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~closed to lizard~

By wingedwolfy120

Replies: 8311 / 1 years ago

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Kagura held her brother tightly and frowned a little. "Why don't people like me, Nahann?" she asked softly as she gently brushed her hand against his right hand. "They look scared of me at times," she explained then looked away. "Is it because I look...less human than you do?" she guessed and looked at herself. She studied her pale, greenish-grey skin then touched her horns and sighed. "One person even tried to say I'd end up like mother used to be. What did they mean by that?"
He frowned a little bit and sat with her and his twin pulling her into his lap to snuggle her better. "I'm sorry sister... I know it's hard for you to open up as well... Hm... Maybe if you want we can ask boruto for help? He's always making new friends and he can maybe give you advice?"
Kagura hugged back after a moment and clung to him. "Brother...I'm lonely...nobody in the village wants to be my friend..."
he took his brother's hand and teleported to her. he smiled and hugged her purring softly. "hi kagura." he said and nuzzled her lovingly.
Chizuru nodded softly. "Where is she?"

Kagura watched the sky again for a moment then hugged her legs to her chest.
nahann thought for a moment and paused sensing their sister nearby. "can we see kagura? she seems a little lonely i think from her chakra."
Kagura sat quietly on the roof of their house, humming softly as she watched the sky and occasionally sketched what she saw. She set her notebook down and touched one of her horns, seeming a little tense from the soreness of it.

Chizuru held his brother gently. "You hungry? I can cook."
Nahann nodded eagerly kissing his lips and said. "I mossed you brother."

She smiled softly and nodded. She snuggled into his chest and closed her eyes for a moment before noticing izo and nanami. She smiled at them and said. "Good morning."
Chizuru smiled softly and kissed his horns once more. "I missed you so much. Will you come with me on my next mission?"

Azure nodded softly and kissed her nose. "Later, I promise. Tonight? I'll take you on a date first, deal?" he offered gently.
He nodded and snuggled him. "I love you."

Kara nodded and hugged him. "Later?" She whispered and blushed a little bit.
He nodded softly and kissed his forehead. "I understand, my darling Nahann. I get the same way when you're away too long."

Azure paused when he saw the kids and chuckled. "Sorry, Kara. That can't happen right now."
he blushed and said. "i missed you and your scent...."

she nodded and blushed kissing him softly. "i think I'm ready for the next step...."

she smiled and paused when they walked in widening her eyes seeing her mom kissing azure.
He hugged his brother gently and nodded. "I understand, but I thought you hated sweat? That's my training shirt, usually, so..." He smiled and kissed his forehead gently then kissed his horns.

Azure paused for a moment then chuckled softly. "Oh, I understand now," he replied and ran a hand through her hair.

Izo nodded and held her hand as he ran out with her.
he smiled and snuggled him breathing in his scent. "I missed you so much." he said and blushed. "I um... i kinda borrowed your dirty shirt."

she looked back at him and fidgeted. "um... i was thinking about you and me... that kind of stuff." she said and went over to him and hugged him peeking at him.

"mama invited us for breakfast." she said and smiled.