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Moonlight Lounge

By She-Wolf

Replies: 15 / 4 years ago

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[font "century gothic" [+Orchid [center [size20 Moonlight Lounge] ]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5T351ky.gif]

Just a place for me and my friends to chat.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/XdOkLMh.gif]]


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I’m alright. How are you?
.King Me. / -Malice- / 4d ago
How are you doing today?
|She Wolf| / She-Wolf / 4d ago
Aww thank you. :3
.King Me. / -Malice- / 4d ago
Either way it a pretty picture. ^^ I like him.
|She Wolf| / She-Wolf / 4d ago
His eyes are a little too light, but it wouldn’t be a bad picture for him in maybe a fantasy setting.
.King Me. / -Malice- / 4d ago
I figured I would ask if it was. It just seems like it could be him. They blonde hair cheerful smile to hide his malicious intensions
|Kaoru| / She-Wolf / 5d ago
Oh thank you. I haven’t actually thought about it yet.
.King Me. / -Malice- / 5d ago
If that is a picture for Kirai it is really cute XD
|Kaoru| / She-Wolf / 5d ago
Yeah I seen them XD
.King Me. / -Malice- / 5d ago
Oh I know lol but there is still some old post in here tho XD
|Uso| / She-Wolf / 5d ago
Lmao we barely posted in here at all.
.King Me. / -Malice- / 6d ago
Of course they are ^^ <3 Envys been working on her other profile which is why she has been missing.
|Kirai| / -Kirai- / 4y ago
[+purple "You and Envy are always so lovely. ;) Right Kirai ? <3]
[center [font "Century gothic" [+Orchid "Just a lovely little chat room for my lovely friends"]]]