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The Tale Of Rancid Anne

By OpalTheHopeful16

Replies: 117 / 2 years ago

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i begin to cry. "dont kill us ill do anything!!!!!" i cry till she does something niether of us expect.... she drops her axe and begins to sob. but it only lasts a second. she was human enough for us to escape but quickly retrives her ax and is on our tails.
jakob / cece1133 / 2y ago
She Blocks Us Off "Oh No... W-we're Dead... Soooo Dead..."
I slowly wake up and see anne."oh fuck" i get up and grab liz and run. we leave the house as fast as humanly possible.
jakob / cece1133 / 2y ago
"J-Jakob?! JAKOB!! C-come Ooon Wake Uuup!!!" She Sees Anne walk in, Axe in Hand"
¨nope" i say as i peer into a cabnit and as i see whats in it i scream and faint.
jakob / cece1133 / 2y ago
"I Walk in Behind you S-so That wasn't one of your Pranks?" She Asked, Shaking
I start to run and come crossed a cabin that looks well taken care of. I wank in and find the inside terrifying.....
jakob / cece1133 / 2y ago
"T-that's w-what i W-want to know t-too..." Liz is Shaking
(her) I turn around and scream "what the hell are you???"
jakob / cece1133 / 2y ago
"U-uhh... It w-wasn't y-y-you i'm A-a-afraid Of..." I Point at The Figure Looming Over (Him? Her?) In Hunger.
I laugh and wipe it off my face. "you should have seen your face"
jakob / cece1133 / 2y ago
I Look Back And Scream, Faling to the Ground in Absolute Terror "N-noo!!!!"
"oh" i say excited. "well imma go to bed" i fake a yawn and go to my tent and paints my face to look like rancid anne. i walk back to the fire and groan like a zombie.
jakob / cece1133 / 2y ago
"THE END" She Stared at them, Waiting for a Response "What. Did i Scare you THAT Bad?"`