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By PotatoPirate

Replies: 131 / 2 years ago

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Zoro frowned, "Not always." At her question, he began shifting through his memories with Lily. [I Would gloves work?] After a second he nodded, "Gloves should work. But don't let your hands longer too long once you make contact. I don't know how quickly the toxins get through fabric."
Zoro / Embrea / 1y ago
Alyce modded. “You’re always so grumpy. I mean I guess once someone gets to know you... but still you’re so grumpy all the time.” She sighed softly before tapping her chin. “Would gloves work?” She asked before thinking of other options. “Hmm...”
"Not being able to touch her is why she has managed to be free for as long as she has. Too many people die when they come into contact with her." Zoro tried to think of a way that would allow Alyce to use her hands if the situation called for it. He was pulled from his thoughts at her question and scowled. "I'd it that hard to believe?"
Zoro / Embrea / 1y ago
Alyce was helping tie up the boat while Zoro explained. "Hmm... I'll have to think of a different approach then... I'm so used to fighting with just my fists..." She finished what she was doing then suddenly she realized what he had said about his past with Lily. She whipped her head around surprised. "You've dated someone before?!" She stared at the man in shock.
"I haven't exactly fought her but," Zoro helped tie off the boat, "but," he sighed, "we dated a few years back before I met Luffy." He didn't know if he should tell Alyce that things went south between them a few months into their relationship. If anything, showing up with another woman to take her down, might raise Lily's ire further.

He placed a hand on Alyce's shoulder, "She's called Poison Lily for a reason. Avoid touching her plants or coming in direct contact with her skin at any cost."
Zoro / Embrea / 1y ago
Alyce smiled with a nod. "I suppose I'll get rest then."


A few days later they made it to the island they spoke of after stocking up on supplies. "I'm assuming you've fought this woman before? Or are we going in completely blind?"
Zoro smirked a bit at Alyce's suggestion while leaning back, eyes closed. "If you want to target her next, get some sleep. You'll need all your energy for what we are about to go against." He sat up and finally opened his eyes, releasing a deep sigh. "She probably planned on making that island her home. Best place to grow dangerous plants in a location no one will go."
Zoro / Embrea / 1y ago
Weeks had passed since Alyce and Zoro left to collect bounties. The two bickered but they worked well together. They had collected several bounties but their target this time was bigger. Something was on Alyce's mind. And it was about the girl from one of the wanted posters. "Lily." She spoke softly while looking at the green haired man sitting across from her. "I heard people in the last village say she had been sighted on the abandoned island neighboring this one. She's close and worth a lot, let's target her next."
"Something like that," Zoro chuckled, "Marines have been after her for years. She's not one to tangle with unless you want to risk dying." He stuffed the posters into his bag and helped prepare the small ship to depart.
Zoro / Embrea / 2y ago
Alyce raised her brow before taking a look at the wanted poster he mentioned. "Lily? I've heard of her but not overly much. Something about being a botanist?" She looked over the other wanted posters before stretching and smiled. "Well guess we best get a move on..."
Zoro opened his eye, "Take down my wanted posters if you're so worried." He watched as she approached then sat up, arms still crossed. He saw the small pile of wanted posters in her hand and raised a brow. "Not a lot of jobs?" Without waiting for an answer he reached out and took the pile from her then started flipping through it.

With each one, his first thought was [i Easy.] That is, until he came across one of a girl with red hair. "Huh? Didn't think she was still roaming around. Figured that power of hers would backfire at some point."
Zoro / Embrea / 2y ago
Alyce had gotten eyes from all the men in the bounty headquarters. She ignored all of them and headed over to the counter to see what bounties there were. "No, no no.. not worth it..." She kept skimming through and eventually found a few quick simple ones and took copies of the wanted posters. She headed back to the ship and saw Zoro sitting with his crappy disguise. She sighed softly. "You know... this may be more difficult than we thought... Your wanted poster is plastered everywhere in headquarters along with everyone elses... You're the only man around that carries three swords."
"I'll just," Zoro looked around as Alyce left, "wait here then." He waited until she was out of sight before leaning back against the mast and crossing his arms. [I It's not that bad, is it?] As he waited, he contemplated going after Alyce but knew that would probably result in getting caught. Which in turn would result in the not getting any bounties and him not being able to help Alyce get money for her grandmother. [I Just keep your guard up and hopefully nothing will happen.]
Zoro / Embrea / 2y ago
Alyce sighed and rolled her eyes. "You're an idiot... That patch does nothing... but we can always hope the bounty hunters are idiots too." She fixed her hair and adjusted her hat as they grew closer to the opposite side of the island. "We're here." She hopped off the ship and tied it to the docks so it wouldn't drift. "Try not to get caught... or cause trouble... If it's just us we need to not stir up trouble with the marines." She gave a soft smile and a little wave before heading to the tall building a little ways into the small village. "I'll be back shortly."
Zoro sighed at the mention of a disguise then dug through his bag. A few seconds later he pulled out an eye patch and put it on. "There." It wasn't obvious to him just how little the patch did to conceal who he was. When Alyce expressed concern about Luffy being seen he shook his head. "It is Luffy but they don't need to stock up on anything so it's unlikely they'll leave this side of the island."
Zoro / Embrea / 2y ago