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Lonely words - Kyou // Yuki (closed)

By SolemnYuki

Replies: 186 / 2 years ago

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[pic https://static.zerochan.net/Fruits.Basket.full.1152122.jpg]
The two that Kyou had chosen or at least asked about as allies were because of the fondess that each seemed to have for the cat and rat respectively. Though when it was pointed out by the rat, the orange haired teen had to admit it could easily become for like of better words "a shit show" or "go to hell in a handbasket". The thing was that words would have to be chosen carefully. Questions would have to be watered down and become more rhetorical than anything else as well. Still though, the fact remained that the cat and the rat could not pull this off on their own. They NEEDED the help of others in the family. Even if that help was in words and not actions.

Red-orange gaze was upon nimble hands as they shuffled the cards, Yuki clearly going into his own thoughts. And the truth was...Kyou had not really put much stock into asking the cow and boar for help. It had been just something that came to mind and so in the spur of the moment seemed to come out of his mouth. The ONLY thing he was thankful for was that Yuki had not shot him down completely and as kindly as he could seemed to point out the flaws to him own idea.

[b "The best bet is going with what you know. Getting more information and understanding. The more you know...the easier it is to plot or to plan. Kind of like a half baked cake...don't do it right and it all falls apart."] The words were soft as the cat spoke them. He was in a more thoughtful mood. Well for the moment. And he was actually letting himself relax and enjoy even if for a little bit having the ally and someone he could talk to.

It was when the rat had looked to the clock did a soft groan slip from the cat. Late, it was getting late and they had school. The worst of it being that Kyou was NOT a morning person. [b "Yeah...I'll try and think about it...and we can meet after like you said. Woods..."] But that was all he said before he slipped past the rat and to the open door with the quickest glance back at his cousin. [b "Night..."] And then he went to his own room.
Sohma / MourningGlory / 3d ago
[h3 +]
[+purple "If that's the route we choose, then it has to be taken with caution,"] Yuki told him quietly. Small hands began to gather the cards together, not to use them as another example but to keep himself busy as his mind worked. Honestly Kyou's idea wasn't terrible and it was something that the rat had pondered over himself but didn't have the resources nor the answers on how to do it. [+purple "Words will need to be chosen carefully with Kagura because, though she is trustworthy with you, she does have a tendency to gossip. If she were to let it leak that we were asking questions to the wrong people, the game is over. Haru, though, is quite promising."]

Nimble fingers stacked the cards together before shuffling them, that quiet sound the only noise made for a few moments as Yuki worked out his next thought. Haru was a much better candidate, especially to Yuki, as the ox was quite attached to him. The rat knew that he would do anything for him, all he needed to do was ask. He could keep most secrets as well so words would have to be chosen carefully with him, too.

[+purple "Another course of action is one that I have used a couple of times, so I know it works well. When Akito gets into one of his moods, I find a way to send myself to Hatori's office: stay outside and catch a cold, expose myself to allergens and get a mild asthma attack, whatever keeps me in his office for at least thirty minutes. When he steps outside for a smoke, I'll take pictures of Akito's medical journal and read them at home."]

Violet eyes glanced over at the clock, Yuki letting out a quiet sigh. It had become quite late and the pair had school in the morning. He set the cards back into the box, placing it on the corner of his desk, and slowly rose to his feet. It was nice to finally have an alliance with someone, to have someone he could talk to. [+purple "Think long and hard about what you've learned today, use it to think of some other courses of action for us. We can meet tomorrow after school in the woods, that way Shigure won't even know we're back yet."]
The soft words of "million yen question" had been enough to catch Kyou's attention as he had been staring at the cards and hands that had been left in play. So it looked like the rat didn't have much better an idea than he did. Which was both comforting, but strange as usually he was the wisest for being do young. A truly gifted member of the family.

Orangey-red gaze remained on the cards as he was running over again the explanations that had been given. Only just was he beginning to get who overpowered who and who bluffed this whole game. But little understanding was better than none. And it did look like that MAYBE just MAYBE he and the rat could figure something out. Or at least come up with some ideas...theories even. Because he was getting tired of doing nothing and letting the damn god continue to rule and control them all.

Again he shook his head, eye FINALLY looking to Yuki. [b "Might be able to get some of the others to give input. But that's a dangerous game in itself. Though Haru and Kagura we might be able to trick something out of. Ideas if at all."] The cat said with a shrug. Though it was his way to say he was in and more than willing but ONLY if Yuki was too. They needed the other here.
Sohma / MourningGlory / 32d ago
[+purple "That's the million yen question, isn't it?"] Yuki asked quietly.

Kyou was understanding the rank of everyone in the zodiac. Good. Now that he was beginning to learn who overpowered who, perhaps he could help the rat figure out a plan. Not even the wise Yuki had that answer, it was a question that he had struggled with for years. Things had recently changed a bit since then so perhaps looking at it from another angle was a possibility.

[+purple "Some things have now begun to change which may change the outcome of the game,"] Yuki stated after a long moment of silence. He looked over the cards that still remained out on the floor, lightly touching one of the antique papers. [+purple "You and I working together is one of those things; partners in a poker game have been known to swindle everyone else out of all of their winnings. That could be a possible angle we could use. Now that you know a bit about the power rankings, do you have any ideas?"]
The cat was feeling a little bit better now, maybe even happier that he was learning more about the family. His place and the hands that everyone played. It was nice to be let into a secret. Though he had no idea how the rat would have come up with the analogy that he was now using in explaining it to him. That actually didn't matter when he thought about it. Kyou found that he was happy to finally know that he did belong and have place and even more so than he thought. Quite a change considering he was the outsider and the "lone wolf" for so long. He would have to thank the rat for doing this one day.

But all of his thoughts he kept to himself as orangey-red gaze was locked on the next set of cards that the rat had motioned to and began to explain. Of course Aaya and Hatori as they were the others who were at the main house. Without meaning to, the cat let out a bark of laughter at Aaya when he was explained. [b "Even I can see through him. He is like a window...Hatori on the other hand... I thought he carried more power than that...so nice to know."] The cat said when he was able to compose himself again.

But he was much more serious by the time Yuki had come to the last hands. Theirs, Shigure's and Akito's. And he rolled his eyes with the dog. He should have guessed his bluffing would be the best. Hell, he could NEVER read him. [b "Okay..so we know Shigure is a good bluffer and can talk himself out of anything. How he got to living here and away from the house. Though how do we make Akito fold?"] That was what he was REALLY eager to learn. He wanted to beat the god at his own game.
Sohma / MourningGlory / 52d ago
[h3 +]
Yuki was happy to see that Kyou was picking up on the analogies and was beginning to learn what power each member of the zodiac had. In reality it was a bit more complicated than what he was explaining but, for the meantime, it served its point. [+purple "That's right,"] he responded, glancing up at the cat. He seemed a bit happy that he was picking up on this secret knowledge...or perhaps he was happy that he held a higher hand in the family than he thought.

[+purple "Now we're starting to get to the ones with pull; Rin, Haru, and Momiji are in the next tier. Let's say they have three of a kind. All of them are mediocre at bluffing. Aaya and Hatori have the same hand but their bluffing skills are on different levels. Let's give them a flush. Aaya is the worst of them when it comes to bluffing, so that's where he'll stay. Hatori can make you believe he has a better hand than he does, being the doctor of us all aids in that. Now that leaves four: Shigure, you, Akito, and myself."]

[+purple "Shigure holds a high hand, perhaps a full house. His bluffing skills are the best and he can make you believe he has a higher hand. I'd give you four of a kind, the next one up, but your bluffing skills could use improvement. I'm just above you, with a straight flush, while my bluffing skills are nonexistent. Akito is on the same level with a straight flush. Our goal now is to make him fold, to make him believe we have a royal flush in our hands...but figuring out how is a bit tricky."]
Kyou was aware of the eyes on him, no matter how brief a time it had been. Did it bother him? Maybe a little as he was not used to it, but at the same time not really. Doing the dishes, the drying and putting away was something he was good at and it was him in his element. So he was quickly able to dismiss whatever feelings had crept upon him and soon lost to his task.

Minutes later, the soft footsteps from behind could be heard and the soft voice of the rat caught his ear. Orangey-red eyes caught violet and the cat gave a small, yet quick nod. It was subtle enough not to be caught by the dog IF he happened to be lurking, but just enough he knew that Yuki would catch it. And when the other teen was gone, Kyou made sure everything was clean and put away before he went up to the rat's room for their brief lesson.

When he got to the room, the cat's eyes wandered over the cards as they had been laid out in all sorts of hands. The hands he assumed that each member of the family held so to speak. That much Kyou had honed in on and remembered from Yuki's brief analysis when they had been in the kitchen. And before be could speak, the rat began their lesson, explaining the hands he had lain out and who had which. [b "Think it makes sense. The more impulsive and the 'children' can't bluff their way through but aren't a threat. But when you get 'upperhands' or good bluffers you become the threat and Akito gets angry and lashes?"] The cat questioned. It was him really meaning to see if he got it.
Sohma / MourningGlory / 64d ago
[h3 +]
Yuki watched for a moment as the cat began to dry the remaining dishes in the drainer, moving expertly around the kitchen as he did so, before disappearing into the next room. He knew what he was looking for and where to get it, so he wasn't gone long. When he returned to the kitchen, Kyou was putting the last dish in the cabinet and Yuki caught his eyes when he turned around again.

[+purple "Let's have a brief lesson tonight and, if we need to, we'll finish it tomorrow,"] he suggested softly. Kyou didn't seem too displeased with this idea, most likely wanting to defeat the God at his own game. The cat was always up for a challenge, a trait that Yuki could admire. Not many were willing to fight to survive the way he had and the discipline to continue would be a great help to the cause.

The rat left the room and headed upstairs to his own room, waiting for Kyou to join him and close the door before sitting on the floor and setting a small box in front of him. Opening it revealed a deck of antique playing cards, most likely a Sohma family treasure. As Yuki took them out of the box the yellowed edges could be seen, the deck having experienced years of cigarette smoke and thousands of games. The game that the smaller Sohma was going to attempt to explain to his cousin was older than the cards were but American in origin. Hopefully Kyou could pick it up rather quickly.

The rat carefully picked out cards and laid them down in certain sets before lifting his gaze up to the cat once more. [+purple "The objective of poker is to win money by capturing the pot, which contains bets made by various players during the hand. A player wagers a bet in hopes that he has the best hand, or to give the impression that he holds a strong hand and thus convince his opponents to fold, or abandon, their hands. So let's pretend every person in the zodiac is around the table in a game, including you and Akito. Akito is a poker champion and our goal is to make him fold."]

[+purple "I've lain out all of the possible hands you can have in a game, from lowest to highest: high card, pair, two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush, and royal flush. Now, let's examine some of the family and what hands they have, as well as how good they are at bluffing. We'll start low with Kisa and Hiro; they have high cards and aren't much of a threat. They're not good at bluffing either, so we can eliminate them from the game. Kagura and Kureno have somewhat higher hands, let's say two pair, and are also terrible at bluffing. Are you with me so far?"]
It wasn't that he had been angry at the rat, but had been bitter. Bitter at the circumstances and how it was all so damned easy. Well for the rat yet again. All of it was new to him and another damned thing he would have to learn. Being a scholar and learning was not his strong suit but he knew that he could learn. If the rat could teach him what he had so far, what was one more thing? And it meant that their truce could continue. Despite himself, Kyou was growing more and more fond of it and of Yuki.

When the rat had taken his hand and shaken it, a faint smile graced the cat's lips. [b "Looks like we're in agreement then, rat."] He said, though the usual bite was missing. Rat was starting to become in an ironic sort of way a term of endearment and pet-name for Yuki with Kyou.

He watched as the other dried the last of the non-breakable dishes and put it away. [b "Never had the time for games. So no, no idea what poker is like. Gonna have to teach me what you know about the game and how all this words. Again going to have to play teacher for me."] Kyou muttered as he moved to the sink and began to wash the rest of the dishes and dry them. He wanted the kitchen cleaned up before the dog came out and complained at them for leaving a mess.
Sohma / MourningGlory / 77d ago
[h3 +]
At first, Kyou seemed angry that it came down to something so simple. Surviving in the Sohma family really was just a game and it depended on who could play it the best. He really couldn't blame Kyou for not knowing how it worked, seeing as he spent most of his life outside of it. He had plenty of time to learn, though, and Yuki was an excellent teacher. His role in the family and time spent in the main house meant that he had been able to see how each member played the game and how good they were are it.

Bright eyes shifted downwards at movement from Kyou, watching as he held his hand out for Yuki to take. It was a relief, it meant that he wanted to move forward with this plan and learn how the game was played. A faint smile touched his lips, the rat outstretching his hand and shaking Kyou's in agreement. Good, this truce could continue. He was growing quite fond of it.

[+purple "I assume you've played poker before, yes?"] he asked quietly, picking up the last non-breakable item in the drainer and trying it. Once it was dry, it was put away in the cabinet where it belonged. Yuki needed to be sure that Kyou would understand his terminology; if he had no idea how poker worked then another game would need to be used. It didn't matter if he was good at it or not, all he needed to know was if Kyou could pick up what he told him.
Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 103d ago
When the silence grew longer and longer between the two teens, the cat did chance a sideways glance to the rat. He wasn't sure if the other had listened to him or was choosing to ignore him. Something he could admit to being used to, though he also had to admit that in the moment it stung. The two of them had come along way in such a short time. He was even STARTING to let his guard down and to hope that maybe just maybe an understanding would have developed between them.

The water continued to run as he continued to wash the dishes. He was aware how Yuki seemed to avoid the finer china like the plague and so knew it would be left to him to finish up. [b "Are you eve---"] The cat began to ask if the rat was listening to him, but was cut off by aoft words as the other finally spoke. And so Kyou decided to keep quiet long enough to listen to what Yuki had just said and pointed out.

[b "So this all comes down to a damn poker game and whi can bluff their way through it the best?"] The cat muttered almost in disbelief. But then, the other had grown up mostly at the main house and was closer to the family that he was and so would know. And for a moment, Kyou fell into his own silence to tbink over the poker analysis that Yuki had just used. Really the best they could do and what did they have to lose?

[b "Fine, rat.. we'll play the game. But you're gonna have to teach me who has what hand if we want to get through this with as little injury as possible."] Kyou finally said, orangey-red gaze finally meeting violet and he held out a hand to shake. His own form of calling for their truce to continue.
Sohma / MourningGlory / 104d ago
[h3 +]
Yuki quietly picked up a dishcloth and began to dry and put away non-fragile items when Kyou cleaned them. He briefly thought about doing the same with the china but quickly remembered the last time he had done so. An entire set of antique wares were destroyed by the rat's hand and he was forced to listen to Shigure complain about it for weeks. It was best not to repeat the offense and continued his work with the plastic ware and chopsticks.

He listened to Kyou's thoughts carefully as he worked, choosing to remain silent at first. The rat had given this a bit of thought already and Kyou had some points. If he thought the bruising on his side and chest were bad he could only imagine the hell that would be unleashed on him if Akito found out the two were getting along. The cat would receive punishment as well but both knew that Yuki would get it worse. It was the price he was forced to pay as the God's favorite. But he liked this peace between the two of them and didn't really want to go back to their old ways.

Luckily Yuki was one of the smartest in the family.

Amethyst eyes flickered over to Shigure's office, seeing the door closed and able to hear the radio playing in the next room. He left it on all the time, making it difficult to assess whether he was really home or not, but at least it provided some background noise to drown out their voices if he were, in fact, inside. [+purple "Each member of the family has at least one good hand in this messed up poker game we call a family,"] Yuki began quietly, turning his attention to the dishes he was currently working on. [+purple "Some of us have better hands than others, others of us bluff our way through the game, and some of us cheat to win. My time in the main house has given me a good insight into who has what hands."]

[+purple "The first obstacle is Shigure, first and foremost he's a bluffer. He wants you to think he holds more sway than he does. While he is powerful, he doesn't have the most influence. Unfortunately he does have a keen eye for detail. If we can keep up the charade of our angry selves when he's around, he'll never know the difference."]
Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 127d ago
He wasn't tired of the truce and their so called "cease fire" but he was shooting off his mouth. He was purposely saying things he knew that could get under his cousin's skin to start them on their normal paths. After all, hadn't that been their deal? Habe this temporary peace that gave them both solace long enough to get their grades up where it was needed? Or...had he understood that wrong? Because the quiet had been nice and a reprieve that had been long needed...for them both.

[b "Doesn't have to end? Are you crazy?"] Came muttered words. The rat knew as well as he did that they were always watched. Knew that EVERYTHING always got back to Akito and that if their god was unhappy retribution was sought after. So in their case, it would more than likely be another beating for Yuki because he was the golden boy and KNEW that Kyou was an outsider to the family for the most part.

Those thoughts always put him in a bad mood. Worse than was his usual. And it was again soft words to bring him out of his thoughts and to turn to Yuki who had spoken them. [b "And if I don't?"] He was asking what if he didn't want it to end. [b "What the hell could we even do about it?"] He hissed as he stood and went the short distance and to the kitchen himself to wash the dishes so that everything was cleaned up and the dog couldn't "yap" at them for not cleaning up after themselves.

[b "But not that wouldn't want to..."] He muttered quietly. It was an after thought for sure. But the cat didn't want to have the rat thinking he had COMPLETELY hated their truce. In fact, he had liked it probably more than he should have.
Sohma / MourningGlory / 104d ago
[h3 +]
Yuki simply watched the other as he spoke, his form remaining still. Had Kyou really grown tired of this peace between them already or was he simply blowing smoke? He really believed it was the latter as this miniature truce seemed to give a relaxing air about him. This was something the cat didn't realize he needed until it was already upon him and had grown to find comfort in the calm. Yuki wasn't one to judge as he was in the same position, though he was willing to admit that he enjoyed the break and wished it could continue.

But could it really?

Yuki took notice of the empty bowls and and cups, glancing up at Kyou again before slowly rising. [+purple "It doesn't have to end, you know,"] he spoke softly as he began to stack the bowls then gathering the chopsticks. Once everything was neatly stacked he lifted them and carried them the short distance to the kitchen counter. He was about to start dishes but stopped short as he moved in front of the sink. After the catastrophe of broken dishes and clogged drains the last time, perhaps it was better to leave it to someone else. The last thing he wanted was to hear Shigure run his mouth again. Instead he took the plastic containers from the drainer and began to put them away after stealing another glance at Kyou.

[+purple "But that's entirely up to you."]
Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 202d ago
With silence that had fallen, Kyou almost did not expect for Yuki to answer him. In truth, he was surprised when an answer had come at all. Because it had in a way meant to be a trick question. Or one that he hoped would help him to better understand the motives that the rat had. Because they had both gotten what they wanted and needed from the other. Yuki needed the cooking grade...and he had in his other classes. Now though, they had that. Their report cards proved that.

Orangey-red gaze slipped over to the bright eyes that had come to glance his way. The words spoken took him by surprise and it took a moment to take them in. He didn't know how sincere Yuki was. But there was something in the tone that told Kyou it was true.

[b "Yeah, but even if did admit that what good would it do us? Pretty much damn us both because of this stupid curse that we have always been under. So...we should go back to it before the others get suspicious."] He muttered as he took a couple more bites of his rice and chicken. Ironically, the worry was more for the rat than it was for himself. Not that he would EVER admit that. As far as he would let Yuki believe, Kyou was tired of their truce, though he would miss it. Miss the sense of having a friend, even if temporary.
Sohma / MourningGlory / 202d ago