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For me and bubbles12

By MeisjeKelly

She was an Actress.
An Actress who when behind a camera, was simply perfection. A real gift, she had in portraying characters that writers had written with their heart.
She seemed to have it all. Money. Fame. Fans, but behind the camera behind closed doors, the Actress was miserable. Having been divorced twice already at the age of 28, sleeping around to get where she was, being a drunk. Fame and Fortune, wasn't everything.

He was an Actor.
An Actor whose background was British and excelled in the British Arts. Shakespeare on stage was his starting point, however the handsome English man who was tall and ever so rug-ed became known as the new Actor portraying James Bond.
He was a world wide sensation and everyone knew his name.

They both signed on to film a movie in Africa.
Truth be told, He refused at the beginning due to word in ear that even though she was a siren and America's sweetheart, her life was an utter mess and had no control of it. He wanted a professional to play his love interested. An Actress great on screen and off screen.

They did not get along.

The longer they were together, the more they started to grow on one another.

What happens next?
Entirely up to you.

She - played by me.
He - played by you.

PM me if interested.
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It was with a flick of her wrist that a script, filled with pages of words that were carefully thought out along with actions that were chosen by the writers; landed dead set in the centre of the mahogany round table.
Emily sat upon a cushioned chair and kept quiet. Eyes glancing at her Agent to stood on the opposite side along with the Director who made sure this role, was written just for her.
He knew about her life behind the camera.
He knew about the drinking, the constant coming and goings of men who were only there for comfort and nothing more, but he also knew what kind of effect Emily had the moment she was behind the screen.

She was epitome of beauty, grace, talent.
The camera loved her.
The critics loved her.

[+green "So? What do you think?..."] John spoke. John, being her Agent, never gave up on Emily. An older man, the girl was like a daughter and took care of her despite putting him through hell with the poor judgements she made.
[+red "There is still work to be done, but you can see what we are going for..."] the Director spoke as he took a seat.

[b "It's good. It does need a little tweeking but I think it has potential. It's well written, I'd love to do it..."] Emily spoke, turning the chair with a swing of her hips and reached into her purse, pulling out a small bottle of gin to which she opened up, hearing the click of the safety lock. [b "So, who is opposite?.."]

The Director who was well known in his own right, kept his eyes on Emily as she took off the lid to the bottle and raised up, downing the gin, emptying it with three gulps.
Only silence for a few second before sighing, Emily completely obvlious to it all.
It was then he spoke the same of her new leading man.

A man who was tall, handsome as hell, British and who had a flare for action as he was the new and held the name of James Bond.

[b "You're joking right? ... He is a action star, he wouldn't know romance even if it bit him in the ass.."]
[+green "He, like many stars are open to new genres..."]
[b "It's like me going into action movies. It doesnt fit..."]
[+red "I think youd be good at it..."]
[b "You, John...have to say that. It's what I pay you for..."]

Over a while of debating, Emily was made to think twice about her opinion and several valid points were made.
It came to an end where a pen rested inbetween her fingers and a scribble was marked on the contract.

3 months would be spent in Africa.

[i "The aristocratic Karen Blixen travels to Africa to join her husband, Brorl who spends their money on a coffee plantation, instead of a dairy farm. After discovering Bror is unfaithful, Karen develops feelings for hunter Denys but realizes he prefers a simplistic lifestyle compared to her upper class background. The two continue on until a series of events force Karen to choose between her love and personal growth."] - that was the story.

Romance and Drama.
Emily could easily pull this off, but the man ? .... he had no hope...

Filming was due to start in 3 weeks time.

3 weeks went fast and before Emily knew it, she set foot on the set that was built with wonderous precision.
The heat radiating from the African sun.

She hadn't met her new leading hand yet and truth be told, she wasn't looking forward too.
bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

Trace aced his audition. He knew it the instant the last string of words left his accented tongue. The lines on the page after page of the long script seemed to come naturally to Trace as they rolled off his lips like a low wave against the shore. He was confident that he'd landed the role as soon as he set the stack of papers down on the table in front of him, letting his fingers rest on the smooth wood. Trace lifted his dark brown eyes to look at his agent both calm and collected. Trace's agent, a young and spirited man by the name of Travis, was one of his closest friends. They spent a lot of time together reviewing scripts and preparing for interviews and the like, so Trace knew when he'd bagged an audition simply from looking at his face. This was one of those times... It was a matter of time before the Director would approve him for the role, and they'd be on their way to Africa to make a damn good movie with him as the leading male.

Trace's roots lay in action primarily, sprinkled with the lighter themes of drama, mystery, and romance. He was the traditional meaning of tall, dark, and handsome. Trace stood over six feet tall, sported jet black locks and a stubbly beard, and had the acting chops to boot. He found it rather easy to nab roles. Trace was rather popular with women in the movies he found himself starring in. Travis had to filter through love note after love note in the mail, tossing just as many as came in or replying with something generic to up his client's reputation. Trace was rather successful, and he liked it that way. He knew that he was good at what he did, and he studied for every role he got, no matter how small. Trace did his research. He took the business seriously enough to find it valuable. If he were to play a character, Trace would have to first become that person. Acting was about reinventing yourself to become what the script, director, and even crowd asked. It was similar to a rebirth of sense, and the best of actors slid into their roles with the greatest of ease as if they popped out of the womb the same way.

[i "Well Mr. Andrews... I believe you are a perfect match for our female lead. She was picked just earlier, and I must say I am pleased you decided to audition. We may have just found what we were looking for."]The director spoke as he pushed his glasses further up his nose, reviewing some papers that looked like they had been written all over in black ink. Trace showed a small smile, running a hand through his dark hair, [b "Good to hear sir. Who is this talented actress that I am to be working alongside?"] Trace was asking out of curiosity mostly. He wanted to know this woman that the director seemed to rave over. Was he working with someone in the forefront of film? Trace got his hopes up until Travis spoke up with the name of his next coworker.

[#c1060c "Emily Winthorpe. You've heard of her I'm sure?"]
[b "Emily Winthorpe? There is no chance in hell I'd catch myself working with her... she won't take this role seriously. Director sir, I would certainly look into another..."] Trace rose his voice as he spoke, driven mad just at the thought of the idiot woman he'd have to be delighted with for the next few months of filming. Travis swooped in to shut his friend and client up before they lost the part. [#c1060c "What he meant to say is that he'd be willing to take the challenge... Trace will exceed all your expectations I assure you."]

Trace sent a frustrated glare towards Travis, but he kept his mouth shut. Emily Winthorpe was a scandalous starlet and nothing more. She warmed her bed with as many men as possible, and he'd heard rumors of her drinking on set to an excessive amount. The woman was too immature for a role like this.. well, any role. Travis knew her for her roles in romance movies... well, that certainly fit. She could just find more men to open her legs to. Travis already detested this woman, and he hadn't even met her. Hell, he didn't need to. [b "With all due respect, Emily Winthorpe wouldn't know how to act in an action movie if it bit her in the ass."] Trace would say, not aware as to how repetitive it sounded to the director as Emily had uttered similar words just hours before. The director broke into a slight grin, [i "I'm not going back on my offer Mr. Andrews. I know you'd be an asset to this movie that I desperately want on my screen."]

Trace took another heavy sigh, playing with his wedding band on his left hand. He wouldn't dare turn down the role. It was seemingly made for him... and Emily Winthorpe was NOT going to mess that up, no matter how much trouble she made. [b "You're right... It will be an honor working for you. See you in Africa then."] Travis said with that trademark smile of his and a wink, heading out for a drink immediately after. He'd need some throughout the whole trip to get through each interaction with the woman, and that would be a lot of damn alcohol.

Trace called his wife, Lydia, leaving a voicemail when she didn't pick up. He'd already sent for Travis to gather his clothes and have them sent to Africa. It was part of the job as an actor that Trace wouldn't have much time to see his wife. Their time was spent mostly in Facetime or Skype or just voices through the phone. Both Trace and Lydia were busy people, and Trace didn't think twice about waiting to see her before he boarded a plane. It was normal for him and her... nothing out of the ordinary. The only new thing as he'd be going to Africa in the scorching hot sun and having to babysit an actress he had no care for.

Trace could pull this off with flying colors... maybe even work towards a nomination for a film award at the end of the year. On the other hand, Emily was destined to maintain her hot mess status. The job was going to be a form of hell. At least Trace was somewhat invested in the script, and he was getting paid a hell of a lot for the screenplay. Trace digitally signed his contract and was on his way to Africa, donning clothes to provide comfort in the hot sun. The set was just as magnificent as the script, and Trace spent a moment just taking it all in before he felt a tap on his shoulder.

[#c1060c "We're ready for a cast meeting before we start filming. Let's get going."] Travis' voice echoed into Trace's ears, and he turned his head. [b "Time to get this party started my man."] He clapped his agent's back in a friendly manner as a grin spread across his lips. He strode off towards the small clearing made for actor meetings, catching sight of none other than little miss bitch as soon as he got there. Then, his huge grin faded.

Emily was a poorly wired circuit.

She got jealous at times.
Became completely overzealous but when she hit rock bottom, there was no where left to fall.
Anger she got most of the time as drinking made her irritable, but over the course of it all, she learned real quickly to fight through the boiling of her blood and maintained being a lady.
Sure, there were times she was drunk on set and did do scenes with alcohol in her system but she handled it well, some didnt notice.

Perhaps she truely was an actress after all.

Emily could love just like that, with a snap of fingers but she could leave just as fast.

Over the coming 3 weeks; before production started, Emily and her Agent along with others made their trip too Africa to start on some of the training she had to do.
One needed to be prepared.
Riding a horse - was one of the talents she needed to obtain; as well as being fitted for the proper attire of the 1930's.
Leaning about coffee and plantation information along with the machinery they used.
That was a bore and she made it known.

During the day, the intoxicating actress with the long golden blonde hair and eyes that of deep emerald acted professional and did what she was told - taking small swigs of alcohol in the trailer when she waited.
It was what she was being paid the big bucks for, right?
At night, at the hotel, one would be lying when they said nothing happened.

Emily would have a man, resting inbetween her legs, messing up the sheets - trying to pleasure her in ways she never thought she would ever feel.
When alone, she would enjoy the drink, often getting into fights with John to which he took the belting she gave him.

She had issues.
All she wanted...was love.

Amazingly, when she woke up the following morning that left the horror act of her insane ways behind, Emily was fine.
Body now being used to the drink, it was within a quick moment in the hotel room that America's sweetheart actress had a shower to cleanse her past sins...only to give a clean canvas to create new ones.

Palms resting upon the glass, forehead with her eyes closed did just the same as she closed the lids - letting the warm drops of water soak into her body only to hydrate that skin so smooth that longed for a touch.
Her heart ached for love and company.

Washing clean, smelling of the sweetest vanilla and wild orchid, Emily turned off the water supply and stepped out, drying down and wrapped the thick cotton towel around her naked frame.
Wandering out into the room, a squeel of shock escaped her throat before placing her hand upon chest that now had a fast beating heart.
[b "Damnit, John!.... Don't do that..."]
[+green "Sorry, Em.."]

Sighing as she lowered her hand, Emily sauntered over to the closet and grabbed the clothes her PA chose for the Actress to wear for that day.
While in the walk in robe, words left to enter John's ears.
[b "I'm sorry about last night. Usually I dont remember what I did to you..but this time I do. I didn't hurt you when I pushed you, did I?.."] she spoke softly as the towel flung out towards the bed.
In the closet, Emily got dressed.

Underwear that of silk on both items.
A pair of tight denim jeans that were ripped at the knees along with a
little slit upon her thigh.
A white shirt that she tied up at the bottom of the hem so it would remain around her waist tight.
Buttons undone to show off a little clevage.

Hair down in loose curls that were brushed out to waves.
A face natural, no make up beside the mascaa to make her eyes look more open and wider and lipgloss to keep her signature pouty mouth moisturized.

[+green "Don't worry about last night. It's in the past. We need to focus on today and the cast meeting. You'll be meeting Trace Andrews today, along with the production staff an other cast members.."]
[b "Oh good. I look forward to this..."] she replied, stepping out - motioning to John on how she looked.
[+green "Beautiful as always. Emily, please...best behaviour.."]
[b "Always..right?.."] again she spoke, wandering to the bar fridge and grabbed a little glass of gin.

Sunglasses grabbed tight, the two exited the room, John sighing about the gin and left hotel - got into a car that waited and travelled to the set.
Upon arrival, Emily took the drink - downed it quick, pushed open the door and let one long leg out. Heeled boots upon her dainty feet.
One leg out, foot on the ground before the other and stood up before stepping away from the car.
It was walking towards the crowd that her hips swayed as she walked - placing the sunglasses upon the bridge of her nose and looked out through the lens.

[+red "Ah...Emily! Great too see you again..."] The Director spoke as she ushered from Trace Andrews and his posse only to greet Emily with open arms.
Smiling that signature smile - her hair flowing in the breeze, Emily wrapped her arms around the older man in greeting for a moment before letting go, hands on his shoulders.
[b "Pleasure is all mine, Steve.."] she spoke to him before following him back over to the crowd he left to greet her.

There, her eyes stared upon him.
The man of the hour.

Trace Andrews.

An eyebrow raised.
[i My my my ....] her mind spoke.

Alot more ... enchanting in reality he was.
bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

Trace had been speaking with Travis and the director on set for while, simply waiting on Emily to arrive. [i She's late... typical.] Travis thought to himself, taking a sip of the silver tumbler that held simple ice water. He wasn't one to shy away from alcohol, but Trace would refrain from it when he had a job to do. However, this role may require the dashing actor to replace the water in his cup for a little vodka... or a lot. Trace was snapped out of his rather unhappy thoughts by the director's voice.

[#c1060c "So Trace you have experience riding horses you said?"] Trace nodded, running a hand through his dark black hair. He was an action star, known for his intense and fast-paced fight scenes or car chases. The movie they'd be acting in was set in the early 1900's, so there would most certainly involve a few horse riding scenes, relating to the question by the director, Steve. He'd been around a while, and he definitely knew what he was talking about.

[b "Yes sir. I trained for about three months when I was cast in Sunset Shootout."] Trace spoke with a deep voice, always laced with a heavy British accent that most women found sexy. Steve's face lit up as he clapped his hands together, [#c1060c "Wonderful... I assumed your action film background would serve us well. Miss Winthorpe may be needing some assistance with her horse riding skills, but I'm sure you wouldn't mind giving her hand."] Trace sent a look to Travis as though saying he'd rather not, but he just hid his emotions in another long sip of the ice cool water. [i Only way in hell I'll do that is if she falls on her pretty little ass all day... that could be entertaining.]

Trace lifted up his pullover jacket sleeve, checking the time on his Apple watch. How did he know she'd cut it close? He was wearing a pair of distressed and dark denim jeans, a deep blue pullover with a zip and a white t-shirt underneath and a pair of brown cowboy boots. He carried around his usual scent of pine and evergreen with the cologne and shampoo he used, having taken a shower as soon as he woke up. Trace lifted his deep brown eyes back to Steve, about to speak up against Emily when the devil herself clicked up in her heeled shoes.

Trace sat back, bringing a hand to his chin and looking her up and down. She was certainly a sight to behold... no matter how fucked up her life was. Her hair was long and blonde, framing her slender face. She wore light makeup, just enough to accentuate her large eyes and pouty lips. Trace's eyes went to the intentional cleavage she showed off and the sight of her ass in those jeans... Well, that would be the reason why she always had her legs open. It wouldn't be easy for a guy to decline her if she was taking her clothes off and begging for him. She definitely didn't earn his respect one bit, other than flaunting her womanly figure. She was going to be useless... absolutely useless. Trace watched the blonde woman hug Steve the director, rolling his eyes behind another long, intentional sip of his drink.

Trace was no dummy. He knew how much America loved their little golden blonde sweetheart behind the movie screen. [i How the hell does this woman have so many damn fans?] Trace thought, knowing all too well about her habits. He was surprised the woman didn't offer the director an alcoholic drink as soon as she came up. Hell, he was surprised she wasn't drunk off her ass and stumbling her way to them. The day was young though. No guarantees she wouldn't be in a few hours, accompanied by a man to escort her to her hotel room and break her bed. Trace wanted this to be over and quickly.

Trace watched the actress walk back behind Steve, wishing to stay where he sat. His plan was foiled with just a few words, [#c1060c "Trace... come here and meet your opposite for the remainder of filming... Miss Emily Winthorpe. She's quite lovely if I say so myself."] The older man smiled with those dimples and wrinkles spread over his face, still holding signs of being a handsome man in his prime.

Trace sucked in a huge breath and stood heavily to his feet, standing tall before the woman. He worked out often, having to keep his abs and muscles toned for any role that would have him take his shirt off for an extended period of time. His figure would show just that, and his handshake would reflect his strength just as much. Trace stuck out a hand that went against everything he wanted to do in that moment, but he wasn't a flat out ass... all the time that is. [b "I've heard a lot about you Emily."] It was all he said, and his eyes showed distaste and frustration at having been paired with such an imbecile of an actress as he looked down into hers.

We've all at some point in our life encountered that feeling of secretly liking someone, secretly having your eyes on them, secretly wishing they knew, but deep inside you were afraid of what the outcome would be. So you kept it unnoticed. Kept it hidden, locked inside, just hoping that maybe one day that moment would finally come when they would notice you.
Liking someone doesn't mean you have to be lovers, sometimes you just have to be friends - but Emily could feel somewhat disregard when it came to Trace.
She was good at picking people, understanding them; however this man had an aura about him that he was simply unimpressed by this girl being his leading lady.
It was her intuition.
That - and also her Agent gave her clear warning that Mr Andrews wasn't too sure on the Directors choice.

Why is it so embarrassing to admit you like someone? It should be a compliment to them, and even if they don't like you back, they should at least commend you on your refined taste.

Trace had arrived to the set right on time.
Who was he trying to impress? - he got the job and he as still continuing to kiss ass?

[+red "Trace... come here and meet your opposite for the remainder of filming... Miss Emily Winthorpe. She's quite lovely if I say so myself."] Steve spoke, standing by the Actress as he motioned for the newest Bond to come on over to introduce himself.
Approached came a man who was a decent 6'2 tall.
A man who did secretly take her breath away and for a split second, make her think the most naughtiest of thoughts.
Trace was the epitome of handsome and through the lens of her glasses, basked in all of his glory.

Keeping her stand on the ground, Emily didn't move; letting Trace do all the work in standing up on two feet that sauntered him over to the woman with the golden blonde hair.
A hand stretched out, his hand that wanted to form a connection and a shake, to which Emily obliged.
[i "I've heard a lot about you Emily."] Trace spoke the moment both of their hands came together - palm against palm and together they shook.

Emily could feel the strength in the grasp for a single moment before she was the one to pull back, breaking it off.
[b" Really?.."] she replied as her lips parted to make her voice known. Hand reached up and it was her thumb and index finger that pinched the arm of the sunglasses and pulled back - removing them from the bridge of her nose, showing off that face and the eyes so emerald and deep.
Freckles upon her face no longer hidden by the restrictions of make up.

[b "Funny, I haven't heard a thing about you..."] again Emily spoke, keeping her hues upon the man who towered over the 5'6 woman.
It was in that moment, the PA got a little closer to the Actress and whispered in her ear.

Of course she knew who Trace was, but she was not about to be nice to the man who didn't want her here. The Assistant whispered words, nothing relating to Mr Andrews but the two played it off as it it had.

[b "Oh yes, of course. You are the new 007, a role that seems to obtain a change of Actor after 2 or 3 films. Just like Dr Who. Not the best franchise to be in..."] she muttered, raising an eyebrow - keeping her stare steady at the most intoxicating man she had ever seen before breaking gaze and stepped right past him.

[b "Steven, the set looks amazing!...'] Emily called out as she wandered towards the Director and as she walked, she did turn her head and looked at Trace who remained behind, putting on her sunglasses.

A bitch with attitude.

Standing beside the man who took a chance on her, Emily's hands moved behind and began to slide them up the side/behind her upper thigh, up her tight ass in the washed out jeans and rested upon her hips as she and the Director continued to talk.

She knew exactly what she was doing.
bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

Emily was the first to pull her hand away from his as if it were a hot stovetop that gave her third degree burns. Trace raised an eyebrow in surprise, returning his larger hand to his side. [i Oh really now... is this how you want to play Winthorpe? Well two can play at that game.] Trace was thinking as the woman spoke for the first time, as nonchalant as her entrance. She didn't care that they had to wait for her. She was going to take her sweet little time stuffing her ass in those jeans before she could make her way down to the cast meeting. [i Yeah, what a worthy pick for film sweetheart America...] Trace watched as Emily lifted her sunglasses almost prudishly, looking him over with those emerald eyes. She was beautiful... and a bitch at the same time that was. Then she uttered those 8 words that made his blood boil and figurative steam come out of his ears.

[#22d30d "Funny, I haven't heard a thing about you.."] Trace's yes almost popped out of his head. His nails dug into his palms, and Trace was obviously breathing heavier. She did NOT just say that... Did she? Trace must have been daydreaming or something because there was no way in hell that she didn't know who he was. He was an action movie star, and he was definitely renowned for it. He'd been in several blockbuster hits... He was on interviews. He was a popular figure albeit much less than her fame. At least he didn't bang every woman he saw like some man on a conquest. Trace blinked again, stunned like a taser hit him straight in the chest at high voltage.

The woman was so much smaller than he, but she packed a punch in ways to make up for it. As the PA got closer, Trace opened his mouth to utter a word, but he was speechless a moment in both anger and shock. Trace searched his mind for the perfect retort. There was no way in hell Emily Winthorpe would win this little verbal battle if it was up to him. The little vixen beat him to speaking after her PA whispered something in her ear that Trace was sure was about him. What the hell was this? Seventh grade? They were keeping [i secrets and talking behind his back? What the hell?]

[#22d30d "Oh yes, of course. You are the new 007, a role that seems to obtain a change of Actor after 2 or 3 films. Just like Dr Who. Not the best franchise to be in..."] Trace felt a bit of fire stirring in his belly and erupting up to his eyes and lips. He met Emily's eyes with that same anger, not looking away as she seemed unfazed and steady. As soon as she walked, Trace turned in a huff and called after her in his deep British accent.

[b "You have to have heard of me... Sunset Shootout? Temple of Tranquility 1, 2, and 3. Hell the remake of Tombstone? Do you live under a rock? And James Bond is a coveted role by any male actor out there."] He spoke, but she didn't seem to care as she sauntered over to the director and kissed his ass with those plump lips of hers. She was driving him crazy by pushing every little button he had. Trace was fuming, but he had to follow after her a bit. This was his job after all.. He had to be a professional, didn't he? Well, she certainly wasn't. [i I can fight fire with fire too, princess.] Trace glared directly at Emily as she turned her bitchy face and lowered her sunglasses as if satisfied that she yanked his chain. Trace shook his head, biting his bottom lip and taking a few more deep breaths. He couldn't break the rules of society and hit a woman could he? Hell he wanted to so bad...

Trace didn't take his eyes off the figure of the woman in front of him, still trying to comprehend what she'd said to him and her petty backwards look. She had an attitude... a HUGE attitude. Emily had all the spunk of a punk rock star packed in a small body. [i How did I know this was going to be a nightmare?]

Then, Trace's eyes bulged again but for a different reason. Emily placed her hand quite obviously on the back of her upper thigh and ran it up her body as if to accentuate her features and her tight ass. The jeans fit her just right in all the places it mattered. Trace could feel his pants tightening a bit. His mind raced with dirty thoughts of what he could do with this woman... how he could teach her to listen. Why was he thinking this way? He was married... and he also really disliked this woman. [i But she does have a killer ass...]

When one tries to seduce anyone, don't do it with talk, with words. Women know more about words than men ever will. And they know how little they can ever possibly mean.
In life, people tend to wait for good things to come to them. And by waiting, they miss out. Usually, what you wish for doesn't fall in your lap; it falls somewhere nearby, and you have to recognize it, stand up, and put in the time and work it takes to get to it. This isn't because the universe is cruel. It's because the universe is smart. It has its own cat-string theory and knows we don't appreciate things that fall into our laps.

Emily was a master seducer.
She knew men like the back of her hand and the buttons they had. Her fingers would press them - taunt them and tease them.
One had to be cruel to be kind.
Be mean, keep them keen as it was often said and in this case, she wanted the married British man with an infinity for action to be keen.

Shifting both hands from her tiny waist - arms reached out in front of herself simply motioning the house and how alike it was to the era they were about to step it.
It was simply remarkable.
The set designers did an amazing job however all the while she was complimenting the fine work of the workers, all her ears could hear was the voice of a man who seemed to be quite annoyed that Emily had just brushed him off like he was nothing.

Yes, Enily knew full well who he was.
There were times while laying in a fresh warm bubblr bath she would open a magazine and read the interveiws that were jotted down.
No matter where she went, Trace Andrews was everywhere. From the TV, to magazines, too even youtube where his greatest moments were edited in montage from fans - videos of dedication.
There was even one time where late at night and feeling aroused that Emily did put hands on herself and thought about him - climaxing moments later.

He didnt need to know that.

Besides knowing her rep off camera, it was while pointing out the fine detail of the woodwork that she though if saw her everywhere as she was..well....everywhere.
Highest paid actress of 2018.
Now in 2019, her new year was starting and this movie...was to send her way through.

Listening to his words, Emily rolled her eyes and turned around- excusing herself from Steven and John and begun to walk back to Trace with that smile.
John shook his head.
[+red "Emily...."] John spoke as his eyes watched Emily raise a hand and waved him off as to saying..everything was under control.

[b "I have heard about those movies, however I am not interested in watching an Indiana Jones, John Wayne knock off. A bit of advice, handsome...be original. Maybe then..youll get to where I am.."] she replied, removing the sunglass once more from her face and stared upon the man that she so desperatly wanted ravage.
John placed a hand upon his forehead and sighed as himself and Steven heard the words that she spoke.
[b "I dont think this role is for you, 007. Id opt out..."] she muttered, finally becoming quiet only to bite that lower lip that wanted to be kissed.

[+green "Mr Andrews, what Emily was meant to say that you have too much talent to be starring in a film such as this."] John retorted as he grabbed the Actresses hand and began to walk away with a smile, Emily in tow. [+green "Big fan, by the way.."]

A nervous laugh escaped his throat as they both along with the PA approached the Lexus car.
John stared at Emily.
[b "A big fan? ...why dont you represent him..then? Him..mentioning all his films..rubbing it in my face. What the fuck?"]
[+green "Emily..one of these days ..that mouth will get you into trouble. You need to pick fights wisely. Thats Trace Andrews. He is powerful and man about town. Dont fucking blow this. After last night...you owe me..."]

He was right.
After the abuse he copped last night..she was sorry and then she nodded in agreement.
She had to be nice.

John walked off leaving Emily behind as he was too frustrated to be near her.

It was then the PA took out a vial of white powder and the two entered the car quick.
On the fold out arm rest in the interior - Emily did a line before taking a swig of wine from the bottle that was hidden under the seat.
Girl was always prepared.

The PA didnt help the destructive nature.

Getting out moments later - wiping nose a little more, it was there that the Director mentioned the movie to begin in 2 days.
However tonight, he would be throwing a party at his Villa he rented for the two biggest Celebrities that he managed to get a hold of.

Standing by the car, Emily glanced at Trace, anger welling inside her body along with desperately wanting.

She needed him.
It was undenyable.

Emily was enchanted.

bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

Trace watched those hands go from her ass to motioning towards the set as if she had done nothing wrong. In an instant, Trace snapped back from his dirty thoughts of bending the woman over and having his way with her. [i I need a cold shower...] Trace thought as he gritted his teeth.

He'd done his own research on this woman as soon as she made her claim to fame. Trace wasn't buying it. She was too.. unqualified for where she had gotten in her career. Everyone loved her, but Trace just had to find that one flaw about her that would make him sleep better at night. It was like she just woke up one day and became a movie star when he worked his ass off from grade school to get to where he was. That was when he'd uncovered the little secrets about her... that her manicured hand was always either wrapped around a bottle of gin or a penis. Either or she wasn't all innocence and the definition of romance. There was one thing he knew for sure... This woman knew how to make a man pay attention to her.

Trace did everything he could to look away, scoffing to himself as she spent her sweet little time admiring the set and ignoring him. Trace knew he was a big deal. Travis set him up with all the interviews, auditions, and podcast sessions that he could take. It helped that the women raved over him although he was married to a gorgeous brunette that was a successful businesswoman in her own right. It seemed like he had it all together, and people were gravitated towards him and his British charm for some reason that had him always landing roles. This one would send him over the top as he hoped to join the conversation of who was the best Bond of all time. However, he did NOT want Emily Winthorpe to be his Bond girl, no matter how much he felt a natural attraction to her.

Somehow this woman still managed to get paid more than he did for cheesy chick-flicks and romcoms. She was the American dream to so many little girls, some even dressing up as her for Halloween. Little did they know she was a bitch on the inside. Trace was about to find some excuse to leave when he noticed the blonde bombshell walking his way. [i What more could you say blondie?]

Trace didn't leave though. He stood planted firmly in the ground. She was gonna have to try a lot harder than that to make him back down. John, her agent, seemed to try and warn her to back down, but the witchy woman herself lifted her hand as if to wave him off and put a muzzle on her puppy dog that ran errands for her. Trace just crossed his arms, trying another approach with the woman as she spoke. He just listened, saying nothing for a while.

[#169c34 "I have heard about those movies, however I am not interested in watching an Indiana Jones, John Wayne knock off. A bit of advice, handsome...be original. Maybe then..youll get to where I am.."] He only grinned, listening to the smaller woman run her mouth off at him. This could be a lot more interesting than he originally thought... to think up ways to drive her insane and attempt to get her to quit the movie itself. [#169c34 "I don't think this is the role for you 007. I'd opt out."] She spoke as if he was instantly going to fall under her spell and say yes like a mind control zombie. She even added a little irresistible bite to her lip. [i How cute.]

Trace just watched as her agent came up to do the damage repair that he was most likely used to with his bratty client of his. He'd mutter some fake compliment about how talented Trace was and how he was a fan. Trace would just wait for the right moment, calling out nonchalantly, [b "Nice to know you think I'm handsome. Sounds like more reason to stay a while, Bond girl. Oh and Cinderella? Tell your agent I can get him an autograph for when I hit it big and jump to your level after this movie... since he knows who I am and all."] He joked, grinning as he didn't turn to look at her. Her agent was too busy dragging her away before they could get into more of a fight. Trace just stepped away, laughing to himself. [i Time for that cold shower...]

Trace would do just that, stepping into a icy cold shower to get ready for the Director's party at a gorgeous Villa for his top notch celebrities and the kickoff of his new movie. Trace wanted to make a statement. He left another simple voicemail to his wife, without much thought to it. It was just a way to check in with her... tell her he was okay. He would then fish out a black, expensive suit from his closet. He matched them with shiny black shoes that matched the whole suit that fit him just perfectly and slightly bulged at his toned muscle underneath. Trace spritzed a few shots of his evergreen cologne and combed through his dark black hair, adjusting his tie and suit before having Travis drive him in a Mercedes Benz off to the Villa address.

Trace stepped out with his large frame, making his way to the picturesque Villa that overlooked golden fields and was sitting just on the perfect spot for the sunset to melt over its frame like butter. It was breathtaking, and it was just the mood the director wanted to set. Trace stepped inside after assuring he looked sharp, giving a firm handshake to the director, [b "This is gorgeous Steve... you've outdone yourself."] Trace would kindly take a glass of wine as a server came by, sipping the smooth liquid as he was turned to look out over a glass view of the outside. [b "What a view... I've always told myself when I retire from acting or just get a few more minutes of alone time that I'd buy some house in the mountains or on the beach with a sunset view like this one. A man can dream can't he?"] Trace would laugh wholeheartedly and clink glasses with the man then drink and stare out in silence a moment, saved from the obnoxious voice of a certain Goldilocks.

It was standing by the car that her eyes kept a close glance upon Trace and refused to look away while her ears were listening to the Director, the man who took a chance on the misguided yet ever so fascinating, talented Actress.
Not only was Emily known for her rom coms, but she was also known in playing parts of the infamous television series American Horror Story. Playing the seductive, sex driven mad, blood sucking; The Countess of the Hotel Cortez.
It was not something she was exactly famous for, but it was that season that got her big break and was noticed.

Shifting her gaze from the big hot shot actor man, Emily sighed, still listening to Steven, finally getting a proper authentic smile upon hearing a party was happening at the Villa he had rented for the 3 full month's they were in Africa.

Sex was the consolation one had when one couldn't find love.
Lust was just the same.

Both of those things Emily had in spades.
She loved sex and she could only lust over. There was no such thing as love. Emily found that out the moment her Father walked out when she was the age of 7, as well as her two marriages that failed and ended in divorce.
Emily could not love.

As the speech was over, Emily turned her body and opened the car door, shifting inside one leg at a time before shutting door closed - staying put on the seat.
She did not want to look at him again, at least not right now and if fate would allow, they wouldn't meet again until the movie, but that was not going to happen.

Upon reaching the Penthouse in the hotel, Emily endured a most wonderful shower of warmth - letting water again, like in the morning soak her body only for now, her hand trailed down the front and gave herself a nice little touch, all the while thinking about the man who she as not fond of.
Getting out, wiping herself down clean after exfoliating, it was with a make up team and a stylist that Emily Winthorpe was tanned up, lotioned and made up.
Her long golden hair curled in the same way where it was brushed out, creating the "Hollywood" wave.
Face painted with make up made to look natural, bronzed but with a statement lip, showing off that famous mouth.
Her body tanned up - given that shimmering glow while being covered by a dress that was body con and tight.

Thin spaghetti straps.
A black mini dress with a single slit in the fabric on her left thigh. A dress that showed off those legs with all the while, her feet being shown with thinly strapped heels.
Sitting down by the mirror upon a stook where on a table - make up and jewels were laid, Emily reached forward and uncapped a bottle of perfume oil.
White Musk.
Sweet, intoxicating scent.

Dabbing the oil on the inside of her wrists, and behind her ears, Emily looked at herself in the mirror and kept gaze at the mess her personal life had become by the reflection.
Yet, he couldn't help herself.

On a small, steel platter rested a slight mini mountain of white powder that as quickly cut into lines and Emily lent down with a rolled up American dollar bill and snorted up the line.

Leaning back, sucking in more through her nose - Emily stared at the ceiling with her mouth open, sighing as the euphoria started to seep in.
It was nice, the drug, it was too nice to keep in the room and it was placing it in a small tin container that once containing mints, that she placed it into her purse and stood up, leaving the room and began her travel to the Villa.

It was only a 10 minute ride.
Wiping her nose once more after taking another line in the backseat, Emily closed her purse and exited the car.

Being escorted to where the party was happening, the Actress smiled as she wandered in being shown outside where people stood around, talking with one another, laughing with one another - simply enjoying company.
[+blue "Drink?..."]
[b "Oh yes, please..."] she replied, lifting a hand and gripped a glass that was filled with champagne.

[+red "Emily, my dear, you look ravishing.."] Steve called out as she left the people he was speaking too and approached the Actress.
An actress who hardly wore nothing.
It was true, she was almost naked underneath the dress. She only wore a thin thong that was made of the finest lace.

[+red "And you smell, just lovely. Jennifer, Justin - id like you to meet Emily Winthorpe..."]

Emily continued to smile, shaking hands, making herself known but it was talking to the guests that her eyes landed on her leading man.

Trace Andrews, looking incredibly beautiful.

All sharp and dapper in the suit, with a tie she slowly wanted to undo along with the buttons - removing them one at a time only for her to see what was under the fabric.
If it was what she thought in her mind, Trace had no chance.

She would ravish his body and fuck that man until the sun woke up.

Raising the glass, Emily took a sip of the champagne as she continued to look his way, completely hating him but completely enamoured, enchanted by him.

[i Come and get me...]
bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

The constant buzz of laughter and human voices in conversation filled the large open floor concept of the Villa. Trace's moment of silence with the director was quickly severed by admiring fans or other aspiring actors and actresses that wanted advice. Trace busied himself signing a few copies of his movies and answering a few questions. Although it was often annoying to be held to such a high standard at all times, Trace couldn't say he detested it. Acting gave him luxuries that he never thought he'd have, coming from a middle-class family and working several jobs to scrounge up enough cash to fly out for auditions and even get into acting school. Trace never had it easy, but acting gave him a simpler life than he'd ever dreamed of. He even met his wife through acting, in all her glory. In that sense, Trace didn't mind the occasional autograph or question about how the hell he managed to jump off that horse in his rendition of Tombstone.

Trace shared a few laughs with the people that never seemed to stop coming, finally getting a moment to himself when his agent, Travis made up an excuse to push them all away if only for a brief moment. [#1f0f66 "Can I steal him for a moment? We need to talk about the upcoming movie... Classified of course."] Trace sent him a pointed look, laughing when he realized what had happened, [b "Thanks for the break. I was about to go a bit crazy if I had to sign another autograph. So what's up?"]

[#1f0f66 "It's Miss Winthorpe. Trace... I know you aren't exactly fond of her, but this movie could send you over the top. We both know that, so you can't blow this with your ego or personal thoughts about your female lead. Shake her off. It's one movie, and you both have to at least act like you want to rip each other's clothes off for this Bond and Bond girl dynamic to work. Do you understand me?"]

Trace would let out an incredulous laugh, sipping more of the wine he had in his hand. [b "You can't be serious... Really Travis? She's a nightmare. I don't fucking get why America holds her up to such a golden standard. That woman knows how to get at people, and, frankly, I don't care who the hell she is."] Trace took another sip of his wine, letting it linger to run down his throat smoothly before speaking again, [b "And don't question my acting skills, I can act like I want to fuck her if I will myself to. That won't be the problem... it will be behind the scenes. Let me handle this."]

Trace's response was only half true. He didn't need to act like he wanted to fuck her brains out because he sure as hell wouldn't mind that. He wasn't over that little motion she pulled with her hand trailing up her thighs and over her ass as if she wanted to taunt him to come at her. [i What a slut...] Trace shooed Travis away, not wanting to be bothered by any more appearance or reputation speeches. He just wanted to have fun tonight... speak with the people, bask in the fame, and enjoy a bit of alcohol. This was a big deal, and he knew that. Emily Winthorpe was just the beginning of his obstacles, no matter how much of a mountain she was to jump over.

Trace finally turned from the glass window that held a gorgeous view and turned to the rest of the party going on. There was upbeat music blaring through the speakers that set the mood perfectly for the night. It was both sensual and exciting, as if beating to the rhythm of the people's bodies as they danced and laughed. Trace finished his glass of wine as he scanned the people beautifully dressed in long gowns and prim suits. They were all trying to make an impression. Hell, they were in the company of two extremely famous celebrities with money and connections that could pole jump them in their careers and lives. [i Smart ass crowd.] Trace thought. That was when his eyes locked onto the deep, enchanting emerald green eyes of one woman in the crowd.

Emily Winthorpe.

She was staring at him as she sipped a slim glass of bubbly champagne, as if reading his mind or... undressing him? Maybe a bit of both, but Trace kept his expression stable with thin lips and calm eyes. He lifted the glass to his lips intentionally letting his bottom lip clasp the glass in his grasp as the liquid ran through the small opening. Trace had his eyes straight on hers, and there was no denying the heated sparks of sexual tension between them, no matter how much he detested her.

Trace didn't go without noticing her outfit, or rather lack thereof. She was clad in a thin black mini dress with a slit on her left thigh. Her cleavage seemed to be pushed upward in the tight fabric, just begging for him to rip the clothing away and free the beautiful mounds. Trace obviously traced her body all the way up with his eyes, watching as the leg slit left nothing to the imagination. He could only think about what she was wearing underneath... or not wearing. Trace knew what she was doing. She wore that dress for a reason, and it was to get attention. Specifically, [i his.] Testing his theory was something Trace so desperately wanted to do... along with pushing her buttons as much as she did his, so he took several confident strides towards the woman before he was standing all of his 6'2" frame over her.

[b "Could you stop staring at me? It makes you look... desperate to say the least. Especially wearing that."] He spoke just above a whisper, flitting his eyes over her form as he was a bit closer to truly appreciate her figure in the dress. He showed that famous half-smirk of his, grabbing some champagne and sipping it as if satisfied with the way he'd handled it.

[i Your turn Cinderella.]

It definately was a party.
In order to step outside to where the people mingled - one had to make their way through the villa and it was incredible.
Emily made a mental note in her mind to make sure she spoke to John and her PA as to why this was not her accomodation.
Sure the Penthouse, a couple of miles away was perfection, but this...the veiw she had the moment she stepped outside was a master peice.

It made her feel better knowing that Mr Hot Shot did not aquire a room such as this as if he did, she would have been pissed.

Outside; fairy lights string up high that casted a sweet warm ambiance along with sticks pushed into the ground that harboured a light ontop that was lit with a flame and ignited by Kerosene.
A pool in the middle that several people kept away from but some decided to bite the bullet and entered the water with a splash before kissing respectable partners.
A bar on either side of the property which was a god send to Emily as she desperately craved a drink only to recieve one moments later.

Champagne in a crystal flute.
Right on time.

Waving, smiling - stepping down the steps to enter the outside area, Emily became swarmed with people who only wanted to get a closer look of the Actress as they had only seen her on the big screen.
Signing autographs, Emily simply smiled like she was told too and engaged in conversation before all the minions scrambled away and Steven came into veiwing range.
Complimenting on her attire and smell - all she could do was laugh as honestly - it truely was the first time someone spoke on how she smelt.
It was a new one for the books.

As were the not so innocent thoughts that flickered through her mind the moment those eyes rested upon the man that irritated her.
The sight of him took her breath again.
It was the flute filled with liqour she brought up to her lips that hid the nervous smile.
Thoughts that rendered her weak in the knees.
Thoughts that had her roughly pinned up against the wall; her body allowing his hands to trail up from her dainty feet - up her legs and under her dress to which her underwear would be removed and his face would show her what true pleasure was when it rested inbetween her thighs.

She couldnt think these things.
Not about him.

Snapping out of the stupid thought, Emily excused herself and took leave from the conversation - needing to get away from the sight of him.
Champagne in hand, it was by the balcony at the back of the party that had a view of the lands of Africa that she stood.
Absolutely kicking herself about thinking that way of a man that did not and did no effort to obtain her respect.

Emily thought she had gotten away from the snake only for it to approach and bite her.
He spoke words that made the poor girl narrow her eyes and breaking away from the perfect scenery infront, Emily turned and glanced up at the 6'2 Adonis of a man and stepped in closer.
Oh..she was close.
Her perfume wisped up from her smooth skin and lingered around wanting to be naughty and hypnotize.

[b "You do not like what Im wearing?.."] Emily muttered softly before giving a small turn - facing her back to him only to let her polished fingers dance along the strands of her hair by the nape of her neck and slowly pulled them to the side - giving out a veiw of her bare naked skin.
The dress had a low scoop at the back.

Smiling, turned around again and faced Trace one again - again stepping in closer.

[b "How could I not stare? You look like and are dressed like a Penguin, in the wrong environment. This is Africa, Mr Andrews. Less is more..."] she muttered, taking a sip of her champagne.

[i Fuck me, Trace. Cant you see how much I need you?..]

[b "Ive been asked to be one of your Bond girls. Im considering it. It wouldnt hurt for you to be a little nicer to me..."] Emily spoke - reaching up where her hand grabbed his tie and began to tug on it softly. [b "Nice tie...."]
bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

[#125614 "You do not like what I'm wearing?.."] Emily would simply say, causing another roll of Trace's eyes. [i Of course I like what you're wearing why the hell do you think I'm talking about it.] Trace would watch as she intentionally took those fingers of hers to push her hair and show more skin. She truly was hardly wearing anything. Oh he hated her so fucking much.

Trace stood still as she threw another insult at him, crossing his arms and tapping his shoe on the ground a bit. [#125614 "How could I not stare? You look like and are dressed like a Penguin, in the wrong environment. This is Africa, Mr Andrews. Less is more..."] Emily was getting closer to him, and Trace didn't let it go unnoticed.

[b "If that's the case then I suppose you believe everywhere you go is named Africa."] Trace spoke cooly, sipping down more of his champagne. The balcony they stood upon held an even better view than he even imagined possible. At least it made it a little bit easier to deal with Emily Winthorpe, the bitch herself.

[#125614 "Ive been asked to be one of your Bond girls. Im considering it. It wouldnt hurt for you to be a little nicer to me..."] Emily spoke, and Trace was about to turn to speak up against her when her hands grabbed at his tie and began tugging at it. [i I wouldn't do that if I were you...] Trace began to think, feeling the desire beginning to rush up into his chest more and more. [b "I'll only consider it when you decide to start being nicer to me which I don't see happening any time soon."] He would reach his larger hands up to take hers and push them away from her tie, feeling more of that sexual tension that he couldn't describe.

As soon as his hands touched hers, Trace took a moment to stare down deeply into her eyes. He seemed to envelop her in his eyes as he pushed her hands down off of his tie. Trace didn't bother pressing down the images in his head. Oh what he would give to press this woman hard up against the wall... lift up her skirt... pull her underwear hard down her round ass... show her pleasure that he was sure she hadn't felt before. This woman was putting images in his mind that didn't deserve to be there for such an underwhelming human being, but they were there none the less.

[b "You know I can act, right? I don't have to be nice to you behind the screens to make it believable."] Trace could still hear the sound of the music blaring down to them as they were standing outside the balcony. The party was far from over.

[i "If that's the case then I suppose you believe everywhere you go is named Africa."]

He wasn't wrong.
However, it wasn't her that chose the outfits. It was someone on her payroll and to be quite honest, this stylist knew her body exactly.
What to show off and what not to show off.
The side of the right thigh was never to be shown, it was in her contract, plain as day.
The contract of her requirements, rules and what she would do and not do and there wasn't a lot he wouldn't do.

If there was a scene of her being naked, it was either shown from the left side, if not, a body double was used.
If she and her on screen lover were in bed, faking love - left side only or they were under a sheet.
Emily did a lot of conceal the large scar from the men she had bedded, no man would ever see it.

Emily said nothing to his response and continued to stare upon him, ears perking up a little more as he continued his words that were honestly falling on deaf ears.
The nicer comment, he threw it back in her face to which she narrowed her eyes and whispered a soft growl.
Who the fuck did this punk, think he was?
He was not all that.


[b "You're right. It will not happen anytime soon. You, Trace - are a thorn in my side..."] she replied softly, trying to keep as cool as a cucumber but this man was really pushing her buttons.
Reaching up, grabbing his tie to which she tugged upon it, however it was within a matter of seconds that his hand clasped around her own and held the grip.
Silence between the two was golden, but the tension could be cut with a knife.

The moment his hands were upon her, if even it just was on the hand - tingles shot throughout her body and the flashes, the flickering of fast paced images of their naked bodies entangled in bed were shown in her mind...and they were beautiful.

Emily had to cleanse herself from all these thoughts as they were for sure to get her into trouble.

[i "You know I can act, right? I don't have to be nice to you behind the screens to make it believable."]
[b "Ditto..."] Emily replied as she took her out from his grasp - breaking the connection.
It was a move she came quickly to regret and with that, she wanted more. Stepping in just a fraction closer, Emily gently placed both of her hands upon Trace's chest and went on her tip toes, as just as she could.

The man was a giant.

Face close to his, her lips just meeting with his chin - Emily continued to glance into his eyes.
[b "I don't like you. I know you do not like me ..."] she whispered, breathing softly - letting her hot sweet breath rest upon his lips as she closed her eyes quick - taking in his smell as her hands slowly made their way down.
Everwood, its was wonderful.
Opening her eyes, again she took a look at him.
[b "I've been a bad, bad girl, Mr Andrews. I've been trying to get you fired. Obviously now I can see you are not going anywhere and neither am I. Keep your distance from me and I'll do the same"] she spoke softly, her fingertips resting upon his belt buckle, tilting her head with a smile.

[b "Deal?"]
bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

Aww how sweet... he was a thorn in her side. Just the approach he was going for. Emily just said ditto to his acting comment, and Trace thought that would be it. Oh how wrong was he... Emily stepped closer to him, and put both of her hands upon his chest. He could feel the softness and warmth radiating to his well-built chest. How would it feel to have her hands unbuttoning his shirt, ripping at it to get at his skin underneath? How would it feel to have her under him.. or on top of him...? Trace had to get her out of his head, but she wasn't making it easy.

Trace's eyes were fixated upon the woman in front of him. When she went up on her tip toes, Emily was hovering closer to his height, closer to his lips. Trace took a few deep breaths as his pants were tightening once more at how close she was, especially as her luscious lips as they were just at his chin. Trace lowered his head a bit instinctively, feeling his own breaths come heavier as hers lingered over his lips. Her smell was intoxicating... He could envision himself tangling his hands in her hair as they wrestled around in bed. [i Damn when are you going to stop being such a man whore?] Trace didn't dare move though. He was frozen in place as if cemented there.

Trace knew the woman was breathing in his evergreen scent as she was so close to him... so tempting to just take her lips in his. It wouldn't be hard from then to mindlessly rid her of her clothes... They would certainly be close enough for the movie then, wouldn't they? The only problem was that he hated her.

She spoke as if casting a spell on him about not liking each other. She was damn right about that one. [i "I've been a bad, bad girl, Mr Andrews. I've been trying to get you fired. Obviously now I can see you are not going anywhere and neither am I. Keep your distance from me and I'll do the same"] He hardly heard it, other than the fact that she admitted she was doing her best to get his ass fired and replaced. That's funny he'd been telling the director how much of a mistake he had taken in hiring her. She was a bad girl... bad enough to deserve a good fucking if only he could...

Her fingertips ran down his chest, bringing sparks as she grabbed at his belt buckle. His eyes lowered, starting to feel a growl of desire lifting up to his chest. Trace yet again saw the woman slipping a hand into his belt and lowering it to the point of no return... or pushing his pants down and dropping to her knees. She was driving him insane, and the tension was suffocating him.

[i Emily Winthorpe will be the death of me...]

Trace heard her words, and he lowered his lips down to her ear, mimicking her actions. He would speak in a deep tone as his breath washed over her skin, [b "I never make deals with the devil."] He would then remove himself from her, heading out to down another drink. [i Here comes cold shower number two...]

This man was going to be trouble.

How could she possibly find him fascinating, handsome and articulate, when he was the devil reincarnate?
How she hated him.

If only she could say that touching him, made her sick to her stomach when it did completely the opposite.
It was as if little tiny butterflies fluttered around inside and wouldn't stop, no matter how loud she screamed.
It was as if a small, feather was being dragged along her skin - up and down that made her body tingle all over with miniscule goosebumps.

Touching him made her feel giddy on the inside and it took everything she had, not to wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him hard with passion like fire, tasting his tongue.
Emily bet he tasted like whisky.

As Trace lent in lower, Emily fluttered her eyes closed and breathed deeply as the tingles wouldn't stop, especially down in her lower half that seemed to made the fabric wet.
His voice, his words - no matter how mean and pathetic as they were felt good in her ears to where she bit her lower lip.

Within seconds, Trace backed up and walked off - turning his back on the Actress without a second glance.
Perhaps she wasn't as good at this game as she thought. Opening her eyes, she watched him leave her space before turning around - gritting her teeth.
Both hands, palms down rested on the smooth flat surface of the balcony railing as she stared ahead of her into the distance while the flute of champagne she had yet to finish rested on her left side.

[b "Damnit..."] she muttered to herself.

Now, it was on.

Tapping her fingernails, it wasn't long until Emily turned around - grabbing the flute and wandered back towards the party in the direction Trace made just a few moments ago.
He was standing there with a few other people, schmoozing his way to the top while kissing ass and all the young Actress did was wander past him and Travis - past John who turned his head and called out.
[+green "Emily? ..Where are you going?..."]

[b "To powder my nose, I'll be right back.."] Emily spoke with a smile, waving John off - looking at Trace, giving him that look.
Everything was going to be okay.
It had too.

It was Hollywood.

Up the stairs, approaching inside, Emily excused herself and spoke to Steve who gave her the directions to the bathroom. A personal bathroom where she would be along and not harassed.

Up the wooden stairs, hand upon the railing, Emily heard her heels click with every step she took and it was moments later she entered the bathroom.
Not locking the door as no one would possibly enter; that and also she was too figety, needing a good calm down.

Purse on the countertop, it opened up by her fingertips and there, Emily took out the metal mint container that revealed the white powder, a sharp spreader and an already rolled up American bill.
On the counter, Emily was going to powder her nose, literally.

Cutting the powder a little finer with little taps, it was spread into a line and with the cylindrical made man straw in hand, Emily lent down - her long hair to one side of her neck and snorted the drug quick.
Standing up after it was consumed, white left over powder on the counter, Emily looked at herself on the mirror and wiped her nose, sucking in more through her nostrils, breathing out a soft calming sigh.

This was exactly what she needed

All she needed now was a hard dick to sit on.
bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

Trace blended back into the crowd as if the encounter had never happened between he and the way too gorgeous for her own good actress. He was fairly certain no one had seen their encounter out on the balcony or at least he hoped. Emily was literally all over him, placing her hands on his body and clothes as if she was just waiting for the party to be over to ravish him. It would certainly create rumors that Travis would go insane over. Trace was married, so the slightest bit of infidelity would send the paparazzi, media, and fans off their rockers. Trace didn't intend to do so with a woman he couldn't stand. She should be on the news for breaking the world record of number of dicks inside of her in a lifetime... or even how drunk a woman could get before filming. [i This is war...] Trace thought, as he sparked up another conversation with Travis.

Trace should have known he'd see the face of Emily once more as she passed by them and made up some excuse to go to the bathroom to [i "powder her nose."] Trace was almost sure she'd brought a few lines of cocaine to snort up that she could feel that rush again that separated herself from her miserable life of loneliness. Emily gave him a look as she waved at John, and he reciprocated it. His eyes narrowed, and he just straightened his coat. The night was growing ever darker, and people were beginning to leave. Trace was beginning to wonder if he could convince the director to let him set up residence in the Villa. He considered the thought, thinking about just how much Elizabeth would hate him for it. That last thought spurred his courage to do so. Trace excused himself from the influential people Travis had rounded up for him to find the older man.

Trace found the man showing some people out. He took a cautious look to the stairs where Emily had graciously wandered off to to give him the opportunity to ask for the Villa's front door keys for the next few months. When the door closed, Trace took the moment to move in front of the director, [b "There you are... I've been meaning to talk to you about something pressing my mind. Do you have a moment?"] Trace would ask with that British charm he seemed to have when he spoke that he could turn on and off just as easily as breathing. [i "Why sure I'll make time for you son... What's going on Mr. Andrews?"]

Trace placed a hand on the man's shoulders, leading him to the same balcony he and Emily had shared a private moment on to avoid prying ears, mostly John's. [b "This party has had me in awe of the Villa since we first walked in. This is a dream house of mine to be completely honest with you. Is there any chance I could convince you to move me here for the remainder of filming? It's close to set, and I could even pay if you'd have me."] Trace said with that signature smile. He couldn't WAIT to see Emily's face if he landed this one. The little princess would have to beg him for it... hopefully on her knees.

The director would seem to take it into consideration, taking in another breath, [i "I don't know Mr. Andrews... I respect you, and I'm more than happy that you agreed to take on my movie. I can't thank you enough... It's just that this Villa is expensive and I..."] Trace wouldn't take no for an answer, placing a hand on the man's shoulder to look him in the eyes. He had to pull this one over on Emily.

[b "I understand sir, but I must add that the location of the Villa itself is inspiring me in this role. I believe just waking up to this view every morning could give me the extra spark I need for this role as the new Bond."] He knew the words would speak to the director, who wanted this new Bond rendition to stand above the rest. Trace kept his eyes on the man before him who finally caved in, [i "In that case... here you go Mr. Andrews. The place is yours for the remainder of filming. Treat her well. I'm counting on you... oh and make sure to keep that inspiration coming, you hear?"]

Trace just grinned, taking the keys as the man handed them over, [b "I wouldn't dare to treat her with anything less than the respect she deserves."] Trace spoke, meaning both Emily and the Villa. [b "Oh and it's Trace."] He flashed that grin again and then walked back inside, purposely holding the keys so a certain blonde would hopefully bound back into the party scene and see them. If not, he was sure she'd find out sooner than later. Trace would laugh over the victory with his best friend and agent as they discussed how they could enjoy the house.

[i Hit me with your best shot Winthorpe.] Trace thought, finding himself curious as to what her reaction would be.

It was with wiping her nose once more - her eyes still staring into the mirror at her reflection that flashes again went through her mind.
It was not and nothing to do with the man downstairs, instead it was that of her childhood.
The beginning of her hunger to succeed and make her life mean something, to make it better; however it was right now in that moment that Emily couldn't help but feel even more lonely than she could of possibly imagine.

She had nobody.
She did not have a ring on her finger, a man to come home too at night who would greet her with open arms; let alone a pet as she was always at different location, making movies - pretending she was someone she wasn't.
The man downstairs who plotted to hurt her even further did have a ring on his finger and did have a wife who loved him very much.
Perhaps that was why she hated him as much as she did. Hate was a strong word, she disliked him.

Grabbing the mint container from the countertop - Emily threw it against the mirror and backed up - sitting down onto the lid of the toilet and cried.
A hand upon her mouth - her eyes closed and cried.

She had nothing.
Money wasn't everything.

For several minutes while downstairs was starting to becoming clearer with the people leaving, Emily stood back up and cleared her throat, making herself look presentable once more and breathed in deep. She was going to nail this role. She would run circles round Trace, if it was the last thing she would do.
However it was walking down the stairs that she noticed the people in the villa had left and Trace - was the only man left standing in the middle of the lounge room where the end of the steps met.

Down one step at time, hand upon the railing - Emily looked around just to try to find another face but came up with nothing and again - looked t the Actor who had a pretentious little smirk across his face before holding out a hand while his fingers held a set of keys.

[b "Are those..the...."] she spoke, stepping into the lounge room towards Trace who didn't mutter a single word.
[b "Oh..no you did not just do this.."]

He did.
And the proof was evident when he continued to hold the keys up in-front of her face.

[b "You...snake. Not only do you talk about me behind my back and make people think the worst of me, you do this!..."] she screamed. [b "Why do you hate me so much? Huh? ... Because people like me better? Because I am so, damn lonely I like men to keep me company? Or is it because you know I'm a drunk and you want to make a fool out of me?.."]

Throwing her purse at him, Emily wandered up to Trace and smacked the keys out from his hand - hearing them fall onto the floor with look of hatred and lust on her face.
Her eyes like daggers.
Yes, Trace was an intoxicating man, but he was nothing but a good for nothing prick with a hidden agenda.

[b "They just like me better. Put me up in a nice Penthouse and you feel you need to compete with me by taking this place. How pathetic can you be? Take the villa, I don't care. You cannot hurt me anymore than you already have.."]

Looking at him, Emily bit her lower lip - keeping her stance good and firm.
[b "I am not ...going anywhere. Nothing you can do..or say will make me. So stop being a pretentious cunt and accept the fact, that I am here....this, whatever it is, it's not going away, not until this movie is over.."]

[i Kiss me, Trace...do it now before I scream..]
bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

It wasn't long before the Villa was empty, and Trace was left alone with the keys. Emily hadn't come down from the bathroom, and Travis had somehow managed to lead her agent, John, out for a quick chat about their clients. It was perfect. Trace was standing there, leaning against the fancy couch as he held the keys out in front of him. He had his eyes trained on the stairs for Emily to grace him with her presence as she bounded down them. Emily looked so bewildered when he saw her face again, placing her hand on that rail as she slid down the stairs so smoothly. The look on her face was priceless. She was [i mad,] and it was all his fault. [i 1 for Trace. 0 for Emily.] He thought, keeping that grin all over his face.

[#299b17 "Are those..the.... Oh..no you did not just do this.."] Emily's voice was incredulous and angry like a swarm of ants after someone stepped on their ant hill. Trace only kept that grin on his face, dangling the keys in her face then lifting them up as if to taunt her to jump. Trace didn't even say anything as Emily mustered up some comeback to spit in his face.

[#299b17 "You...snake. Not only do you talk about me behind my back and make people think the worst of me, you do this!..." she screamed. "Why do you hate me so much? Huh? ... Because people like me better? Because I am so, damn lonely I like men to keep me company? Or is it because you know I'm a drunk and you want to make a fool out of me?.."] Emily was in full-on rant mode at that point. She confirmed everything he thought of her and more. He wouldn't say he hated her... no that was too strong of a word, and he only told the director and Travis what he thought of her. She was lonely as she proclaimed and a drunk and fond of men in her bed at every minute of the day.

He wanted to say that he was making a fool out of her because she started things... He wouldn't let her win. The second that Trace let his guard down after her yelling outburst of an act, he would be declared the loser in a million ways that Emily could find. Trace knew better. He was going to bask in his little victory as the lady in front of him threw her purse at him. He felt the impact of it, but he kept his ground. Trace didn't lose that smirk as she came at him and smacked the keys out of his hand. Trace felt a slight sting in his hand as the keys slid across the floor.

Emily's eyes captivated his with a look of both hatred and lust. He could see the flashes in them, awakening a lust in himself that he found strangely irresistible. Her eyes were like daggers cutting into him and drawing blood. Trace knew she wasn't innocent, no matter how much she bitched to him. He didn't trust her...

[#299b17 "They just like me better. Put me up in a nice Penthouse and you feel you need to compete with me by taking this place. How pathetic can you be? Take the villa, I don't care. You cannot hurt me anymore than you already have.."] There she went, playing victim again. She sure as hell wasn't innocent. Trace had been angry that she'd been staying in a Penthouse when all he got was a nice suite, but he had the nicest suite of all now. He one upped her, and that meant he won. He also won seeing this little outbreak. She acted like he'd hurt her to some outrageous extent, and he could have rolled his eyes then and there. He just got the Villa little miss princess wanted for herself.

Emily stood just in front of him, keeping her ground, no matter how tall he stood before her. She was a little spitfire. [#299b17 "I am not ...going anywhere. Nothing you can do..or say will make me. So stop being a pretentious cunt and accept the fact, that I am here....this, whatever it is, it's not going away, not until this movie is over.."] Trace listened to the little Cinderella of a woman before him as she proclaimed that she was not going anywhere. She was making a fit. [i Oh yeah? Try me...] Trace thought as she declared there was nothing he could do to make her leave and that he was a pretentious cunt.

Trace was silent a moment before looking down to her, talking in that deep, smooth voice of his, [b "You know... Now that you mention it. I'm sure there is room in this big huge Villa for us both to share. That is... if you do everything I say when I ask of you. You can be my little servant girl, and then... and only then will you be able to occupy the guest room. What do you say?"] He let his eyes linger over her, searching her with those dark, challenging, and sexy eyes of his.

[i I dare you...]

[+red "You know... Now that you mention it. I'm sure there is room in this big huge Villa for us both to share. That is... if you do everything I say when I ask of you. You can be my little servant girl, and then... and only then will you be able to occupy the guest room. What do you say?"]

He did not just say that to her.
Who the fuck did he think she was?

[i I love you. I hate you. I like you. I hate you. I love you. I think you’re stupid. I think you’re a loser. I think you’re wonderful. I want to be with you. I don’t want to be with you. I would never date you. I hate you. I love you…..I think the madness started the moment we met and you spoke your words. Did you have a disease or something?] she spoke to herself in her mind.
Emily had no idea what this was. All they both did was fight, disagree and try to shoot verbal ammo to hurt one another.

What kind of sick game was this?

The words that came out of Trace's mouth only made the woman's blood boil even more and it was with a raise of her right arm - open hand that she quickly flung it to the left, slapping Trace hard and quick across the face, leaving a delightful red mark that made her somewhat happy.

Oh it felt good.

To slap a man disrespectful man was just wonderful, that and she could touch him again.

[b "Don't you dare, ever talk to me like that again. You are the lowest; most disgusting man I have ever met. And yet..im still standing here.."] Emily replied, keeping her eyes on the man that longed for. [b "Then again, if you do wish to share the Villa, id be happy too.."]

Giving off a smile, Emily took a step back only to leave the keys where they laid - on the floor upon the side. Turning her back on the Actor who was Bond, the Actress began to make her way up the staircase once again with her hands slowly sliding up her body and began to take off the dress, turning the corner out of view and flung the dress behind her showing off that she was now nude.

[b "However, I get the main bedroom. You can have the Guest room, or the couch. Up to you.."] she called before laughing.

Oh yes, Emily trumped his ace.

How sweet it was.

In the bedroom, she looked around and smiled. This was much better than the penthouse.
With a single phone call, Emily made sure that all of her belongings were on their way to her new home for the next 3 months.
bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

[size16 Crack!]

It was the only sound that filled the room after Emily reeled her hand back and put all of her smaller body into the forceful slap across his face. It jerked his head to one side, leaving a nasty sting. The woman could pack a punch. He probably deserved that one... Trace lifted one of his hands up to cradle his cheek that she so carelessly slapped the hell out of it. She could have handled that differently for both his sake and hers. Emily got in the first words after the verbal spat turned physical.

[#3ec01b "Don't you dare, ever talk to me like that again. You are the lowest; most disgusting man I have ever met. And yet..im still standing here.."] Okay, that one was a little personal. He was the [i most disgusting] man that she had ever met? In her whole entire life? He wanted to check himself in the mirror after that comment. Had he been slacking off or something? Trace didn't think he looked that bad... He'd struck a chord with Emily, and she didn't let him get away with it. It was almost a turn out to Trace, and he could feel it burning inside of his heart like an inferno wanting to be let out. This woman challenged him in ways others never dared to. It was like she was the mouse, and he was the cat, and she dared him to come after her before darting away into a hole in the wall again.

Trace was considering putting his hands on the woman and pressing her body against his, covering her pouting and angry lips with his own in a heated and passionate kiss to shut her up. [#3ec01b "Then again, if you do wish to share the Villa, id be happy too.."] It was at that moment that Trace finally showed the slightest bits of relief. It would be fun having her wait on him. [i That was easy... like taking candy from a baby.] Trace was thinking of putting her in a sexy little maid's outfit and ordering her around until she threw another curveball at him like a world famous pitcher... of words that is.

Trace was still sitting there, tallying up another score for himself as Emily bounded over to the stairs. Well, maybe he could get through all this without too much bloodshed. Until she struck back. Emily didn't even pick up the keys, leaving them on the floor from where they had slid after she slapped his hand. She flashed him a gorgeous smile and turned her back towards the James Bond actor himself, strutting her sexy ass to the staircase as if she was up to something. How did he not know better... Emily placed a manicured hand on her body, daring his eyes to look and imagine all the things he could do to her. She lifted her nails to hook under her dress straps and push them down, making Trace red hot in desire and craning his neck to see if he could catch a glimpse of her naked body as she turned the corner and threw the mini dress to the side. Trace couldn't hide the little growl that was erupting in his chest.

[#3ec01b "However, I get the main bedroom. You can have the Guest room, or the couch. Up to you.."] Her words came as she slid up the stairs in the most graceful and seductive of manners. Oh this woman... [i That wasn't part of the deal...] He let his eyes linger on the stairs as if her naked form would come walking back, but she didn't do such a thing. Trace would pick up the keys, holding them in his hand and then place them on the counter. That was it... He couldn't hold back. He'd been drinking, and her slap had pushed him over the edge.

He'd already made arrangements for his things to be brought in. Trace even scoped out the master bedroom to see what he'd living in for the next three months. [i No.. this is mine.] He grumbled, walking towards the stairs with a determined and lustful look. He grabbed her dress off the stairs and made his way confidently and quickly to the bedroom. His heart was pounding in his chest as he pushed open the door to the master bedroom, hoping to find her there. Trace saw the woman, throwing her dress to the side. He was fuming.

Trace took a look over her, and if she would look at him his eyes were full of intense, almost animal lust. Trace couldn't stop himself. He closed the gap between them and put his large hands on either side of Emily's face, pulling her to him and enveloping her lips in his as he crashed his down on hers with all the fever and passion and tension of a freight train. Trace trailed his hands to her back and pulled her hot body flush up against him, letting her start to feel the bulge in his pants. He took her lips forcefully in his, letting his teeth linger to pull at her bottom lip tantalizingly when he pulled backwards. He was breathing heavily at that point, looking down at the woman. If she hadn't clad herself in some other fabric, Trace would have noticed by then... and the beast inside him would be let out.

[i I'm going to fuck you hard...] He thought, staring all of his intent down into her eyes.

Emily knew the slap across the face had some strength to it.
No one in their right mind would ever even think or come close to speaking to her in that manner.
If they did - they would be out the door - fired and completely jobless with a bad recommendation.

It was a good slap in the face, one Trace needed for a good wake up call. His words were hurtful and after that response, surely he should of realised that.
Up the stairs she walked and slowly removed the single piece of fabric that was covering her body and flung it out to the side the moment she stepped around the corner out of complete view.
It was perfectly timed.
Trace could not even take a peek as she was long out of the way, moving into the high profile bedroom with an utterly incredible view.

[b "Cop that, Mr Bond..."] she muttered to herself, standing by the window and looked out into the distance before hearing the footsteps on her new found roommate.

“Sit your affections, your heart and your precious time out on the doorstep without so much as making him ring the doorbell first, and he’ll treat you like a doormat. Make him work a little to get next to you, and he won’t stop til you’re his.” - this was a quote she was fond of and it screamed true. Make the man work for it. Make him respect you and right now, Trace had no respect for her.

All he saw was a girl in trouble, a drunk who slept around because she was just ever so lonely.
Emily watched the man enter the room and treated her dress like nothing as it flung off to the side like it was nothing, letting it rest upon the bed.
The look in his eyes.
Trace Andrews was mad.

[b "What's the matter, Andrews? Finally met your match?..."]

He was mad.
He was fuming.

Emily remained in her place, tall and ever so poised, naked - apart from only wearing a pair of underwear that were so tiny, she might as well not be wearing one at all.
Within moments of her speaking those words, silence filled the room and for one time, for once Trace did not utter a single word in retaliation.
Instead, he walked up to her, closed the gap inbetween the both of them and looked down upon her face - deep into her eyes as she tilted her head up and did the same.

Heart that belonged to her began to flutter fast.

[b "Trace?..."] she spoke softly, raising an eyebrow.

Hands rested upon either side of her face and Trace lent down - resting his lips upon Emily's own.
This took her by surprise.
Eyes widened the moment this came to be but it took second for her eyes to close and wrap her arms around Trace's neck, stepping in closer - letting her body press up against his own.

Opening her mouth, tongues danced along one another and finally, she tasted Trace.
He tasted like peppermint and whisky, exactly what she imagined and more.
Fingers ran through his hair and tugged on the strands and the moment she tugged, came the moment - his hands grabbed her body and pulled her in closer, forcefully up tight against him.

Against her stomach with her being shorter - Emily could feel the large bulge against her which only made her wetter, soaking her underwear.

[b "Oh ..fuck, yes...."]

Jumping up - while still holding onto Trace, Emily wrapped her legs around his waist and continued to kiss his enchanting mouth harder - growling in hunger.
Head tilted to the side - Emily passionately kissed his lips - biting down on his lower lip; completely lost in him.
The married man kissed her first.
It came as a shock to her system but she just could not help herself.

Bare naked chest pressed it up hard against his skin.
Nipples hard from being incredibly turned on, however all good things had to come to an end and the moment was over with him pulling away, breaking the kiss.
There eyes opened and connected once more while his hands rested on her ass, keeping her up.

It was then she came to realise what they had done.

[b "Shit...."] she whispered - shifting her body, unwrapping her legs and setting her feet down that were still in the heeled shoes onto the ground.

Stepping back, Emily brought a hand to her mouth while her arm crossed over her chest, kept her tits hidden and kept quiet - trying to regain her breathing.
What was that?

[b "You kissed me...."] she spoke in whisper, staring at the man. [b "But, you hate me ..."]

He did hate her.

What the hell was this?

Emily was confused.
Crazy for the man, but completely confused.

[b "This is all just a game to you. Kissing me, making me feel things that will distract me...."]
bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

Fire. Passion. Intensity. Desire. Regret...

[#24a01c "What's the matter, Andrews? Finally met your match?..."] She was still able to talk back to him in that way they both lived for within the past 24 hours. He barely noticed it until he was sucking face with her. She barely muttered his name before his lips were crashed down on hers. Trace could feel her arms go up and wrap around his neck, and she would voluntarily step closer. [i Did she want this?]

Trace was in a whirlwind of emotions as she opened her mouth willingly. His tongue would wrestle along with hers in a sensual dance. She tasted of alcohol yet also of something faintly sweet... was it strawberries? Why was he thinking like that? Had Trace Andrews been broken? It seemed like it because when Emily felt his large bulge, she muttered three words.

[#24a01c "Oh ..fuck, yes...."]

She'd wanted him to do this... to chase after her and collide his lips against hers and get hard and throw her on the bed... Emily was jumping up and wrapping her long legs around his waist, and he reacted by running his hands down to her ass to support her that was only covered in a thin slip of underwear. Her lips were coming back to his, claiming them in a hungrier and harder pace.

She hadn't been put off by him kissing her. No. She was [i loving] it. Trace had felt her bare skin in his hands and her hard nipples and breasts pressed against his own. He definitely realized that really fast.

Then it was over, and she was standing on her own once more. Trace looked at her, taking in her figure. She was just as slim and voluptuous as he thought... even with her arms crossed over her chest. Trace tried to keep his eyes off her, running his hand up through his hair and over his mouth.

[i What have I done?] He thought, playing with his ring just a bit. He was [i married,] and he was happy. He was happy wasn't he? Why did he suddenly feel the urge for this woman... to want her to need her? He [i hated] her. He had to.

Trace took a look at her and then shook his head. He had to get away from her... far away. [b No... this never happened. Do you hear me? This NEVER happened, Emily."] Trace sighed heavily, grabbing her dress and throwing it back at her without looking. [b "Just get dressed... this room is yours."] He spoke in a defeated and soft tone, nothing like his normal confident self. As he walked out, Trace hit the wall hard with his hand, cursing and hurrying off to the guest room.

He didn't just kiss her... certainly not with all that [i passion.] Not Emily Winthorpe. Not when he was fucking [i married.] Trace splashed cold water on his face, trying to wake up from the nightmare he was certainly having. But he didn't. It was all too real. [b Shit...] Trace muttered. He had to forget this. He had to drink enough to forget...

Trace opened as many cabinets as he could in the kitchen until he found the supply of hard liquor and poured himself shot after shot until he was drunk off his ass and fell face first in his bed in the guest room of course.

It was not something she expected.

From the moment she laid eyes on Trace, it was on the big screen when she and like many others watched a movie of his.
He was grand.
He was upmost the most incredible looking man she had ever seen; but she wouldnt admit that, Emily was simply too proud even thought she wanted to scream it from the rooftops.
It made her somewhat jealous on how good he was; as she..felt threatened.

Someone - a man was going to take her throne.

The kiss was red hot.
A kiss that was filled with passion, lust, forbidden wanting and she could feel the yearning of the man as he strained hard against his pants.
There was no doubt in her mind that a patch of wetness would be on the his fabric, visible for whoever to see.
Hands were all one another.
A simply squeel of pleasure escaped from her thorat as she could feel Trace's hands grip her ass, holding her tightly to him as the kiss got hotter and hotter.

It was all lingering in the past when Emily shifting off from his body and his hold - heels back onto the floor only to take a step back, trying to process what the fuck just happened.

[b "What, was that?..."] she spoke, breathing heavily as a single arm covered her bare naked chest.

[i "No... this never happened. Do you hear me? This NEVER happened, Emily."] - was all she got from him.
Within seconds - eyes not leaving him, Emily was about to open her mouth but was cut off with more words from the man, including being handed over her dress to which she put on quick and smartly.

Trace left.
Exited the room - leaving her alone to think about all that happened only for her body to jump slightly upon hearing his hand against the wall - knowing he made a mistake.

[b "Fuck..."] she whispered to herself as she brought up a hand to her mouth - sighed and turned around - glancing out the window as clatter of glass - growls in frustration were heard down stairs.

They fucked up.

As time passed, Emily remained in the bedroom speechless, somewhat in a catatonic state trying to still figure it all out, but as time passed, so did her urge to want more of the good stuff.
Moving out of the room, down the stairs - she collected her purse that remained on the floor and travelled back upstairs towards the main room that was now hers as Trace was defeated.

Sauntering passed the Guest room, Emily looked down at the purse for a single moment before pushing open the door, seeing Trace upon the bed, face down.

[b "What we did, was bad..."] she spoke softly, entering the room - leaving the door somwhat open just a crack as she wandered over to the bed, crawling upon the mattress and laid down beside him.

If they were to live together in the Villa, both as stubborn as they were, they needed to get along.

[b "But, i'm not going to lie to you. It's a natural thing...and ...I liked it, alot. It'll be our little secret. I wont tell..if you wont. No one has to know. Touch me..."] again Emily whispered - gently grabbing Trace's hand and letting the palm gently place on the outside of her thigh that was bare from the fabric of her dress being hiked up.
Her hands slowly pushing down the straps of her dress only to rest on her arms.

[b "or I have something that can make us forget?. If that is what you really want..."]

Opening her purse Emily reached in and pulled out her very special drug kit - just incase..
bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

Everything was blurry. He felt like he was seeing double. Trace was drunk, and anyone could have told him that. His judgement had certainly slowed down, but he'd been lying there in bed for a few hours it seemed. They were a few hours of peace and quiet that he so desperately needed. There was a mess in the kitchen of bottles and glasses that he hadn't bothered to pick up. Some of the cabinets were still open, but he didn't know how else to react to what he'd done... [i they'd] done. He saw a few voicemails on his phone from his wife, but he didn't dare answer. Trace didn't know how to talk to her for the first time in a while. He didn't know what to say. Would he come out and tell her that he shared an intense kiss with the woman he was working with and was supposed to be living separately from? Now they were both in the same Villa... the same, private Villa.

They were forbidden. The two of them were destined to be apart in every single way, but it only made the tension grow. After all, everyone wanted what they couldn't have. Trace could [i NOT] have Emily Winthorpe. She was too immature, too drunk, too high, too [i Emily] to want. But he did. It was so obvious to him that he did in that passing moment of lust. They were actors, so he certainly knew what it felt like to be falsely playing a role. This wasn't the case... Trace didn't just do things on impulse. He thought about things. Apparently, all that was out of the window with Emily.

Trace groaned in the sheets, chastising himself for giving in. He was a man with needs, but she was NOT one of his needs. She was a slut after all... He didn't deal with sluts. Trace had higher standards than that, didn't he? [i But he just couldn't think.] He'd been at a loss for words, as if they were both mute and only able to express themselves with their hands and bodies and lips. [i Fuck me...] Trace thought, running a hand up to his face. Then, he felt movement next to him on the bed that was way too comfortable for its own good. There was someone beside him, and Trace knew damn well who that was.

Emily. Again and again and again. She wouldn't even [i let] him stop thinking about her. Or was this just a hallucination? Or did he fall asleep and it was a dream? Was it all a dream? Maybe he hadn't kissed her and broken his vows... Maybe he hadn't really lusted over here. Maybe he never even got the role.

[#3ab918 "What we did, was bad..."] Her soft, seductive voice ran over his ears like the wine he'd downed earlier that night. [i It was bad... very bad.]

Trace was convincing himself it was all a vision when she grabbed his hand and pulled it to her thigh, speaking in that same tempting voice as before. [#3ab918 "But, i'm not going to lie to you. It's a natural thing...and ...I liked it, alot. It'll be our little secret. I wont tell..if you wont. No one has to know. Touch me..."] His eyes opened, and Trace turned enough so he was on his side, able to look at at the woman in front of him. She was real. It was all real. All [i too real.] She liked it... A lot. Why did that pride him?

She was promising that she wouldn't tell. Trace figured there would be a price tag for her silence. But touching her? Giving in? His large palm was resting on her smooth skin on her upper thigh, bare as her dress was hiked up. He could feel himself so close to her... He could feel her warmth. Trace followed her every movement with his eyes, staring as she would push down the straps to her arms, leaving her in the slimmest of fabric yet again. It only covered enough to make him want more.. to make him want to rip the thing off entirely again and not stop this time.

Maybe drinking wasn't the best idea...
[#3ab918 "or I have something that can make us forget?. If that is what you really want..."] She was holding a kit that he could make out to most likely hold drugs. He could do it all... no one could know. This could be their secret. This could be their three months in paradise... Trace blinked once, looking over the woman before him. Again, judgement was gone and not only because of alcohol.

[b "What are you doing Emily? What do you want... What do you want from me?"] He would ask, testing her as he slowly moved his palm a few inches higher on her thigh, waiting for some kind of response. Anything... He had to know. She had to explain.

[i Or else e feared it wouldn't take him very long to cave in again.]

People use drugs, legal and illegal, because their lives are intolerably painful or dull. They hate their work and find no rest in their leisure. They are estranged from their families and their neighbors. It should tell us something that in healthy societies drug use is celebrative, convivial, and occasional, whereas among us it is lonely, shameful, and addictive. We need drugs, apparently, because we have lost each other

It was partly true.

Emily loved her work, loved everything about it as she could anyone but her.
Everything else, was exactly on point.

She never spoke on her family, never saw her family and had nothing to do with them as the past was just simply to painful to remember and it was the booze and drugs that helped.
The sex, was just a bonus in it all. When pain, came pleasure and deep down inside, Emily hated who she was.
Who could love a woman like her?

She wouldn't blame them as she was lost caused, but not that lost that she wanted to leave this earth behind and leave a beautiful corpse.

Stepping into the room and taking rest upon a mattress that was wonderful to lay on, Emily rested beside a man who too, was lost but hid it very well.
It was not the right thing to do - as the right thing was her leaving him be and the room only to step into hers and fall asleep, wanting a brand new day.

Emily was still somewhat high from the coke she had taken already and, drunk on the drink but also, drunk on the feeling she had when she kissed his mouth.
It was only natural to act on something so wonderful.
It was only natural for them to act on the urge, wanting something, someone they couldnt have.

They were human and yes, they both made a mistake.

No one would know what happened.

The last thing they both needed in their life was a scandal.

Trace being married, he didn't want to hurt his family and Emily, did not want to be the known cause of it.
The Homewrecker - plastered on every front page magazine was not something to be proud of - and yet. there she was, laying beside the man who made her want to do all the wrong things.

Holding the tin kit in her hand, it wasn't long until Trace opened his eyes and stared upon the woman, opening his mouth and spoke words that made Emily raise an eyebrow along with a shudder of her body.
Words that caught her off guard and made her think, all the while his hand sliding up the outside of her thigh, pushing up the fabric of her dress ever so slowly.

[i "What are you doing Emily? What do you want... What do you want from me?"]

Good question.

It was with her free hand that she pushed Trace onto his back, resting firmly against the mattress as she lifted one slender leg and shifted it over, moving up and straddled his waist good and tight as she looked down at him.

[b "I want... what any girl would want when she is lonely..."] Emily spoke softly, the dress pushing up due to the spread of her legs with Trace resting underneth.
The container resting on the bed beside them both securely as her hands pulled down her dress - over her breasts; letting them out as really - he had already seen them; that cause a gathered up peice of attire rest around her waist.

[b "Comfort, companionship...."] words spoke softly as she lent down, brushing those full pouty lips against his mouth before saying the single word that made her body tingle .. [b "Sex..."]

Shifting her gaze away from Trace to the tin box off to the side, Emily grabbed it and pushed up the lid quick.
Leaning back up - grabbing the body of a small steel paddle that was flat, the Actress dug into the white powder and lifted it up a reasonable amount to her nose and took the drug that calmed her body down and kept her warm.
Tilting her head back, she sighed - smiling before focusing on Trace once more, offering the small utensil.

[b "Be a bad boy....."]
bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

[i Straddling him.]

Emily Winthorpe was straddling him tightly around his waist, having pushed his back against the mattress. She was taking control. She was showing him [i exactly] what she wanted. It was intoxicating. This woman was going to be the downfall of Trace, and it was obvious from that moment onward. He couldn't resist her. Especially not with her sitting upon him as if she were begging him to take her and have his way with her, and she [i was.]

[#38c016 "I want... what any girl would want when she is lonely..."] Emily spoke with such a sultry tone, Trace was enchanted by her. He was supposed to be alone in the guest room, letting her win her little victories. She wasn't supposed to come barging into his room, and she knew that. But she didn't care. She could tell somehow deep down that he was lost even though he seemed to have everything all together. She could tell that he yearned for something, and she was becoming that something. Hell, it was turning him on like crazy.

Trace stared up at the woman sitting on top of him like he was her throne as her nimble fingers removed the straps of her dress. She pulled the front down, revealing supple mounds that sent Trace's heart in a frenzy. She was [i sexy as fuck.] Trace felt the heat rushing down to his manhood, and he felt the same burning that he had before. He'd been so high off that kiss that he tried to get low with the drinking, but it hadn't worked. Now she was offering him so much... all of her body in the most sinful of ways.

He kept sitting there, trying to keep his fists closed and not to touch her, but he knew he was about to break. [#38c016 "Comfort, companionship.... Sex..."] Her full lips came down to brush against his own, and Trace could feel burning tingles rushing all over his body. That was it. He was a goner. He [i needed] her more than anything he'd felt before. And he would have her in every way.

The actress would sniff up some more of the white powdered drug, and Trace watched her smile as she handed him the utensil to do the same. [b "Fuck me..."] Trace muttered finally, lifting the drug to his nose and sniffing up. It sent a sense of euphoria and calmness and warmness all through his body that only made his decision to descend into lust even easier. Well, that and the fact she was sitting on his dick with her top down.

Trace looked up at the woman, feeling a growling of desire lifting into his chest. His eyes betrayed just how much he wanted to do to this woman... They betrayed what she truly did to him, no matter how confusing.

Then he acted on it.

Trace ran his hands up slowly over her sides, letting his fingertips trace her skin before cupping her breasts. He would sit up, running his finger to place pressure on her nipples as he would trace his lips hotly down into her neck. He planted hot kisses all the way down her skin until his mouth reached her chest, opening his mouth and letting his tongue swirl around her nipple as he sucked on her. He took his time on each of her breasts as he ran his hand down between her legs to feel her warmth and begin rubbing over her underwear. He wanted her hot for him.

Man can never know the loneliness a woman knows. Man lies in the woman's womb only to gather strength, he nourishes himself from this fusion, and then he rises and goes into the world, into his work, into battle, into art. He is not lonely. He is busy. The memory of the swim in amniotic fluid gives him energy, completion. Woman may be busy too, but she feels empty. Sensuality for her is not only a wave of pleasure in which she is bathed, and a charge of electric joy at contact with another. When man lies in her womb, she is fulfilled, each act of love a taking of man within her, an act of birth and rebirth, of child rearing and man bearing. Man lies in her womb and is reborn each time anew with a desire to act, to be. But for woman, the climax is not in the birth, but in the moment man rests inside of her.

How lonely she was.

So lonely that right now, in the moment she was in - she did not care that she would be hurting a man.
She did not care that she would be hurting a woman.
Emily did not care that she would be tearing vows to shreads and fucking up a marriage.

With legs on either side of Trace's body, the fmale held onto him good and tight as if he was to walk away from ths - he would struggle just slight.
Who was she kidding.
Trace was strong and could remove her from him like she was nothing but a lightweight feather.

The offer of the small utensil was a simple one.
Emily had lied when she said that the powder would help them both forget what happened in the main bedroom earlier; but infact - would heightened their natural urges.
The offer was easy.

Take it..or leave it.

Keeping her hues on Mr Andrews, Emily raised an eyebrow as she continued to straddle waist, feeling his bulge get harder as her lower half grinded against with ever move she made.
Within moments, Trace lent forward and took the cocaine like a professional after speaking two single words that drove her into a sexual frenzy.


One long snort up the nose, Emily closed the lid of the kit shut securely and dropped it onto the floor the very second Trace sat up and placed both of his man hands on her.
Hands that belonged to her, resting firmly placed on his shoulders as eyes closed and once more - kissed with intense hunger and lust; so passionate that growls and moans left both of their throats.
Kisses that were soon stopped and broken apart as Emily tilted her head to the side - keeping eyes closed, mouth open and sighed in pleasure the moment her neck became the prize.
The neck was a sensual area to kiss.
The collar bone and even nicer place to pay attention; but it were the senstitve nipples upon a single breast that made the girl grind down against Trace's buldge even more.

Fngers ran through his perfect hair and tugged hard oin the strands upon feeling his tongue swirl around her breast - taking her all in his mouth - sucking hard.

[b "Bad..boy...."] she muttered softly - tilting her head so she was facing the ceiling - eyes rolling back as she breathed heavily.

All he could do was smile and giveo off soft laughter from the wetness Trace touched inbetween her legs.
It was all his fault; however this made the girl pull back - pushing him away from her body only for herself to stand - up and over him.

Pushing the thin underwear down, one hand removing it from her body while the other held onto the ball of his shoulder once again before tossing the thong off to the side along with the dress.

With Trace still somewhat dressed, Emily shifted back down - kneeling before the Actor who was married and now engaging in extra marital activities and let her hands move to the front of the tight pants.
Pulling down the zipper and opened up and reaching in, pulling Trace out in all his glory.

Looking down at it, Emily quickly glanced back up at Trace and smiled.
[b "Holy shit..."] came a whisper to him before ravishing his mouth with her lips once again as her hand gripped tight and began to move up and down.

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bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

Sinful. Intoxicating. Passionate.

She was all of those things. They were all of those things the night before their first day of filming. Trace had been lost in it all. He was drunk in alcohol, but he also found himself drunk in her kisses and the way she handled him so hotly. He found himself drunk in the way her body felt and the way she challenged him to do things he never would have. He had hot sex with her, and it was nailing more into his coffin. She was [i definitely] going to be the death of Trace Andrews. He woke up that morning to an annoying alarm, reaching over with a large hand and hitting the snooze button on his phone. The morning light was just perfectly filtering in through the windows, and he had a splitting headache. Trace ran a hand up to his head, rubbing his temples. [i Fuck I got loaded last night..] He thought, before noticing his bare chest and the thin amount of sheets covering his manhood.

He remembered it still, but it was a bit fuzzy. He remembered the way his body felt in hers and the way her body rocked. She was there next to him, in the same state of undress as he. It wasn't a dream. They had taken the plunge. He was a [i married man,] still wearing his ring. How could he? How did he let this slut of a woman worm her way into his bed... onto his dick? But he found himself wanting to remember more about their passionate sex. He wanted to remember the details... almost as if he wanted to be sober during it. [i No Trace.. you're just getting caught up in the role and the atmosphere. You despise her.] Trace told himself, hitting himself in the face to wake up a bit.

Without bothering to wake her if she hadn't to the alarm, Trace stood and made his way to the bathroom adjacent to the bedroom. He planted himself before the large mirror and splashed water all over his face. How was he going to tell his wife? Or should he not tell her? Would she hate him? Would she want a divorce? [i No... no one can ever know.] He thought to himself, suddenly gaining more bits and pieces of the night. Emily had dared him to be bad with her, and he had done just that. They both [i wanted] it deep down. They both felt the burning passion. They both fell into each other's arms, no matter the circumstances. Trace took a look at his ring and slipped it off. He couldn't carry it around like a status of his undying love and loyalty to his wife when he broke their vows, could he? He would certainly have to remove it for filming anyway. Trace set it to the side of the bathroom and let out another deep sigh, turning the water of the shower on hot.

Trace slipped into the large, walk-in frame with glass enclosing walls and tiles on the floor. It was large enough for more than one most certainly, but he was just focusing on himself. He had to get his head out of the clouds to film at least... then he could return and get drunk and lock his door so the devil herself couldn't sneak her way in again. Trace put on hand on the tile, letting the water relax his body. He would close his eyes, reflecting on everything he'd done and how much he'd sinned. [i And how much he wanted to do it again...]

The night was pure heaven.

It consisted of the two of them have alcohol and drug induced sex that only heightened the pleasure.
It was quite interesting to say the least as Trace was an animal in the sack. He roughed her up, moaned and groaned and took out all his frustrations with her and perhaps a little of his hate.

Trace was not shy about positions.
While laying on her back, leg spread up in the air with his hands gripping her ankles, Emily reached up and gripped the headboard as the Actor who despised her, who had pure hatred in his blood for her - fucked her hard while looking at her - deep into her eyes as she did the same to him.
Screams of pleasure escaped her throat.
The headboard hitting the wall with every thrust he made upwards along with every grunt of satisfaction.

Roles were soon reversed and it was her time. Emily rode him hard and fast as her nails scratched his chest and her head tilted back, screaming the villa down as she bounced on that dick that was hard for her.

Trace could say all he wanted about not enjoying himself or it was a mistake.
Sure, it was a mistake but he loved it, as much as she did as the two hit climax together, without wearing protection.

It was the sound of the alarm going off that Emily, who rested on the other side of the bed, under a single sheet that her eyes opened ever so slowly and looked upon the window that was open to give in a nice breeze.
Movement on the other side indicated that Trace was up and awake and soon felt herself in the bed alone, something she hated.

Being alone wasn't her idea of a good time.
Yes, at times, being alone was calming, soothing but when it came to her and her past, it was hurtful.

Pushing the sheet off her body, Emily stood up and wandered over to the bathroom and stepped inside as trace had a shower and let the water wash over his skin.
Upon the sink, rested his wedding band that he still wore while fucking the actress senseless.
It was now off his hands.


Raising an eyebrow, Emily bit her lower lip and stepped in closer, placing a hand upon the handle of the shower door and opened it up, looking upon Trace and moved inside, feeling the warm water.

Standing behind him - the front of her naked body pressing against his own, hands trailing up his back, over his shoulders and down his muscular arms as she kissed inbetween his shoulder blades upon her tip toes.

[b "I despise you and you despise me. We fucked up and yet...."] she spoke softly, soon stepping around to the front of him, tilting her head up - making Trace look at her as the two of them continued to get wet from the water.

[b "I cannot bare to be away from you..."] again she spoke, gently brushing lips against his own before kissing mouth slowly.
bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

Her hands were on his back. Her body was just behind his. Trace could feel her chest... her lovely chest against his back pressed up against his skin. Emily was in the shower with him. She'd woken up to the same alarm, and she obviously wasn't through with him. Her hands were rubbing over his muscular back and arms and chest, and it was doing things to him. [i Can you just stop pushing my fucking buttons woman?] He was thinking, but he didn't push her away just yet. Her lips began kissing in between his shoulder blades. She was trying to worship him in the way only a woman of her kind could. Emily was doing things to him that he couldn't even think of doing just weeks before. She made him [i want] to be bad. A [i bad boy.]

Trace felt the hot water trailing down his body as he took a few more breaths. He was trying to think, but she made it hard to do that. Trace heard that same devilish and mischievous voice, [i "I despise you and you despise me. We fucked up and yet...."] Her voice came off soft as if she hadn't been under him as he banged the hell out of her or bouncing on top of him as if there were no tomorrow just the night before. Trace looked down at the smaller woman as she moved in front of him. His hands were framing her in as he leaned against the shower wall, pressing his palms down on the wall. Her hair was wet from the shower water, and her body was in all its glory before him. He was trying not to look... not to give in [i again.] But she was killing him being right there in front of him. Her body was so damn sexy...

Watching her there with the water trailing down just in front of him was sending primal urges through his body. But he couldn't do that... He couldn't betray himself or his wife or his life like that... Could he? [i "I cannot bare to be away from you..."] Her voice came again, just as intoxicating as the last. Trace ran a hand up through his wet hair before pulling her to the side and turning the shower off. He would wrap a towel around her and usher her out as he pulled one around his lower half. [b "Well great because we have to work together. I can't do this Emily... Just go to the master bedroom and get ready, and I won't bother you."] He let out a distressed sigh and then turn to her once more, [b "And promise me no one will ever know about this. If you even think about telling someone... I promise I will make your life hell, Winthorpe."] He spoke with anger in his eyes, but he was just trying to get her out of his view before he took her and bent her over the sink to have his way with her the way he wanted.

Trace didn't even listen to her response, pushing his way back into the room to pull on a pair of perfectly-fitting jeans as well as a sporty jacket and simple black t-shirt underneath that matched his hair. He would pull on some name-brand tennis shoes that he was sure he'd be changing once they got on set. Trace had no idea how he'd be able to work with this woman, knowing she had something on him. She could ruin his life or control him or make him pay her... She could blackmail him for anything she really wanted, and he thought about that as he disregarded if she was ready and just took the drive down to the set. There were trailers all around, and Trace plastered a fake smile on his face as he greeted the director and Travis.

[b "Good morning. First filming day. We should celebrate tonight."] He suggested, knowing he'd been the one to convince the director to give him possession of the Villa. Well, him and Emily now. [#123456 "How's the villa? Nothing quite like the first night you stay is there?"] Trace almost choked on the water he had lifted to his lips at the words of the director. [i Certainly nothing like it...] Trace tried not to think about Emily, but he had been. He couldn't get her beautiful face out of his fucking mind... No matter how hard he tried. [i Yep,] he'd be filling his tumbler with whiskey if he had to spend the day with her.

[b "Definitely life-changing."] Trace would mutter as he was handed the first part of the script with more director notes that he would spend the next few minutes going over. Trace's eyes scanned down the script sheet before he saw it. The scene that would be in one of the first few opening scenes of the movie.

[i Of fucking course...] It was a sex scene... a hot one with none other than Emily's character herself. Trace was about to question his sanity if he had to participate in such a scene, and the next words of the director sent the nails in his lustful coffin.

[#123456 "I plan on filming the beginnings of this love scene between you and Ms. Winthorpe. I'm sure she will agree."] Before Trace could open his mouth to speak, the director was beginning to set up the bedroom and going on about how it was an important aspect of the film. [i Problem was they wouldn't be acting.] Trace needed a break...

“I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.”

Those words she spoke, couldn't of been any better.
Those words she spoke to a journalist for a magazine that was high up in the business. It was an interveiw that the people could see a ifferent side of her as she wasn't perfect, no one was perfect and yet in their minds - she was.
Alot happened behind closed doors.

In this case, alot of screaming and grunting came front behind the doors of the Guest Room in the Villa on that particular night.
The two made a big ass mistake, more so Trace than herself as she, in reality was single.

Trace was not.

We all made mistakes. It was what made us human.
It was what we learned from it all, that really mattered.

Oh yes, Emily rode him fast and hard all night long, all by his request. Trace did the work when they started but it was she who finished them both off and the man, when he came - was as loud as she.

However now, right in that moment of the two of them in the shower together - sharing the warmth of the water, Trace remained silent and Emily knew, he was regretting what had happened.
Like all men.
How was he any different?

[i I can't do this Emily]
[b That is not what you said to me last night.....]
[i "Just go to the master bedroom and get ready, and I won't bother you."]

Emily was tapped off to the side and her ears listened to his words that only made her raise an eyebrow.
He couldn't do it.
Trace Andrews was nothing more than a chicken shit, scared out of his mind and he had every right to be.

He left the room, leaving her behind before she said a word in reply. A towel around her body, Emily left the room and sauntered into the main room that she had won as a prize for the fight and got dressed - pissed off and angry that he dismissed her.

Putting on jeans and a casual light blue t-shirt and Air Max sport runners, her attire would change the moment they would approach the set and would be made up to look the part.
The clothes woukd change.
Hair would change as would the make up on her face as their was none at that moment.

Leaving the Villa, John met her at the car and the two drove to the Lot before parking, getting out and made her way to the set where the movie magic would happen.
Sitting in the chair, getting all made up - it was tilting her head down, reading the script that again she raised her eyebrow - witnissing on what the two of them would be doing on that day.

All she did was laugh.

[b "You're joking, right?..JOHN!..."] she called and John entered the room with a worried look on his face.
[+green "What...What is it?..."]
[b "First scene... Trace Andrews and I are fucking one another? ...This wasn't supposed to happen until further along. No. No!."] she mentioned to which she was silenced by the director who - already had his fair share of being spoken too by Trace moments ago about the same thing - that and she already fucked the man til he had came hard.

[+red "Emily, I know you and Trace do not get along, but this scene has to be done first. Please do not question my methods, just please... please do this for me..."]

Steven kept his eyes on her.
Emily sighed and nodded - turning away to continue being made over - laughing on the inside as she knew Trace would be kicking himself over all this.

It wasn't long until her naked body rested under a gown that was tied up. The only thing upon her body was a special pad inbetween her legs to stop penetration of body parts touching other special parts.
Usually, they would wear flesh colored undergarments but in this case, Steven wanted side veiws of the two moving with one another.

Fucking awkward.

Breathing in deep - approaching the set, her eyes witnessed a room that was beautifully decorated and a bed that she had to be in.
It was a closed lot.
It was only Steve, herself, Trace and their Agents along with 3 other camera men and a sound man.
Everyone else had to stay out until filming was over.

Removing the gown, Emily in the nude - climbed ontop of the bed and rested under the sheet that only covered her lower half.
Breasts out in the open, nervous as all hell, breathing in and began to recite her lines in her mind as the make up crew started to touch her up with powder, making sure the film actress was perfect before they too - had to leave.
bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

Trace was ushered into the dressing and makeup room before he could protest more. He was surrounded by costume designers and makeup artists as they touched him up for his shot at greatness on film. He was going to be playing [i James Bond.] The role was both iconic and exciting. Trace was expected to push the limits and create a new version while adhering to the old attitudes and values of Bond that people gravitated to. But he couldn't think. How could he get in a perfectly made up bed and make love to this woman on screen? Trace had all but cast her off in the morning and denied her, but he couldn't deny her forever. She was coming back more and more into his life. It was uncharted territory for both the film and his scandalous relationship with Emily Winthorpe, and it was only just beginning.

Trace looked up from his state of undress, sporting a bare chest and simply his boxers. The team was beginning to get him ready for a small cover of modesty that he honestly didn't need. She'd felt it all before, but they couldn't know that. As soon as Travis, his agent, stepped in, Trace was livid. He stood with fire burning in his eyes, [b "You must have suggested this! You knew I didn't like Emily, so you pushed Steven to push our characters together in the first damn scene of the movie didn't you? Well I don't fucking appreciate it, and you need to change things."] Trace had stepped up, getting more into his agent's face. He pointed a finger at his chest, pushing back. [b "If you want your fucking job that is."]

[#f4522a "What the hell are you talking about man? You know I don't make the scripts or choose anything about how you act. What's going on with you?"] Trace asked, pushing the pointed finger off his chest as he sent a warning look to his partner in career and one of his best friends in life. [#f4522a "Is it your wife? Problems at home? You gotta clear your head however you can. This scene makes or breaks the movie, man. Act like you could fuck the woman. She's hot anyway."] Travis spoke, and Trace backed off. It wasn't his fault that he spent the last night in the Villa fucking Emily Winthorpe senseless. This was his fault, and he couldn't put the blame on anyone else. He had to own up to things in his own way.

Trace ran a hand through his hair, hitting the dressing table with his palm. [b "Yeah sorry... Just rough night is all. Let's get this thing over with. I haven't been working out every day for nothing."] He managed to joke and shared the signature handshake with Travis before he would leave. Trace was alone again, giving him the opportunity to down a quick shot of whiskey. Trace would pull on the thin strap that held him in place enough to do the shot and comfort the actors, but there was nothing that could truly do that now.

[i Here goes nothing...]

Trace was nude except for the thin strap, and the set was completely closed when he stepped up. He was expecting to see the sexy as fuck blonde bombshell laying in bed waiting for him... taunting him. He was greeted by just such a sight. Her lower half was covered by the dreamy-looking sheets, and her breasts were free and full. Trace stepped around the corner, taking his quick observational look over her sexy figure before looking to Travis. When the agent nodded, Trace climbed onto the bed, under the covers and between her legs. He was rubbing against the barely there pad between her, aching to rip it off and enter her again...

Trace just bit his lip, leaning his head down and whispering in her ear, [b "Don't make this harder than it has to be."] He would look to the director as his lips were so close to hers... so tantalizingly plump. [b "So how are you wanting this scene to go? Rough... passionate... intimate? And what positions?"] Trace would speak in the most professional tone, only thinking back to her riding him hard and fast, watching her breasts bounce as she ignored his past.

[i This is not going to be easy...]

Trace let his strong arms frame Emily in, feeling the intense heat that came only when they got too close to each other. He wasn't even thinking about his wife at all, and it was the strangest feeling. It was like she'd never been there. It was like he was in a movie... taking on another role... another life. And this woman was in the center of it.

This was going to be fun.
Not even a good 5 hours before did they finally finish up their escapade of fucking one another senseless only for now, they both had to do it in a pretend state.

Emily was actually quite excited about it but had to play the part of a woman who hated him more than anything and thought of him as a vile creature she had ever seen.
That of course, was hard.
Emily did not loathe him as much as she wanted too, she especually did not think of him as a vile creature, not after last night.

Trace was good at taking direction and listening when it came to advice and he was the opposite. He knew exactly what he wanted, just like Emily.

It was while sitting up in the bed while her hair was being fluffled up, make up being put on her face along with brushes that swept her breasts to place on powder hat all she could think about was the dirty talk they both spoke.
Trace's hands resting upon her waist, pushing her back before pulling her forward as she rode him, him speaking on words telling her to go faster before she being instructed to start bouncing.

It was while Emily was on her back with legs in the air that she screamed on what she wanted.
Trace to go in deeper, harder, calling him a filthy boy, somewhat giving insults to make him angry which only heightened the pleasure as Trace went harder to prove something.

Smiling to herself, it wasn't long until the make up team moved away and left the room - leaving only the proper required crew to be there along with Trace who entered the set and took off the gown.
Emily slowly laid down - back upon the mattress, half of her body covered with a single sheet that was soon to be pulled off, giving the Director a good side veiw and the great angle.

Head resting upon the pillow, Emily bit her lower lip as Trace climbed onto the bed and inbetween her legs. A single peice of material inbetween them was all that there was.

Emily wriggled her body to get in a more comfier position. Sex was not supposed to be comfy.

She had to act all professional now when all she desperately wanted was for Trace to fuck her again and again, right there, in front of everyone for real.

Keeping her eyes on Trace, he lent down and spoke a whisper in her ear that made her somewhat laugh.
The irony of it all.
[i "Don't make this harder than it has to be."]
[b "You are the one that is hard, Trace...'] she replied softly before turning her head, looking at the Director as a question was asked.

Steve stepped forward and looked at the two together.

[+red "Ugh, just perfection! ...Look at you both!..."] he spoke. [+red "Many positions, Trace, but for now..go sensual. Intimate! You are a lover, not a play thing!.. kiss her, explore her body! Slow and steady wins the race, you know..."]

Emily smiled and laughed.

Good ol' Steve..

As he shifted back to his spot, Emily turned back to Trace and waited t hear for the word.

[+red "Action!.."]

Emily bit her lower lip once more out of pure habit and nervousness before leaning up slowly halfway, meeting Trace's lips and kissed his mouth with her eyes closed.
His hips started to move, bumping and grinding against her slowly, like a man in love, wanting to make love.

Emily's hands glided down his back, nauils gently grazing his skin before placing palms down against his ass and held him against her.
Breaking the kiss, Emily tilted her head back - mouth open - eyes still closed as she moaned out, giving Trace permission to kiss her neck.

Flashbacks to her begging for more last night flashed through her mind.

[i ..More...yes baby, oh god, fuck me harder...] - was all she remembered.

Legs bend at the knees - Emily lifted up her left foot just slight and gently caressed the back of his calf muscle, her body moving in rhythem with his own.

Perhaps they didnt need to pretend.
bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

[i "You are the one that is hard, Trace...' ]

Damnit, she always knew how to throw anything he said back in his face. He was certainly getting that way, and he knew it. What guy in his right mind wouldn't being this close to such a sexy woman that he'd already banged the night before? He'd done scenes similar before, but they weren't ever like this. He [i never] felt the primal urges he did with any other actress the way he did with Emily. She absolutely floored him and stripped him of his logic and morals. She looked at him with those lustful eyes or spoke in that seductive voice, and he forgot almost everything in an instant. She was a master of seduction, and she was hooking Trace. But he wasn't simply weak. He didn't just accept her. He'd left that morning when he could have fallen into her and fucked her against the shower wall that morning.

[i I can do better...]

He kept telling himself that, but it never seemed to come. He didn't [i really want] to do better. Trace Andrews wanted to be wild with this woman, and he knew he shouldn't. Trace was still busy fantasizing privately about what it would be like to rip off the thin material covering their private parts and actually make passionate love to this woman, regardless of the films rolling. It would almost certainly spell his doom and hers. They'd be labelled as scandalous adulterers their entire lives and after they'd passed. [i Fuck, am I an adulterer now?] Trace sighed when he heard Steve speaking about how perfect they looked together.

[i Oh I can do many positions, but I sure as hell don't want to be intimate with her...] Trace couldn't say the words, so he put on his acting face. He washed his thoughts clear and became James Bond. He wasn't Trace Andrews anymore. This woman was a stranger to him. He was focused and determined and a [i lover,] not a play thing.

Trace was slightly nervous about it, but her lips caught his, and he reacted by pressing back with his own in a sensual way. It came easier than he thought. He would began rubbing himself over the small pad covering her, making sure to grind against her hard enough to make her body rock rhythmically, feeling lust beginning to rise up between them as well as heat. He looked down at her with a flash of it before groaning as if he were actually inside her. He already knew how good it felt to be. Her hands trailed down hotly grazing his back and then pressing on his ass. He would press up harder against her, bumping as close as he could in a dry hump.

As soon as Emily tilted her head back, Trace followed her and obeyed her. She needed to be loved, to be worshipped in the way only a man could. He kissed hotly down her neck, licking over some pressure points and nipping and sucking ever so gently. He would suck hotly on it, claiming her as his own and then continue the slow and intimate grinding as he hotly brought his lips down over the top of her chest. Trace then looked up at her as if daring her to do more... to feel what he was doing. It was a game of cat and mouse.

Her moans were so fucking hot that Trace felt himself growing harder for her. It felt so close to real. He was in a new world with just her and him. Her feet were brushing over his calves, and he was thrusting against her without actually penetrating her. He'd groan and then bring his lips back down to her supple breasts, taking her nipple into his mouth and sucking on it. He would cover it with his mouth, taking his time to nip and pull at the soft nub as he trailed his tongue around the center. Trace would cup her breast hotly in his hands and move to the other before trailing a hand down to her leg to pull her up hotter against him. It was smoking passionate, and he hardly even realized they needed to stop to cut scenes until they knocked on his shoulder.

Trace sent another warning glance at her as if to challenge her to do better. Little did he know, the next scene would have her on top of him, straddling him, simulating riding him. And it would drive him [i over the fucking edge.]

He was about to be descending into one of the most scandalous relationships in all of film history.

NO. No no no. I don't want to screw you. I just love you. When did who you want to screw become the whole game? Since when is the person you want to screw the only person you get to love? It's so stupid, Tiny! I mean, Jesus, who even gives a fuck about sex?! People act like it's the most important thing humans do, but come on. How can our sentient fucking lives revolve around something slugs can do. I mean, who you want to screw and whether you screw them? Those are important questions, I guess. But they're not that important. You know what's important? Who would you die for? Who do you wake up at five forty-five in the morning for even though you don't even know why he needs you? Whose drunken nose would you pick?!

In life, people tend to wait for good things to come to them. And by waiting, they miss out. Usually, what you wish for doesn't fall in your lap; it falls somewhere nearby, and you have to recognize it, stand up, and put in the time and work it takes to get to it. This isn't because the universe is cruel. It's because the universe is smart. It has its own cat-string theory and knows we don't appreciate things that fall into our laps.

Emily was a great seducer.
She was a great actress as well and people knew it. If only Trace knew but she was about to find out.

Question was, if she was this good at pretending to have sex, would he knew the difference next time?
That was if they ever did it a second time.

Her hands trailed along his body - nails scratching his back making claw marks in his skin only to place palms down on that amazing ass that one could bounce a quarter.
Giving it a nice squeeze, Emily continued to tilt her head back - keeping eyes closed and moaned out faking pleasure.

However, it wasnt faked.

Trace got harder.
His buldge pressing against her heat and it was making her wet, hotter. Turns out, they were dry fucking.
That was all it was.

Dry humping one another.

The two of them got lost in the moment, one hated to say.
She, like Trace did not realise Steve said [i CUT] until he got a tap on his shoulder to which he stopped movement and Emily did the same, breathing heavily.
The sex work was damn hard work.

[+red "Very nice.."] Steve spoke - speaking to the Actors before turning to his staff and begun to mutter words quietly, leaving the two on the bed, waiting the next course of action. [+red "Okay, next, Emily, you are on top of Trace. Sex is a natural thing, people! .... you two will do fine..."] he spoke once more, making Emily raise an eyebrow.

[b "On top?.."]
[+red "Yes! .. Wow me!.."]

Slowly shifting her body - out from underneth Trace, Emily cleared her throat and watched Trace move just the same and took position laying on his back upon the mattress.
Biting lower lip, she raised a leg - naked as the day she was born and straddled Trace's waist.
The actress wriggled her body and got comfortable with one leg on either side of his body.

Deja vu.

[b "I do like seeing you this way..."] she muttered softly in a whisper before being pampered once again by the make up team only to be ushered out once again.

[+red "And.....action..."]

There it was.
The words to start.

Trace's hands rested on her waist like he did the night before. Those strong hands that forced her to move.
Just the way he liked it.

Just the way he wanted it.

Emily, started to have fun with this.

Sure, she was acting but this ... this was starting to now feel like the real thing.
All she had to do was go off last nights indescrestions.

Tits moving slight, hips that he held began to rock back and forth against him - grinding against that buldge that was giving her real life pleasure.

Leaning back, hands resting on his legs - Emily tilted her head up and gazed at Trace, making that connection and began to bounce - up and down, moaning - breathing heavily as both breasts bounced.

She needed him.

She wanted him more than she needed oxygen.

[b "Ugh...oh my god..feels so good.."] words spoke, passing through those lips.

[b '"I need you..."]
bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

She was straddling him. She was [i on top] of him. Just like last night. The ball was in her field, and he found himself so curious to how she would handle it. He was lying on his back when she straddled him, completely naked. His bulge was growing, and he could feel it. Trace saw the flashbacks of last night between his eyes, not even having to say anything to know she was too. The makeup team converged to fix her up, and Trace took the moment to drink in her sexy, naked body. She was so gorgeous and so... [i fuckable.] Trace was starting to come to a decision in the war in his mind. He wanted this woman, and he wanted her [i bad.] He was almost beginning to weigh his options. They could keep it a secret. He had money to pay her off if he needed. Hell they even had a romantic Villa to head home and make passionate love in every night if they wanted. Well, not always passionate. He wanted it every which way with her. Rough, dirty, intimate, in the shower, in the kitchen, bent over a table, up against the wall, in his bed, on the floor, on the couch, and so much more.

Trace heard her mutter that she liked seeing him this way, but she couldn't have compared to how much he liked seeing [i her] this way. It was time to start again. Trace placed his large hands on her waist, gripping just hard enough to guide her hips as they rocked on him. He would groan, imagining her doing just that the night before in his bed in the Villa. He met his eyes with hers, taking on a primal desire that others would think was acting. [i But it wasn't.] Her breasts were bouncing together, and it sent him wanting to carry her out to the hallway and have his way with her and stop the scene. Her hips were rocking on him, making him grow more and more for her. That was it. He needed her.

He needed her more than water.. than food... than oxygen.
[i "Ugh...oh my god..feels so good.."] He'd heard that one before, and he so desperately wanted to hear it again. Trace heard her whispering that she needed him, and they did a few more takes until Steve was finished for the day. They'd done hard work that Steve had figured was awkward, but it was so much more than that. Trace sent a burning gaze of animal desire to Emily when Steve finished talking, pulling on his robe before anyone could see his bulge. He headed off to the dressing room to pull on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, hitting the table once more. He couldn't get her out of his head...

Then he found himself getting up out of his seat, roaming the halls to find her. If she wasn't in the vicinity, he would be going to the Villa. He had to see her. He had to have her.
MeisjeKelly     3y ago

A roll of her eyes, Emily continued to tilt her head back as the grip upon Trace's thighs by her very own hands held tighter.
It helped her gain leverage as she bounced as she lent back - up and down, moaning yet speaking her lines as they were written for her to say when she fake "fucked" her lover boy.
Trace never let her waist go, holding onto her close as they had to make the scene work, they had to make the audience believe that what they were doing was the real thing on the silver screen, along with making them believe of their connection.

And boy; did they have a connection...

Steve called out [i CUT!] once again and people were let into the set to again, for the third time, fixed up Emily and Trace who did not utter a single word to one another.
Why would they?
The only words they spoke to one another were the lines between the two but when it all stopped, they refused to associate with each other.

Another position was now in full swing on the bed.
Emily's face down in the pillow while her ass up in the air and Trace rested upon his knees from behind.

Hands again on her waist.

The thoughts running through her mind were now skipping fast. Flashes upon flashes of their time last night were swimming in her brain and all she could think about was him.
This man had her feeling things.

Dare she say, love? - NO.

Trace took control once again, fake fucking Emily from behind as screams of "pleasure" filled the set, leaning up - grabbing the headboard tight.
This position did not happen the night before and in that moment, Emily wanted more of it, she wanted it to happen again..and again...

Soon after, the Director finished up, called for Trace and Emily to stop and it was all a wrap for that day.
The set was back open and people wandered inside, Emily's crew coming over to her as she removed herself up and off from the bed - away from Trace while wrapped up in a gown.
In the room that was assigned - Emily removed the gown and took off the flesh panty from underneath her warmth and threw it away into the bin.
Pants, shirt - shoes were placed upon her body and it wasn't long until she left the set.

[b "I need to get out of here..."] she muttered, pushing open the doors and walked to the car that waited.

Emily couldn't be there with Trace.

The way she felt, it was confusing her as she didn't know what she felt.
Emily didn't want to look at him.

Within a good solid hour, Emily stood in the kitchen of the Villa, behind the counter and stared upon John along with her PA.

[+green "I am your friend, Emily, but I am also your Agent. As your Agent, I need to go and do things, I will be back later. Rosie needs to go and get your things from the Hotel to bring back here..."]
[b "You just love...to leave me on my own, don't you?.."]
[+green "Emily, please. Jut occupy yourself. Look where you are!...We will be back soon..."] John spoke as he and Rosie left the Villa, leaving Emily behind to shake her head.

Everyone loved leaving her behind.

Sighing, Emily needed to get Trace out of her head for a while, as it would be hard considering they were now living under the same roof.
Putting on her string bikini, it was sauntering passed the kitchen once again from the bedroom hat her hand outstretched and grabbed a bottle of wine, took the lid off and tossed it across the room before putting on the stereo - letting music blast throughout the Villa.

Bottle to her lips, Emily started to drink from the bottle, entering outside and approached the pool and wandered around the edge - dancing to the modern jukebox music that could be heard.

Drinking more, it wasn't long until half of the bottle was gone and slowly she sat down on the pool's edge, letting her feet, ankles and a small section of her calves into the water.
It was nice and cool, that only made her body shudder in a way that Trace did.

Drinking a little bit more, Emily stared ahead and looked at the entrance from inside to outside to see if she saw Trace, but there was no one.

Leaning back, hands resting behind, Emily looked up at the sky and enjoyed the sun that was soaking her skin as her half naked body, that was only wearing a string bikini started to tan a little more.
bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

Their love making scenes would most likely be considered some of the steamiest of the film year for they weren't acting. It wasn't as if they could act through the chemistry and desire they had for each other. It was as natural as breathing. Trace was in the Mercedes that took him up through a scenic view and towards the Villa that sat alone in its grandeur. It was built for a King, but Emily was taking that role right out from his hands. She got what she wanted so easily that Trace should have been embarrassed, but she could have gotten something out of even the most moral of men with that seductive behavior and that [i body.] Trace took another glance at his left ring finger as he turned his phone over in his hands. He was supposed to call his wife. He was supposed to say that he was drunk, and he messed up. She would understand, wouldn't she? If he let it keep going, then she'd surely catch him, and Trace would lose everything.

His reputation would be flushed down the drain along with his wealth and fame and future in acting. Trace would be a hot topic in social media for weeks or even months and then the world would forget about him save for his movie appearances. His last movie would most likely be the one he was filming now... [i At least it's one of my best.] Trace let his thumb hover over the call contact for his wife, the one and only Mrs. Andrews. But he didn't. He [i couldn't.] She probably wouldn't have answered anyway what with her constant business endeavors, but he still should call. He was going for the entire twenty minute or so ride to the Villa.

He never did.

Trace closed his phone off, running his hands through his raven hair and tugging a bit. This was [i not] happening and it was all at the same time. Maybe he could keep a secret. He was an actor for a reason, right? He could fuck the woman waiting in that Villa every night for three months in every way that he so wanted, and there wouldn't be a soul that had to know. They could lock all the doors, and they could have a system with rules. Trace could do it [i his] way. He could make her listen to him, and they could continue. Oh how he wanted to continue. He would return to his wife, and it would be over. No one would know but he and Emily, and they would have to wait for their judgement in the end of it all.

But he couldn't properly think about all that. All he could think about was getting in that Villa and finding that devilish woman that stirred him so. Trace was there soon enough, and he turned to Travis with the most vague of responses about dinner and checking out the town as his wingman, [b "No man I'm tired. See you tomorrow."] He hardly even waited for a reaction before using the keys he so coveted to let himself in then lock it to the outside. Trace took a look around first to make sure Steve or John, Emily's agent, was not there. He just wanted it to be him and her... like it should be. Trace trailed a similar path as Emily unbeknownst to himself as he pulled out some whiskey and sipped. He'd be needing a bunch of it, and he was lucky the Villa carried such a wide array of hard liquors for his disposal. Emily carried the hard stuff too if he really needed a break from his sins.

That was when he took a look outside the large glass overlooking the pool and saw her. There was music blasting through the Villa in such a modern and uplifting way. The beat seemed to draw him ever closer to her and pull him farther into the depths of passion.

She was wearing a tiny string bikini that left almost nothing to the imagination. Trace didn't need to imagine anything, but it still turned him on like a fire starter. She had half of her body in the pool and the other half pointed up as if to tan which he assumed she was doing. The sun was high in the sky as normal for the region, and it cast a beautiful yellow-orange cast over everything, including Emily. [i And oh did she look sexy in orangish-yellow glow...]

Trace placed one arm up against the glass screen door, leaning his large and muscled frame against it. He took a moment to watch her in this state of peace and silence that seemed rare for the woman. It was so different to their pace recently that it was worth admiring. But he was hard as hell from their session of on-screen sex, and he'd made up his mind. This was going to be their secret. Trace made his way outside, walking with that confident stride that only he seemed to make work. He tried to be silent, stepping down and throwing his t-shirt to the side to reveal a chest covered with abs. He was gorgeous underneath with just enough sun-kissed skin to make him almost golden in the yellow sun. As he got closer, Trace lowered his large frame just behind the woman as he was sitting there. He would take his hands and firmly place them around her waist, pulling her hard up against his chest. Her back was facing him as he did, so Trace let his breath rest hotly on her neck and ear.

Trace whispered in the most seductive and charming tone, [b "We're going to do this my way. You understand? This is our secret. We come home to this Villa, and it is locked. No one, not even your agent or mine or Steve, is allowed when we lock the door without either permission. I'm going to fuck you in every position... every place, and that will be it."]

Trace ran his hand up and cupped her breast, pulling her harder back to him as he pressed a few hot and hard kisses in her neck. [b "If you so much as speak about this... to anyone else... I will ruin you."]

Emily dispised his wife.
Not only was she married to the man, she was someone who he always came home.too, who he said ..he loved, she who would one day perhaps start a family and bare his children.

Emily had none of that.

Her life was doomed to fail the moment her father walked out of her life when she was 7 and was left with a Mother who didnt love her and treated her like a pest as she drank her alcohol.
Emily swore she would never be like her mother - vowed it and yet, here she was. Yes a famous actress but drug dependant, alcohol dependant and starving for attention and love.

Emily had been married twice.
Both marriages failed.

The first one was due to her cheating which she did not regret as the first husband was a complete cunt of a man. She felt no remorse.
The second again was due to her fault as the drinking drove their love apart. To this day, every time she spoke to Matthew, she apologized as she was heartbroken.

There was no such thing as love.
Pure and simple. To Emily, marriages were just a prison, there was no such thing as love and her two marriages proved it.
And yet..with Trace, she felt a little twinge of something.

An unknown feeling.

Laying by the pool, Emily kept her eyes closed as her pretty face, free of make up that had been washed away only to leave the angelic freckles upon the bridge of her nose and cheeks.
Skin glistening from the delicate balls of sweat from the heat of the sun.
Her lean legs gently kicking up and down slowly in the water- listening to it...feeling it against her while all along, Trace had come home and stood by the doorway - watching the woman he would be sharing the villa with.

It was not long until a strop grip of an arm casted her out from her daydream state and was pulled back good and tight only to rest against a man that drove her bat shit crazy insane.
[b "What the fu--"] she spoke, heart beating a million miles an hour, eyes open and begun to turn her head to see the culprit only for it to be stopped by the face of Trace who lent in and whispered in her ear.
Her lower half of her body out of the water; that along with her sweat - glistened just the same.

Emily bit her lower lip and her eyes tried to flutter close as his hot sweet breath danced along her ear as he spoke.
Words that were hot, made her lower half drip wet.

She did like a man in control.

[b "Your way huh? ...guess then I dont have a choice...."]

It was then both of his hands gripped her breasts - good sized handfuls and squeezed - massaged with play while feeling his mouth nipping at the skin of her neck in kisses - speaking once again which only made the girl smile.

Turning her head - both of their faces facing one another, it was there that Emily slipped out her tongue and slowly licked his mouth - giving him a small taste before she pulled away from him and stood up.

That pert ass right before his eyes.

Slowly Emily turned around and slowly pushed down her bikini bottoms - swaying her hips out from them and let them fall around her ankles only to give Trace a decent eyeful of her heat close up just for a moment.
Hand upon the top of her head - she pulled him in and let his face press up against her mound - tilting her head back with a sigh as Trace opened mouth and licked her gently.
Only a few licks got in before she pulled back, stepped away from him and began to slither into the water while removing her bikini top - resting her naked.

[b "Youll ruin me?... not if I ruin you first. Get naked...get in this pool and fuck me..."]
bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

He wasn't used to something this strong before. It was like she hit him like a freight train. Emily had him feeling things he never thought he would. He went from thinking he hated her to not stopping thinking [i about] her. Emily's tongue snaked out and licked around his mouth, and Trace felt that familiar sexual growl of desire inside. He watched as Emily stood, running his hands down from her sides as she shook her ass and pushed down her bottoms. It was so [i easy.] She was just begging for him, and he intended to fulfill her wishes, no matter what that meant for him in the future.

As Emily pulled his head into her, Trace obliged and hotly licked over her, tasting her a bit before she pulled him away. This was on her terms too, quite obviously. It was almost as if she knew that he would be unfaithful and with her especially. Emily was a great judge of character or she had a superpower to see that with the way they met. It was inevitable though. They had such a strong magnetic attraction to each other that they couldn't just get rid of each other. Why not fall into it if it was inevitably going to happen?

Emily was quickly slithering into the water and removing her bikini top to which Trace ran his hands over her body as if examining and analyzing what he would do to her. Then she said the words that had him rushing to remove his clothes. [#13b611 "Youll ruin me?... not if I ruin you first. Get naked...get in this pool and fuck me..."] Trace could feel some kind of primal, animal desire all through his body. It was rushing to his manhood, and he was already beginning to grow just at the sight of her before him. Trace already had his shirt off, so he unbuckled his jeans, pushing them down with his boxers to reveal how turned on he was becoming. Trace threw his shoes off quite literally, not caring where they landed.

He then lowered his tall and fit body into the pool, chasing after her like she was holding a line with a steak on it. But in this case she was his prize. [b "If you say so..."] Trace spoke hotly, closing the distance between them rather quickly. They were alone on this paradise of a Villa and in this expansive pool. And they were naked. And they were both horny. There was only one solution to this situation, no matter how sinful it would be.

Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.
Anyone who is observant, who discovers the person they have always dreamed of, knows that sexual energy comes into play before sex even takes place. The greatest pleasure isn't sex, but the passion with which it is practiced. When the passion is intense, then sex joins in to complete the dance, but it is never the principal aim.

It was all over.

It was passionate and intense and it was everything that she imagined when it came to fucking the married Bond Actor in the pool.
When it was all done, Emily turned around and lent back against the wall of the swimming hole and wrapped her legs around Trace's waist, a different position than what was earlier as he was screwing the Actress from behind.

Questions were raised by him speaking on what it was they were to do now and honestly, Emily kept her eyes on the man that drove her crazy with wanting affection and pure annoyance.
She didn't say anything.
Kept quiet for a moment before shrugging her shoulders as her breasts jiggled somewhat in the water with her movement.

[b "I do not know. All I know is ...that what this is, I don't want it to stop, but we both know it will in 3 months time..."] she muttered, listening to Trace speak on being with her, he felt things... good things, feelings that she had.

Tonight, the Master Suite would be theirs.
Emily had claimed it as Trace backed off and let her win, it being her prize, however now, she wanted to share it with him and with Trace speaking on them sharing it together that night, made her happy.

During their tryst in the water, Trace mentioned that tonight, together they would be in the room and Emily, was all for it.
She didnt want to be alone.

Did anyone?

Leaning in - kissing his mouth gently, it was while their lips were connected that slowly, Emily pushed Trace away from her body and let him go, only to begin to swim towards the other side of the pool.
Her hand grabbed the bottle of wine that rested on the edge and she continued to paddle towards the steps.

Up each one she made and it wasn't long until she was up and out of the water, baring naked with water dripping from her skin - that caused a nice sheen in the sun.

[b "What is it, that you want, Trace?.."] she spoke - drinking the wine from the bottle as she wandered around the pool, only to stand infront of him, looking down upon his gorgeous face.

Emily begun to hate his wife more and more.

She knew that after the 3 months, this would be over.

Perhaps, she should refrain from getting attached.

Another broken heart would happen.
bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

The pool was just as intoxicating as the bed as water sloshed around them in their frenzied heat. They’d wanted each other so badly that they couldn’t wait any longer. She begged for him, and he obliged. It would have been any mans dream really. They were living together in a million dollar Villa in exotic Africa, banging each other when they felt they wanted and eating food and drink prepared for them. But Trace was used to it. Well, he was used to all of it except a certain woman named Emily Winthorpe. She should have been Lydia Andrews, his wife. He should be enjoying and pleasuring his wife like this, not the one woman who set out to destroy everything in his life without remorse. But then there was a power game between them, possibly bringing him to her ever more. They both had power and connections and money and heads on top of their shoulders. Blackmail wouldn’t be hard, but they both felt this. They both felt the lust at least, and Trace let himself fall weak to her.

[i Maybe weak was supposed to feel this good.]

Trace was still so confused. Why was he doing this and feeling this way? Emily was supposed to be the one actress he hated and disrespected the most, but he let her reputation fall all over him like sickly, sweet honey. He still hadn’t called his wife. Would he ever? Those questions needed answering, but he’d waiting until after their most recent love making session in the pool.

As she kissed him, Trace felt his heart racing and chest still heaving from the exertion. Just like that, she let him go as if she trapped him in some spell he was finally waking from except he wasn’t waking. Emily has a hold on him that he never saw coming, but he had just the same on her. She may have acted like a bitch on steroids, but there was a reason behind it that Trace wanted to get to.

A naked Emily walked out of the pool, drinking expensive wine straight from the bottle as she sensually asked him what he wanted. [i Damnit Emily, I’m still figuring it out.] Running a hand through his dark hair, Trace thought a moment albeit hard after their sex and her naked body prancing around before him. They had three months. His wife wasn’t around. They were alone, and there was no one to stop him except himself.

His body was still dripping wet as she stood in front of him, taunting him to say what she wanted him to say. Trace took a few more moments to think, not looking at her yet. Closing his large hand around the wine, he brought it to his lips for a long sip before bringing his eyes to latch onto hers in their deep pools to his soul. [b “You know what I really want? I want you to be my wife. I want this to be right, but it isn’t.”] He paused again and took another long sip of wine, needing it to continue speaking.

[b “Here’s the thing. I wasn’t supposed to want to fuck you everytime I look at you. I was supposed to despise you, but, frankly Emily, I don’t. I don’t hate you, no matter how much I want to. But you need to be honest with me. Why? Why do you fill your bed with pointless men and drugs and alcohol? Why are you this way? You can’t always be bitchy. There’s more to this.. us when we’re inside each other. We get along. I know I’m married. But in all honesty, I don’t know if I’m happy with her either. We hardly see each other once every couple of months. And hell, I never felt for her the lust I feel for you. Tell me what that means.”]

The screams of Trace hitting the right spot - filled the backyard of the villa.
Groans of him releasing himself inside her was loud just the same.

As it was all over, Emily did not want it to be over.
A woman could have multiple orgasms and still want more and in this case, she still wanted Trace to be inside her - showing her the greatest pleasure she had ever known.
It was the best sex she ever had.

How was that even possible?

Many men had shared her affection and her bed, but nothing ever felt as good as this.
Perhaps it was the thrill of him being married. A forbidden affair, steamy hate towards one another but that was another thing, Emily did not hate him.

Wandering out of the Villa, straight through the opening of the fresh bi fold doors that were pushed to the sides, Emily walked out - naked, glistening wet from the water of the pool with a bottle of expensive wine in the palm of her hand.
Bringing it up with a bend of her elbow, she wrapped her full pouty lips that were red raw from all the kissed around the opening of the bottle and took one large swig, a large swig of the drink before asking Trace a question, solid as gold.

It was a question that was forward, but it needed to be said.
Passing the bottle of wine over to Trace who remained silent, Emily kept her eyes on the most incredible, handsome looking man she had ever seen before slowly, sitting down on the edge of the pool - legs dangling in the water.

[i “You know what I really want? I want you to be my wife. I want this to be right, but it isn’t.”]

Emily raised her eyebrow softly up.
Trace spoke on wanting her to be his wife and for all this to be right and it took her by surprise.
Surprise on how she felt the same in such a short amount of time.

[b "That was ...honest of you..."] she replied, leaning back in the position she was in when Trace showed up and sat behind her.
Hands behind - basking in the sunshine, smiling - happy that she had her man ... well, somewhat had him.

It was with a single moment of silent and more swigs of wine that finally, the silence was broke by a long speech by the Actor who wanted to know things.
The truth of it all and it made Emily sit up straight, a little uncomfortable but if he wanted to know, then so be it.

[i "....but you need to be honest with me. Why? Why do you fill your bed with pointless men and drugs and alcohol? Why are you this way? You can’t always be bitchy. There’s more to this.. us when we’re inside each other. We get along."]
[b "I didn't have ..a kind upbringing. My mother was a show girl in Vegas who ...had many admirers. One, who became serious with my Mother....seemed to enjoy my company rather than her. To endure all of it, I ...had to become someone else in my head. Did the drugs to forget. Slept with men...to feel some self of worth, like I wasn't trash."] she spoke, slowly moving her long legs in the water.

[i "I know I’m married. But in all honesty, I don’t know if I’m happy with her either. We hardly see each other once every couple of months. And hell, I never felt for her the lust I feel for you. Tell me what that means.”]
[b "You both have jobs that keep you away from one another. It's natural to feel..some sort of doubt..."] Emily replied, slowly sinking into the water once more, in front of Trace, keeping her eyes upon him. [b "but don't you ever doubt, the wanting I have for you. I think its lust, honestly, I have never felt this feeling before and ... it hasn't been that many men in my bed either, despite what they say..."]

Emily smiled as she placed both hands upon Trace's broad shoulders and lent in - kissing his lips for a short moment before pulling away.
[b "What do you think it means? You need me...like I need you.. ..."]
bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

When he’d said that he wished she were his wife, he didn’t mean that she, Emily Winthorpe, would become Emily Andrews. He meant that he wished she were Lydia, his already wife. Trace wanted this to be completely moral, but it wasn’t. Emily led him down the rabbit hole of sinfulness, and he followed all the way. Maybe you could say one time was to drink and drugs, but they’d followed it up with a tryst in the pool. He was completely sober then. Her screams were intoxicating though, and the way she moaned as he entered her... [i Get a grip Trace.] But it wasn’t possible. In this game of car and mouse, Trace had fallen in the mouse trap for now.

Emily returned herself almost tantalizingly to the same spot she was when he initiated the sex. His eyes roamed over her body as she leaned backward to the sun, tanning her already golden body. He was going to challenge her. Trace Andrews would not be the man she controlled with a certain look of her eye. No, he wanted her to explain more then that to him. He wanted her to open up. In a way, he would have more of the power. She knew about his wife, and he knew she liked it best when no feelings were involved. She was happy with one night stands and no one to come home too. Or was he so sure about that?

Trace stood in the pool a moment more, his strong, muscular chest in the sun before walking to place both hands on the edge of the pool where her legs were dangling in. He didn’t expect what she said next. Running a hand through his dark hair with his wet hand, Trace looked up at her with something new. Was it pity? [b “Damn, I had no idea you were sexually assaulted. No child, hell, no one deserves that. You aren’t worthless. Look at you now. You’re the highest paid actress of 2018, and you can basically tell anyone what you want, and they will scramble to get it. Were would this pervert be now? You could squash him like a bug if you wanted. That is strength to me.”]

Trace didn’t really know why he said that, but she needed to hear it. Yes, he wasn’t her biggest fan. Initially he copped her bad attitude up to a spoiled rich girl upbringing that just wanted to wreck homes and ruin lives. If this was all true, he was wrong. Of course, he still had some doubts, and he would research more later. He wouldn’t put it below Emily to fabricate the story to make him respect her or something. In the meantime, he gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Trace leaned heavily into the edge of the pool on his arms that rested on either side of her legs. But it was in deep brought, not lust. She was right. She must have done some research to know his wife was a successful businesswoman in her own right and that they hardy saw each other. Deep down, he did have doubt. Was he just married to her to keep the press happy? Was [i he, Trace Andrews,] happy?

Then, she began sinking into the water in front of him, and he made room for her. His hands framed her in against the edge, but he wasn’t pressed against her. There was some distance. Then, she spoke what she wanted from him.

[i “Dont you ever doubt the wanting I have for you. I think it’s list, honestly, I haven’t ever felt this feeling before.”] She was right. It was lust and a hell of a lot of it. In the same way, she was right again. He had never felt the need for someone like he did for her. Trace was in short of words intoxicated by her.

Then, she was touching him again. Her hands went to his shoulders and leaned in to kiss him. His eyes went to hers a moment before finally running his hands from the edge of the pool to her sides. [b “I told you once. This is our secret. No one knows about this, or you know what I will do. We need each other, so we should have each other.”]

Emily knew what Trace as speaking of when he spoke a sentence mentioning the word "wife".
Unlucky for him, she wasn't his wife and perhaps would never be, but that was another conversation for another time - way into the future if they had one.

Growing up, Emily's life was full of lights and full of men that came and went through their house.
Her Mother, Vivianne was indeed a beautiful young woman and could dance like a leaf in wind, she was smart, articulate but when it came to the heart ad her choice in men, she was awful.
Her last conquest was a man named Steve.
Well to do, had money, came from a decent family but behind closed doors - not only did he hurt Vivianne - her daughter was the one that drove him wild.
A teenager in her own right, things were done that she wasn't even ready for.
By a certain age, she was made into a "woman" - and although she knew it was wrong, she simply could not pull away as Steve had too much control.
It was their in her mind that she chose to become someone different a for a while, she wouldn't be Emily - whose mother chose wrong men, was alcohol depended, whose man was disgusting.

Drugs were introduced by her own self.
To forget the past tat haunted her.
The men, well, to make her feel somewhat loved and wanted as again, the past never gave her a single solid bit of it.

Why she decided to tell Trace all of this, was something she did not know.

[i "Were would this pervert be now? You could squash him like a bug if you wanted. That is strength to me.”] Trace spoke as he watched Emily again, once more took a large swig of the drink - her ears listening intently.
[b "Where all criminals go when they do something really bad to young girls, but it wasn't for that. Tax evasion. Can you believe it?..."] she replied, slinking herself back into the water, resting up against the side of the pool where she stood infront of Trace.

His whole demeanour changed.

He went from - desperately wanting the girl who now, he couldn't step away back enough.
Guess he got what he wanted - sex and an answer to his question.

There were many questions she wanted to ask him, but deep down inside, it was truly none of her business.
Knowing of his wife and if he was happy was none of her business, so she did not ask - instead, she lent in and kissed his lips softly only to feel his hands upon her waist but the hunger they just had was gone.
It seemed to feel, he was not sure.

[i “I told you once. This is our secret. No one knows about this, or you know what I will do. We need each other, so we should have each other.”]

Pulling back, Emily stared at Trace and raised an eyebrow at his words.
Again, he mentioned on this being a secret.
Again, he mentioned on him ruining her life and career if she spilt the beans and their sexcapades.

[b "I have just told you something of my past that no one, knows. I just gave you the upper hand..."] she spoke, keeping her eyes on him. [b "You know about the drugs, the constant sex with men. You now know about my past that if it gets out in the open, can make people pity me. If any of this comes out, I will be in the one with the ruined career that I have worked so hard for. A loss of a wife, is nothing compared to that."]

Turning to the side, Emily moved Trace's arm up and off from her body before slowly wandering through the water, to the stairs a second time.
One foot in front of the other slowly, hand upon the railing that glistening from the sun, she stepped out of the pool.

[b "Thanks for the fuck..."]

Snatching the towel from the sun baking chair, annoyed - Emily dried herself off as she headed towards the entry back into the Villa and made her way inside.
Towel in the hamper to get washed, slowly the sun was going down - putting an end to the day.

Up the stairs, Emily found herself on top of the bed, lying on her stomach - naked and started to read the recent magazine of gossip, turning the pages, aware at the fact that now ....Trace had more ammo than she did.
He had more power than her now.

And Emily, willingly handed it all to him.
bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

Emily’s response was sassy as always. [i Where did that come from?] Trace was actually trying to be nice to her for once. He was trying to understand what she’d been through, but she just responded back like her usual vile little self that the pervert ended up in jail but for tax evasion. If he were here, he would have made sure to sue the man and make him pay for what he truly was. Trace wasn’t sure what he did because she didn’t say much. It was normally her doing the talking, but they seemed to switch roles.

With one kiss softly to his lips, she just pulled back. It was like she wanted nothing to do with him anymore. [i Of course, she just wants what I can offer below the belt.] he considered, beginning to hate himself for ever falling into bed with her. Trace knew to trust his gut. The second he saw her, he had doubted her and her acting skills. He should’ve trusted himself..

Emily didn’t stop there. She went on a tangent about selling him some secret about her that she hadn’t told anyone before. Emily was right. He’d researched some about her, seeing the rumors about men and drugs that he knew were true. No one knew about her past in sexual abuse. Emily now acted like she was telling him something about her for him to return. It just made him more angry... [i “A loss of a wife is nothing compared to that.”] Trace just glared at her form as she moved his arms away from her.

[i “Thanks for the fuck.”]

Oh, how much he wanted to shut her up at that comment. Now, she has to run off and play victim like she always does. He could never win with her. She confused him as all hell and pushed his buttons like no one else. Trace just watched her leave, wanting the last laugh.

[i Fine Emily, run away again like you always do.]

Trace pulled himself out of the water, drying himself off with a towel and throwing it in the hamper angrily. He took a quick shower to clean off and then pulled on a nice button up and pants with shined shoes. Slicking back his hair, Trace felt good. Then he went to calling everyone he knew. He sent them the Villa address and waited for them to arrive, setting out all the alcohol in the expansive cabinets and made sure to call up some of his pretty former actresses.

As he blasted the music, Trace didn’t bother asking Emily if she minded a party. He wanted one, so there was enough reason in itself. He didn’t have to ask little miss bitch about it. He was already drinking whiskey. Trace eyed the women as they entered, some wearing skimpy outfits. [i Perfect...] When everyone was in and conversing, he went to an old flame before his wife and he were married. He met her at his remake of Tombstone, and she played his love interest. She’d always been all over him, but he never let her win until now.

Walking up behind the blonde bombshell with huge boobs and a shapely ass, he began grinding against her from behind. He wanted Emily to see it and be jealous. He wanted her to realize what she was missing. [i Get your ass down here Winthorpe.]

Perhaps the way she acted was not the appropriate manner.
There came a time where Emily shut it all out and remembering it all broke her in half, but when Trace asked, she spoke her truth.
Let it all out, pouring her heart and told him about her passed when it was not even his business.
However with caring for him the way she did, having all that affection and desperatly wanting - perhaps falling for him that was the feeling she was experiencing. It was when it was all over that she realised what she had said, letting Trace have all the cards in the deck that she turned into a defender.
Someone who acted like she wasnt broken for it all coming back.

Laying on the bed - turning pages with her fingers trying ever so hard to forget that there...on the expensive mattress and Egyptian cotton sheets that she cried softly.
Wiping tears away from her face and slowly - shifting her body under the sheets, it was with the water running from the next room that slowly she fell asleep.
Little did she know the upcoming party that Trace had planned.

Walking up to the thumping of the music, Emily fluttered her eyes open and looked straight ahead, trying to come too and figure out what it was that was happening.
Music played.
Glasses clinked.
People spoke loudly as if they didnt know that Emily was in the same house.

That was right.
They didnt know.

Slowly getting up - Emily wandered to the door and opened it up just a quick snap and listened in.
A party.
A damn good one. A party she needed to attend obviously.

Trace really wanted to annoy her. She didnt blame him considering the way she treated him in the pool earlier.
However, closing the door, it was with a quick shower that made her skin smell of sweet vanilla and musk that she got out - dried down - got dressed in a tight leopard print dress that was short, thin spaghetti straps with thigh high boot heels upon her dainty feet.
Hair up in a messy bun - make up upon her face, it was not long until she sprayed perfume and made her way to the party.
Hand upon the railing, slowly she made her way down the stairs only to stop halfway as her eyes wandered the people they fell onto Trace who was getting all close - hot and grinding against a woman who was plastic.
A phat ass.
Big tits.

Perhaps that was the type of woman he wanted.

Seeing them made her stop dead in her tracks.
Seeing them made her blood boil and clench her jaw and make a face of hurt.

Breathing heavily, Emily looked away - wiped her face and wanted to run.
However, all she did was turn around and wandered back up the stairs and back into her room with a slam of the door.

"Asshole..." she muttered to herself and shifted into the ensuite bathroom and opened up a drawer.
Inside - she pulled out her magic powder and cut lines.

One could not go to that party sober
Especially seeing the man she wanted - giving attention to another woman.
She was jealous and ever so angry.

Emily obviously wasnt the type of woman he longed for.
All she was ..was a hole to fill. Now it was obvious.

Payback right?

It hurt.
bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

Trace didn’t notice her coming down the stairs. He was too busy bumping up against someone he didn’t really care about. It was supposed to make her jealous. She was supposed to be mad and pout that lip and yell words tailored to him like she always did. This is what they did. She would do something to make him mad then he would one up her. They always ended up together in some hot tryst in the end. Trace still didn’t see her. Surely, she would hear the music. She could hear the people talking and the glasses clinking. Not to mention that there were people splashing around in the pool.

[i Where are you...] As it got later, he removed himself from the plastic woman he was dancing against and threw more alcohol down. He was growing a bit tipsy, and he didn’t want himself drunk tonight. Trace couldn’t forget what she did to him the last time he was drunk. Yes, she made him mad in the pool. She treated him like someone to sleep with during the three month stay. Maybe he was, but it infuriated him more than it should.

Trace strode over and turned up the sound on the stereo. Several drunk partygoers cheered, but he didn’t do it for them. He was trying to wake up Sleeping Beauty from her nap. He was trying to entice her with the party like steak on a stick.

Why wasn’t she showing up? Trace found himself wondering about her. What if she was hurt? What if she’d done something to herself? When he didn’t see her in the crowds or in the pool, he set off for her room. Trace was actually starting to think that this wasn’t a good idea. Her door was slammed shut, and Trace didn’t think to knock. He just opened the doorknob and rushed in. When he didn’t see her at first, it only heightened his sense. [b “Emily!? Are you alright?”]

Emily got more into the feelings that she wanted.
Trace was everything she swore to stay away from but each and every time she found herself falling under his masculine spell and unable to stay away.
The party was an idea that seemed right at the time. Who didnt love to party? Mingle with other people high up in the food chain and perhaps get headhunter for another part or a collab?

However, it was standing on those stairs that Emily realised that this party was only a party to make one feel better.
To make one have fun and try to forget one another with god knows what. It was obvious that the two enjoyed playing games with one another however it was Emily who started it.
Trace was just trying to finish it.

Game well played.

Standing in the bathroom, looking at her reflection in the mirror knowing full well the bedroom was not secure and locked up, that her ears stood up a little more upon hearing the music get louder from downstairs.
A make up wipe, soon Emily removed the clown paint from her face, undid her hair and took the shoes off from her feet - kicking them to the side.

Leaning down with a note rolled up - she did a line.
A line that made her feel warm and shudder with excitement.
Straightening up - nose rubbed she sighed.

A sigh came again the moment she heard Traces voice came from her bedroom.
A voice asking if she was alright.

What did he care?

Stepping from the sink, Emily wandered out looking plain, uncared for and stood in the bedroom where Trace stood.
"Why are you in here? The blonde isnt fun enough for you?" She spoke.

Rubbing her nose once more, she sighed. Knowing her words were still unkind.
"I'm tired of this Trace. Trying to up one another. Play these games. I'm exhausted..." she spoke softly, no longer mad or angry..just trying to be calm. "I cannot go 3months of this. Constantly fighting with you. Trying to be better than you. I like you..alot more than I should and I dont know why. All you wish to do is hurt me..."

Running fingers through her long hair, Emily looked down for a moment before looking back at Trace with a shrug of her shoulders.
"You win. I'll pack and go back to the hotel first thing in the morning. I cannot stand by and watch you with other women. I cant. Go..have a good time. I'll be fine here.."
bubbles12Trace Andrews   3y ago

Trace finally saw her when she came out from the bathroom. There was white powder around her nose. Of course, she was using cocaine again. Emily had no sign of makeup anymore. Was she giving up? This wasn't like her. She [i started] this. Emily was beckoning him to one up her. He even begun to worry about her with her silence and absence at the party he was holding. Emily never gave up a good party. Only this time she did. He didn't know what to do or say until she pushed his buttons for the millionth time that night.

[i "Why are you in here? The blonde isnt fun enough for you?"] Her words were unkind, ruthless even. Didn't she want him to go chasing after her? Wasn't this her game? Trace clenched his jaw, shaking his head. [b "So you did see that. Actually, I was worried about you. I know you never say no to a party, so I thought you'd enjoy. The blonde was just to make you jealous."] Trace knew full well that she would do the same to him. He just thought of it first.

Then, she spoke words that he never thought he would hear. [i "I'm tired of this Trace. Trying to up one another. Play these games. I'm exhausted..."] She was [i exhausted?] How the hell did she earn that right? Trace was starting to breath in and out heavier, clenching then unclenching his fists. She was still beautiful without the makeup. Why was that in his mind when he was supposed to be so angry at her? She was playing the games. She started the games. Hell, he was exhausted too, but he was also intoxicated by her.

[i "I cannot go 3months of this. Constantly fighting with you. Trying to be better than you. I like you..alot more than I should and I dont know why. All you wish to do is hurt me..."] He scoffed again. She couldn't do this with [i him?] He wasn't the difficult one. Well, not all the time. He knew Emily wished to hurt him just as much. Trace was just fuming. She made him so fucking mad, but she knew how to do it in more ways than one. There was something about her that was turning him on right now. She wasn't dressed up in any makeup, just naturally standing there.

As she shrugged, Trace just bit his lip. She wasn't going to just act like he didn't mean anything to her. He would show her that she was wrong to do that. He would show her she was still on his mind and that he should be on hers.

[i "You win. I'll pack and go back to the hotel first thing in the morning. I cannot stand by and watch you with other women. I cant. Go..have a good time. I'll be fine here.."]

He didn't want other women, and she knew that full well. He would make sure she knew that. Trace didn't say anything a moment. He was just breathing heavily in and out. His eyes traced over her, every curve, every bit of skin showing. He couldn't handle her. He couldn't fucking stand her. But he needed her.

Finally, he moved. He walked towards her with a purpose. Trace was in front of her in no time, and he didn't waste. His hand went to her chin to pull her into a hard, passionate and hungry kiss. She needed to be taught a lesson. He could hear the loud, sensual music below as he took one lustful look at her before turning her around and pushing her up against the wall, his body pressed up against her from behind. Possessively tugging at her earlobe, Trace spoke hotly against her, hand trailing up her thigh. [b "You know you don't want that..."]


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