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Two lies & a truth

By Simply_Random

____ is apart of the mafia. Secretly. He does the dirty work. No one but the head of the family knows who he is and what’s hes capable of. Others think he’s a family friend when he does show up to events.

Monica on the other hand is a simple register nurse. She met ___ a few times. The first time she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. The second time she may haves stupidly saved him after a meeting behind a ally. He jumps over the fence to her backyard after a shootout followed by sirens. She took him since to pitch him up and hide from the cops. Why? Because she’s stupid.

That’s all i got... need someone to play a male and help develop the plot. Char limit is 1,000. Prefer real picture but I can do anime if you use a unique picture.

Mafia Boss Romeo
Kim’s ex
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Simply_RandomKimberly ~   253d ago

Kimberly Bennett is a register nurse living in Las Vegas, Nevada. She’s only been there for about three years. The big move was because of love. At least that’s what she thought. Four months intoiving together she caught him cheating. It did break her. However, there was no going back. At the time she loved her job and the area. She’s moved twice since then and found a better job in Las Vegas. Her ex doesn’t seem to want to give up on her. He’ll send flowers from time to time. It didn’t bother her. She would bring them to work to decorate the nurses station or give them to her favorite patients.

Third double shift of the week, Kiki, was exhausted. Too exhausted to drive. To impatient to wait for an Uber who called twice for directions. It was annoying so she canceled it and decide to walk. The night breeze felt good. Not to mention the smoothie at a cafe before it closed. It was a few minutes pass two in the morning. The girl stops hearing a disagreement. It scared her. Her mind couldn’t wrap around what was being said. That was until she heard someone say there’s no need for guns. She peaks her head to see what was going on. If there are guns out she’ll have to run or hide. Maybe bother. Then again she’s never been in such a situation so there no telling what she’ll do. Hopefully nothing stupid...
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   198d ago
Hazard Zone

Silas rolled his eyes as he pulled the gun out chuckling at the poor innocent soul working for another mafia gang. [+red ''Aw c'mon are you scared of a little gun you baby?'] His tone was cold and bitter as he spoke to the other person. The other male was trembling. Silas chuckled darkly and shot off a few rounds. That scared the male Silas was talking to. [+red ''You'd better get the hell out of my way! Or I will fucking shoot you for real!''] He had yelled coldly.
[center -]
The male had nodded and ran off as quick as he could which made him run into Kimberly. The male shook his head and rushed of not saying sorry. Silas just shook his head and clicked his tongue. He peaked out to be sure the coast was clear. But he saw a woman standing out there. [+red ''Fuck!''] he muttered. He stood there a bit longer waiting for her to leave so he could get out of the alleyway.
[center -]
[+red ''There is no way I can get caught now.''] Silas grew a bit impatient. So he started to walk out acting like he didn't do anything. He walked a bit as he walked out. He had looked right at the female for a minute. Silas then shook his head and got away as fast as he could.
Simply_RandomKimberly ~   198d ago

Bastard. He made her drop her smoothie. Perhaps it was fate. She doesn’t need the extra yummy calories at three am. The fear in his eyes though.

Her head automatically turned the other way to look at the person way down the alley. Her heart began to beat so slow yet so hard all at once. This, this may be a scene in a horror movie. Fuck the smoothie. Time to run home. No. Pretend you saw nothing. The second you turn the corner run for it.  Okay. Good plan. Yay. 

Kimberly power walks. It felt like she was being watched. As she began to turn the corner she saw him. Clearly. Oh god… ten seconds after turning the corner she ran for her life. Now this is cardio. It shall count as her workout for the week because she collapsed when she got home. 

Kim stayed on the floor for a bit until she heard her birds chirping. Gaining enough strength to get up to fill up their food and water bottle was a lot. It didn’t help that she had to go shower and get ready for bed. The next three days she off. She can sleep in tomorrow or today. Whatever. She’s going to sleep in and then meet her girls for dinner before going clubbing.
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   197d ago
Hazard Zone

Silas rushed to his penthouse where the mafia boss keeps his closest members. He sighed and bit his lip slightly. He was so close to getting caught by that lady. [+red ''Thank god she ran away.''] he had said to himself. He went to his gun safe and opened it then sighed after locking it up. He ran his fingers through his hair.
[Center -]
Silas then went to the bathroom and git ready to take a shower. He yawned after he got out and put on some joggers after that Silas sat on his bed. He let out a slight sigh and he looked at his phone. After a bit, he set it down knowing he'll most likely get a call sometime later in the day after he got a little bit of rest after being out all night.
[center -]
Silas wasn't really able to get rest so he shook his head and got out of bed and walked over to the patio and sat out there for quite some time. As he was out there he lit a cigarette. Silas took a few puffs off of it and looked out at the night sky. He finished smoking than went back inside. After he locked the sliding door and went back to his bedroom.
Simply_Random     196d ago

Kim had to take NyQuil to help her fall asleep. She's used to seeing weird shot so why is this one disturbing her? Even with the damn NyQuil, she had a difficult time staying asleep for all she dreamt about was what could’ve happened. His face will live rent free in her head As a nightmare. 

When morning fonally decided to wake up, the girl was already drinking a cup of coffee. At some point she couldn't keep fake sleeping. Perhaps a good run would do her juistice. She’ll nap after it and then run some errands. Then as norwmmly planned she'll meet up with some friends for lunch. Yeah, that sounds good. 

Why? By noon she was still home. A hand was still on the doorknob. Running outfit on. His face was burning brighter in the back of her eyeball. Every time her eyes would close for more than 3 seconds she saw him. Then the guy running in terror. As if it was a bonus. It took longer than expected to musk up the courage to go outside. Nothing went as accordingly. Then again she wasted time being afraid of running into one of the guys from last night. She picked up her laundry, went home to drop it off and then went grocery shopping… so far so good.

The image of them was fading the longer she was out. The fear began to lessen. The plans to meet at Calico Jack's is still happening tonight. Kimberly couldn't meet up with her friends. Too much time was wasted. It'll be okay though. All her errands would be done and after tonight she wouldn't necessarily need to leave the house. Now she can’t wait to go and get tipsy. No one for her to walk home alone. Someone should be with her, right?

Due to her missing lunch with her friends she decided to go to a well known cafe to get an ice coffee and whatever sounds good.
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   196d ago
Hazard Zone

Silas laid in his bed for a bit longer before he growled and got out of bed. [+red ''Great a night with no god damn sleep at fucking all!''] He grumbled as he walked into his kitchen and started to make himself some food before he went out for the day. Silas looked at his phone. The mafia boss sent out a list of people for him to track down. [+red ''Today will sure be eventful.''] he said to himself. 
[center -]
He let out a slight huff as he was walking around. He wondered if he would ever run into that woman for the other night. If so, he should talk to her and be sure she doesn't run her mouth to anyone about what she had seen the other night. God forbid it gets reported. Or he'd be in some deep shit with the boss. Silas was back in yet another ally way. Waiting to scope out the next victim on the list he had been given.
[Center -]
After what seemed like hours he still didn't find them. But he did see the lady from last night. He chuckled slightly [+red ''looks like the little mouse came out to play''] He muttered to himself. Silas just stayed hidden out of sight. He was sure he'd see her again soon enough. Silas had been nearby the cafe that Kim had been at. He shook his head [+red ''It's a world of monsters out here.''] he said quietly as he watched her more closely. Silas himself was a monster too. But that's a story for a different time.
[center -]
Soon enough his attention had been taken away from the female. This time he was looking right at another male. He shook his head not thinking of it being all the strange. After all, the woman was quite beautiful.
Simply_Random     196d ago

All the rave about this cafe is on point. However, it may be a little pricey. Just a little. It is yummy though. She did have a conversation with a few people. It was nice.

The girl didn't notice him. Thankfully. Her next agenda was to get her nails and toes done might as well. Minutes after walking, she had a weird feeling to look around. Nothing. Everything seems normal. Neither one of the guys she saw the other night wasn't around. Then why was there the need all of a sudden to check her surrounding? Is she being watched? 

Kimberly sighs. Every time the door opened she had to see who came in. Paranoia is starting to kick in. It was weird that she was relaxed and yet paranoid. 

When it was time to head home she went to ahead to take another shortcut. She needs a power nap. Then again she did stop at a bakery to get some goodies and a bubble tea. 

Kim stopped because she sucked too much bubble tea. Poor thing was choking. Then she heard it. Again! She has to stop choking before she gets caught but oh God, wrong wind pipe! It took drinking some more to help a bit. 

Ugh, how long can she stay near the building? What if that person just approaches her and shoots her? Her heart... The girl ties the bag with her goodies so she can run for her life again! Why is this happening now though? It's still day time for crying out loud. Crap, she needs to vomit now. She's scared.
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   195d ago
Hazard Zone

Silas watched her walk-in but was gone when she was back out. He was dealing with a few things for the boss. Silas chuckled as he pulled his knife out and put it to another male throat. [+red ''Say you goodbyes~''] He said to the male
[center -]
The other male cried out for his life. But did Silas care? No. Not at all. [+red ''Good night buddy.''] Those were the last words that the male had heard. Silas then set the knife by the male and set it next to him to make it seem like something else.
[center -]
He then heard the sounds of someone choking. Silas rolled his eyes and put on a bandana to hide his face. Then ran after her to help her. [+red ''Becareful little one.''] He said after he helped her out as well as he could before he rushed back off. 
[center -]
Silas hid back into another ally. He wanted to get more information on the woman he just saved. He knew it was the same one he had seen last night as well. Maybe they could formally meet someday. Silas thought as he took off his bandana.
[center -]
He sat down to take a small break as he looked around a bit more. Silas shook his head as he observed everyone and everything in this town. But how can you blame him he was always just out and about. Learning things about everyone he could. Some information could kill others.
Simply_RandomKimberly ~   195d ago

Either she was holding her breath and she’s about to die. The guy told her [i ‘be careful little one’]. Oh god. She’s not dead. The guy saved her. But why? Nope. Don’t stand there to find out. It could be a trick. He’s trying to pin this murder on her or he’s going to wait until she thinks it’s safe and bam! Dead. 

He took off after saving her. His face was covered but she won’t forget the way he smells. Fuck. She’s so ready to get drunk tonight. Blackout drunk. Kim was paralyzed in fear for a few minutes after he left. He legs eventually started working on their own and she was running once again. Straight home at that. 

There wasn’t time to lock the door behind her. She ran to the bathroom to throw up. There goes the only thing she ate in almost 24-hours. After losing part of her soul on the bathroom she went to lock the door, make sure the windows are locked and the curtains are closed before going to take a hot long thoughtful shower. 

By the time the girl got out her hands and feet were pruny. Kimberly began to dry her hair before styling it. Makeup was up next. If she doesn’t do it now she won’t go out. There’s no way she’ll do all of this and stay home. She needs to go out. To forget what she saw yet again. Although her hair was done she ended up curling up in bed. Exhaustion and fear knocked her out. 

Hours later, her phone phone was blowing up and there was a continuous banging on her door. She wakes up crying thinking he finally came to finish her off. Then she heard her friends voice shouting because she’s late and they refuse to let her cancel for the millionth time. 

Kimberly allowed them inside. They waited for her to get ready which didn’t take too long. Twenty minutes give or take. With everything she saw she didn’t want to wear a skirt but the amount of peer pressure her girls gave her… it made her wish the guy came and took her out. 

Then again… look at what her girls managed to pull out of [b her] closet. What the hell?! Never mind, he can continue to stay away. They got an Uber from her place to go to Calico Jack’s. One of the girls knew the bouncer so they didn’t have to wait in line or pay. Their ritual is to start the night off with two shots before going to the dance floor. 

[https://i.pinimg.com/474x/5f/66/da/5f66da10136b976755f491fad0886ba0.jpg her outfit.]
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   194d ago
Hazard Zone

Silas watched as the woman had run off [+red ''Hmph.. not even a thank you?''] he clicked his tongue. [+red ''Who taught her manners?''] he asked himself. Though he never let that get to him. The thing is there was something so strange about that woman. Something that drew him to her. Though she seemed that she hated him. After all, she was in the same place when something went down. He had shook his head and walked away from the alley.
[center -]
He finally started to head to the penthouses where he lived. Some rest was needed. Silas was exhausted the day had seemed to drag on and on. The thing is the day wasn't even fully over. Will the day ever end? He shook his head and rolled his eyes slightly when his phone started to ring. [+red ''Hello?''] he asked when he picked up. It was his boss [+red ''Later tonight? Got it. ill be there as I always am. Do I ever disappoint?''] He chuckled a bit as he hung up the call. 
[center -]
Silas went to his room and laid on his bed for some time. To free up some of his time. He wasn't really sure what else he should do. He had closed his eyes and ended up falling asleep but it wasn't really all that long that he was asleep. He had been asleep for maybe about an hour at the most. Silas growled as he looked around slightly. [+red ''I'm done with today''] he muttered. Silas walked out of his room and looked around for a moment. [+red ''what to do with my time?''] he asked himself aloud. He didn't really find much to do so he just went into his gym area and did a little boxing on his punching bag,
[center -]
He looked at the clock than it was finally time to spring. Silas went through his closet and changed out of his workout clothes. Silas smirked and walked out of his house after he was ready. He started to hunt down the target. He met him in a ghetto parking lot. Silas already had his gun out. He wanted this to be quick and easy.
Simply_RandomKimberly ~   194d ago

An hour later they got another shot. Two out of the eight girls disappeared. One of them, knowing who she is, is probably screwing someone somewhere. The other... Who knows!

Kim only danced with one guy. She was trying her best to keep it as a girls night. They even said no guys but some of them are changing their minds. That's fine. She's still having fun. Grinding on her girls.

Two hours I'm the club. Four girls are left. The drinking was put on paise. One of the girls left with someone. Everyone got a secret picture of him and his license plate. By then Kim was okay with the idea of dancing with a guy. She did sneak on a drink and a shot. The girl isn't drunk, drunk but she's a bit past the tipsy side.

At some point, she ended up dancing with [i him]. The guy from the alley. The possible serial killer. Whatever music was playing had her loose. Then again it could be drinks. Possibly both. Something in her felt different. Her body had a nice calm tingle circulating her body. It was as if she's one with the world. There's also the chance that the candy her friend gave her could've been drugs. Whatever, she's feeling nice.

Something about the guy she's dancing with had her feeling a type of way. It was like a weird electricity. Not like the one that gets you into [i [b the]] mood. Like she would know she's in danger. Then again she is possibly high and drunk so she's interpretation it differently. All she knows is that he smells goo. Really good. Like please let me jump your bones and sniff you until I pass out... Wait, is that a thing? Eh. She's fucked up. It's fine.

[center ~ ~ [b T]ime [b S]kip ~ ~ ]]

God knows what time it was when she woke up. Kim was ready to run out naked if she had to. She's. In. His. Bed.
Cursing under her breath, Kim tried gathering her things as quietly as possible. It was mission impossible. Her head is ready to explode. The thirst is also real. Ugh. Plus she needs to vomit again. Why is it that she always the urge to vomit when he's around? Can one be that scared of someone?
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   193d ago
Hazard Zone

Silas had completed his task at some point in time. It was finally time to relax and have some fun. Maybe bring a girl home for the night. That sure sounded like a good time to him. After he made the death look like the target had done it himself he booked it out of the area and went home to shower and change out of the bloody clothes. 
[center -]
Silas took off his shoes and then stripped. He walked into the shower and started to wash his body and hair. After some time he had stepped out and dried off then went off to put on a pair of boxers. After that, he went to find a nice outfit. He found a nice red and black button-up. Silas put that on and a pair of black dress pants. [+red ''perfect.''] he said as he got on a pair of dress shoes. [+red ''Time to get drunk and just relax''] Silas said as he walked out of his penthouse.
[center -]
After he got to the bar he saw [b her]. He got a big smile on his face. [+red ''Aw, it's my little mouse.''] Silas said but it was quiet enough for only him to hear. He saw that she had been with her friends so he stayed away from her and just started to drink for quite a while. He set his drink down and made his way to the dance floor. Silas finally had her alone once all her friends had gone off to do what they wanted to do.
[center -]
Silas noticed she wasn't scared by him now. Or at least she wouldn't be until whatever she had been on had worn off. He kept her close to him as they dance. At some point in the night, he had ended up taking her back to his house. He thought that it would have been for the better. Silas smirked and had taken her to the car. 
[center -]
Silas had woken up to the sound of the female quickly getting out of bed and trying to get out of the house. [+red ''You know its quite rude to get up and go without saying goodbye little mouse.''] Silas said as he sat up and stared at her. [+red ''at least let me make you breakfast.''] he told her.
Simply_RandomKimberly ~   193d ago

Lord. He's up. Is he a light sleeper? What the heck. She sighs or perhaps it was a deep long exhale... Is there even a difference?

“So you can poison me? I'm okay. I wanna know if we... Did we...” wait, mouse? 

He called her a little mouse. A mouse! “Mouse? Little mouse? Excuse me, what?” it's too early to be mad. Then again she shouldn't be if she wants to live. The girl needs to calm down. Relax. Is she still on drugs? The more she looks at him the cuter he gets. His hair looks soft, silky, fluffy. She kind of wants to run her fingers through his hair. No. Stop. He's a killer. Someone bad. He may be trying to kill her. 

“What gang are you even in? You're not repping anything. A color. A sign. A tatt...” fuck, she may die now for askin. She may get peered pressured or threatened to join since she seen too much. 

Her stomach was turning like an old washer machine ready to bust out of the spot it's in. Speaking of which, she hates when the machine sounds like it's getting angry and shakes so hard that you feel it... Stop Kimberly. Focus. 

Fucking Tiff. What did she give them?! He can't be the guy that smelled good last night. Ugh. It's all a blur! Damn it. What was she thinking and feeling last night? Tiff you're going to get a beating for this!

She began to look around. There should be something she can use for self-defense. Oh, no. Bloody shoes. The girl gulps. “Y-you forgot your shoes.” Kim tells him calm trying not to vomit in her mouth.

Despite her stomach turning it did rumble. Fuck. Her head drops. Automatic Ally hears falls as if they were curtains. “F-fine...” hopefully one of her girlfriends caught a picture of him and/or whatever he drives.
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   192d ago
Hazard Zone

Silas chuckled darkly [+red ''A gang? Hmmm...''] he thought for a moment. Then pointed to his chest. He pointed at a tattoo of a black rose with thorns surrounding it. When she asked if they had done [b it] that made him laugh [+red ''You don't remember?''] he asked in a sinister tone. Silas stood up and got some boxers on along with a pair of joggers. Then he looked back at her [+red ''Well little one.''] he said as he walked over to her and handed her one of his sweaters and a pair of joggers [+red ''Cover-up little one.''] Silas told her before he opened the door of his room and started to head out to the kitchen.
[center -]
He started to get stuff out to make crepes, eggs, bacon, and coffee. Silas had left his phone upstairs in the room that she was in. It had started to go off. But he didn't hear it because he was making them breakfast. He was quiet as he cooked. It felt good to cook for someone other than just himself. He clicked his tongue as thought to himself. [i What would i do if she went around telling? I can't have that... Fuck..Why did i point it out..] Silas shook his head rolling his eyes some. He soon finished up cooking and started to set out toppings 
[Center -]
[+red ''Little mouse. Come down here!''] He called out. Silas's tone was somewhat demanding towards her. But could he really help it? No, not really after all they did just spend the night together.
Simply_RandomKimberly ~   192d ago

Her head began to spin. It was preferred. She doesn't want to be vomiting in this guy's house. A skull-breaking headache is slightly more manageable. He ‘hmmed’ and pointed at his chest tattoo. There's a black rose with thorns surrounding it. What the heck does it rep? When she goes back to work she gonna have to look at the binder full of pictures of tattoos and what they mean. Yup, the hospital has a big binder full of them. It's also a safer way to know who they're dealing with and what to tell them cops of someone with a specific tattoo comes along with a wound.

As of right now, he's killing her with kindness. Is this is why of distracting her so he can kill her easily? Is it also said that she wished they were just got and got naked? With how he answered her they did do it last night... Maybe she was good enough he won't kill her?

Kim puts on her undergarments before putting on his sweater. She then pulls out a foldable reusable bag from her purse to put her... She gasps hearing a phone ring. It wasn't hers. Her phone is dead. Why is his phone blowing up? They're probably calling to see if the job is done. She's about to have a heart attack.

Be calm. Be cool. Control yourself. His phone was now in her hand. Every time she was about to dial Tiffany's number his phone would ring. She drops his phone on the bed to run to the bathroom. When she found it everything came out. It was so bad she had to clean his bathroom. He is being nice.

[#BA55D3 “Coming,”]she shouts back.

Kim carefully pours some mouth wash in her mouth. Can't go accuse him of anything when she smells like vomit. His place is impressive. Not to mention clean and organized. Kim is renting a room with two other people who are currently away.

Before following the delicious smell, she takes his phone. It finally stopped buzzing. [#BA55D3 “Your phone keeps going off.”] she slides him the phoneok the counter. He eyes scans the food he just made. Crepes?! Yup, she can die now. After breakfast.

The girl thought about switching plates. He probably figured she would it so there's a 50/50 chance she'll still be poisoned. Hmm... instead she split everything in half and swapped them. Now they're both going to die. Ha, ha!

[#BA55D3 “Don’t say anything. Just making sure is not poisoned and why do you keep calling me a mouse?”] she asks before drinking the coffee. It was difficult to eat slowly when it was delicious. A killer who can cook. Is that a thing?

[#BA55D3 “Why do we keep bumping into each other? Do I have a target on my back?”] She asks curiously. The teen from the Latin Kings did threaten a month ago for calling the cops. He got shot twice. It's protocol.

[center Her color code #BA55D3 ]
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   191d ago
Hazard Zone

Silas smiled as she switched the foods [+red ''How dare you accuse me of poisoning you Little one.''] He said in a joking tone. He sat down across from her. He picked up his phone once the female said something about it. [+red ''Hm... it's not the boss. So.. it doesn't matter at the moment''] Silas set his phone back down on the table. [+red ''Well, better start eating. Watch, ill eat it first'']
[center -]
Silas picked up a fork and took a bite of the food. As he ate his food he relaxed a bit knowing that things should be good today. Silas took a sip of his coffee that was right in front of him. This coffee was good. He really enjoyed it.
[center -]
He looked at her [+red ''No, you do not have a target on your back.''] Silas told her. [+red ''What makes you think that dear?''] He asked. Silas watched her closely. [+red ''Oh, and I call you that because your little and mouse-like.''] Silas just shrugged as he said that. [+red ''Now, After you eat ill drive you home okay?''] he told her. [+red ''Also, tell no one about this alright?'']
[center -]
Silas took a drink of his coffee and sat back and watched her once again. [+red ''Ya know what?''] he said. [+red ''I've taken quite a liking to you.''] He said with a smirk on his face. That's when her phone started to go off. It had been her friend tiffany.
[center -]
Her friend had been blowing Kimberly's phone up asking where she went and what she had been doing. Silas looked at her [+red ''Well, someone is surely popular. You can go out back and take the call if you would like. I won't intrude. Just don't tell them where my house is.'']
Simply_Random     191d ago

Can he blame her? None of this makes sense. He's too calm. Then again it could be a good sign. 

Kim is filled with questions. Why her? Did he really make this or did her order out and is pretending he made it? As much as she would like to ask why hasn't he harmed her yet, she also doesn't wish to provoke it either. Since you know, he hasn't done so. Yet. 

For the record she did hear him. [i ‘It’s not the boss. It doesn't matter at the moment.’] that's some mafia shit. At least its what they say in mafia movies. Mafia's don't exist... Right?

Watching him relax made her relax and enjoy the breakfast more. She's mouse like. That's new. Then again someone said she looks like she can fight like a hamster. Now that's an insult.  

[#BA55D3 I definitely won't.] she quickly replies doing the girl scout honors sign. 

Kim will pretend to be blind and have amnesia. All of this is a dream. He is way too nice. Then he said it. He's taking a liking to her. That's sweet?

[#BA55D3 Sorry. Excuse me.] she says grabbing her phone and running to his bedroom.

The girls were yelling. Moments like these she's happy who always carry a portable charger. [#BA55D3 Stop yelling.]
“Where are you?” “Are you safe?” “Was he big?”
[#BA55D3 I'm okay. He made breakfast. I'll call you when I get home. He's going to drive me home.] hearing this made the girls gush. They think he's a keeper. Only if they know he's in the mafia. Then again he didn't really confirm it... It was what he said. Plus she doesn't know what the tattoo represents. 

Kim quickly hangs up and goes to the bathroom. God. She looks like a trainwreck. The girl washes her face before going back out. Her makeup was smeared already so no need to have it on. 

[#BA55D3 Sorry about that. Can I get that ride now? Please. My friends are ready to start a search party.] she warns him as she grand the mug. 

Why is she all of sudden feeling safe and relaxed? He drugged her. She knew it. He could take drugs in the morning or something. [#BA55D3 My name is Kimberly by the way. Not little mouse... And I better be a cute mouse even though they're not so cute.] she mumbles with with the mug gently pressed against her bottom lip.

Kim couldn't look at him now. She's slightly embarrassed and scared for telling him not to call her a little mouse anymore. Although she has a feeling he won't listen. 

[#BA55D3 Do you normally make breakfast for whoever you sleep with? I'm just curious. It's okay if you don't want to answer.]
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   191d ago
Hazard Zone

Silas nodded a bit as he watched her walk out of the dining room to deal with her phone call. He looked at his phone which was now going off. This time it was the mafia boss. [+Maroon ''Damnit!''] he muttered before he picked the phone up. [+Maroon ''What is it, sir?''] Silas asked. [+Green ''Silas, there is a meeting tonight. I need you to come to it.''] [+maroon ''Got it.''] Silas said [+Maroon ''Is that all sir?''] he asked. After a few moments, the phone call ended.
[center -]
He looked at the female when she walked back into the dining room asking to be driven home. [+Maroon ''Oh, yeah. We don't want your friends to do that.''] he smirked [+maroon ''Kimberly? What a pretty name. Matches your pretty face.''] Silas smiled at the mention of her little nickname [+maroon ''A very cute mouse. The cutest one there is''] he told her. [+maroon ''Also, the name is Silas.'']
[center -]
Silas stood up [+Maroon ''ill go grab my keys and jacket. Then I will take you home.''] He walked up the stairs and into his room. Silas got his shoes on and his jacket. As he went to grab his keys he saw that all her stuff was still in his room. He grabbed all of that along with his keys. Silas walked back downstairs with her clothes from the night before in his hands along with her shoes. [+maroon ''Here ya go little mouse.''] He said smirking [+maroon ''I think I like your nickname better.''] Silas told her.
[center -]
[+maroon ''Now, let's get you home before your friends lose it and send people out to look for you.''] He reached his hand out to her so he could help her up off the chair.
Simply_RandomKimberly ~   191d ago

Her heart is slowly melting but it shouldn't! Not with him. No. 

Silas. That's his name. Sounds Greek. It may fit him if she knew the meaning behind his name and how he is. 

Kim couldn't help but to roll her eyes. Little. Mouse. It's going to always bother her. He's lucky she scared of him because she would've gave it to him. Wait. Technically she gave him something else because she was intoxicated but she mean verbally. Curse words. Not her body... Again. 

Kim stayed seated. Enjoying the breakfast. Part of her doesn't want to go. She's comfortable. It is what it is. Her friends are ready to go hunting for her. He doesn't want anyone to know where he lives and maybe have anyone know about their encounter. She doesn't blame him. 

She began to clean up. It's the least she can do. She washed them and stuffed them on the dishwasher for it to be extra clean. She goes to sit back down but he return with her things and keys. The schoolgirl in her is screaming and freaking out. He's so nice. What a devilish gentlemen. she accepts his help for it would be rude not to. 

[#BA55D3 Thank you. ] Kim put on the skirt to cover up a bit. She didn't bother with the heels. She's not afraid of walking barefoot outside. When they got in his car she told him where she lives. Although he probably knows it. Her friends kept blowing her phone up with texts after texts. She sent them a picture of her legs letting them know she's heading home now. Even though they were practically there. It's was to protect Silas. He wants privacy. Her friends won't get it though. 

[#BA55D3 Thank you for everything and for not killing me.] she says somewhat jokingly. [#BA55D3 Let me go though. Before they show up. Plus I don't want them to see me on the walk of shame.] Kim takes off the seatbelt. A hand was on the handle to open the door but she stops, leans over to give him a kiss on the cheek, and then she got out. Practically power walking to her home.

Her friends showed up an hour later. Half of them ganged up on Tiff for drugging them. At this point, Kim wasn't sure if she should still be mad or thankful. At the moment she still doesn't remember much of last night. When it was her turn to tell them she made a few things up but made sure to tell them about breakfast and getting a ride home. 5 out of the 8 girls want to go back to the club. With a little convincing they all agreed to go out to see a movie and dinner instead.

The girl ‘meeting’ didn't last long. Shortly after they left Kimberly went to go shower, clean the house, and rest before she has to go out again.

Silas was on her mind half the time. God, Kim wants to remember what happened.
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   190d ago
Hazard Zone

The car trip with Kim was nice. It seemed to be relaxing to Silas. He looked at her once he had pulled up to her place. The fact she told him [i 'thank you'] for not killing her. That made him laugh. [+maroon ''Well, of course, I want to keep you around. Or I would have killed you when we first made contact.''] he told her. [+Maroon ''oh, one more thing. Here's my number.''] Silas said handing her a small slip of paper.
[center -]
He watched her walk into her house. Silas thought about her kissing him on the cheek. Was she playing pretend? Or did she actually seem to have feelings? All of these thoughts went through his mind. [+maroon ''Fuck Silas! get yourself together!''] he practically yelled at himself. Now. he had to get back home and get ready for a meeting with the boss and the rest of the gang.
[center -]
Once he had gotten home he sighed and walked inside. Locking the door behind him. He then walked into his room to look for his suit. 
[center -]
After he found it he laid it on his bed after it had been made up with clean bedding. He shook his head and stripped. Silas headed into the bathroom to shower. It seemed like an hour before he got out and got ready for the night. It should be interesting. He wondered what was going on.
[center -]
Why? Was there a meeting tonight? Had somebody betrayed them and they had been caught? Silas sure hoped that wasn't the case. Though the boss did sound a little bit angry over the phone. 
[center -]
[+maroon [i Shit-]] he thought. Did his boss find out that the one guy got away from him? Or maybe the fact that Kimberly somewhat knew about the gang? No, No... that couldn't be why.
Simply_RandomKimberly ~   190d ago

Well Kimberly got her wish. Everything played back in her dreams like an old movie clip. Boy was it hot... Unless her dream put a little more spice into it.

When she finally woke up she got ready. She may have glammed up a bit. It did take her an hour to get ready though.
Today is a good day. Then again Silas' kindness keeps popping to kind. It's hard not to like him after this morning. Not to mention he knows how to cook!

Kim got in her car to go get some ice coffee from Dunkin before heading to get the girls. They made it easy for her. Most of them we're waiting at another ones place. It was also established that Kimberly won't be drinking since she's driving.

Two movies and many snacks later they went to Ginos for dinner. Tiffany keeps messing up. They had to waot for a table. She didn't make reservations like she said she did.

[center [https://flyingcdn-e81424e1.b-cdn.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/corset-outfit20.jpg?width=800 outfit]]
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   190d ago
Hazard Zone

Silas took a deep breath [+maroon ''Might as well get this over with.''] he muttered. Silas parked his car in the underground parking garage. He looked around the parking garage. [+Maroon ''Shit.. looks like the whole family is here..''] He said to himself.
[center -]
Why did he seem so nervous? Well, for one. He had no idea what was going on. Silas had always known what was going on but this time he had no clue.
[center -]
Silas had to get his composure together before he walked through those doors. [+Maroon ''Here goes nothing.''] he said aloud. [+maroon [i One more deep breath]] he said to himself. After a deep breath, he started to walk out of the parking garage and into the large mansion.
[center -]
He had been greeted by a large group of guards. Silas followed them to the back room where most of the meetings were held. Silas for the first time was scared. He had no clue what could happen today. 
[center - ]
Silas sat on the right side of the boss. As he always does, but this all felt very off to him. [+maroon ''Hello sir...'']
Simply_RandomKimberly ~   190d ago

[b [center The Boss]]

The meeting didn't start for another twenty minutes. By then he was pissed. He waited too long. 

It didn't matter if some gifted him small things or decided to order from several places. He needs to get this shit rolling. To end the small chitchats he slammed his fat hand on the table. His brackets added to the noise making it louder. 

[b Shut the fuck up. I've been told the Gambino family are slowly moving in. There's 3 taking over my mother fucking turf. They just fucked up that Bakery I like going to. Umm... Ahhh... The one is the corner...] he snaps his fingers as he tries to remember the name of it [b Carlos bakery. He's in the hospital with a fucked up face and broken arm.]

“Yea, yea. They almost got Tony's pizzeria but we managed to stop them. Got one guy dead and the other on Pauly’s basement.”

[b I'm no liking this. Everyone needs to be alert. Retaliation may happen for that cock sucker's death. The meet and greet I tried setting up was denied. Silas I might need you for something soon. I just need to get more information first.”] the boss stops talking when his phone started buzzing. He got up to answer it, walking away.

Liam approaches silas. “Come on.” he says pulling out a cig to go smoke. He waited until they were alone before offering him one. “Do need to share something?” he ask slowly releasing his first puff. “Your guy got away. I'm going to need you to clean my car.” he tells him as he hands over his keys. “He’s still alive. Jerk-off ruined my new shoes. Go finish the job after this meeting. Something is troubling the man. I don't even think it's the Gambino family either.” he flicks the cig as he walks away.

[b [center Kim]]

so trying waiting for table took forever. They went hunting for a new spot. Just two blocks away there was a large bakery. They got sandwiches and cookies. 

Kim went to use the bathroom. Something in her made her send a text to Silas. [i -Just had some crepes and it's trash compared to what you made for breakfast-] hopefully he knows who she is by that simple text. Unless he cooks for all the girls he sleeps with.
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   190d ago
Hazard Zone

[+maroon ''fuck...''] he muttered as Liam Came up to him. [+maroon ''Something i want to tell you?...''] Silas shook his head [+Maroon ''No.. nothing off of the top of my head.'']
[center -]
Silas took the cig that was offered to him he lit it and took a few puffs off of it before looking back at Liam. [+maroon ''Got it..''] he muttered as he took the male's keys. [+maroon ''You can't blame me, I didn't mean for the guy to get away. I-...''] he paused for a moment [+Maroon ''Someone was near... So i.. just scared the guy away.  My bad he caused all this shit.''] Silas muttered as he took another puff of the cigarette. 
[center -]
Silas felt his phone buzz [+maroon ''who the fuck is texting me?''] he muttered, He pulled it out and watched the male walk away after putting out the cigarette.
[center -]
Silas smiled once he saw the text. -Well, I'm glad I can cook better than the cafes here.- He chuckled as he sent the text. Silas then rolled his eyes and shot a text to the boss. -Gotta run an Aaron or two... ill be back as soon as I can.- he sighed and hit send. 
[center -]
He went to go find Liam's car, Once he found it he got in it and started it. Silas drove the car out of the parking garage and drove down to the car washing place. After the car was clean he drove around looking for the man who had run off.
[center -]
After about two hours he found him and shot him. Silas shook his head after th deed had been done. 
[center -]
Silas started to drive back to the boss's house.
Simply_RandomKimberly ~   189d ago

Kim took too long the bathroom. She didn't want to be questioned who she's texting. It didn't take long for him to reply. It made her chuckle. She didn't reply. Instead she rejoined the girl who were flirting with some guys who joined their table. 

This. Always. Happen. 

Kim didn't say anything. She was civil. They all went to walk around. One of the guys seemed into her but she wasn't really feeling him. To not hurt his feelings she pretended to like him. They probably won't see each other again. Fingers crossed. 

They ended up at a candy store. She got a huge thing of cotton candy. Half the group was ready to call it a day to go do the nasty. The guy who stuck by her leaned in for a kiss. She was quick to stuff cotton candy in his mouth before walking away. Now she needs to go hunt for her car. 

Kim would feel dirty if she was to leave one guy and hope on another. It took an hour to find her car. Her keys clackled when she pulls them out. It's time to head home but first to the Nursery! She wants a new plant.
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   188d ago
Hazard Zone

After he parked Liam's car he went back into the house to find him. Silas walked up to Liam. [+maroon ''Here, take your keys back. Also, I finished the job.''] He said. Silas sighed and looked at the boss. [+maroon ''I'm sorry I left like that.'']
[center -]
The boss rolled his eyes [b ''None of that!'']  The boss growled. Silas backed up [+Maroon ''Whoa! No need to get feisty!''] he said talking back to him. Which of course pissed the boss off. [b ''Is that the game you are going to play Silas?''] 
[center -]
Silas shook his head [+maroon ''Uhh... no sir!..''] he said quickly. The boss rolled his eyes and grabbed Silas roughly. Silas just took it. After the boss puched him he was thrown into the wall. [B ''I was told about you letting one guy go! Do we let basterds like that live?!''] Silas siged as he let the boss yell and get all his frustration on him out. [+Maroon ''No, sir..''] 
[Center -]
The boss growled [b ''What was that?!] he yelled. [+Maroon ''I said yes!... i do get it!''] Silas said louder. [b ''that's what I thought!''] he had yelled. The boss than walked out of the room.
[center -]
Silas winced as he got off the ground. He now had a big black eye due to being punched. [+Maroon ''Fuck...''] Silas had muttered.
Simply_RandomKimberly ~   188d ago

Kim got a money tree. Buying plants might be a new hobby. She even got some ice cream. she second she got home Tiff called. 

She met a good guy, blah, blah. The conversation was long. It didn't stop her from showering and getting ready for a solo movie night. Kim spent another convincing Tiff she refuses to go on a double date with her. That she would rather spent a weekend with the guy from last night. Hell, she'll even bring groceries so he, she or they can cook. Tiff though it was hilarious. Now she's making Kim do it. Spend another night with the guy from last night or go on a double date and help pay for dinner. Kim choked on her ice cream. Fuck. 

[i [center ~ Hi, wanna stop by? I can make a penne vodka with chicken parm. I actually us vodka :) ]]

Silas isn't so bad. Besides she kinda knows him. No need to go meet another stranger. 

Kim looks down at her old loose sweat pants and... Shit. She didn't realize that she took his hoodie. This is some kinda girlfriend move! 

On a weird but bright side, it smlls good. 

--- Liam 

The guy walks up to Silas. “Wasn’t me. Like I said something got the boas on edge. If I was you keep a low profile. I'm going to do the same. With the way he's moving right now he'll shoot you out for no reason. Jr over there almost lost a hand for saying a joke that was taken the wrong. Fucking clown.” Liam didn't have anything frozen or cold to offer the guy for his black eye. He did however give him a bottle of wine. “Try this. Let me know if it's good. I got cases full of them as payment. Straight from Italy.”
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   188d ago
Hazard Zone

Silas rolled his eyes as he took the bottle of wine from Liam [+Maroon ''Thanks... I guess..''] He muttered [+Maroon ''I guess I will stay low..''] Silas slightly flinched as his phone started to buzz.
[center -]
He read the text. Going out sounded nice to him. 
[center -]
[+Maroon ''I'm free to go right?''] Silas asked. [+Maroon ''Because if so, I was asked to go out with a few buddies.''] Silas said. He didn't exactly want to let the guys know he was with someone.
[center -]
Once Silas got the okay to go he pulled out his phone to text the girl back -That sounds great. I'll be over soon. I'll bring over some wine I just got.-
[center -]
Silas waved at Liam before he walked out of the house and into the parking garage.
[center -]
Soon enough he got into his car and started to head over to Kim's house. As he drove he played loud music to drowned out his thoughts. [+maroon [i ''Fuck!... She's gonna ask about my eye..'']]
[center -]
He shook his head. It'll be whatever... At this point, he didn't care anymore. After a while, he pulled into her driveway. Silas parked the car and walked up to the door with the bottle of wine in his hands.
[center -]
Once the door was opened he had a big smile on his face. He noticed that she still had his hoodie on. [+Maroon ''That looks good on you little one.'']
Simply_RandomKimberly ~   188d ago

When he didn't reply she took it as a no. The food she offered to make made her hungry. Kim got up to make it anyways. Might as well make extras for tomorrow. It could be lunch or dinner again. 

There wasn't any alcohol but she did have bud. It didn't take her kong to roll up a blunt. It'll be nice to smoke, eat and rent some movies. At that point she didn't care about her appearance or phone. 

He grew fond if her but only for his own accord. Blah. Men. She shouldn’t even like him. He doesn’t deserve her. He’s trouble. The food was almost done when she answered. Everything on her assumed it would be Tiffany. Not Silas.

“Oh, hi… come on in.” Kim quickly locks the door before running to check her phone. Yup. He replied. She could’ve put something better on. 

That’s when she saw the eye. Ouch. She won’t ask. She shouldn’t. Not if she wants to live. Kim went to get him a frozen bag of veggies for his eyes. 

“I’m surprised you remember where I live.” She says going to the kitchen to get some wine glasses. “Also, I’ll return you sweater. I promise. “
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   188d ago
Hazard Zone

He handed her the bottle of wine and took the bag of frozen veggies. Once she mentioned giving the sweater back he just shrugged. [+Maroon ''Keep it as long as you'd like.''] Silas said as he put the bag of veggies up to his eye.
[center -]
[+maroon ''Whatever is being cooked smells wonderful.''] Silas said his tone seemed a bit off. It wasn't as demeaning or as soft as it had first been earlier on in the day. Silas seemed to jump hearing another knock [+maroon ''Is someone else coming?''] he asked Kim. 
[center -]
It didn't upset Silas at all he was just curious as to who would be there. He hoped that it was just one of Kim's friends coming to hang out with them.
[center -]
He also just wanted to spend time with Kim alone again. Silas really did enjoy her company. No matter how it was spent. Though he didn't really want to let anyone else know about this... The guys he 'worked' with were pretty brutal when it came to when the guys started to date.
[center -]
Silas shook his head trying not to let his thoughts run around again. He didn't want to deal with that. At least not here.
[center -]
He looked back over at Kim. [+Maroon ''So you want me to get the door for you or do you got it?''] Silas asked her.
Simply_RandomKimberly ~   188d ago

Kim chuckles. [b Careful. You may never see it again if that’s the case.] she replies smiling. From the looks of it he needs a glass of wine now. She cleans and dries the two wine glasses before pouring them some. [b Thanks. It’s been a while since I put effort in dinner. I’ve normally been ordering out. I just don’t have the time with work being short staffed. Not that I’m complaining. It’s extra money.] damn why is she telling him her life story? He didn’t ask. 

Kim hands him a wine glass before going back to check on their dinner. For dessert there will be cookies. No, she didn’t make them from scratch. She just placed them on a tray and popped them in the oven. 

Her heart dropped when there was a knock on the door. She wasn’t expecting anyone else. Seems like he wasn’t either. There’s no reason for her to be scared. Silas is here. Well she knows he’s not a good guy. 

[b No. I got it. I think we can agree that we should keep his on the down low…] or maybe it’s just her. 

Kim washing her hands. As she did there was another knock. It was more
Aggressive. She power walks to the door and cracks it open. There’s no peephole so she couldn’t check before opening it.

“Finally. Come on. Please come with me.”
“I can’t. I have company.”
“Bull. Come on get dressed.” Tiff tried barging in but Kim quickly stopped her from swinging the door open.

“Tiff I have company.”
“Okay, hi Kim’s ghost friend. Can she come out and play?” Kim laughs.

She looks back at Silas. “You can either say hi or just show yourself. The choice is up to you.”
“You’re the Queen of being alone since your mysterious ex. Come on. Live a little. All you do is work. You’re finally off for a few days.”

Oh how much Kimberly wanted to stuff her friends mouth with a dirty sock. Silas is hearing all of this. She can feel her cheeks burning from embarrassment.
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   187d ago
Hazard Zone

He chuckled at her comment about his sweater. [+Maroon ''I mean that's fine by me.'']
[center -]
Silas stood up and followed Kim after he started to hear the commotion of her friend trying to bully her into going somewhere. He gave Tiffany the stink eye. [+Maroon ''I sure hope I'm not intruding on anything.''] His tone seemed somewhat back to normal. It was more demeaning and cold.
[center -]
He looked at Kim than her friend once more as she was still pleading with Kim to go out still. Silas clicked his tongue and shook his head. [+Maroon ''I believe your friend said no.''] he said standing in between the two now. He could tell Kim was a bit annoyed with her friend. 
[center -]
Silas then stepped out of the way. He didn't want to seem like a complete prick. Nor did he really want this confrontation. But it looks like it had been a bit to late for that. [+maroon [i ''Fucking hell!''] ] Silas said under his breath as he headed back into the living room and back down and waited for Kim to come back.
[center -]
Silas took a few deep breaths to calm himself. Was this going to be for real now? Or is this just going to be shrugged off as just some time to hang out? He didn't feel ready for Kim's friends to see or meet him for that matter. After all the first time Silas saw Kim was when he was about to kill a man.
Simply_RandomKimberly ~   187d ago

Silas did so much and so little at the same time. She didn't expect him to show his face. Let alone stand between the two bickering girls. The walking tower blocked her from seeing Tiff’s face. She could tell he was getting mad. 

Kim was hesitant on touching him. The hand that couldn't decide of it wanted to touch his arm, side, or back enter upon her chest. 

When he back away when smiled. “Told ya. Now go.”
“Wait, does he have a brother or w cousin?”
“Go. You're running everything. Have fun. Be safe”
“Alright use protection. Hurt her and i’ll...” Kim closes the door in her friend. 

The girl rests her head on the door as she locks up. It was probably a mistake to invite him. He probably won't stay now. All she did was go back to the kitchen to get the bottle of Jose Cuervo to take a shot. 

“She normally harmless. I swear. I'm sorry. You don't have to stay if you don't want to and you can take the one. I have tequila so I won't be alone...” if she gives the sweater now he won't have a reason to come back. Tiff claims she wants her to move on from her ex but she's always cockblocking and ruining things if it began to look like something. 

Yet all she wants to so is hug and thank him. He didn't have to do anything but he did. Not to mention he seemed protective of her. If tiff wasn't a girl he would have done something. 

“More wine? Tequila? Food? A hug?” Kim asks out loud. “May I ask why you actually came? Don't you have someone in your life? Because I haven't gotten into a fight since high school... I won three fights but lost two.” Kim gives him a small smile, “Wanna talk about what's bothering you?” perhaps it's about how he got a black eye. Then there's Tiff. Even her for inviting him over when he could be doing something like screwing the next chick or killing someone who gave her the wrong look. 

Kim shouldn't care. Although it may be too late to stop the weird feeling towards him. It's like an undecided like or dislike, fear or be comfortable with him meter.
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   187d ago
Hazard Zone

Sure Silas stood up to Kim's friend. He could tell the girl was trying to get Kim into some shit. He wouldn't allow that. [center -]Silas shook his head [+maroon ''No, no... I totally get it... Sorry, I intruded like that... It just pissed me off.''] He felt a bit bad that he did what he did. Silas looked at her. [+Maroon ''Do you want me to go?''] He asked her. Hell, she had his sweater. That would be one reason to come back to see her again.[Center -]Did he want to leave her here alone? Then he shook his head he picked up the glass of wine that was poured earlier for him. Silas set the glass down then looked at her once more. He thought for a moment when the girl asked what he wanted. A hug? Would he seem weak if he said yes to wanting a hug?.. [+maroon ''Hmmmm.....''] he thought to himself. [+Maroon ''a hug and some food sound nice... I guess..''] Silas felt like he was acting weak around her. But he liked being able to show his soft side.[center -][+Maroon ''You really want to know the shit in my head? It's a lot... I don't want to bother you with it..''] Silas took a deep breath. [+maroon ''Before I do say anything. I need to ask ya one thing..''] he said. He bit his lip then quickly stopped. [+Maroon ''Sure we haven't known each other for long.... but how do you feel about me?''] he asked her. [+Maroon ''I want to be sure i don't give you bad feelings...''] he said. He had a soft smile on his face as he looked at her. [+Maroon ''Little mous-''] he paused knowing she hated his little nick name for her. [+Maroon ''Kim... you bring something in me out..'']
Simply_RandomKimberly ~   187d ago

His question made her look down. As she began to answer she was playing with the bottom of his sweater. [b Not really. It is nice to have company and have a reason to cook.] that sounded worse than she thought. Ugh. It isn't a lie but it's so corny. For that, she could've gone out with Tiff. However, it is nice to also stay home. Something Tif rarely does. 

Kimberly mentally gasps. He wants a hug! As much as he wants another shot it can wait. A small smile appeared on her face. Although it didn't last long. To hide her face she turned around to make him a plate. [b Only if you're comfortable doing so. I work at a hospital. I hear everything. Sa handful of people confessed to doing illegal things on their death beds.] she sets the plate on the mini island before going around to hug him. 

Despite the hug being for it, Kim enjoyed it as well. [b I'm not sure. But I do feel comfortable around you now and safe. It's weird.] Kim looks up at him. He used her name. It was nice and weird. [b That as weird. Thanks for trying. You can go back to using the nickname.]

His question still has her mind running. Why is he asking her this? Is he confused as well? She isn't doing anything. Is he equally as lonely? Despite being around people. 

[b Dinner is done.] obviously. Let's see what happens now.
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   187d ago
Hazard Zone

Silas smiled some. Thank god dinner was finally done. He was starving. Silas sighed as he walked into the kitchen. [+maroon ''Guess ill talk over dinner then..''] He said chuckling as she hugged him. Silas looked at her one she said to use the nickname. [+maroon ''Alright, Little mouse it is then.'']
[center -]
He sighed a bit. [+Maroon ''So, I'm guessing your wondering about my black eye as well?..''] Silas asked her. 
[center -]
Silas shook his head for a moment. [+maroon [i ''Shut up Silas!'' ]] he said to himself. He tried to gain his composure. Once he did he started to talk. [+maroon ''You remember that guy that you seen run past that very first night you seen me?''] He asked her. [+maroon ''Well... long story short... He was out causing shit..''] Silas paused to take a bite of the food. 
[center -]
[+maroon ''So.... my boss found out and he.. took his anger out on me..''] Silas muttered. He stood up and walked over to the coffee table to grab the glass of wine he hadn't finished. Once he grabbed it he sat back down and drank it along with eating the dinner Kim had made. [+maroon ''This is great!''] Silas said with a smile on his face.
Simply_RandomKimberly ~   186d ago

Don't. Do. It. Kim. 

He's about to open up to you. No need to do anything you shouldn't. She let's go of him so they can eat. The girl sits next to him. Since she was some wine all she could to was nod. She won't ever forget that night. 

There he goes again. He said the boss. Not leader. He's in the mafia. Lord have mercy. It's typical for the leader to beat their workers. Whatever they're called. She still doesn't feel bad. He most likely got away because of her. For being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Truth be told, she wasn't supposed to work an extra shift but it's overtime which means more money. A higher pay. 

[b Shit I'm sorry. How did he even find out?] luckily he isn't giving her shit for it. Then again he's probably waiting... No. Stop. Again. Damn, Kim have a little faith. He's been nice. Hasn't done anything. Therefore nothing will happen... For now.

[b Thanks. My grandma loved cooking with booze. But umm... What now? Are you going to finish the job? What would happen if they find out it was because of me?] it was indeed a stupid question considering she already knows the answer. She'll forever have a thought in the back of her head of Silas planning to kill her to regain his numbers and/or status quo.
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   186d ago
Hazard Zone

Silas bit his lower lip when she changed the subject back to him and the job that was failed. He just shook his head and sighed [+Maroon ''I was pushed to go finish the job...''] Silas told her. [+Maroon ''No, it wasn't because you were there..'']
[center -]
He pushed his plate away from him. [+Maroon ''And the boss found out because he has ears and eyes everywhere..''] Silas looked at the female. He had learned to kiss her bad before their lips met he quickly pulled away. [+maroon ''Fuck!''] he muttered.  Why'd he do that? [+maroon ''God I'm so dumb!''] he was yelling at himself. Silas stood up and walked away from the table. He headed outside and sat on the porch stairs. 
[center -]
Why did shit like this have to be so confusing?! Did he really like her? Silas clenched his fists as he thought to himself. He felt so helpless at this moment. What made him open up to her?..
[center -]
After about 30ish minutes he came back into the house [+maroon ''Sorry about that little mouse..''] His tone was soft as he spoke. [+maroon ''Everything just hit me all at once..''] He told her. [+Maroon ''I hope your not mad or upset about that.'']
Simply_RandomKimberly ~   186d ago

Kim wanted him to define being pushed to finishing the job. Then again she knows very little of real life mafias. Only what she have seen in movies. His words didn’t comfort her. He would’ve finished it, him if it wasn't for her. 

The fact his boss can hear and see everything gave her goosebumps. For all, they know his boss knows about her. They ended up looking at each other at the same time. At first, she assumed they were both thinking the same thing. Then boom, he leans in to kiss her. It caught them both off-guard. Silas' reaction though wasn't what she was expecting. It confused her.

Both of them seem to like one another. Despite them both knowing they shouldn't. When he stormed off she began to clean up. Even packed some for him to take home. She won't eat the leftovers. She normally doesn't. 

It did give Kim a chance to take two shots and pop his sweater in the mini washer machine. She'll make his life easier. His sweater will be cleaned and dried in about 90 minutes so he can take it and go. No need to come back or contact her. 

Kim puts on a crop top and sits on the couch to watch Psych. Watching Shawn and Gus do their thing cheers her up. The wine she barely touched didn't taste good either. Not at the moment. She wasn't the tequila for it's stronger. 

Withing God knows how long, Silas returns. [b Don’t worry about it. I'm used to it. I'm washing your sweater. You can have it back. I'll even delete your number. We don't have to do this. Whatever it is.] Kim finally looks at him with a small forced smile. [b I packed you some leftovers. You can take the wine...] placing the remote next to her, Kim gets put to approach him. One last hug will do. [b On the bright side Tiff won't bother me to go out for a while.] she tells him, listening to his heartbeat. It is for the best.
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   184d ago
Hazard Zone

He looked at her as she hugged him once more. [+Maroon ''Keep the sweater... It suits you better than it did me''] Silas let out a sigh [+Mroon ''Ya know... You don't have to delete my number... Keep it for all I care..''] He smirked slightly. [+maroon ''Besides if you keep my sweater i have a reason to see you again..''] He took the wine and leftovers.
[center -]
There was a feeling Silas had... Something that felt strange to him. He let out a deep breath and looked at the female one last time. 
[Center -]
[+maroon ''I guess this is goodbye... for now little mouse..''] Silas almost looked sad as he said his goodbyes. This is for the best... he thought to himself. He shook his head and started to walk out of the door. 
[center -]
He walked out to his vehicle and started it setting the wine and the leftovers in the passenger seat. As he drove home he beat himself up basically about leaving her. Silas really felt something with her.. He never felt that way with anyone else.
[center -]
Once he got home he changed and put the wine and the leftovers away. Silas texted Kim -Thanks for the food..- He than texted Liam about the wine. -Thanks for the wine. It tasted pretty good.-
Simply_Random     184d ago

He left. He didn’t argue or anything. She locks up when he left. Turns everything off downstairs and went to her room to watch some TV. Well more like have something in the background as she read a book in bed. 

Part of her regrets washing the sweater. His smell relaxed her. Now it smells like her. Not that it bothers her that much. 

By morning the next day, Kimberly went for a run. During her run she saw something she should’ve have. AGAIN. Except this time it didn’t end well. She got caught. A punch to the stomach and got dragged by the hair towards someone. After get kicked a few times to show her what they’ll do if she was to talk, he appeared.
[center Ray]
“Oh shit. Kim? Kimberly?”
Panting, she looks up. Fuck. Her heart shattered and snaked all at once. It’s Ryan. Her abusive ex.
“I remember them words. How are you sweet cheeks? I see you’re still single. No ring on your finger. Not that it matters. You’ll always belong to me.” Ryan aggressively grabs hold of her face to punch her. He laughs and walks away. Talking the same crap like he used to. How he can killer and what not. 

He finally saw her. He’s going to find out where she lives. Kim didn’t want to go home. She puts on her hoodie and gets an Uber to see Silas. She doesn’t want to be al… no. She can’t. Not after last night. 

Kim went home and never left until it was time to go back to work. Tiff never messaged her since Silas said something to her. There was no hiding her busted lip but the black eye was eh to cover up. 

Liam was in the hospital. Ray got to him too. Although Liam didn’t see the younger gangsters face because he was jumped. Kim made her way to his room to check on him.

“Hosting another party?”
“Always. Are you going to tell me what happened to your face doll?”
“Are you going to tell us what happened to you?” He didn’t say a thing, “exactly.” She smiles at him as she charts his vitals and replaces the IV bag. Ignoring his guests.
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   182d ago
Hazard Zone

The next morning after Silas left Kim's house for a while. He had started to miss her but he shook his head. [+maroon ''No.... don't go there..''] he said scolding himself. He was going to take out someone. As he always was. After he took out his target he went home and stayed there for a few days. That was until he got a call from Liam. [+maroon ''The fuck happened?!''] Silas growled.
[center -]
He rushed to his vehicle and drove down to the hospital. Once Silas got to the hospital he jumped out of the car after it was parked. He signed in once he got in. 
[center -]
Silas rushed into Liam's room. [+maroon ''Liam?! What the fuck happened?!''] he had looked over to see Kimberly walk in. Silas had noticed she looked pretty fucked up too. [+Maroon ''Little M-''] he stopped himself they weren't together... Nor did he think Kim wanted to be with him. Plus Liam was in there.
[center - ]
[+maroon ''Kim?...''] Silas asked as he looked at her. His eyes filled with worry.  [+maroon ''You need to tell me what the hell happened!''] He said with a demanding tone.  Silas hadn't cared that she was tending to Liam. He just wanted to know what the hell happened to her. 
[center -]
Silas was just so pissed as himself now. He shouldn't have left her all alone.
Simply_RandomKimberly ~   182d ago

Kim looks up hearing Silas. Her heart was smiling. Her face, not so much. He will find out about this somehow. Silas can take care of himself and she knows that but she still wants to protect him. 

“See Mr. Gallagher, even he wants to know what happened to you,” she says smiling. 

“No doll. He's staring at you. Not me. Answer the kid.” Kim chuckles. 

She placed the clipboard against her stomach and then wraps her across them. With a sigh, she nods. “I went for a run and was at the wrong place, at the wrong time.” she shrugs but a tear escapes her right eye. She excuses herself to leave. 

The second she steps out of the room [i he] was there. Smiling. Kim quickly walks back to lean against the wall. Her eyes were shut close. Liam signals for Silas to go out into the hallway to see what's up.

It went necessary for he was there. He knocks with the sweetest smile. “Sorry to bother you all. Kim?”


“When do you go on break my love?”

“I just had one. Sorry, I forgot to tell you. It's been a crazy day.”

“That’s fine. Come on let's chat for a few minutes. I need to go and you're working.”

Kim looks at Silas and Liam. She tried to smile but her lips quivered. “Excuse me and don't worry Mr. Gallagher, I'll try to get you that extra jello.”

“Sorry. Speedy recovery. Have a good day.” Ray remembered Liam. He gave the guy a big fuck you smile. He then grabs hold of her hand roughly and yanks her towards him. She almost lost balance but Ray got her. He obviously threatened her. Even wanted her to make Liam have a heart attack or something. Something to make him weaker. She didn't say anything. He place his hand behind her neck and squeezes it before leaving. 

The second he left she leans against the nurses station. She told several co-workers that she's fine before warning Liam to be careful. Before Liam could ask her anything a doctor called out for her to go scrub in for surgery. 

“Go find that bastard. I bet you my favorite chain that he's the one who put his hands on that doll face.” he made the other leave to talk to Silas, “Is she one of your girls? How do you know her? I'm curious.”
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   177d ago
Hazard Zone

Silas looked at Liam [+maroon ''Are you sure it could be that guy?''] he asked him. But not a moment later he sprinted out after them once Kim said she'd be be right back in because that man was taking her away. Possibly out of sight. [+maroon ''that motherfucker!''] he growled out.  Silas followed behind them for quite a long time. That was until he had enough of the other male's bullshit.[center -][+Maroon ''Excuse me, sir... But I do believe you are fucking with what is mine!''] Silas yelled and lunched at the male. [+maroon ''Kim. Get the hell out of here and as for away from him!''] He was so pissed at the moment. Silas wanted to get Kim back. After all.. he wanted to be the one claim Kim. The other guy could go fuck off.[center -]Silas knew he should have stayed with Kim. He just got so upset when Kim suggested that they didn't see each other anymore. But he didn't care anymore. He was going to stick with Kim now. Silas glared at the male [+Maroon ''I am going to fucking kill you!''] Silas yelled as he lunged at Ray. [+maroon ''I want you to fucking leave Kim alone.''][center -]He went to punch the guy. [+maroon ''I also heard you fucked up my friend Liam You asshole!! So, you have two choices. Stay and fucking die or leave!!''] Silas yelled some more.
Simply_RandomKimberly ~   177d ago

Kim was about to get some coffee for her nerves when Ray found her again. This time leading her to the basement of the hospital. She doesn't even want to know how he knows to get down there. 

Ray was getting annoyed. Kim wasn't crying as hard as she used to. He kept squeezing her arm. It hurt like crazy. It was hard not to reach. To cry. To beg him to stop. 

Then someone else did. Sort of. Ray turns around snarling the word what. He chuckles seeing Silas. “What is that?” he quickly asks, but the answer made his body tense. “Go ahead babe. Listen to this clown. I'll find you when I'm done. I'm going to remind you who's the only one who can sleep with other people.” he then looks at Silas, “That bit...” Silas was quick. 

Kim ran the way Silas came. She needs to clock out early. This is too much for her. 
Ray shrugs. “You don't know Liam Gallagher like...” he was cut off when the jerk launches himself on him. What the hell... It was hard to laugh at his next statement. The threat was weak. 

“This. Is. My. Home. I'm going to reclaim it. He says finally getting a better angle and fighting back. He sweeps Silas’s left leg and then quickly shifts to the side to get on top to punch him endlessly. Ray would give it to the low life, he's a good fighter. It took a while for his guys to find him. 

“Relax. I'm okay.” he began to massage his jaw looking Silas dead straight in the eyes. “Leave Kim alone. She's mine. My guys won't do anything but keep a lookout. Someone else will, fuck face.” he began to walk away. He barked for his mean to find the girl from the other night. 

Only problem is, Liam already had his guy kidnap her. Well, it looked like a kidnapping but he is going to keep her at a hotel for a few nights with some men watching over her until he gets some answers. Liam ends up signing discharge papers and a consent form waiving the right to sue the hospital for leaving without proper care/treatment.   He had Silas drive to go see Kim. 

“Well, what's with booboo the clown? Why he beat the poor thing?”
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   177d ago
Hazard Zone

Silas growled when he got shoved to the ground. [+maroon ''Get the fuck off!!''] Silas said as he tried to fight back as he was being punched. He glared at Ray as he told him to stay away from Kim. [+Maroon ''You bitch!!''] Silas hissed.[Center -][+maroon ''She isn't yours you asshole!! She fucking hates you!!''] He yelled as the male got off of him and walked off. Silas then looked at Liam who signed himself out.[center -][+maroon ''The fucker got me too!] he said coldly. [+maroon ''but fuck my feelings.. i have to go find Kim..''] 
[center -]
[+Maroon ''I need your help, Liam. I'm going to fucking stab Ray in his stupid ass face!''] Silas had said as he was rushing out of the doors to go find his car. He seemed to have forgotten where he parked it and he was getting pissed off about it. 
[center -]
[+maroon ''Where the fuck is my car?!''] he yelled in a bitter tone as he looked around franticly for his vehicle. Silas knew he looked dumb looking for the vehicle. But he was blinded with rage and bitterness. Silas punched one of the brick walls which shattered bones in his hands.
Simply_RandomKimberly ~   176d ago

Liam could see he's full of rage. The guy slowly walks towards the rage monster's car. He even sat on the hood waiting for him to calm down. 

“Let’s go. She's safe.” he shouts waiting for Silas to unlock the car. He's exhausted. They need to get going soon. He's getting tired. He's hasn't recovered yet. Plus the boss will know he's out and would want to regroup. 

“Call an Uber. Your rage is going to get us killed.” he says lighting a cigarette. 

~ ~

Kim may have given one of the guys a black eye. She didn't appreciate how they took her. She's going to punch Liam too for doing this. Two of the guys left to go get food. 

When th door opened again for the first time in a long time, Kim punched low but then she saw him. Silas. Oops. “What the hell is this. Kidnapping me for my safety?!”
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   176d ago
Hazard Zone

Silas looked at Liam [+maroon ''You know where she is?.''] That calmed him down slightly. He looked at his bloody hand [+maroon ''Shit.... that hurt..'' ] he muttered. [+maroon ''i'm not leaving my car here.''] Silas said as he unlocked his car and got into his car.
[center -]
He took a few deep breaths as he got into the car. Once he felt calm enough he buckled up and looked at Liam who was giving the address of where Kim was being held. 
[center -]
He parked and turned his car off before rushing into the place. Silas moved out of the way before she hit him. [+Maroon ''Actually it was Liam. I was Dealing with a fucktard.''] He said as he walked to the sink to was his broken bloodied hand.
[center -]
After he washed it he looked for something to wrap it up with. After he did he walked back over to Kim. [+maroon ''I am not leaving you again.''] He said. Silas pulled her into a hug.. He missed her imbrace..
[center -]
Though he quickly let go and backed away. [+maroon ''Shit... sorry little one...''] he told her. [+maroon ''I forgot that you wanted to call it off.''] Silas said as he crossed his arms.
[center -]
[+maroon ''Or.. we could hook back up.. i kinda miss you.. And i want to piss that jerk off.'']
Simply_RandomKimberly ~   176d ago

Why is this so entertaining? Young stupid reckless love. It would've made his night if she hit him. Lucky bastard. Liam leans against the wall with a cold beer in his hand thanks to his rookie. 

“What the hell am I witnessing? Silas you can get any girl you want or girl. Why settle?” he then looks at Kim, “No offense.”

Kin didn't know what to do or say. This feels like the criminal version of 50 Shades of Grey. What would this be called? 50 shades of blood? 50 shades of bone fracture... Okay it was lame but come on. He got so upset because he kissed her. She took that to the heart. It was the only reason why she ended things. But now, now her life is on the line.

“That will get me killed. He's well connected.” she want a him sitting down. 

“So are we. Plus stupid here got jumped.”
“So did you.” she says reminding him. Liam sucks his teeth before leaving them alone

Kim looks at Silas. “He will to kill me... he succeeded once. I was lucky to come back to life.” Kim looks at his hand. This looks bad.but she'll properly bandage or up
Sf_PappySilas Crawford   176d ago
Hazard Zone

Silas sighed and looked at Liam [+maroon ''Because i actually love her.''] he told Liam. Silas had forgotten Kim was there for a moment when he said that. He said he loved her... which he really had..
[center -]
[+maroon ''Right.... i know... i just...''] he shook his head. Maybe the two wouldnt work out...
[center -]
Silas looked at Kim as she was looking at his hand. [+maroon ''Im going to be fine... Just a few broken bones...'']
[center -]
He let her keep looking at his hand. [+maroon ''Please.. can we try it out once more? That is once this all ends?''] Silas really cared for this woman. Something that was rare for him. Very very rare for him. Yet of course he had blew it. He had blown his chance with her.
[center -]
[+maroon ''im gonna get a drink.. alcohol sounds nice right now.''] Silas said as he pulled his hand away from Kim. Than went to look for a drink. Once he found one he wanted he opened it and started to drink it. Did he care that he probally shouldnt drink right now? No. Not really.


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