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The Chosen 5 [OPEN]

By pinkra01

Replies: 593 / 3 years ago

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[center [b [size24 [+purple The Chosen 5]]]]

[center [pic http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk266/PinkFluffy007/harem_zpsnuwqzlqs.png]]

[center In a world different, yet very similar to Earth, called [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=148343 Ravensguard], Ceri was seemingly an ordinary high school boy, until he found out his family was hiding a big secret from him for the past 17 years of his life. He is a prince! But his family wanted him to live a normal unspoiled life so that he could think more like the people he'd one day rule. Not only is he a prince, but it is also custom for royalty to be married by the time they turn 18. With only a year left, his family is racing to find him a suitable bride. Even giving him his own place so that he can spend as much alone time as possible with girls until he could find the right one. News broke and spread quickly about the prince's search for a bride and young girls from all over the world swarmed to his place in hopes to win his favor. But since he was just an ordinary high school boy just the other day, this all proved to be a bit...overwhelming. He didn't have much experience with girls before and now suddenly he was being smothered by hordes of them. This approach was going nowhere fast, so his parents came up with an idea. Through a careful selection process, they would narrow the girls down to 5 for him, and allow them to move in with their son. And whoever catches his favor most by the end of the year, would be the one he'd marry.

Unsure of their son's tastes, the 5 girls were chosen to have very different personality types...]

[center [pic http://www.americanantiquities.com/footprints%20of%20the%20past/divider-5.png]]

[center [b [size20 [+purple Choose your type:]]]

1. The Shy Girl [b (Taken)]
2. The Bratty Girl [+red OPEN]
3. The Flirty Girl [b (Taken)]
4. The Moe/Cute Girl [+red (OPEN)]
5. The Cool Girl [B (Taken)]

[center 6. guy [b (Taken)]]

[u [size18 Type Descriptions:]]

(They dont have to be followed exactly as long as some of these traits are incorporated into your characters personality.)

1. [b [+purple The Shy Girl:]] Known to get shy around the one she likes. She might even get quieter around him even though she may be more talkative with the other girls. She may prefer being off on her own unless she makes a friend. She might cling to that friend and that friend only, but otherwise dislikes large groups.

2. [b [+purple The Bratty Girl:]] For one reason or another she doesn't know how to express her feelings to well. Usually she ends up being rude and calling the person she likes mean names to convince both him and herself, she doesn't have any feelings for him But when you spend more time with her and she opens up, you can see that she's actually pretty sweet and adorable no matter how much she tries to hide it.

3. [b [+purple The Flirty Girl:]] She is a bit more forward and isn't afraid to do what it takes to get the attention of the guy she likes. That could mean anything from sitting in his lap to trying to get them wrapped up in situations where he "accidentally" feels her up. She's gorgeous and she's not afraid to use that to her advantage.

4. [b [+purple The Moe/Cute Girl:]] She is usually the adorable and clumsy anime girl. Cheerful and outgoing. Always trying to help others before herself. Often takes up chores and responsibilities without being asked to and puts her heart into everything she does. She is always trying to make the one she cares for and everyone around her happy.

5. [b [+purple The Cool Girl:]] Good at nearly everything she does. Usually a dedicated and independent girl. She may have passion for archery or sports of some kind. Or maybe she's more of the artsy cool girl. One thing for sure is that she is very caring though she might be stubborn about the things shes passionate about. Many people admire her because she seems to have it all together, but what she might really be looking for is someone she could lean on.

[center [b [size20 Skellies]]]
[b Skelly for Girls:]

Background: Are you from the same world? whats your family like? Are you royalty? If not, what made you so lucky to get picked for this? Have fun with this.
World: ([b check out the other Skellies below to see other girls worlds.] If you're not from Ravensguard, just give us some quick detail about your world. You don't have to write too much for this. Some helpful details include: what's the name of your world? Is it a peaceful world? Do the people in your world also have magic, like the other girls? Is it modern? Is it made up of green villages in mountains? Does it get along with the other worlds? If not which ones doesn't it like? Can be as creative as you want with this)

[b Skelly for Guy:]

Background: Feel free to describe your world, what life was like before you were a 'prince', how did your parents hide this and the fact they were rich from you for so long? Did everyone know you were always a prince, even at school? And they hid it? Who did you live with all this time? Siblings? Friends? Sports? Hobbies? Tell us about the prince everyone is all after.


[center Shy Girl]
[center [pic http://imgur.com/A0PwFlY.gif]

Name: Winry Weston
Age: 17

Type: The Shy Girl

♡ Romantic Movies and Books
♡ Snow and building snowmen
♡ Staying up late
♡ Dogs
♡ The idea of love ♡

☒ Groups and crowds
☒ When people stare
☒ Scary movies
☒ Bugs
☒ Mean looking people

Hobbies: Winry loves reading and watching movies. She's also a big fan of manga. The genre of all of these things are almost exclusively romance. She's a huge romantic but boys scare her beyond belief. She believes the only reason men are strong is to hurt women.

Background: When Winry was only 12 her parents brought her the boy they said she was meant to marry. She liked him a lot and thought he would be her perfect prince, however as she got to know him she began to notice how cruel he could be. He would yell at the servants and threaten to hit them, fire and execute his workers for small mistakes. When she saw this side of him, she tried to avoid him but he was too clever and caught on very quickly. During an argument, he threatened to hurt her if she refused their marriage. However Winry, scared out of her wits, stepped too close to the staircase and fell all the way to the bottom. Ever since then, any suitor brought to Winry would eventually demand a new girl to wed because of how impossible it was to receive any positive reactions from her. Granted, many of the boys where she comes from have very quick tempers. In a desperate last attempt to have Winry wed, they sent her to Ceri Lanman James world. Promising his parents of their riches and of Winry's capability to be a wonderful wife. She barely made the cut, but was accepted into the house.

World: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=394751 The Realm]]

[center Bratty Girl]

[center Moe/Cute Girl]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/e8/50/73/e85073f73f208b2aac395c942ee27a5e.jpg]]

[center Name: Okiyodyu Yanyachi
Age: 16
Type: The Cute one
Likes: helping others, cheesecake, horror films, enjoying others' company,
Dislikes: being disrespected, being yelled at, hates bullies, hates standing aside
Hobbies: drawing, riding her bike, spending time with friends, but peacefully watching funny videos on her phone
Background: Okiyodyu came from a destructive world called Sentiard. In this world, she was not royalty, or so she thought. She was orphaned as a child, so she never knew her parents or her heritage. Those that killed her parents are still looking for her and her fortune, hoping to eradicate her bloodline and claim her riches.
World: Sentiard was once a land of plenty and wealth. The world was perfect, there was never an evil sight to behold. It was modern, but it captivated the overwhelming beauty of nature. They live surrounded by jungle, with only one plain that stretched along to the Great Mountain. There, here people existed, coexisting with nature. There are magical people there, but whats better is their appearance. Once they find their spirit animal, they can shape shift and even resemble them if they wanted.]

[center [+red OPEN]]

[center Flirty Girl]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/tvLnoPy.jpg here is the picture]

Name: Braelyn Harwell

Age: Sixteen

Type: The Flirty Girl

♡ Stargazing
♡ Hot Chocolate and any sweets
♡ Fluffy sweaters
♡ Cuddling or any affection
♡ Getting into trouble

x Watermelon
x Being alone
x Math classes
x Hot weather
x Watching documentaries

Hobbies: Meant to be the next Fox God, she has many magical traits from her mother which most spirits are envious of. Children of Gods usually only get the genes of one parent but Braelyn got both. One of her hobbies included playing the panio.
Background: A God Kitsune (Fox) in the spirit. Braelyn was born in the parallel world similar to earth. She comes from a royal family. Braelyn is the middle child of three. Her father is the Fox God and her Mother is the Goddess of Music. All three children are kitsune but Braelyn is the only one who can transform into the Nine-tailed beast. When she was born she was chosen to be the next head god of the shrine. In the spirit world there are ten head gods on a council. Braelyn is supposed to take her father's place one day. The council was shocked that the beast chose Braelyn instead of the eldest son. It is taboo to have a woman as a celestial but they cannot go against the fates.]

World: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=395651 The Sprit World]

[center Cool Girl]

[center [pic http://s15.postimg.org/ietolinu3/Akira_anime.jpg]]

[center Name: Akira Whitefang

Age: 17

Type: The Cool Girl

- Freedom
- Strength
- Food
- Animals
- Woods/Forest areas
- Beaches/The Ocean
- Music
- Things that are soft (blankets, pillows, plushes, clothing, etc)

- Politics
- Dishonesty
- Extremely loud noises
- School
- Candy (especially if they are way too sweet or too sour)
- Rough/Itchy textures
- Small, confined spaces

- Archery
- Parkour/Running
- Swimming
- Napping

Background: Because her parents are the chieftains of the Earth tribe in the world of Neahal, she is considered a "princess" or heir to the tribe, though she has several other siblings and the next ruler is determined through a big trial that tests a potential heirs' strength, wisdom, and capability to rule. Although Akira has the strength part down, she does not quite have the worldly knowledge nor the drive to lead a whole tribe of people. She is perfectly fine with that, preferring to roam freely and enjoy her days in peace and quiet. However, that's not what her parents had in mind for her.

Instead, her mother heard about what was happening in the world of Ravensguard and thought that sending Akira there might do her some good. Of course, they hope for her to end up winning the affections of the prince and becoming the Queen, but they also know that having her travel to a whole new world and experiencing brand new things would do her good. Maybe she would finally settle down her wild side and figure out for sure what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

World: Neahal is the world which she calls home. The type of terrain is mixed, though most of the world is covered in thick, expansive forests.
Neahal can be considered "old-fashioned" since there isn't much modernism or advances in technology. They are aware of technology and there are some clans that are interested in that kind of thing. However,
almost all of the clans and tribes of Neahal stick true to nature and what resources that has to offer. Some are wanderers, like Akira's tribe, while others remain in one territory. Her tribe, the Earth Tribe, is considered the largest tribe of the world, having a few branches and factions that are spread throughout the entire of the forest terrain due to shear numbers.]

[center Prince]

[center [pic http://s1.zerochan.net/Akashi.Seijuurou.600.1718721.jpg]
Name: Ceri Lanman James
Age: 17

Likes: Hamburgers, Games, Comedy, Plushies
Dislikes: Horror, Studying, Coffee, Tea

Loves: Cats
Hates: Cinnamon

Loves martial arts and is a former competitor. However, he's had to leave the competitve scene due to the change in his life. People started to go easy on him, hoping that they'd suddenly gain favor with him though it started doing the opposite and now he can't even enjoy his favorite sport without being treated differently.
Has come to play video games and be on the internet often in his free time due to how he's able to remain anonymous. He's able to be himself rather than be perceived as just a prince next in line for the throne.
Despises disingenuous people. What friends he had are no longer there, they changed after it was found out that he was a prince. They started asking and wanting things. Even using his position to try and take advantage of others. Even an old crush who he liked a lot has come back to him but he could see through her and feels betrayed by not only those he considered friends but also his own view on how he viewed others.
Constantly stalked by the paparazzi now because of the sudden release of him being a prince. Endless interviews requested. Pictures taken of him without his consent. Rumors about him being spread everywhere about his tastes, what he likes, what he hates, and such.
Wishes he could leave his position as prince behind and leave the nation forever. However, he is well aware of what position he's in. He is to be the next king after his father steps down. And because of this, if he were to suddenly up and abandon the nation, the government will be suddenly thrown into chaos, the people will suffer, and the nation will fall into decline.
He's constantly under surveillance. At his school, the staff are military personnel mixed in with normal people. Additionally, it's unknown for him if enemy's of the state are watching and possibly targetting him as he'd be the next person in power.
In order to keep himself sane, he has had to disguise himself at his school's club in order to partake in it. Officially, his club's president confirmed his leaving of it but an exception was made for him that as long as it wasn't "him" attending then he'd be able to partake. As confusing as it is.
His only actual friends now are the club president of the martial arts club and a blind, old man he met while sitting in the park. The old man doesn't know who he is, nor why he's talking to the old man. But because the old man is the only one who doesn't know his identity, he's able to talk to him comfortably. His family is aware of this and actually try to preserve this for him. Keeping the paparazzi away from the old man as much as possible and also providing for the old man behind the scenes.

World: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=148343 Ravensguard]]


[center [b [u [+red Skipped List]]]]


[b [u Rules:]]

-anime pic only

-1500+ Characters

-This is a group rp. Its meant to be a light and ridiculous harem rp. Full of comedy and some romance. If you want to add some drama in there thats fine too.

- Only [i one] girl can end up with him at the end. (Dont ask me any different)

-If you want to do any separate branch off rps at the end with an alternate ending, thats fine, but it must be AFTER, this one ends.

-There will be a posting order.

-[u Special Day.] After the first round of posting is done. One girl will be randomly chosen to 'spend more time with the prince." What this means on there day, they are allowed to post 3 times in a row, before the posting order continues as usual. Dont worry when played out it will make more sense.

-[u Notifications.] I will notify you when its your time to post, regardless of whether or not you already know. I will also ask you if you will be able to post 3 times, on your "Special Day", if you dont think you can then you can give your SD up to some one else. But remember that means less time with your prince!

-[u 30 Hour Rule:] When its finally your turn to post in the posting order you have 28 hours to post before getting skipped. Since everyone gets this, it might end up being a almost a week before you get to post again. (Unless its your Special Day)

-[u 3 Times Youre Out.] If you fail to post during your turn and end up being skipped 3 times from the rp then you will be booted out.

-Sexual content must be TS. Kissing, hugging, holding, general touching are all fine.

-[u Talk to the Other Girls:] Not only are they your competition but they are your housemates, you cant avoid them and you wont be with the prince 24/7. You could use that time to sabotage his relationships with the others or show your value to him in other ways that he might see later.

[b [u Rules For Prince:]]

-All the above rules still apply to you

-[u Address Everyone that Talks to you.] This will be a bit of a challenge for you.You have to remember to reply to any girl that talks to you. So your posts may be a bit longer.

-[u Special Day.] On a certain girl's Special Day, please spend three posts mostly dedicated to spending time with THAT girl specifically, even if she's [i not] your favorite girl. You may briefly acknowledge the other girls in those posts but the huge majority of your 3 posts should be to SD girl (I will let you know who's SD it is)

-You can only pick ONE girl in the end

-Do not go crazy and start harassing the girls, or you will be replaced with a new prince entirely


You don't have permission to post in this thread.

[center [pic http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk266/PinkFluffy007/Miyah%20Nakano/IMG_3122_zps2pngwwhc.jpg]]

[center [pic http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i419/sweetsugarhime/pixelGoodies/webElements/tumblr_ltlpzlQeBV1ql1l0v.gif~original]]

[left [pic http://media.tumblr.com/70fcdd4f024774480a3f0d492ed8b7dc/tumblr_inline_mkfotb8oM91roozkr.gif]]

[center When Okiyodyu had finished up the dumplings, Miyah paused from helping Winry. Being a bit famished the short twin-tailed girl walked over to the table where the dumplings would be only stopping for a brief moment to address Winry quickly [#fc599b "Nnn...I'm starving, I'm going to grab some of those to get my energy up for the rest of this recipe. Be back in a sec kay"] the idol muttered and made her way to the table just as Okiyodyu was finishing plating them. [i Woah this doesn't look that bad] she blinked smelling the delicious aroma of the dumplings and grabbed a pair of chop sticks quickly scooping one up. Taking a small bite, the idols yellow eyes lit up from how good they tasted had before she glazed back over at Okiyodyu. [#fc599b "These..are..actually pretty decent, lady"] the idol complimented the woman in a low mutter, well as much as she could compliment someone, before offering the black haired Okiyodyu a tiny smile of appreciation. [i I guess she isn't so terrible if she can cook this well] Miyah decided as she went for a second dumpling. It wasn't really her fault for being so defensive and mistrusting of those around her. Nexus taught its citizens to trust no one, and to handle everything on their own. That and her parents had [i just] abandoned her the other night because she had no value to them. The people of Nexus were cut throat. But the reality of it was..all of that can sort of weigh on a person. Nexonians had emotions they were just supposed to hide the weak ones, but being that way is enough to make anyone explode.

Miyah looked to Okiyodyu curiously [#fc599b "Why did you choose to make these? Do they have some kind of significance in your world?"] The petite brat asked with a sincere interest, but Okiyodyu had been distracted getting splashed and then heading out the door with a handful of dumplings. [i Did she ignore my question or...just didn't hear me..] The idol glared away biting her lip. Just like home, what she had said went ignored. Her family didn't care what the idol thought or had to say about anything. Maybe that..was why she yelled at people from time to time. Hoping someone would hear her..just pay attention to her, care what she had to say for a change. Sure, her fans listened to her, but that was her music they cared about. Not her as a person. That's why she had to keep up a persona around them. Though, she was grateful still, someone listened to something that was coming out of her..even when the words were not always her own. That was why the idol's fans were the most important people to her. Because they were the only ones that seemed to care..at least on one level.

Clenching her small fists Miyah shoved back down her emotions as Okiyodyu went out side [i Whatever...it's not like I care anyway] the brat thought with a huff. Although it was obvious it did bother her that she was ignored to an extent, even making her a bit sad, as her yellow eyes briefly changed to a pinkish red color that matched her hair. She simply ignored those feelings and grabbed a few more dumplings in a napkin heading back to the kitchen. Those from Nexus, often tried to burry their emotions and hide any weak feelings from everyone around them, like love, sadness, or helplessness. But their one true tell was their eyes, as they shifted in color when ever a true emotion was felt.]

[center [pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/5b4f/f/2015/113/9/d/pink_bow_divider_by_palespo-d8qsx4t.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/2AMdJ38.gif]] [center By the time Miyah headed back over to Winry her eyes were back to their normal yellow color as the brat had regained her composure. Elbowing the blue haired witch the idol held a handful of the dumplings on the napkin out to Winry [#fc599b "Don't just look at them dummy,..take one"] the idol grumbled still looking away. [#fc599b "You know while it's hot..or whatever"] the brat grumbled in slight embarrassment. [#fc599b "J-Just so you have energy too, so you don't mess it up is all"] The twin-tail girl added with a shrug trying to down play the fact she actually went out of her way to think of Winry and instead tried to play it off as if it was just to make sure the hot cocoa didn't get messed up. Taking a couple more, she put the rest down on the counter on the napkin for Winry to grab at as she continued to assist the young witch.

When the blue haired witch mentioned That the idols music played in The Realm, Miyah's eyes lit up once more. It was very possible Miyah had even played there before. She had been to and performed in so many worlds, usually for a short period of time, that they sort of all blended in together. But still, knowing that the citizens of The Realm enjoyed her music and were even fans, made her warm all over. It was her passion after all. Anyone that enjoyed it or supported it couldn't be bad. Though hearing Winry's next statement about her voice made the small brats face light up. [#fc599b "o-oh..you think so? I...I've been training ever since I was a little girl."] She glared down grumbling and fidgeting trying to hide some of her embarrassment. [#fc599b "If you want, I could perfo-! N...nevermind."] The idol began with an excited tone but trailed off remembering that jerk prince was still a member of this house. And the last thing she wanted to do was be somewhere, where he could see her perform.

Winry's next statement maid Miyah pause though and glare away once again, her yellow eyes shifting color again briefly as if this was a touchy subject. [#fc599b "I used to..Most of my earlier stuff. But my manager said the kind of things I was writing...Nexonians couldn't relate to. That I needed to keep my music more simple. Or it wouldn't sell. That's when they started editeding my songs, taking out huge portions of my lyrics and replacing them with nonesense.."] she gritted her teeth clenching her fists. [#fc599b "After a while they were changing every part of my songs, until they weren't my songs anymore..taking out any part of them that gave them life!"] The brat spouted but not in anger at Winry. Just in hurt that her passion got lost somewhere in all of this. Shaking her head she glared back over at the girl [#fc599b "just..forget that I said any of that. Being an idol is important to me, all that matters is if my fans are happy"] Miyah stated as she went back to work. [#fc599b "Anyway, let's hurry this up already. My sweet tooth is killing me"] The brat pouted a bit as she awaited for Winry's next instructions.

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/57/40/34/574034b51acc36df6f70b471d1864cc6.gif]]

[#fc599b "By the way, where did you even learn this recipe?"] The idol asked curiously as Winry grabbed the tissue and placed it over the mixture. Miyah's curiosity got a bit thrown off though, when Winry made mention of a spell. [i Wait a second..this recipe calls for...for magic?!] The short brat thought as a horrified look took over her facial expression. Winry didn't know magic and Miyah didn't yet have access to her own magic, so how the heck were they going to make this thing?! Of course, the witch had no idea Miyah also couldn't use her magic either. No one did. Because Nexonians magic worked differently then everyone else's. You needed to feel a certain amount of specific emotions all at the same time, including [i care] for a person inorder to achieve it. But the trouble was the people of Nexus refused to let themselves feel the necessary emotions to access that magic, so they often mutilated themselves to achieve it instead. [#fc599b "What I can't do that! I...I mean..because it's yours and.."] The idol began rambling [i She can't know. No one can know..that someone from Nexus doesn't have access to their magic. It's frowned upon. It's the reason my own parents gave me up. I'll be the laughing stock of Nexus! Crap. Crap...what do I do?] The twin-tailed girl searched desperately for an excuse anything that could get her out of this jam. Her hand was trembling under Winry's. Could she feel it? Could she tell?

It seemed as though she didn't have to give away her secret just yet though as her skirt pocket buzzed and began to play her hit single [https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uY3wYksyLrw Freely Tomorrow]. [i Huh who the heck could be calling me..I thought my parents didn't...] Quickly the small brat pulled away. [#fc599b "I...er..have to take this. It might be a while. Regular hot cocoa will have to work for now"] the brat quickly turned away not wanting to see Winry's disappointed expression as she headed out the room to take the call. [#fc599b "I'll..be back in a bit"] Miyah muttered softly glaring down. Trying not to let the feeling of being a failure consume her as she brushed past someone in the hall heading in the direction of the kitchen. Too distracted to notice who it was.]

[center [pic http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i419/sweetsugarhime/pixelGoodies/webElements/tumblr_ltlpzlQeBV1ql1l0v.gif~original]]
Ceri couldn't help but give a very light scoff in response to how those who assumed she was useless soon changed their tunes. While Akira's struggle wasn't humorous, the people who did look down upon her so suddenly flipped around to praise her. It was a pitifully entertaining to know that the stupidity of humans was still present.

[b [+6b6b6b "My apologies for that laugh, I just found it a bit relatable that humanoids and mortal creatures in general still make the same mistakes throughout history,"]] Ceri wasn't certain about Akira's race though assumed that she was at least a humanoid.

Ceri found a small bit of humor in it, though that soon faded as he remembered the quickly coin-flip that had happened not too long ago. Sitting in the chair and slightly bent over the metal table, he stared off into the forest, not looking at anything in particular and just having an emptyness to his eyes. A light smile on his face from the scoff fading away into a frown as the memories of school from the past month came back again.

Then he snapped out of it, [b [+6b6b6b "Again, sorry. I got a bit lost in thought there. And to know that you have magical powers, and more specifically control over one of the forces of nature is impressive in and of itself due to the many uses that it has.

To summon forth plant life is incredibly powerful both as a utility and a weapon of protection or destruction. After all, no matter what things man creates, nature and its creations will overrun it given enough time. And I hope your mother is in good health. Such a person is not likely easy to find when amongst the faithless."]]

Ceri got up from his chair and left the cup there as the blue fairies fell asleep in their bowl. The water no longer flowing as they rested after bathing and playing in it.

[b [+6b6b6b "It was a pleasure talking to you Akira. Feel free to do as you wish within the garden, so long as you don't destroy it. I won't be available soon as Monday is right around the corner, but between next Friday and Sunday evenings I'll be available to show you around Ravensguard if you would like to. Assuming that nothing interrupts that."]]

Taking a slight bow out of the garden, Ceri left and headed back to the manor. Going back along the path, he returned to his room and opened up his notebook and took out Ravensguard's equivalent of textbooks as well as a few actual books and got to work on his studies. Ceri wasn't the best student, but he at least aimed to pass at or a bit above the minimum. Though, knowing how the school's staff was like right now, they'd probably bump his grade up regardless of how he did.

Time passed by and Ceri finished up his studying for the weekend and took a look at what time he had remaining before dinner and eventually both gaming and then to sleep so that he could enjoy Sunday as best as possible. There was a good two hours before dinner and he decided to go to his closet and grab a few things he used for training. Going down the stairs and then over to a section of the hallway's wall, he pushed up on a segment and slid that piece up to reveal a buttonpad. On it were the listing of different floors, most being basement floors.

Hitting the button B5 another, larger part of the hallway opened up to reveal a hidden elevator. Entering it and hitting the button to close the doors, Ceri headed down. It was a short few seconds before the doors opened back up and revealed a large, white room shaped to be a cube with modified internals.

There was a balcony of sorts with a larger section down below with a few suits of different armor with wooden dolls inside. Each one large enough to compare to a normal human appropriately. Off to the left on the balcony was a changing room with bathrooms inside and a refrigerator off to the right. This was the training room for Ceri when he was at home. Heading to the changing room he changed into a more exercise-appropriate attire; a tight t-shirt and pair of shorts that ended just above his knees.

Changed, he then did a few stretches and headed down to the larger section of the room and then selected one of the dolls, one of similar armor and armaments to his own. The others disappeared and the chosen doll came to life, taking a readied stance as Ceri readied himself on the other side. Summoning his armor, shield, and blade, Ceri began to fight the training dummy with his free time.
[font "Century Gothic" Akira curiously watched the fairies and Ceri, watching how naturally they acted around each other. The fairies must be a common creature, at least in this garden, but quite possibly in Ravensguard. He explained that his specialty was close combat. Her eyes widened as he produced a longsword from the earth. Weapons tied to one’s soul? She had never heard of anything like that before. All the weapons back in Neahal were crafted by blacksmiths. Then he talked about “Peacekeeper”, which at first she thought was an odd name for a weapon until he explained the specific qualities of the weapon. It somehow didn’t seem possible somehow, to swing a weapon at someone and have it [i not] inflict physical damage, yet she could tell he wasn’t lying. There was a lot for her to learn.

Her eyes were drawn to the flowers she grew, only to see that they were being transformed before her eyes by the fairies that had shown interest in them. The newly created berries were then placed between the two of them. They liked her? Hesitantly, she tried one of the berries. It tasted savory in her mouth, pleasantly not-too sweet. No hint of poison or anything bad reached her senses so they were deemed safe. She continued to pick at them gingerly as Ceri continued talking, nodding in approval when he used her name. It wasn’t surprising that he led a busy life, but he didn’t seem to mind the idea of touring each other’s worlds. Oddly, she couldn’t help but anticipate the day.

After the prince showed off the shed of multiple types of weapons, many of which she couldn’t name even if she tried, Ceri brought the conversation back to her skills at archery. Akira paused for a moment, pondering how she was going to talk about it. It wasn’t exactly the happiest of memories, though it wasn’t traumatic either. It mainly left a sore spot in her heart that was hard to heal. However, he seemed very curious and she didn’t know how to be deceitful.

[b [#ce2500 “...I always admired the warriors in my tribe,”]] she began. [b [#ce2500 “They always looked confident yet humble, knowing how to use their strength without making a show of it. There were a few bad apples who would rather brag about their skills for days than uphold the honor of the Earth Tribe, but they were very few. I knew I wanted to be just like those warriors ever since I was a young child.”]]

Averting her eyes to the various fairies in the garden, Akira took a calming breath. [b [#ce2500 “Not every single person has magical abilities, but it is almost evenly split between those that do and those that don’t. Those that could wield magic, their special ability tended to speak what kind of role they would best fit in the tribe. Offensive magic, fighters; anything else…”]] She then stared up at the sky. [b [#ce2500 “My siblings each have incredible offensive magic that everyone praises. Me? I… can grow flowers.”]]

She tried looking over at Ceri, but a feeling of shame came over her which forced her to continue looking away. [b [#ce2500 “As you can imagine, I was mocked constantly by my siblings and some others. Adults tried to reassure me by telling me that I would make a good harvester, but that was not what I wanted to hear.”]] Suddenly, a memory flashed across her mind, one she couldn’t help but smile at. [b [#ce2500 “My mom was the only one that didn’t believe my ability made me any less capable.”]]

[center [pic http://s26.postimg.org/el1nsn2fd/Akira_and_Mom_past.jpg]]
[b [#ce2500 “She is the only reason I didn’t completely give up. I practiced each day, testing out different types of weapons. I can technically wield any, but I really excelled with the bow. It felt the most natural in my hands and I felt as if the possibilities were endless, so I trained mainly with that every day and night. Sometimes I received help from my mother or other skilled warriors, but I mostly trained alone.”]]

Taking a deep breath, Akira was finally able to look at Ceri. [b [#ce2500 “Once everyone saw what I could do, they stopped talking.”]]

Even though she rose up and beyond everyone’s expectations, it took a very long time for her to believe in the compliments that she received since quite a few came from the very same mouths that had told her before that she wouldn’t amount to much. She was bitter at first, but in time the ice around her heart thawed away. She didn’t have good relationships with anyone afterwards, but she also didn’t waste time being hateful of the past or the people. In some ways, she understood where they came from. Her siblings wanted one less competition for the title of chieftain and the people only wanted warriors who were capable to protect the tribe. The pain has never gone away, but it was much less than what it used to be.]
Akira / nomey1 / 3y ago
A few more fairies fluttered about, some blue ones this time that seemed to have a more literally fluid appearance. Ceri looked around and found a white, ceramic bowl with blue fairies drawn on it and put it on the table. The small creatures took to the bowl and laid down in it and it began to fill with the purest water. A small amount of it continuously fell into what seemed like a well that had a spout connected to it. Taking out a teacup, Ceri filled it up with the sparkling, blue water.

Ceri sipped the water for a moment, the refreshment was cool and held the essence of water in its most innocent and pure forms, [b [+6b6b6b "I'm not one to use ranged fighting equipment, it isn't something I'm particularly good at. However, close-quarters-combat is where I excel."]]

Using his left hand and holding the cup in the other, he held it over the grass and a small hole opened up, swirling with a violet glow as Ceri's longsword emerged from it. [b [+6b6b6b "This is my weapon when I fight. Most everyone in Ravensguard has a weapon that is tied to their souls. This one is called 'Peacekeeper.' It is no different from a regular longsword except in two ways: 1) it cannot lethally wound a person, and any strikes that normally would rather inflict unconsciousness or a temporary incapacitation; 2) It is summoned from a pocket dimension and will exist for as long as I live."]]

Ceri let the blade back into the void and it closed up quietly. [b [+6b6b6b "I have another trait tied to me, but it isn't a weapon. Also, do not mind the fairies, while they certainly can be nuissances at times, they will do no harm. You may have seen James, the black and white mustached-cat, they are his servants in a sense."]]

While speaking of the fairies, while distracted by the flowers, the Reds metamorphosized the flowers, turning them into several different red berries and bringing them to both Ceri and Akira as gifts. [b [+6b6b6b "And it also seems they like you quite a bit. Also, I have heard of Neahal, A-Akira,"]] Ceri stuttered since he wasn't used to calling girls by their first names and cleared his throat quickly to try and move on from the awkward moment, [b [+6b6b6b "Though only small fragments of information. And while you are in Ravensguard, you may spend your days as you want. I'll be attending a school somewhat nearby five out of the seven days in the week for several hours at a time. But during the time I'm not busy, I don't mind showing you the city and it would be an honor to visit your home.

Also, before I forget, while Ravensguard doesn't use archery all too much,"]] Ceri got up, putting the cup down and walking over to a shed, [b [+6b6b6b "we do have many other weapons, both for melee and ranged combat. Ranging from hand crossbows to high caliber sniper rifles. Though due to advances in technology, we mainly use the newest and easist to mass produce guns for most of our military."]]

Inside the shed was several different weapons. Guns, swords, crossbows, staves, hammers, warbows, and more lined the walls. [b [+6b6b6b "If you would like to, you may use any of these weapons here, though they're only training weapons. They cannot kill someone and have been magically enchanted to prevent death. Though that isn't to say you can't incapacitate someone with them."]]

Ceri closed up the shed's doors and returned to the chair, sipping his water, [b [+6b6b6b "By the way, do you mind me asking about how you became such a skilled archer? To be both accurate and elegant in your movements must have taken a massive amount of training. Even amongst Ravensguard's most elite soldiers it is rare to see someone of similar capabilities."]]

Ceri gave a light chuckle, [b [+6b6b6b "Even I have no reached such a level with my blade that I've had since birth."]]
[font "Century Gothic" Akira couldn’t deny that she at least felt a little relieved, if not a lot, by Ceri’s response. She was glad that there wasn’t some big announcement about her or the other girls that were living at the mansion. She wouldn’t know how to handle all that attention all of a sudden. So far, from what she could gather, the prince was a genuinely nice guy. He didn’t seem offended that she had aimed an arrow at him and he didn’t expect her to act “proper”. Maybe living here wouldn’t be too bad, after all.

His explanation made sense. When someone thought of a garden their first thought would not typically be archery. But hey, the equipment was there. Why not use it? The only thing she couldn’t understand was him saying that seeing someone handling a bow was rare. Was archery really that uncommon in Ravensguard? What sort of other weapons did they have for long-range purposes if not a bow and arrow? Maybe cross-bows? She couldn’t begin to guess, having lived a rather quiet life thus far.

[b [#ce2500 “You do not need to add anything before my name,”]] Akira said in reference to the ‘ms.’. [b [#ce2500 “Just Akira is fine.”]] Finally, she finished putting all of the arrows and the bow away. She walked over to where Ceri was sitting, tilting her head for a moment to admire the details. It was beautiful yet not in the way as if it were screaming at you to notice, but rather subtly. [b [#ce2500 “I’m from Neahal, if you have ever heard of it.”]]

She made a move to go sit in one of the open chairs, but froze mid-step at the sensation of something tugging at her hair. Looking up, she could see some small, winged creatures fluttering about her head; more specifically, the red flowers that were there. She had heard of these creatures before in a book, but couldn’t remember what they were called. Regardless, she didn’t like them bothering her.

Squatting down, she placed her hand flat on the earth. Her hand glowed a gentle shade of red for a second and she lifted her hand away. Within the next second, red flowers like the ones in her hair and on her dress sprouted from the earth where she had touched it. Gently, she guided the… fairies! That’s right. She guided the fairies to the newly grown flowers and their attention remained on them.

[b [#ce2500 “I know our world is not as… advanced as other worlds,”]] she continued, finally taking a seat, [b [#ce2500 “but I was born and raised there and I have no complaints. The wildlife is strong and so are the people.”]] She thought for a moment, wondering if she did have any questions for him about his world. [b [#ce2500 “I do not have any at the moment, but I haven’t been here even a full day yet so it’s too soon to tell. Personally, the best way I learn about anything is through experience rather than long explanations.”]] That’s when she got an idea. [b [#ce2500 “Maybe, whenever there is a free day, you could guide me around the city or wherever in your world you would like to show me. In return, since you have never left Ravensguard before, I could bring you back to my world and give you a tour.”]]

From the corner of her eye, Akira saw brown fur hopping in their direction. She smiled, though it only lasted for a brief moment. [b [#ce2500 “I was starting to wonder where you were.”]] Coco finally reached the two of them, first giving Ceri a curious sniff before going to Akira. She picked her up and placed her on her head, stroking her head gently. [b [#ce2500 “There is one thing I am curious about.”]] She looks at Ceri again, keeping sturdy eye-contact with him. [b [#ce2500 “If you do not partake in archery, what is it that you do? Do you have a different way of fighting?”]] She would be lying if she tried to say she wasn’t at least the little bit curious. Did the people of Ravensguard know how to fight? If the two were to have a fighting match against each other, who would win?]
Akira / nomey1 / 3y ago
Akira's archery was either a well trained gift, or gained through lots of hard work. Either way, she was an accurate and deadly archer. Even her sudden aim at him after his compliment was sharp. He felt the lock-on the moment the arrow was pointed at him. If she had let it fly, he'd have summoned his shield to make sure it was deflected in time.

As she let the bow rest and went about gathering the arrows that missed or hit, Ceri watched patiently, listening to her calm words. It was a very welcome change from the near constant chaos that had happened inside the manor. Her way of talking was not as roundabout, from what Ceri could tell, and was easier to understand when compared to the confusing ways others had used.

[b [+6b6b6b "There's no need to apologize Ms. Akira. You aren't required to be formal by any means while in Ravensguard. That goes for both when you're in public and private. If you were a publically declared diplomat or celebrity visiting, a formal front would probably be needed, but you'll probably just be seen as a tourist."]]

Ceri walked over to take a look at the bow that Akira had been using. It was interesting how she was being so accurate with a weapon as old fashioned as this one. Ceri himself still used a simple shield and sword style, but the bow had been long replaced in combat due to the evolution and creation of other weapons.

[b [+6b6b6b "And I was simply walking by and heard the sound of arrows flying. Not exactly a common sound to hear within a garden. Though I guess seeing the way you handle a bow to be rare as well.

"But, if you don't mind me asking, where are you from Ms. Akira? I haven't been able to leave Ravensguard since I was born and my parents seem to have visited many different realms."]]

Ceri took a seat in one of the metal chairs that had a sculpted floral pattern to it's steel frame, coated with white paint. He had given his full attention to Akira.

[b [+6b6b6b "Also, I don't mind answering any questions you have about my world if you should have any. When in an unfamiliar place, it would be best to gather as much information as possible so as not to get lost, right?"]]

It was a much more relaxed environment for Ceri right now. He saw Akira as a possible fighter and also enjoyed the garden while also allowing for a bit of literal distance between them, making it a lot less uncomfortable considering the other girls had been rather close when he had talked to them.
[font "Century Gothic" It was normal for Akira, while training, to lose focus on the world around her. This particular impromptu training she found herself in was no different. That was why, when she suddenly heard someone talking, she armed her bow with an arrow and immediately pointed it in the direction that the voice came from. Her eyes slightly widened in surprise when she realized that it was none other than the prince talking to her. He kept a good distance from her so it was not as if he came terribly close, but the suddenness still surprised her. Letting out a small sigh, she lessened the tension and lowed her bow so the arrow was facing the ground.

[b [#ce2500 “Sorry,”]] she said. [b [#ce2500 “Reflex.”]] Then she recalled what he had said when he addressed her. She took the time to catch her breath before responding, however. She did have quite the workout, after all. [b [#ce2500 “Archery is pretty common in my world. Well, at least in my tribe it is for hunting."]] She couldn’t speak for the rest of the different tribes or clans.

Normally, Akira would be at least slightly agitated if someone interrupted her during training. This time, however, she listened to her body and realized that it needed a break so Ceri’s timing unintentionally worked in her favor.

As she started to gather the arrows that were either dug into the targets or scattered randomly across the area, she asked, [b [#ce2500 “Did you need me for something, or were you simply walking by?”]]

She wasn’t necessarily one for small talk (or, at least, she wasn’t good at it). Akira preferred to get to the point and be direct with her words rather than add extra for the sake of prolonging a conversation. This is not to say that she was [i intentionally] rude, but sometimes it came off that way to other people. Her father always wanted her to be more willing to sit through entire conversations, but whenever her interest was gone she would immediately excuse herself and not even think about how the other person might take it. Her sense of politics was… practically non-existent.

Her mother implored her to at least [i attempt] to be more proper around the prince, but just thinking about how to do that made her uncomfortable. She didn’t know what was the “right” or “wrong” way to say or act.

[b [#ce2500 “I…”]] she began, but hesitated. With a deep breath, she stood up straight and faced him square-on. She could not show weakness, even when in a new, unknown territory. [b [#ce2500 “Sorry if I say something wrong. Feel free to correct me when necessary.”]]]
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[center [pic https://image.ibb.co/gfRs65/winREE.gif]]
[center [pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/74e9/f/2013/171/8/0/heart_border__blue__by_revpixy-d69ug8n.gif][pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/74e9/f/2013/171/8/0/heart_border__blue__by_revpixy-d69ug8n.gif][pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/74e9/f/2013/171/8/0/heart_border__blue__by_revpixy-d69ug8n.gif][pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/74e9/f/2013/171/8/0/heart_border__blue__by_revpixy-d69ug8n.gif][pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/74e9/f/2013/171/8/0/heart_border__blue__by_revpixy-d69ug8n.gif][pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/74e9/f/2013/171/8/0/heart_border__blue__by_revpixy-d69ug8n.gif]]
[https://soundcloud.com/moeshop/shoujo-girl click for magical vibes]

[size13 [font "PMingLiU-ExtB" [i The ball room was glimmering and shining with lights that danced on the ceiling, women and men dancing across the floor, their magic's gathering under their feet. The winter ball was a time of joy for all royalty in The Realm, and all who attended felt each others joy spreading throughout the room - an almost hive-mind experience attained through the use of magic and taste of emotion. Winry was only a little girl, maybe six or seven years, but as an enchantress it was requirement for her to attend these kinds of things. She sat alone in a chair made of sticks and fabrics that hovered off the ground, little wings fluttering on each leg of the seat. Her puffy blue dress being patted down and flattened by her own hands. A gold platter glided towards her, powders, marshmallows, a teapot and a few other little ingredients laid upon it. Winry eyed the platter intently, her bored and pouty expression vanishing under the growing curiosity in her oceanic eyes. A man with long blonde hair pinned loosely back smiled, offering her a formal bow.

[#868A08 " Enchazra, sae losoro chazo laea melesia ? " ]
[size11 [font "courier new" Enchantress, do you like hot cocoa?]]

[#01A9DB " Mea Melesia ! "]
[size11 [font "courier new" I enjoy it !]]

[#868A08 " Mea sa chazo laea wesilio vo jut jut tae'valia " ]
[size11 [font "courier new" I know a special hot cocoa recipe that tastes very delicious.]]

[#01A9DB " Os'eria wesilio, pava ! "]
[size11 [font "courier new" Please show me this recipe ! "]]

The entertainer began by adding the usual ingredients, Winry watched his talented hands move skillfully across each piece of the cocoa puzzle. He explained every detail to her and to this day she hadn't forgotten one aspect of it. He poured the hot water over the ingredients, releasing the teapot to allow it to pour on it's own while he pulled something out from his pocket. A napkin? Winry looked confused, and met the eyes of the entertainer for an answer.

[#01A9DB " Panaskria ? "]
[size11 [font "courier new" Tissue ?]]

[#868A08 " Avek, Enchazra. Panaskria eme'nos pavalia pene strios tut -mela meravia. emios walara keeto. "]
[size11 [font "courier new" Yes Enchantress. An ordinary tissue, please watch closely and remember these words.]]

The entertainer placed the napkin over the opening of the mug, the part of the napkin exposed by the steam of the liquid dampening slightly. He placed a hand over dramatically, and spoke these words:

[#868A08 " jut jut vamos, jut jut vamelia " ]
[size11 [font "courier new" roughly translates to: delicious taste, delicious smell]]

Then, with the flick of his wrist, the napkin came to life. It circled around his hand and vanished seemingly into thin air. The cocoa was no longer a chocolatey brown, but a vibrant pink. Winry was amazed, she had never seen something so fascinating, nor tasted anything so delicious. She promised herself that as soon as she had a handle on her magic, that would be the first magic she would preform, to be able to taste that delicious hot cocoa again.

Unfortunately, that day never did come.]

[center [pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/7377/f/2013/300/0/2/flower_divider_by_serialstamper-d6s2df7.gif][pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/7377/f/2013/300/0/2/flower_divider_by_serialstamper-d6s2df7.gif][pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/7377/f/2013/300/0/2/flower_divider_by_serialstamper-d6s2df7.gif]]

Winry smiled to herself as she collected the ingredients around the two mugs. She hadn't tasted that delicious pink cocoa since that day, and she was very excited to have someone who she could teach the recipe to. [b [size12 [#01A9DB "Just make the cup the way you normally would, with the powder, milk, and.. well, some water obviously.."]]] She was still whispering, but the room was quiet enough for it to be acceptable, since it was just the two of them.

[b [size12 [#01A9DB "Y-You know.. Your music was played a lot at festivals in The Realm.. I know the other worlds don't know very much about us but, well, we learn a lot about all of you.."]]] Nexus seemed like a difficult place to live, hard headed people around every corner. The Realm was a lot more fragile and organized. The people there were much more poetic and romantic than they were violent. [b [size12 [#01A9DB "Um.. you have a very beautiful singing voice.."]]] Her cheeks lit up despite herself, and she offered a quirky smile. [b [size12 [#01A9DB "I was very curious.. but do you write your own lyrics? Some of your songs.. are so beautifully written.. I'm very interested in where you draw inspiration from... I-If that's okay to ask! You.. don't really have to answer me.."]]]

Winry had put her drink together and stirred it up, placing the teaspoon next to her cup, she hurried over to pick up a couple of napkins. [b [size12 [#01A9DB "The next part is where I really need your help-"]]] She sputtered, attempting to contain her excitement. [b [size12 [#01A9DB "See, there's a very simple spell that I learned as a child.. It's only a sentence, so.. It's very easy."]]] Winry placed the napkin over her cup, watching the center discolor from the steam being caught within it.

[b [size12 [#01A9DB "You just need to place your hand here -"]]] Winry guided Miyah's hand over the cup with the napkin cloaking it. [b [size12 [#01A9DB Then you say, [i Jut jut vamos, jut jut vamelia] .. and.. you're magic will do the rest.. Okay?"]]] Winry stepped back, watching Miyah's hand expectantly.

[center [pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/74e9/f/2013/171/8/0/heart_border__blue__by_revpixy-d69ug8n.gif][pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/74e9/f/2013/171/8/0/heart_border__blue__by_revpixy-d69ug8n.gif][pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/74e9/f/2013/171/8/0/heart_border__blue__by_revpixy-d69ug8n.gif][pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/74e9/f/2013/171/8/0/heart_border__blue__by_revpixy-d69ug8n.gif][pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/74e9/f/2013/171/8/0/heart_border__blue__by_revpixy-d69ug8n.gif][pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/74e9/f/2013/171/8/0/heart_border__blue__by_revpixy-d69ug8n.gif]]
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Ceri didn't talk about his family, he never had in the past since before the whole debacle began both Altair and Helva never told him that they were the king and queen. Rather saying that it was just a matter of coincidences, that their names only were similar by a twist of fate and that they were simple members of the guilds. Putting up an act so that Ceri would be able to experience what it's like to be a regular citizen rather than a member of the Crown. Even in the time before a month ago, all he'd ever said about them was that they weren't all that great of a family and his parents never attended any kinds of events where a parent or guardian would come to visit. In a sense, it did feel like there was a bit of a distance between him and his parents.

He'd never given it much thought in the past. Likely because they were almost always either in and out of his life or gone entirely. They kept in contact, but were too busy. In retrospect, it wasn't so much sadness as detachment.

However, while amongst his thoughts, Ceri suddenly found himself forehead to forehead with Braelyn. It snapped him back into reality, but he froze up. His face blushing as a natural response but inside his mind, Ceri had no idea how to respond. One part said that he should say something, another saying to respond with a hug, and all different kinds of responses coming into his mind to the point where his mind began to overload and Ceri became lightheaded and confused.

[i [+6b6b6b Why did she do this? Did I say something that caused this? What's going on to begin with?"]]

Ceri's mind was spinning itself out of control, however then he heard the commotion going on in the kitchen. A crash, a splash, and then some yelling from you-know-who. He broke contact with Braelyn without even knowing it, spinning his head in the direction of the kitchen and getting up. Then realizing that he was leaving Braelyn's company. Quickly, he turned back to her and bowed, [b [+6b6b6b "Thank you for the company during lunch Ms. Bra...Brae. My apologies but I have a bad feeling about the kitchen."]]

Soon he was running to the kitchen to see what in the hell had happened, a slight blush that was fading from his cheeks and Ceri now back to his usual facial expression as he opened the kitchen's backdoor. Inside he saw the chaos and put a hand to his face and just couldn't look for a moment.

[b [+6b6b6b "For the love of..."]]

Ceri let out a heavy sigh and walked into the kitchen, the first thing catching his eye being the toaster. It was all banged up and also there were burn marks around the area. This meant that one of the girls, likely because they didn't understand the technology of Ravensguard, had tried to use it. She expected it to work in a way similar to their world, and when it didn't she wound up destroying the mechanism. Ceri popped open the side of the toaster, the machine itself fine but the quartz crystal inside was shattered to pieces. It would have to be replaced, thankfully quartz crystals were the batteries of Ravensguard and easy to obtain. Opening up one of the drawers, he took out a few cylindrical quartz and put them back in. Almost instantly, the toaster fixed itself back up, looking brand-new and back to being a working toaster.

After that matter was taken care of, Ceri hit a button on the wall to signal that the kitchen was in need of cleaning by the staff at the manor. Once that was taken care of, Ceri stepped back outside and felt a need to just get somewhat far away from the manor, away from the girls inside who had just caused a bit of mayhem. With this in mind, he started walking along the cobblestone pathing to the further parts of the manor where the forest was somewhat thicker but much more plentiful in exotic and beautiful plants. Fairies of all different colors coming out and going in between the plants and making the garden into their own personal paradise.

As he walked about the garden, Ceri heard the sound of a bow being released and both the zipping and thuds of arrows as they were fired along the range within the forest. Getting closer, he could see one of the newer girls, Akira, practicing archery. Also taking some rather unique shots in addition to the traditional kinds.

Ceri watched silently as he walked closer until he was roughly 30 feet away but within talking distance, [b [+6b6b6b "Can't say I expected to find a marksman amongst the new residents."]]

[center [b - - - - - MEANWHILE - - - - -]]

[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/23eIUVJ.jpg]] After meeting Coco, James then moved on and off to another part of the manor's grounds. Giving the rabbit a bow before heading off and eating his berries as he went and greeting fairies left and right and occassionally lazing about in the sun and shade like the cat he is. Even giving his mustache and fur a bit of grooming to maintain his regal fur patterns.

However, while in the process of doing this, James encounters Okiyodyu and her pup. However, James isn't aware of how they're guests but does sense that they're not from this world. He knew that there were wolves in Ravensguard, but their magic was foreign and no animals lived in this garden without James permission. While he wasn't king of the nation, he did treat the garden like his own personal kingdom.

Getting in their path, James stood before both of them. While he was smaller in size by comparison, James demanded to know why they were here in his kingdom and let out a portion of his magic leak out. The cat's power was immense and to anyone who could see what was going on, it was almost as if a great and noble beast was before the two newcommers.

James wasn't going to do anything to these wolves, but would should they prove to be harmful to the garden. Into both of their minds, James welcomed them but asked them both what they were doing here.
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/oik2s6N.jpg]] [center [pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/3cad/f/2017/170/6/c/new_canvasyhf_by_adorelee-dbdatvf.png]]
[center [font "Arial" The vixen watched as the prince spoke about his life. It was alluring to watch how his feelings were clear as day on his face. She liked how much easier he was to read now that they had spoken a bit. Ravenguard seemed to contrast the spirit world in almost every way.

As Ceri went on to explain the hierarchy, he seemed to have to explain himself further on the matter of a cat being the most royal. It confused Braelyn on how he thought it was unusual for an animal to rule. Tilting her head she tried to piece it together. Were humans not equal to animals in this realm? In the Spirit world animals were usually very high ranking with the gods. Although her family ruled the foxes; they were treated like royalty by the other spirits. Maybe her culture was weird? She wanted to know so much more. [i [#009999 'Does this mean I bow to him now?']] Thought the raven-haired girl.

[b [#009999 "Does James do magic often? Castiel seemed to be leery of him in the beginning and I understand why now,"]] questioned the goddess. Here eyes resembled less of a fox and more of a doe. They lacked their fierceness and fire. It was replaced with a gentleness that most didn't get to see. She blinked slowly as she leaned forward on her chair.
[b [#009999 "And wow that is amazing. I am only a few decades old. That is another reason why the other gods are nervous about me taking over one day."]] Mumbled Braelyn. It was actually a touchy subject for her because the hostility made her home life a bit tiring.

Crossing one leg over the other, she placed one hand on her bare leg and the other picked at a sandwich. She could listen to him for hours and never be bored. Braelyn actually felt that way about all of the residents of the household. She wanted to know everything about the lovely people she shared her life with. She considered them more to be a family than rivals.
She noted the academics and material that helped his people. The spirit world was much more musically driven and swayed by the arts. It was quite intriguing to think about scholars.

Braelyn noticed a change in his demeanor as he spoke of his family. There was a sorrow to his tone that hurt the kitsune deep in the pit of her stomach. She wondered if they were close. What ate at her most was the idea of Ceri being lonely. Braelyn was constantly surrounded by interesting characters. She was always engulfed in love. Did he get to freely love? Frowning she reached out a hand to comfort him. But before they connected she pulled away. Not everyone was okay with physical affection which she respected. But it was hard for her not to.
But despite her efforts to contain herself, she stood up and rushed toward the prince. Leaning down she pressed her forehead to his. The way his eyes had fallen broke her self control. In her culture, this was the highest form of affection and comfort. Braelyn did not know how Ceri would react, but in that moment it didn't matter to her.
[b [#009999 "Don't be sad Ceri"]] She whispered.
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Okiyodyu let Miyah say her piece. She had already pegged her for the boastful type, and she started yelling at her about her momentary clumsiness. She shook her head as she she started talking about her so called career. She tilted her head some. [I "Pop idol, huh? Its funny, I've never heard of you... "] she said. In Sentiard, idols weren't idolized as other lands would. Instead, they are treated like everyone else, aside from the events and privileges. She was important in her land, and this is Ravensgard, so she knew her opinion wasnt shared on the matter. From the sounds of it and the smell of the semi-expensive perfume, she came from Nexus. She had only traveled there once or twice, only to visit her schooling friends. They always described idols, but she never shown interest in pop idols. They only cared about themselves, and she, for one, wasn't going to start now to be star struck. [I "... So... Do you want to eat or not? "] she asked, completely ignoring the tantrum she did about herself.

Then, the girl began to realize what happened. It took her long enough, but Okiyo accepted the fact that she did just come out of nowhere on her, and it was possible that she could've scared the kid. She noticed the kid demeanor change slightly, to where she was holding the hem of her skirt... Then, she asked the oddest thing...

[I [b "I-Is there something sweet from your home world you liked to eat..I guess I'm sort of curious about trying new sweets"]]

Okiyodyu turned to her with a slightly confused look on her face. Sweets? Of course she knew how to make sweets. It was one of her special hobbies, one she rarely done for anyone... Except one, but... She was about to answer, when a voice sounded.

As if on cue, another girl, a child with florescent blue hair distracted her. She could smell that she was a young witch, and smirked when she allowed herself in and asked the other young one if she wanted to help her make something. Thing was, Okiyo could tell that wasn't going to end well either. Though she was a witch, she was what her people called a peakling, and had no idea to control her abilities just yet. Okiyo saw that the idol eagerly accepted the help and the young witch scampered about, looking for mugs. Okiyo began putting together ingredients to make her special dumplings. All the young ones in her home town loved these dumplings, she figured it could be good for this occasion... Just this once.

Besides, she had to keep an eye on those two...

After about thirty minutes, she made three dozen dumplings. The girls were yet to be successful in making the coco as she took a seat. The young witch, Winry she heard, was excited about making coco. Unfortunately, as Okiyo observed from afar, she noticed that the girl wasn't going to do anything but make a storm of a mess, perhaps bigger than the idol had done. After setting the dumplings to the table, she went to the girls, wondering how far they were. [I "Are you guys alri-"] Something happened to where she startled the young one, and was splashed. She gasped, yelped the only way she knew. She did pick a bad time to see what they were up to. Obviously, they weren't ready with the coco.

Okiyodyu shook her head and stepped back. [I "Rest of the dumplings are on the table... You guys can have it... "] she grunted through her teeth. After giving them the rest of the dumplings, she took six dumplings and left two dozen, and took the opportunity to exit to the back. Okiyo sighed at the fresh air and looked around... She finished her dumplings quickly enough, feeling the water drip from her jet black hair. Then, as sge finished her last dumpling, she saw him... Her wolf cub that had found her before she was summoned. She smiled and knelt as the pup raced across the yard to be embraced by her. She chuckled as she looked to him, and petted him. [I "Eutharian... I knew you were here"] she felt him tug at her. She knew he wanted to go home. [I "I can't yet... Besides, I've been summoned here... "]

The cub kept tugging at her. The cub had wanted her to play. She smiled and nodded. [I "Alright, alright, Eutharian... I will play"] With that, she closed her eyes, blanked out her mind, and thought of being free... Within a few seconds, she transformed into a graceful wolf, a silver wolf had took the place of the human, and the cub was far too excited to stay still.

[center [pic http://orig02.deviantart.net/371b/f/2017/018/0/3/huntress_by_tazihound-davxmfc.jpg]]

[center With that, she took off running, her cub running after her...]
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[center [pic https://image.ibb.co/hCOB15/eya.png]]

[center [pic http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i419/sweetsugarhime/pixelGoodies/webElements/tumblr_ltlpzlQeBV1ql1l0v.gif~original]]

[center Miyah had grabbed some towels but it wasn't for the toaster. It was to handle the hot water for the cocoa since she couldn't find any mits to prevent herself from getting burned. The brat couldn't careless if that jerk Prince's appliances got busted, he was loaded and could buy a bunch more if he wanted, right? The short girl had nearly slipped as she made her way back, which annoyed her since she wasn't exactly clumsy. In fact, because she was a famous pop star she ordinarily had great control over her balance, and moved flawlessly about the stage and in practice. So how the heck did it happen. Glaring down she saw water on the floor. [i What the heck, what idiot spilt water everywhere] The idol thought before she glanced up realizing she had been hanging in mid air, having been caught by some taller strange woman. Blinking the petite girl regain her balence and rudely waved the woman off of her. [#fc599b "I wouldn't have to pay attention if some baka didn't throw water all over the floor!"] The idol barked back at her. [#fc599b "And I'm not some dumb kid, I'm the famous pop Idol from Nexus, Miyah Nakano!"] The brat clenched her fists at her side puffing out her cheeks. It was possible Okiyodyu had heard of her since the celebrities from the world of Nexus were so popular they perform in many other worlds and had quite a large following, even in Ravensguard.

Miyah's face was all over music and teen magazines and out of all the celebrities to hail from Nexus, she was certainly the most famous and loved. The brat glared up at the woman and huffed in frustration. Despite being from the terrifying and powerful world, Nexus, she didn't look the slight bit harmful. But she had all the attitude that came with the citizens of the great world of Nexus, that was for sure. When the woman asked what she wanted, the girl rolled her eyes [#fc599b "I don't have to spill anything..looks like someone already did"] the idol grumbled rudely referring to the water on the floor. But after a moment the short girl looked around realizing the toaster was no longer a flame and the smoke had been cleared out and it suddenly clicked in her head why their was water on the floor. [i Jeez..I didn't know it got that bad..I thought it was just smoke..] Miyah thought realizing the black haired woman had simply been trying to put it out. She probably cut the scolding level from the idiot prince in half for her. [#fc599b "What a pain..."] The idol sighed softly and grabbed at the edge of her skirt. [#fc599b "I..I...guess I see why you did it now, lady."] The short girl grumbled lowly glaring away from her and blushed in slight irritation and embarrassment admitting she snapped a little too quick.

[#fc599b "B-But don't think I'm grateful or..anything that you helped me!"] Miyah added, though it was obviously just a front. She was grateful. But Nexonians didn't rely on anyone for help. They were too prideful to ever admit they needed it. Hearing her stomach growl mid sentence, she huffed a little and fidgeted before Okiyodyu. [#fc599b "I..I guess something sweet...would work..."] the idol mumbled lower and lower. [#fc599b "Please..."] Miyah nearly whispered the word to the woman, just making sure no one heard her actual sweet side come out but Okiyodyu, as to keep an image of a serious citizen of Nexus. Though she wasn't aware most people could see right through her. [#fc599b "I-Is there something sweet from your home world you liked to eat..I guess I'm sort of curious about trying new sweets"] she spoke trying to not seem as interested as she was. Miyah loved sweets, which didn't help her look like any less of a kid. But she couldn't help how happy they made the brat, mostly because her strict diet as a pop idol prevented her from eating very many of them.]

[center [pic https://orig02.deviantart.net/b05c/f/2013/288/3/a/cherry_blossom_divider_by_cherushimetsumari-d6qlwh4.gif]]

[center Though a few moments later Miyah turned her head to see the blue haired female enter the kitchen. [i Oh yeah, the girl who can't do magic yet...like me] The idol thought bracing herself a bit as the timid girl walked by them. [#fc599b "Winry..right?"] The petite girl thought out loud attempting to remember the girl's name from when they had met at dinner the previous night. [#fc599b "Watch your step, there's water on the ground"] The brat grumbled to warn Winry before glaring back over at Okiyodyu but this time Miyah had a glint in her eye that made it clear she was teasing the woman and not actually trying to be completely rude this time. The black haired woman did save her backside from hitting the ground after all, so ultimately it wasn't like she got hurt, that and she was helping clean, it was only her Nexus pride took a small blow. And her balance skills as a performer.

Hearing Winry mention her world's hot cocoa recipe, Miyah got an excited look in her eye. [#fc599b "Hot cocoa from a different world?!"] The idol bounced a bit in excitement and moved over to the blue haired girl, though quickly regained her composure [#fc599b "O-Okay..I mean.. I guess I'll help...I guess"] The short girl grumbled softly. [#fc599b "Where do we start?"] Miyah's yellow eyes locked on the other girl as her curiosity grew.]

[center [pic http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i419/sweetsugarhime/pixelGoodies/webElements/tumblr_ltlpzlQeBV1ql1l0v.gif~original]]
[font "Century Gothic" Akira was pulled out of her curious daze when she heard someone approach coming from the direction of the mansion. Glancing over her shoulder, she realized it was that Miyah girl once again. She found it a little surprising to see her again so soon, but didn't necessarily mind. Carefully, she stood up in order to address the small girl properly. She didn’t notice the healthy fur of Coco that she just mentioned, huh? Why would someone feel self-conscious about liking animals? It seemed perfectly natural to her.

[b [#ce2500 “Her name is Coco,”]] she responded.

Akira then looked in the direction that she was talking about, the one that supposedly lead to a garden. Her eyes lit up at what it could possibly look like and what it contained. Her eyes lit up, the only visible indication of her excitement. Coco would definitely enjoy the carrots and other fruits or vegetables it might have to eat.

[b [#ce2500 “Thank you for the info,”]] she said as she looked back at Miyah, though tensed when the girl started to look her up and down. Did she look odd? What was running through the girl’s mind? Was she trying to assess how strong she was?

Seemingly out of nowhere, the prince was mentioned. At least, that is all Akira could assume the girl was meaning since she constantly called him by insulting names. She looked down at her outfit. [b [#ce2500 “These clothes are easy to move around in and bare feet make it easier to climb certain obstacles.”]] Though maybe it was odd to remain bare-footed for so long in this world. Akira wouldn’t have to climb anything soon so she decided to comply this one time and slipped on her cloth shoes. She was going to say something else when the girl mentioned how she would probably look good in Ravensguard clothing. [b [#ce2500 “Uh…”]] She didn’t know what to say in those kind of moments. Akira was always awkward about receiving compliments, since she couldn’t tell if it was mere flattery or honesty. Instead of saying anything, she bowed her head in thanks.

Akira watched Miyah leave, in search of food, and agreed to let the girl know if Coco liked the carrots. Speaking of that rabbit… Looking around, she spotted brown fur hopping closer to the garden, right around where the cat was still at. She noticed what appeared to be staff of the mansion bowing in respect towards the animal. An eyebrow arched in curiosity. Were all creatures of this world shown such respect, or was he no ordinary creature? She would have to inquire about the cat later.

[center [pic https://s26.postimg.org/ys45z1edl/Coco_Akira.png]]
Crimson eyes grew wide at the sight before them. The flowers were blooming brilliantly, looking to be in great health. Whoever was in charge of the area did a wonderful job. The edible foods seemed to be just about ripe for the picking, as the cat demonstrated to Coco through magic. Akira watched cautiously as Coco took a bit of the berries offered to her. When she didn’t immediately become ill, it was confirmed that the berries were safe to eat. She found some carrots and picked one for Coco.

[b [#ce2500 “You didn’t eat anything this morning. Make sure to have your fill now.”]]

Coco was ecstatic, bouncing in circles around the food, James, and Akira. If anyone loved food more than Akira, it would most definitely be Coco. The bunny eagerly began to eat her food, though paced herself so as to not make herself sick. With a small smile, Akira left her to her own devices.

Further into the garden, she found what looked like large, round pieces of wood placed on stands that was covered in painted-on rings. Nearby, a variety of different bows and quivers filled with arrows were neatly placed in some kind of order. Did someone at the mansion practice archery? She was happy that archery was not a foreign concept in Ravensguard since it was her main weapon of choice back in Neahal. It was her hobby and main way of hunting. She was one of the best archers out of everyone in the Earth Tribe. She helped herself to a bow, testing out the string and tightening it a bit. Instead of picking up a quiver, she grabbed four arrows and held them in her open hand.

Standing a good distance from the targets, Akira placed her feet so they were firmly planted against the earth. Closing her eyes, she focused her energy in the task at hand. Slowly, all the sounds and smells around her seemed to vanish. Then, with remarkable speed, her eyes snapped open. In quick succession, each arrow was launched from the string of the bow onto all four targets that were available on the field. All four arrows landed directly in the center of the targets.

Akira grabbed more arrows, having some scattered across the ground and others in her hand. She shot some arrows, rolled across the ground, picked up arrows and shot some more, then with the final arrow she did a flip in the air and shot and arrow while upside down in the air. When she landed on her feet, she looked over at the targets to assess her work. Only one arrow had hit the side of the target rather than the center.

[b [#ce2500 “Not good enough.”]]

So Akira went again, giving herself different challenges each time and testing out what she could and could not do. It would be nice if they had moving targets as well, but she was perfectly fine working with what was available.]
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[center [pic https://image.ibb.co/gfRs65/winREE.gif]]
[center [pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/74e9/f/2013/171/8/0/heart_border__blue__by_revpixy-d69ug8n.gif][pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/74e9/f/2013/171/8/0/heart_border__blue__by_revpixy-d69ug8n.gif][pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/74e9/f/2013/171/8/0/heart_border__blue__by_revpixy-d69ug8n.gif][pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/74e9/f/2013/171/8/0/heart_border__blue__by_revpixy-d69ug8n.gif][pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/74e9/f/2013/171/8/0/heart_border__blue__by_revpixy-d69ug8n.gif][pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/74e9/f/2013/171/8/0/heart_border__blue__by_revpixy-d69ug8n.gif]

[center [size13 [font "PMingLiU-ExtB" Winry nodded, her timid expression glimmering with hope and excitement. She had been so worried about meeting everyone here, thankfully there was one girl at least who she could talk to as a friend. She touched at the flower design on the chest of her shirt (well, braelyn's shirt), smiling happily as she left the room.

[center [pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/11f8/f/2012/272/2/a/cuteblueplz_by_simplysilent-d5gaw1j.gif]]

Winry's bare feet padded against the marble floor as she made her way down the stairs to the foyer of the mansion, a finger touching idly at her lower lip in contempation. If she was going to be here for an entire year, she would need to create a comfort zone. Right now her bedroom was too dull and too empty. She needed to fill it with things she loved. Flowers especially, as she was very interested in what kind of creatures would settle at her window in Ravensguard. She didn't know the area very well, but it couldn't be that hard to get around. Winry was in a good mood now, she would get something for lunch, get ready, and go!

Wait, what was.. that smell? Winry's nose wrinkled in displeasure, why did it smell like fire? It only took walking into the kitchen for to realize the toaster was smoldering. She eyed the two girls cautiously, did one of them try to set the house on fire? She analyzed the situation closely, deciding if she needed to run or not.

She didn't.

The other two girls seemed to be more or less ignoring the smoke as it [right [pic https://image.ibb.co/emX765/tea.gif]]drifted slowly out the opened window, so Winry decided to do the same. Clearing her throat slightly, she came up beside Miyah, who was fiddling with a pack of hot cocoa mix. Immediately, Winry lit up, her timid frame tensing as she touched at the tea-pot. [b [#01A9DB [size12 "I-I know a very good recipe from home.. Will you help me make it?"]]] She asked in her usual translucent tone. Little would Miyah know that this Recipe did require a hand in magic. Witches used magic for nearly every simple task after all, they claim it makes the world and the air around them more beautiful. Winry envied witches who could use magic as they pleased. Thinks like spells for cooking, cleaning, and personal care were acceptable for any witch or warlock to learn, no matter what color their hair was. It was only larger scale magic that had to be organized between them.

Winry had begun filling the tea-pot with water, pushing her chest and stomach out in an attempt to still the wobbling pot against her while she [left [pic https://image.ibb.co/mbyrYk/chocoz.gif]]held the handle. She placed it with some effort onto the stove and set the temperature, spinning around purposefully, she went for the mugs next. Winry, with two mugs in hand, paused and glanced at the beautiful woman with the black hair. Then, grabbed a third mug, clunking the three down onto the counter, she waved a hand towards Miyah [b [#01A9DB [size12 "Come, I'll show you!"]]]

[center [pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/74e9/f/2013/171/8/0/heart_border__blue__by_revpixy-d69ug8n.gif][pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/74e9/f/2013/171/8/0/heart_border__blue__by_revpixy-d69ug8n.gif][pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/74e9/f/2013/171/8/0/heart_border__blue__by_revpixy-d69ug8n.gif][pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/74e9/f/2013/171/8/0/heart_border__blue__by_revpixy-d69ug8n.gif][pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/74e9/f/2013/171/8/0/heart_border__blue__by_revpixy-d69ug8n.gif][pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/74e9/f/2013/171/8/0/heart_border__blue__by_revpixy-d69ug8n.gif]
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