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Once Bitten

Vampires were often feared. After the random outbreaks, of them viciously attacking innocent human beings. Humans grew to hate those vicious bats. Humans would do what the needed to survive if that meant killing vampire they would. It wasn't easy killing a vampire, because the whole steak to the hear was an old wives tale...

As the battle between human and vampire went on through out the years. Vampire attacks became more frequent. Some town had a law place anyone who was outside when the sun went down was assumed, or a blood sucking monster. Most humans were smart enough to stay inside when it got dark out.

Draven young college student who always seemed to be followed by misfortune. Draven was shy young boy that often kept to himself. He had a few close friends here and there. Draven was never really good at dating. Being gay made it harder. His parents disapproved, he didn't let that stop him. Draven thought he found someone. Turn out it was just cruel joke make matters worse. His date left him stranded in the woods.

Alone and scared, with the sunsetting. He was fucked, surely some vampire would find him and devour him. It was like a lamb led to slaughter...

> Okay this is rough idea I have so far...
> Need someone
who is willing to play male vampire
Also need to be okay with mxm
Also I would prefer to have post between 1000 - 2000 characters (I understand writer block is a thing)
Also no real photos please anime or illustrated only.
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-RitsukaDraven   4y ago

[center Draven was really excited, he had a date tonight. This wasn't his first date. It had been a really long time since he had been on date. He smiled happily as he glanced at the clock. He was counting down the hours. There was only four hours left before his date. He smiled softly as he adjusted his glasses, that were sliding down the bridge of his nose. It seemed like his classes went on forever.

The day seemed to pass by pretty slowly. Draven was happy once his classes were over. He headed back to his small lonely apartment to get ready for his date. He took a hot shower, attempting to tame his shaggy ebony hair. Once he was all clean he got dressed. He decided to wear all dark colored clothing.

He put on nice long sleeve black shirt. Nice pare of pants and his favorite sneakers. He brushed his hair and took a small glance in the mirror everything was all blurry with out his glasses. He sighed softly as he wiped the lens, making sure they clean. He put his glasses on and sighed softly. Maybe people would like him more if he didn't have to wear these thick frames on his face.

He shook his head and then smiled. He was suppose to meet his date for a picnic in the woods, in about a half hour. He was really excite but also quiet nervous. What if his date stood him up. His heart was racing, as he locked the door to his small apartment. He headed to the woods, which really wasn't that far from where he lived. He and his friend often played in the woods when they were younger. They never dare to enter them at night.

Nor did they ever think about leaving the house at sunset. They had heard all the horrify stories about vampire attacks. Draven had made it to the small meadow that was surrounds by various trees, and shrubs. He was a bit early but surely his date would be there right? His date was actually his best friend they were very close. Or at least the thought they were.

Draven got a little anxious as the time pass. Sure enough his friend had showed up but he wasn't alone. Draven heart felt like it could burst when he heard his friend hurtful words. If that wasn't enough the two men began to beat him. Draven was quiet slender. So it wasn't hard to over power him.

Draven didn't remember much. When he waken, he seen the sky was black. His heart began pounding. How frightening, he was lone in the dark. Top it all off he was still in the middle of the woods. [#d60021 "Fuck..."] he said to himself softly. He was screwed, there was no way he would make it home. Draven try to stand but realized how much pain he was in. That right his date had jumped him. He remember getting hit with several rocks. He winced but he managed to get to his feet. He slowly started walked toward home. Hoping that no or no thing had noticed him. Surely they would. He could feel blood running down his leg. He was a sitting duck.

The french vampire sighed in his cave, fixing his ponytail. He was skinny due to not having been able to feed properly for who knows how long. Forest animals weren't much to go off of. He grabbed a dumb little mouse who was scurrying by with a slender hand, his nails like claws as he brought the wriggling vermin to his mouth. He plunged his fangs into the poor creature, sucking it dry before leaving its corpse for the cockroaches. He couldn't wait for nightfall. Another chance at hunting a human. Another chance at a proper meal.

His ruby eyes gleamed as the sun set, soaring into the forest and taking careful steps. His white hair almost sparkled in the moonlight, which is why he covered it with the hood of his robe. Of course, he'd remove it if he found someone. Would be a shame for them not to see his beauty before passing away.

It wasn't long until he caught the smell of blood, following it like a shark hunting an injured fish. It wasn't long for him to find what he wanted. A poor human, stumbling home as he tried to carry his injuries. François scratched the bark of a tree, just to get the humans heart to beat faster before sneaking up behind them, removing his hood and wrapping his fingers around the male's neck, his other arm trapping the defenseless human. "My, my," he spoke in his thick french accent, "I never thought I would get to have the honor of a human meal again. Aren't I a lucky man?~" He soon pinned Draven to a tree, making it so that they faced each other as the albino vampire looked his meal up and down.
-RitsukaDraven   4y ago

[center Draven heard the sound of breaking bark. How frightening. He need to get out of here and fast. It hurt. It really hurt, it was hard to move. On top of that it was hard to see. His glasses were cracked and scratch beyond repair. Maybe he deserved to died, misfortune always seemed to follow him. He then felt a cold icy hand on the back of his neck. He jump a little when he was turn around to see a tall male standing before him.

His heart was racing wildly in his chest. The man was beautiful, considering he was out at night only meant one thing. This man had to be a vampire. Vampire normally where beautiful creature they were just dangerous and not to be trusted. [#d60021 " P-Please... you don't want to eat me...surely I wouldn't taste good..."] he said with a shiver.

He sighed softly as he trying to think of away out of this. He should of just stay home. Something told him in the back of his mind that he should but he didn't. Now he was stuck in this mess. Pined to a tree by a beautiful man. Perhaps he should just let the vampire do what he wanted. It wasn't like he had much to live for. There wasn't any in that small apartment waiting for him. Not even his grandmother cared anymore.

[#d60021 "I suppose there no way out of this is there..."] he said as he looked around before looking back to the vampire that stood before. He really didn't want to die. If that was the case was going to need to fight. It still hurt, he try his hardest to shove the man away from him. Surely his shoves and pushes where all in vain.

François let out a cruel laugh, pulling Draven towards himself before roughly shoving him against the tree once more to get him to stop struggling. After that, he moved down to the male's neck, sniffing it before licking the spot he would plunge his teeth into, "You're the first human to be in here for a long time, but don't worry, I'll do my best to be as slow as possible~ I can't wait to savor your blood~" François felt a bit bad for the human, they obviously had a rough life, but hunger was hunger, and food is, well, food.

He slowly plunged his teeth into the soft flesh, his eyes brightening as he tasted Draven's blood. He slowly sucked out the male's blood, feeling his strength return as he finally had the meal he wanted oh so much. It was delicious, and he doubted another human would walk into the woods at night. No, he needed Draven as a blood bank. As a food supply.

He swiftly pulled his fangs out, licking blood off his lips. The amount of blood he took would make Draven dizzy, but it wasn't fatal. "How would you feel about making a deal?~"
-RitsukaDraven   4y ago

[center Draven gasped as he was shoved into the tree. It hurt, he was still sore from before. He whimper as he felt he males tongue on his neck. He bit his bottom lip hard as he felt the male's fang in his neck. It hurt but it didn't hurt as bad as he thought it would. In away it kind of felt good. That was an odd thing to be thinking. [#d60021 "P-Please stop"] he said with another small whimper.

He could feel himself getting weaker, as the vampire drank from him. His blue eyes seem to go almost lifeless. There was no point in fighting it was over. He was done for right? He then heard the vampire speak to him. It snapped him out of the daze him seem to be in.

[#d60021 "A deal?"] he question the vampire. There was no way he could trust this man. What kind of deal, surely any sort of deal with a vampire wouldn't be a good thing. Draven looked into the vampire crimson colored eyes. [#d60021 "I guess I don't really have must room to refuse now do I?"] he said with a sigh.

"That's the spirit!~" François lifted Draven's face by his chin, kissing his nose before letting out a sadistic laugh. "Every night, you come to this forest and I feast, but won't kill you..." He then gave a toothy smile, "Disobey, and I'll make your death long and painful~" He then hissed as the sun began to rise, leaving Draven there, "I know you won't refuse if you're smart~" He disappeared into the forest as the sun rose, his laugh echoing through the woods.
-RitsukaDraven   4y ago

Draven seemed almost lifeless when the vampire kissed his nose. Hearing the vampires cold words really didn't seem to phase him that much. He was used to being used. That's all he really seemed to be good for. He sighed softly as he watches the vampire run off. Slid down the tree and sat there for at least an hour.

He sighed softly as he stood up. It hurt to stand let alone walk. He started limping back towards the city. [#d60021 "Damn bat..."] he said he made his way out of the forest. The least he could of done what take him back to the city. Nothing never seem to work out in his favor. He made his way back to his apartment. He took a hot shower after pulling off his tatter and torn clothes.

He was covered in cuts and bruises. His legs were the worst. They had a large bruise long with a few deep cuts. Luckily they wounds had closed up but they still needed clean. Once he was done taking a shower he decided to soak in the tub. He felt quiet a bit better after his long bath. He got out of the tub and got some juice and something to eat.

He then went to bed. He almost forgotten what the vampire said to him. It was just like a dream. A horrible dream at that. Draven mind slowly wonder off he fell a sleep. He woke to the sound of his phone ringing. It turn out it was his boss. He sat up quickly and answered the call. He apologized for missing work. Luckily his boss was understanding. He looked at the time. It was only 6:30 there was still a little time before it got dark. Draven went back to sleep trying to forget the horrible event that happen last night.

François waited impatiently for the sun to set, hungry to taste the human once more. It was quite obvious, due to the pile of dried out mice and rats. He watched as the sun set, yet Draven hadn't arrived. The albino growled with fury, shifting into a small bat and angrily flittering through the moonlit forest. He could still smell Draven's trail, following it to the edge of the forest. Once there, he waited for any sign of Draven, hoping that the human wasn't stupid enough to forget the deal they had made.
-RitsukaDraven   4y ago

[center Draven didn't forget he just over slept. His body was still very sore and worn out. He couldn't but just want to stay in bed. He woke up and jumped out of bed quickly. [#d60021 "Oh shit I am late"] he said as he quickly got dressed. Then stumble out the door after he grabbed his keys. Luckily it was still early it was about 10pm.

Sure this horrid event wouldn't take all night. Surely it was going to get tiring coming out to the woods every night. What if he didn't go? What would happen to the vampire? What would would happen to him? There were so many questions that build up in his mind. Before he knew it he had made it too the woods. It was quiet dark and eerie he really didn't want to step foot in there.

[#d60021 "Umm...hello..."] he said softly as he looked around. His blue eyes scanned the forest for any sort of movement. It seemed quiet and almost lifeless. Even the animals must of fear the vampires that lurked in the woods.

François watched as he went to enter the forest, smirking as his stomach growled. He flittered and followed Draven into the forest, changing back as he slowly fell to the forest floor, leaves crunching under his boots as he seemed to be only an inch from Draven. He put one hand on Draven's cheek, the other putting the male's shoulder in a death grip. "Let's try not to be late, okay~ I'd simply hate to hurt such a pretty face, especially through rage. Why, they wouldn't even be able to recognize you!~" Though he said this in a joking tone, it was an obvious threat that François wouldn't hesitate on going through with. The tall albino soon pushed Draven into a tree, though a bit more gentle this time. He showed his fangs off to the poor mortal before leaning down and plunging his fangs into Draven. He drank slowly, blood beginning to drip from his mouth as he pulled his fangs out, leaving Draven dizzy and fatigued. He looked up, seeing where the moon was. Leaving the human again would be cruel, but taking him to the forest's edge would dangerous to François, leaving him with one choice. François picked Draven up and began carrying him to the cave.
-RitsukaDraven   4y ago

[center Draven sighed softly as he listen to vampire's cruel remarks. As least he was a little more genteel. Draven really didn't want to look at the vampire's fang but it was quiet hard when they were close to his face. He winced a little when François bite him. It hurt but it wasn't as painful as the last time. Draven mind seem to cloud as he started feeling dizzy and light headed. He really wished he didn't have to do this.

Draven slowly found himself lost in a dazed. It was started the visions that entered his mind. Was obscured it was like a glance at the past. He could of sworn his seen his father....and his mother the site before him cause him to call out. [#d60021 "Father!"] he said. He then open his his wind his blue eyes shining bright. When he looked around he realized he was no longer woods. Where was he? A cave?

[#d60021 "Where am i?"] he said as he pressed he glassed close to his face. He had to dig out his spare pair of glasses thanks to those asshole. His blue eyes then landed on the vampire before. [#d60021 "Is this your home? Sure a being such as yourself should have a castle?"] he said he tilted his head.

[h3 ]

I was looking for pictures the other day for new character and I thought of your vampire when I seen this XD


"Used to. Then humans became better hunters. Believe me, a vampire in a castle is a suicidal one. This is more or less where I live, since it stays pretty dark during the day and mice and rats make nice snacks when you're desperate." He sighed, seeming to miss the old days of feeling grand and important. "Gods I sound like a rogue mutt with little food..." He perked up, catching a rat who was trying to sneak by. He seemed ready to feast, the small amount of blood on the tips of his fangs gleaming in the moonlight, until he remembered that Draven was there, simply wounding it in order to save it as a snack for later. François's usual smirk as then replaced with a curious smile, "So, what was with the yelling? You yelled 'father' out of nowhere, and I'd like to know why. I shared why I live here, now you share your reason for screaming in your sleep."
-RitsukaDraven   4y ago

[center Draven smiled softly but his smile soon faded after hearing what François said. It was a shame, how things had come to be in this day in age. If the vampires didn't return to their primal instinct maybe things could of been different. Perhaps it wasn't always there fault. [#d60021 "I'm sorry to here that..."] he said.

Draven sighed softly [#d60021 "It's not that often that I dream about my parents. I haven't seen them since I was six...They were in a horrible car accident. My grandmother often blames me fore their death...misfortune ofter seems to follow me around. "] he said with a sigh. Draven really didn't know what the dream meant? Maybe a glance to the past? None of it really made since.

It was his father and his mother. His father was acting quiet strange. He seemed almost like a vampire. That was ridiculous because he knew damn well he was human? He had to be human, he would walk in the sun, eat garlic. All the other things a vampire supposedly couldn't do.

François nodded and listened closely to what Draven said. He put a hesitant hand on the human's shoulder, as if trying to comfort the poor lad. "I guess becoming my blood bank is another thing to add to the list of misfortunes, huh? Interesting. I'm dearly sorry that your family left you in such a way, I truly am. It's important to be careful, especially with all the fake rumors. All that stuff about garlic and sunlight is complete nonsense. The reason I don't go outside during the day is because I have pale skin that is easily burned, not to mention I look like a token vampire. I step one foot outside and I get burned by sun or by fire. All in all, I really hope your story of misfortune ends with a bit of good luck. The sun has risen a bit, I think it's time for you to leave. Farewell." He hugged Draven before helping him stand up, "just go start through the west and you should reach where you live. I'll see you tonight~"
-RitsukaDraven   4y ago

[center Draven listen the male speak. [#d60021 "Yeah I guess it is just another thing for the list..."] he said walked with François towards the mouth of the cave. Draven hardly responded when the vampire hugged him. It wasn't like it meant anything to him. Just an empty jester that meant nothing. Draven felt short compared to the vampire. [#d60021 "Okay... I'll try not to be late but I do have to work tonight... Surely you can understand that right? I have to keep paying rent or I'll be out on the streets wont be able to finish school..."] he said with a sigh.

School was the last thing he wanted to think about. His so called friends would be there and surely that weren't going to act well when they saw that he was still live and breathing. It wasn't like he could just quit school. If he did he never graduate. He sighed softly as he bit his bottom lip.

He did as he was told and went west. It took him at least an hour to get back home. Once he was home he showered then went to bed. He was really tired had to work. Draven slept for at least six hours. He got up an hour before work. He got dressed then headed out the door. Work seemed to be going by slowly tonight. Draven work in a small cupcake shop. He really did enjoy his job but sadly it wasn't enough to pay all the bills.

It was dark by the time he had gotten of. He sighed softly as he made his way towards the woods. It was creepy walking into the woods alone.

François listened to Draven calmly, feeling quite a bit of pity for the poor human. He nodded in understanding, watching the human leave as he went back into his cave, watching a small bat flitter in near sundown. He sighed, "Hello, Jacques."

The small bat soon turned into a vampire who's skin wasn't as pale as François', in fact, it was quite tan. The older vampire looked around the cave and scoffed at it, kicking away a small rat. "Young master, is this really where you live?! My, what a downgrade...What would his majesty think?" François hissed at him, "My father can't think anything, he was killed for being proud and reckless, so I learned from his mistakes." "By falling for a human?" Jacques replied, smirking as François immediately became furious, standing up and confronting him, "One more word and I'll throw you to the humans as the punishment for treason!" The albino male was furious and could scare even the bravest of men as Jacques flittered off. François sighed, trying to calmed down as he went to find Draven, smiling sweetly and finally calming down as he went up to the human, holding out his hand, "Would you like to walk with me?"
-RitsukaDraven   4y ago

[center Draven nodded and he took François's hand. He carefully followed the male making sure not to trip over any fallen branches or rocks. [#d60021 "Are we going back to your cave? You really didn't have to meet me out here... I'm sure I could of found my way to your cave by now..."] he said with a soft smile.

It was nice that the vampire met up with him but he didn't mean to make him wait. [#d60021 "Well should we get this over and done with so I can head back?"] he said he looked the vampire. He really didn't like this part, but he did enjoy spending time with François. He was getting sleepy, he still had to prepare for school tomorrow and work on top of that. Draven let out a small sigh. Then then blushed when he stomach started growling. He forgotten to eat supper.

It was rather hard to eat dinner when he had to work a from 3:00pm - 9:30pm. It was rather risky for him to be working that late and until dark but someone had to do it. Luckily the city still seem somewhat safe from vampires. He yawned softly as he bit his bottom lip.

François helped Draven make it to the cave, smiling softly, "It's fine, really. I don't really do much in the mornings, so it's nice to see you every night." François heard his suggestion and nodded, laughing as he heard Draven's stomach growled, "Oh dear, you seem a bit empty. It's okay, I'll drink a bit less just in case. The last thing I need to do is damage my blood bank." He chuckled and pulled Draven closer, hugging him as he sunk down to the male's neck. He opened his mouth and slowly sank his fangs in, sucking gently as he drank just enough to keep him satisfied until the next night. He pulled away and smiled softly, looking down at the male. "Would you like me to help you back to the edge of the forest, or would you like to wait a bit?"
-RitsukaDraven   4y ago

[center Draven listen to the male as he followed him back to his cave. That was right he was just merely food for the male. He felt a snap pain in his neck. It didn't really take long for the vampire to get what he needed. Once he was done Draven stood there for a moment. He did feel light headed but he need to get back home. He had home work today, he need to shower, and eat. Food just sounded heavenly. [#d60021 "N-no I should be okay."] he said with a small smile. [#d60021 "I'll head back quickly."] he said.

He smiles softly as he step out of the cave. [#d60021 "Goodnight"] he said softly before making his way through the forest. Draven sighed softly as a sick feeling came over him. His sapphire eyes held strange red colored flecks in them. He leaned against a tree for only a minute. As he walked way the tree withered and die. Draven of corse didn't notice. He strangely felt a little better. His sapphire eyes went back to normal, the sick feeling no longer linger.

Once Draven was home he got to work on his homework. He then went along his night, eating bathing and then straight to bed. He was exhausted and sleep just sound wonderful.

François didn't notice either, yawning as his fangs gleamed in the moonlight. He had gone much too long without sleeping, and it was beginning to show. He entered the cave and sat down, watching a rat come near him. He was too tired to eat it, scratching it behind the ears, "Hello there, cute little snack. Do you think I'll feel like a prince again one day?" The rat let out a small screech. François let out a sad sigh, "Me neither, snack." He fell asleep after the sun rose, holding the rat to his chest. He slept well into the night as well, snoring softly and not noticing Draven's footsteps. The rat slept as well.
-RitsukaDraven   4y ago

[center Draven woke so the sound of his alarming going off. He groaned as he sat up, rubbing his eyes. He really didn't want to get out of bed. He had to, he need to go to school and work. Draven sighed softly as he turn his alarm off. He stood up his legs were shaky? Why? Draven sighed softly as he figure he probably just needed some juice or something. As he attempt to make his way to the kitchen he fell. Draven laid on the floor silently before drifting back to sleep.

Draven started to have the same horrible dream. His parents were killed right before his eyes. The whole world seem to be in blazed. That was right there house has been burned to the ground and some how he had made out alive? How? None of it really made any sense. His parents death was still a blur. He never really did understand why they were killed. He always though it was because of the vampires.

Even his Aunt and Uncle told him it was because of those monster. They were the reason his parents were so violently slaughter. He was also to blame. His Aunt never let him forget that one. When Draven woken, it was dark. Something was different, there was this strange feeling building up inside. Suddenly the hunger hit him, this hunger wasn't normal.

François awoke and rubbed his eyes, looking up at the night sky, "Draven's very late...I'm a bit worried about him." He looked at his new pet rat and huffed, turning into a bat and picking the rat up with his feet as he flew out. He was lucky that no one saw him, picking up on Draven's scent, though it He landed by the window and opened it, stepping inside and going human as he placed Snack on his shoulder and closed the window, "You okay, Draven? You don't look too good."
-RitsukaDraven   23d ago

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