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Silent Hill: Reawakening The Darkness

By SilentHiller

Replies: 37 / 3 years ago

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The town of Silent Hill, Virginia, had been left alone for many years after what happened to Alessa, but her anger is rising, and it might be let loose if anyone, or anything enters the town...can the survivors make it out alive?


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[B We better find weapons first, and then we can move on...but we should be careful of any traps that might be on the ground.] Heather said, getting up and going with Adrian. [B Where are you from, anyway?] Heather ventured to ask, curious as to where Adrian could have been from.
Adrian took another puff on her vaporizer and exhaled a large, fragrant cloud.
"[#4109b9 [b Not another one...]]" She said quietly, feeling her hands start shaking. After Spark, she wasn't exactly feeling up to being visited by anything else. She just wanted to leave.
"[#4109b9 [b So this, Alessa person, is she going to tell us how to get out of here? Because if not, I am perfectly content to keep trying down in that fucking desolate neighborhood until I get my ass out.]]" She said, her voice rising slightly towards the end. She took another puff and exhaled it though her nose, trying to calm herself down before she did something stupid and drastic.
"[#4109b9 [i That's me. Adrian Mallory, queen of drama and bad decisions.]]" She thought to herself and took one more small puff before stashing her pen. She blew it out and looked out at the scenery behind them.

She hadn't noticed a lake there before. It didn't shine like other lakes. This one looked like it was made of gray water, still and murky. She was under no circumstances going anywhere near that. She looked back towards where they were headed, another short distance and then the neighborhood again. She sighed. She said she would be content to wander but she was scared she would wander forever. She just wanted to leave this hell hole and go home where shit made sense and she could forget everything that happened. Adrian offered her hand to Heather.
"[#4109b9 [b Ready to go?]]"
Adrian Mallory / Avix / 3y ago
[B I Think that we may have to find Alessa...or find out how to keep ourselves alive.] she told Adrian, looking around ,and she knew that the wind wasn't actually wind. [B I have a feeling that the wind wasn't actually wind...I have a feeling that the sound we heard could have been a monster.] she told Adrian, curious.
Adrian watched the creature drop from the blunt force trauma as Heather smacked it with her pipe. The blow rang out like a musical note before the creature fell with an ungraceful thud onto the floor. It twitched once and then was still, very still. Adrian stepped away from it, reaching down with her tingling arm for her knife. The tingling intensified as she touched the metal handle and she knew this feeling.
"[#4109b9 [b It electricuted me?]]" She said quietly to herself. She looked down at her painted black nails with icy dread creeping up her spine. She knew that feeling too well. This was minor but unpleasant. She guessed it could have been a lot worse.

The wind moved passed Adrian's ear, creating that whooshing sound that Heather asked about and Adrian looked around, knife at the ready for anything that should come out.
"[#4109b9 [b Yeah... I heard it. Let's get the fuck out of dodge please.]]" She said, more like a demand than a question. She started to make her way to the front door, checking every shadow for those bright glowing eyes. Whatever this thing was, it was fast, faster than ol' sparky that was still laying motionless on the ground. She didn't want to know if it was another Spark or something new.
"[#4109b9 [b Heather, let's go.]]" She said making her way for the door and bursting out into the cold air of the town.

It was almost a relief to breathe in the wet air from the rain. It was a short storm because there was nothing left except for the wet ground to even hit at a storm being there. She looked behind her and grabbed Heather as she came out of the door, helping her down the hill back towards the town.
"[#4109b9 [b So indoors sucks dick.]]" She stated plainly. "[#4109b9 [b I suggest we stay outside as much as we can because there is shit indoors I don't want to talk about.]]"
And she meant it. She didn't know what it was or how it got here but the electricity freaked her out. She decided not to say much more and focused on helping Heather down the hill only stopping when they reached a bench on the side of the road. She gently sat Heather down and pulled out her vaporizer, taking a large puff on it and exhaling it all out in one giant green apple cloud.
"[#4109b9 [i Fucking better.]]" She thought to herself as she took another puff on it.
"[#4109b9 [b So how do we get the fuck out of here?]]" She asked Heather, not looking over but looking at the cloud that started to rise up into the sky.
Adrian Mallory / Avix / 3y ago
Heather managed to come up behind the creature and started to beat it with the rusty iron pipe, not stopping despite the pain she was in. [B Just...fucking...DIE!!!] she shouted, finally killing the creature with a strong blow to its head. [B I don't remember anything like this one...] she told Adrian, then she heard a strange whooshing sound, as if something had rushed past them. [B Did you hear a strange sound?] she asked Adrian, looking around.
Adrian turned around and saw Heather limping rather badly. She stifled a groan and walked back to her. She offered her shoulder to the girl, taking her arm and some of her weight.
"[#4109b9 [b What about the church?]]" She said in a monotone voice as they started walking again.

Adrian didn't like churches. Always some nosey "do-gooder" trying to "save her immortal soul". She hated they way they looked at her, like she was a damn charity case. They coddled her after her parents died. They asked her many questions like "Are you okay?", "Do you need to talk?", "We are here for you." She wanted to spit in their faces. Where were they when she actually needed them. Of all the foster care parents, it was the religious ones that were the worst.
Well, all but one.

She pushed the memories from her head, knowing they would come back as they got closer to the church but for now, she just needed to focus on getting her and Heather out of this fucking trash heap. They rounded the corner and there was the door at the end of the hallway that said stairs.
"[#4109b9 [b There. That should lead us back to the ground floor.]]" She said, walking slowly so Heather could keep up. It was stressing Adrian out that they couldn't move faster. Every creek of the floor, set her nerves a blaze. All she wanted was a drink or a hit. Something to take this edge off. Why wasn't she carrying her flask? She groaned and pushed the door open for herself and Heather. They needed to hurry. She needed to get out of here before her body started to turn on her as well.

They hobbled down the stairs, their footsteps echoing up the empty stairwell as they went. The noise was like pounding in Adrian's ears. She wanted to scream shut up, making all the noise of the world go away and lock herself in a room until it was all over. But she looked over at Heather, blood died and crusting on the side of her face. Adrian turned her face forward and kept walking down. They would get out of this.

Adrian opened the lobby door once they got to it and walked out into the familiar setting.
"[#4109b9 [b There we go. Now we just need to get out of ...]]"
Adrian was cut off by a cracking. She looked up and saw a figure outlined by the dim light coming from outside the doors of the hotel. It was humanoid, with no clothes and a strange body. It's head was too long, so was it's neck, arms, legs and fingers. It kept shaking, every so often jolting to the side with a sickening crack, the body part that shot out now broken and staying in the unnatural shape.
"[#4109b9 [b What the fuck is that...]]" Adrian whispered, letting Heather down slowly. The thing opened it's mouth and Adrian saw rows of pointed yellow teeth, blackened around the edges. It let out a gurgling cry and started to hobble towards them both. Adrian pulled out her knife, her heart beating a million times a minute.
"[#4109b9 [b What is that fucking thing!?]]" She screamed, backing up against the door, her knife now open in hand. The thing cracked again and Adrian lunged forward with a scream, side stepping it and slashing it's neck. She felt her arms tingle like mad and she dropped the knife as she slid by it. She looked up and saw the side of it's neck sparking like a frayed electrical wire. It gurgled again and turned to look at Adrian. That was when she saw them, piercing electric blue eyes. They were empty, hungry and angry. She moved her arm gently and hissed at the pins and needles feeling in it. She was defenseless in front of this thing.
"[#4109b9 [b Heather!]]" She called out for help.
Adrian Mallory / Avix / 3y ago
Heather got to her feet, and she looked around. [B I guess...[ she said, and started to limp, her leg hurting a lot. [B I need help, because my leg's messed up!] she shouted, trying to move quickly. [B I think the church is still safe, but I don't like being in there...] she told Adrian, hoping that she was right.
Adrian almost didn't hear Heather's request but slowly, she pieced together what the girl was trying to tell her.
"[#4109b9 [b Rest? In here?]]" She asked incredulously. She looked around at the dusty hallway, the doorways, once white, were stained and rotting, the floor was mostly "clean" of any debris but the green carpet was faded and browned in some areas. Adrian quickly sat up, disgusted she was laying there for any amount of time.
"[#4109b9 [b I don't know if that's the best idea. Being that this place seems to be crumbling around us.]]" She scoffed, looking back over at the hole. "[#4109b9 [b Might be more beneficial for us if we keep moving. Get the fuck out of here.]]"

Adrian began to rub her arms though her jacket. They were kind of achy now after pulling Heather up. The adrenaline was fading and the ache from her fear and running were starting to catch up with her.
"[#4109b9 [b It just doesn't seem safe.]]" Adrian reiterated, slowly standing on mildly shaky legs.
"[#4109b9 [b We should keep going.]]" She decided. "[#4109b9 [b We need to get the fuck out of here before we die.]]" She started walking again, looking for some way down the stairs towards the lobby.
Adrian Mallory / Avix / 3y ago
Heather was sprawled onto the floor, and she was breathing heavily. [B Other than a near heart attack...I'm fine...] she said, almost unable to move from the exhaustion. [B I think...we should rest for a moment...] she said, completely breathless.
Adrian started to walk forward when she heard that familiar crumbling noise. She jumped back staring at the ground in front of her with wide, scared eyes. She didn't see any signs of it falling though she heard the sound plain as day.
"[i Shit! Help me please!]"
Adrian spun around at Heather's voice to see her hanging from rotting, creaking beams. Her hands were on the concrete part but Adrian could tell she was slipping.
"[#4109b9 [b Just hold on.]]" Adrian said in a low tone, slowly edging her way out towards Heather. She tapped a foot down, not wanted to break the pieces any further. She laid down and stretched her hand out, grabbing one of Heather's wrists. When she felt she had a good grip on that one, she reached her other hand out and grabbed her other wrist. Moving back, she rocked onto her knees and started to pull.
"[#4109b9 [b Come on Heather!]]" She strained, pulling the girl up and hopefully out of the death hold that opened up in the floor. She closed her eyes and focused on her death grip on the girl's wrists. Adrian pulled hard and felt her body weight finally come free as they both were pulled onto solid ground. Adrian rolled back onto the floor, panting gently, mostly the adrenaline in her blood making the room spin.
"[#4109b9 [b Are you okay?]]"
Adrian Mallory / Avix / 3y ago
Heather nodded, but before she could move, the floor started to crumble under her feet, and soon she was hanging from the broken concrete ledge of a floor she was previously standing on. [B Shit! Help me please!!!] she shouted, panicking for a good reason. Her eyes darted around for a way to pull herself up, but could find none to do so.
"[#4109b9 [b Creatures?]]" Adrian said only half paying attention. She was more focused on the buttons that would take them out. Most of them were broken or missing. She pressed the ground floor one maybe ten times before it popped out, absolutely worthless. She groaned and stopped on the plastic piece, feeling a little better when it shattered under her heel. She looked up and down the keypad and tried pressing the 4 button. The light dimly lit up and the elevator hummed the life.
"[#4109b9 [b Fucking got it!]]" Adrian called out triumphantly and looked over at Heather. She was proud of herself and looked to the other girl for some form of praise. She quickly looked away though, knowing it was kind of dumb of her. She shook herself out and checked her knife.

She pressed her finger down on the trigger and smiled as it popped out of it's handle, shining in the dull elevator lights. This knife had been with her for years and she expected it to be with her for many more. She closed the blade, keeping her finger near the trigger, just incase. She looked over at Heather standing beside her. The girl was saying all kinds of crazy things about this place and though Adrian had to admit this place was nuts, their was something about this girl that was off putting. The way she seemed crazy but calm like she really did live this and worse before.

Adrian decided to say nothing, not really wanting to know. She wasn't about to spill all her dark secrets on Heather and she wouldn't expect the girl to do the same. The elevator dinged open and Adrian stepped out, glad to be in some "fresh" air. As soon as Heather stepped out of the elevator as well, the doors began to close and then stopped. The light inside flickered for a moment and then the elevator fell. Adrian cried out, jumping back as she listened to the metal clang to the bottom, dust rising from the crack in the doors.

"[#4109b9 [b Jesus Christ!]]" Adrian called out, looking at what could have been their deaths. She rubbed her arms and turned around, not wanting to think about them being inside the metal death trap.
"[#4109b9 [b First the stairs aren't safe and now elevators suck. I am just staying home for the rest of my natural life.]]" She muttered to herself as she began walking down the hall. Adrian turned to Heather, "[#4109b9 [b You coming?]]"
Adrian Mallory / Avix / 3y ago
[B Better than being in this hallway...] she said, following Adrian into the elevator. [B This makes me think of when my foster mother, Rose, told me she had to go down the elevator and weave her way through a horde of monstrous creatures to find Alessa...] she said, not noticing she was rambling on. [B Which direction does this thing go?] she asked Adrian, hoping that it would go up, and not down. As she waited, Heather started to mess around with a rusted pipe she found in a different building earlier. [B I hope that there aren't any creatures along the way...]
Adrian listened to the girl's cry and looked over at her. She seemed uninjured which was good. Adrian didn't want to be lugging around an injured person, her own arm would be enough of a handicap. Slowly, Adrian stood up, making sure to check that her legs would hold her weight. They did, much to her relief and she stood completely upright.
"[#4109b9 [b You tell me.]]" She began while walking over to the blonde haired girl. Adrian offered Heather her uninjured hand to help her off the floor. "[#4109b9 [b You lived here. Why don't you tell me?]]"

She helped Heather off the floor and looked around. The only real light was weakly coming from the giant hole in the ceiling above. Adrian clicked her tongue and looked around for anyway to get out of the room. She saw a door hidden half in the darkness and started to make her way towards it. For the love of fuck, she just wanted to go back home. Whatever she was doing to get here wasn't fucking worth it now. She tried the handle, almost sighing happily when it opened without any hinderance. She looked around outside the door.

There were concrete hallways, lit by what looked like dim emergency lights. It was the first sample of electricity that she had seen so far in this god forsaken town. Rooms lined the hallway and she could see another hallway perpendicular to the one she was sticking her head into about 50 feet down.
"[#4109b9 [b This looks like our best bet to get out of her. I'll just walk home at this point. Fuck this. I'll take my chances in the town.]]" She exited the room, wondering again if Heather would follow. She seemed to want to get out just as bad and Adrian began to wonder if having two people around would be a terrible thing. The girl said she knew about this town, though she seemed just as confused as Adrian was.

Once they were in the hallway, Adrian tried to doors to the left and right. Anything that wasn't locked was a supply closet with nothing in it but some empty chemical bottles and what Adrian assumed were probably dead batteries. They were covered in either dust or battery acid so it was probably a safe assumption. They turned down the corridor and saw a set of elevator doors at the end of the hallway.
"[#4109b9 [b Oh fuck that.]]" Adrian muttered to herself as they began to walk towards them. She tried every door along the way, getting more frustrated as all of the doors on this side seemed to be locked. Only one of them opened and inside she found a heavy duty black flashlight.
"[#4109b9 [b Yes!]]" She called triumphantly, picking it up and clicking it on. It shown out in a dirty yellow light but it illuminated the room enough. She showed it to Heather with a smile and chuckled. "[#4109b9 [b This is good at least.]]" She said walking to the elevator and absent-mindedly pressing the up button. She was shocked when she heard the humming of the gears as the elevator actually started working.
"[#4109b9 [b Well, shit. Would you look at that?]]" She said as the doors squealed open.
"[#4109b9 [b Well, you ready to get out of here?]]"
Adrian Mallory / Avix / 3y ago