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The Broken Arrow Workshop

By Colorful_insanity
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Welcome Stranger to the Broken Arrow Workshop. So you must be wondering what this place is. Its all sorts of things. Say you need someone to help you hash out a Plot, or someone to help you hunt down a photo for you. Perhaps do some editing or map making, etc. Hell if it comes down to it and your searching for Rp partners jump on in. This however will also be used as an OCC/Chat thread, so if you just wanna chat jump on in to.

Like all Places these one has a few rules I must ask we follow in order for this process to flow peacefully and make it to the end.

1. No drama, if you and someone else in here have beef/drama or whatever its called I would rather you not bring it here. If necessary Pm me about what you needed from here.

2. Upon putting in a request for something please be patient. Many of us have jobs and college and real life things to deal with before jumping on the site; That said if you do not get your request filled within I would say a time frame of a week shoot me a message about it. I may have forgotten, haven't had time to get to it, or am currently in the process of it.

3. If you do come here needing help with someone, do not get angry when someone tries to help.(For instance I know already my grammar isn't correct in most if any of it) Its part of the process. That also said don't be angry however if you help someone and they don't listen.

4. Please give myself(or those whom work in the Shop) as much detail about your request as you can, so we can get you what your wanting to get.

Finer details

So with all the basic stuff out of the way here are Finer details.

1. This is not a search or advertisement thread, While hunting for partners is allowed here, I would prefer it not to go Beyond Pms. If you want your Rps you need people for thrown in for advertisement shoot me a PM first then wait until I answer it before you post the rp link and a few details about it.

2. any creative ideas you need help figuring details for, or perhaps a plot line idea you need help making? perhaps a world or a kingdom/country to fit a character? perhaps even a character to fit a plot or world or kingdom/country? Come step up and feel free to ask for help.

3. Need help figuring out details to a Character like a history for them? Perhaps not a specific character but details to a race made entirely out of pure imagination? Even perhaps a character's current situation before they jump into a plot and give you a starting point to an introduction post?

The Workers

Colorful_insanity Just me sadly, so please be patient with me.

Some work I have done if it helps any. Be it Plots, Languages, ETC...
Spell craft
Ancient Elvish
Modern Elvish
Modern Dark Elvish
Ancient Dwarven Runes
Modern Dwarf runes
The Corrupted Sentinel
The Age of War
Carnival of the Lost
Video ChatKumospace [Everyone] [Everyone]


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