh out of her. [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "If I did that, I wouldn't be able to drink with you."]]] She raised her latest glass as a thank you and took another good sip from it. It was nice seeing everyone enjoy themselves more and more.

Yumi was hiding behind Mari at first, but ended up working her way around and opening up more. Darcia was still to herself, but seemed to be observing and seeing where she fit. Mari didn't want to push her walls too much, so she wasn't going to approach her unless she should. When she complimented the drink she made, Mari replied, [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Thank you, Darcia. I thought a tropical theme would be best for this occasion. I'm glad you like it."]]]

Looking down at her glass with disappointment, Mari went to different parts of the bar for the ingredients in her refill. After adding the last bit to her drink, Mari was hungry for a snack. So she went to try the sushi. After she grabbed some, Alicia leaned in and said to meet her at the lab. That place worked a lot better than there at the party. No one would be there after the party. So they'd be able to talk. Mari replied by raising her glass with a relaxed smile. She had a gift that she planned to give her after the party anyway.

Not long after that hushed exchange, Alfred walked up to Alica and tapped her on the shoulder with drunken confidence. Mari's eyes went wide as she took another sip of her cocktail. Well, this was interesting. Alfred never approached her unless he was obligated to. Not wanting to cause too big of a scene, Mari gave him a golf-clap for him sharing his appreciation with Alica. She didn't understand why he was scared of her, but Alica was a doctor. Doctors could mess people up as much as they could heal them, if not more. Just like Mari could take anything apart as much as she could build something, if not more. They were like engineers of people. It made sense why that school taught them jointly. And in that way, it also kind of made sense to be wary.

Some time after Alfred walked away, Daichi got a hold of him without pausing his impromptu workout. Instead he spoke from across the room. He wanted their training to start with some sparring matches. That'd honestly be a great way to gauge their abilities. Alfred was a great person to bring them out. Daichi then called out to Mari and Alica to witness it. Mari would've done that anyway. She was curious about the new recruits and wanted to watch without an infernal getting in the way. Plus, that sword… She really wanted to see what it could do.

As things started winding down, Mari started cleaning up her bar and gathering her supplies. Everything containing alcohol was gathered to go into her stash. There was already a fridge installed into the bar for everything requiring one. The rest could stay where it all was in case they wanted to have another gathering.

As the others left, Mari stayed to clean up the rest of the room. After that was done, she stopped by her room to get Alica's gift before their talk and then the training match. It was perfect for her first year there. It was an upgraded extinguisher gun. Despite what happened earlier, Alica should like it. At least, Mari hoped so. Before she knew it, she arrived at the lab. While waiting on Alica, she put on some more of that ointment on her arm.
Mari Hayes / Yoruneko / 1y ago
[pic https://pic8.co/sh/mMGL16.png]

Alica’s eyes closed while slowly draining the blue liquid. The neck ache vanished, savoring the sweet, tangy, bitter, and salty taste of the blue liquid. The entire tongue worked as the opposite combinations awakened every taste bud; an excellent drink, and maybe Mari should follow Daichi’s advice on opening a bar.

She utilized this time not only in savoring Mari’s handiwork, but also in waiting for an opportune moment. With everyone still around them Alica didn’t want to draw suspicion when whispering an answer towards Mari. Looking left and right every few seconds, Alica thought the moment was right; leaning towards Mari, [#cc00cc “Meet me in the lab after the party”], faint whispering directed towards Mari’s ears mixed with some eeriness.

Not wanting the sushi to go to waste Alica ate a few herself. Somewhere along Alfred walked up, even having the courage in giving a light tap on the shoulder. Alica swung around and came face with Alfred offering thanks. She smiled on the outside, smiling and chuckling on the inside, appreciating his drunken, confident, appreciation. Alica couldn’t fault the drunk part, she herself felt slightly lopsided in dealing with her own drunkenness.

As with any other party this one also slowly died down. First in leaving was Daichi, then Alfred. After him followed Darcia. Alica decided she’d be the next one to leave. Slowly standing up with a hand against the table, her head towards Mari. [#cc00cc “I first need to have a chat with the Captain.”] Then after taking three steps forwards Alica stopped, turning her entire body this time to face Yumi. Sending a single wink her way, [#cc00cc “Make Alfred work, and don’t be afraid on fighting too hard”], Alica slipped both hands in pockets before walking out of the room.

Alica found Daichi in his office over some paperwork. Knocking on the door she let herself in without waiting for an answer. Stopping after two steps in, her eyes lazily traced over the papers on the desk before meandering back up to face Daichi. [#cc00cc “You kept mentioning a surprise but never managed to show the surprise.”]
[center No..? She looked at the girl curiously. So she would be noticed then..? She tilted her head clearly unsure of what to think of this. Most people told her she was always hard to notice. Mostly because she was always so quiet and obedient.

She did what she was told and never made any fuss about it. She was easy to forget about. Easy to not notice and honestly that didn’t bother her any. As long as she wasn’t a bother to people she didn’t much care if she was noticeable or not. The only thing that did bother her was that she didn’t like being weak. She didn’t like when other people had to pick up her slack. She wanted to be perfect in what she did.

She took criticism rather well though. At least in front of others. In her mind though she often tore herself down. She would lecture herself and try to get better on her own. She didn’t really like to have the help of others. To her it was frustrating. Yet she wouldn’t refuse it either. Always silent and always obedient. When things frustrated her she would often work the most on her flowers.

She would most likely have to get some for here. She would be mindful of space. She wasn’t exactly the type to need a lot of space. Just enough room to care for a few flowers. She would be more than happy with that. Her mind went to the cat after a moment. Oh! She could probably grow a little bit of catnip. She smiled faintly at the thought. She hadn’t done that before. It would be new and she was sure the cat just might enjoy it.

She suddenly seemed to remember that Mari had made her a drink. Not a touch of alcohol in it of course, but that was alright. Darcia didn’t mind. She was sure she would enjoy it either way. She picked the glass up carefully and took a sip from it. She smiled lightly and closed her eyes. She seemed very pleased with this even though it didn’t have anything that would numb her senses in it. A party could be just as fun without alcohol. When she finished her drink she looked to Mari and smiled brightly.

[+deeppink “That was very good! It was very pretty too.”]

The colors had really caught her eye when she had seen it. Actually all of the drinks Mari had made were so pretty. Colorful. Vibrant. The blue one had really caught her eye.

As the party died down she felt herself relaxing a bit more around everyone. She wasn’t officially putting her guard down though. She would hold herself with some distance for a bit. She would warm up more as time passed though. She had a feeling these were good people though and that made her feel at ease for the time being. Part of her was always nervous though so she would continue to hold a slight distance until she was more sure of her place among everyone.

From what she heard from the Captain it looked like they would be putting their skills to use. That made her a little nervous. She glanced towards the man they would be training with. She found herself unsure of how to react exactly. Would it really be okay to show off her skills..? Wouldn’t that be dangerous..? Yumi seemed rather excited about it. Wait what had she just said to Alfred..?

Goodness... Did that girl have no filter..? Clearly she didn’t. Oh well. Wait did he just say that losers would have to pay..? No! She wasn’t apart of this. Not right now.

[+deeppink “Don’t worry I don’t plan on doing any sort of bet like that.”]

She let out a small nervous laugh. She then went to get her stuff collected. She wouldn’t need much. She relied a lot on her ability. It could help her in a lot of ways. She just wasn’t completely good at it. Still learning everything she could do with it.

She headed towards the roof as quickly as possible so that she wouldn’t be late.]
[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Alfred brought the hard black tea to his lips, and took a tentative sip. The bitter liquid caught him off guard, though the bite of the alcohol was almost nonexistent. He gave Mari a questioning glance, not entirely sure if it had alcohol in it, though he dutifully consumed it in its entirety. Setting the now empty glass down, he glanced at the untouched lemon sliver, before giving it to Fuzzball. With a happy mewl, Fuzzball began consuming the lemon slice. Sliding the glass back to Mari with an appreciative nod, and pulled the rebreather back down over his mouth.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Fuzzball kept alternating between licking the lemon slice, and attempting to back away without falling off of Alfred’s shoulder. His purring grew louder and warmer as time passed, before he was done with the lemon. Leaning up and sniffing Alfred’s ear to get his attention, Fuzzball indicated that he was done with his treat. Alfred took it from his partner in crime, before bringing it over to a receptacle for disposal. It was at about this point, Alfred came to the conclusion that the tea was in fact, spiked. [#0dd44f [i Hell’s bells, I shouldn’t have consumed that yet. It’s been two, no three, hours since I’ve eaten. This won’t go well.]]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Alfred blinked several times as his body felt a little lighter, his head becoming a little foggy. Sensing he was forgetting something important, he looked at the nearby calendar. Well, not looked so much as stared blankly. After several moments of jogging his memory, he remembered that it was the anniversary of Alica’s assignment to the Eighth. Steeling himself for what was about to happen, he looked around the bar for the Sister. Spotting her across from Mari, he approached Alica.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Alfred walked right up to her, before tapping her on the shoulder to get her attention. [#d6c211 “Sister Alica.”] He spoke with an odd confidence, pausing to regather his thoughts before continuing. [#d6c211 “I would like to. … Congratulate you for your. … Anniversary. Thank you for. … Joining us, and may we. … Have many more years. … In Company Eight. Thank you for putting me back together. … Scary Sister Alica.”] Upon saying her name for a second time, Fuzzball bit his earlobe, concerned for his human.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 At that, Alfred abruptly about faced, and went to sit at the corner of the bar counter, far from Alica, Mari, and the rest of the crew. Not out of disrespect, of course, but he had realized just how bad drinking on an empty stomach was. Though, he was a little happy that he could thank the Sister, even if it was rather bold.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 As the hour wrapped up, he found himself getting a grip on his fogginess. Shaking his head, he went back to petting Fuzzball, when Yumi approached. Hearing that he needed to train the recruits, his expression grew serious. Watching the new blood throw some punches in his general direction, he had to fight to keep a smile off of his face. The alcohol was almost out of his system, but the edge of things was being taken off. More relaxed than usual, he was caught off guard by Yumi’s demand. Without thinking much about it, he glanced at both Yumi and Darcia. [#d6c211 “Alright. But, when I win, the losers pay for said date.”]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 His brain registered that he had just said something inappropriate, and that he would have to pay for that at some point. But right now, it was time to get down to training. Clearing his throat to refocus himself, and hopefully overshadow the dumb thing he just said, he spoke again. [#d6c211 “Ms. Adachi, Ms. Lovell. Please collect your gear, and report to the roof in 10 minutes. If you need anything, please speak with the Lieutenant.”] Excusing himself, he quickly left the gathering with Fuzzball in tow, to collect his gear and clear his head.]]
[font david [i Yumi was on an edge, the sound of a party. The mere mention of the word made her want to hide under a rock. It was obvious she didn't exactly do well growing up in high school. Of course, this wasn't school but still... She found herself wanting to bury herself into plushies and otome games.]]

[font david [i Alfred had approached her handing her a bag of crumpets. She had blinked before seeing him and his precious little kitten. She had blinked looking softly at the little feline. "Oh gosh it's so adorable." she thought to herself. Alfred had informed Yumi he'd make a soldier of her yet. Wasn't she already? Wasn't that the point of the academy? Yumi was confident in her Ignition and her prowess. Perhaps a little too much so, even if she was timid in social situations. She scored well at the academy a prodigy was what they even called her. Even if her physical prowess was lacking. Though she never saw the point in physical training that was for normal firefighters. Fights were decided on Ignition and Ignition alone. Yumi had always held to this steadfast belief. Even her instructors were powerful third-generation users. Which is why she was shocked to see the 8th hadn't had any third-generation users before her and Darcia. Was it true what they said? Was the 8th a crumbling dump? As harsh as those thoughts were Yumi still enjoyed her time with these lovely people. Yumi held the bag tightly with renewed vigor that she would help the 8th gain a new reputation for itself. Her Genta and Amaria deserved that! So did all the others for that matter.]]

[font david [i Darcia had approached Yumi letting her know that staying together would be fun. Yumi had nodded furiously her face still stoic. She was happy to share a room with such a lovely lady. For a sweet young girl, she had the mind of an old man. She was the type who loved toggling features in her games. To see if she could check out the heroine's panties. Creepy Yumi aside she never had a roommate before. Or a female friend, or any friend really. Well at least... Not in the conventional sense. That stuff, however? Was far in her past.]]

[font david [i Darcia had told Yumi she'd barely notice her there. Yumi shook her head at that comment.]]

[font david [#89add2 [size10 No.]]]

[font david [i She said bluntly and rather untoward, she wanted to notice Darcia's presence. Often in fact. Mari had come in offering the two of them a drink. Yumi had scooped it up quickly before guzzling it down. Setting her glass down she had wiped across her mouth. Peering over at her bag she looked at Mari and Alfred tiptoeing to tap them both on the forehead. It was her little show of gratitude. Her shoulders had begun to loosen and she started to relax a little more.]]

[font david [#89add2 [size10 Thank you lady Mari.]]]

[font david [i The small girl had struck a strange pose, a peace sign sideways right over her left eye. With her right hand strong on her hip she was feeling back to her strange and perky self. Alica had entered the room with her usual air of icy hot intimidation. Yumi had let out a small gasp in surprise as she hid behind Mari. Peering over her shoulder to look at Alica as Mari offered her a drink. Yumi wasn't doing a very good job at hiding her blank stare at the young lady. "It's the punk princess herself! All hail the chains of royalty!" Yumi's inner voice was rolling and having a little giggle fit of her own. However, Yumi only watched Alica with bated breath.]]

[font david [i Yumi had caught the captain glancing at Yumi and Darcia both. Had her Genta a thing for young women? "Coocoo~" she found herself in a playful muse. "No he's probably just inspecting the recruits Adachi you know that." He may have looked like Genta but he acted nothing like him. Far too civilized in comparison. Not that it was a problem but it certainly didn't match his rough exterior. Though as the party began to start the captain removed his jacket to begun working out. For Alfred, Mari, Alicia it seemed normal but Yumi turned around blooming red cheeks and flustered she was shocked at how comfortable he was. She had tried to avoid eye contact with him.]]

[font david [i She quiet for a little while but she enjoyed herself still. As the hour flew by she found herself opening up bit by bit. Even speaking in full sentences. Online it was always easy for her to talk and talk but in real life, it wasn't as easy though in this small group she was learning how to handle it. Perhaps joining the 8th was the best move after all.]]

[font david [i The captain had instructed that she and Darcia were to have a training session with Alfred. Yumi remembered her training partners at the academy. She had won her bouts against her classmates and even her first two instructors. Though her third instructor was a different story together. Though there was a chance she simply caught the first two by surprise. Who was to say really?]]

[font david [i Regardless Yumi had come to love a good fight despite her petite size and quiet demeanor she loved showing off her Ignition. In many ways, she wished she was born differently. Taller, her voice a little lower pitch. More manageable hair too but the one thing she was proud of to be born with? Was her third-generation abilities. She looked at Alfred's cute little face rebreather on and all. She started punching at the hair with a little glint in her big doe eyes. Her blood was already rushing and she wouldn't hold back. She was a very hot-headed soldier in this regard. She looked at Alfred her voice a little louder than usual.]]

[font david [#89add2 Alfred sir, when I win you owe me one date. Deal?]]

[font david [i She said with a perky grin as her eyes narrowed. "It was time to show company eight what a third-generation was capable of. She let her guard down against that infernal sure. This time though she'd be focused. No matter how adorable Alfred or his little cat was.]]
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[center [h3 Grand Celebration]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFNutOFtkFc]]

[center [b The captain had watched as his squad had gotten straight into things. Darcia having the "honor" of meeting Fuzzball the squads own mascot. So the young girl had a thing for cats? Well he supposed Fuzzball was cute but the cat always seemed to be a little moody for Daichi's taste. Despite the cute and cuddly name bestowed upon that small creature.]]

[center [b Mari was on top of handing everyone drinks. Yumi's ears had perked at the drink as she blinked glancing at Mari. Alfred had handed her a bag as well. He told her he'd make a soldier out of her yet. Yumi peered at the two as her shoulders began to loosen. She had decided to retaliate by tip toeing and poking them both right on the forehead.]]

[font david [#89add2 [size10 Mmm..]]]

[center [b It was hard to tell what was on her mind. Or what she was even trying to say? Perhaps she was just a bit shy? Yet her face was so straight? Daichi found himself chuckling. He expected the third generations to be a little more hot headed than these two. Darcia had welcomed Yumi reassuring her it wasn't anything to worry about. Yumi had pondered on Darcia's face before nodding quickly.]]

[center [b He patted the two recruits back with a wide grin.]]

[center [+brown Glad to know it won't be a problem!]]

[center [b He could tell by Darcia and Yumi's glance he might've spooked the two. So he decided to take it a little easier on the two as he stopped giving them a pat. Darcia's reaction hadn't changed to him placing his hands on his sides instead but Yumi had given him a bit of a glare. What was that for? It wasn't long before the recruits were offered drinks as well.]]

[center [b Mari had offered Daichi a drink as well. He really wasn't much of a drinker. However on the day they put an infernal to rest? He'd knock just one back for the resting spirit left behind. Perhaps Mari already knew this? She seemed to only offer him drinks on days like this. So it's likely she already understands. He had grabbed the drink with a smirk as he began to guzzle the drink down. Without an ounce of restraint shown in the captains demeanor. Slamming the drink back on the counter with a satisfied sigh.]]

[center [+brown Damn Mari, ever thought of being a bartender for a living?]]

[center [b He chuckled she knew how to make a damn good drink that much was for sure. Even if the captain wasn't an enthusiastic drinker in reality he could appreciate her talent. Taking his Jacket off he had went across the room picking up some of his spare weights. He went straight into lifting! This was course the captains idea of blowing off steam. This and heading to the local Ramen shop.]]

[center [+brown Oh and by the way Alfred as First Class Fire Soldier I've got a request for you. Once our big celebration ends I need you to review the two recruits. Help them get a feel for their Ignition abilities if you can. Take them on some sparring rounds.]]

[center [b Before he could let Alfred respond Daichi had taken a deep breath and a pause before giving Alfred a slight smile. His tone lowering ever so slightly.]]

[center [+brown Also, don't take it too hard on them all right? You can take that bout upstairs whenever you two are ready of course. That was meant to be BEFORE you got some on field experience but... Well I guess things happen huh?]]

[center [b The captain smiled with a playful laugh still lifting between reps. Yumi had glanced at Alfred starry eyed as she started to punch at the air in what seemed to be a playful manner? Her face was true and straight as always even if her gestures bordered the obscene.]]

[center [+brown Hahaha! I think Yumi's eager to take you on Alfred!! What do you say Darcia? You feeling up to it? Oh and by the way... Alica! Mari! I want you two to inspect the fight okay? While you do that I'll be filing our report to send back to HQ all right?]]

[center [h3 Later]]

[center [b An hour later the party had died down a little and the captain had made his waves and goodbyes. Looking toward Yumi and Darcia as he made his way down to his office.]]

[center [+brown I'm interested to see more of that sword Yumi, I've never seen the like. I'm sure Mari might be interested herself she likes checking out new toys. Also! Darcia that Ignition ability, Cloak was it? Extending flame and harnessing it to increase physical properties? I'm not sure how it works. I've never seen it in action before today and I gotta say I'm impressed. Keep up the good work! Mari and Alfred may be second generation but I'm sure they can help you understood the fundamentals of Ignition better. Unfortunately training you two in Ignition is beyond me. Seeing as I don't have one and all! Haha! Still if you two want any martial or special arms training just come and ask all right? Though Alfred's not a slouch in those departments either.]]

[center [b The captain had given one last wave before heading out the room. First order of business? Was order some shish kebabs some of the captains favorite. He was a real meat lover he'd wash it all down with some of his favorite vitamin water. It seemed a waste to eat so much meat without anything hard to wash it down but the captain preferred it that way. After placing his order he sat down on the chair and began to write his report. Admittedly? Paper work was less than ideal for the captain. In fact in his youth he was god awful at it but now he knows the work arounds and the system a bit better. That being said? He still absolutely loathed this part.]]
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Kaushan+Script:400,700&display=swap&subset=latin-ext] So, instead of Alica and Alfred showing up first, it was Daichi and the new recruits. She understood why Alica would be late… Mari still felt bad that the whole thing came to knocking her out. Though Alica was coming from a good place and was only trying to do her job well, Mari knew her limits. Yes, her arm still burned, but it was possible to ignore for a while. They were both very stubborn, so that was the only thing she could think of to end the doctor's visit early. Though that still didn't make it right...

When Daichi brought the recruits up, Mari had just finished making herself a Malibu Sunset. She was feeling tropical today. That wasn't for any reason in particular, but that was just what her taste buds were feeling. She made it with pineapple-orange juice, Malibu coconut rum, and grenadine. Lifting the glass up to her lips, she took a sip of her masterpiece. It was just what she needed. The fireworks had just gone off and the sparks went down as planned. With her glass still in her hand, she lifted it up a bit higher towards the recruits as a greeting from afar.

[Pic http://i.imgur.com/rcjB1YQ.jpg]

From the looks on their faces, they enjoyed it. That meant a lot, even more so due to the cost paid to finish in time… Hopefully Alica would wake up soon… She should… Mari took another gulp of her drink. Alfred had just arrived, so she was the only one missing out… Maybe she shouldn't have used a taser… Today was the wrong day to try that out. Oh well, it was too late to regret it now. She'll apologize again after the party.

As Alfred spoke to the recruits, Daichi walked over to the bar asking where Alica was… Wasn't that lovely? Inevitable at this point, but lovely, right? Mari whispered back, [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "She was resting in her office last time I saw her. If she isn't up here soon, I'll go check on her."]]] That wasn't the whole truth, but sleeping was being in a semi or fully unconscious state and she was unconscious… Plus, she did wanna make sure Alica was alright.

After hearing her answer, Daichi wasted no time to go back to the recruits and inform them of their living arrangement. Yumi's reaction was puzzling… She and Darcia seemed to get along so far, so the two of them sharing a room shouldn't make her freeze like that, with her head down and everything. She would have gone over there, but it was already a crowd and Darcia was trying to calm her down. Shortly after that played out, Alfred came to the bar.

After catching the bag he passed to her, [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Welcome to the party."]]] Although she was really tempted to make him a mojito, she knew Alfred loved a good hard black tea. After making the latter with rum, she slid a glass over to him. Mari opened the bag to find his special crumpets. [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Good trade. Here's another glass,"]]] having another one stop in front of him shortly followed by a smaller glass of goat's milk. [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Hey, Fuzzball. You know you get a drink too."]]] She then directed her eyes at the milk and back at Fuzzball. Although he still enjoyed it, unlike cow's milk, goat's milk was very good for a cat's health.

[Pic http://i.imgur.com/U1Npl72.jpg]

Darcia joined them next and shared how the party felt welcoming. Smiling, [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Thank you. I'm so glad to hear that, Darcia. If you ever feel differently, let me know. Home should always feel welcoming."]]] Mari shoveled a small scoop of ice into a glass and poured cranberry juice into it. Once it settled, she slowly poured pineapple juice down the side of the glass. Once the juice settled, the layered drink looked like a vibrant sunrise. Yet, the drink wasn't finished. She topped it off with a little bit of water to soften the look without losing any flavor. Finally, she varnished the lip of the glass with an orange and lemon slice, skewered a cherry with a toothpick umbrella, and skewered it into the top of the orange slice. Satisfied, Mari added a straw and passed the drink to Darcia, [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "I'll make a more fun one when you're legal."]]]

[Pic http://i.imgur.com/r1qZTYR.jpg]

And Alica finally arrived. She didn't look present. Her eyes didn't really fix on anything, placing her more in her head than the party. Without saying anything, Alica went behind the bar, grabbed a beer, and then took a seat in front of the counter. Normally, Mari would make a comment, but guilt had her quiet. She did eventually greet Alfred and her. However, as Alica constantly messed with her neck, Mari felt worse. She decided to make her a Blue Margarita as part of her apology. At only 23%, the alcohol content wasn't too high. So, it shouldn't give her a headache or anything… Alica would know better. It still wasn't the lightest drink either… Hopefully, she'd like it.

[Pic http://i.imgur.com/JWD7iFW.jpg]

Mari felt relieved when Alica smiled over her drink. Hushed enough to not alert Alfred, Mari whispered, [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Hey Alica. We can talk more about what happened later, but I'm sorry. Are you okay? Do you want some ice?"]]]

After finishing things up for the time being, Mari called out to the other two that weren't at the bar and fixed two more drinks. Of course, Yumi's was made virgin.[#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Hey Daichi, I have a Rum Runner here with your name on it. Yumi, here's a Strawberry Daiquiri."]]]

[Pic http://i.imgur.com/Cj312Ki.jpg]
[Pic http://i.imgur.com/mHUX1yG.jpg]
Mari Hayes / Yoruneko / 1y ago
[pic https://pic8.co/sh/mMGL16.png]

Alica could not tell whether her wanderings were reality or merely imbedded into a high-quality dream. Even the silence which felt alive now decayed into a corpse. The footsteps radiated outwards, slowly quieting into nothingness with not even the barest echo as a return. The breaths felt off, just enough for considering chilly but not enough for it to actually be chilly. As for the eyes, they saw everything the way 20/20 vision eyes should see. But it seemed much more smooth, as if someone had turned the frames per second up a few notches.

Returning back to her scientific nest, Alica deposited the folded blanket with pillow into one of the lab corners which never was utilized except for temporary stuff dumping. Meandering over to the small food fridge, one never mixed food with science, Alica opened it. Aside from the cold air that flew out, it seemed two big containers held most of the space for ransom. Both of them were taped up with red numbers and dashes written on top; closer inspection revealed the date being the current one. Alica scratched her head, at a loss as to why she wasted money on two humongous sushi platters for some random yet specific date.

But then it all somehow made sense. Dead silence, no one around, an odd noise coming from upstairs, and food marked for today; today was that welcoming party for the new recruits! And she’d almost forgot about it.

Her hair required a brush-up while the current pieces of clothing were definitely not good enough for a party; both were easy fixes. Five minutes later with smooth, raven black hair draping backwards over a black t-shirt with a green snake design tucked into dark blue jeans with a brown leather belt, and a pair of respectable black sneakers, Alica walked out the door with the two dated sushi containers.

Alica strolled into the decked out party room as if she weren’t obviously late. Spotting the set up bar she walked over to join Mari and Alfred. After placing the platters and discarding the tape off of them, Alica glanced at the bar selection. Mari was behind the bar, and something in her head was whispering not to trust Mari. It was mostly this whispering which led to Alica walking behind the bar and past Mari, running her right hand along the various beer bottles, selecting a random bottle of beer, walk back to the front of the bar, and sit down popping open the beer to casually sip from the bottle.

Every now and then Alica scratched the slightly reddened spot on her neck. She thought she could feel two indents spaced evenly on her neck, along with a slight sore which made turning the head just a wee bit difficult.

Alica shook her head. There was a party going on right now, she could think about what had possibly occurred for her to black out later. Who wanted to see an overly moody person lost in their thoughts after a successful mission in the middle of a cheery party? No on.

Turning her head to greet Mari and Alfred, Alica noticed Mari sliding a glass with blue liquid direction. Even though the voice still whispered not to trust, it would still be rude to not accept a drink. Picking up the glass, Alica raised it in Mari’s direction before sipping the blue, somewhat salty alcoholic mix with a smile.
[center So good and bad things. Honestly it was good to hear both. Even though Darcia had been in her thoughts she looked at Mari and offered a small smile. She would have to do better next time. Not freeze up like she did. For now she would let it go. There was no point in lecturing herself. She had been thrown into battle on her first day. She hadn’t seen anything like that up close before. Training would help she was sure.

She glanced towards Yumi. She felt kind of proud of her. She didn’t know her very well, but she was glad that she fought so well. She kind of admired it. Such an adorable girl was able to fight so well.

Ah the captain was speaking now. She hadn’t expected his comment and fell quiet. The way Yumi responded was odd, but Darcia didn’t mind. She was starting to kind of like Yumi’s oddness. Actually even though she didn’t know much about anyone yet she kind of liked them all in some way or another. It occurred to her that she needed to say something to their captain. She looked at him a burning respect in her eyes. She cleared her throat and offered an elegant thank you.

[+deeppink “Thank you captain for before, when I was dazed.”]

When he laughed she smiled softly. It didn’t take her long to realize that Yumi’s gaze had turned to her. It felt like the girl was studying her. She glanced at Yumi and smiled softly.

Wait did the girl just poke her? It was odd,
but Darcia giggled softly. It had surprised her, but it wasn’t a bad thing.

It was nice to be back at the base. Her and Yumi were left alone why everyone else went to be treated for their wounds. She hadn’t suffered any wounds. Yes that’s right... Daichi has protected her. Not just him but everyone else as well. When Alfred joined them she dismissed her thoughts and glanced at the blonde curiously. Didn’t he greet a cat when they first got back here? Something about picking a lock... again?

Could cats pick locks? She didn’t own any pets due to her apartment not allowing it. Not to mention that she dealt with a lot of different plants. Sometimes poisonous ones. She looked to Daichi next curiously.

So he was setting up a small party. Welcoming her and Yumi? It seemed he may not know much about teenagers. She smiled lightly. At least he was trying. Upstairs though Mari had outdone herself. She had put in so much work and it felt really welcoming.

There was so much work out into it. She felt they didn’t deserve so much for just being new. The announcement Daichi made about her and Yumi sharing a room didn’t bother her too much. Why should it? Sure she preferred to live alone but she also didn’t mind staying with someone either.

She looked to Yumi. Something didn’t seem right. It was like maybe the girl was freaking out on the inside. She could be exited too. Darcia didn’t know her well enough to say for sure. Well either way she should say something.

[+deeppink “Hey Yumi. I haven’t shared a room with anyone in a long time, but I can assure you that you’ll barely notice I’m there.”]

With her attention always drawn to her flowers she could easily be forgotten. She was a quiet person.

[+deeppink “I think it will be fun to stay together.”]

She wasn’t lying or forcing enthusiasm. She truly believed things would be fun. She looked as Alfred approached Yumi and gave her something. She took the time to glance around. Weren’t they missing someone? She frowned faintly.

Soon Darcia’s eyes were drawn back to Alfred who was offering her a bag. She reached out and took it. She seemed surprised by what he said and she tilted her head slightly. She offered a warm smile. Her eyes flickered to the adorable cat on his shoulder and her smile softened.

[+deeppink “Thank you. You have such an adorable companion.”]

She watched him walk to the bar. Mari was at the bar making drinks. She again looked around. She knew who was missing now. She wondered why that was. Soon she made her way to the bar.

[+deeppink “Mari you really went all out of this. Thank you! It definitely feels welcoming.”]

Normally soft spoken when she said this her voice seemed a little warmer. She almost sounded at ease. Maybe it was because she kind of felt at ease at the moment.]
[font "Times New Roman" [size14 [h3 The Fuzzball Chronicles: Chapter Uno]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Couple hours prior.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Fuzzball was curled up, enjoying a light midday nap. His human had left the room to get food, but had rudely locked him in. Seeing as there wasn't much else to do, he had decided to catch a cat nap. He was vividly dreaming of chasing down a mouse through his home, before catching it and presenting it to his human, when the alarm went off. Waking with a hiss and a growl, he sprang to his feet, hackles raised trying to make himself as big as possible. Though it only succeeded in making him look more fuzzy and adorable.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Once he realized what the noise was, he calmed down, staring at the flashing red light mounted in the middle of the ceiling. [i My human is going on the hunt. I should go wait for him. Make sure he catches something good.] Thinking about it, the diminutive kitten went to the door, and nuzzled against it until he found what he was looking for. The door never secured very well, something his human often overlooked. Applying a bit of pressure, also known as barging into the door, popped it open enough for him to squeeze through. After that, it was a short caper down to the vroom room.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 About an hour or so later, after chasing a butterfly and a few dust bunnies, the Human box rolled into the vroom room. Fuzzball sat by the entrance to the vroom room, waiting to see what his human had caught. The first human to pop out was the silly female who played with metal stuff. She also toyed with liquid that didn't smell very good. But she gave very good scritches, and her room had a few nice hiding places. Though she was very beat up. [i Must've fought a very big human. Or a giant Fuzzball.] She squatted and gave him a few good scritches, which he responded by nuzzling her hand, licking her palm, and purring.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 His human exited the Human box, covered in a really bad smell, before coming over and scooping him up. Though his human was empty pawed, again, he was always happy to see him return from the hunt. "Mrooow." [i "You'll get them next time, Human."] Settling into his human's hands, he purred and rumbled, concerned for his human's health. He didn't often come back smelling of the sticky red stuff.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Purring his little heart out, Fuzzball attempted to climb up upon his human. It was at that time scary human lady approached. His human was hurt, and generally scared of this human, who always smelt weird to him. [i Stay away, scary lady. I'll hurt you if I must.] Fuzzball puffed himself up, and squeak growled at the scary lady, trying to protect his human. She gave him something, a bag of sorts, and then turned to take care of big, muscly human. Big muscly human wasn't the brightest, but he was tough.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 [h3 Alfred's perspective]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Alfred looked up from petting Fuzzball to see the good Sister approaching him. Preparing himself, he didn't expect the the bag of medical supplies he was handed. "Thank you, Sister." Nodding to her, he retreated to his room to attend to his wounds. An hour or so later, Alfred exited the shared showers, having stitched himself up, extracted the shrapnel, and cleaned himself up. Being about as clean as a fire force member could be, he returned to his room to finish up his party preparations.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Replacing the filters on his rebreather, Alfred grabbed his special stock of hand baked crumpets. He would hide the stash in his room, where others were very unlikely to stumble upon it. Opening it, he gave Fuzzball one to enjoy for himself, and began packaging up a handful more to distribution. If anyone asked him where he got them, he told them he knew a person or something vague like that. If anyone was to stumble upon him and his baking prowess, he would be very embarrassed.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Fixing up five bags of a handful of crumpets each, he proceeded to fold them up in an organized way. Checking the clock, the party would be starting soon. Scooping up the remaining member of the team, and the de facto mascot, at least in his opinion, Alfred made his way to the party. The first person he saw when he made his way into the room was Daichi. Moving over to the captain, he handed the bandaged leader a bag of crumpets, after saluting him of course. Fuzzball mewed at Daichi in greeting.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Spotting Yumi in the room, he was shortly approached by the smaller woman. Watching her stare at him out of curiosity, he decided to break the silence in the only way he knew how, a performance review. "You did well today, Ms. Adachi. Keep that up, and we will make a soldier out of you yet." He then handed her the bag of crumpets with her name on it. Yumi would be a difficult one to train, but he was sure he could do it. Fuzzball mewled at the little human, welcoming them to the team. Spotting the other new blood, he walked over and offered Darcia her bag. "You are packing some serious firepower there, Ms. Lovell. Congratulations." Fuzzball stretched himself out on his shoulder as he spoke to Darcia. He was thankful for the rebreather, as it hid his emotions pretty well, at least the ones on his face.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 It was around that time he noticed the Lieutenant behind the bar. Making an excuse to go to said bar, he stood near the end of it. Setting the crumpets on the bar top, he not so much as gracefully, but more mechanically slid the crumpet's across the bar to Mari. Mari caught the crumpets as they slid to to her. She fixed up some hard black tea on the rocks. After placing a lemon slice along the glass edge, she slid it back to Alfred, where it stopped in front of him. "I'll trade you." Alfred looked over at Mari, then back down at the drink, before lifting his rebreather the consume said drink.]]
[center [pic http://i.pinimg.com/originals/5b/44/45/5b4445bda6033030406a6e2230a790fe.jpg]]
[font david [i Heading back to the matchbox Yumi had slipped through though many photo's of her and Darcia were taken. She even offered a strange and quirky pose for the media. A hand on one hip and the other pointed to the sky. They were perplexed by this since her expression never distorted from its usual blankness. Alfred and Alica, however, were not a huge fan of the media. Yumi may have seemed somewhat playful but deep down the otaku shut-in was having a panic attack.]]

[font david [i On the way back Mari had begun to express herself to Yumi and Darcia. Though she had pointed out the fact they were unprepared she had also praised them both. Yumi had swung her feet like a pleased child offering Mari a stoic smile her blank eyes showing a tint of emotion. Yumi wasn't sure why but Mari had put her at ease. Something about her presence reminded her of someone but she wasn't sure who. Knowing Yumi? It was another one of her Anime characters or her many "Waifu's" It was then her Gen had added his own two cents.]]

[font david [#89add2 [size10 ... Thank you Daichi.]]

[font david [i The captain had taken Mari's lecture rather lightly earlier. Perhaps he was used to it? Yumi hadn't thought of calling him Daichi could be seen as disrespectful. He didn't seem to mind though, Darcia too had shown her gratitude. Yumi had tilted her headed looking at Darcia with big doe eyes. She knew for sure Darcia had reminded her of one of her favorite elegant Gothic Lolita's. One of her favorite waifu's, she had even come to poking at Darcia's cheek without warning. The captain had simply chuckled at the two before letting them know they'd have training to do in the future. As Yumi admired Darcia's features she couldn't help but have this sense of. "I want to protect you" in the same kinda manner that a creepy otaku wants to protect his favorite waifu online. Funny seeing as Yumi was much smaller and seemed way less intimidating than Darcia. She got to be on a team with Genta and Amaria. She'd giggle delightfully if she knew how to express herself instead she kicked her feet back and forth in silent glee.]]

[font david [i When they made it back Yumi and Darcia were left alone while everyone needed to be treated. Her and Darcia managed to come out mostly fine. Thanks to her Genta of course, it wasn't long before Alfred had joined them. She had walked up to the rather tall man with the usual tilt of her head. Her eyes filled with curiosity not saying a single word she simply stared at the considerably taller male. Gent- Daichi had tried his best to prepare something in the meantime. It was simple and on the outside, Yumi seemed unimpressed and disinterested in his small attempts at a party. Though deep down she found it adorable the older male was failing to connect with a younger generation. "He's such a dork isn't he?" She could tell he was trying to help Darcia and Yumi fit in. For such a big meathead to be so awkward had it's strange charm to it. Or maybe that was just Yumi being a weirdo? Though it seemed Mari had set up the REAL party upstairs. Daichi had let out a playful dejected sigh at the sight of Mari's set up. Yumi's pupils had circled the room eyeing everything. It was then she was told she'd be sharing a room with Darcia. (She hadn't noticed him whispering to Mari) her eyes had widened slightly. One might think she was excited but she was terrified. Deep down she was an introvert and being alone at night was time she needed to recharge. She liked these people but... Too many people for too long made her grow anxious. She had stayed perfectly still staring her eyes down. Trying to look toward Darcia but she simply stared at her feet. Her expression was stoic but deep down she was having a mini freak out. It wasn't a big deal right? So why was she making it such a big deal?]]
Himedere / 1y ago
[center [h3 Welcoming Party]]

[center [b On the way back Mari had praised and lectured the recruits as well as letting Alfred and Alica know how well they had done. Course she had lectured the captain on his reckless behavior. He rubbed the back of his neck giving a low chuckle.]]

[center [+brown I'll try to be more careful in the future.]]

[center [b His tone was playful but anyone who knew him knew that he probably wouldn't be. If anyone was to go into that cold darkness alone? Daichi would want to be there. To embrace them so they aren't alone. Infernal or not, though he wanted to do more. He wanted to offer salvation not consolation.]]

[center [+brown Darcia,Yumi you've proved that the force of 3rd generations isn't to be underestimated. Once we make a full recovery I have a training assignment for the two of you.]]

[center [b Yumi had tilted her head blinking slightly as she just blankly stared at the captain. The captain had offered a slightly uncomfortable smile. It was a genuine smile but something was off about it. "She's a good kid but sometimes she's comes off.. A little creepy." The fact she hadn't even verbally responded added to that fact.]]

[font david [#89add2 [size10 ... Thank you Daichi.]]]

[center [b Her tone was blunt and sounded almost cold but the fact she refereed to him by his name and not his rank? Almost as if she didn't care for that distance between them. It was a strange mix of things but he's come to realize Yumi is a strange child. Darcia had given a respectful glance as she nodded taking a moment before speaking. She had cleared her throat her tone peaceful and elegant.]]

[center [+deeppink Thank you captain for before, when I was dazed.]]

[center [b Daichi had let out a bellowed laugh before responding to Darcia.]]

[center [+brown Haha stop you two are gonna make me blush haha!]]

[center [b Yumi had turned her gaze from Daichi over to Darcia as to study her face. Yumi seemed rather intrigued by Darcia's features and way of speaking and she did little to hide that.]]

[center [b The squad had managed to get back to base. Alica was treating Daichi's wounds he turned and gave her a smile.]]

[center [+brown Thank you for taking care of us today Alicia. We'd be lost without you. You did great today but... You and Alfred should try smiling at the crowds more. I know they can be pushy with certain questions but company eight is already seen as a pariah. We don't need to seem as anti-social as they say we are. That being said though I understand where you are coming from.]]

[center [b Daichi had patted Alica on the shoulder after she treated his wounds. He was truly grateful for all she did for him and for the company. Daichi had went back to the station halls. He was to help Mari set up for the party. Simple things at first plastic cups and pitchers of lemonade. It's wasn't the fanciest party but hey.. They had snacks? If Daichi knew more what teenagers liked nowadays he'd may have done better. Who was he kidding? Even if he did know these two didn't seem like normal teenagers.]]

[center [+brown I hope Alfred and Mari don't give Alica to much of a hard time. I know they aren't fans of heading to the infirmary.]]

[center [b Not that Daichi was one to speak it was hard to convince him when he needed medical attention. After some time had passed it seemed Mari had finished the remaining preparations upstairs. A banner and a makeshift bar no less. Though the new recruits weren't really old enough to drink. Alfred had finished his treatment as well the only one who was missing was Alica. He had walked up to ask Mari who probably saw her last.]]

[center [+brown Hey, where is Alicia is she not coming?]]

[center [b He asked under his breath as to not attract the recruits attention. He immediately followed that with a booming voice towards the recruits.]]

[center [+brown Well.. Welcome to company eight! You two will be sharing a room here. I understand moving you're things here can take some time so feel free to ask any of us for help!]]

[center [b Staying at the station was key to responding to orders quickly. It was a harder way to live for sure and company eight didn't have the fanciest building but they were the newest company after all. He looked over to Alfred and Mari as he carried on.]]

[center [+brown So you two how are you holding up? Feeling better I hope?]]