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[Baba Yaga Castle]

By Gorgon

Replies: 548 / 2 years ago

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[i [u/c]]

Proooobably going to use this to put whatever is on my mind at the time, ahuhu.

[pic http://78.media.tumblr.com/ebc8b5828ffeb1bef2311df17b1f1ecf/tumblr_olp6evV2Uv1ta9suso1_500.png]


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[b [size10 [#800000 Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me.....

[pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/bc/8b/0f/bc8b0fb9d401b68cd632fa302fe764b4.jpg]
[pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/f7/d3/a0/f7d3a0bc8e373e894d5aae3439e2e0d5.jpg]
[pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/a1/88/30/a1883027ceae7a3d32784466270ec818.jpg]
[pic https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EmglcW-VcAATp0v.jpg]
I BEG YOUR PARDON, MA'AM??? You can't be coming up in here lookin' that -- *adds her to my character ideas list so fast*
[b [size10 [#800000 ... I'm in love with his beauty. KJDSKHF

I more than likely can't have him and Stella in the same roleplay -- they'd run off together if left alone long enoughJKFESES.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wZqjFryiSM]

So proud of my son, just looking at him like how Tom has his camera thing on those memes SKLJDF. I can't crop it, but if you know, you know.
[i [size10 [#ffb6c1 Hmm, I may grab one of my previous papers of combining dark psychology with shadow work//a belief along the lines of shamanism...

It honestly goes hand in hand with this stuff, as it deals with how individuals operate? Or, more so, the understanding that the way some people may speak has to do with them more so rather than ourselves, in a sense. An example I can make over this is how someone once said I, "Over explain sometimes, you aren't being targeted."

To which I responded with, "I know I'm not. I'm telling you whats up." And that set the tone like, o-o oh. JDFKHSD

That's just an example, though. nwn; Since that's what/how they feel when such matters happen, it doesn't mean its true for everyone else.
|Stella| / Himedere- / 2d ago
[b [i [size10 [#e63e62 Seeing the aesthetic/layout of this paper on es vs my media site has me like:

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9eJIu3M1_E]]

[s How I feel in general at this point too tho, so, I mean
|Admin| / Himedere- / 2d ago
If ur a book nerd, please do enjoy this light read nwn I'll be editing and making it pretty as time goes by~~ <3 More pictures, fonts, and things of that nature. But-- still, enjoy. :3c

[center [i "Back then, if we could have heard each other's voices, everything would have been so much better." -- Shouya Ishida, A Silent Voice]]

[center [pic https://pa1.narvii.com/6702/5ff3df7ebe6306f5fc06e4b7864e8eeb3d00f22b_hq.gif]]

[h3 [center |The Three Pillars -- Persuasion|]]

“Rhetorical appeals” or “ethical strategies” use a form of language which is found to hold an impressive effect on the audience. Due to the aspect of the approach being ‘rhetoric’, what is being said may lack sincerity or meaningful content. When it comes to the use of persuasion, there are three distinct modes:

[i - Ethos
- Pathos
- Logos]

Aristotle, a well renowned philosopher, has made a comment on the three main forms of persuasion (ethos, pathos, and logos) being, “The ability, in each particular case, to see the available means of persuasion.” (The Art of Rhetoric) Aristotle is the same philosopher who has set acknowledgement on these three distinct bases of persuasion, more formally known as “The three pillars”.

It should be known there are more than these three main components that can be used when influencing another to their beliefs/desires. However, these three are the most prominent.

[b Q: Have you heard of any other forms of persuasion based tactics before?]

[h3 [center |Ethos|]]

An ethos standpoint is one which appeals to an authority or shows aspects which are found ‘trustworthy’ within a speaker. In order to perform a good ethos, the person in question must prove their loyalty to their targeted audience. The person is able to do this by becoming specialized in their field of interest (think of a professor, someone with a degree -- classified “experts”) or share/introduce proven experts in their respective field of interest.

A lack of these may cause the audience to lose interest in what the speaker is saying, forming doubt for them (the audience).Trustworthiness is known for showing a sense of rapport; the audience may not know what is going to be said next, but there is inclination to believe what the speaker is going to say.

In order to gain rapport, there is a need to gain a sense of trustworthiness. Three main attributes which induce a sense of loyalty are:

[i Good Sense
Good moral character
Good will]

[b Q: How would you describe these attributes individually? In what ways do you express these three qualities? Do you express these qualities more in certain situations or with other people?

Q: When have you seen individuals less likely to question your commentary over beliefs? When have you seen them raise questions?

Q: Out of all these traits, which of these do you think are the most potent in showing a sense of trustworthiness?

Q: Have you seen anyone around you exhibit a sense of ethos? How would you describe them? How does it compare to your thoughts over traits of loyalty?]

[h3 [center |Pathos|]]

The second mode of persuasion, pathos, is the ability to appeal to another through emotions. This strategy is most prominent when in use with groups, however, it may fall apart when being used with a single person instead. For a pathos based approach, the speaker needs to offer a message with their targeted audience’s values in one shape or another.

To increase a sense of pathos in speech, one must hold good intuition. This is used to hone in on the audience’s emotions for what is being said, whether it is to make a positive or negative feeling surface from them over a matter. An example is making the audience hold anger towards an injustice and why it may be foreseen as negative. Vice versa, another example is to make the targeted audience feel excitement and content for participating in a movement, with it holding positive intent.

To increase pathos in writing, have a play on imagery to make statements come off as more exaggerated; it is found critical when in use with the audience’s aspirations/beliefs.

Ethos and pathos are known to compliment one another. As one deals with the moral compass and appearance one takes, while pathos is holding influence over another’s emotions. If the speaker is to take a more pathos based approach rather than ethos, there will be a less sense of control in speech/writing, as there would be more influence being done to emotions. This overall makes it harder for one to direct and orientate a conversation.

[b Q: How would you describe and know the differences between these emotions?]

[i Anger vs Calm
Friendship vs Hatred
Fear vs Confidence
Shame vs Shameless
Pity vs Indignation
Envy vs Emulation]

[b Q: How could you use these in conversation?

Q: Do you know anyone who does good pathos based approaches? Why were they so impactful to you?]

[h3 [center |Logos|]]

Finally, logos holds an appeal to logic, and because of this, it brings forth a larger ethos due to appearing more knowledgeable. It is best to be attentive to what is being said when taking an informational based approach, as miscontext, false, or inaccurate information will lead listeners astray.

There are three methods of logical based persuasion:

[i Deductive argument
Inductive argument
Abductive argument]

[right [i Deductive]]

A deductive argument holds a sound, logical approach, giving the speaker what is perceived as both a confident and assertive based premise. These statements will hold either a true or false notion to the original claim, offering conclusions. Validity and soundness are both defined and observed through statements to their respective conclusions, using easy to grasp logic. This is where general statements are made and the individual is able to hone in and make more specific, analytical claims, allowing testing of said claims.

[right [i Inductive]]

Similar to a deductive based approach, the individual holds information and crafts hypotheses over what information is displayed to them. It doesn’t guarantee the claims/ideas made will be true, however, due to revolving around speculation.This approach holds narrow, small bits of information to make a more generalized claim.

[right [i Abductive]]

This approach holds a set of information or data, allowing conclusions to be drawn from the information which is given. The conclusions crafted are dependent on the validity of information which is being offered. Abductive approaches or reasoning based examples are doctors diagnosing someone, or a judge being given both sides of an argument before dictating someone as being either innocent or guilty.

[b Q: Based off these three approaches, which argument style form do you usually use? Which of these three are found as the most impactful for you?]

[h3 [center |Conclusion|]]

When it comes to ways of persuasion, there are many, diverse forms one can undertake and perform. However, knowing that these three are most commonly used will show when others are making appeals, along with how one would be able to appeal to their person in question, as well.

[b Q: What other modes of persuasion exist? How have you seen a person use this specific form?

Q: With all this information gathered, how do you, personally, amplify your sense of ethos? How do you see others do this?]

[center Citations:
“The Art of Rhetoric.” The Art of Rhetoric: Ethos, Logos, and Pathos, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Student Project, www.mesacc.edu/~bruwn09481/Syllabi/documents/htm/ArtRetoric/index.htm.
Bennis, Tony. Dark Psychology. Tony Bennis, 2019.

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/c5/9b/93/c59b931e0f40cb7bcc00468c1dc890fc.gif]]
|Admin| / Himedere- / 2d ago
[b [i [size10 [#e63e62 I love it when people go, "Ur GoInG tO gO tO hElL!!" Okay, I hear you... but my question is this:

Whats stopping you from living that here, now, in the present? This same idea applies with going to heaven.
|Admin| / Himedere- / 2d ago
[b [i [size10 [#e63e62 ,,, I was gonna leave it for when I was finished, but no. I wanna speak on it now.



I cannot stress it enough how much I love this anime. The story line? Immaculate. I have yet to watch the movies they set out on netflix;;;. This is something I watched when I was going through my 'spiritual awakening' -- and I was sifting through everything through writing. It's... so good;;

This is but my second time watching this anime, despite the amount of love I hold for it. It's such an emotional ass anime. And it follows a child who had been set into war, being owned by a major (GILBERT!!). Dude [size7 supposedly] died, and the final words Gilbert had said to her were: "I love you."

[center [pic https://s11.favim.com/orig/7/711/7116/71164/kawaii-anime-girl-anime-scenery-Favim.com-7116401.gif]]

[center "You knew what to say. How did you know what to say?"]

It has resulted in Violet to question and wonder, what, exactly, love is. So much to the point she found interest in this company which assisted others writing letters -- whether it be to set information, or feelings into it.

[center "Usually, being an auto-memory doll means you know what love is; not figuring out what it is."]


She had grown up on a mindset of straight survival. STRAIGHT SURVIVAL. So it's like... removing..?? These aspects of survival, in a sense, to be grown on love instead. And it's such a difficult thing to do, watching someone struggle with ptsd and coming to terms with mannerisms, actions, and the past.

[center [pic https://data.whicdn.com/images/332042874/original.gif]]

I finished the episode with that princess along with Leon, who had spawned a crush on Violet. I find it interesting and adorable, even, that Violet began smiling more after it was that princess chick who made the commentary that she doesn't change her facial features in the slightest. Of course, she didn't up until the end of the episode... but it shows that she is making PROGRESSS;;;;

AND LEON... LEON was able to help her navigate her feelings a little bit, with figuring out this sense of "loneliness" with the major being gone. She loves the major-- and Leon had fallen for Violet (that tsunderedere holy fuck).

It's just.. seeing this process happen, and it's all happening through expression via writing?? It hits very close to home. Like, at the beginning, we can see Violet write in a format that is pretty militia based, and when she had written a letter for a friend she made in that writers course for her brother.. it was very small, simple, and short.

Her writing can be seen getting more extensive as the time progressed. Leading/showing the progress she has been making with her way of wording and, well, just about everything. ;u;''

But still, that aspect of writing something which was super... militia/robotic based and making it as small and short for feelings showed??? She does have a heart, and she isn't just a straight doll/machine like people have perceived her out to be.

[center [pic https://64.media.tumblr.com/8d2c36e3100a30394d0a455870006b73/tumblr_p2iop1cGQF1w1eksgo4_r1_540.gifv]]

PLUS the reasoning on why the major had set her down in the background -- I got spoiled on him a bit. But besides that, he wanted her to live a happy, normal life -- even if that meant him dying [size7 [s (;]]. And it's that aspect of letting someone go, even if it may hurt them and you commenting you "love them", they deserve to grow and live to be happy. Moving someone from a life of war and pain into that of a softer, kinder environment of love.

It really takes that survival based mindset one can have, and show the struggles of what its like to be shown love, and how to be raised up on love vs that of survival.



[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/2d/53/cf/2d53cf27c008fc4afc43db591982f12f.gif]]

Chile, I cannot---

I'm ready
I'm ready for pain. I said it once, I'm going to have to say it again.

When Violet... realizes...... she's burning... like that one comparison that guy made....... *Hits a fuckin' table with her hand in quick succession* [size16 AAAAA.]
|Admin| / Himedere- / 2d ago
[b [i [size10 [#e63e62 ... Major Gilbert is a cappy! ;-;; That's why I liked him;;;;; EEEEE;

And Violet is apparently a Cancer ;u; <3 That's so fuckin' cute, you know damn well this bitch emotional asf and has a guard up KJDF bye.
|Admin| / Himedere- / 2d ago
[b [i [size10 [#e63e62 Doro he doro really started out with someone's head about to be eaten...
It will definitely be set on the list -- I had to stop it since I'm rewatching Violet Evergarden? Such a beautiful anime;; makes me CRY JHRJAS

Bitch I am the major.
But I'm also Violet--

Can't wait to see her realize she's burning again. I'm ready for pain.
|Admin| / Himedere- / 2d ago
[i [size10 [#C8A2C8 {Hey, I’ll stop these after I reach water signs nwn I’m sure these could get a little... nuisance based, if I flooded this thread with only general readings. Fire then water, and I’ll be done after. Thank you.}

This is a general overall message for earth sign placements of any kind. Even if you may not have earth in your chart, take what you feel resonates and leave the rest of it behind (This is timeless. Meaning, whenever you see this, it was meant for you. If it isn't you, it may be someone you're dealing with who also has earth in their chart.):

There is something you are holding onto which you are slowly getting ready to release. It’s something you have been aware of for a moment in time, too. There is a sense of you “selling yourself short” and are not giving yourself the credit which you deserve.

You are not a monster. Be gentle with yourself, you deserve love, too.

There are good things around you, quite a lot of good things happening. It’s causing you to stick to yourself and slowly stop this sense of juggling of ideas you once had over a matter.
A form of a connection is ending, as you are picking yourself versus the other person you might be dealing with.

There is something which has made you sour, and you are trying to sift through with concrete logic and speaking about it. Either it be to yourself or another. These emotions need to be addressed, no matter how much logic you try to set into the matter. Feelings still exist.

Be wary of some form of secrets coming to light, as this may incite conflict and that falling out -- causing you to choose yourself. It is through this surface of information, it will bring a sense of balance and a new way of communicating and ways of thinking.

[right Channeled lyrics:
“I do it every time
Oh, you’re killing me now
And I won’t be denied by you
The animal inside of you -- Animals Cover, Chase Holfelder (Minor edition)”]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1Ng7FgDsNQ&t=14262s]]

This is the heart center, the Anahata. this will assist with sifting through these... sour emotions (when I was doing my reading, I kept calling it a “Sour apple” type deal! So, like, sweet candy, but there’s a lil’ sour taste about it too KERJG).

Numerology synchronicities:

222 -- Whatever thoughts you create, shape your reality. It was through releasing indecision, juggling, and the need of another, you have found this transformation! This aspect can be mirrored by the person you are dealing with. “Two, two, two”, It’s “True, true, true”.
44 -- Through taking time to yourself along with acknowledging the achievements you made, you will heal. Take time to yourself and be proud of the landmarks you have made.
66 -- Keep celebrating and being giving. You are a kind individual, and despite being in a lower based state emotionally, there is optimism around you. You love to give, what’s holding you back from celebrating with those you cherish? (Multiple individuals were in this card, don’t seclude yourself too often, okay?)

Hella numerology, you guys are making a breakthrough, and you’ve got this. :3c

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=280IZQ5oBx8]]

^ Also, if you wish to listen to this cover.
[i [size10 [#C8A2C8 Nothing is more satisfying than meeting someone who is also aware of the oddworld franchise, tbh. Made me take a moment, that's immediate brownie points.

Like, I wouldn't have gotten into any oddworld gaming.... if I wasn't exposed to it when I was younger?? The characters in the game look a little, uh, peculiar -- for lack of better wording.

A shame the newest one is similar to their older gaming mechanics as opposed to Munch's [size7 but then again, that's the one I played and had gotten accustomed to]. There is hella puzzle solving in the game, especially when trying to save each mudokon you can. = w=

Tbh, I have that old ass game (Munch's Odyssey) on my switch, and a part of me wanted to play it and try to get 100% completion, as that's something I haven't done on it -- shiiid... I'm still slowly pecking away at that spyro trilogy when I can for the p4. Almost there, as I'm... a litttle over halfway done with the third one, I want to say? Been putting it off because I know I have to speed run a few maps in order to get Hunter's goofy ass back. Getting seduced by Bianca and what not [s I love Bianca]. Smh...
Also, side note... I apparently have over 110 hours on Stardew. Why am I like this? (:

But ye-

Ah, I was going to write the rest of how I felt over A silent voice, but.... IT GOT SO INTENSE REAL QUICK. I can't type it out, but that shit had me cryingggggg. I'm... I still wanna give Naoka a McHaymaker.. A McMaker.... but I understand a bit more she's just a fuckin' [b bitch]. But that's okay, me too.

It was like I decided to join a crying festival in the last twenty-four hours. Wtf?
Crybaby Hime is on the case, don't worry. We got this.

[size7 [s Also, to who it is that channels to me/I'm playing spirit tag with, I will gladly be Sophia/Atsu. She was fuckin' CUTE. So who really wins that one, huh??¿?]
[b [i [size10 [center [#e63e62 "...My biggest problem was fear
And what being fearful could do.

It made me run
It made me hide
It made me scared of the truth.

I'm not deranged anymore,
I'm not the same anymore.

I mean I'm sane
but I'm insane
but not the same as before.

I had to deal with my shit
I had to look at my truth
To understand that to grow you gotta look at your root...

.. And I'm just standing
Breathing proof
Look at me now

I made it through everything
I made you look like a clown...." -- Cleaning out my closet, Angel Haze

Deep, dark song. I feel for her. Please only listen if your mental space is there for it.
|Admin| / Himedere- / 3d ago
[b [i [size10 [#e63e62 You grew up on Infinite's theme.
I grew up on Shadow's theme.

We are not the same.
|Admin| / Himedere- / 3d ago
[b [i [size10 [#e63e62 My god I'm reading a book and they set a comparison of a couple and apparently, the chick got upset with this dude for taking a meeting as opposed to going swimming with her.

And its just like bro.....
Go....... snorkeling.... without.... ur...... boo boos.......

I don't understand why some people get livid when things don't go the way they desire? Or, like, NEEDING that person there to enjoy it. I mean-- I know, I know, I commented over anxiety with shows and watching those and what not, and I can see her wanting to spend time with her mans (as that's why she was upset, not due to fear or anything of that nature), but bruh... that's his fuckin JOB.

How are you about to get upset with this guy for putting his job/work first, when it was the thing which took u on a trip in the first place? Mans called her an ingrate.

And y'know what?
I agree, df?¿? [s Im sure he didn't mean it, as he was heated, but that's besides the poinTDSFHGJDH]

Go enjoy your stuff with yourself >:/ he has shit to do man. Why the fuck does your fun/plans have to be cancelled just because someone else can't make it? Regardless of being in a relationship with that person. There's always next time, and there's always being able to do something else together later.

I get not being told and not finding out (but he was in a MEETING, SO HE GETS A FREBIE), but what was stopping you from sendings mans a message going “ur late, I’m going without u, bye <3”??

Sometimes, I swear, they just make me want to

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/46/ee/20/46ee2048a9d986c0b88f6bdad9ab80f5.gif]]


Get comfortable with being alone and doing stuff alone oml-- baby steps, I know. But Christ almighty if you let ur fun get ruined because someone isn't on board....

|Admin| / Himedere- / 4d ago