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The Will of Shadows

By Yoruneko

Replies: 1353 / 3 years ago

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[h3 Storyline:]
The humans are at it again. Another World War is brewing and this could easily mean the end of all life on Earth. This time, the supernatural community cannot just watch it unfold from the sidelines. Within this society of various creatures, monsters, specters and more, many are divided on what to do about this imminent threat. Two factions in particular uphold the leading solutions for this. One is the Peace Pact Faction, which is create peace and equality through diplomacy among the paranormal and humans to rid this world from the notion of war. The other is the Divine Retribution Faction (DRF for short), which believes the humans are incapable of being anything but destructive on their own and need to be enslaved in order to learn their place.

Both factions want to live in peace, but ultimately have different viewpoints on how to achieve it and find the other idea idiotic. The Peace Pact Faction calls the those from the Divine Retribution Faction DVRs, DV from divine & R from retribution. DVRs record and playback things that have already aired and the Divine Retribution Faction wants to enslave the humans. Since slavery is an extremely old concept, this would be like calling their solution a rerun. In exchange, the DRFs call the Peace Pact Faction members peace preachers.

Ultimately the leaders of the society have decided to send 3 representatives from each faction to go out and investigate the proper course of action. Once they've reached a decision, the rest will move accordingly. Time is of the essence & each representative must keep in mind that the humans have no clue they exist.

[h3 Rules:]
1) Minimum cursing. Honestly just don't let it take away from your character or what you're trying to say
2) Romance is fine, but it's not the main thing in this rp
4) There will be a posting order, and if you don't post within two weeks you are likely to be skipped. If it may be longer, just communicate that & we can work something out with other posts in the meantime. Stuff happens.
5) Site rules apply

[H3 Our Chat]
[http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=152690 Will of Shadows OOC]

[h3 Skelly:]
If you're interested in joining, pm me a filled out version of the skelly below

[b Puppet-master:] Your username

[b Character's Name:]

[b Character's Picture:] Provide url

[b Gender:]

[b Age:]

[b Supernatural Race:]

[b Faction:] Peace Pact or Divine Retribution

[b Personality:]

[b Role in Faction:] This is pretty much why your character was chosen to represent. In other words, what does how does your character stand out from the other faction members? For example, having some connections to the faction leader, being an active force in the cause in a specific way, having a huge following of creatures that support the way you go about spreading your factions cause, etc.

[b Misc:] If there's anything else that needs to be known, put it here.

[h3 Cast:]

[b [size20 Peace Pact Faction: - FULL]]

Puppet-master: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=48951 NorthernWolves]

Character's Name: Andreana

Character's Picture:
[pic https://ist6-1.filesor.com/pimpandhost.com/1/_/_/_/1/8/4/h/0/84h0e/BGP.png]

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Supernatural Race: Wolf Hybrid

Faction: Peace Pact

Personality: Most of the time she's calm, collected, and very thoughtful. But when she's on her spiritual journeys, don't disturb her or else you might find yourself facing a wrathful priestess.

Role in Faction: Andreana is a priestess, who preaches the path of negotiation and non-violence. She has built up a pretty strong following, especially from those who had participated in previous wars and knew what sort of destruction happened during the wars.

Misc: When she goes on her spirit journey, one of her eyes goes to a lilac color while the other one stays the same light blue. She also grows very sharp claws over her fingers.

Puppetmaster: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=38249 Mikeymickeymike]

Character's Name: Alexander

Character's Picture: [pic http://i.imgur.com/wYZ4CgV.jpg]

Gender: Male

Age: 86

Supernatural Race: Skinwalker

Faction: Peace Pact

Personality: Loving to humans and see's the good in them. He is slow to anger unless his loved ones are impacted or he see's an injustice. Alexander disdains a lot of supers because of their impatience and lack of understanding of humans

Role in Faction: One of the members f the supernaturals who decided to live in the human realm. The council uses him to watch over the human realm as the head of the most influential Private military contractor organization in the United States.

Misc: Does not reveal his race to other Supers unless it's absolutely neccessary.

Puppet-master: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=29909 Dragoncita]

Character's Name: Atazai

Character's Picture:
Masked- [pic http://i.imgur.com/fGa4DXR.jpg]
Human Illusion- [pic http://i.imgur.com/bmqpzvK.png]
Unmasked- *To be Revealed Later on*

Gender: Male

Age: Somewhere in his 400's

Supernatural Race: Pan

Faction: Peace Pact

Personality: As a Pan, he is secretive, perhaps a bit too much. However, he has his reasons. Though Atazai is also a calm individual who revels in silence and the natural world. Though being introduced to new, busy surroundings, he is obviously curious about it all

Role in Faction: As a Pan Flutist, Atazai has heard and even created many songs. He has written several which promote peace between all races and creatures. As such, his music has been an inspiration among the Peace Faction.
He was asked before to create songs for them, and he has done just that. As such, many within the Peace Faction have heard his music, promoting peace between man, nature, and the supernatural.

Misc: Atazai wears a ring when out amongst humans, which in turns give the illusion of him being human. Though to supernatural eyes, he appears as his true self, masked of course when out and about
There is honestly not much known about the Pan. They are a reclusive supernatural race/species, staying within the confines of their own world in great jungles.
Honestly if the Pan truly wanted, they could simply stay in their world away from everything and everyone else. But they are well aware that with time, their 'perfect world' could very well soon be exposed, and they would prefer to remain in their grand jungles without intruders or others coming and entering to destroy their home.

[b [size20 Divine Retribution Faction: - FULL]]

Puppet-master: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=21145 YoruNeko]

Character's Name: Alicia Kazeki

Character's Picture:
[pic http://i.imgur.com/ow4yi6K.png]

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Supernatural Race: Tengu

Faction: Divine Retribution Faction (DRF)

Personality: Very protective of the entire supernatural community, proud, willful, finds being carefree as a luxury but enjoys the calming feeling of flying in the air

Role in faction: Her uncle is one of the DRF leaders and she’s been an impactful voice to the people to take their place above the humans. Since the humans can’t ever find harmony among themselves, Alicia truly believes that the best way to save their world is assert their superiority and keep them in check.

Misc: Besides the community, her wings are her pride and joy

Puppet-master: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=20678 Colorful_insanity]

Character's Name: Anathuil and Anethe human names: Riley Silvers and Rulian Blind
Character's Picture:
[pic https://i.imgur.com/Qx4FlSkm.jpg]
Gender: male and male
Age: unknown
Supernatural Race: Xirn (explanation below)
Faction: Divine Retribution
Personality: Riley(one in the suit) is very refined, calm, collective, and a very silver tongued person. Rulian(the one hanging in the back) is very bubbly, out going, but intelligent and very seductive.

Role in Faction: Riley is one of the higher leaders within the Divine retribution where Rulian is his brother and a fellow leader, both have a very high standing of followers both supernatural and human alike. Not many actually have seen the two in person in their true Xirn forms, and may know them to always be together and work as a pair. you won't see one without the other close by and its usually a switch off between the two who is beating the crap out of people and taking names.

Misc: The two don't go by their real names so to not inform those in the field that they are two of the leaders of the group, so Riley goes by Ri(rye) and Rulian goes by Ru (Rue). The only way you can tell the difference between the two is their eye color. Riley has a dark blue while Rulian has an almost white shade of blue eye. Riley's breath power is a very powerful gas that can be used like a knock out gas or if intensified enough a very lethal toxic gas. Rulian's breath is that of sound from a small irritable noise to a brain damaging sound. Both Riley and Rulian have angelic feathery wings; to be exact each one has four pairs, or eight, wings.

a Xirn is a dragon type angel that had been banished from the heavens during the great war between the angels and demons, as they did not pick sides, but chose to stay neutral in the fight. Originally thought to be the guardians to the garden of Edan Xirns are a lot like dragons, they have an elemental breath and have a harden leathery skin instead of the plushy human skin. Their eye colors are based off their elemental powers. Hunted down by their own kind Xirns are a rarity and can be found fighting both angels and demons. Xirns also are believed to have some type of dragon like feature such as horns, tails, scales, etc.

Xirn are not known to keep their actual form as they are to large to go unnoticed, however they can manipulate their body form to take on the aspect and look of other races, their preferred races however are the angels, Nephilim, vampires, and demons. although they are known to also take on the aspects of elves, fae, merfolk and the like as well.

Puppet master: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=16194 Guardian Angel]

Character name: Ylva Grimhildsdottir

Character image:
[pic https://pic8.co/sh/tu2GUo.jpg]

Gender: Female

Age: 1,250 last she checked

Race: Valkyrie

Faction: Divine Retribution

Personality: Ylva is a wise and caring Valkyrie, though years of dictating the ebb and flow of combat has most certainly left it's mark. Looking down upon those she sees as below her, she can come across as condescending and patronizing. If someone catches her eye, though, she will guide them down the proper path as any mother would. Of course, the only way to save the humans is to enslave them. They are far too dangerous to be left to their own free will.

Role: As someone who has been on the front line near constantly for the past thousand years, she knows how dangerous the humans are, to both themselves and everyone else. The Manhattan Project made a lot of extra work for her. Having been one of the more influential figures of the Divine Retribution, mostly because she was one of the first things the dead would see as they passed, she has been assigned to "enlighten" those at the talks.

[b [size20 Reassigned from Mission]]

Puppet-master: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=73534 Sina13]

Character's Name: Tsuki

Character's Picture:
[pic https://i.imgur.com/0Ui34gZm.jpg]

Gender: female

Age: 22

Supernatural Race: fox hybrid

Faction: Peace Pact

Personality: Pretty chill, reserved and lowkey playful, is very calculative in her thought process and plans, can be nice when she wants to, has anger issues sometimes, gets bored easily, looks for entertaining things to do, has a keen interest for anything artistically messy, has a chaotic side

Role in Faction: Is chosen to represent because despite her quiet and reserve and calming appearance, her ideas and actions are rather explosively creative and somewhat messy. She thinks outside the box and her heart is in the right place. She has good morals despite her frustrations with the humans sometimes. Also her older sister is good friends with the leader.

Misc: she has a tattoo on the back of her left shoulder, her inner upper right arm, likes to drink, and smokes.

Puppet-master: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=384 Aangskate]

Character's Name: Azrael

Character's Picture:
[pic https://i.imgur.com/0LvYWJo.jpg]

Gender: Male

Age: Ancient

Supernatural Race: Angel of Death

Faction: Divine Retribution

Personality: Azrael is very a very cynical creature but his wit and sarcasm provide relief from the darkness he was born into.

Role in Faction: Azrael has been a bearer of death for many generations. Although he is a loner by nature, Azrael has been charged with leading the lower ranking angels. While he has disdain for humans, and wishes for the DRF to control them, he finds no joy in lives lost. He performs his work solemnly, respecting even the shortest lives.

Misc: Azrael is often seen to be in the company of a hellhound, Garm. Garm is large, scruffy black dog, whose eyes glow red when he feels threatened or when he is out haunting.

Puppet-master: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=78820 Knight-]

Character's Name: Yatsu Chikushou

Character's Picture:
[pic http://i.pinimg.com/originals/b7/de/53/b7de538a9cf0bbfef843dbf20606e8cf.jpg]

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Supernatural Race: Yaksha/Human Hybrid. Mother was a Yaksha (War Demon) and his father was a human.

Faction: Peace Pact

Personality: Yatsu is a laid back man with few things that catch his interest. Good talks a good drink and a reason to swing his blades. Though only being half-blood the thrill of battle still runs in his veins. Any chance to swing around his blade he will take. He is a man of honor and duty and will repay any debt he incurs. A man with a calm simple demeanor and a sense of humor. He's straightforward and despite his sense of duty still has a thirst for battle. He's a living contradiction despite his hard headedness he is aware of this fact. He's no tactician but he's more emotionally intelligent than he lets on.

Role in Faction: A Wandering swordsman who had incurred a debt to the faction. He had caused trouble for the peace corp in the past getting into a fight. However, an old man an officer had stepped forward to defend Yatsu despite the deeds he had seen potential in the child. Calling off his arrest for the damages he caused and Yatsu being raised the way he had by his mother. He feels the urge to repay his debt to the peace corp. Even though a peaceful world seems awfully boring to him.

Misc: Despite his formidable combat ability his ranking in the faction has always been rather low. Strangely he has been elected a representative even so he doesn't command much respect or authority. He's seen more as a deviant waiting for the chance to use his blades again.

[b [size20 Human Organization Members]]

Puppet-master: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=38249 Mikeymickeymike]

Character's Name: Andre (Warlord) Lordes

Character's Picture: [pic http://i.imgur.com/EtpcrOY.jpg]

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Supernatural Race: Human

Faction: United Coalition of Africa (U.C.A)

Personality: Andre is a calculated man. He only truly trusts Will. He is a solitary person by nature due to his upbringing in an orphanage. Brutal on the battlefield and charismatic for his men.

Role in Faction: Serves as the leader of a rogue specialist army. After becoming a warlord and uniting Africa Andre appointed his right hand to run the U.C.A whie he kept to the shadows.

Miscellaneous: Andre and Will were formerly a part of an advanced covert Delta Force unit. They were both given experimental super soldier treatments which greatly enhanced their physical and mental capabilities.

Puppet-master: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=80061 JoJos_Bizarre_Rivers]

Character's Name: Rivers

Alias: Stray Dog, Rider on the Storm, Crazy Diamond,
Referred to as Stray Dog due to his wandering tendencies, as if he has no purpose.
Called Rider on the Storm by lower organization members (they don’t call him that when he’s around, though,) because he doesn’t care about conditions or havoc he causes, he’ll get what he wants.
The organization refers to him as Crazy Diamond, due to his tendency to grin and have a “Diamond-like shine in his eyes” when a battle is challenging for him. This is the only time he ever smiles.

Character’s Appearance: [pic http://imagizer.imageshack.com/img922/1797/NzJIHc.png]

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, but seemingly very old.

Human Organization: Classified, but referred to as Project ARROWHEAD. Their purpose is unknown. Its unsure wether or not Project Arrowhead is the real name.

Rank: S-class Anomaly Control Specialist (ACS)

Theme Song:
I’ll have links when they’re meant to be listened to.
[main THEME] Shine on You Crazy Diamond (From Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd)
[traveling THEME] Riders on the Storm (From L.A Woman by the Doors), [battle THEME 1] Dogs (From Animals by Pink Floyd),
[battle THEME 2] The Trial (From The Wall by Pink Floyd)

Notable Abilities/Skills: Not very supernatural, but powerful. He’s a human hybrid, the second half being unknown. He’s more human than not, though. He’s an expert in hand-to-hand combat and an amazing swordsman. He’s is also very good with guns, thanks to his amazing eyesight. When it’s quiet and he’s alone, he injects a drug into his right temple that help him calm down. He heals way faster than the average human, and has way more endurance, speed, and strength than one, as well.

Personality: Quiet, a lone wanderer. His eyes are unreadable, yet always cold and calculating. They’re a piercing blue, and they seem to know what you’re thinking instantly.

Role in Organization: He gets sent out on assassination and ambush missions without any backup. He prefers killing, but receives a lot of capture orders as well. He’ll kill anyone he’s been told to, or anyone who gets in his way. Or just someone who pisses him off.

Loyalties: Part of a human organization that exterminates the supernatural. He does this in return for information where he can find the antidote. At some point, he may get tired of the game and just get the rest of the information and kill the CEO. He’s very unpredictable.

Misc: His true purpose has something to do with his brother. It’s assumed that the “antidote” he’s searching for is to help his brother, but it’s unclear. His brother is full human. He remembers nothing about his past other than taking care of his brother and killing his abusive parents.


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Alexander walked with his fiance through the courtyard and was telling her about how much he looked forward to having their child with her. Just then his phone began to ring. He looked at the number and frowned. [+darkred “Hey baby we need to cut this short. This is an urgent work call.”]

He answered and it was the Peace Pact. They informed him of all that had transpired and that since he was already living in the human world as an informant that he would be the best candidate to replace the failed representatives. Alexander did not want to leave his fiance but he needed for the council to side with peace instead of war with the humans. He was personally invested in it. They told him that he would be going to Bogata, Columbia.

Alexander left for Columbia at once. He flew there first class and rented a helicopter for the week. Alexander was a first class pilot so he didn’t need anybody else, not even a copilot. He headed to the hotel where he was told the rest of the group would be staying and landed on the roof.

He headed to the room where they would be and walked right into the room [+darkred “You know, you lot ought to keep this door locked at all times. I don’t need you blowing my cover by letting the world know we exist.”]

He shut the door behind him and locked the door. [+darkred “My name is Alexander. I am stationed here and am quite fond of the life I have here. Now that introductions are out of the way. What are we doing?”]
The phantoms were air dropped from a Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk which was heavily modified for stealth and making it less visible to radar. They were to ambush the President on the way in between his humanitarian visits to rural villages in the nation. Far from modern cities, they set up an ambush point in the only place where they could have cover. The road had to go through the forest to get to the next village and the shortest route was only two kilometers of forest. The ambush point was to be set one kilometer in. The phantoms quickly got to work. They set ground charges thirty meters apart from each other to disable the lead and trail vehicles. More charges were set on the tree line to block the possibility of an escape. The Phantoms set themselves up on both sides of the road deep in the brush. Their job was simply to draw fire. Andre was posted up in a tree on the side of the road forty meters past the ambush point. The presidential assassination was his responsibility. Sniper duty was usually Will’s job. But because they didn’t know the effects of the drugs, Andre was assigned to it. That was if something happened he wouldn’t be dead and they could always revert to plan B, a full on firefight.

Before the caravan was set to arrive Andre and Will were Talking on the spare comms that Will provided. Will said [+darkgreen “This isn't right Dre, we are purposefully destabilizing an entire nation. Haven’t you ever wondered why? It’s because the president of Nigeria found a massive oil reserve and word is he isn’t going to let anyone come in and help them pull it out and refine it. He’s making the nation self sufficient of the U.S and brass wants a piece of that oil so we are going to kill him and put in our own guy. I know it's treason to say this but I would fight back against this.”]

Andre replied [+darkblue “Will you gotta be careful of what you say. I know this is wrong but what other choice do we have? We are soldiers. We follow orders even if we don’t like them and we don’t speak of treason. You’re my brother so don’t make me have to witness you get court martialed.”]

[+darkgreen “Oh calm down they can’t hear us on this channel.”]

Just then the caravan started approaching and got into position. Johnson detonated the charges and the trees fell in front and behind the caravan then the explosives underground went off and destroyed several vehicles. The Nigerians had no choice but to move the President and they made a defensive formation around him and removed him from the truck. Andre was told to take the shot as soon as he had it. It did not take long for Andre to have a clear shot at his heart. With the squeeze of the trigger it was done. The rest of his unit then took care of the rest of the military guard.

While that was happening He heard the Colonel in his ear. [+red “Lordes I want you to kill Corporal Johnson on the grounds of treason. We heard what he said on your private line. He didn't mute himself on the main channel.”] Andre aimed at Will and almost pulled the trigger but he couldn’t. Throughout Andre’s entire life he never had friends growing up in an orphanage then enlisting when he turned 18. He was born to be a soldier but Will was the only family he had. His head was pounding. When he didn’t kill him the Colonel ordered the unit to turn on Will and kill him. Will took cover as they approached him and then everything became clear in Andre’s mind. Without hesitation he began opening fire. He killed them all before they had a chance to react. The effects of the drugs were evident. His reaction and processing speeds were on another level. Andre took out his earpiece and headed to Will.

[+darkblue “You were right. What we did was wrong. Our government can’t be allowed to do this to another country for the sake of it making money.”] He looked around at the carnage. [+darkblue “We have work to do.”]

Will nodded and said [+darkgreen “We have to stabilize this country before the U.S can capitalize. We have to expose what happened here to the world.”] They took their knives and cut the U.S flag off of their uniforms.

[+darkblue “We no longer belong to that country. Let’s change the world.”]

[+darkgreen “You’re right. Let’s go and change this world. First we take over Nigeria next, we unite all of Africa.”]
Ra had just finished getting breakfast all set up when the group started to wake up to the smell of the cooking food. He was happy for the most part that he could do that for the group, While he was very uptight most of the time his laid back side would come out every now and then. A control freak still had to let it go every rare thing. At first nothing seemed unusual the group slowly trickled into the kitchen sitting area. There was one, two, three, and four. Just as the others were getting food the Last of the members arrived through the window to inform them their sixth member had been kidnapped and was demanding a rescue mission for her.

Others were arguing to send a message to the council, who would then decide the best course of action for the group to take. Be it they send a rescue group themselves, or for the group to go after her was a matter of scrupulous spectacle. The council would likely just ride her off as dead if possible, and with a member of it mission would only make the process that much harder to vote upon. As the male finished drying up the dirty dishes he stepped towards the group rag in hand drying the last pan. [b "I agree with Alicia, we go after Andreana. I also agree with our newest addition that we should get more details before jumping into this rashly and causing more of us to get caught or worse killed for it. And I also agree with Ylva to send a message to the council to inform them of what is going on. If they tell us not to do anything we go against it, because This is our group, be it our friend or not she is a part of this group and its our responsibility to stay together. We lost her, and we will go get it."]

Ra had put the last pan away and put all the food into the fridge. [b "We can go then from there once we all get back here."]
[pic https://pic8.co/sh/iG6ZfG.png]

As with any first experience of a specific drug, the system easily accepted it while reversely proportional in the easiness of leaving the system; not so bloody easy. To be fair Andreana did partake of various hallucinogenic substances, both native and human-made, but never with such a deep sleep potency. While the usual substances of choice left the mind with more space in wandering one, this substance attached with a heavy weight and literally tugged the mind into the dark depths of sleep.

As with any naturally buoyant item, the mind contained several abilities such as keeping upright and rising back up from the depths and to the service. With a drug with such potency used on Andreana combined with her mind’s completely unpreparedness for such a potent drug, some lapse of time occurred where the mind slowly realized that it had in fact sunk.

After the pressured and sinking realization that it had in fact sunk, the mind unsurely began slowly ascending towards the surface. Usually ascension from sleep was through clear waters, but a side effect of the drug made the normally clear waters a murky mess. Not only did the drug induce faulty depth perception, it even added some solid things into the already murky concoction and make the mind bounce around. Similarly in how depth charges bounce around submarines, except these objects instead of forcing the mind in faster surfacing were meant for the complete opposite; preventing the surfacing as long as possible.

Usually when the mind reached some checkpoint in the ascension, the body would respond in a certain way so as when the mind fully ascended the body would be prepared to wake up. Because of the obstacles thrown in the way the body responded in a delayed fashion. So when the mind fully ascended instead of light and activity only darkness and total inactivity greeted it.

The mind did send out a probe in frustration from all the dark inactivity. It then immediately regretted the action as light and activity burst through.

Andreana woke up startled, eyes completely unfocused and accelerated breathing as waking up from a nightmare. Clutching herself from heightened fear which only added more fearful confusion as she knew the form she touched was herself but felt more of a shell. The eyes kept blinking, the blur slowly resolving into higher quality. This place knew no smell, it smelled of nothingness which meant no reference points.

As the eyes cleared up Andreana could finally use them in establishing her location. Looking downwards established that she lay in bed under pristine white covers. Every other object in this room had a similarly pristine appearance. The walls gleamed with whiteness contrasted with a dark, wooden looking floor. In one of the corners stood a desk with a black, wheeled chair pushed into the desk. To the left a grey couch seemingly sprawled out of the floor, a multi-tiered bookcase a few feet behind it stocked with many books. And the last piece making up this room came in the form of a lightly colored wooden table standing upon a thick, silver cylinder with two chairs facing each other.

Andreana glanced around more than a few times, making sure nothing changed with each glance. With nothing changing Andreana slowly shifted under the covers and stepped out of the bed. The moment she moved Andreana felt something else sliding o it behind her. A quick glance backwards after standing up revealed a tail, her tail to be precise. If the the tail showed then that meant the ears showed as well for the blend had dissipated, which solidly confirmed her as non-humans to the humans who had to be monitoring their newly acquired specimen.

Before she even turned her head around a voice filled the room. Andreana suspiciously looked around for the source of this voice, finding none she glared. The voice once again spoke, asking the same question. In retaliation to everything that had occurred Andreana lifted her arms, crossing them in front of her chest. She winced, feeling a poking pain and soreness in both her shoulders before resuming the glare. A chuckle broke out, then followed by someone screaming and others panicking before an explosion occurred. Whoever had begun talking left the device keyed on, listening to various curses along with phrases such as [i non-human blood] and [i shouldn’t have done that] thrown in there. Lifting up first the left and then the right shirt sleeves Andreana found patches over skin, and after a painful tug-of-war with the left one revealed slight indents in her skin.

Knowing that someone had suffered made her smile deviously, a way of karma teaching an explosive lesson to those nasty humans.
Rivers walked for 5 hours before the facility was in view. It was a large metal structure. It wasn’t visible to people who don’t have a specific implant from the facility. Blue and green light poured from windows around the building.
Rivers looked disappointed that there wasn’t any conflict on the way there. But that was okay. He would just do this, then check on his brother. He walked for a bit, then he reached the metal door. He knocked in a strange pattern, and a chute beside him opened up, a camera shooting out. It was a stick with a ball that looked like a black eye on the end. A green light from the camera hit him, and scanned him up and down. It retreated back into its chute, and beeped. The door opened. It revealed a long white hallway filled with scientists in white robes.
Rivers walked in, and the scientists looked excited but scared at the same time. The made way for him as he walked by. They could tell he hadn’t been in a satisfying fight, so they could feel his murderous intent radiating onto everyone in the hallway. Rivers dark and dirty armor and clothes contrasted greatly with the clean, white hallways. He walked past rooms with large windows, with tubes filled with green liquid and specimens inside. There were baby Valkyrie being bred in one room.
He turned into another hall, this was with a strobing red light. It led to a dead end. He opened the last door on the hall, and invited himself in.
The scientist inside had a scraggly white beard and was balding. He was standing over a keyboard and computer, clicking away. He heard the door shut, and he jumped. He turned around and saw Rivers. He jumped out of the chair, and held out his arms, smiling.
“Did you get her? The specimen?” He said giddily.
Rivers unstrapped the beast from his back quietly. He dropped her on the floor roughly. “Where is he?” He said coldly.
The scientist didn’t seem to hear. He unzipped the bag and examined the girls face, rubbing his calloused hands all over her.
“Where is he? I know you moved him from his room.” Rivers said, this time with more infliction. It made the scientist flinch.
“Ah, y-yes, the boy. He’s in room B-3. His room was getting infected with mold, you see, so w-we had no choice but to move him. Please don’t h-hurt me, I just didn’t want you to be upset when you saw it.” The scientist got up, and dragged the girl to the computer.
Rivers said nothing. He put his right hand on his gun holster, almost caressing it, but he took it away and walked out of the room. He walked and turned a few more times, and finally turned into a hall with a blue strobing light. He to the third room on the right, and opened the door quietly. He didn’t bother shutting behind him.
There was a small boy laying in a bed. He had no hair, and he was extremely scrawny. Rivers walked to him and sat on the bed. The boy was asleep, so he heard none of this.
“Hey, Ben.” He said quietly. “I got something for you.” Rivers pulled out a bear from his back pocket, and the door shut quietly.
Alicia was a bit winded after that last flight. She'd just flown 20-30min straight going at least 500mph. Luckily, she got those two sentences out before taking another breath. Ylva seemed ready for action, but strict with the formalities of it. Ra was disappointed about the timing, but up for the fight. And this new person… He was already good to go with the Blend. Though she wasn't sure what he was due to that… but she could then catch a trace of Pan scent in the area. She had a good memory, but their smell was unique enough to make it easy. [I 'Interesting…'] So, the unknown Pan asked for more information. After catching her breath, she was ready to share.

Seeing an open papery sack full of white powder, Alicia went over to the counter, walked back to the others, and casually dumped the bag of flour right in front of them. Before a grain even touched the ground, it was all gently lifted upward by an isolated breeze to about table height. The floating flour shifted around to form what could be recognized as the hotel and the parking lot next to it. Alicia then narrated what happened on the rooftop with little flour versions of Andreana, the human, and herself. She played it out to the detail, even the part where she left a note that was obviously never read… However once Alicia got to the part where she got into the car, she changed the entire layout up.

Alicia's flour model turned into a map of the terrain while in pursuit of that human. She even added a narrow stream of flour hovering above the map to show the exact route she took to the Tatacoa Desert. [#c99013 "To save time, I then flew back at high speed with this route up in the clouds,"] another path was then formed much higher than the other one. [#c99013 "It was the most efficient way I thought of at the time considering the circumstances. He seems to have a clear destination, and they may have reached it by now. I have eyes looking for their current location in that desert and should be hearing back at any moment. But overall, this human should not be underestimated at any cost."] Alicia then created a large model of him and shared what she saw and thought of his abilities and the gear strapped onto him. This human was a big enough threat for her instincts to be wary. [I 'Were those humans that attacked my father the same kind as this?']

Directing her attention back to the task at hand, Alicia had the unspoiled flour go back into the bag. [#c99013 Ms. Grimhildsdottir, that should be enough info to share with the council. However, I believe we should get a head start and use them as reinforcements. There's no telling how long it will take to organize and what condition Andreana will be when that's ready. She needs us now."] Alicia then turned to the being with the teal hair, [#c99013 "I'm Alicia Kazeki. I assume you came in last night. I'm sorry our greetings are rather rushed, but I'm looking forward to working with you."]

Alicia folded her wings into her back again, a bit more naturally too. [#c99013 "They can order a transport called a car down on the main floor. It'll take us close enough."] When they were all human-viewing ready, she was finishing up some bacon on the way to the elevator and directed everyone down to the lobby. She talked to the same human as before, this time asking for a faster vehicle than can go to the desert. The human said they could have a helicopter fly them over and there were private ones not too far out the way from where they were. So, she arranged for a car to take the four of them to the airport and have a so-called helicopter ready for them. Whatever would get them there the fastest... Alicia wasn't going to witness what happened to her father a second time.

Private first class Andre Lordes sat quietly in the back of the briefing room. He watched as the rest of his unit walked into the room and sat down waiting for the briefing. Command had called them in for a new mission. Corporal Will Johnson sat down next to him. In front of them were the Lieutenant., Sergeant, and two other privates. They together were a covert Delta Force unit tagged the phantoms. They got the nickname because they could infiltrate a nation and take out a high value target and be out before the target was found dead. They were an effective deadly special ops group that left no trace of their involvement.

Corporal Johnson leaned in towards Andre and said, [+darkgreen “I wonder where they will send us to next. We haven’t been let out in six months and I've been bored. So have you found you a lady yet?”] Lordes simply replied [+darkblue “You know I’m a lone wolf. Shh the Colonel is walking in.”] The Lieutenant then shouted [+blue “Attention.”] They all stood until the Colonel said at ease and began explaining their next assignment. They were going to Nigeria to kill the president. There were murmurs amongst the men. This was the biggest job they would ever take and the most difficult to complete and get out. [+darkgreen “This is insane.”] Johnson said as the Colonel kept explaining. The Colonel then said [+red “We are also going to begin testing for an experimental drug to enhance your physical and mental capabilities. We need a volunteer and if this goes well then we will administer it to the rest of you.”] Just then the Lieutenant said [+blue “Lordes will do it. He’s the only one without a family tie. No one will miss him if this experiment fails.”] Andre did not care he did what he was told.

The next day he went to the laboratory and received several injections into his spinal cord, brain stem, and muscles. His body was on fire and he passed out. Andre began to dream of his past. He began to see images from the orphanage that he grew up in, St.Theresa’s home for children. He remembered a time where he watched the other children playing outside but he would rather sit in the shade and watch.The sisters at the orphanage would always try to get him to go play with the other kids but he always felt different from the rest. Andre woke up for a split second to see bright lights and he lost consciousness again. He remembered Being in High school and meeting this kid who was always playing some kind of sport. He was an incredible athlete. One day that kid approached Andre and introduced himself as Will Johnson and they were friends ever since. They could identify with each other as they were both alone. Will lost his family in a shooting so he understood Andres solidarity. After high school they would both enlist in the Army and they both had exceptional scores and merits. They both made Delta at the same time and by that time Will recieved a promotion to corporal. Even though they were the same they were like two sides of a coin. Will was more outgoing and vocal while Andre was quiet and observant. They had each others backs no matter what,

Andre woke up again with his vision and hearing more sharp than before. He asked the nurses how long he had been out. They told him three days. Andre slowly got up and moved around. His senses seemed heightened and he felt stronger. The doctors said they didn’t know what side effects he would experience in the field and recommended a support role for Andre. Will walked into the room [+darkgreen “Let’s see what you little treatment did.”] Will threw two knives at Andre and Andre caught them without even looking. [+darkgreen “That was insane. Come on it’s time to gear up and deploy.”]

Andre went to the loadout zone and packed his gear. He was assigned to sniper duty this operation due to the doctor's warning. Usually the sergeant was their sniper but he would be taking Andre’s place in the formation. During loadout Will approached Andre [+darkgreen “This isn’t right. We are about to go destabilize an entire region for money. What are we even fighting for at this point? We signed up to take out terrorists and defend our people. We are going to become terrorists against another nation.”] He saw the rest of the squad come in and the sarge was joking around with Andre calling him warlord. It was his nickname in the unit. Before they boarded the plane to head to a carrier in the Atlantic, Will gave Andre a separate earpiece so they could talk on their own frequency. Andre put it in his bag and boarded the aircraft.
[h3 [center Atazai]]
The Pan's ears instantly perked forward. Yes! He did it right...oh dear, perhaps it was a mistake though. The female with wings seemed to settle down, which was good, lowering her spear. Though she must've forgotten she still held it, as she attempted to approach him, to only have her weapon slam into a strange, hanging...lantern? It reminded him of a lantern back in his world, a strangely built one that seemed to be able to spin.
He stamped a hoof a bit at the sudden noise, ears swiveling back and forth, that primal instinct of a herd animal being introduced into a totally new environment. On edge, but also extremely curious of this new place. These were new people and creatures, having only just met. The Pan would once again be learning who was friend, and who was foe.
Atazai, being the gentle creature he was, was soft in the handshake, allowing the female who introduced herself as 'Ylva' to do most of the shaking. 'Ylva', such an interesting name! He couldn't think of such a name back in his world. Fascinating indeed, he would need to ask more about that.
Oh, she was part of the 'Divine Retribution'. Not that it mattered really to him, Atazai was a peaceful creature. He would much prefer keeping everyone content. Nothing would go well if everyone was at each other's throats. No, that normally led to even more bloodshed, something the Pan did not want.

As she released his hand, moving back, she pointed towards an area that was the 'Men's Quarters'. The creature tilted his horned head, despite hidden features, he was intrigued. So, separate places for different genders to use? Back home the house was just a giant layout with normally two floors, but then they made their homes amongst and in the giant trees. Course, there was more to it than that, but simply put, Atazai was used to sleeping in a large room with his siblings nearby.
[#a0522d "A pleasure Miss Ylva,"] the Pan shifted his staff as he stood, [#a0522d "Quite understandable. A good sleep is very important for one's mind. As for suspicious, I don't know what you mean."]
A soft chuckle seemingly came from Atazai then as he watched the female turn, taking her leave into what she had called the 'Women's Quarters'. He might as well do the same, into the male's area of course. His hooves clicked on the hard floor, echoing as he went. The tall creature reached entered the room, seeing the human version of a 'bed'.
The unoccupied one, Atazai made his way over. The Pan set his leather bag down, reaching into it. He rummaged around for several moments, before removing his hand again. Atazai set his wooden staff upon the ground, bag next to it. This bed was strange, and trying to find a suitable position was a bit bothersome...
[hr ]
Atazai had fallen asleep finally, but not in the bed. There was instead a recliner in the corner of spacious room that the Pan had sat down in, falling asleep. The creature slowly rose, stretching a bit, mask still covering his features. No, he would not be taking it off anytime soon, now when amongst these strangers and this world. Simply a rule set back home, and he would abide by it, less something absolutely demanded he take it off, or it was forcefully removed.
His ears perked up, hearing the sound of movement outside. Different scents came to the Pan, some which he knew, having come across before, while others were entirely new. Atazai slowly stood up, returning to the bedside where he tried to sleep earlier, but didn't quite work out for him. Only now did he notice package nearby.
With delicate fingers, he lifted the piece of paper, skimming through. So, these would be essential during his time in this world. Atazai opened it, looking through, clothes appropriate for this world, as well as a strange substance he had never seen before. Once again he tilted his horned head, quite curious.

It was simply called [i 'The Blend'], and apparently it would hide all features that humans would consider abnormalities...fur, horns, etc.. Atazai, being the curious creature he was, and enthusiastic when it came to learning new things, he of course decided to try it instantly.
He moved to the side, finding a lone room, (a bathroom), and closing the door behind. A mirror stood before him, most likely to help with preening and the such. Atazai paused again, looking at the writing on the strange bottle. Hm, so it would last about 12 hours before needing to be reapplied. Well, this would certainly take a lot of the substance, or so he was thinking.

It was an astonishing change, especially to the Pan. Seeing what he would look like as a human, quite interesting. He had found a brush to use with the spray, spreading it through his fur to change it to human skin. The creature's horns soon disappeared as well as the blend was spread across them. It was such a strange and alien appearance, mostly because it was him...but then it wasn't so to speak.
He glanced to the moment, having set his mask down on the counter by the sink. He shouldn't need it, as he was sure it would make him stick out amongst the humans, and the goal was to blend in with them, hence the spray, clothes, and whatnot. Though, Atazai would stow it away in his bag and take it with him just incase. The creature would rather be safe than sorry.

Atazai made sure to grab his bag, slinging it over his shoulder, leaving behind his staff. There was his mask in the bag, as well as a few other things that he always kept close, and the things provided to him of course. It was strange, not hearing his hooves click against the hard floor. The familiar echo was missing as he made his way down the hall and into a large, what he would call gathering room of sorts.
He turned his head, seeing another male currently moving around at the counters, setting plates of different foods down upon the table. Atazai offered the other a kind smile, now being seen since his features were no longer hidden behind the mask. This must be another member of the small group.
The Pan moved towards the table, setting his bag down as he sat in a chair, pulling up closer to the table. Soft teal eyes overlooked the many plates of both hot and cold food. So many choices, he didn't know where to start!

Atazai had put some of the oatmeal in a bowl, as it reminded him of a dish back home. He was curious if it would taste the same. Then also an apple on the side of the bowl. It wasn't long before the female, Ylva, had soon entered. The Pan lifted his head, readying to greet the Valkyrie, when another winged woman suddenly appeared behind.
The newcomer seemed as if they had either run, or most likely flown back here to their suite. She then stated that someone had been taken by a human. The name she mentioned must be another member of the small group. A frown crossed the Pan's features, noticing the sudden slightly more aggressive air as Ylva snapped.
Of course, it was natural to get upset when someone you knew or was part of your people was taken away. However, getting upset would do nothing and no one good but make everyone else agitated. They needed to know a bit more than just one of their own was taken by a human.
[#a0522d "Please, let us keep calm,"] Atazai's voice was soft. He turned his teal eyes towards the female that had recently entered behind Ylva.
[#a0522d "If you could please tell us more Madam. More details would help the rest of us know more. Let us know everything that you witnessed, so that we have a better understanding and idea of how to approach this situation before us."]
[size12 Ylva was taken aback by the creature that stepped through the portal, the creature standing a good foot taller than her. Adorned with horns, and clad in a mask and cloak that masked most of its features, she couldn’t identify what kind of creature it was. The creature also seemed to give very little regard to the spear aimed at them, meaning either they couldn’t care less, or the weapon wouldn’t be effective. With the couch between the two of them, she was sure that if it tried to charge at her she would have the advantage. That’s when the aura hit her, and the tips of her wings drooped a little bit, her expression softening slightly. That unnerved her a little, as never before had a creature been able to do such a thing to her.]

[size12 Then the creature spoke, and it’s announcement made this turn of events make more sense. Lowering her spear, she pointed it at the ground while setting both feet on the floor. Nodding to Atazai, she relaxed a bit more. [#24f0d1 “My apologies, Atazai. You may call me Ylva.”] She moved around the couch to return the gesture, though she didn’t account for one thing. You can’t swing a seven and a half foot spear around without hitting something in a modern living space. With a [i Whack!] the butt of the spear made contact with a rotating apparatus on the ceiling, cracking one of the wings. The jolt of the impact made her move a little quicker, and when she finally returned the handshake, it was with a little more force and strength than intended.]

[size12 [#24f0d1 “Welcome to the mission, Atazai. I am of the Divine Retribution, but that doesn’t matter right now. Through that door right there is the men’s quarters, and the one on the opposite side is the women’s quarters. I will be more than willing to give you a full summary of the mission in the morning, but as of right now, I think we could all benefit from some rest. Make yourself at home, but do try not to do anything too suspicious.”] Ylva released Atazai’s arm, and made her way back into her room. She was growing tired, and the beds didn’t look atrocious. Noting that both of the other females were gone, she sighed exasperatedly, before flopping onto her spot with little grace. She left the spear by the doorway, not that it would ever really be out of reach, The bed was nowhere near as soft as her bed back home, but this would do for now.]

[size12 With a grumble, she assumed that Alicia was out on watch, or stretching her wings. [i Andreanna, though... ] Shaking her head, she rested it on the pillow, mildly irritated by the coarseness of the fabric. Twelve hours. It had been less than half a Midgard day, and the team had lost half of its original make up. This mission wasn’t going well, not well at all. With a disconcerted sigh, she drifted off into an uneasy sleep, her wings moving and flapping as she slept.]

[size12 [#24f0d1 “Brunhilde, fetch me some ambrosia, would you?”] She spoke in a groggy tone as she woke up, slowly righting herself. Still not seeing her female compatriots, she slapped her cheeks a few times to wake up, her wings fanning out behind her to stretch. The scent of breakfast hit her, and her eyes snapped into focus. Making her way out to the table, but before she could even sit down for food, Alicia burst in with her announcement. [#24f0d1 “By the All-Father’s beard, these scum will pay for their transgressions!”]. She declared in a thunderous tone, none too pleased with this development. [#24f0d1 “We should inform the elders immediately, so that they may advise us on how best to proceed. Though I expect some form of rescue operation will be constructed by them.”]]
After a bit, The man got the feeling he was being followed. He assumed it to be one of the other animals, but whatever it was, it didn’t matter.
As long as it put up a good fight...
He smiled, and stopped the car. He got out, then opened the back door. He dragged out the body, and their head hit the gravel road.
“Oops.” He muttered. He put them on his back, using the straps under his arms to hang them by their arms. He decided to go on foot from here on out. The desert sun didn’t seem to affect him at all. After walking up the road for a mile or so, he looked back at the car.
He unstrapped the strange gun on his left leg, and held it up, pointing the barrel at the car. The barrel was surrounding by four glowing blue panels, that could possibly be vents. It also had a screen on the back of the gun, but it seemed to be broken. There were two triggers. He held the top trigger, and four clicks rang out. He let go, and the rebound swung his arm up over his head. He put the gun back in its holster, and turned his back and began walking again.
4 seconds later, the car exploded, sending flaming shrapnel everywhere. He smiled and began walking towards the desert mountains. His and the pursuers battle would ensue there... yes. That would be good.
He let out a chuckle, and smiled with anticipation.
Instead of going to meet the newcomer with the remaining teammates, Alicia walked over to the glass obstruction. She swept the drapery completely to the sides and attempted to gently lift up the clear barrier. Not wanting to break it, she managed to locate a latch keeping it closed. With it unhinged, she managed to open the human-made window. Being greeted by a heavy breeze, rain and the darkened sky, she put a foot on the ledge and stepped out, letting the wind sweep her away from the rectangular opening into the stormy sky. With the winds sending all of the falling water into a frenzy, it was a perfect mask for her to get some fresh air from higher altitudes. Rain never bothered her, in fact, storms had an exhilarating lure for her to be part of the madness. In this beckoning, she answered the call.

Time flew as she let the flight consume her and empty all of her thoughts and negativity she felt there. Using the upwards draft, she took to new heights without a fight. Some were natural, others were from her natural ability. The air currents all danced together within the pouring rain. Every stiff fiber in her ebony wings was finally stretched out after what wasn't even the first 12 hours of being among the humans. That thought hit her as she flew up into the clouds. It truly hadn't even been 12 hours since they all arrived.

Before being bogged down by memories all of the stressful events, Alicia went down to the hotel rooftop. Time to be proactive. She needed to be able to put her wings away by herself. That Blend was almost abusive to them. No wonder it had such a time-limit, especially when magic could easily make an effect permanent until deactivation. As she spent time practicing on the roof, she felt each and every swirl, shift and howl in the air around her. It was still calling out. Refusing to answer it, she sat down in a meditative pose. The wind still tried to nudge her for attention, but this had to come first this time.

As much as she prided herself in her wings, they couldn't be out most of the time here. If that's the case, they needed to recede gently, not forcefully. Gently… The Blend forced it, but still did it. Not as rough, but she always tried to force them when she practiced. She saw the other fledglings do it so easily, so she had lost herself in how she just couldn't. She didn't work with her wings, she tried to force them into hiding. Hiding… another reason that didn't work. That whole mindset killed it. It took some trial and error, but in the midst of the storm, she did it. Her wings retracted into her. They were still part of her, but in a different form, and on her terms. As embarrassing as it was to admit, she probably couldn't have done it if it wasn't for this trip and the Blend.

Her success was short lived as she heard some steps approaching the rooftop from behind a doorway off on the side of it. Between fight or flight, her wings decided flight in a heartbeat as they shot out of her back. She didn't know who or what it was, but her senses were on high alert. She took off into the air. With the storm the way it was, it was possible to hide within it from well above the roof. Regardless, there wasn't much time for anything else.

A human male emerged carrying something rather large folded under his arm. Looking closer, it wasn't a something. It was a someone, someone she knew. Andreana from her rival faction. As much fluffy nonsense that faction spouted, her kind was still her kind. Those humans dared to take one of them. Luckily, she just appeared to be unconscious… but Alicia's dad was proof to never underestimate these lowly subnaturals and their levels of destruction. She kept her anger at bay with these reminders. Her teammate was okay for now, but that could change for both of them if she acted prematurely.

The scum had a bunch of human technology strapped to him. From the looks of it, a lot of that was weaponry. That's so typical for a human… when they were armed, they went above and beyond with it. As he walked over and looked out to a glowing vehicle, Alicia figured her best bet long term was to retrieve her after finding out the destination and go with the others as a group. Hopefully, they could be a functioning one.

With the human fixated on getting to the vehicle, she used the storm to mask her glide back down to the window. However, after slipping back into her room, she heard a thud from where that car was. He slammed into one of the pillars! Humans were completely unbelievable! She called for the local avians to watch and follow the vehicle they were in and send reports back to her about their location, actions, and anything else worth noting. She also made a directive to protect the kidnapped supernatural and pass on her directives to other locals in passing habitats. This was to create a network. If those locals didn't follow suit, she'd talk to them herself. Alicia was going to make sure he got what he deserved and more.

When he then backed into that same pillar, she was livid. Finding out the destination would be vital to their mission, but this human obviously didn't care about his own safety, let alone another's. She wanted to kill him where he was, but whatever place would just send more. She needed to eliminate the source. She felt her killing intent boil up, and saw him look right at her from that no longer glowing vehicle. His intent came next, but she was already out of sight and further into the room. Taking a sheet of paper and pen from the table next to the bed, Alicia wrote down that Andreana had been taken and she's doing recon. If anything happened, her winged locals would find and guide them. She wrote this all in nt'gri. If any humans found their way in before the others saw this, they wouldn't understand. However, any supernatural will.

After giving the car and said locals a good head start, she left through the window once again. This time she went off to the side and flew down off in an empty back alleyway behind the car lot. Again, retracted her wings and went back into the hotel asking for a driver and vehicle. That human had good senses and there was no telling how long she'd be out. So, relying solely on her wings was not the best idea. Again, memories of her father ran through her mind… his shattered bones and remaining feathers were so stained... everything about him was red, tattered, and broken.

After paying double upfront what the human asked for, Alicia was on the road within minutes and the kidnapper had left a bloody trail of his own kind on the way out. Keeping a safe distance in a rather casual pursuit where she was merely going where the birds told her to. The driver probably thought she was insane, not realizing this was merely well above his level of understanding. Hours went by. This type of transportation was boring and slow. Alicia only followed personally for two reasons... to intervene if needed and to establish connections with the local birds further out. Personal ones were much better than through the grapevine. However, after reaching the Tatacoa Desert, he wasn't able to drive any further. So, she decided to step out and make those connections while he drove back. When he offered to wait, she told him she had a ride back there. Alicia had seen a bunch of flying machines in the air on the way there, with enough altitude and high enough speed, she may be able to avoid suspicion as long as she didn't get into view of one of them.

After getting everything set, Alicia walked away from the tourists and walked down into a ditch behind some hills. Luckily there were clouds in the sky. She let out her wings and went straight up going at least 500mph (~800kmh). She slowed down to an almost stop once she was above the clouds so that she could choose a direction. She reversed how she was told to get there and that gave her an idea of where the hotel was in more general directions and distances. She wasn't sure how it worked in her head, but it was most likely an avian thing she got from being a tenguOnce she had that together, she was off again. By the time she arrived, it was well into the morning… and apparently time for breakfast. Ra was full of surprises, however she had a bigger one for everyone. Without much of a greeting, [#c99013 "Breakfast later. A human took Andreana."
[h3 [center Atazai]]
[center [i 'You have been chosen child. You, of all the children of our world, will go forth and represent the Pan in the world called 'Earth'. Bring peace among those who seek destruction of their environment, help them see past their differences, and unite them in their world. Do this child, so that their world will not fall to destruction and chaos. Achieve this child, and our world shall remain untouched by the outside.']]

The giant trees of this world towered above the ground. It could be compared to the rainforests of Earth, but larger and seemingly more vibrant. Of course, different vegetation and lifeforms. A great city of stone, trees, and earth was seemingly build in the middle of this grand jungle.
On the outskirts, at a certain 'hut', as is the closest it could be called, stood 3 tall, bipedal creatures. Each appeared goat-like in appearance, legs ending in cloven hooves, each having a set of horns or antlers upon their heads. Their faces, were hidden, each wearing a strange mask, hiding their features.
The tallest, a creature with beautiful, red fur and a mane, glanced towards the one whom was standing on the path before them. Upon its head, a pair of antlers spread outwards, each tine ending in a sharpened point.
[#b22222 [b "Atazai, I am aware you gave been given permission by the Empress, and that the Guardian itself spoke to you, but I am rather skeptical of you leaving here for such a long period of time..."]]
The one whom seemed to be called 'Atazai', perked his head up. Unlike the other, he had a pair of horns that curled out on either side of his head. His tail swayed to the side, ears flicking forward. Like the other, Atazai's own fur was red, but was a darker hue in color. Despite the hidden features, the voice behind the mask sounded confident and relaxed.
[#a0522d "I will be fine brother. This isn't the first time I have left our world...though I will admit, this will indeed be the longest time I will spend away from our world."]
[#4682b4 [i "But...the Guardian's Lullaby...who will play it to keep the Guardian happy?"]]
Atazai glanced to the shortest of the trio. Unlike them, her fur was white with brown/black splotches upon the parts of her form that was seen through the cloak around her body, a cowl upon her head with slits cut to allow her antlers to expand outwards. Her tines fanned out more, seeming more flat compared to the sharpened tines of the tallest of the trio, nor as many.
Atazai's voice was a smile. He reached over, lightly patting the white one's head, [#a0522d "Little Nuave, I have trained my apprentice for many years. I trust that he will continue my job to keep our world's Guardian content in my absence. Though I would like you to remain focused on your own studies. I hope to see you as a High Priestess by the time I return."]
The creature lifted his head to look towards the eldest of them, [#a0522d "Keep everyone and our people safe while I am gone brother."]
Atazai then finished his goodbyes, taking his brother's hand, resting their heads against one another for several moments, then moving apart. He then moved to his little sister. He brought her close in a gentle hug, stroking the back of her head for a bit, then also moving away. As he finished, a light seemingly opened nearby, swirling a gentle white.
[#a0522d "Well, seems they are waiting for me. Take care while I am gone."]
He then picked up his staff, walking towards the swirling light, and stepping through...

[hr ]

The pan stepped through, to soon find himself in a very large, spacious area. His ears perked forward, fur moving ever so slightly as the breeze had brushed past by the portal. The tall, bipedal creature shifted the make-shift sack that was over his shoulder, adjusting the weight more evenly. Almost instantly his senses were assaulted, so many new scents and sounds.
Though, a certain sound swiftly brought his attention. He turned his horned head, only to come face-to-face with the end of a weapon, a spear to be exact. Now, the creature, being close to 7ft in height, not counting his horns, was perhaps indeed intimidating. Plus, add the fact he had kept his mask upon his face, it probably didn't help the situation.
The creature shifted a bit, hooves clicking slightly on the hard floor...quite a sound, one he wasn't familiar with, perhaps it was just the material this floor was made of, he would need to investigate later. Atazai tilted his horned head in that curious fashion as he had a tendency to do when something peaked his interest. Even at the sight of a weapon that could pierce right through him, the pan somehow managed to keep a positive and curious attitude.
He instead shifted his staff a bit, pulling the cloak around his body into place, [#a0522d "Hm...normally I am given a more hospitable greeting...oh well, I suppose different customs than others."]
The pan then gave a slight shrug, continuing, [#a0522d "I was summoned to take place in the Peace Faction for this endeavor. You may call me Atazai."]
Now then, what was the way to properly greet, or was it settle deals? He'd need to get those straight somewhere along the line. The pan outstretched his hand towards the small group before him, hoping they would know to take it as a sign of peace, and perhaps...handshake, that's what it was!
Despite his facial features being hidden behind his mask, Atazai's form didn't seem to hold any malice or hatred at all. No, instead there was an almost calming, cheery air around the goat-like creature. In the back of his mind, he was hoping this was right. He would definitely need to do a bit more studying of humans and observe them a bit more.
[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Ylva nodded to Alicia, and entered the girl’s chambers, shaking her head as the events of the day replayed in her head. Stretching her shoulders and moving into the bathroom, she shook herself loose of the business clothing she had donned earlier in the day, before spotting the odd box in their room with her name on it. Opening said box, she found an emerald nightgown, and suitably sized undergarments awaiting her. Changing into the clothing that Tsuki had acquired for her, she marvelled at the girl’s taste in clothing, and the girl’s eye for detail. Not caring if the other females had seen her changing, she removed the Blend from her back. With a [i SNAP!] her wings popped back into existence, and she stretched them as well. [#24f0d1 “Mmmm. This Blend stuff does a number on your wings.”] Moving back to the couch in the living room, she sat upon it with all the grace of a meteorite. Once she had settled into a spot, she began grooming her wings, making sure to place any fallen feathers into a bag for later disposal. This wasn’t her first trip to the Surface, but it had been quite a while since she had done any leg work, herself. Pausing the grooming to make a report in her requisition notebook about the earlier incidents, she let out a dissatisfied sigh. [#ebb923 Not even a half day in and I've already had to write two reports. I don't have a good feeling about this mission.] With a low grumble, she returned to her grooming.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Ylva looked back to the portal, feeling an odd sadness as Tsuki and Yatsu left through it. [#ebb923 Is it my fault that they are leaving? Maybe I shouldn’t have been so harsh on that Yatsu character…] Shaking her head to clear that thought, she returned to her grooming as Alicia slipped into their bedroom. Not noticing Andreana leave, she was surprised to hear a portal snap open again in the suite, not minutes after the last one closed. Jumping to attention, she spun towards the portal, and summoned her weapon. The portal finished expanding as a line of lightning formed in her hands, before forming the shape of a spear. With a dull pop, the spear appeared, replacing the lightning bolt. Leveling the eight and a half foot long Xirn-tooth spear upon the portal, she prepared herself for combat. One leg up on the couch, the other firmly planted upon the floor, with her ten wings flared out behind her, she cut a rather intimidating figure, even in an emerald nightgown.]]
A custodian was strolling down the hallway of the fifth floor, pushing a vacuum. His uniform was blue, and his hat was a neon yellow. It matched terribly. He came to a stop by the elevator doors, turning off the vacuum and pressing a button. He waited for a moment, and the elevator doors opened. There was a woman laying on the floor, unconscious. He stepped in, leaving the vacuum in the hallway. He knelt beside the girl and touched her neck, feeling her heartbeat.
The custodian stood up, satisfied with the results, and pressed a button labeled 7. He took off his hat and threw it to the side, revealing his dark brown hair. The light showed scars on his face, small but noticeable. His eyes were a startling blue, like that of an iceberg lost in an ocean of blue.
He took off his custodian uniform (which was a jumpsuit), then threw it to the side. He was wearing what looked like black armor that completely covered his body, and the armor, in turn, was covered in grenades, hand guns, knives, and one bigger gun attached to a cord on his right leg.
He held his right index finger to his right temple, where a blue halo lit up to his touch. He opened his scarred mouth and said (to what looked like nothing), “I’ve secured the target.” His voice was not very low, but low enough it didn’t ring out in the metal elevator. He also spoke very softly, barely moving his lips. It was as if talking was foreign to him.
Then he dropped his hand to a pocket on his left rib, which rattled when he touched it, as if there was glass inside. He pulled a small glass tube out, less than half the size of his index finger. It was filled with a blue liquid, and had tiny reflective objects in the liquid when he moved it into the light. The tube itself had metal closing off both ends, with two tiny needles on one. He moved his bangs to the side, which revealed a small black port on his left temple. It was circular, with two tiny openings. It looked like something you’d put a charger in.
Carefully, he used his left hand to line up the needles on the tube with the openings in the port. When he felt a little jolt, he knew it was lined up. He closed his eyes and pushed in the tube, making a click. As the liquid emptied into the port, the man took a deep breath. When the tube completely emptied, he opened his eyes. His pupils were dilated and his irises were now a sharp silver. He took out the tube and threw it against the wall of the elevator, smashing it. Then he picked up the woman with ease, holding her to his side with his left arm. Then he stood there, looking at the door.
After a minute, the elevator door opened. He waited a moment, listening for anyone, and stepped forward. He walked down the hall to the stairs, walking past room doors. Everybody would be asleep by now, so he had no trouble. He opened the staircase door, and walked up. By the time he made it all the way to the top, he was hardly out of breath. He opened the door, and stepped out onto the windy rooftop.
He didn’t bother closing the door, instead looking out onto the city. The sound of traffic and wind messed up his scanner/heat signature implant, and the rain didn’t help his sonar implants, either. He would have to use his eyes. He walked to the edge of the rooftop, looking over the car lot across from the hotel. The wind was much stronger here. The organization told him the car would stand out, and it did. It was completely black, save for the glowing blue lines all over the car. The wheels also had lights in them, so it REALLY stood out. He was sure he would be able to turn this function off. He heard talking below him, so he looked down. He saw two guards talking. If they noticed him, it would be bad for the mission, but fun for him. Decisions, decisions.
The man decided to just go stealthily. He set down the target, and pulled out straps from underneath his arms. He knelt down, picked up the girl, and put her on his back, wrapping her arms around his neck. He put the straps over her arms and chest, then attached them to his armor. He succeed her legs around his waist, then stepped back probably 10 feet.
He got in a pose an athlete runner would before dashing, and calculated the jump to the lot. It wouldn’t be too difficult by himself, but with someone on his back, that might change things. The wind and drizzle might also affect the jump. Not much, but just enough to throw him off balance. Bah... why was he worrying so much? He doesn’t care what happens to the cargo, and if he doesn’t make it, he’ll be fine.
It wasn’t even that big of a jump. He stretched his right leg back a bit further, then took off. He kicked up pebbles behind him and shook the cargo with his great speed. When his left foot touched the ledge of the roof, it was done. The jump seemed to last forever for him... but the THRILL was worth it. He looked down, the city lights lighting his face. He didn’t smile, but almost did. Then he landed on the car garage. He slid, the steel on his shoes kicking up sparks on the stone.
A stone pillar was nearby, so he grabbed it to help stop himself. It did, completely. The cargo might have a broken rib from the harsh landing, but it didn’t matter to Rivers. He adjusted the straps a bit, and walked over to the vehicle the organization provided. It looked ugly, in his opinion, but it was fine. He opened the back seat door, unstrapped the cargo, and threw her in. He shut it, hitting her feet on the door. He got in the driver seat, and touched the wheel. Rubber. That was great, since his palms were covered in metal. The key was already in, so he didn’t have to start it up. He accidentally backed up into the same pillar he used to stop his slide, breaking off some stone and scraping the paint on the car.
Then he sensed something. He turned his head quickly, looking out the window. Through the giant opening in the car garage, he saw a hotel window was open. And looking out of it was another supernatural. They saw him. And the cargo.
“Shit!” He quickly pulled a revolver out of his vest, but by the time he looked back, they were gone. “Damn. Well... looks like I better get going if I still wanna get my money and have fun.” He drive out of the parking garage quickly, and saw the guards coming from the hotel towards him. He put the revolver through a crack in the window, pulled the hammer back, and fired off two shots, killing them both. They fell over, covered in blood. He pulled the revolver back into the car, and drove off. He pulled onto the sidewalk, driving there (the traffic was insane right now). He ran over a few pedestrians, but other than that, it was pretty easy.