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Floor 6

By -Rika

Replies: 3117 / 2 years ago

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[center A place for me and Tsurai to chatter.]

[center [pic https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e054671a304835fe036654a5a73039dfe9315b0e94395ce76ca9ac180c500599.gif]]


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[font "century gothic" A will put this in here so you know more of what I am talking about.

If you come back to Des Moines you and Chris can live here for a little while. Just until you guys can get a job and drive that way you can get an apartment together. You [+red wouldn't] have to pay any bills but I mean helping around the house is alway welcome ^_^ but [+red wouldn't] be required But I will warn you will have to stay in the basement. I don't have any other room really to put you guys in. If I had an actually bedroom I would have you in there. I will do my best to clean it up. I do need to know tho if you are want to stay here. That way I can get start cleaning. I am going to try get the windows replace too.

I just figure it would be hard for you guy to go back home. You just got out of a hard spot there... There are so many people in that house already. I know my house is small but at least there would only be 4 of us. I am not say it is bad to go back there I just don't know where they are going to put you two! I just feel bad because you just got away from there. I am sorry If I am over stepping my place.
|She Wolf| / She-Wolf / 6d ago
Oh no. Are you talking about the land lord? Or the actual people ? Please do if text better text me whenever !
|Neko| / She-Wolf / 7d ago
Things aren’t going good right now.

I’ll update you when I have time.

I may have to call home.

The fucking place we were living at are being dicks.
.Hades. / Nerium / 7d ago
OH no that doesn't sound good. V_V

How are you today? How did things go?
|Neko| / She-Wolf / 7d ago
Nope just a thing with the electric company

.Hades. / Nerium / 7d ago
Oh no what happened? Did it storm down there ?

That’s good you can do it !
|Neko| / She-Wolf / 7d ago
I know. We were going to go in today, but I don’t think we are going to do that now.

I think we are going tomorrow.

Probably a good thing the damned power is out >_<
.Hades. / Nerium / 8d ago
Take it slow! Remember how you were in high school you were much braver than me! You could go up to the counter and order things. You would have to do it for me back then! Just pretend your stick up for Chris or I!

Just be brave I know you can do it! You have work experience since you worked in College! Just think tho getting a job where he works wouldn’t be to bad. At least you are in the same building! Your not alone!
|Neko| / She-Wolf / 9d ago
I know.
It’s just getting my anxiety under control.

I was going to walk in for a interview today and I couldn’t fucking get my anxiety to stop.
I ended up crying before Chris went into work.

I hate dealing with strangers and I can’t make myself calm down enough to do anything...

I’m trying to work my way through it but it’s so hard...

Chris is too sweet about it. Tells me I’m making progress when really I feel like I’m making none.
.Hades. / Nerium / 10d ago
Okay, well i hope you can get a job. That way you can get out of there. It will be good for you. Just think of all the things you can buy / save for!
|Ren| / She-Wolf / 10d ago
I’m doing okay! I think we are going to stay here.

We may save up and leave though if I can get a job.
.Hades. / Nerium / 10d ago
It is good! how are things going? How are you doing?
|Ikari| / She-Wolf / 11d ago
I know ^^

It’s good
.Hades. / Nerium / 11d ago
Oh damn! Beastars just got dark! Louie is in charge of a gang!!! XD
|Ikari| / She-Wolf / 11d ago