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This is a private chat for me and my dear friend Ouryuu (aka Mikaze). It is highly unlikely that anyone else will be given permission to post here.


With that being said, if you wish to get in touch with me, PM me!
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Soujisᴏᴜ ;   5y ago

[center [youtube]

[font "Bell MT" Literally, I listened to the first three seconds where Wang Yu is talking and I lost it. I cannot deal with this. I forgot all the strong feelings I had with this drama and how much time I put into it. I will always love this drama. All the feelings are rushing back and I'm remembering characters and plots and relationships and scenes. No show has ever captivated me as much or made me become so invested.

Now to torture myself for the next hour listening to the OST.

0:00 - 0:07, King speaks, I die.
25:24 - 25:31, Empress speaks, I die.
30:39 - 30:43, Emperor speaks, I die.
Yamasᴏᴜ ;   5y ago

[center [size18 [b PLANE THEORY]
[size8 [I People and Places]]

[size10 - YAOXIN: medium sized city surrounded by beautiful bamboo forests; the exile place of prince Xuyang.

- MARQUIS JUN: the Marquis of Yaoxin, an elderly man who had poor memory and eyesight, deceased.

- FA LI: a young eunuch who volunteered to travel to Yaoxin with the exiled prince, hometown is Yaoxin.

- CAO YI'AN: younger sister of Cao Shui, who died in the first assassination attempt against the prince.
Yamasᴏᴜ ;   4y ago

[abel [center [size30 [#c19433 「] QUINN CARTHAMUS [#c19433 」]]
[google-font][center [size30 [#c19433 「] character info [#c19433 」]]
Alias(es)- QUINN
Sex/Gender- CIS-MALE
Sexual Orientation- HOMOSEXUAL

Nationality- GRAIN KINGDOM

[google-font][center [size30 [#c19433 「] personality [#c19433 」]]
[google-font][center [size30 [#c19433 「] i am strong against [#c19433 」]]
QUINOA CARTHAMUS has great work ethic and can easily work individually. In fact, he prefers it this way. He is great at making connections with other people, and he has no troubles making friends; this helps him greatly in his occupation. He takes criticism very well and seems to be humble, especially about his work. He is physically stable, with good balance and perseverance; however, his strength is lacking. On the other hand, he is very self aware.
[google-font][center [size30 [#c19433 「] i am weak against... [#c19433 」]]
Though QUINOA CARTHAMUS makes friends easily, he is picky about those he associates himself with. Although he takes criticism with a great attitude, he has a hard time giving advice to others. Because he is levelheaded and professional, he will not have outbursts when angry; instead, he cries when infuriated. He is a hard worker and loves to talk to people, but he cannot focus at all if someone is talking to him during work hours. He has a bad relationship with his siblings, and it is a touchy subject.
[google-font][center [size30 [#c19433 「] history [#c19433 」]]
As most families, QUINOA and his family lived on a farm, and they lived a simple life. The family of six provided for themselves and hardly went hungry, but that was because of their mother. Their father had grown greedy and took up gambling. He also began buying other people's land in order to own as much as he could. Soon after, the family fell in to debt; because of this, their mother and father split up, and their mother disappeared.

Because QUINOA was their mother's favorite child, CORNELIA began to resent her younger brother and constantly picked on him. She caused him to get a very bad wound when he was six that has stuck for seventeen years. After this incident, QUINOA became distant from his siblings and took to his father. However, by the time he was eleven, QUINOA realized the truth about his father's greedy nature and distanced himself from him too.

QUINOA led a quiet life for a while, obeying his siblings and father the best he could. He was respectful and didn't want to leave his father alone as he was getting older. Whenever the King died, the Kingdom was thrown into chaos. QUINOA and his older brother MAX protected their family the best they could until everything settled. When everything was over, they family was shocked to hear that one of their relatives was sitting on the throne.

Expectedly, QUINOA's father immediately reached out to his brother who was now on the throne. Not too long after, the family packed up and moved closer to the capital. His family's debt had been forgotten and, somehow, they were bringing in money again. And a lot of it. His sisters stopped working and began living sad lives of simply looking for rich husbands, and his brother went on to become a soldier. QUINOA, however, wanted to work and do what he loved.

The King saw potential in him and made QUINOA an ambassador. He went on journeys for the King, and his most recent mission is to travel to the Fruit Kingdom to act as an envoy for the Grain Republic. Before going on his way, QUINOA is joined by RATHE, a fellow Grainian who says he is searching for LUCILLE, the king's daughter and QUINOA's cousin.
[google-font][center [size30 [#c19433 「] miscellaneous [#c19433 」]]
QUINOA CARTHAMUS has a deep scar on his right arm. This scar is a great insecurity of QUINOA's, and he hates people seeing it. The scar is from a time in his childhood. When he was younger, his two sisters really disliked him, but he always wanted to play with them. One day, he followed them into the woods to play. The two girls climbed a tree without knowing QUINOA was following, and when they found out, his elder sister pushed him from the top of the tree. He fell, cutting his arm deeply on a branch.

QUINOA has been working as Ambassador for a year now, and he has found the job to be dangerous. Because of this, he acts humble about his job and does not brag about it. He prefers not to talk about work outside of his work hours, especially to people not involved in it.


QUINOA goes by the name QUINN, but is professionally introduced by his birth name.

[b Side Note:] Please note that QUINOA's name is pronounced [kwi-no-ah], not [keen-wa]. It is pronounced the first way in my native language, so I was mistaken and did not know how it was pronounced among English speakers.
[google-font][center [size30 [#c19433 「] relationship card [#c19433 」]]

[size15 [#c19433 「] family [#c19433 」]
("Cousins by the King")

[size15 [#c19433 「] friends [#c19433 」]
("Acquaintances on a journey together")

[#c19433 「] enemies [#c19433 」]

[#c19433 「] love interests [#c19433 」]

Yamasᴏᴜ ;   4y ago


[pic] [pic]
Reiji[ ⊥ ]   4y ago

ooh look at the tiddy.

v nice yes

(Me, someone who would usually scream for the same reasons you are, after an emotional breakdown:

just want tiddy right now yes ty)
Yamasᴏᴜ ;   4y ago

[#ffffff imagine them falling asleep together holding hands, and jun tries to get up to run away to look into everything, but shui grabs him by the waist and holds him against his body so he can't leave
Yamasᴏᴜ ;   4y ago

[center [pic] [pic]
[pic] [pic]
yamasᴏᴜ ;   3y ago

[google-font][google-font][center [Raleway
[b Character Name:] Zhang Mengjie
[b Name Characters:] 張梦洁

[center [pic]]

The only daughter of Emperor Yusang of the Feng dynasty. She was married into the Duan dynasty at the young age of fourteen, wedding the crown prince Qiu Ziyi. A strictly political marriage, the two never actually meet until Qiu takes the throne five years later.

Only a year after becoming the empress, Zhang's family is overthrown and the Feng dynasty is buried beneath the ashes. Devastated, she becomes reclusive and loses the small amount of favor she had with the emperor.

Before she left the Feng dynasty years before, her mother told Zhang that no matter what, she should make the most of her life in the Duan empire and live well for her. Remembering this promise she made, Zhang became determined to rise back to her high status and seek what little justice she could for her family by honoring their name.

[i Today, Honoured Empress Ziyifeng is considered one the the most influential empresses of her time, and even when compared to those who came after her.]

[size8 [i to be continued... aka seiryuu back on her strong lady shit]

[b gallery]
[ 1], [ 2], [ 3], [ 4], [ 5], [ 6], [ 7]
yamaᴏᴏᴄ   3y ago

[center [pic]

[font "Bell MT" [b Track List:]

[size11 倪妮 - 何奈何 [ [font "Bell MT" x]]
[i (from rise of phoenix)]

[size11 林峯 - 守衛 [ [font "Bell MT" x]]
[i (from virtuous queen of han)]

[size11 雲之泣 - 青玉案] [ [font "Bell MT" x]]

[size11 周深 - 大魚] [ [font "Bell MT" x]]
[i (from big fish & begonia)]

[size11 袁婭維 - 一生等你] [ [font "Bell MT" x]]
[i (from bloody romance)]

[size11 愛殤 - 小時姑娘] [ [font "Bell MT" x]]

[size11 毛不易、周深 - 梅香如故] [ [font "Bell MT" x]]
[i (from legend of ruyi)]]


[font "Bell MT" [b History Excerpt:]

Zhao Shaoning is the third daughter of Emperor Kongdi. She holds the title of Princess Luyang, and is the only Fu princess that remains unwed. Being the youngest child of the emperor and only legitimate princess by the Empress she is heavily doted on by her father.

When she is betrothed to the second prince of the Baiwu kingdom, she throws a fit to her father, begging him not to marry her off to a far away kingdom. However, he urges her to give in to the political marriage for his sake. She begrudgingly does so, though she begins to cause scenes in the palace.

Around this time, the second prince escapes when the fourth prince murders the crown prince and king of the Baiwu and steals the throne. With no where else to go, the second prince sneaks off to the Fu empire and winds up hiding in Princess Luyang's residence.

The two fall in love, but matters worsen when the Baiwu and Fu become estranged. Desperate to return to Baiwu and reclaim the throne from his traitorous brother, Zhangsun Shilian and Princess Luyang decide to escape from the palace during the Emperor's birthday.

They are found, though the succeed in escaping. Convinced his daughter would never run away from him, the Emperor believes that Princess Luyang was kidnapped and decides to take up arms against Baiwu.

With threats in both directions, the ill-fated lovers find their tragic ends nearing, though they fight hard to survive together.

[center [pic][#ffffff __][pic]
Yama     3y ago

[center [size11 [i "为什么? 你觉得我会说谢谢吗?

荡子行不归. 空床难独守.

父王, 现在我先走了."

[size10 "Why? Did you think I would thank you?

'The wanderer travels and does not return;
An empty bed is hard to bear alone.'

Imperial Father, I will take leave first."]

- Zhao Yuening, after the disappearance of her husband General Liang.
Yama     3y ago

[center [pic]
[size10 [i *[b familial note]: only zhao xining and zhao shaoning are true children of empress yu, though all five
children of emperor kongdi are listed as children of empress yu as emperor kongdi had no official consorts.

*[b cultural note]: all royal issues have a generational name (for example, ning) to note whose child
they are. upon taking the throne or being stripped of royal title, the generational name is dropped
from the given name. example of this include:

- emperor kongdi, whose birth name was zhao hewei.
it became zhao he when he became emperor.

- emperor huadi, whose birth name was zhao xining.
it became zhao xi when he became emperor.

- princess luyang, whose birth name was zhao shaoning.
it became zhao shao when she defected to the baiwu kingdom.
however, she personally takes on the name yuhai shaoning when
she arrives in baiwu, though this is not written in historical texts.

-emperor shaodi, whose birth name was zhao yaohe.
it became zhao yao when he became emperor.

*[b historical note]: zhao yaohe is truly emperor huadi's nephew, born to zhao yuening and liang yushao
before their marriage. he is adopted by emperor huadi at a young age, as emperor huadi never marries officially. this is due to him being homosexual and in a secret relationship with the grand chancellor bai yizheng.

*[b titles]: (in order)
[i first generation]
- zhao he: emperor kongdi
- yu hanmei: empress yu

[i second generation]
- zhao xining: crown prince sui, emperor huadi
- zhao yaning: princess qiuchang
- fang hui: marquis of yuhan, minister of justice
- zhao yuening: princess anling
- liang yushao: general liang
- zhao shaoning: princess luyang, empress yuhai of baiwu
- zhao weining: prince of chang

[i third generation]
- zhao yaohe: prince of wei, crown prince ruhe, emperor shaodi
- fang yixing: marquis of yuhan, minister of masses [i (under shaodi's rule)]
- fang siyu: lady fang, princess mingyu
Yamaᴏᴏᴄ   3y ago

[center [pic]]
[size10 *[b dating note]: time period, years of reigns, birth and death dates:
[i first generation]
- zhao he:
[#ffffff ____]51 AD—78 AD
- yu hanmei:

[i second generation]
- zhao xining:
- zhao yaning:
- fang hui:
- zhao yuening:
- liang yushao:
- zhao shaoning:
- zhao weining:

[i third generation]
- zhao yaohe:
- fang yixing:
- fang siyu:
Yamaᴏᴏᴄ   11d ago

[ Okita Souji]
[ Kazama Chikage]
Reiji[ ⊥ ]   10d ago

Yamaᴏᴏᴄ   10d ago

Oh hi, Ouryuu ♥
I'm full-on writing an origin story for Ma' vahri now. I'm obsessed with her.
Yamaᴏᴏᴄ   6d ago

3 days, and then we are reborn ;- ; I am itching in anticipation for a site more closely resembling the old days, because more mobile-friendly while hurting the desktop mode is so not the move


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