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Twisted Love Story

By Diablo

You probably don't remember her because she never really stood out. She was always a quiet girl with thick glasses. She was there in your math class, art, and science class. She was in most of your classes but you never really noticed. You probably don't even remember her name.

She didn't seem to fit in with anyone but she still noticed you. You were her favorite part of her day. She had crush on you for so long when you finally started talking to her heart skipped beats. She was happy that you finally noticed her. As time pasted thing went back to how they usually were.

One day after school Sakura approached you. She confess her love to you, just ignored her. You even started to avoid her. Sakura was really hurt. She even though about killing herself but then she got a better idea. Why not just hurt you how you hurt her. Sakura knew where you lived on campus. It wasn't hard to find your dorm number. It easy getting your friends go else where. She was there waiting for you to return to your room. It was a bit surprise seeing the girl you rejected sitting on your bed. Sakura simply smiled while you complained and told her to get the hell out. It was then you felt it a sharpe pain in you chest. You could hardly believe your eyes. She just stabbed you. It hurt. It hurt a lot. Panic flooded your mind, while she simply smiled at you.

Surely you were going to die. You were going to die before you graduated, before you truly fell in love. All these thoughts were running rapid in your mind. You were frighten by monster that now stood before you. Yet she would still claim that you hurt her more than she was hurting you. You were scared. What was she going to do next? Then you fell the pain tense in your chest as the knife was removed. There was blood all over the floor. Surely you were going to die then you remembered....
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DiabloⒷⓔⓐⓤⓣⓨ   4d ago

Pm me if you are interesting in joining. 

This rp can be changed to an MxM but for now it is MxF.

What I required ~ Need someone who can post 1000+ characters. 
Anime or Illustrated pictures only. I have no problem reversing the roles either.  

~ Diablo

[center It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining. Even the weather was beautiful. What made today even better was having classes with you. Sakura couldn't wait to see you. You were always the best part of her day. Seeing you made her heart flutter.

Sakura smiled softly as she walked into the large brick building. She pushed the heavy wooden door open as she step inside. The smell of the school soon flooded her nose. It was filled with many different scents but the building it's self smelt of cleaners and wax. It was about that time of the year they waxed the floors.
 Sakura smiled softly as she tucked a strand of her long ebony colored hair behind her ear. Sakura was a slender girl with pale complexion. Her pale blue eyes always seemed to sparkle. The slender girl really didn't fit in with anyone. Quirky and shy were the thoughts that came to mind when looking at Sakura. 

Sakura really didn't care when you were in her sight lines. Nothing matter, the way you made her feel. Sakura smiled softly as she closed her pale blue eyes. She walked into her first class she sat down in the back of the room taking her usually seat. 
She preferred sitting there it gave her the perfect view of you. 

She couldn't wait to see you. Hoping that maybe you would wave to her. If she was lucky she maybe you would even have a converstation with you. The two of you had spoke before but it wasn't like you were close.


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