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By wingedwolfy120

Replies: 1933 / 2 years ago

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He smiled. "guys this is crab meat. a little crab who followed me around till i gave her a name. crabmeat my shipmates."
Zoro / ganondorf / 1y ago
"hehehe, I ate a lot." She said and looked at him. "I'm surprised to see you again too."
He hopped off the boat and onto the crabs back. "its been a few years but i didnt htink youd get this big wow!" he said looking at her.
Zoro / ganondorf / 1y ago
"hi Papa Sanji." The crab said and waved a claw to him
they nodded getting up as the head surfaced. "CRAB MEAT!" Sanji called recognizing the large beast.
Zoro / ganondorf / 1y ago
She went to get Luffy and Sanji quickly and said. "Giant crab, hurry please?"
"Yes yes." he said as another claw sorfaced on the otherside of their ship.
Zoro / ganondorf / 1y ago
She saw it too and asked. "Should we grab Luffy or Sanji?"
Zoro peeked over the edge as a giant crab claw emerged. "aww shit." he said backing up.
Zoro / ganondorf / 1y ago
Karina ran out of their room and asked. "What the hell was that?"
Meanwhile Zoro finished up the rigging and sighed. "finally." he said before a loud roar tore through the water shaking the boat.
Zoro / ganondorf / 1y ago
She smirked and sat on his lap. "Should I be scared of this punishment?"
"more than you know." he said and flexed his fingers intimidatingly.
Zoro / ganondorf / 1y ago
She crawled out and to him and asked. "Oh? Are you going to punish me?"