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{Unbroken and Unbent} 1x1 Fin

By Mr-X

Replies: 114 / 4 years ago

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[size40 [center [b [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=153467 PART II] ] ] ]

[center [pic https://www.facenews.ua/images/doc/2/3/23c40ae-dystopia.jpg] ]
[i [b War.] ] It knows no mercy of such a thing as discrimination. It came upon the land as an unforeseeable plague. Stealing life and devouring whole nations whole, the Third World war left entire nations wiped out. The Apocalypse came. Humanity was not ready for it. However the resilience of humanity to strive forth and live mirrors that of a cockroach. It lived. It grew.. It rebuild itself better, brighter, and more technologically advance.. However human cruelty is just as resilient as the will to survive. Two hundred and sixty years into the future and not much has change

[center [b "Master" Marcus Black 20-24? Military/government background.] ]
[pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/55/36/89/553689f2cc30086008f33d352ce106f2.jpg] ]
[center [b "Slave" Lyric Swayer 19-23? Orphan/Resistance fighter background?] ]
[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/4a/a1/a9/4aa1a90863f3b716d42de97418e41daf--teal-turquoise.jpg] ]
With the evening’s event coming to a close with Edward, Lyric had expected for that to be end of the conversation. She figured Black was only really talking to her to pass the time anyway, but he squashed this belief with vigor when he continued. And not just that, but he was opening up about things he had only ever just hinted at. The man’s vulnerability was contagious, almost coaxing something out of her as well, however the bright-haired woman did not feel it was time to story swap. She would not leave him in silence though. After hearing what was likely the reason he hated the rebellion so much, she drew some connections to her own life. They were not direct parallels, just similar sentiments. But it was enough for her not to want to leave him alone with those thoughts. [b “I know it probably doesn’t mean anything coming from me, but I think it is something to be proud of.”] Her dark eyes stayed off in the distance when she spoke, afraid that if she looked at him it might make things too personal. The relationship between them was already weird enough as it was, she didn’t want to complicate it any further. Not that that was going to be possible if they went outside the barrier together... life was complex.

His final comment elicited a sigh from her. After all the work to get rid of the title, now he was going to miss it? It was infinitely difficult to now ask why. Being in charge of a declining humanity was not her idea of a good time. But they were very different people from one another, so she didn’t expect she would understand even if he explained. Though, maybe one day she would ask what he meant by that. For now, though, [b “You are a confusing man, Marcus.”] was all she had to say about it. In fact, that concluded their interactions for the night.

The next day was simultaneously the slowest she had ever lived through and a blur. There was a lot to be done by everyone on the team putting the election together, but even so they were all so anxious to see the results that it drew the day out. Luckily, Lyric was not put in the group in charge of counting and watching votes. Seeing the numbers dance around on the screen, battling back and forth sounded like torture for her. But that also meant she had to wait all the longer for the result. She was in the broadcasting room with many of her fellow board members when Abel entered. In a sealed envelope he held the answer. He was on the counting committee, so he knew what it was, but the man stayed silent, a perfect poker face on his features as not to give clue to anyone else.

The stoke of eight struck the clock and all screens in the city and out of it flared on. Abel was already set in front of the camera. It was reminiscent of that time not so long ago when he announced the destruction of the city, but this time his message was a hopeful one. The world was about to get a little bit better. After a short introduction and quip about what was going on, the man got straight to the point. Using a worn letter opener, he unsealed the envelope on screen. There was no urgency as he unfolded the stark paper inside. [b “And our new Supreme commander, by a margin of four percent of the vote, is Maria Kyle.”] It was not so much of a landslide as many of them expected, but a healthy enough portion that it was clear what the people wanted. Lyric was satisfied with that.

The broadcast was switched to a secondary location swiftly after that. Maria was ready to give her acceptance speech, an elegant and hopeful address to everyone watching. The bright haired woman watched with a sense of accomplishment in her stomach. She was genuinely glad for the Kyles. Deep down she wanted Maria to win, her own personal bias after how they helped her. With a smile on her face Lyric listened to the message. Change was on the horizon, and she could no wait to see it.
Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 2y ago
"Oh?" Blacks eye-brows rose a little bit in curiosity before it decided to turn his attention towards the reaction of the crowd at the gentlemen's speech. He truly was one who seemed to be a fire starter. The way he conveyed himself, the confidence he carried, and the fact that he was able to natch Maria in popularity (which was no easy feat) was something that Black admired in him. Tomorrow. The fate of the world seemingly would hang in the balance. The election day would be tomorrow with polls opening at 10 am and closing at 6 P.M. the winner would be announced aloud at eight sharp tomorrow night.

Leaning against the wall, he twirled his thumbs together before he nodded his head. There was something left unsaid before. Shifting uncomfortably Black spoke softly [i "Back when I served as head of the military police.. I.. you could say, fell in love with my enemy. She was a fiesty rebel that always dreamed that this day would come. Unfortunately, meeting your girlfriend on the opposite side of a batttlefield hampers some things. If she didn't try to assassinate me... I wondered if she would've been proud of this day."]

He never truly open up about his past. It never mattered any ways. Shifting in his feet he turned his head towards her and sighed. [b "I'm going to miss being supreme commander."]
Marcus "Black" / Mr-X / 2y ago
Through months of watching the election come together, Lyric in many ways felt like nothing more than a spectator. That was not to say she did not speak her mind, because she did when she felt like she needed to. Months of popping off to the most dangerous man in the world [i might] have emboldened her the tiniest bit. However, the committee was surprisingly likeminded. Most everyone there was looking for similar qualities in their new leader. Seldom was there need to argue it out. When an applicant was bad, they were rotten to the core. No on in this group was willing to stand for that. So when someone like Atticus Finch stood to speak, the bright haired woman was almost happy about it. Everyone knew he was a piece of shit and had been responsible for a large portion of the misery down below. There was a great satisfaction that came from him confessing his crimes. True they were unspeakable, and she was appalled to know it was worse than anyone thought, but he would get his. What’s more he rolled over on some of his associates, including Cecil Jacobs, who was one of the main scavenger leaders helping to syphoning the food supply away from the lower rings. Overall, she counted it as a win for humanity.

What Lyric had not been expecting was to discover that Mrs. Maria Kyles was throwing her hat into the ring when it came to the presidency. The dark eyed woman was in no way opposed, in fact she quite liked the idea, it was just shocking. What’s more that she was standing amongst the few who remained in the end. Edward Staunch was the other contender who stood a fair chance, but based off the applause in the background alone it looked like Maria was going to take the election. She had the fan base, but despite the thunderous hoots and hollers coming from the people, the man walked out tall and proud to give his own speech. He was not the type to shy away from a challenge and he had plans for the future of humanity. Ones that were fully approved as acceptable by the board who allowed him to come this far.

Black’s words earned a skeptical side eye look from the woman at next to him. [b “You know I don’t believe that for a second.”] She made no mention of her own feelings about the situation. Lyric was next to certain he was still just trying to get her to come along on his little pet project of an exploration mission. With months to sit and think on it, and having the ‘misfortune’ of frequently seeing Mr. Marcus Thorne, her opinion on whether she should go or not was slowly shifting. Or was it more that she was getting to see him not as a captor, but more of a comrade fighting on the same side as her. It was weird, but admittedly he was much easier to deal with when you weren’t fighting him. [b “But don’t count your chickens before they hatch. You might not be through with me just yet.”] Lyric wasn’t a hundred percent sure herself, but there was a chance, and strangely enough she was actually telling him that.

Beyond them, the crowd came into another roaring ovation. Apparently, they liked what Edward had to say as well. Maybe this election wouldn’t be as one sided as Lyric thought it would.
Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 2y ago
[b August]
Shifting in his seat rather uncomfortably, the male tried his best to keep his composer. An almost rather impossible feat considering how his PTSD seemed to kick in at the most inopportune of times. The last time he found himself around these many rebels.. Thoughts of the past which rose to the surface where better left forgotten. Anyways, it was for the betterment of the people that he met with former enemies that were now friends.

"Ho, Ho.. Ho.. Has months with living with a rebel lass not prepared for this my youthful friend..?" The voice of Alex came out peaceful as he leaned forward and rested his head upon his hands. Beside him sat Jaune and Mason both elderly men who each carried with them their own demeanor. While the lather had experiences dealing with rebels in times of peace Black had none. He was a man harden by war; peace was a foreign flavor that he still had to adjust to on enjoying and savoring. Nevertheless, as he continued to shift in his chair he simply kept his eyes focus on the [s rebels] [i people of the election community] in his sight. Pulling out an electric pad, he simply start typing. Sliding a pad towards the middle of the table, he pressed on button on his pad and all of a sudden a hologram of a person sprang up and black let out a cough..

[b "52, I admit that's a lot less people I'd expect that would be vying for power. But that's how many people applied to become the next president of our little city.. Now, to begin the process of narrowing it down to ten canidates and deciding which ones we want to invite for interviews.. Now the fun begins.."]

[center [i september] ]

Flashing a fox grin towards her dearest friend, the wife of Alex, and friend of Miss Lyric's was rather at home as she sat still waiting for the interview process. The rebels looked upon her with favor; she had been a secret spy for them after all. Not only that, but the woman who was consider to be the queen of gossip, was somehow a favor candidate among the women would be-Marcus imagine-absolutely ecstatic once it was announce that she was in the running for presidency. Wearing a flowering red dress, the lady soon stood up before she ran fingers through her hair.

Before the start of the process, every candidate had been administer a rather potent dose of truth serum. Such things as charisma, deceit, and wit were need when it came to appealing to the people. But when it came to being allow the honor, it was important that no nefarious schemes were hidden deep within the hearts of its candidates. It'd been Marcus idea and a twinge of regret filled his stomach as he felt bad about doing it for her but consistency was key.

As she lifted her hand to pledge to tell the truth and whole truth and nothing but the truth, Miss kyle smiled as she began [i "Ask me any thing you'd like... Though, Alex dear, please be appropriate."] That brought on some laughter as she gave her husband a wink and the questioning began..

[center [b September] ]

"A fucking truth Serum! What type of disrespectful shit is this!?"
The voice of Atticus roared as he look the towering figure of Barret in his face. Despite the fact of him being a retired military figure, that didn't mean that the male was far form being capable of committing acts of violence against that threaten the future peace.

[i "Every other president candidate has taken one.. Where therefore lies the problem?"]

Anger flared up against the darken man as he sneered and snatch the shot from the man. Jabbing the needle into his arm he gritted his teeth as he administered it to himself. Gritting his teeth and baring through the pain he suddenly let out a gasp before he starred upwards at the man who stood dominating his presence. "None at all."

[center [i September] ]
"Okay, okay, you were right when it came to making everyone take those truth Serums. If we had allowed someone like that..."
As prison guards restrained Atticus, there was a look of disgust upon one of the rebels faces.

Atticus Fitch, the man who was guilty of stealing from the poor. The man who had told the voting committee of his own crime against humanity. In the times of Lillian such a man would be put to death, however as Marcus shifted unto his feet he looked at the man and spoke. [b "As much as I would like to put the treacherous dog to Death. We mustn't let filth like him deter us from our vision. We've narrowed it down to four candidates. After the election this man will face the people and face Justice.."]

[center [b October.] ]

Firm hands grab hold of trembling hands as Alex sat in his wheelchair looking up at his beautiful wife. Kissing her hands softly he murmured
"You will do well my beloved. Remember, we've been fighting for this. A world were justice is fundamental truth. Not a right afford or overlooked to those born into wealth, or a different social class. Speak from the heart and all will be well.."

Leaning down the lips of the two connected briefly before the mistress stood and made her way to the podium.

As she step out the crowd went wild. Not only was she known for owning multiple beauty shops, on many occasions she had donated to the poor. Her and her husband where well known for being a power couple along with philanthropist. as she stood on the stage she breath in and out. Right now her images where being project to thousands and thousands of millions right now it scared her for a moment. Still, it is by working through fear that one is victorious. Standing firm she slowly began to speak..

The roar of the crowd was deafening as she finished speaking. Many people truly did love her and as Marcus stood beside Lyric he sighed.
[i "It seems as if we're almost done when it comes to our time spent together. I'ma miss working with you.." A mixture of both pride, sarcasm and sincerity all were mingled into oe thought he knew the feeling would never be mutual.
Mr-X / 2y ago
To be quite frank, Lyric expected Barlow to be wealthy. She could tell that from his zip code alone, but she hadn’t expected it to be as much as what she was seeing upon walking into his neighborhood… if it could be called that. It was closer to a loose collection of estates than any neighborhood she had ever seen. The bright haired woman had thought spending all that time in Black’s fancy apartment might mentally prepare her for all this, but this was on an entirely different level. No doubt the one time general could have had this if they bumped up the security, but Lyric was suddenly very grateful that had not been the case. Being stuck in a penthouse loft had been enough to deal with, she couldn’t imagine enduring that same solitude in a mansion. She shuddered at the thought.

Coming up to the correct gate, one again the woman found herself filled with the urge to turn around and go right back where she came from. However, the thought of just how awkward that would be kept her feet firmly in place. She really did not look like she belonged her and walking back and forth with no real aim would only make it look like she was sizing up the place. A bold and very stupid move. Though as her mind ran through all this another thought came to her. Maybe she did look like she belonged here? Not in appearance, god no, but not that long ago she had been publicly dragged into the limelight as one of the important few who would be responsible for choosing humanities fate. Whether she wanted it or not, she was ‘important’, and people everywhere were going to know who she was. But stupidly enough, this was the first time that had dawned on her and she did not much care for the idea.

Shoving her hesitation away, Lyric allowed herself to look beyond the gate to everything within. There was an abundance of hearty but aesthetically pleasing plants on the property. The landscaper probably had their work cut out for them, but it looked nice even if it was wasteful. Nestled in all of that was a house unlike any she had ever seen. It was beautiful in a strange and unique sort of way. It almost resembled something more of a monument or town feature than a place someone would live. She could only assume this is what happened when an architect built his own home. Taking it all in allowed her a few more moments to collect herself before reaching out to hit the button on one of the pillars of the gate. Screen flashing on, the response was quick.

[b “Name and business, please.”] The woman on the screen spoke quickly, but not in way that made her seem cross. Lyric sort of wondered who she was, but all signs pointed to her being a servant of some sort.

Staring back at the video of the woman, Lyric was sure that there was a camera pointed right at her so she did her best to smile, though she was certain it was awkward. [b “Ly-“] she cut herself short. [b “Sawyer Barlow.”] The syllables tasted strange on her tongue. Sure, she was accustomed to being called Sawyer, in fact most everyone she knew called her by her surname, but the rest of it was nearly foreign. [b “I’m here for a visit…”] All the hesitation she had managed to display made her doubtful she would gain admittance, however that seemed to be enough. There was a shrill buzz and the gate began to move. Taking that as clue enough to get moving, Lyric continued up the path that led to the house off in the distance.

The door opened as she came up the steps, for a moment she thought it was automatic, but soon realized the woman from before was there. [b "Welcome home, Miss."] To that she nearly had a visceral response, but managed not to flinch. Instead the dark eyed woman nodded, hoping that would be enough to get her by since she had no idea what to say to such a greeting. This was going to be weird.
Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 2y ago
Taking the glass of wine within his hands, Jaune leaned forward as he took in the face of the newest supreme commander. How long had it been since man ruled the world? T simply made the make smirk in his own amused smiled before he leaned back against the couch and sipped. The conversation and insight which the make had given him was all that he needed to be fully in when it came to helping make sure that the next election was held freely and that those who wouldused democracy as a guiae to erect an oligarchy were snuffed out. "You truly are a remarkable man. Holding all the pain in and trying your best to fulfil the last request of the woman you loved."

That steel gaze of the make never faultered even when he was thinking of the past and how fate had caused him to meet the beautiful girl several years ago. Lenaing against his work chair he spoke up with confidence not needing liqour or any other sedative or drug to calm his nerves which were no doubt shot to all hell.
[b "I've hardly a clue what you speak of. After the rampage our supreme commander went on and the shit the rebels pulled... War simply can't be a luxury to explore. I've no interest in fulfilling the dreams of the bitch that quite literately shot me in the back."]

His voice was cool and as he spoke and his face betrayed nothing. Standing up from his desk the male stretched muttering about how it's easier that one at least one of the men he had to find had shown up at his door. Now, all he had to figure out was what in the fuck Mason was.

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/b68c09ab72b7c4b916b729d93685efc2/tumblr_inline_mxej76zHme1s2pyq9.jpg]

As the holy man sat in front of the man clutching his roasry beads, he nodded his head as if to confirm what he'd said was the absolute truth. In the eyes of God there was no accident. Knowing full where the mounting tension and overwhelming filling of anxiety that was welling up in Jonathon's stonach he stretched out his hand and held his tight.. [i "I just don't understand his perverse fixation on my daughter. Hasn't she suffered enough?"]

"Surely, you weren't expecting her to just join the upper realma of society and spend the rest of her life spoiled? Your daughter was destine for greatness. If not, than God would not have spared her from the mad doctors experiemnet or kept. Her safe. I suggest the next time you see her you allow her to speak and hear her story before you ask if she has the desire to retired and spend all of her life surrounded by wealth and servants."

Standing up, the former military general turned priest nodded his head as he headed towards the door. If only he'd linger a few more minutes. Than he would've ran into a certain fiesty green haired lass.
Marcus "Black" / Mr-X / 2y ago
Things broke up and strangely enough, despite more hustle and bustle than normal, Lyric was able to return to life as she knew it. Before all this nonsense with Black and her supposed slavery to him. Many of her old comrades were wary of her, thinking she must have bent to the general’s will. After all, he was the notorious Marcus Thorn who could bring any man to his knees with tormenting words alone. The woman really could not blame them, especially since he had pulled her into a coveted position on this council that was supposedly going to help establish a new leader. Of course, she looked like one of his puppets. Still, there were those among her friends who still made attempt to speak with her. Mainly they wanted to know what it was like to be in such close proximity to Black and the late supreme commander. True to her nature, Lyric told it how it was: boring, boring, boring. Sure, were a couple of highlights, but she was more a high stakes hostage than a servant. All in all, it was much less strenuous than she had expected going into it, but that did not make it an enjoyable experience by any means. The bright haired woman was still plagued with concerns about what Lillie did with that vial of her blood. Paranoia that she might have found some magic way to resurrect herself and subjugate them all again fueled her nightmares. It was impossible, but that mattered little to her sleeping mind.

There was a lot of plotting going around with Abel. He must have held some interest in keeping a sense of trust between him and Black, otherwise she didn’t think he would actually be keeping her around to help. There were a lot of other more capable people in the rebellion. It was a little frustrating, because it only prolonged Lyric’s feelings of being a pawn. However, she was getting the chance to meet some interesting characters. A middle-aged woman named Anna, she was soft spoken, but looked tougher than nails. The younger woman didn’t know a thing about her, but apparently, she was one of the people Abel wanted in the picture. The other was a surprise to her. Claus Artois, the owner of a string of mines. He was wealthy, not as much so as those in the upper echelons of the elite, but still leagues better off than anyone in the lower, and probably even the middle, rings. However, he was also rumored to treat his workers and their families very well. The type to share his fortune, so to speak. Needless to say, they were an interesting duo, but she assumed Abel had his reasons for what he did and she was not about to question it.

Between all the action, Lyric was afforded some down time. Most of this she spent on her own walking the streets of the slums she considered home. It was as she remembered. The same terrible view of a clouded gray sky, the same vaguely foul smell on the wind, and the same tired faces passing by, but she missed every bit of it despite the awful state of disrepair. Lyric only strayed from this pattern of wandering once, and that was on a hesitant whim. That whim took her up to visit Jonathan Barlow, the man who was supposedly her father. Not that she really felt like she needed a parent at this point, but she was curious about him. Surely, he would be disappointed to know she was actually part of the rebellion that destroyed all his pretty masterpieces... A thought that almost made her turn right around and never consider looking his way again, however she held firm and took up his previous offer to meet with him now that she was no long held under Black’s thumb quite so tight.
Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 2y ago
Sitting underneath the tree Alex felt at peace as he sat beside his former enemy who'd die long before he had. Enjoying the coolness of the breeze and the scenery he turned towards the young female before as she brushed a lock of red behind an ear. [i "Before they... before I died. I assumed that maybe, just maybe you would be the last decent man left in this world. Sounds like you tried your best to make a change.. it wasnt you're fault what happen. You were told to play a double agent. And you did a good job. You didnt know they would massacre us all."]

Looking ahead, as she spoke those words he couldnt bare listen to her before he spoke in a hush voice. [b "But you did.."] he murmured. Nodding her head, she spoke softly confirming that and as she shifted from slowly she leaned her head against the tree and murmured. "To think I had a crush on my enemy.. and he ended up getting married while I stay dead.. what's a poor rebel girl to go.." She teased him before she sighed and once more pouted.

[b "Heaven. Is much more beautiful than I imagine.."] Standing up, he dusted off his pants and smiled looking at the girl before dusting off his pants. [b "I'm glad we were able to talk these last few minutes.."]

[i "Indeed.. Now go.. you're need down there.. And next time. Introduce me to your lovely wife. Sir William Turner..]

Everything hurt... but he felt as if he were going to be alright. Closing his eyes and open them he saw a crying face follow by a stony one. It seemed as if he missed alot and he wasnt entirely sure how he survived falling from the sky. But nevertheless he was alive. Some miracle unexplained and unheard of was the cause of this and As Marcus stood by his bedside he slowly spoke and Alex, nodded his head showing he understood it all.
[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/b68c09ab72b7c4b916b729d93685efc2/tumblr_inline_mxej76zHme1s2pyq9.jpg]

After the negotiations was done and Marcus had arrange for Lillie to be cremated the only thing left to do was gather up those who he had named as wanting to come to the meeting with him. It turned out that Johnathon was rather a genius and had design a safety net if anything had happen to the garden to cause it to fall out of the sky than the bottom of the garden had advance technology that basically made it to well it would decelerate slowly while falling.

What Alex had just thought to be his mind playing tricks on him was real and all he suffered was broken bones and the lost of both his legs. A devastating fate for one who stood so tall. Yet, as he and black spoke he smiled and looked at him with those eyes teasing him with a "I knew you had a thing for the girl. These old eyes can clearly see love when it forms.."

It was good to laugh and joke again with the Kyle's.
And now Black had three days to find the others a feat which wouldn't be to hard at all. As the new supreme commander (or acting supreme commander) there were tons of people pouring him to meet him and greet him and kiss his ass thinking that that would earn then a position to be the next leader. Apparently "elected leader" was a foreign concept and there were those who assumed that one could easily just bribe they were to positions of powers. Not on his watch.

And so, sitting down at his desk in his office after the hospital visit Black was thoroughly please when he heard someone buzz to him on the speaker that he had a surprise guess who was none other than Jaune.
Alex Kyle / Mr-X / 2y ago
Taking precautions so that this did not turn into a popularity contest where you could buy your friends was pretty high on Lyric’s priority list, so she was glad to hear Black agree with the idea of doing something about it, even if it was not what they had suggested. She, for one, was ready to leave room for a dialog there because it was unlikely that the first idea would be the best idea. However, the conversation moved on and the dark man brought who he’d like to have help on his side. They were all names she had heard. The latter two were indeed well known for being some of the few decent upper-class gentlemen left. Alex of course she knew more personally, and so that is where she would speak from. [b “I can vouch for the Kyles,”] the comment was more to the man on her side than Black. [b “Alex is someone we can trust to keep straight in all this.”] She nodded, confident in that.

The rebel leader nodded. That was good to know, but he still planned to do a little digging to get a few more details. He hoped to get a little more information on all three of those men, even though many of their reputations spoke for themselves. Abel always thought it better to be safe than sorry. That sense of reserved caution was how he lived his life, and probably why he was still alive despite his position in the rebellion. The other part of that was knowing how to hide, so he thought it a bit humorous that the general called on them to pick the meeting place. Abel barely had to think about it, he knew where he wanted this to be done.

[b “In the southeast quadrant of the lowest circle, there is a tavern called ‘The Raven’s Roost,’ that would be the most ideal location for us.”] The tavern had served as a place of meeting for the rebellion for decades now and it had been in Abel’s family just as long. His sister Tabitha currently ran it. The man thought it would only be fitting as it used to be the main place of gathering back when this particular strand of the rebellion first started up. It was a piece of history and he wanted to keep it relevant, though he very much doubted that the patrons there would be all too happy to have [I the] Marcus Thorne grace them with his presence. Oh well.

Lyric was more than a little shocked to hear Abel mentioned the Raven’s Roost. She wasn’t particularly far up the food chain, but even she knew that place was important and served as one of the few strongholds for the rebellion that had not been infiltrated. The woman had been there a few times herself, generally just in the tavern portion of the establishment that served as a cover. She had only been into the actual conference area once, and that was when she had been summoned concerning her role as a trading piece, so it wasn’t exactly a pleasant memory.
Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 2y ago
[b "You make a valid point..] Black spoke as he cross his arms together and took n every word that Lyric and the man whom he'd never seen before spoke. Bribes and using ones own personal wealth to sway the influences of votes would impede the process of true democracy. Of course, there could be a way around this if .. pausing, he chewed upon his lip slowly before he nodded his head. There would have to be very careful scrutinizing and making sure that everything that could go according to plan went that way.

[b "I might as well name the people I want to be helping me on my side. Alex Kyle, Mason Weatherman and Jaune Jacques. The last two men are generally well respect by both the poor and upper class. You might have seen Jaune donating his own food supplies to the needy in times of winter. And Mason, well he runs a church open to all people. Both are retired military men and while one went the religious route the other got into communications and acquired wealth by selling and fixing basically everything every one uses to communicate and talks to each other. I'm sure you might have seen some of his employees. They both believe in democracy and having worked under the supreme commander they fully aware of what and how someone who wants to seize power for themselves would think like and act like.."]

With that, Black closed his eyes. He wondered if Alex had manage to escape when he sent out the message for helicopters to escape. Tapping his ear, he tapped into the military network and bit his lip. It seem as if there connections were still down. It would take a moment for things to work and get right again but as of right now, Black looked at the rebels and spoke. [b "I'll let you choose where were meeting. I know I haven't... We haven't given you a reason to trust the government but how's the time to change it.. slowly.."] he spoke shifting from one feet to another. It felt weird knowing that change was coming and it was in the air.
Marcus "Black" / Mr-X / 2y ago
Lyric found it a mite funny that he turned down the idea of being lonely and tried to fill its place with logic. But it still did not explain why he chose her. There were a hundred people in the rebellion that would have filled this position of ‘second most powerful person’ a whole lot better than her. He was right though, having two people that stood on just about opposite ends of the political compass would bolster confidence in people of differing views. Still, she kept her mouth shut. Just like she wasn’t going to argue with him about the first matter, she wasn’t going to compliment him on the second.

All listening carefully, the cluster of rebels who were still on the scene wore careful looks. The wheels in their minds were turning. Each and every one of them was trying to find some hole to poke in Black’s plan. Unfortunately, it seemed solid enough. And as much as Lyric wanted to open it straight up to the people, having a preliminary round for those orchestrating the election to scrutinize those who entered the race was a good idea. It would be a chance to veto certain individuals who would undoubtable come forward with wicked intentions. That being said, she did have something to add. [b “We need to set rules and regulations for campaigning. There is no use allowing anyone to join the race if it only comes down to personal wealth and resources in the end.”] Whoever had the money to get their name out there the farthest would win by default. Not to mention they could easily bribe the public. The woman hoped to nip that in the bud before it even begun.

The man in charge of the rebellion stepped in with her on that. It was the tired-eyed man from the broadcast they had played during the attack. Even up till now he had not shared his name with the public, save for in one place. It was on the document he had just signed with the supreme commander: Abel Kant. [b “I agree, things like designated air times and locations for when and how our candidates can actively make comment on their platform may be necessary.”] As much as he wished they could keep this open and free flowing, with the state of the world as it was they needed rigid structure for just a little while longer. [b “There is a lot to be worked out there, but that is something that should be done at a later time and with all the involved parties present.”] Abel was not entirely sure who Black wanted involved with all this. He was going to have to have a sit down with Lyric since she was officially the face of and conduit for the rebellion. Abel wanted to be sure she was fully prepared to push their agenda.

Even though she was the one who brought up the idea in the first place, Lyric knew it was going to be an absolute nightmare to try and contain this. Especially in the ways they needed for it to work fairly. The young woman was not looking forward to it, not even a bit. But if this was the path toward true progress then she would walk it, begrudgingly even, so that humanity just might have a future. Whether she would do anything more than that was yet to be seen, but there was always a chance and only time would tell.
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At her remark the only thing the male could do was crinkle his nose before letting out a deep sigh. [b "Lonely, as if. Even if you're enemy and my former employer is out of the picture doesn't mean I can't trust the rebellion. It's a known fact that a sudden usurpation of power leads to a violent clash of power. The rebellion doesn't trust me. Whether or not I trust them to sit back and watch the elections take place is irrelevent. With you being the second most powerful person in the world as of right it allows the rebels to at least have someone they can trust. The more trusting they are of the people who hold the power, the less likely bloodshed is to occur. It's nothing more than building a system of safety and safety nets."] He spoke. Turning his head towards Barrett he was about to open his mouth but the old man just lifted his hands and step back slowly. As if to say the last thing he ever wanted to do was get involved back in politics and it's political struggles.

Stepping forward Thorn grabbed looked at the rebel leader and he spoke [b "I know you all have people in your ranks who you think can do a better job running this world than the higher ups. I also firmly believe that I know people who can do a much better job than Lillian. Therefore, I suggest we hold three elections. The first one being a private one. We look at every one who has enter and decided who we think is the best fit. Than out of those we select an even number and have the people for who their top three choices. Who's ever left we give then a platform to speak on and from than its up to the people to decide what's best for them.. anyone have any objections or better ideas?"]

He was use to taking charge and assessing the situation. But it would be nice to have other people brain storm and work together with. Hopefully this time he wouldn't end up being stabbed through the back like the last time he willingly extended his hand towards the rebels.

[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/c8/1a/03/c81a03241f9f2e1b32ae858a534cba82--character-ideas-character-art.jpg] ]
"Fuckin' finally."

With each day since the announcement information bulletins had been sent our and displayed in public on all the huge monitors which had once been used to televised the address which the supreme commander had given. Oh, how he had dreamed of the day where he could seize power. It seemed only right that one of the richest men in the world should have the right to rule it, and if he could oh the very first thing he would do would be to wipe put poverty. How would one do such a thing you ask? He gave himself a grin before heading towards the door.

He was sure how many people had submitted their name to be consider as worthy to start campaigning but oh how he hope he was chosen. And even if he wasn't choose this time around he was sure that whoever was would be a friend and he could bribe the man to have his will be done. But first thing first was

[i "Sir!! Bad news sir.." ]

Turning upon his heels Atticus bit his thumb before he murmured. "What is it?"

[i "The rebels have permission to look at our food distribution. They're going to find out what.. you've done and.."]

Turning upon his heels Atticus clenched his fist and cursed. Those damning bastards of the Thorn. Always striving to be noble and fair no doubt Marcus had a hand in doing this. Biting his tongue the male kept his composure before speaking. "fuckin hell. Guess there's nothing to do now but go along with it.. soon I'll rule. And if not than I'll see my plans within action." He murmured to himself.

[pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/b68c09ab72b7c4b916b729d93685efc2/tumblr_inline_mxej76zHme1s2pyq9.jpg]

Somewhere in the city an elderly lady was sitting at her shop staring out towards the window. Locks of reddish grey fell into her eyes but a single hand tucked them behind an ear. Tear stained cheeks couldn't be hid no matter how much make up she wore and her wrinkle appeared more so than before. There was nothing of importance to say or do in the midst of quiet days. However, as she sat with hands folded she could see the face of her dearest friend.

Reaching out to grab hold of him, she looked deeply into his eyes before he pulled away and offered an apology. But the woman shook her head and nipped at the corner of her eyes, a stray tear had fallen but if didn't matter. [i "I just want my daughter to come home.. I've spent an entire life time with out her.."]

A sentiment the woman felt. However the one she loved and care for would never again walk through the door. Than laughing face or head full so grey would never reflect her laughter and gaiety back at her. Such was the fate of all which passed into the next world. However as she sat there with the other male she whispered. [b "I only hope I'm allowed a chance to run. Alex would have loved to see this day."]

[i "aye he would. Aye he woild.."]
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The mix of emotions that Lyric felt at hearing the news that they would be releasing Black were mixed. They had worked so hard to get a hold of him, and yet they were backing down so soon. She knew that must have meant they were getting more than just pardons, the letter even said they were to remain in control of the food source for the time being, but who knew how long that would last.

Time passed quickly, and the woman came to terms better with the way things would be. They had taken the general in hopes of swaying his opinion, but with that unlikely to happen, his being a bargaining piece was the next best thing. This was probably the best outcome and the people in charge must have seen that, even if it felt like a waste. Still, after about two weeks, she was ready to have a taste of fresh air again. And when the moment came, it was incredibly sweet, although that might have been the fact that she knew she was getting her freedom out of this deal as well. She savored the feeling all the way to the rendezvous at that fateful place she and Black had met. But this time, there was a lot more ceremony to the situation. Something she was not entirely stoked about, but at least it would paint both sides in a good light.

Somehow, the bright haired woman had been wrangled into being a part of the main exchange. Something about her being a notable face, but at this point she knew that was just to cover up the fact that most of them were still terrified of Black and thought that she could keep him under control. Which was not even remotely true, but here she stood all the same, face to face with Lilly for what she hoped would be the last time.

Lyric did offer Barret a nod of the head in acknowledgment. This was not really a time for smiles, so that was all she could extend to him for the time. But it seemed that he did not see things the way she did. The large man went so far as to reach out to her and make comment. One that the supreme commander chimed in to with agreement. It left the rebel woman a mite confused. She had not done anything. Nothing besides make a nuisance of herself and act as a token to be traded, much like Black was now. Her hair fluttered around as she shook her head, but once again she gave no words. This was a time for silence, not making an ass of herself and the resistance on live broadcast.

Time seemed to slow down now that the ball was rolling. Lyric kept waiting for something to go wrong, but it was nothing more than paranoia. The signing went off without a hitch, though she was not entirely sure what all that lengthy piece of paper said. Hopefully, they hadn’t all sold their souls to this demon of a woman. It felt as though she was about to find out when Lilly took up the mic. Though, she was barely able to put out her hopeful message before Black jumped in with some very surprising news. There would be an election. Seems he didn’t want to have the end of humanity on his shoulders, but that was just as well to her. She didn’t want to have to see his face for every quarterly update from here on out. But just as she was reveling in that small victory, he decided he was going to ensnare her one last time. Her jaw dropped, though she had it shut tight within seconds, teeth grit in frustration. It was very difficult not to glare him down right then.

When he was done, and the cameras shut off, Lyric was finally able to relax to some extent. At least in the fact that she would not have to worry about making anyone other than herself look bad, but that really didn’t help that she was seething. Just when she thought she was going to be able to go back to her regular life, or what it would become now that things were supposedly going to be different, he roped her back in. His comment about revenge was not particularly helpful either. [b “You mother fucker…”] Lyric wanted to hit him in that smug face of his [I so] bad. This was going to be an absolute shit show and he knew it. Anyone with any sort of agenda was going to make a play for power. A power struggle the likes of which they had never seen would definitely ensue… she was not looking forward to having to try and direct or contain that in any way, shape, or form. But at the same time, she couldn’t back out; not if she wanted this to be fair. It was unlikely he would pick another rebel to replace her if she stepped down. Her hands were tied… It was actually a pretty ingenious plan as far as revenge schemes went. She had to participate, and she could not risk sabotaging this to spite him. After all, she wanted a chance for someone with fresh ideas to have a shot at leading them into a hopefully brighter future. Sighing, she was going to have to concede. The woman pinched at the bridge of her nose as she tried to sort through her thoughts. [b “You must be the loneliest man on this whole damn planet if you are willing to do all this to keep me around. That or the stupidest, if you think for one second I am not going to give you hell like you’ve never seen before.”] This was of course a bluff, considering anything she did to him would fall back on her. At least anything that was really irritating. Lyric supposed she could try and get back into his apartment to rearrange the furniture again, but she highly doubted she would be given access. Even if they were going to work together, that didn’t mean she had to live with him.

[b “And don’t think just because you are putting on this election, that means I am going to change my mind about your little excursion outside.”] Lyric said that, but that was exactly what this meant. If there was a chance for things to get better here, she would feel okay leaving this hub to look for a way to expand. And perhaps if Black continued on this less tyrannical path he seemed to be on, she might just be able to stand him for the duration of the time they would be stuck together. There were a lot of ifs, but who knew what the future held for them.
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"And this is how things come to an end.."
"Mmhm... are you mad at me.. for..."
"I've grown to hate you and become mad at you for many things supreme commander. But this, not at all."
"So you did hate me.. figures.. Marcus?"
"Yes, supreme commander?"
"Can you call me by my name.. just this once.. my.. full name.. call it.. am dying girls last wish.."
"Sure.. Lillian Roslyn... Thorne.."
" Mmhm. That's not my last name.. But it's as good a name as any. Black, what will you do now?"
"With you dead? Fulfil a promise I made to a friend.."
"Mmhm.. what friend was that?"
"The one which shot me.. the woman I love. The woman that almost took my life. I promised her to create a world where rebellion wouldn't need to exist. A world of equality.."
"Mmhm.. A beautiful dream Marcus.. I never gave you any freedom did I?"
"Do you still hate her? The rebellion? Lyric Sawyer?"
"Yes.. I hate all of them.. But I never hated Lyric. She would've made a Damn fine soldier."
"Yes Lillian? Where will you go after this?"
"To finish the last of my orders which you gave me. Find your home. It's out there, in the toxic wasteland right?"
"Mmhm.. perhaps there.. you'll find the cure.. the answer.. and maybe.. just maybe humanity will survive."
"Doubtful... but.. I think, whoever will become the next supreme commander will do a good job."
"You're not going to take the promotion. It's one hell of a fun job."
"Nah. I learn that I hate baby sitting.. and being supreme commander and babysitting the last of humanity.its to bothersome.."
"Marcus... I'm sorry. I've taken so much from you... and."
"Stop it. Lillian you never apologize before. Don't do it now."
"Mmhm.. Marcus?"
"Good night.."
"Yeah...good night Lillian.."

[center [pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/b68c09ab72b7c4b916b729d93685efc2/tumblr_inline_mxej76zHme1s2pyq9.jpg] ]

It was something to poet for the likes of Marcus Black. The last time he had been involved in a prisoner exchange the sky was a dismal grey and rain pour down upon them as if to say there was no hope in the future. But now the clouds were practically a bright blue and the clouds white and stretched out across the sky. What's more, a familiar face greeted both him and Lyric along with one other that would've looked familiar had it not grown all pale and weaken. By now, the figure of the once intimidating woman had shrunk down to an elder lady who need to be push about in a wheel chair. it was depressing.

Furthermore, the fact that it was all publicize and there was a tv crew fi ling the exchange was something that black found all the more irritating. He had no idea how long he'd been cooped up underneath the watch of the rebellion but he had known well enough that his appearance had been worn down. Gritting his teeth toward, he had whispered [I "I guess this is the end of the game lyric."] With half sincerity and the other half pure mockery but it was fine. He was sure that the feeling they had of finally being rid of each other and the relief which it would bring was mutual.

Cradling in the lap of the supreme commander was an offical document which would work as a sort of peave treating between the government and the rebellion of sorts. Being kept in the dark was another thing which black didn't like, however as he near the cripple leader and Barret he could see that the man had mix emotions on his face. Black knew that this was the last place the man had wanted to be. Military life never suited him, it was something he endured to get out of the slums. However as he stood in the same position where Lyric once stood, a bargaining tool to be use by the government he couldn't help but bite his teeth.

Wheeling the supreme commander forth, she handed the document and pen to the rebel leader who had agreed to the terms of which they had to release Black. It seemed in the end, the fact that all this was televise was once more the supreme commander final attempt to manipulate the people around her to bend to her will. And even though this was suppose to be serious, it didn't stop Barret from reaching out to pet lyrics shoulder and speak.

[center [b " You truly are a special child. Without you the world would not have change as it is and will continue to in the years to come.."] ]

[i "agreed.."] Lillian manage though weakly. As she waited for the paper work to be sign she gave Marcus a brief smile. It was a bitter sweet thing knowing that the person he'd served since he was a young child was about to pass away and he would be left truly free and alone. A man without a family but yet with more wealth and power than what he'd even know what to do. There would be an obvious decision to make him the next supreme commander. And a few years ago, hell, even a few months ago he would've jump at the chance to seize power, but things within him was slowly changing, perhaps he was becoming more human or rather rediscovering what it was that made him human in the first place. It was to hard and thoroughly impossible to tell at this point however.

And so, he said nothing. He would've, had not Lillian open her mouth. And asked for a ,microphone to stress those at home who were watching the whole thing being broadcast.

[i "with the signing of this peave treaty agreement.. change, good and healthy are coming.. As I am soon due to die a fate I know many of you will mourn..] she c-couldn't hell adding in that last bit of sarcasm. [i "I hereby am appointing Marcus throne has...]

And before he could think, Marcus spoke.. and as Lillian stood there stun, she cough reminding him to speak into the microphone and Black once again nodded his head and spoke. [b "While, I am thankful for the title which Lilly, our supreme commander is granting me.. I think, for true change, it would be better if our next supreme commander was elect by everyone.. whether our next commander is an military leader, political figure, or even a member of the rebellion... true change cannot happen, other continue this hopeless cycle of oppression.. Lyric Sawyer... my enemy, a rebel girl.. taught me that. As temporary supreme commander, I will arrange for the election date to happen. And to be making sure this will be fair, I'll be asking that same rebel girl, to help organize this whole affair. Consider ther my second in commander.. hopefully this.. election can take place before the end of the year and than. I'll be leading an expedition outside of this city into the wasteland. In memory of our leader.."]

And with that, the prisoner exchange was over. Turning towards the green hair lass, he smirked "consider this pay back for all the times you were an unnecessary pain in my ass.."
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No response came from the man after that, Lyric found it irritating. He talked of wanting to fix things, but he wouldn’t even entertain the idea of a dialog with someone who had information he did not. Maybe he didn’t believe her, which would have been hypocritical after everything he’d gone on about, or maybe he’d been lying the whole time and didn’t give a flying fuck about any of it. Either way, if he was going to remove himself from the conversation, she wasn’t going to go on. The thin woman was not interested in talking to a wall.

Staying put in her place sat on the floor, her dark eyes continued to follow over the data on the screen. There was a lot there, more than she would have the time to read here, but strangely enough everything she took the time to go over seemed accurate. At least to what she thought it should be. Lyric was there for quite a while before one of the regular guards walked in, looked like she was being relieved. Standing, she took him up on the offer and switched places with him. Once free of that space, she was able to pass the drive along to one of the interrogators. Information was not all they were after, but he was still impressed she managed to get it out of him. The woman shrugged, knowing she really had not done anything extraordinary. Argue and nag at him was the extent of it. Anyone could have done it.

Once that was out of the way, she asked about the broadcast and if anyone had sent any additional information their way. Unfortunately, the answer there was a resounding no. They would have to wait it out until someone came down to tell them what was going on. The few lines of communication that could reach down here were shoddy at best. It was a miracle that the Supreme Leader’s transmission made it. Though that was probably more a testament to her superior tech than anything else.

And so, they waited. Lyric was on edge the entire time, thankfully they didn’t send her back in to see Black again, as that probably would have made it worse. But there was anxiety enough to be had waiting for the higher ups to release their answer, if they hadn’t already. It really sucked not having a reliable source of information. Even those who had been prepped for the long stay underground were getting antsy. Enough so to consider sending someone out at the risk of betraying their location. But despite the minor panic, there was always at least one voice of reason that called for them to stay put and wait for direct orders. And at length they came. A young woman, couldn’t be more than sixteen, made it to the entrance to request access in the predetermined method. After gaining entry, she passed off an encrypted memory piece. On it was a letter detailing just how things would precede. The man running the operation was the first to read it and he was not happy. Those in charge were opting to partially meet demands, they were to keep control of the food supply, but set to hand off Black in three days.
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