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Floor 6

By -Rika

Replies: 3028 / 1 years ago

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[center A place for me and Tsurai to chatter.]

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You don't have permission to post in this thread.

Yes it is. If it is in the 60s you can go out walking even the 70 isn't to bad. 90s are too hot it pretty bad when even the plants think so. My hydrangea got so hot they started to get crunchy leaves. I water them everyday! It really need to rain.
|| Lapis || / Ame / 14h ago
I do too XD

Perfect weather to just stay inside.
.CherryBomb. / Nerium / 18h ago
So have i! I hate the heat. V_V I wish it was cold and rainy.
|| Yuuki || / Ame / 22h ago
It has been hot but I’ve been hidden inside.
.CherryBomb. / Nerium / 1d ago
Oh no, probably the heat but then again you might not be as hot as it is here. it been in the 90s it sucks -_- there been no rain I have to water my flowers (which is fine but even they think it is too hot V_V)
|| Nora || / Ame / 1d ago
Ya know I forgot as well XD

I’m doing alright. Been really tired lately for some reason though
.CherryBomb. / Nerium / 2d ago
Lol kind of forgot what we were chatting about in here lol

How are you doing today?
|| Nora || / Ame / 3d ago
It was a good idea XD
.CherryBomb. / Nerium / 3d ago
Okay sounds good lol!
-Chimera / 6d ago
Lmao most likely. I’ll add it to my list.
.CherryBomb. / Nerium / 6d ago
Oh okay. I look you aren't but I will let you in lol we probably have some old post in there lol
|| Ame || / Ame / 6d ago
Yeah I think it might be. I would have to check. I am mostly logged into Malice on my phone. Usually I'm on the computer for this account or my MoonRabbit one.
.CherryBomb. / Nerium / 6d ago
Oh it’s ok she wolf isn’t there either but I do have the moonlit lounge that I think malice might be in
-Chimera / -Chimera / 6d ago
Okay ^^

Sorry I haven’t let malice in this thread lol so I can’t post in here with that account yet.
.CherryBomb. / Nerium / 7d ago