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For BooBear

By polkadotrocker

Replies: 94 / 3 years ago

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Jacob Black and Bella Swan had been inseparable since they were children, Bella only being a year older than Jacob and their father's being best friends might have had something to do with that. But, nonetheless they had been friends forever...Jacob was even extremely jealous of her boyfriend...she spent all her time with him and acted like she forgot Jacob existed.

That was until 2 weeks ago....

Bella had went to visit her mother in Phoenix and had gotten hurt, a broken leg, scrapes and bruises, the whole nine yards. Bella being Bella had fallen through a window, at least that was the cover story that Bella had told her mother to cover for what actually happened.

She had been bitten by a vampire...not her boyfriend who was also a vampire but one that had been hell bent on killing her. Shortly after the fact, in the hospital, her boyfriend had left her...said it was too dangerous for him to be around her so he was leaving for her safety, his entire family was....that would have been great news for the Quileute tribe...if the change hadn't already began..


This role play picks up when Bella comes home and wants to see Jacob...who can't see her until Sam knows that Jacob can control his temper and his phasing, a new wolf wouldn't be safe around Bella. Flash forward two weeks when Billy invites Charlie and Bella over for fish fry and baseball..... and Jacob imprints.

Later on our roleplay will include Jacob and Bella fighting, Bella unexpectedly finding out she is pregnant, Victoria hunting her and Jacob possibly getting hurt.
"Sleep Bells." Jake said holding her close to him. It was long until he drifted off to sleep as well. He didn't even hear Charlie come home but seeing Jacob asleep with bella and fully dressed he knew that no funny business as he called it had taken place. He noticed the class ring around Bella's neck and just smiled, she was in good hands with Jacob and he knew that....not to mention the boy was smart and already owned his own business....maybe they would get married in a few years. Jacob was a hard worker and would make sure Bella had everything she would ever need.
Charlie left them sleep and the next morning Bella's alarm went off for school.
Bella smiled soflty and nodded. She ended up cooking chicken alfredo, it was done in twenty minutes. [b "I always leave a plate for Charlie in the mircowave."] she said. She carried two plates up to her room and sat on the bed beside Jake. [b "I'm pretty sure most of your shirts are in my closet."] she said, laughing. [b "Charlie worries to much. It started after Edward left... He should realize that you're never going to hurt me, but I don't know what his deal is."] she said.

She ate the pasta and then sat the plates on the desk, and went back to bed. [b "I'm so tired."] she said softly, snuggling into him.
Bella / BooBear96 / 3y ago
Jake smiled,"Pasta sounds good and it's easy." He kissed her when she came out of the bathroom. He had all of her bags put on her desk and the floor. Jake was laying down on her bed and muttered." you look good in my shirt....aren't those my shorts too?" He smirked and said ," Would you like me to help you make dinner? Are you making some extra for Charlie? I mean he will probably want something to eat after his shift and he already texted me and thanked me for taking you today, he feels bad that he couldn't take you today and it's your last year of school." He watched her move around her room, she was so beautiful and he wa so lucky.
Bella smiled once they pulled up to her house. She needed to take a shower and get everything ready for school tomorrow, organize her back pack and what not. [b "Yeah. That sounds good, I just need to shower. What sounds good for dinner? I know you're going to be hungry within minutes."] she said, smirking.

She unlocked the door and headed upstairs. It had been a long day, and she in fact was tired. She grabbed a pair of pajamas, which in fact, she was pretty sure that she had stolen from Jacob. An old La Push tee shirt and a pair of black shorts.

Twenty minutes later, she was showered and walking back into her bedroom.
Bella / BooBear96 / 3y ago
Jake smiled, he wasn't great at being sentimental but when it came to bella he was like putty in her hands. "Thank you for wearing it Bells." He drove back to Forks quietly an shelf her hand, kissing the back of it as he drove every now and then. Jacob was very different from edward, Edward was always afraid to touch her but Jacob wasn't and he was so gentle and didn't push her too far or push her anywhere she didn't want to go.

Pulling into the Swan's driveway he smiled,"Head inside Bells, I'll get your bags and we can maybe watch a movie before you fall asleep...plus I'll have to hide when Charlie gets home."
Bella smiled ass they walked out of the mall. It had indeed been a fun day out. [b "I'm ready to head back to Forks."] she said softly. She stepped down and going in the car. She listened to Jacob speak, and looked at him, she was curious as to what he was going to say. [b "What are you trying to get at Jacob?"] she asked softly.

She looked down as he slipped his class ring off her finger. [b "Jacob..."] she said softly. She reached back and unhooked her necklace that Charlie had given her for her birthday, and slid Jacob's ring threw the chain. [b "I'll never take it off.."] she said softly as she hooked it back into place.
Bella / BooBear96 / 3y ago
Jake carried all of her bags out of the mall and to the car and kissed her as he put them in the trunk with everything else. "Ready to head back to little old Forks?" Once they were sitting in the car Jake took a deep breath, "I know we have been dating only a day but Bella I've loved you my whole life and your going back to school and I won't be there and I want everyone to know your mine...I'm so proud that I'm dating Bella Swan." He said with a smile.

"I would love if you would wear this on your necklace or something....I doubt it'll fit your fingers because well my hands are massive and you have baby hands honey." He said dropping his emerald class ring into her palm. It said Quileute High School on one side and on the other is said football with a football and through the stone it read BLACK. Jake smiled," Even though I graduated last year I want you to have it."
Bella smiled softly as they headed to the PINK part of the store. She wanted to get a couple of pullovers, sweatpants and baggy tee shirts as well. She would need them for the cold days. Who was she kidding? Forks was almost always cold. [b "I need this!"] she said. Grabbing a waterproof black jacket that had PINK written on the back. She grabbed five pair of bra and panty sets and then looked at Jake. [b "You need to get me out before I buy the entire store."] she said grinning.

They walked up and she looked up the lady behind the register. [b "I'm lucky. He's one of the good ones."] she said.
Bella / boobear96 / 3y ago
Jacob nodded,"Of course I can babe." He was a strong manly man but he wa amor over carrying things for his girlfriend. He would have went to the store and bought tampons for her if she had asked him to. Jacob would do anything for Bella. He followed her around and carried the things she was going to buy. She was getting a lot at this store and yes some was Lingerie but the rest was just normal things that Jake knew girls bought. When she was finished he carried everything to the register for her and the sales girl commented to Bella," most guys won't even come in this store...you've got a keeper there."
Bella tried on everything, and as crazy as it was, she was going to get every single thing. She still had to get a couple of bras and panty sets. She slipped back into her clothes and gathered everything up. [b "I sure did."] she said, looking at the sales employee. [B "I'm going to get these, plus I have to get bra and panty sets as well."] she said. She glanced over at Jake and smirked.

[b "I'm sure I'll be spending well over fifty dollars."] she said. [b "But thank you for letting me know."] She walked over to Jacob and grinned. [b "Now bra and panties."] she said. [b "Can you carry these?"] She handed him the lingerie in her arms.
Bella / boobear96 / 3y ago
Jacob pouted but sat in the designated Boyfriend chair. He waited on her to try on all of her things. He knew she would look amazing in that purple lingerie that he had picked out. If she didn't buy it for herself it would buy it for her. She was gorgeous and even though she wasn't ready to show him yet, he knew somehow, someday it would happen.

When she came out he smiled and asked, "Find some things?" An employee that was brave enough came over and asked Bella if she needed any help. Jacob was still sitting down about a foot away from her. "Did you hear out about specials? Any fifty dollar purchase gets you a free blanket." The girl said smiling.
Bella just smirked as she looked at what Jacob had picked out. She'd always liked the color purple. It was the color that looked best on her. [b "Jacob Black!"] she mumbled when she felt his hand grab her ass. She looked around, silently apologizing to the employees. She knew that they didn't say anything, because they were definitely scared of Jake. He was so tall and buff.

Jacob and Edward were so different. Edward was old fashioned and well reserved, while Jacob was modern, and just go with the flow. She loved that about Jacob. [b "I'm going into the dressing room to try this stuff on. You stay out here."] she said, looking down at all the things she had in her hand.
Bella / boobear96 / 3y ago
Jake picked out a dusty purple lingerie set and handed it to her without a word. He grabbed her ass as she looked at things. None of the employees bothered them and it was probably because they were scared of Jacob. He was a large man and no one really ever crossed him. It was odd seeing them together. Jake was so big and Bella was so petite. They didn't fit together but at the same time they were perfect for each other.

He watched her put things into the bag they they gave her at the door and whispered, "I think you look amazing in purple... just saying." He held onto her in someway everywhere she went, if it was her hand or her waist or her ass.
Bella looked up at Jacob and just grinned. [b "You don't have to pay. You paid for Lunch and my school supplies. I'm paying for this, because one day I might want to suprise you."] she said. She kissed his cheek and then sat down in the passenger seat. [b "You act like you're excited or something."] she said, smirking.

[b "You don't get to see anything."] she said [b "But I will let you pick out one thing that you want me to try on."] She grinned and walked over to the baby doll corset sets. She needed to remember to buy a couple of bras and panty sets before they left. She needed new ones for school.
Bella / boobear96 / 3y ago
Jake stopped, "Definatley Victoria's Secret and I'm paying.... let your boyfriend spoil you a little... besides some of it will be for my enjoyment." He kissed her gently and opened the passenger's side door for her like a gentleman. He drove to the mall. It was a quick drive and upon entering the doors the pink store glittered under the flouresent lights. Jake hadn't been in that store since he was a little kid and his older sisters had dragged him there with his father but he knew what they sold and he knew he wanted to see Bella in it. He kissed her lips and said, "Go have at it, show me things you find."