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The Floppy Brick

By Demonic

Replies: 24536 / 3 years ago

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Aka me and you

XD jk jk
amyumino / 6h ago
That's Nice
Demonic / 6h ago

I'm watching Beavis and Butthead watch music videos
amyumino / 6h ago
Congrats to the Tekkenboi for getting into smash bros and not someone who is enjoy playing
Demonic / 6h ago
That R2-D2 scream
amyumino / 3d ago
I was sent one talking about guys being too shy to moan in their girls ears
Demonic / 3d ago
I only watch the memes on there
amyumino / 3d ago
Dude tiktok is stupid
Demonic / 3d ago
Popping like balloons
amyumino / 4d ago
Blood flowing like water
V / Kanedgy / 4d ago
Yes, they pop like a balloon
amyumino / 4d ago
And then everyone dies
Demonic / 4d ago
Me either dude

It was for my sister, mine and my niece's birthdays
amyumino / 6d ago
Nice. Idk why we picked summer to go to universal IN FLORIDA
V / Kanedgy / 6d ago
Oh lord

I went to Universal too but in January
amyumino / 6d ago