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[Tilted Towers]

By Gorgon

Replies: 1248 / 2 years ago

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[i [center [u/c
Personal journal uwu <3]]

[center [h3 Tilted Towers]]
[center [pic https://64.media.tumblr.com/ea9a382980c9aba40a57fac92252f298/tumblr_o1tz0yYJD51txt22yo1_500.gifv]]

[center [i [size10 'By the Sufferer.']]]

[center [b [size10 Were your first thoughts as you have finally reached the apex of a mountain. It had been quite a hike, quite a hike indeed. How can a sea dweller live in such high altitudes, anyways? Wouldn't they have an issue with breathing due to how their anatomy structure is built?? It's a thought you were definitely going to ask the Maid of Light whenever you entered her abode. Even being so high up, the hive she had lived in was even higher, and there were ridges/scales and tuffets of white which you could only pinpoint as being her custodian, her 'mother' as humans would say, poking out of the slowly corroding home. Not only that, but there were a couple of other towers, the same tuffets of white being on these ... castles?? Too. Making it seem like the whole build had been interconnected with one another.]]]

[center [i [size10 'Just how large is her lusus?']]]

[center [b [size10 Taking a deep breath wasn't enough, you needed four... five, as rushing sounds of water could be heard. You saw the waterfall on your way up to this impressive home. It was a beautiful sight, sure, but definitely not awe-inspiring to take these trips all the time.

Moving closer to the hive, you are able to make out a quadruplet set of horns, and pinky, reptilian-like eyes open to meet your gaze. It's almost like staring into Himedere's own, and the two of you locked eyes for a pregnant silence, that consistent rush of water ebbing away the tension of those seemingly knowing eyes. Eventually, those eyes crease a bit, as if pleased with what had been seen. Raising it's head, a large, double door could be seen, and ushering a small 'thank you', you give a couple of knocks on the door.

[size14 Wait for this goofball to open the door ==>]

It didn't take a fraction of a second when Himedere opened the door, those same quartet set of horns you saw on that dragon being set upon her head with a long, flowing tail of her own seeming to wag in excitement. The fins she had which complemented the shape of her face seeming to be curled along with triangular sharp teeth beaming back at you.
What the fuck? Was she waiting at the door for you?
It seemed like it, as with surprising strength, the female pulled you in with a firm embrace, eccentric in having someone ACTUALLY coming up to see her. You, on the other hand... well, you had difficulty with breathing, as she forced the air out of your lungs with a few consecutive [i 'poppoppop!'] sounds coming from your spinal column, realigning it. What a strong girl!

Letting go, the pinky troll backed up and clasped her hands together, beaming.

[b [i [size10 [#e63e62 HIMEDERE: ~O~h! Y~o~u came! Y~o~u ACTUALLY came! I have s~o~me tea already made! W~o~n't y~o~u c~o~me in and get situated? I have S~O~ much t~o~ talk ab~o~ut with y~o~u!]]]

Taking another deep intake of air, you cough a bit before giving a wearily nod with agreeance. It's almost like you didn't have a choice from that point, as the troll grabbed at your hand before practically ragdolling you along with her into a living room, a promised tea set already made with complementary snacks. There was also a large poster coloring board with a box of coloring pencils, the poster having some of it's whites being filled in from a couple of your previous visits.

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJwPjAtI14c]]

It looks like you will be staying here for a while to chat away with the maid. She is someone who is a busy worker, after all! So, being able to finally see the girl again brings a sense of warmth throughout your body. Scratching at the back of your head, you ease your way into the rather comforting room, allowing the faint music which is currently playing to take hold of your first conversation.

[size14 Play catch up with your not-so-little scaly friend ==>]]]]

[h3 [center Misc uwu <3]]

[b [size10 [right [https://ask-the-seer-of-breath.tumblr.com/post/125408700855/the-maid-of-lightt Maid of Light]]]] [right [b [size10 Class:]]]

[right [i [size10
Eastern Dragon Troll uwu (sea dweller edition, mutant? If not, can follow that lover's moons idea I had via empress blooded troll and a mutant/lime green one. :3c)
HUGE custodioan, it wraps itself around the entire hive/home bruh.
Typing method is like this in ~o~rder t~o~ get thread thr~o~ugh a needle. Y~o~u're kind ~o~f a primad~o~nna.

[b [center [size10 [https://www.google.com/amp/s/homestuckexamination.tumblr.com/post/168161393209/role-of-the-creator-the-maid-those-born-with/amp maid class for future ref {sheeessshh, a lil too close to home, buddy-}]]]]


You don't have permission to post in this thread.

[#FFD700 [b [size10


The feel when your coworker was looking out for you by purchasing you pepper spray in a thicker, gel like format.
You’re grateful, sure, but… ur shadow self whispers in the shell of your ear to spray it on your knuckles before you punch the fuck outta someone—

So now you have a tiny mace on ur key items at all times. owo

I wonder if the flat/heel of your hand would be more … effective; for the spray, considering that would cause more damage to a face? >^> hm.


I reflected on it a bit more and came to the conclusion it wouldn't matter, it'd still do it's job either way-- but.. still, that part of the flat of your hand being the meatiest and it causes more 'hurt' than your knuckles. At least, that's what I've been told time and again? So...
{Washimi} / Himedere- / 8h ago
[#FFD700 [b [size10

“ About Your Boyfriend

Your Boyfriend is obsessive, possessive, unstable, violent and desperate to show how much he loves you in his own twisted way. So be careful when interacting with him.

Your Boyfriend is a dating simulator, a tale about you and a strange man who is is deeply in love with you, willing to go through great lengths to prove how much you mean to him. Even if you don’t want anything to do with this man…

Not for audience who are easily disturbed, squeamish or triggered. Game contains subjects like stalking, kidnapping, self harm and suicide.”

I— Ah—- wh—- IM………… When I say I am hard eyeing this game right now because……. Yandere daddie??



{Washimi} / Himedere- / 11h ago
[#FFD700 [b [size10


I remember writing a bit over an MGS OC and wanting them to be an Android of a sort. >;3c
Thinking on it more since I’m brewing ideas for my RE OC….

Her draft;
Being the Waifu of some man who’s ACTUAL spouse died owo
Having been implanted with the memories the two shared, he held hopes of her being the exact same, but you could imagine the distress he would have when realizing the lack of affect this android gave bc….. that wasn’t how memories worked. :’)
He more or less hid her, because if anyone who he knew personally would question why — or how tf— it was possible for her to be alive <Raiden would want this man to do work on his human like body type stuff because she looks other worldly due to zero imperfections bc…. An Android->

Tiny me all over a-fucking-gain, what are emotions?? She wouldn’t know one from the other and has difficulty with them.

I wanted the irony of her being replicated after a woman and she has… similarities to the original long after her creation/the original’s death! owo and the dude who made her <who is supposed to be an antag — pls note how I like putting my OCs in gray areas more or less—> would have been long gone and dead, and, shiiid, I wanted her to kill him too bc :) I like hurting myself.
For that “long after” part, like…. Say someone had known her from the start — they could make and view the progress that was made with her via antics and personality owo!
May even flash image of her alive persona before it changes back to mIsS sO pErFeCt… *does it to her husband when she kills him-*

I already imagined a convo her and Raiden would have and it’s just like

Her: *calls him, no hello, hi, or anything— just a v sinple* would you like to have my skin??
Her: I don’t think it would necessarily fit your structure, considering our height differences… but I hold recollection of you showing states of insecurities when it came to feeling outcast over your body structure.
Him: gee, thanks—
Her: — so to remedy that, I thought you may wish to have my skin; if not allow a provider to look over the components that make me myself..? In order to use the same products on you.
Him: ;;;; *is this bitch tryna insult him or help him?? He can’t fuckin tell-*

owo >xD

I’d have to figure out the location and area shes from and everythinnggg… but… >:3cc huhuhuhuhu
A part of me wanted to make her a death machine, or a key component in what activates one? But iunno…

Juggling ideas like the clown bitch that I am-
{Washimi} / Himedere- / 14h ago
[#FFD700 [b [size10

Ooo….. you know what is that gets me goin??
Fuckin’ smells.
Holy shit.

This dude I was escorting to a floor for work and all that was wearing some good ass cologne and I was beyond tempted to ask the brand because… iM NOT AROUND PEOPLE ALL THAT MUCH, AND THAT COLOGNE WAS SMELLIN…. <3333333

Even the fuck boys who try to holler don’t wear that shit, but it smells reaL FUCKIN NICE LIKE OH……………… [s would u like to breed me??]


I want it so I can spray some of my clothes just so I can smell that again. What if I attract the bitches from it, tho??
They’re just as retarded as the fuckin dudes that hit my DMs fr fr, how attractive dudes get dumb ass bitches in their DMs is the exact equivalent to how attractive women get dumb ass dudes in theirs. smh smh

Give me the cologne so I can imagine I’m lain up on one of my husbandos pls and thank you.
I usually have more feminine based perfumes with the floral and sweet fragrances and what not.


I will get this.
Thou shalt not halt thirsty Hime.
{Washimi} / Himedere- / 17h ago
[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Go3te9Jeh_c]]

[#FFD700 [b [size10 To the young lady who decided to go a consistent mph and see me try to get around them, just to speed up and make me almost crash into someone else: You're a fucking bitch and I hope a buddha gets stuck in your front wheel tire so when it becomes depleted of air, you will understand the true meaning of Karmic justice.


OOOOO, that got me hot. It's dawning on me how expressive I've became, I made a fuckin' grunt/sigh when getting out of my car and my parents picked up on it? And I just "Wha--- fuck." ASKLDJSKFJDS

I had chair massage today! It was a lot of fun to do ;u;; I may invest in getting a chair to be mobile with as opposed to my table, that way I can grab clientele via mobile and have a little station set up at a building/place.
Like, there's this one area already locked and loaded for me, more or less? And the woman of the establishment said I could potentially leave my items/objects in that room and just pay a small fee for renting that room out and yada yada yada!! So i'm v excited for that.

This chair massage is going to be pretty important/I know I'm going to want to learn as much as I possibly can because of my office building -- I may more than likely get a few people who'd want that as opposed to the standard full body massages I give once every week! nwn

It's nice asf how everything is falling together and what not, but.........
Damn did that bitch really piss me off. Why the fuck are you going to speed up after I try to get by you, like... you're a fucking [size16 BITCH], and not the ones I like.
Fucking whore ass goblin ass
I bet you have crusty ass panties. Fuck you. No respect this time.
Weird bitch.
{Washimi} / Himedere- / 1d ago
[b [size10 [#722f37 As I’m going about with doodling/revamping ze queen, I’m trying to remember what I had down for her—

Like, even tiny me knew Wesker would more than likely body her if she were the queen, more so use and discard her and keep it pushing bc… that’s the type of dude he is.

So it has me thinking she would more than likely know of his shenanigans and bs and just be calling him by his first fuckin name instead of his last, even if he like— blackmails her or some shit. I’d have to think of a reason WHY he’d keep her alive, but damn this shrew is somewhat useful

“Now, Al/Albert….you know I know how you are, don’t you?? v nv being part of my faction, you wouldn’t think I’d be TOTALLY inattentive to the people within them, especially if they were such a prominent figure in how we excelled, no less……. >v>.” SKDKDNDJ

And is a reason why she wouldn’t give him shit he needs immediately without making sure she had a lil escape route.

I also had one who was a fuckin merchant like ye olde WhAtRe YoU bUyIn
Head ass—- I threw her at Leon because bitch I was thirsty for him too, sO <and whenever she used some shit he gave as a storage, she’d always make it up x10 because she was a simp for him>

It’s just things to throw around and think about bc she’d have to snake the fuck outta that one.

When the party members are both shady rogues—

Rubs my mits and thinks abt how she snoops around bc I had an idea for that too!! owo


So, I wanted her to always have a squishy build, and due to her having been a division of the science team, she would have a wide wide WIDE and Diverse sense of knowledge when it comes to the zombies/those which have been infected with their respected virus. I’d even say she knows some shit which may not have even been stored or “titled" when it came to umbrella <corruption and all that>.

She more so is a trickster base and u go around mobs?? It’s a lot of “think smart bc im a squishy" type of deal and there isn’t any partner or a sort with her <her “partner” would be Wesker, but that bag of bones wouldn’t really do much bc bitch she’s working UNDER him?? So— lil’ shawty is on her own in most cases. May pop in once or twice to distract/kill something that was chasing her ass around while trying to accomplish shit. >.

There’s a lot of utilizing the environment to ur advantage, and I’m getting the idea similar to how you may throw bricks or some shit to get a lickers attention in that area and what not.

…. She can also crawl thru ducts and would know where a lot of goodies would be in the umbrella Corp building--

And also at save/storage stations, u see her walking around with getting settled at a desk before downloading information for her boss <wesker>. Lookin like she doing paperwork and all that. owo

She’s pretty cynical and it’s not a problem for her to really pull a trigger, since she had knowledge over these creatures? Theres a preference to NOT killing alive people, you could deftly see her shoot at ur leg or knee in hopes to incapacitate you in not chasing her or subduing u before scramming. That doesn’t mean she wouldn’t kill you, it’s just a strong preference.

She would even have gone as far as to program herself to bypass the fight or flight response so anxiety or something like that wouldn’t make her freeze up underneath stressful situations.
Matter of fact, she’d use it to her advantage and be a “small special" of the sort —
When one is underneath the sympathetic fight or flight response, images that u see with your eyes gets processed faster, which is what gives the idea that things are moving in slow motion when they’re actually not.
That gimmick would be given to her to quick scope and what not…

May even get dialogue/information over how umbrella functions when u get in a call with her/ask her abt it owo!
{Miles} / Himedere- / 1d ago
[b [size10 [#722f37 Not me having a dream where some peeps were trying to kidnap me and the entire conversation was similar to Manray trying to give Patrick Star his fuckin' wallet.

"So youre the one we were talking to last time, right?"
Me: Yup owo!
"Which means you're the one we came here for initially *Shows image of my previous outfit*"
"...............????? No???"

I shoved dude and went running/did a loop around to my backyard and was using my house for cover because... the person somEHOW had a gun and didn't try shooting me at first <protect the goods-->

I went following the wall of my house when I was trying to get back inside and I was talkin' HELAL SHIT AND EVERYTHING. DJFS

"Yall didn't want me the first time I was trying to help you. Go fuck yourselves you ugly bitch *Shittalkshittalkshittalk while slowly opening the door while on my knees to slink on in-*"

KJDKSHFSH It was a fun dream, plus... >:3c I had nice outfits on, so!


It was like
I was fuckin' royalty/had a high rank or position with my fam, whatever that may have been, and those people were "friends" to my family -- they couldn't snatch me up when any of my other relatives were around and I was v coy because I knew that the first time they came around-- I didnt know they were bad then, but owo >xD

I also remember staring at my nana with my fam because she wasn't able to parallel park or whatever? And the cops were outside serving as one of the vehicles she had to park inbetween.
Smashed the back of the old minivan we had and it was just "are u okay--"

[right -]

Aye, on a sidenote, lemme write a bit on this too:
Why tf my boy Wesker coming out of his tombstone to say hello to moi... Leave the old bag of bones where he belongs... in younger me's simp collection...

Dude popped up on my tiktok cradling Excella's face before pushing it to the side and I just "lo quiero un poco tambien, senor, por favor>
BUT HERE HE IS AND I JUST.... I can't go back [s Yes I can, I'm not ready to drown in Umbrella lore again yet.]

He would also be one who'd be labeled as "Tall, dark, and handsome" owo
PUt him in the box with Raiden. They for sure would NOT get along, but, they are still set in the same area for now--

[center [youtube https://youtu.be/CLL90q3as4M]]

One of the ancient sins I used to watch/old ass videos I’d snicker about bc DC Douglas—
{Miles} / Himedere- / 1d ago
[b [size10 [#722f37 Thank fuck today passed by relatively swiftly, I wasn't vibing with the day or how it was going more or less. Just one of those days smh--

I WAS given some criticism which... I'm not sure how to get out of the swing of now, like, bitch, why didn't u point this out to me sooner????
But apparently I have a tendency to ~reach~ for areas on my clients, which may result in low back pain later on down the line, but.... my one classmate who made that ointment?? Commented on the lack of tension in said cavity AND IT JUST HAS ME LIKE HMMMMM....


I also am going to be putting a bit of time in on MGSR again, I do wanna finish that shit and say I beat the game at leasT ONCE PLS.

RAIDEN, SWEETIE............ Mamas is coming for the dub, it's only a matter of time before I stop dropping the ball and you and I both know this.
How do I know this? Bc we have been sharing braincells, obviously---

I'll get 'er done >:T

I also gotta find someone to do for massage Saturday sincce....... my inital client quit on me, like.... you little fuckin' bitch---

Maybe I should let some DLC install while I get ready for bed?? >w>
{Miles} / Himedere- / 2d ago
[right [b [size10 [#722f37 Mcht, it blows that I no longer have my water bottle my little bro gave me. :( it was doing its service and being a v gOOD bottle!!! I never thought it would crack from falling? It’s made of plastic, afterall— but hey, it broke anyways!

:T I feel a bit different from not getting my daily water intake, so, I’m going to invest ASAP! I only have a 16 oz bottle and It’s just “who does this sate… not me. Couldn’t be me.” KSKSDJDJ

At least I’ll be going home early today, let’s hope this day is over quickly because…. SIGH.
Pathology is kind of lame—-
I thought I was swimming where I was barely passing, but, nope! Damn near an A/.4% off from that.
… and I barely study this shit so it’s like what’s the pOINTskdjdjd
I get the point, but… cmooonnn…. Cmon. >xD;

I may invest in a couple of items to assist me with massaging myself, since I’m hearing these recommendations? I hope I’ll be able to find something for my forearms or hands! It’s difficult to massage ur hands because…. Theyre immediately getting utilized for the other one!

Let’s see what I find~ >;3c
{Miles} / Himedere- / 2d ago
[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2V_uAAAH-_Q]]

[b [size10 [#D60620 So, I've been thinkin' of Raiden's character design, and how it's helped me a tad bit with remembering muscles and skeletal structure, in one aspect or another.
His body doesn't copy a muscle/bone structures design EXACTLY, but I'm able to imagine and get an idea of the anatomy of what it wanted to cover during my AP1, and I can't help but smirk a bit because my boi was lowkey carrying/a factor in what assisted me with knowing my stuff for tests and what not. >w>

[right [pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/8644629fc518c73ac1d24aa1100eac35/tumblr_p0hnlo778j1qcy62fo2_250.gif]] I love his lil' cyborg self so much;;
A sinnamon roll; problematic, but doing his best head ass....

I feel suuuuper inclined to believe he always had that barcode on his forehead/I recall speculating on that a bit ago when I was initially starting to get into MGSR, and the more thought I'm setting on it, the more... I believe it's always been there. >xD;

Can u imagine if Doktor or someone did that after he came back from the Patriots?? They would --- yeah. owo >x'DD
It's something small, and I remember staring at his bangs to see if u could get any glimpses of it before, but, nope. <Maybe he used cosmetics too?? Iunno, he doesn't seem like the type, maybeee...??? He was going, "I cAn WoRrY aBoUt LoOkInG pReTtY lAtEr" Sir... sir, were you joking or being deadass, is my new question-->
I don't think it'd be too far fetched, thinking on it now. >^> bUT, HMMM.

Throughout the game series, he is more often than not in a state of questioning himself, and that aforementioned "nurture vs nature" follows him around. It's so cute he latches onto the ideas of others, especially when the person tells him to think/reflect on the things he feels, himself <Snake>.
Easily influenced with a somewhat frail sense of security in himself, it slowly becomes molded out more from the philosophical ideals of both enemies and people he could call an ally. >:3c

Ah, if I remember correctly, Raiden was the only one out of the group of children soldiers <when he got older, anyways> who denied what happened, I think. Which resulted in him running away from things going on within him.
Like, oh, honey;;;;;
[right [pic https://38.media.tumblr.com/85456db5ac363249e62a43530dd891d7/tumblr_n50gw7jfZ81qbn5ozo8_250.gif]] I related in that aspect so heavily because, uh....
Bruh, I'm about to be the equivalent to Katara talkin' about her mom, but, uh... I didn't know how to comprehend my own emotions due to others not taking them seriously/I perceived them not caring abt them when I was growing up, so it resulted in ME not caring about them and just now knowing what the fuck was what.
Point being, you see it, you relate, and you just "Ouuuuuu, babe--"

I know realistically I would set this dude in the background until I noted him doing inner work but ouuuu I love hIMMMMMMMMM.
I will love you from a distance, my dark energetic prince. JKDFHSGU

"Hime, how would you describe Raiden?"
"*Without even thinking, listing on my fingers as I go* Tall. Dark. And Handsome."

owo >xD

Jack eventually DID accept who he was, how his upbringing brought him to who/how he was today and it made me [s thirsty] happy to see him accept that aspect of him? It just... >:T It just seems like he thinks that's ALL HE IS THOUGH, WHICH IS WHERE I'M JUST, "UR ALMOST THERE, SWEETIE!!! ALMOST...................."
You can be Jack [size14 AND] Raiden, it can be your alter ego <and has been, u just gotta acknowledge it-->.

HE'S ALMOST THERE, but seeing him not running from himself anymore brought joy to me. <w>

My boy can get pretty damn cynical and I know he made me go "Sheesh" or "oof" two to three times max, since I'm a fan of cynicality from others. I loved it though. I know for a fact that was post Monsoon when he got like that--
"Well, since we're talking about how we FEEL..."
Me: Yes, sir, we are! :'(
Himb: *Doesn't think she is the one he should be talking to right now, wait---*

I can't wait to play the DLC packages, I know for sure I'm going to simp over Sam heavily. I'm--- I like cyborgs .w.

[center [pic https://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixmp.com/f/4b688d1b-eb1b-49d5-b91f-bf945b76bdbb/d9nxj0v-a7723c74-90f3-49a1-ba15-528d1f08aa4a.gif?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7InBhdGgiOiJcL2ZcLzRiNjg4ZDFiLWViMWItNDlkNS1iOTFmLWJmOTQ1Yjc2YmRiYlwvZDlueGowdi1hNzcyM2M3NC05MGYzLTQ5YTEtYmExNS01MjhkMWYwOGFhNGEuZ2lmIn1dXSwiYXVkIjpbInVybjpzZXJ2aWNlOmZpbGUuZG93bmxvYWQiXX0.RJbPvZv77Yv9xxQ01aO4ygbB8u_R-U8ZuzDfU0_1COo]]

LIKE... You're pretty tooooooo......
He can get a taste too df.
Himedere- / 2d ago
[b [i [size10 [#e63e62 It's not him, it's literally his rock he throws at me, holy shit.
I'm still stuck there, unfortunately. But I know I have his pattern down more or less now >:T It just fuckin' blows I can't.... I can't do iT RIGHT, LIKE;;; THAT REALLY CURDLES MY MILK;;;;

Pfft, whatever.

I decided to stop playing it again and giving it a light break, since.... BRUH;;; It's not even him. It's really not anymore. LKSDLJAHFUK

If this keeps goin' on any longer I'm gonna--
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/4vgCqhR.jpg]]

My apologies, Raiden. I am folding like a lawn chair on youuuuu;;;;
[size14 FUCK.]
Himedere- / 3d ago
[i [size10 [#00FFFF Also, now that I’m awake… Armstrong is kind of a bITCH. I just can’t line my fuckin cuts up precisely yet—

[center -]

Oh my fucking god I'm going to scream or something.
I keep getting him down to where I have to fucking Zandatsu or whatever and I can't geT THE SECOND FUCKING CUT LINED UP I'M FUCKING GROWLING AND EVERYTHING.
I'm so fucking salty
Im slathered in it.
If you wanted a McDOnalds Fry, here I am bitch because holy fucking shit.
Himedere- / 3d ago
[i [size10 [#00FFFF

Today I did a little something different before going out to go meditate. It was a bit of a detour, but going through with it and the after effects are more than worth it.

Today, I decided to mow the lawn, which was quite an experience in it of itself! >:3c I used to do this often for my gramps at his old house as a kid, and the backyard I have now compared to that one?? Easy peasy.

I haven’t done anything considered as a “chore” in quite some time, but I think I may pick this one up and get into the habit of doing it, since I’m the one who takes up the back yard more than anyone <even if I started coming here for the past week or so now, this back yard did get neglected>.

I’m glad I was watching my dad go about with doing it, before I followed through and practiced on my own accord. It’s similar to how I was learning how to massage, as the persons stance and way of holding themselves and how they work it,,, make it easier on you than needed.

Work smarter, not harder.

The only fear I have about mowing the lawn is ever … is ever potentially mowing a bunny nest over if not a groundhog one?? Anything with large rodents in it and I just… hack them.
That’d fucking kill me and stop me from doing any form of garden work for quite some time.

But yeah, walking around in this grade now that it’s trimmed??
Fucking amazing. When was the last time I walked through trimmed grass barefoot?
Himedere- / 3d ago
[b [size10 [#D60620 Me, finally bypassing where I was stuck at and now reaching the cutscene where Bladewolf got bodied by Armstrong-
"Ayo, who touched my dog?? :((("


While I'm watching this, I ican't help but appreciate the running theme of nurture vs nature found throughout the MGS franchise. And, tbh, I feel like that theme follows Jack around a lot too, tbh. >w>
I just can't help but appreciate his character, sdbsb.
Not only that, but I find it humorous how Armstrong popped up in a spider, when I was dealing with spiders not too long ago?

.... I can't really stop myself from laughing when they say something about fuckin' memes because, uh... look how that word aged. Holy shit. >xDDD I'm trying to take it so seriously, but-- but its getting ruineD.

As I'm playing through,

[center "I said my tool is a blade of justice, never to be used in vengeance.. never in anger.... but now......
I'm not so sure... and besides... this isnt my sword."]

Bitch, I'm
[center [pic https://64.media.tumblr.com/2b603ed91bcf701eb5959e2d39d52a93/tumblr_nq7c6rWMM01qhub34o3_400.gifv]]

Sits down and simps quietly.

[center -]

So, I ended up getting stuck on this boss/Armstrong. He's... really fucking tough;; >xD;
I'm more or less getting his attack pattern down, like, he starts out with two randomized combos and pending on it will be how he is subtly nuanced via gameplay that time around.
He has rEALLY HEAVY PUNCHES;;;;;; I almost wish I had invested more in health-- but I still feel like this is still beatable with 130% health. SO...

I still really like Raiden's character, and how you see him from 2, to four, and into this one.
Sure, I have vague memories of the boi in four, but I'll get to him sooner or later! >:T When... when I pick it up again, anyways. >w> But I still do adore himb.
Himedere- / 3d ago