Karma Karma

By DarkKarma

"Karma is always watching...just like Santa...Only bitchier "

This is just a journal...It's not for you...Or your wondering eyes...just say out!
~ Karma
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DarkKarmaDark Karma   2d ago
Bringer of Darkness and Bad Karma

[font "century gothic" [#f6880e Nikushimi] who often went by Niku. Sighed softly as he chew on his bottom lip. He lived in a very large castle that seem to be far from civilization. Niku hated people, they all disgusted him. Except for one woman that he grew attached to. 

She was like an angel. Hair white as snow. Skin a beautiful as moon light. Her eyes were simply gorgeous. Niku loved everything about this woman. He even made that clear to her. What did she do? She rejected him a first but eventually fell for his charms. He loved the woman, he thought she loved him back. 

They were together many time. Often doing passionate things. Things that stay in the bedroom. One day Niku waken to nothing. There was not angelic figure sleeping next to him. She was gone. He searched for her but he never found her. Niku was outraged. He hated the fact that she left. She didn't take anything but his heart. After months of searching the demon. Decided to give up. He pretty much gave up on everything.

Since most people feared him. No bother to check on him. The depressed demon stay locked way in his castle that started to looked like a haunted house. The inside how every looked magnificent.

The demon sighed soft as heard a knocking at his door. It had been years since he seen that angelic  woman. When he open the door he didn't see her but he young boy. A boy that resemble her.  When the boy explained who he was the man open door letting him in. He embraced the male tightly. He was surprised the he had sons. After listen to the male speak it sound like he had three. 

His mind wonder back to the angelic girl. He asked him but the blonde hair boy just frowned looking down. He explained that she died after giving birth to him. He was lying but Niku didn't know that. The demon frown and stay quiet for while before saying anything. He was happy that he some part of her. He wasn't going to let him go.
DarkKarmaDark Karma   2d ago
Bringer of Darkness and Bad Karma

[font "century gothic" [#113cdf Yoku] was unaware how the male react to a random stranger showing up to his door. He always wanted to meet his father. Once his father open the door and as soon as he told him who he was he embraced him. He was happy that his father accepted him. 

He missed his mother but his mother was very kind hearted. She still worried about the demon. She would of checked on him herself but she was scared he cage her. Yoku was actually happy living with his father. His brother were always pushing him around.

Yoku smiled softly as him and his father caught up. Once his father was done chatting to him. He show to his room. He told the male he was free to explore the castle but he told him not to into his room. The male didn't really understand way. 

Yoku agreed and stayed away from his father room. One night when  his father went out to get dinner for the two of them. Yoku could swear he heard weeping. From down the hall. He followed the sound to his father bed room. Which was always closed. Yoku was unsure what to do. He finally got the courage to open the door. The room as dark and inside the room was a man crying. 

He been tied to the bed in awkward position.  Sure this poor man been rape? Soon as the male got close the weeping man growled. The male was covered in blood. So this poor man been raped and beaten. He was still fully clothes. So that was what confused him. There was defiantly lots of blood. He wasn't sure what to do. All he could do was stare at the whimpering male.

Yoku back away from the horrid scene. He shiver when he realized he had bump into his father. Who was towering over him. [#113cdf  "Ah um..."] Yoku was at a lost for words. His father just sighed softly he couldn't lost his son. [b "Don't worry it's not what you think...I didn't want you to find out this way... You see that young man on the bed.  His named is Haji. He been a very bad man. "] he said as he looked at Yoku. 

Niku walked over to the bed and shoved the male to the floor. [b "You see Yoku this was once my trusted general. I'm clearly a powerful demon I rule over many things...this man right here betray me...Now he must be punished for it."] Niku smiled softly. [b "This will have to be our little secret..."] he said. He smiled softly as Yoku. Since you know about it you can help me punished this horrid beast. 

What Yoku didn't know was this man helped his mother escape from Niku clutched. Yoku was unsure how he felt about beating someone. He couldn't so such a thing with out a reason. His heart was racing as he watch his feather pick up a whip and striking the male with it.  [#113cdf "Father "] Yoku stated loudly over the sound of the males crying. [#113cdf "Why don't we got eat...then maybe after dinner you can show me ..."] Yoku. Sighed softly as he looked at his father who agreed. He looked down at the poor helpless man. There wasn't anything he could do. Not now any. The only thing he could was distract his father in hopes that he just leave the boy a lone.
DarkKarmaDark Karma   2d ago
Bringer of Darkness and Bad Karma

[b [center  About this one ]]
[b Alias] ~ [#f6880e Nikushimi  Mangetsu (Will go by Shimi or Niku ) ]
[b Birthday / Age ] ~[#f6880e He can't remember the date but he share a birth day with his love Kanbi / He appear to be in his early 20s]
[b Star sign ]~ [#f6880e Dog]
[b Species ]~ [#f6880e Cat demon that can also shape-shift ]

[center [b  Traits ] ]

[b Eye colors ] ~  [#f6880e They change depending on his mood]
[b Hair color ]~ [#f6880e Normally black]
[b Height  / Wight ] ~ [#f6880e 5'6' / 140 lbs]
[b Gender ] ~  [#f6880e Male]

[center [b Personal ]]

[b Karma ] ~ [#f6880e  Negative ]
[b Sexuality ] ~  [#f6880e Pansexual]
[b Loved One ] ~ [#f6880e Kanbi]
[b Personality ~] [#f6880e Coldheart / Alluring / Dangerous ]

[center [b Extra ]] 

[b Favorites ]~  [#f6880e

Songs ~ ごめんなさいを言えるかな

Colors Orange  is his favorite. He likes orange, red ,  silver , pink and black 

Text colors 

[font "century gothic" Fonts ]
[pic http://i1074.photobucket.com/albums/w410/Ookami841/Animals/Karma/5ca9adf7-0f6f-4742-b09c-9308f0a67305_zps09slooj4.jpg]

[pic http://i1074.photobucket.com/albums/w410/Ookami841/Animals/Karma/Karma%20Kanbi%20Karma%20Niku_zpssstgimvi.jpg]

Kanbi and Niku 
[pic http://i1074.photobucket.com/albums/w410/Ookami841/Animals/Karma/88200efd34d27c17d11bf92f50783f6c_zpsll6zjcka.jpg]

[h3 [i [center Kanbi]]]
[b [center About this one ]]
[b Alias] ~ [#ff24ee Kanbi Mangetsu ]
[b Birthday / Age ] ~ [#ff24ee She forgotten he birthday / She over 600 years old]
[b Star sign ]~ [#ff24ee Dog]
[b Species ]~ [#ff24ee Wolf that can shape-shift ]

[center [b Traits ] ]

[b Eye colors ] ~ [#ff24ee Golden Yellow ]
[b Hair color ]~ [#ff24ee Her hair is normally white and she keeps it very long]
[b Height / Wight ] ~ [#ff24ee 5'1' / Unknown]
[b Gender ] ~ [#ff24ee Female ]

[center [b Personal ]]

[b Karma ] ~ [#ff24ee Good]
[b Sexuality ] ~ [#ff24ee Bisexual ]
[b Loved One ] ~ [#ff24ee Unknown]
[b Personality ~] [#ff24ee Sweet / Quiet / Shy / Loving]

[center [b Extra ]]

[b Favorites ]~

[#ff24ee Songs ~ Romeo and Cinderella ~ Mikutan ]

[#ff24ee Colors She love pretty much all colors ]

[#ff24ee Text colors ]

[font "century gothic" [#ff24ee Fonts ]]

[h3 [center [font "century gothic" [#ff24ee Kabi photos ]]]]

[pic http://i1074.photobucket.com/albums/w410/Ookami841/Animals/Karma/Karma%20Kanbi%20Karma%20Niku_zpssstgimvi.jpg]

[pic http://i1074.photobucket.com/albums/w410/Ookami841/Animals/Karma/fea59fe1-b81b-4e35-b560-4fad941d1929_zpsmvv8yzrr.jpg]
[h3 [center [i Yoku]]]
[b [center About this one ]]
[b Alias] ~ [#113cdf Yoku Shingetsu]
[b Birthday / Age ] ~ [#113cdf October 13th / Appear to be 17 but he actually much older]
[b Star sign ]~ [#113cdf Libra]
[b Species ]~ [#113cdf Fox]

[center [b Traits ] ]

[b Eye colors ] ~ [#113cdf Normally red but sometime blue or lavender ]
[b Hair color ]~ [#113cdf Normally blonde color but he often dyes it blue and streak it with red. His hair is between mid-length and long. ]
[b Height / Wight ] ~ [#113cdf 5'6' / 130 lbs]
[b Gender ] ~ [#113cdf Male]

[center [b Personality Traits ]]

[b Karma ] ~
[b Sexuality ] ~
[b Loved One ] ~
[b Personality ~]

[center [b Extra ]]

[b Favorites ]~



Text colors

DarkKarmaDark Karma   2d ago
Bringer of Darkness and Bad Karma

(size20 (#e51010 ⚜ Dark Karma ⚜) )

(center (size30 ⚜ ))

(#e51010    ⚜ Hurtful  ⚜ Charming  ⚜ Alluring  ⚜ Vicious⚜) 

(center (size30 ⚜ ))

(#e51010 ⚜  Happily in love with Divine Karma. She is my better half. My rare gem. My Everything. ⚜)

(center (size30 ⚜ ))

(#e51010 ⚜ "I want karma to drive stakes into the dark hearts that keep me bitter" ⚜)

(center (size30 ⚜ ))

(#e51010  ⚜ If there anything you want to know about me just ask....I can be friendly when I want to be...⚜)

(center (size30 ⚜ ))
DarkKarmaDark Karma   2d ago
Bringer of Darkness and Bad Karma

[pic https://i.imgur.com/el2dwIh.gif]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/wd6XEd7.gif]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/H3pzmPm.gif]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/SkLOcMx.gif]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/1usa7xN.gif]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/y9lXCeq.gif]
DarkKarmaDark Karma   2d ago
Bringer of Darkness and Bad Karma

[pic https://i.imgur.com/BwsaI4G.jpg?1]
DarkKarmaDark Karma   2d ago
Bringer of Darkness and Bad Karma

This is so cute <3 

[pic https://i.imgur.com/kaFGzpt.gif]
DarkKarmaDark Karma   2d ago
Bringer of Darkness and Bad Karma

Character sheets  ~ 


Sexual Orientation~
Love Preference~
Family / Children~  
Relationship Status ~

Hair color and Length ~
Eye color~
Weight / Build ~

Personality traits ~ 
Clothing / Jewelry ~

Special Abilities ~
Markings / Tattoos / Scars~ 

Additional Information ~
Pets / Familiar~
Theme / Song(s) that best describe the character ~
Text color ~


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