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[Tilted Towers]

By Gorgon

Replies: 1106 / 2 years ago

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[i [center [u/c
Personal journal uwu <3]]

[center [h3 Tilted Towers]]
[center [pic https://64.media.tumblr.com/ea9a382980c9aba40a57fac92252f298/tumblr_o1tz0yYJD51txt22yo1_500.gifv]]

[center [i [size10 'By the Sufferer.']]]

[center [b [size10 Were your first thoughts as you have finally reached the apex of a mountain. It had been quite a hike, quite a hike indeed. How can a sea dweller live in such high altitudes, anyways? Wouldn't they have an issue with breathing due to how their anatomy structure is built?? It's a thought you were definitely going to ask the Maid of Light whenever you entered her abode. Even being so high up, the hive she had lived in was even higher, and there were ridges/scales and tuffets of white which you could only pinpoint as being her custodian, her 'mother' as humans would say, poking out of the slowly corroding home. Not only that, but there were a couple of other towers, the same tuffets of white being on these ... castles?? Too. Making it seem like the whole build had been interconnected with one another.]]]

[center [i [size10 'Just how large is her lusus?']]]

[center [b [size10 Taking a deep breath wasn't enough, you needed four... five, as rushing sounds of water could be heard. You saw the waterfall on your way up to this impressive home. It was a beautiful sight, sure, but definitely not awe-inspiring to take these trips all the time.

Moving closer to the hive, you are able to make out a quadruplet set of horns, and pinky, reptilian-like eyes open to meet your gaze. It's almost like staring into Himedere's own, and the two of you locked eyes for a pregnant silence, that consistent rush of water ebbing away the tension of those seemingly knowing eyes. Eventually, those eyes crease a bit, as if pleased with what had been seen. Raising it's head, a large, double door could be seen, and ushering a small 'thank you', you give a couple of knocks on the door.

[size14 Wait for this goofball to open the door ==>]

It didn't take a fraction of a second when Himedere opened the door, those same quartet set of horns you saw on that dragon being set upon her head with a long, flowing tail of her own seeming to wag in excitement. The fins she had which complemented the shape of her face seeming to be curled along with triangular sharp teeth beaming back at you.
What the fuck? Was she waiting at the door for you?
It seemed like it, as with surprising strength, the female pulled you in with a firm embrace, eccentric in having someone ACTUALLY coming up to see her. You, on the other hand... well, you had difficulty with breathing, as she forced the air out of your lungs with a few consecutive [i 'poppoppop!'] sounds coming from your spinal column, realigning it. What a strong girl!

Letting go, the pinky troll backed up and clasped her hands together, beaming.

[b [i [size10 [#e63e62 HIMEDERE: ~O~h! Y~o~u came! Y~o~u ACTUALLY came! I have s~o~me tea already made! W~o~n't y~o~u c~o~me in and get situated? I have S~O~ much t~o~ talk ab~o~ut with y~o~u!]]]

Taking another deep intake of air, you cough a bit before giving a wearily nod with agreeance. It's almost like you didn't have a choice from that point, as the troll grabbed at your hand before practically ragdolling you along with her into a living room, a promised tea set already made with complementary snacks. There was also a large poster coloring board with a box of coloring pencils, the poster having some of it's whites being filled in from a couple of your previous visits.

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJwPjAtI14c]]

It looks like you will be staying here for a while to chat away with the maid. She is someone who is a busy worker, after all! So, being able to finally see the girl again brings a sense of warmth throughout your body. Scratching at the back of your head, you ease your way into the rather comforting room, allowing the faint music which is currently playing to take hold of your first conversation.

[size14 Play catch up with your not-so-little scaly friend ==>]]]]

[h3 [center Misc uwu <3]]

[b [size10 [right [https://ask-the-seer-of-breath.tumblr.com/post/125408700855/the-maid-of-lightt Maid of Light]]]] [right [b [size10 Class:]]]

[right [i [size10
Eastern Dragon Troll uwu (sea dweller edition, mutant? If not, can follow that lover's moons idea I had via empress blooded troll and a mutant/lime green one. :3c)
HUGE custodioan, it wraps itself around the entire hive/home bruh.
Typing method is like this in ~o~rder t~o~ get thread thr~o~ugh a needle. Y~o~u're kind ~o~f a primad~o~nna.

[b [center [size10 [https://www.google.com/amp/s/homestuckexamination.tumblr.com/post/168161393209/role-of-the-creator-the-maid-those-born-with/amp maid class for future ref {sheeessshh, a lil too close to home, buddy-}]]]]


You don't have permission to post in this thread.

[b [i [size10 [#e63e62 One more thing I will write on because I’m a walking meme/walking garbage

My coworker realized how much I enjoyed psychology and studying it, and he said I should be a psychiatrist [s and artist, but I’m not sure about that one;;;].

But the point here is, on the surface I was like:

“No, I can’t do that. Each person on the planet is multifaceted and it’d be difficult to pin point ones potential affliction or what is blocking them from a sense of happiness. Who am I to judge and diagnose someone of something, when this isn’t something I necessarily specialize in it??”

And on the downlow my air placements were like,

“Boi, the absolute second my client tells me their s/o is doing them dirty, I’m telling them this”

[center [youtube https://youtu.be/A1pQbCR5S0k]]

|Admin| / Himedere- / 1d ago
[b [i [size10 [#e63e62 I don’t know what’s worse, the dark, predatory thoughts I had of potential situations that could happen to me, or me investigating my environment and seeing that said potential ending could actually end up happening.

Earlier when I was doing a light meditation (I’m getting back into those since I finally have the time to), I had the thought, “Hey, u know that parking space you’re in doesnt really have any cameras on it, plus there’s a curtain that can obscure any sight from anything happening to a tall glass of water like yourself. Tbh this is where I’d put you if I was trying to do stuff to u.” And I just

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/c2/28/03/c228039f1784d42215c0473537d7b23f.jpg]]

Me at myself: bitch what the fuck???


I’m going to have to have a small chat with potentially moving this spot because..... No— I’m going to check it a bit more tonight before I leave— scope out where camera angles are around this bay before I speak up because, bitch, this is my safety. Would suck if I got whacked when.... I don’t necessarily desire to get whacked any longer. >xD;;

Damn dark thoughts and being true.

I also decided to put my moldAvite on my Michael necklace. I’ll continue to do this until I get that aforementioned choker;;
I was channeling a number of other things while meditating, and someone went and pissed off my spirit guides apparently? And I just “.... why you gotta do that-“ SKSKDJD bad move on part of whomever, but... ye.


I get it and understand the meaning of tower moments; and a part of me gets excited as much as it gets scared. And that’s because of things breaking apart just to come back together again, but better.

So to have my foundation, this person/version of myself about to break before my very eyes has me angsty. I’m scared of the future version of me, but I can’t wait to meet her, either.

What a conflicting, contradicting thing.

BUT IM [s somewhat] READY;;;;
|Admin| / Himedere- / 1d ago
[b [i [size10 [#e63e62 I'm still a lil' hesitant over this tower moment that is supposed to come, so, I'm going to keep my eyes out for anything that may come for it?

I also had a dream last night, and it went back and forth between first person and third person POV. It had to deal with Dandy/that dude from American Horror Story, and I'd alter in and out of seeing things in his perspective?

But like, as some background, Dandy blamed his mother for never being able to become an actor, but in my dream, he became one? And there was one scene that was significant, and it involved him holding a figure in his plays at the end, cradling the person to his chest. His mother came to each and every play, but it's like.... the two were both in a murdering spree together? While the audience was enraptured by this scene of the play, his mom would go around and botch the audience before she would watch it, and I want to say this scene happened to them in real time or something, according to my dream. At least, it hinted at that?

It's like, there was an earthquake too, for that small scene, and Dandy and some actor were in a kitchen.

..................... Thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn it got weird and the dead rose up/became zombies and the mother had to run away from the play, I don't know what happened to Dandy or anything after because the focus was on her running away from the bodies she created?

It was.... interesting;;;
|Admin| / Himedere- / 1d ago
[b [i [size10 [#e63e62 I'm getting a little anxious and angsty? I decided to seat myself in meditation and I was being told, "Here comes your tower moment", and I'm just like;;; WAIT, NO;;; WHAT'S HAPPENING???

[center [pic https://media.tenor.com/images/474da208e40ff229d2a7fcf3e9bdaf06/tenor.gif]]

Wait--- Ayuda.... >xD;;;
|Admin| / Himedere- / 1d ago
[b [i [size10 [#e63e62 My favorite type of characters to make via design wise are the ones which you would see more or less off of cartoons, I'm ngl.

You know like... where some characters, they're so tall, you wouldn't be able to see their faces? Like Cow and Chicken's parents, or the owner of Tom from Tom and Jerry. Their faces aren't included and just cut off at a certain portion, and I just-- LOVE to implement that height reference in when I write because of how funny it is to me?

I also have a knack for enjoying to color characters out. Like...... the one playable character from Smash bros, and not SSBB, I'm thinking of ye olde gamecube where it was that... ONE DUDE WHO JUST FUCKED MY ASS UP, I don't think I could ever really get him when I was younger, with that being said--- HM.
[s And to get Mewtwo, you'd have to put HELLA hours into the game I want to say? Because it always took a while to collect him-- BUT WE AREN'T WORRIED ABOUT THE GOAT.]

But its the one who is all colored out, another example of this is like.. the dad from Kid's next door, the father of those snot rich kids/The delightful children from down the lane?
I mainly do this for like... Lucy/devilish/Daemonic based entites, however. But I just-- I LIKE THAT CONCEPT AND IDEA, MAN!!!

*Keeses my OCs* owo <3 >xD

A part of me wants to continue binging one piece, I really do;; however... bitch, I haven't been putting time into my games or anything else. It's difficult for me to alternate back and forth with reading subtitles and playing my game. Like, one piece doesn't deserve that-- I can DOODLE and watch, but ... but fuckin' playing my switch?? WHere I have to read other dialogue more or less?¿? Nah.... it ain't workin'.

AGH;;; >:T I still need to shadow clone my fuckin' ass because this is ridiculous over the amount of things I wanna do and get done-- >xD; I didn't finish my skin care routine because of how invested into One Piece I actually got into yesterday. There was a movie that came up along with it, too! And it was.................. okay...... Real heavy on the 'okay' part. I was more interested in the original plot I was initially following before that movie dropped in, buT;; it's still pretty okay on its own accord! nwn That was something I should have been playing my switch games to... but yeah. owo

HARUMPH.................... [size7 I'm going to try and play my game anyways, it's okay, let's see how I'll achieve this-]
|Admin| / Himedere- / 2d ago
[b [i [size10 [#e63e62

[center [pic https://images-cdn.9gag.com/photo/aWjBMXZ_700b.jpg]]

Not Wanda coming in here and saying some words of wisdom. Oda, I peep the subliminal you made, god fucking bless I love One piece;;
|Admin| / Himedere- / 2d ago
[b [i [size10 [#e63e62 I'm watching my show and it has me thinkin' since my bro watches this too [s I convinced him to hop on and he fuckin' loves it just as much as I do].

His favorite character/husband is Law, and I deadass could see him ... being the dude? Because like, he works as a nurse and is quite the logical thinker more or less. Like, hard outside, softie on the inside. And it's like... my boy.... u like Law because you aRE HIM.

WHICH BRINGS ME TO.... Hard stares at Ace and wonders how fuckin' retarded I actually am on the DL since he's my fuckin' favorite from this show. How much Ace tendencies do I have?? Do I really wanna be the absolute best [s I know I do, I'm not even about to act like I don't].


............................................... Im thinking of Ace's character arc and when he was a kid and wasn't warming up to Luffy, and when he did, he became a bit more soft? .... and it just makes me go, "Das me--" LA:KDSJF NOOOOOOOO.

But on the downlow.......... actually, yes.


"What has ears but don't listen?"
UM................... owo. >xDD
|Admin| / Himedere- / 3d ago
[b [i [size10 [#e63e62 I know I had a dream, I just don't know of what JDKKFH



[center [pic https://33.media.tumblr.com/0a662f9a72d913017ab7a95d17fef853/tumblr_nny41iFq7Z1terwlso1_250.gif]]


I'm so ready;; I'm also going to find my spot on one piece because I'm just... ready and excited;;; it's been so long since I watched One piece, and it always managed to make me cry left and right because of how invested I got into each of the characters.
Especially... Especially Robin... v///v but that's not surprising, considering who I am as a perosn--

BUT.... YEAH!!! >:3c I'm ready!!! <3

[s And I know I'll be seeing my boy Sabo, df??? I'm thirsty for that dude too, bye.]

AS FOR THE MANE.................................
It's time for that other keratin treatment or whatever the fuck >w< <3 I'm so ready to have it out of the way/the progress that is being done on my hair <w> I just;;; I'M HAPPY TO BE INVESTING IN THIS THING. The other day my bro was saying my hair was looking nice, despite the damage that has been done to it? And it made me .w. happy;; but I'm still doing things to this WIP and hope to get 'er done in due time.

But until further notice...... *pops open a tab to find my spot in one piece, takes Raiden with me because he wanted to pop up in my one dream I had a couple weeks ago or so--* owo >xD


Fuck, I' m already searching and realized I caught up on the dub? And I had to switch to subbed because of it! BUT THAT'S OKAY..... I just;;; I have to set my pokemon down and give it my attention [s I'm still going to be tapping at my game a lil' bit all the same tho with that being said]

And also, the answer was 737. I stopped on 737 and kept a legend waiting without knowing it..... my mistake, sir.
Slides over to him with the quickness, like:

[right [pic https://64.media.tumblr.com/3301afeab4c444c87c4aa1daf0ce45c9/25e54e7e7e7b4956-18/s250x(00/f951884ffb79f50978026d112f55a7)1b9efe936.gifv]]

How I roll up on sabo even after I just called him a knock off Ace but it doesn't matter I'm here for him now, and my thirst still remains all the same.
You can get the cat, Ace is dead bro. Don't worry about him, what............................................................... ignore the shrine I have of ur sibling, we're here talking about YOU now mister dragon, sir...........

|Admin| / Himedere- / 3d ago
[b [i [size10 [#e63e62

A little more of character build pertaining to my demon princess in one piece, since I’m... im finna drown in there eventually, so I’d like to think more about the island build I made for my babes.

[center -

“....When hell freezes over.”]

That little term that is used, like, “I’ll do such and such when hell freezes over.”
The land of the grand line is puzzling, and some explanations have been given over geography and what not.

On this island, it’s already a hot terrain, and daemonic entities have been crawling out from underground to cover more land. It’s a bit crowded underground. (And the only way to set them back is finding Lucifers daughter— hell do ANYRHING for his kid here bruh. It’s why the marines are looking for her huhuhu)

The deeper one goes underground, it gets hotter — until suddenly plateauing and dropping a drastic measure.

This idea is a bit from Dante’s inferno, with the circle of pride and how the environment was chilling, similar to individuals who had been sentenced to that plain.

This is near the deepest crevices before one is able to see the big head/the devil himself in his personal chamber. There wouldn’t be any help with navigating around in this tundra — residences would stick their noses up at you because, “They wouldn’t be caught dead associating with a mortal”. KSKSJS

Ze princess has a mixture trait of both Lucifer and Lilith due to being their spawn/offspring~ v wv

With a lean towards pride, she would reside in that area and have more “cool” or “cold” magick attacks when they manifested. She’s always wanting to cuddle for being cold, too.

Catch her almost calling her dad, “daddy”, but she always fixes herself in front of acquaintances, like

“Oh!! Dadd— .... father likes those types of snacks! v uv”
First meet her, more than likely comes off as a sesshomaru/Boa but then it’s like, “wait... she’s actually kinda nice-“ DKDJDJ
|Admin| / Himedere- / 4d ago
[center [#FF0000 [b [size10 Bitch, it’s me who Ace wants.
I have his hoodie
I have his fuckin hat
I have his wanted poster on my fucking wall
I have his damn books/the two light novels of him that dropped. I don’t read light novels. But FOR HIM????? Yeah. YEAH.
It’s me
I’m the Ace simp.
I was rabid for this man, and I still kinda am to this day. I do not care.
I am intimately aware I am pussy footing around jumping back into this fandom, solely because I stopped watching it since.... I lost my episode ;(.

And like
A note on that fight of Doffy vs luffy?.... I’m so convinced that if Law didn’t give those electro pulses to his chest, Luffy wouldn’t have been able to beat him bruh. Doffy is a fucking monster and arguably my favorite antag/villain of that series from what I’ve seen, anyways.

..... I’m really tempted to slide my ass back in there.
And SABO—— ..... sabo is just a knock off Ace, dead ass. >xDD my boy Oda realized he made a mistake and was like, “Uh— UH—— *slaps a stamp on Sabo* SURPRISE, HES ALIVE!!! :D”

I STILL SIMP FOR SABO TOO..... not as severely, but there is simping still there.

I want this dumb man to bench press me
I would let him step on me and I’d thank him for it—

.... squishes his cheeks too while thinking abt it because a bitch still has some MGS to go through.


I was also VERY close to getting an ace statue, too.
... What if I get it now, huh?? HUH!??!?!

[center [pic https://media1.tenor.com/images/27744be411cd59b6ec5ceb6b35e3c226/tenor.gif?itemid=11538572]]

An accurate representation of me shoving people out of the way for those I simp for.

How bartelomeo feels for the straw hats is how I feel abt Portgas. It’s obvious.


God, I went looking at him and his dumb figures... and I felt the fucking wave, that wash over of fanism come over me again and I just, “I haven’t forgotten about u I promise—“ HELP.
NIT LIKE THIS. NOT AGAIN......... *opens my drawing book-*
{Ace} / Himedere- / 4d ago
[#FFD700 [b [size10

Yes hello, I would like a snuggle, please.


I went through my list of objects that have been on my waiting list and of things to purchase!! And I was able to get those.. hair things, along with a Gabriel statue! >:3c Hes been lurking around a little bit/more as of late, so, I decided to get my boy his own figure and put it beside Michael’s? I’m just >w< excited to have two of these figures and able to have them in my room ehehehe [s I’m slowly going to have the whole cast take over the entirety of my counter. Watch.]

Speaking of hair, I’m still eyeing these bangs up— WHICH I FORGOT TO GRAB AND SET BOBBY PINS IN MY BASKET;;; WAIT....

I decided I’ll ask Marie about it and see her input before I do it >^> I require outside opinions before I invest and take my final step. I still think it’ll look... cute?? Especially since I like to put my hair up in small, simple ass styles like with those buns and different stylized braids;;

HMMM. Lessee hereee.
Pending on what’s going on with my stuff, I’ll make my hair appointment tomorrow u wu <3 I’ll feel like a different bitch...

That feel when u gotta disappear to go through character development.
{Washimi} / Himedere- / 4d ago
[#FFD700 [b [size10

I had a subconscious thought while I was hovering in being awake but asleep at the same time/where I’m meditating before getting up for the day? And bitch............

I realized I manifest a dollar store knock off of the peeps I liked most, wait. >xDDD

[center [pic https://api.time.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/sleeping-squidward-meme.jpg]]

The universe got a way of making you laugh

Someone play usher because this is the second time this happened

[center You remind me of a girl
That I
Once knew
See her face whenever I
I look
At youuu....]

Bruh SKDJDNDN I deadass said that to some dude and he was just “Ill date u if u fuck me”
Me: I’ll fuck u if U date me
Him: fuck me dirst
Me: date me first, what the fuck?¿?

I loved to hate that man, with all that being said. SKKDNND


Which brings me to a different thought that I digested... I was really ready to swing on my shiatsu teacher because my body moved before my mouth did yesterday. >xDD;;; he like
Dug his fingers into the muscles underneath my clavicle with NO warning and my hands went reaching up real fuckin quick and I had to stop myself from digging my fingers in and yanking— like my hands went up to do the motion and I was just, “wait-“

KAKDNDJF I’m sure he didn’t mean it, but dude,,, FUCKING CHILL, GIVE ME A WARNING FIRST?

I alsoooo
Have some ideas of what to get into for hobbies and paper work I wanna study >:3c along with something else, but... yeah!

I’m a bit sleepy but this stuff is deftly going to be going underway and I’m just eccentric for it! >w< <3 god fucking bless;;;
{Washimi} / Himedere- / 4d ago
[#FFD700 [b [size10 Today was such a nice ass day, and it was nice hanging with these two girls and having a small light before separating and being on our own ways?

We were able to squeeze this in sooner rather than later for the day, and it was just ;u; relaxing and nice to hear that we all did well with our final for anatomy.

I got a 103.5 in a total for a grade? And I just— it made me beyond eccentric and happy to have gotten that;; I’m going to be so excited for anatomy two when it comes along and happens ;w;’

This shiatsu class is really chill, v lax paced. I’m still not too sure where I’d set some of these... movements? In my massage session, but here’s to looking and seeing.

When I entered my room, it felt so... nice?? To be home this time around, like I could feel that transition I have been yearning for with the inner knowing of having my one day off being extended into three.

I’m just
w< <3 I’m real happy and excited for these days ahead, I wonder what sort of things I’ll invest in on this time off? Even though I have a slight bit of an idea...

I’m just
So ready for relaxation.

It makes me proud to have finished a quarter, and being able to celebrate it in due time.

That one guy who looked like my ex isn’t going to be in class anymore, which is ... kind of a shame? Not because I wouldn’t be seeing him, but more so he’s a v gentle, kind ass energy. But he has plans on what to do and where he’s going, and I wish him luck with the career path he wishes to chase after. I don’t quite know all the details of his reasoning behind this choice, but...


Goodbye sweet prince, in another life.

That slot that nick had is going to be taken up by another person, and I think his name was Jeff? Greg?? Craig?¿?... we’ll see when they pop in!

Idk if it’s for both gen Ed’s and hands on? A part of me is hoping it to be solely for hands on because... I dONT LIKE UNEVEN CLASS NUMBERS TOO TOO MUCH;;; it’s difficult to separate us accordingly and it just blows when it’s in gen Ed’s. For hands on? It’s much more fun to do!

But... yea >w< Week eleven.. done with;;;
I’m so ready for quarter twO SOON!! ;w;’


Oh and I definitely wasn’t present during shiatsu/the rest of the day. It’s like

Me @ my body: hey this stuff is kind of boring? So I’m going to be on autopilot and let you do what you need to so we can get through this
Body: kay
Me: *detaches myself/goes to space mentally while doing the routine physically*


I’m also already thinking in the future, I may call fridays off on the days that are my final week?? As a small treat for finishing the quarter and no need to be ... getting up the foLLOWING DAY RIGHT AFTER IM STILL GETTING V KITTLE SLEEP AND ITS LIKE, HEY, HIME!!!!! GIVE URSELF A REWARD

And you know what?
Bitch I will, df-

Not.. not this time, buT THE NEXT?? Oho ueah, deftly.
Himedere- / 4d ago
[#FFD700 [b [size10 Ehhhhhh......... Legends of The Fall is pretty okay...? I liked the story line of it, more or less? It revolved around these siblings/brothers getting a crush on one of the sib's fiance? Which was weIRD IMO but at the same time, some dumb anime plots follow that idea too. [s At least, I know for a fact some dating sims do that SLJK]. And this one dude Tristan.......................................

[center I fucked with Tristan the absolute second he went scalping his enemies. :)]

[right [pic https://i.gifer.com/S1aZ.gif]] It was pretty okay!! I just wasn't feeling the drama all that much from the plot when it got narrowed down to two bros (One being Tristan, the other named Alfred). Alfred was a simp, and I didn't really enjoy his character all too much, which probably took away from me getting into the story as much as I could?

But still, pretty decent. The ending of the film had me laughing due to how it was made? Like-- >xD

Tristan got compared to a bear and you could see it at the start of the movie where he was a kid and riled it up? He was able to fight it off.
In the middle, it shows he encounters a bear yet again in his early years off life, and he was intending to kill it? But stopped himself and let it walk away with the native man saying something about, "Once sharing blood, they become one." Or whatever the fuck

And then.. then the end....
you see Tristan fighting a bear off as an old ass fuckin' man and assumedly dying from it SAKSDJKFSJH >xDD IT WAS SUPER BLURRY MOTION AND WHAT NOT, IT WAS JUST... C'mon, y'all.

There were a couple of other things I didn't really like on how they chose to end this movie, but... eh...
{Washimi} / Himedere- / 5d ago