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Neko Festaval

By Rocksanne

Replies: 511 / 3 years ago

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Yuki had just finished with her last customer, watching them walk off. Then, before she could even look back towards Furen, he had put his hand on her hip and moved it towards a more sensitive spot. "N-ngh~" Was the noise she made, and she made another one as he stroked her tail. He had pulled her closer, too...and she could feel something up against her that was coming from Furen. She kissed him passionately as he did the same, and he had explained how he felt afterwards. "I feel the same way, Furen. I just...need you and nothing else." She stated as they kissed again, this time with it being deeper and more brought out. Without even thinking about it, Yuki and Furen were on the ground, still making out passionately. She couldn't resist his aroma, his looks, his...everything, for that matter. It was just too much for her to handle, and her desire grew even more. The neko girl looked down at Furen, who was underneath her...since she was the one who had brought them down to the floor. She could see that same look in his eyes that she had in hers...and she knew what they were about to do.
Furen did the best he could helping Yuki with the costumers, and he wasn't doing too good. To him, it felt like he was just slowing yuki down. Every other customer he had to ask Yuki how much something cost. Being able to see her in the corner of his vision didn't really help either. That pressure had returned to his pants, his mind going back to that time in the car. Finally, the amount of nekos dwindled, and it was just him and Yuki. Rising from his seat, he walked over to her and stood next to her. Without even thinking, he put a paw on her hip, then could not resist moving his paw ever so slightly, touching something that was a little more private. With another light shift, he stroked Yuki's twitching tail. Furen looked up at his soul mate, just wanting to see that she was having just as much fun as he was. Standing in front of her, he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close. He licked her nose, just for the fun of it. Pulling her just a little more, Furen made sure she could feel his hard spot. With a passionate kiss, he sampled her taste. It was just as intoxicating as the first time, if not more so. "Yuki, I just can't control myself around you. You drive me to the point I feel like i'm feral." With that said, he kissed Yuki again, tunges touching and playing.
Although Yuki had gotten back to her booth and was working well, she was still distracted by Furen being there. His scent could still be smelled in her nose quite strongly, and simply breathing it felt like a privilege. She was quite happy that he was there, and then heard him ask if he could help her out. "Why, of course!" She said, needing the help and also using it as an excuse to be closer to him. "I would definitely love the help." The neko girl stated, a smile spread across her face...and a blush as well. She pulled him over to an area in the booth and got him a chair. "With you, I could run two different lines and we could get this done a lot faster! Then, maybe we can...y'know." She winked, making it obvious that she was still in the mood just like he was. Soon, a good amount of customers had moved over to Furen's line to purchase some items and a few stayed at Yuki's. After a good chunk of time, both lines had completely dwindled down to nothing and no one was left to buy from the booth.
They were at Yuki's booth. Furen didn't really know what to do with himself. He didn't want to leave yuki, so exploring the festival wasn't an option. But he couldn't really stay where he was, cause all he could do is just stand there. Furen shifted his weight from foot to foot, unsure what to do next. Yuki's scent was trapped in his nose. With each inhalation, he got a fresh dose of Yuki. He kept eyeing her up, his gaze constantly pulled to her face, then her chest, back to her face. Grasping at straws, Furen finally said, "So, Yuki, would you like some help with your booth?" A line had already started to form. It didn't look like Yuki needed help, but Furen was at a loss. He could almost have another round with Yuki, but she did have a responsibility to tend to the booth. Trying to look casual, he leaned up against the wall of the booth, pretending to examine Yuki's goods. Furen watched as Yuki worked with her customers, he loved the way she moved. Though he could tell she was thinking about him just as much as he was thinking about him.
Yuki didn't know what to say about what she had just experienced. It had been one of the most amazing things she had ever felt, in mind, soul, and body. She got dressed reluctantly, kind of wanting more...but knowing that they had already done enough. "Yes, it definitely was." The neko girl said with a little laugh as she shut the car door behind her. They had reentered the convention, and Furen had taken her to the milk booth. He had bought the finest milk and given it to her without hesitation. "R-really, for me?" Yuki asked as he had nodded. "T-thank you so much!" She said in delight as she lapped at the milk, loving the taste of it...although not as much as she loved the taste of Furen's lips. "I feel the same way, Furen..." She said, replying to what he had mentioned about this only being the first time they had met. "Meeting you is the best thing that has ever happened to me, too. I love you, Furen. I don't want this moment to ever end...and I just want to be with you everywhere you go." Yuki said with passion as she looked into his gorgeous eyes.
Furen put his clothes back to the way they were supposed to be. He watched as Yuki did the same. She drove him absolutely crazy, but in the best way possible. Waiting till his love was fully dressed, he got out and opened the door for her, even helping her out of the car. "That was amazing," he complimented her, his voice much steadier then it had been just moments before they got in the car. Paw in paw, the two pf them went back to the festival. Upon reentering the convention, he stopped by the milk stand he went to the first time he entered the festival. After ordering their finest milk, he gave the bottle to yuki. "This is for you," he said with a smile. "You,..make me so happy." He paused. "Where i'm from, there aren't many nekos. I'm the only one, actually. But i feel like i've known you my whole life, yet we just met." Furen was almost skipping he was so happy as he lead Yuki back to her stall. "You were," he started with a blush, "amazing back there. That was the second best thing that ever happened to me, the first was meeting you."
Yuki's blush intensified as she nodded. "Y-yes...I want you too." She tilted her head. The neko girl watched as he looked her over, while she did the same thing to him. His body looked quite nice, although she found much more joy when looking at his face and into his eyes. He had then complimented her. "And y-you're very h-handsome..." She said passionately. Right when Yuki had finished her words, she was suddenly pulled in for another kiss. While they kissed, she snuck her tongue out a bit and French Kissed Furen for a while until their lips had parted. A large crowd had gathered by now, although she didn't mind. As long as Furen was there with her, everything was amazing. She could still smell his wonderful scent...and his taste was also amazing as well. Once she was able to let go of him for a few seconds, she closed a small gate at her booth and placed a sign that said it was closed at the moment. "Take me with you, wherever you're going." She said as she put her arms around him again.
Furen took a deep breath to try and steady himself. "I want you..." he said, his voice husky. "I want you...to be mine..." he said with shallow breathes. Furen tried to resist the urge to just pull Yuki to his car. She had a booth to run, he couldn't just pull her away from that. Not sure what to do, he just stood there awkwardly. He caught his eyes looking her up and down. First her face, then her chest, finally her tail. His gaze followed it erratic path, and found his tail doing the same thing. The purr coming from his throat got louder. "You're...very beautiful." And like a dam bursting, he pulled Yuki back in for another kiss, this time a lot longer. Was that a little tongue? The crowd noticed them this time. Some smiled. They knew what was going on. It was a pair of nekos going through their imprinting. Some stopped walking just to watch the pair. Furen didn't care. The crowd didn't exist to him. All that existed was himself and her. He wrapped her in a hug and pulled her as close as he could to himself.
Rene / rocksanne / 3y ago
Yuki listened as Furen told her his name, and she blushed greatly when he had taken her hand in both of his. She heard his purring, and let out her own little purr as well. Something about this neko...was so special and great. She didn't want it to go away as she felt her body become hot. "I'm...Yuki. Y-Yuki Alayne." She said nervously before her eyes widened as he had pulled her in, kissing her. Surprisingly, she...enjoyed the kiss. She absolutely loved it...she wanted more of it. Was it bad that she had wanted more...and that she wanted to go farther? "D-don't apologize, Furen. I...actually...l-loved t-that." She stuttered as she began to feel hotter and more nervous, stuttering even more. Her tail was swaying in an awkward pattern and at an interesting speed, and she couldn't control this feeling. She had never felt the urges she was feeling right now ever before...and she wanted to fulfill those urges. There was a long moment of silence as Yuki looked into Furen's eyes once again. She...wanted him.
Furen started to panic as the female neko walk over to him. He couldn't help but blush when she pointed out he had just called a canary a mouse. Putting the toy down, he looked right back at her. Her smell. Just being near her. A purr escaped from his throat. "My...my name?" he asked in responce to her question. "i'm Furen, Furen Dorīna." Takingg one of her paws in both of his, he felt her skin. It was soft. Furen could touch her all day and not get tired of it. His pants started to feel rather tight now, causing his blush to deepen. Suddenly, without thinking, he put his pawn gently on her shoulders and pulled her in for a kiss. Her taste was just a special as her scent. He stood there, frozen in the kiss. Time just seemed to stop. Finally, he pulled back, and realized what he had just done. He just kissed a total stranger. "Um...i'm so sorry...i...i don't know what happened there..." He looked awkward, not sure what to do now. His tail swished from side to side, and the pressure in hhis pants only became stronger. Furen hoped she hadn't noticed that detail.
Rene / rocksanne / 3y ago
After a few seconds, when she wasn't distracted, Yuki could smell something...different than anything else she had ever smelled before. It was extremely pleasant, and she was drawn to it quickly. She turned her head towards the source of the amazing aroma as she suddenly felt herself becoming more tense and nervous. The source was...another neko! He had picked up a canary toy and then started conversing to her. "That's a c-canary toy, sir. Not a m-mouse." She said, an obvious stutter in her voice. His scent...his wonderful scent...was overwhelming. She didn't really know what to do or what to say, so she walked closer to him. "S-sir...what is your name?" Yuki manage to say in a comprehensible manner, despite how strange yet wonderful she was feeling. She tilted her head a bit as she looked into his eyes...his deep and great eyes. The neko girl could barely hold herself back from just tackling him over. "T-there's just s-something about y-you..." She said with a blush as she continued to look at him.
As Furen was walking around, he was suddenly struck with a new scent. It was new. He had never smelled anything like that before. It was...special...different. For whatever reason, his heart started to speed up, his pulse quickening. Moving his head side to side, Furen tried to find the source of that beautiful smell. It was coming from his right. Turning in that direction, he walked closer and closer to where that smell was leading him. Soon, he was at a booth, and he caught a glimpse of the booth owner. The bottle of milk slipped out of his paw, crashing to the hard floor and exploding in a shower of glass and milk. Furen just stood there, staring at the booth owner. He couldn't help it. He knew he looked stupid, like a kitten that had just discovered the joy of milk for the first time, be he couldn't help it. She was so beautiful, the most beautiful. The ever flowing crowed walked around him. Some walked in front of him to buy from the other neko's booth. Finally, Furen got a hold of himself. With a shake of his head, he tried to clear his thoughts, but all he could think about was her. With a shaking paw, he picked up a stuffed canary toy. However, he wasn't really looking at it, just pretending. Every couple of moments he sneaked a glance at the other neko. "This is a very nice mouse toy," he said, his voice shaking.
Yuki had been adoring to finally go to the neko convention, and was extremely happy that the day had come. Her tail had swayed slowly as she set up her booth, filled with a nice assortments of different items that any neko would desire to buy. Soon, the doors had opened and many different people...nekos included...swarmed the place. Many had come to her booth, buying off some of the various things she had for sale. She smiled and conversed with many of the customers, telling them of how things were like and other various information. This was always the most pleasant time of the year for her. She could talk to some new people and also make some money...although she found more value through the socialization. It was also the one time of a year she wasn't an introvert. Usually, she'd prefer to be by herself with her own thoughts. However, the neko convention was a time she'd always love talking to people. Yuki looked around the entire place, taking in the sights as another neko with some milk walked by her.
The day had finally come. Furen Dorīna was in the middle of the crowd. The smell of fur was strong in the early morning light. Furen, like all the other nekos, were waiting for the doors of the convention to open. The sound of many voices chatting were almost deafening. However, Furen was completely alone. He was the only neko in the area he lives in, and thus had no one to come with him. Suddenly, the large doors open, and the crowd starts to flow inside. Now that he was inside, the smell of food mixed with the smell of fur. Booths were set up at intervals, selling different items, toys, food, anything a neko could want. The light overhead were bright, the mood cheerful. Spotting a milk booth, Furen walked to it while digging his wallet out of his pocket. Looking over the glass bottles, he selected one and payed the neko who ran the booth. Popping the top off, he lapped at the milk. It had a wonderful, rich, creamy taste. With bottle in paw, Furen walked among the crowd. Though his stomach was full, his heart was empty. That emptiness was like a weight in his chest.
Rene / Rocksanne / 3y ago