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Floor 6

By -Rika

Replies: 2637 / 1 years ago

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[center A place for me and Tsurai to chatter.]

[center [pic https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e054671a304835fe036654a5a73039dfe9315b0e94395ce76ca9ac180c500599.gif]]


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Aww that’s good. I’m glad he came and checked on you.
.Damage. / Nerium / 3h ago
I am too I got startle tho. Luckily D came over to make sure since Austin is at work. I think my outside cats where fighting or he was upset the wet food was gone.
-Wolf / -Chimera / 6h ago
I’m sorry it was relaxing. That sucks. Aww I’m so glad you are off tonight as well. That’s gotta be nice ^^.
.Damage. / Nerium / 17h ago
You I had a day off it wasn’t as relaxing as I had hoped I am off tonight too i am thinking about making a role play with Amai again! I love her she my favorite character she grown so much over the years but she been here for ever her name just changed
-Wolf / -Chimera / 22h ago
Oh I’m glad you are getting close to a day off. That’ll be nice!

I hope it gets better soon too.
.Damage. / Nerium / 2d ago
It’s alright I hope it will get better soon. I’m getting close to a day off
-Kurama / -Chimera / 2d ago
I’ve been good. I’m sorry it’s been stressful was it work?
.Damage. / Nerium / 5d ago
I’m glad to heard it. How are you doing today? My day has been stressful
-Kurama / -Chimera / 5d ago
Just wanted to say the picture looks great wolfy! I wanted to check it on the computer ^^. It is perfect sized now!!
.Damage. / Nerium / 5d ago
Aww thank you. I try to have you only fix what I’m planning to use.
.Cute. / Nerium / 6d ago
That would be hard then. Well if you need help I can help you. I like your characters.
Oh I know what your talking about. It just gets frustrating on my phone. I don’t remember a lot about computers so it’s gets frustrating on Chris’s computer too. So I just ask you for help XD. I think you fixed it great though you always do. I won’t know until I check though.
Narah / Nerium / 7d ago
Oh ? Was it too big too? I can probably resize it! Also sometimes you can past it up in the search bar it will pull up it ask if you want other sizes. It hard to explain. I will have to show you some time
-Neko / -Chimera / 8d ago
Yay thanks so much <3 I can never tell how big they are.

I just had to replace my main account king. I was very sad.
Narah / Nerium / 8d ago