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Erase Me

By Kakurenbo

Storage. Just simply storage. So just stay out... or not.

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KakurenboKakurenbo   5y ago

[+Hotpink This is just a storage. Sorry if I got your hopes up! I'll try put cute things in here.
KakurenboKakurenbo   5y ago

[+hotpink As promise I have come to post something cute in here. Look at this cute kitty gif. Look at it Damn it. Isn't it so cute XD lol I love animals. I'll probably post more in here at some point XD.
[pic http://i1074.photobucket.com/albums/w410/Ookami841/Akai_Ito/RandomGIF/4cf19a7cb9c711dade0e394e0321cdd5_zpswsamf0f7.gif]
KakurenboKakurenbo   3d ago

[center Text colors and possible names to use / remember
[#f9870b Text color| Bl][#fabb1e az][#c20a0f ing]
Yame saseru
Ori komeru
Valerie Louve
Nora 野良 Nekomura ネコムラ
Chiyo Ketsuki
Hinata Natsume


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