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Floor 6

By -Rika

Replies: 3305 / 2 years ago

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[center A place for me and Tsurai to chatter.]

[center [pic https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e054671a304835fe036654a5a73039dfe9315b0e94395ce76ca9ac180c500599.gif]]


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That is good to hear , I am glad things are going well. I miss you guys, I can't wait until we get to hang out!
/ Hanauso / 8h ago
We are good. Currently waiting to go to work.
.Hades. / Nerium / 1d ago
I do too! I have made it to season 5! :D so how are you guys doing?
/ Hanauso / 1d ago
Oh goodness
Oh yeah me and Chris love that show. It is crazy XD
.Hades. / Nerium / 2d ago
He is! I think he teething he was being a little bity yesterday.
Oh I started watching catfish I love it :D it is crazy.
/ Hanauso / 2d ago
Awww I bet he’s adorable.
I know.
.Hades. / Nerium / 3d ago
It is such a pain trying to shop for everyone. Omg Hank so cute <3 he getting so big already XD well heavy anyway lol.
/ Hanauso / 3d ago
It really does lmao XD
.Hades. / Nerium / 3d ago
Aww you don't have to get me anything lol Christmas shopping sucks.
/ Hanauso / 4d ago
Okay! I’m trying to think of what to get you for Christmas lol.
.Hades. / Nerium / 4d ago
I should try to restain it or paint it but i will let you look at it and see what you think.
/ Hanauso / 4d ago
Oh a dresser would be great! Better then a dress honestly XD
.Hades. / Nerium / 4d ago
Opps I meant to sat dresser XD Not a dress but I mean I can get you a dress to put in your dresser lol but umm it's probably better to hangs tho up lol
/ Hanauso / 5d ago
We actually haven’t got a bed yet lol. We have been talking about it but just haven’t got there. It’s expensive lol. A dress huh? You don’t have to do all that ^^ it’s nice of you though :3
.Hades. / Nerium / 5d ago