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A Broken Wolf and A New Love for simply_random

By SheDevil

Replies: 400 / 3 years ago

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[center [pic http://i.pinimg.com/originals/9c/81/61/9c81614fd36131c47b4996ed1a63fb16.jpg]]

[center [b Bella becomes a Cullen, leaving Jacob all alone. They decide that she is a little too dangerous and decide to move away and allow Bella some time to get used to being a newborn.]]

[center [b Now Jake is left alone heartbroken and needing to pick up the broken pieces of his heart. He still hangs with the pack and everyone, but he seems more down and less willing to be the wolf that he and the others are.]]

[center [b But what if a new girl, _________________ moves to La Push because her parents force her to. And what if Jake meets her and it turns out she is the one he imprints on? How will he tell her anything about it?]]

[center [#9251c1 I am willing to play Jake or the New Girl..role doesn't matter to me]]

[center [i We can discuss further plot ideas..this is just a basic]]

[center [b Rules]]

[center Real Pictures
Post Within Two Weeks
No ones liners
Please write in third person and past tense
Try to use proper grammar and spelling
Drama, Plot Twists, Swearing and Whatever else is welcome
Mild Godmodding is okay to move the plot but don't over do it
[b open to more than one version]
[b I will give you the same as you do me in a post]]

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There's no such thing as a normal-like. Once you're in the supernatural world there's no going back. Apparently. She would love to watch supernatural shows but to be living in one is weird... Too much.

”There’s a first time for everything.” she tried to him with a faint smile.

Alice kept leading them into the forest. Even tho the pixie vampire gently had her finger on Gab’s arm she did a lot with it. Kept her steady and what not. When they finally stopped Emmett was next to them with a weird grin. He hands her Jacobs’s bag and with a blink of an eye, he was gone. But it ain't take long for Jacob to replace the spot. Alice helped her up before telling them they'll be close by and to keep up.

”Hopefully I don't throw up on you.” She says jokingly. Partially.

It felt like a weird ride. Eventually, she just buries her face into his fur. Trying to watch everything pass by in a blur was making her queasy. That was until they made a hard stop. She could hear loud clashing. Gab was too afraid to look up. then there was a feeling that made her numb. He's close by. She can feel it somehow. ”We need to go Jake...” she whispers slowly looking up. Alice, Emmett, and Rose were fighting. He was there.

When he disappeared she held her breath. Seconds before he got close enough Jasper tackled him. The breath she held on too gently found its way out. ”Go.” Alice shouts.
”NOO” her ex’s growls trying to get to her. Alice soon joins her lover's side after snapping her fighters head off.
Gabriela / Simply_Random / 274d ago
She had spaced out and he kept his mouth shut. The Cullens had said to take it easy with her and it would take a while for her to be her again. Besides, in tje silence his own mind was wandering. Going over EVERYTHING that had happened and still trying to make sense of it. The only conclusion he seemed to end with was the fact that they were just lucky that she was still alive. [b "Nah, no need to be sorry... I kinda spaced too."] Jake said with a smile when they had gotten to the school and she seemed to snap out of whatever trance she had been in.

Jake watched her a moment as she got out and then got his own backpack, slinging it over his shoulder, leaving the car himself. The wolf boy played guard dog so to speak and stayed back, leaning on the hood of the car as he watched Gab and the cousins talking. It was when the two began to walk did Jake push himself off tje car and move to Gabbie's outreached hand. [b "Ready as I'll ever be. The question is more if you are.."] He whispered, her friends staring at them and half the school stopping to stare as well. None of them had known the two of them were dating..okay, the pack but that was only three or so others.

It was funny how others acted when they saw Gab and Jake acting as a couple. Hand holding, bumping into the other on purpose in the hall and just all the winks and smiles. It was nice and made him feel...well happy in a way he hadn't before. But it also made his stomach sink as she was still in danger and particularly because of her being exposed to their world AND her psycho of an ex-boyfriend who they still had not been able to track yet.

[b "We had Alice keeping an eye on your ex...or as best as she could. And she told us he was crazy and would do anything go get you back.."] Jacob said as he came up with the bear of a man following him, watching all the door nearby.

[b "How do you feel about riding a giant wolf..? It's one of the faster ways to get away.."] The wolf boy muttered as they were being pushed along by the pixie and bear.
MourningGlory / 260d ago
Gab misses her parents. She should be dodging her parents about Jacob instead of her godmother. It was relatively easy to space out now that things are quiet. By the time she came too they were driving in the school's parking lot. ”Shit I'm sorry. I didn't mean to space...” she looks at him before grabbing her things.

I began to drizzle as the got out the car. Her friends seem surprised to see her. Jamie and Alex, (Alexandria), runs up to her. It didn't take long for them to squeeze her. Like how dare her for getting kidnapped by vampires and be in their blood bag.

”Okay. Okay. Stop. I'm sore.”
”We missed you.”
”Why are you sore?”
Gab chuckles, ”Just being super active with family... Now let's go before it starts raining.” she says gentling pushing them. The cousin began to chat and walk. They stop when Gab wasn't following them. Instead, she turns to look at Jacob. A hand stretched out. ”Ready?” she asks with a faint smile. Jaime's smile disappeared when he saw them act like a couple. He's in denial. He mumbled under his breath. Practically cursing out Jacob under his breath. ”How mad is he?” she whispers to Jacob, her boyfriend... Boyfriend... God she in another relationship. Her ex is going to kill her for sure.

Every time they bumped into each other she would wink at him. There was no way she can afford to be late to class when she was was away for a while because she was kidnapped. At lunch she waiter by her locker. Her mind needed a break which is why her head was in her locker. It was the whispers that made her peek her had out. Alice?

”You're leaving early. Emmett is getting Jacob.”
”We have a few minutes to get you out of here. For the sake of the other students. He wants you back. He kept changing his all night. Rose is getting your homework assignments. Let's go.”
There was no easy way for him to give Gab advice on how to go back to normal or how to pretend everything was okay. There had only ever been one person who had semi managed that. And the part that was bad about that, was that one person seemed to hate Gab and probably would have no part in helping her. [b "There was one person before you who had to do the same thing. But I doubt convincing her to help will be easy. I don't expect any of this to be easy.. And I am really sorry you got dragged into our world. Cullen and I don't agree on much, but we can agree on the fact that we never meant or wanted to drag either of you into all of this."] Yeah, Jacob had spent time talking to Edward.

When he dropped her off, Jake couldn't help a faint smile and nodded. He would of course come to get her in the morning. Part of him wanted to stay around to see how things went for her being back. But the other part knew that he had to get back and work more on her car AND face his own father and the council. That was going to be fun.

So he was stuck trying to make amends and get things cleaned up. And he had to try and get his own homework done that night. Which as usual meant no sleep for the wolf boy.

It was before school as promised and he went to get Gab. And she was running to get in. [b "She gave you that already? Wow.."] He said with a chuckle and soon was driving them to school. Most would assume they were together and had well.. It would be one hell of a day with the rumour mill. And she would have to be the one to decide what she wanted told. He had to do all of this how she wanted, even if it went against what he did. Yay for imprints.
MourningGlory / 1y ago
Right. He can’t really tell her what to do. He’s supposed to be what he tells her to be. God this is hard. He’ll always protect... right? Even if they aren’t dating... ugh. So many questions!

Gab held his hand. It made her feels safe somehow. It’s time to head home. Order a new phone. Soak in a bubble bath for a while. Maybe at the end of the month she’ll introduce Jacob to her guardians. Her head gently lands against his arm. “How does one pretend nothing have happened? I’m new to this world.” She says looking at her surrounding. Being on the road scares her. Knowing they she’ll be watched by both mythical creatures who are natural enemies makes her feel a bit better.

“I’ll see you tomorrow. Pick me up? I am car-less but I’m also okay with not driving for a while.” Gabriela says giving him a faint smile. When they got to her home she say there for a few minutes to gain the courage to leave. It never came but her godmother just got home. She smiles as she waits for her to get out. Sighing, Gan gives him a quick kiss on the lips.

“What the hell was that?” Her godmother asks grinning. Eyeing Jacob.
“Stop... were exploring...”
“So It’s just sex?”
“No... ugh.... we were friends and now we’re dating...”
“So no sex?”
“What’s with your and sex?!”
“What. Look at him. Tall. Built. That jawline though... if I was young and you, I’ll be all over that. I’ll have his kid to
Make sure he doesn’t ever, ever leave. Mhmm... scrumptious...” Gab was obviously blushing. Her cheeks are on fire! “So...”
“No. We haven’t had sex. Yes I know to use a condom.”
“Is her a man whore? Think he’s clean?”
“He is... but enough. Let’s get inside before it magically rains.”

Watch, within an hour her family is going to know about Jacob. She helps with dinner before heading to her room. Only to find a package on her bed. Someone got her a new phone! A newer, up to date, phone with a new screen protector and phone case. Holy. Airpods! Nice.

She spent the night catching up on her assignments. Pulling an all-nighter. When it was time to get ready, she did. Even made breakfast. Continued with her homework. Someone shouted that her ride was there as she packed a container for Jacob. She packs her things and runs outside. “Go, go before we started our day with sex questions...” she says kissing his cheek.

[https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ea/da/94/eada941e13e790aff29e527d2ca4bbdf.jpg outfit]
Did he really dare to answer the question of how much food he had eaten or been fed? Truth was it had been the third or fourth plate. But he could not help it. The wolves as she had been told by Emily could REALLY eat and happened to be either bottomless pits or like blackholes. She had seen a mild example that night of the tribal stories when she had been introduced as his imprint back on the beach. [b "A lot. They don't eat so Esme likes to have the wolves around, giving her the excuse to cook and try the recipes she reads. And the car and fixing it.. Don't worry about it. You don't owe me. It was more something to help keep me busy."] He said with a smile, shoveling another bite if pancake into his mouth.

Truth was, Jacob didn't want to be going back. The break had been nice and here he knew she felt safe. Well with most the leeches aside from Bella who was still jealous. Which he still did not understand. She had her husband and little girl. And now he had an imprint and the chance to be happy. None of this he voiced but he knew the mind reading leech heard it loud and clear.

By time to go, Esme gave them snack for the road and everyone said goodbye in a sense. The blonde deciding on her name of Fido for him again. It was in the car and starting back did Gab seem to ask him what to do. [b "That would be your choice. I would like for people to know. But remember have to be what you want me to be and can't push you into anything."] He said quietly. His mind was still more on hee ex and the hunt that the wolves and Cullens would still be on.
MourningGlory / 1y ago
Fido. Ha.

Gabriella sits down next to him. Alice chimes in to give her some coffee. As she thanks her Alice twirls away. [b “It’s frightening how happy she is... all the time.”] she mumbles chuckling. Esme burst in to give Jacob another plate.

“Do you need anything?”
[b “No I’m okay. Thank you.”] Gab answers smiling. She then looks at jacob, [b “Do I dare ask how many plates of food you had?”] there’s a grin on her face and an arched eyebrow.

Emily did tell her they can eat. They’re like bottomless pits. Now the question is should she be impressed or disturbed... the girl slowly eats her bacon. They have a lot to do. Well she does. [b “God... I’ll probably be grounded for life because of the car... thank you for fixing it. Let me know how much I owe you for the fix.”] She says instantly losing her appetite. Instead of leaving she stayed to finish her coffee. They’ll leave whenever he’s ready because frankly she doesn’t want to leave. She feels safe here. With them...

When it was tile to go she either got a hug or a nod. Her things were in the car already and Esme gave them a cooler full of food and drinks. She called them road snacks. Most likely for Jacob. It made her chuckle.

[b Ready to go back to a normal life?”] she asks him when they’re on the road. It’ll be nice but weird. Crap, now she need to tell people she’s dating Jacob. Can’t have what’s his face flirting in front of him. Although... it could be entertaining. [b “So how should we tell people at school that were now dating?”] she asks him to see how he wants to handle it.
The girl had said to give her ten minutes, but it had become fifteen. Not that he minded the waiting longer. At this rate, Jake just wanted her happy and to feel as normal as she could. So he just simply sat at the island and was on his..was it his second or third plate? by the time she came in. No matter, the boy was always hungry and could sure eat because of being the wolf like he was.

[b "Most of them are nice. One that still is a royal pain. Blondie who likes calling me Fido. We never hit it off and not going to now."] The words were true but also he was trying to make her smile. Slowly he took up his coffee and listened to all of what she had to say before he gave any answers.

[b "Dad feels really bad and like it was his fault. But he won't 'attack' you over it. Mayne apologise a dozen times..then give you your space. And the car...don't worry about it. The guys have been helping me fix it back at the garage. So it should be up by next week.."] It was the best answer that he could give her. The only answer really and he did hope it helped her to calm down a bit.
MourningGlory / 1y ago
Gab turns her around to look at him, hair flipping. A smile grew on her face seeing Jacob. Her now boyfriend. It sort of wants to make her chuckle and blush thinking about it. She nods. The girl can eat. As if right on que the girls stomach rumbles agreeing with them. It is time for food!

However, the fact that they have to leave bums her a little. It is nice over here. Everything is so big and spacious. But it is what it is. She’s ready to go back to their simple lives. “Give me ten minutes. I want to shower and what not.” Part of her wants to go kiss him, but she has morning breath.

Of course it turned out to be 15 minutes. It was such a lovely shower. There was an amazing pressure from the shower head. It was heavenly. She even grabbed a few things from the bags of clothes in order to get dressed. Alice waited for her at the bottom of the staircase to bring her to the kitchen. It’s weird to be around such friendly vampires. She sat at the island since this were they severe her a plate. Most of them left to feed. The ones who stayed have them privacy.

”Theyre really nice. It's different and weird.” she said smiling. ”Is your dad going to attack me when I arrive? Cause it’s not his fault and I don’t want him to constantly apologize.” She mumbles thinking about it. There’s so much that needs to happen. From his dad to her guardians. Then catching up with school work. It’s a lot but whatever. It’ll be a great attempt to going back to living life normally. Minus the new clothes. She’s going to feel super good about having new clothes. Crap. Her car... “Jake. My car. What happened to my car?” She asks nervously. Eyes widened in fear. If she didn’t die because of vampires she going to die from a human because of the car!

[center [https://i.pinimg.com/474x/6a/a1/f9/6aa1f9c23c89667d09ee14333a1b44c1.jpg outfit]]
[b "Half dog demon whi originally fell in love with the priestess Kilyo... But had been shit by an arrow when Naraku got between them.. Then falls for the reincarnation, Kagome. Marries her too... Yeah, think I have seen it."] Jake said with a small smile. There was nothing wrong with nerdy to him. As he just proved, he could be too.

He knew the ex thing would be hard. But he also knew with the Cullens and other wolves at least there was a chance. [b "I actually do have to talk to them. See if we can get a basic plan figured out...So hopefully you can get some sleep or rest while I do that."] He said, kissing her back before he stood. [b "Yeah...I know and I will die."]


In the morning, Jacob was in the kitchen and at the table. The food was what called him. But he knew he should go and check on Gab and so did that. It was when he got to the room did he see her up and looking in the bags of clothes. [b "Since ypi're up...feel like joining me for breakfast? This is our last day of our little break."] He said to her with a smile.

He knew she needed something to feel normal again. And as much as he hated school, even he did too.
He made her chuckle. Of course, he can't promise something like that. The girl has a whole new package deal and that's apparently included. She'll learn to love or deal with it. ”Can't do that. I'll love you for you. Unless its something I absolutely can't stand. If anything I can make you necklace and have it blessed and you'll be my Inuyasha... An anime character... In... Case... You don't know.” God, her nerdy side slipped a little.

Gabriela didn’t comment when he mentions her ex. Her now vampire ex who hates him and still wants her. Even if it means killing her so no one could have her. Although, it may be a challenge to keep her safe. They don’t live together. What if her guardians want to go back to Forks?

“I’m feeling better-ish. If you have to go talk to your other supernatural friends you can. I'll be fine. Hopefully asleep.” Gab says kissing him. Smiling a little now that they're dating. “Just know we have a lot of studying to do to catch up with our school work.”

[i [center Carlisle spoke to Jacob. Letting him know that he got them covered. Perks of working at a hospital, he can give them a doctors note.]]

It took her 45 minutes of tossing and turning before she actually fell asleep. Only for her to keep having nightmares where she can’t wake up. To having Jasper use his gift to ease her pain. Until he smelled blood. His lust for blood emerged. There is a reason why she and wake up. The son of a bitch has a gift. The gift to jump into people's dreams. He's a dream walker! The subconscious fight is to wake up or control her dream is draining. Giving her a minor nose bleed.

Around nine am was when she woke up. Tired as if she hasn’t slept. She could smell breakfast. Food. Gab runs her fingers through her hair before getting off the bed to go use the bathroom. Bags of clothes next to a chair near the window. They have a whole day to relax before going back to school. Yes, she can take another day off to take everything in, but going back to school is what will make her feel normal. Like herself again and that's what she needs. To be her. To forget what happened by studying.
What was he supposed to say? Was he supposed to tell her no? She was his imprint amd he was supposed to be what she wanted and needed from him. But with that thrown out the window, Jacob wanted her.. He wanted this. The feelings had been there and it had been hell for him to not act. But he had to do his best not to.

Her heart raced and he could hear it. What made her so nervous? She was the one who had asked and well...he agreed. So was she really regretting the fact that they were now official? That question became answered when she leaned in and kissed him. No....just it was just something that would take time. And he was more than willing to wait.

A hand gently ran through her hair and he couldn't help a chuckle. [b "Can't promise that. Because I know I will be VERY protective of you. Both as me and the wolf...but I can promise to try not to drive you overly crazy. You know you can always turn me into 'Fido' and have me be a good boy."] He said, trying to make a joke and to make her feel better about the whole thing. [b "All jokes aside...I know about the ex...and I will do whatever I can to keep you safe ."] He whispered, dark gaze locked with dark gaze. And he meant it too.
He... Jacob... he said he likes that. Oh sweet baby Jesus. Oh no... can he hear her heart race? She should Im hold her breath so it’ll relax... wait. No, no because he can here that too. Fuck.

Gab let out a light chuckle. Why? No idea! “Cool.” Seems like they’re married now. Unofficially because of the whole [i “we’ll be whatever you want and protect you”] thing. The girl was hesitant, but she moved to kiss him. A legit boyfriend, girlfriend kiss. It was always hard to keep calm and not kiss him when those urges emerged. Now she doesn’t feel to weird. Especially knowing that he’ll do whatever he can to protect her and is happy she’s safe with her. “Please don’t go crazy with being way too over protective now. Please.” She says ending the kiss, looking back into his chocolate eyes.

God, if her ex was to find out about this she’ll be dead for sure. The feelings were there before, but now with him being here after what happened validates he feels the same way. He couldn’t left her to go talk to the Cullen’s but he stayed for her. “Hope you know I’m a handful and have a crazy ex who’s now a vampire...”
Her question of the imprinting on an old person kind of made Jacob chuckle. He knew that he shouldn't have, but it had amused him. [b "I don't know if they have an old person. But I know someone who has a baby... And yeah, we do have to be what our imprints want. Keep them happy and safe. Their will becomes ours...we live for them. I know it sounds really cheesy..but everything that you were told at the bonfire had been true.."] His words were quick as he spoke them. It was more he was afraid of what she would think of his answer to her questions and how weird it sounded.

When she began to "trip over her words" Jake was quiet and listened. Her awkwardness was adorable. He was almost surprised what she was asking, but actually relieved she was. For a while, the wolf boy wasn't even sure that she wanted to be with him..

[b "I would really like if we dated. Might make this a lot easier."] The boy finally said and moved some strands of her hair baxk from her face as dark eyes became locked with dark eyes.