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War of the Heart

By d1gn17y

Replies: 234 / 3 years ago

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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/fKPq0Hf.jpg]]
[center [h4 [b [u Background]]]]
[center [font "Calibri" When the Great War broke out there was a surge of patriotism and a rush of men signing up to fight for their country, thinking that the war would be over by Christmas. Four harsh years were taken from those that signed up to fight and for some of the soldiers their time in this world was over; their lives claimed by the horrors of war.]]
[center [font "Calibri" As the war was being fought on the Western Front there were real battles being fought every day back in England. Many women were fighting against the loss of their husbands, fathers and sons and loved ones. It was not uncommon and many banded together to deal with such loss. Still, life had to go on and soon enough the war would be over and those who had lost could work on rebuilding their lives whilst always remember those who had given up theirs.]]
[center [font "Calibri" Elizabeth lost a man whom she loved; a man who had once asked her to marry him but sadly it was the war that broke them apart and one day that dreaded telegram was delivered to her home letting her know that her soul mate had passed early on during the war. She had promised to wait for him until the war was over, but now she knew he would never return to her.]]
[center [font "Calibri" In 1918 a miracle happened and the war came to an end and with the end, came the return of the brave soldiers who had remained to fight for them. Elizabeth hadn’t expected that the man she had once loved would return to her after being pronounced dead but sure enough one day he showed up at her door, ready to give his entire world to her. Yet she seemed sad. It has been a year since she had been told he had died and with not one letter from him how could she had possibly hoped that he was still alive? For when he had returned she had been engaged to another to help with the debt that had been brought upon her family when her father passed.]]
[center [h4 [b [u The Idea]]]]
[center [font "Calibri" I am wanting to start at the very beginning of this story. It will begin in 1914 just before the war breaks out. At some point along the line Elizabeth will meet your character, whether that be before the war breaks out or during one of his relief visits home. We can decide that together. I want to follow the story all the way through from them meeting to him returning to her after she had been told that he was dead. Again we can discuss the finer details if you decide to join me. I think after that point we can allow the roleplay to flow however it may.]]
[center [h4 [b [u What I need from you]]]]
[center [font "Calibri" I would like someone who would be willing to play Elizabeth's love interest. Please PM me to let me know that you are interested and we can discuss the details further. I generally post anything from 300 - 1500 words depending on the level of depth required although I do not require or produce this for every post, especially if there is a conversation taking place. When the time comes, I figured that both of us could have control of Elizabeth's fiance so that we can move the plot along.]]
[center [h4 [b [u The Characters]]]]
[center [b [font "Calibri" Elizabeth Drayke]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/vPpehVc.jpg]]

[center [b [font "Calibri" Sebastian Gray - The Fiance]]]
[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/0f/32/92/0f3292a4a124cf8a1d4c43d52ade7c35--thomas-barrow-downton-abbey.jpg]


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Smiling gently to his fiancé, Matthew finished up with the food she prepared. Her next words were ones that he knew would come up sooner than later. Elaine. She was right. Matthew sighed deeply, looking around the house and then took her hand in his. [b “No... no that wouldn’t be any way to treat my wife. We wouldn’t be free if we stayed here. Elaine will live here as long as she needs. We can put some money together and build our own house with a workshop and maybe a farm if you want animals. We have enough with the inheritance from your father. I can look at land tomorrow.”]

Matthew followed her eyes to the papers, and he nodded. [b “I guess they saw me as some kind of war hero, but I was nothing of that kind... I just got shot. That’s it. At least it brought me back to you.”] Smiling softly, he moved one hand over his shoulder where he’d been shot and then shook the memory away. [b “But I want you to be a part of this too. A part of my business just like you are a part of my life.”]

Placing his hand over her smaller one, Matthew looked her deep in the eyes. [b “I lost you once... and I don’t want that to happen again. Let’s just be happy now. We can do whatever the hell we want as long as it’s together.”]
Elizabeth smiled at his compliment and willingling accepted his kiss before taking a seat opposite him so that she could eat herself. It was nice doing so without having to worry too much about sitting at a dining table which always felt much too formal for her.

[B "I'm glad you enjoy it. I've been cooking a lot lately and I find it quite satisfying. Perhaps more than I ever thought I would."] She smiled and shook her head then. [B "I am happy and relaxed my love, although I think perhaps we should talk to your sister about what happens now. Do you still want to keep living here? I of course have no issues in living under the same roof as your sister! She is family after all but I think she deserves to know we plan on getting married and living together if that is to be the case."]

Elizabeth finished up her food and placed the plate on the table and glanced over the paperwork he had been looking at. [B "It looks like you managed to increase your customers quite easily upon your return. Many people seemed to welcome you back when you returned from war."]
Elizabeth / d1gn17y / 1y ago
Matthew was lost in his own world, organizing customers and examining budgets. He’d put off working to support Elizabeth. Now that she knew she had inheritance, her life became much easier. If only Andrew didn’t exist, they would be living great then and there. Of course there was another wrench in the plan. Maybe Elizabeth and he could really have their own business. Maybe they could work together in peace and live a successful life. They both deserved it. Elizabeth seemed willing to let go and move on, and Elaine was starting up something new. Matthew has begun to realize he couldn’t always take care of her, even if he would try his hardest. She wasn’t a little girl anymore. And, the war was creating jobs and more opportunities for women than ever, according to the news.

[b “Oh, you’re right. I was just looking over things. But... my sexy fiancé bringing me food to take a break? I guess I’ll have to listen.”] Smiling, he placed a kiss on her head and then set off to eat, enjoying her cooking tremendously. Elaine sometimes cooked, but she couldn’t even really boil water without burning it. Matthew was a sore excuse for a cook. So, home cooked meals would be something to get used to. [b “Thank you. This is wonderful. Is there... anything else you wanted to do or me to help with? I know you said you wanted to relax.”]
This was all she could ever want really and the very words upon his lips blamed her heart flutter. She would soon be Mrs Moore and although they hadn't agreed a date, it didn't matter. Just the knowledge that it was happening was enough for now.

Once they got back to his home she found herself drifting into the kitchen where she made some tea and then before king she started to get ready with some food since they hadn't eaten much since breakfast. Elizabeth had grown to enjoy cooking since living on her own and she told herself that she would need staff in her home again. She had always wondered if she had been born into the wrong family and her experience of moving away had told her that she was. Elizabeth didn't need money or staff or status for that matter. And soon she would have a husband to take care of.

She brought the food through on a tray and smiled at the sight of Matthew. [B "You look busy there. I didn't mean to disturb your work but I thought it would be wise for us to eat something."]
Elizabeth / d1gn17y / 1y ago
Matthew looked at the petite woman standing next to him, accepting her kiss with a frustrated sigh. He wanted to take her pain. He would be her soldier, even if she didn't really need it. Matthew lost her once, and he damn well wouldn't have that happen again. He was so flawed in his thoughts before he met her. He may have very well died alone. He didn't believe in love. Until he met her. And, he was living proof that love was the most powerful force in the world. During war, she was all he thought about. He'd been shot, and he found that nothing hurt as much as coming home to find she was engaged to another.

Nodding, Matthew knew this would be her decision. Holding her small hand a little tighter, Matthew continued to lead her back towards his home as she requested. [b "I love you too, soon-to-be Mrs. Moore."] Grinning, Matthew pulled her body into his side and rested his arm around her hip gently and possessively. Smiling and breathing in the peace, he pulled her back home and let her put on some tea or whatever she needed to take a break from it all. He wanted to be there for her, but he didn't want to push her. Sitting on the couch, he looked over some business papers, trying to busy himself.
Elizabeth knew the Matthew wouksbt be impressed with her selling her share in the business to Andrew. He would clearly much rather her try to buy him out instead but she didn't want to make the decision about that just yet. It had been a long morning and there was so much to process after having heard the reading of her father's will. The house was hers to do what she wanted with but she didn't know if she could live there and she didn't know if Matthew would want to and then she also had to figure out what she wanted to do with the business she had started in the town she had moved to. Far too much to decide in one day.

[B "I understand how you feel Matthew. We can talk about it another day. I don't want to have to dwell on it too much today. I want us to enjoy our time together and just be with each other."] She leaned up and kissed him gently. [B "Let's go back to your place and in a couple of days I will go back to my family home and clean it out properly, keep anything that might be of use to us, sell the rest and then I will sell the house. I don't want any part of it...the memories..."] she shook her head and little and squeezed his hand.

[B "I love your Mr Moore. I hope you know that."]
Elizabeth / d1gn17y / 1y ago
If Elizabeth wasn’t holding his hand, he would’ve snapped like a dog on a leash. Wouldn’t be the first time he beat Andrew for hurting the love of his life... and it might not be the last. But she was his saving grace. Matthew couldn’t go savage around her. She wouldn’t look at him the same. He knew he had a violent streak, but she calmed him down. It was just another reason he was so deeply in love with her. Matthew still felt heat rising around his collar, thinking about the completely inexcusable acts of her father. How could that man ever give someone like Andrew power over his own daughter? Was he that much of a jerk? Matthew made it clear he didn’t like the man, but hating a dead person wouldn’t do them much good. They had to work beyond the grave.

Matthew kept his grip on Elizabeth’s hand, running his own over his chin and long blonde hair. [b “Elizabeth... Selling your share to the devil? You can’t just lay down and give that man what he wants but never deserved! That is your birthright, even if you’re a woman. And if I have to marry you tomorrow to make it yours, then I will. Your father...”] Matthew bit his tongue at that last part, feeling himself possibly going too far and striking some nerves. Bringing his arm around her hip and kissing her head, Matthew let himself simmer down as they walked back to shelter.

[b “I won’t let him take more from you, Elizabeth. But if you feel this is right.. then who the hell am I to stand in the way of what you and your family decided. I hate that Andrew is still a problem, but we are going to move on. We can start everything we ever wanted. The money doesn’t hurt... But businesses are not easy to start up. Despite it all, I just need to get away from all the hurt surrounding that damn house. Although that damn house did give me the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”] He smiled charmingly trying to brighten the mood. [b “Maybe you should go to Helen... or take Elaine with you. I don’t know how much unbiased help Ill be of right now, and I can work on some things here to scrounge up every dime we have.”]
[I "And that concludes the reading. I hope everything is nice and clear. There is a formal process for any contests but I can imagine all parties are fairly happy with the outcome.'] Happy wasn't exactly the right word. Elizabeth wasn't [I happy] at all but she wouldn't contest the will. It would lead to a lot of money spent on lawyers and while technically she had the money to do that now, she didn't want it to go to waste on such a thing.

[B "Thank you for your time this morning. I appreciate it.'] She thanked him and glanced towards Andrew who looked so proud of himself and she rolled her eyes and she walked past him, keeping Matthew's hand in her own. Once they were outside she felt like she could breathe a little better. [B "I won't work with him. I'm going to have to look at the business properly and see if it's worth selling my share to Andrew. I don't care about the money but I won't share this with him. My father wanted this..."] She sighed heavily and leaned into Matthew as they started back towards him place.

[B "Let's more think about that now. We...we have a lot to decide. Like, where we want to live and what we are doing with the inheritance." She smiled a little.
Elizabeth / d1gn17y / 1y ago
Matthew stayed by Elizabeth, trying to comfort and steady her all in one. This was already tense. Andrew stuck around like a leech, draining the Stone family from all they had. Hadn’t he done enough? Matthew found Elizabeth grounding him too in the sense he didn’t want her to see him beating the life out of the pathetic boy. Matthew hadn’t liked him since the time he first met Elizabeth, and she seemed to want to get away from him. Matthew hadn’t wanted to punch a man more than he wanted to Andrew, and he fought in a war for Pete’s sake. That was saying a lot. Instead, he was a good boy, and he sat hesitantly, unsure what the will would read. Mr. Stone wasn’t exactly a man of honor either, literally gambling and drinking himself to death while his wife and daughter needed him more than ever.

It started out nicely. Most of the assets were left to her, his one daughter. That was good. The house was hers, and his finances. It honestly surprised Matthew. The carpenter and former soldier would have betted money against it if he had to pick a side. But the man surprised him pleasantly. Reaching over to grab Elizabeth’s hand gently, Matthew waited for more good news. He hadn’t ever thought about the amount of money offered. Matthew always barely scraped by. If this continued, Matthew would never have to work again, not that he would give it up. It was a crazy turn of events.

Then the catch came. Andrew was left the family business as CEO. Blinking, Matthew ran a hand over his face. Looking to Elizabeth in disappointment, he clenched his jaw. There it was. Of course her father left something to the lowlife. He always seemed to care for Andrew more than Elizabeth. What a way to go out... Matthew could hardly sit through it, watching Andrew’s smug grin at him as if he wasn’t over yet. But then, Mr. Stone surprised him again. Elizabeth would retain the profits, but she just wouldn’t run the business. Matthew still hated it. He wouldn’t sit by as Elizabeth was forced to work with Andrew. Something would be done. They had their own businesses, soon to join them, and that would be enough. Still, Matthew wanted nothing to do with the man who nearly ruined his whole life. Andrew would come away with nothing.
The will reading was to take place in her father's old study and when they walked in she stopped at the sight of Andrew. What on earth was he doing here? Her stomach turned at the idea of her father leaving anything to him, especially since he had been the one to take everything from him in a came of cards. She looked to Matthew as if to question his presence here even though he wouldn't know the answer either. She could almost see his anger so she kept her arm linked with his. There couldn't be any outbreak of violence here. It was a will reading and she didn't want Matthew to end up getting arrested for assaulting someone, especially when there were witnesses around. Besides, Andrew looked cautious and wouldn't even make eye contact with him. [b "I hope you are right."]

Elizabeth took a seat with Matthew and soon enough the will reading began which started with the announcement that there was no personal letter he had been asked to read to family. She didn't expect there to be one really since he wasn't exactly a sentimental person. After that it became clear that most of the assets were left to her. The home now belonged to her and all the contents inside and the hefty sum that was sitting in the bank was now hers. She almost choked when she heard how much there was. She was surprised since he had been a serial gambler. She expected there to be nothing less but apparently he lucked out the week he died and scored big, leaving her enough to keep her comfortable for the rest of her life.

Then came the bombshell. The business was not hers. It was left to Andrew. She looked to Matthew, hardly surprised by the matter since her father did not believe woman could run a business but then the will reader clarified that Elizabeth still owned the profit rights, Andrew would just become CEO. She was baffled by that. She didn't care about the money but the idea that she was expected to work with Andrew was not something she wanted. Could she sell the business to him and rid herself of that so she never had to see him again? After all, she had started her own business and Matthew had his. If they worked together they could be successful enough to not need a business in stocks and shares.
Elizabeth / d1gn17y / 1y ago
They got to her former home quickly, him relishing the restorative qualities of a walk. Helen and Elaine were expected to be there just for the magnitude of the moment potentially. They both knew about the engagement now, and they were both heads over heels for the planning and preparation for the two that they matched so perfectly. For now though, the will reading was a serious matter. Matthew nodded towards her, her arm still linked in his as he escorted her to the proceeding. [b “And I promise we will as soon as the last line is read and all his assets are given rightfully to you.”]

Matthew didn’t think it could get any worse, but he was wrong. Andrew was waiting there like a vulture, perched beside the man reading the will to hear what scraps he would get out of it. Matthew was already tensing. Andrew was the reason for almost all of his grief and breaking he and Elizabeth apart. Matthew had beaten him up once maybe it was about time he did it again. Snarling are the man, Andrew was lucky Elizabeth was holding onto his arm. Otherwise, Matthew wouldn’t hold back. He’d told the man to stay out of her life forever. What about that didn’t he get? The concept wasn’t that hard, especially being driven by a fist.

Leaning into Elizabeth, he spoke, [b “Don’t worry. There’s no way that jack ass of a man will get anything from you and your family. I know it.”] He worded, sure that even if her prick of a father left something to Andrew that Matthew wouldn’t let it slide. Elizabeth had been through too much not to deserve it all.
Elizabeth hadn't even considered his behaviour abnormal earlier. She knew he needed his space and she would also give that to him should he decide that he needed it and it was obvious that in that moment he did. She shook her head and kissed his cheek. [b "You have nothing to apologise for my love. I don't think you are weak or unstable. I think you are strong and brave and that you have some scars that will take some time to heal and I promise you I will be here for you every step of the way."] With that the two enjoyed their breakfast, Matthew occasionally feeding her bites and she couldn't help but chuckle when syrup accidentally got on the covers. They could deal with that later though.

When the time came the two if them got ready and made their way around the house that used to be her former home. Maybe it would be again now that it belonged to her. It would make a good home for her and Matthew to start off their married life together and they could really build something here. Once they arrived she nodded towards Matthew. [b "More than ready. I just want to get theis over with so we can really start our lives together."]
Elizabeth / d1gn17y / 1y ago
When he saw her again, she was holding a tray of pancakes and coffee all carefully placed for him. Eric was shocked. He was so used to taking care of everyone else. Now, someone else was taking care of him. As the tray was placed on his lap, Mathew approvingly looked to her. He felt bad for his snappy attitude earlier. Sighing, he opened his arm for her to join him as he took a long sip of coffee. [b “I’m sorry... I shouldn’t have snapped or gone off alone. I just don’t want you seeing me like this all weak and unstable. This is incredibly loving, Elizabeth. Thank you.”] He placed a kiss on her head then went to eating the pancakes and calming down in their syrupy goodness. He would feed some bites to her as the episode fully passed.

Soon enough, it was time to get ready for the will reading which he had no clue how it would go. Removing the tray from his lap, he stood and moved to his closet. [b “We should get ready, my love. Time to hear what your father put in his will.”] Matthew pulled on a pair of trousers and a nice button up with a coat for the reading, wanting to look professional and be there for his fiancé. Hooking his arm around hers, they would head off to the reading. Matthew had no idea what to expect, but he would be there with Elizabeth. [b “Are you ready for this?”] He asked, squeezing her hand comfortingly as he took up the caring for role from her that morning.
The pancakes didn't take too long and it was a food thing too, especially since she could hear movement from upstairs which indicated that Matthew was out of the shower now. She hoped that he was feeling a little better after that and she also hoped that he knew she would be hear for him. Elizabeth couldn't imagine what he was going through but she loved him and she would do anything for him and if he needed someone to talk to or someone to help him through some dark times then she would be there. After all, she had agreed to become his wife and that was all part of the deal.

She played up the food and then made her way upstairs, carefully balancing the plates and the freshly brewed coffee on a tray and when she made her way back into the bedroom she found Matthew sitting up in bed and she couldn't help but smile at the sight of him, realising that she would wake up to him every day from this point on since they had decided to spend their lives together. Elizabeth could see that Matthew was a little weary from his dreams and the shower hah only partially helped but she hoped that some food would perk him up a little more.

[b "I thought I would do us some breakfast in bed since we have a few hours until we need to leave for the will reading. I would quite like to just enjoy being with you and talk about...anything really! It's been a crazy few months and even more crazy this last 24 hours and I just want to be with you."] Elizabeth perched on the edge of the bed, placing the tray in his lap and loomed towards him lovingly. [b "How are you feeling?"]
Elizabeth / d1gn17y / 1y ago