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For MK & Grace_

By MeisjeKelly
The action of my stories have come to a halt.
I do not know why.

If you are interested, please PM me.

Short and sweet. I do not like to beg so I will not type reasons on why you should join this.
I am looking for a person to play a male role.
Real pictures.
Literacy and creativity is a must.

We can talk about this more in PM.

I tend to play roles of strong women, women who rule Kingdoms and know what they want.

I do hope you join me.

Remember, PM me =]

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It was indeed a rather cold night.
Perhaps that was the first sign for what Victoria was getting herself into as she set one foot in front of the other and made her way down the marble stairs from her front porch and to a carriage that waited.
Tonight was the night that she could travel to a foreign Kingdom, try to beat the morning sun and meet her soon to be Husband.

This wedding simply had to be.
Victoria's ex husband had passed and it had been 30 years of being alone to one day she woke up and realized she was ever so lonely. Victoria was known throughout the realm for her beauty, her elegance and at time, her violent nature,
That was the vampire that swam inside her veins and when a woman was hungry...she was hungry.

The wedding would bring the Demon economy and the Vampire civilization together in harmony.

It was going to be a long ride and honestly, the timing was going to be quite close to the sunrise but tonight was the night. Placing a hand into the hand of the man who was going to help the Queen into the carriage, it was not long until Victoria gathered up her dress and sat down, listening to the doors and before she knew it, the Royal was on her way.

[+green "This is going to be a marriage. This arrangement will be good for you.."]
[b "I feeling good up until I walked out of that house and got into this carriage. Now, I feel...different."]
[+green "Cold feet?"]
[b "Might be nerves. Thirty years, I have gone without a husband, a husband I have been with for a century, thirty years without affection, love and now I'm lucky enough ti have that again and ...I suppose i'm a little scared."] Victoria spoke, breathing out and she stared out of the window straight into the darkness, darkness that she could see quite clearly as her sight was incredible.

The carriage was soon off course of the road she was familiar with and now she was travelling into unknown territory.

Victoria was one woman who was indeed beautiful.
Hair, black as ebony, Skin pale and soft like cashmere. Eyes that of a big bright emerald stone while her lips were full and pouty that enticed men for a kiss along with her body that men begged to touch.
The King indeed had struck lucky.

Hours had gone by and it was a few short minutes til sunrise that the carriage came to a stop at a cemetary and Victoria, along with her Advisor stepped out once the door opened and were ushered into a crypt just as the sun rose from the sky.

A spiral staircase hidden led into a palace underground, her new home and it was beautiful.
Mysterious and as her heels that rested upon her feet collided with the ground below, guests who had gathered to witness the moment the King and Queen would stand together as a couple stopped talking and watched as the dead walked amongst them towards the large ballroom that was considered in that moment, the court.

[+red "She is here, your Majesty. Shall I send her in?"]

Within minutes, Victoria who was staring at a closed door, now witnessed it open slowly and started to wander closer to the King with permission. People gathered on either side, watching ever so intently at there new Queen and the people remained quiet.

Coming to her soon to be Husband, Victoria looked at him for a moment before shifting her gaze to the side and stared upon a man that was young, handsome, a man that simply took her breath away and made her weak in the knees with just a single look. A man that was not her betrothed so it was turning back to the King that the Queen bowed, fell onto her knees and showed the Royal honor and respect.

[b "Your Eminence. What an honor it is to finally meet you..."]
FallenGrace-.:D.L:.   6y ago

[font "tahoma" [size11 The day had started like any other for Dario Lucian. Sleep had been futile. He was finding, ever since his fall, that sleep was no longer a necessity. Most demons only slept a few hours a month to recuperate and rest their bodies. Knights, the fighting folk like him, needed more sleep that other demons because of the rigorous nature they constantly placed their bodies in. Still, Dario was the newest recruit into the King's guard and the others never let him forget it. During practices, many of the other demons had tried to break him, but they soon found out the he was unbreakable. It was that very spirit that landed Dario as head knight to King Luca, himself.

Although today started off as any other day, the whole kingdom was buzzing and awaiting the arrival of the beautiful Queen Victoria Lannister of the Vampire kingdom. It had been rumored that King Luca was ready to bridge the political gap between vampires and demons and agreed to marry the Vampire Queen. The news had come as quite a shock to most of the kingdom. Queen Emilia, the beloved Demon Queen, had died nearly a century ago in a horrible black fire that he destroyed her quarters. No one knew how it started or who was to blame for the murder of the queen, but King Luca had taken the death of his wife hard. Many had said he had changed after that incident, but Dario had known nothing but the demon he was today.

[b "Sir Dario Lucian, I'm glad you could grace us with your pleasure this evening."] King Luca spoke from his chambers. It was finally evening and the king had summoned Dario to his chambers. It had taken awhile for the demon to move from his posting, since he could not leave it unguarded. He did not make excuses though, considering the King was no longer listening.

[+maroon "I apologize my lord."] Dario replied, standing straight as he watched the maids busy themselves with dressing their lord. [+maroon "I have been informed that Queen Victoria had arrived. They are leading her to the throne room now. I'm here to-"]

[b "Accompany, me yes."] Luca cut him off, waving away his words. The king stepped down from the pedestal he was standing on, running a hand down his pressed black suit. He embodied the essence of a dark lord. Dario supposed he was handsome, at least that was the impression he had received from the strong of lovers the king had left behind. [b "Dario, you are my most trusted knight. I suppose your loyalty derives from your previous occupation."] He smirked, always finding a way to bring up his fallen status. [b "I'm leaving the security of my wife to be in your hands. She will only be allowed to leave her room if she is with you. Do not let her stray far. If I seek her company, I will call on you. Do I make myself clear?"]

[+maroon "Crystal, my lord."]

[b "Good."] King Luca smiled. [b "Well, I suppose we should go and meet my betrothed.] Dario nodded and followed his king to the throne room. They pair had made it only moments before Queen Victoria strolled into the room. Dario had never seen such a beautiful and captivating woman before. The rumors about her beauty had not done her justice. She was the closest thing to an angel he had seen in a long time. Her beautiful hair spilled out before her as she bowed. [b "My darling, my queen."] Luca's facade was up, charming the queen. He walked over to his bride to be, and took her hand. He kissed the top of it and smiled. [b "The pleasure is all mine. Your beauty is even finer than I pictured. I'm sure you are tired and hungry from your travels. I'll show you to your chambers and call upon you in a hour for dinner."]

The king gestured Dario to approach. The knight did, bowing his head in a greeting to the Queen. [b "This is sir Dario Lucian. He will be your guard until we are married. Then we can discuss your picks. I hope he suffices. Oh, you must excuse the wings."] He chuckled. [b "You'll soon know the differences between born demons and those,"] He smirked. [b "...Those who fell from Grace. Dario is the later. I will see you later, my darling, but I must ask your forgiveness now. I have business to attend to."] He kissed her hand once again, before letting it drop to her side. Before leaving, the king turned to Dario. [b "Treat her well."] He said, but Dario knew that the king intended on having the queen as little more than a glorified prisoner.

Once they were alone, Dario cleared his throat, trying to hide the awkward tension. He hated how the king constantly needed to point out his fall. It was already viewed as less compared to a born demon. [+maroon "Milady, if you follow me I will lead you to your chambers."] He said, before leading her out of the room. [+maroon "On behalf of the demon kingdom, I want to welcome you to our kingdom. If there is anything you need while you are here, please do not hesitate to ask. I will be by your side until your marriage. I hope to please you and keep you safe, milady."] Dario said, before opening the door to the Queen's chambers. It was regal and appeared to be more than a glorified jail cell. [+maroon "Your chambers, milady."]]]
MeisjeKelly     6y ago

[i "The spirit who inhabits her animates us all. Destroy the host, you destroy the power. The young die first; the old wither slowly; the eldest perhaps would go last. But she is the Queen of the Damned, and the Damned can't live without her.”]


Eminence perhaps was not the word to use. Majesty or Highness was perhaps the right one but to Victoria, Luca was a fame and acknowledged superiority within a particular sphere.
Bending over slowly, Victoria bowed towards he King and bit her lower lip as her body was somewhat suffering due to the toll of being on the road for those long hours along with that attire she wore upon her body.
A dress made from lace and the finest of silk.
The darkest shade of black with little trimmings of blood red velvet along with a corset so tight, her bosom popped out partially from the edge of the clothing piece.
Long black hair that was prominent due to her pale, white alabaster skin shifted to one side of her neck and hung there while the King shifted from his Royal spot and wandered in close to his Betrothed.

[i "My darling, my Queen."]
[b "A real Honor it is, my Lord..."] Victoria replied softly feeling her hand being touched and soft kiss rested upon the top. The King really was a gentleman and this caused Vic to straighten up her body and gave off a slight smile.
In that moment, Victoria shifted her gaze to the side and again glanced at the Handsome man who stood beside the Throne that belonged to the King himself.

Never had she seen so much beauty in a man.

[i The pleasure is all mine. Your beauty is even finer than I pictured. I'm sure you are tired and hungry from your travels. I'll show you to your chambers and call upon you in a hour for dinner."]
The King's words made the Queen turn her gaze back.
[b "If I may impose, my Lord. On my travels here, I already had my dinner. A small town about west of here..."] Victoria spoke with a slight chuckle only to stop and listen intently to Luca.

Within moments, the King introduced his right hand man, the one being that seemed to take Victoria's breath away and there she found out his name and what he was and how he became to be.
[b "A Demon with wings?"]
[i "...Those who fell from Grace. Dario is the later. I will see you later, my darling, but I must ask your forgiveness now. I have business to attend to."]

Raising her eyebrow at the words that were spoken by the rightful King, Victoria turned her gaze once more to Dario and looked at him in a different light. He was a demon who fell from grace. Heaven? He was once an angel?
This was something Victoria needed to understand. How could one be a creature of purity and grace only to fall and become something so vile and bitter?

As the King wandered off, all that was left was the Queen, the Knight and her company that stood in the background not saying a single word.
It was nice to be alone with Dario.
The atmosphere was now a little calmer and less tense. It was actually kind of exciting and for a moment, the century old Vampire felt like a giddy young girl.

The two simply stared at one another.
A Royal and a man with a title stood there together and did not speak a word until finally Dario opened up his mouth and wandered towards the door making Victoria eager to follow.
It was true.
Victoria was really tired. It was slowly becoming morning and this was the time that she would fall asleep until the night and yet all she wanted to do was stay awake and admire the beauty that was Dario.

His wings were magnificent.

[+red "If there is anything you need while you are here, please do not hesitate to ask. I will be by your side until your marriage. I hope to please you and keep you safe, milady."]
[b "Until my marriage? You and Luca said the same thing. What happens once I am married. You will no longer be there to protect me?..."] Victoria muttered, raising her eyebrow in curiousity until it became more curious upon seeing her room for the first time.

It was small.
A bed.
A table along with a wardrobe and a little table on the other side of the room where the Queen could place her make up and sweet smelling perfume.
It was indeed, quite small. Hopefully when she is married, her new digs would be bigger.

[b "If we are going to be spending time together, Dario, please, call me Victoria. Not M'lady."]

Stepping into her room, slowly Victoria turned and faced Dario before sitting on top of the mattress, crossing one long leg over the other and glanced at him once more, something she would never get tired of doing.
[b "And, if we are going to be together a lot, I'd like to know a little about that person. You fell from grace? You were an angel and betrayed God? That is a very...very risky move to make. Any other risky moves you'd like to take?"]
FallenGrace-.:D.L:.   6y ago

[font "tahoma" [size11 Admittedly, even Dario knew that the room was small. It had been up to him to set it up upon her arrival and the room had looked bigger. He had put all the necessities he thought a queen would need, a bed, dresser, vanity, a walk in closet, and a rather large bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and stand alone shower. This was one of the only rooms in the palace that had a private bathroom and was the furthest away from King Luca's chambers. Dario was not sure how much access the king wanted to his bride to be, but he assumed that he'd visit Victoria in the night. Unfortunately, Dario would have to wait outside as the two went at it.

[+maroon "I apologize about the size of the room, milady. This room is just in a convenient location and away from everyone else. I just figured that the journey from your kingdom to hear would be long. Privacy seemed like the utmost importance."] Dario said, not realizing he was talking far too much for a simple knight. His job was to be seen, strike fear in his enemies, but never linger for too long. He had no place with the royals, it didn't take long for him to figure that out. Besides, Dario had made up his mind long ago that he would blend into the demon world as best he could, without bringing too much attention to his status and wings.

Dario could not help but stare at the lovely Victoria. He couldn't put his finger on it, his attraction to her. He hadn't felt these primal needs since his descent. For some reason, the Queen's request of calling her Victoria seemed a bit to intimate. He was not sure how his lord would feel about such matters, but he doubted the king would even notice. Simply because the "business" matters he had to take care of was a pretty red head that worked in the kitchen.

[+Maroon "Yes, mil-"] Dario cut himself off. [+maroon "I mean Victoria, my queen. The marriage will take place in one month. After that time, you will no longer be serving as a guest in the kingdom. You will be Queen regent, second only to King Luca himself. After you start acting as Queen, you will be able to bring your men over to the kingdom and your previous knight will be reinstated. I will go back to guarding the king."] He explained. Honestly, Dario was not sure if Luca was going to enjoy a bunch of vampire knights in his palace, but the King had not specifically stated he would not allow her guards to permeate the castle.

[+purple "Excuse me sir,"] a petite voice said from behind Dario. Nancy, a maid that Luca had assigned to Victoria, scrambled into the room. [+purple "I'm here to start your bath, milady."] She said before scurrying into the bathroom. Nancy shut the door behind her, giving the two some sense of privacy. Dario, however, knew the woman was going to be listening in on each and every word they exchanged.

What Dario did not expect was for the Queen to ask him about the darkest time in his life, the day he betrayed his true master. Most of the details were foggy as he tried to push it far away from his mind. He could remember the blood though. How the blood painted the water, the grass, and his hands. He remembered his eyes turning black, followed by the ends of his wings. He remembered the fire and the fall. The fall that burned his very body and pushed him through Earth's very core until he landed at the feet of a male with red eyes. He found out later that it was Luca.

Wringing his hands, he averted his eyes. He didn't want Victoria to see his pained expression, for it would show weakness. [+maroon "It seems, my queen, that I have a knack of falling for the wrong women. When I fall, I will do anything to keep my beloved out of harm's way. Only this time...I was not so lucky."] As much as he hated the idea of reliving the story, he had a feeling that Queen Victoria would not be satisfied until he came clean. Walking over to the door, he shut it in order to keep out gossiping ears.

[+maroon "Her name was Nina, your grace."] He said softly. [+maroon "I loved her very much. However, she was a demon. Angels and demons cannot cohabit. We kept our love a secret for a long time, but I suppose I got sloppy. I let her see heaven, gave her access to up above. Apparently she entered heaven without my knowledge, trying to surprise me. The archangels found her, slaughtering her right on the spot. They didn't ask any questions, they just did it without any hesitations. I heard her screams so I came running, but I was too late. The archangels turned their attentions on me but I was too full of rage and hatred. I was a mad man who had just lost his lover. I slaughtered every single angel in my path. Their blood will forever be on my hands. I think I killed my 8th angel before God threw me from heaven."

"So you see, my queen."] He said gently, finally lifting his head to meet the woman's gaze. [+maroon "I have the tendency of falling in love with the wrong people."]]]
MeisjeKelly     6y ago

Victoria did in fact wish to know on how these events were going to pan out. With the wedding coming up in a month, Victoria knew that the time would fly by and before she knew it, she would be a wife of a Demon, the King then would have a vampire for a wife and the two congregations would come together, hopefully in peace.
The answers that she was seeking, came from the lips of a man that tempted her sin of lust.
[i "You will be Queen regent, second only to King Luca himself. After you start acting as Queen, you will be able to bring your men over to the kingdom and your previous knight will be reinstated. I will go back to guarding the King."]
[b "That sounds like more trouble than its worth. That would be simply impossible as I do not have a second in command. If we will be one big family then it's only logical that we all try to work together...."]

Victoria remained seated on her sweet ass upon the mattress, one leg still remained crossed over the other as she and Dario were speaking with one another. Getting equainted with one another and it was with Victoria breaking a short silence that she received a look from the Knight that was really unbecoming and it was within that moment that the Queen regretted asking the question.
[b "I shouldn't of as---"] Victoria spoke softly before being cut off by the door of her chambers opening and a female wandered in, a female who excused herself from entering to Dario before shifting the gaze to the Queen who stared back with an eyebrow. Nancy let her be known as the help and was here to run Victoria a bath that she long craved for and scurried off into the bathroom and slowly closed the door leave the two alone together once more.

[b "As I said, perhaps I should not of asked that question."]

Standing on her own two feet, Victoria stood up and wandered over to the dresser with the mirror and raised her hands to her hair and started to unpin the strands that were up and elegantly tied up and while doing so, Dario let loose and started t spill the beans on the question the Queen curiously asked.

[i "It seems, my queen, that I have a knack of falling for the wrong women. When I fall, I will do anything to keep my beloved out of harm's way. Only this time...I was not so lucky."]
[b "Love is ...a very complicated thing..."] Victoria replied softly as she continued to upon the last few strands left upon her head and let it all hang loose, down and beautiful.
[i "Her name was Nina, your grace."]

Those words, the name given made the Queen know that this was not going to be any ordinary conversation and it was because of this that she turned around slowly and gave Dario her undivided attention.
He had to be the most incredible, beautiful creature that she had ever seen and with him being in the same room as her, made Victoria all giddy and warm on the inside.
She didn't utter a single word but just stood there and listened intently to what the fallen angel had to say and hat he had to say was truly heartbreaking and again she had wished she never brought up the question as now, Dario had to bring back hurtful memories.

[i "I slaughtered every single angel in my path. Their blood will forever be on my hands. I think I killed my 8th angel before God threw me from heaven."]
[b "For an angel to do what you did, knowing the consequences, she must of been one hell of a woman. Love makes one do the craziest things...."]

[i "I have the tendency of falling in love with the wrong people."]

Those words made Victoria become quiet and yet all she could do was stare deep into Dario's eyes while inside, she was screaming out that it had been too long and all she needed was to be loved.

[+purple "Milady. The bath is ready for you..."] Nancy entered the room by opening the door moments later and stood in the doorway witnessing the Queen and the Knight together conversing. [+purple "Milady?.."]

Victoria continued to remain quiet and continued to stare at Dario before finally, she snapped out of her daydream and smiled somewhat, wandering across the room to the Maid and turned around, facing her back to the help and Nancy slowly started to unlace the corset that rested upon the Queen's beautiful body.

[b "I will safe tonight. You can go Dario. If I need you, I will call for you unless you wish to stay here and wait...."] she muttered as Nancy removed the corset and Victoria stepped into the bathroom.
In there, Nancy removed all of the Queen's clothing and left the moment the Queen rested in a bathtub filled with lavender scented hot water.

It was nice.

Sighing out softly, eyes closed and head back, this was what exactly she needed after that long trip.
That and ...what she needed was sex and lots of it. Something she would get hopefully once she was married.
FallenGrace-.:D.L:.   6y ago

[font "tahoma" [size11 No truer words had ever been spoken. Love made men, and presumably women, do awful things in the name for their beloved. Dario had made a promise to himself long ago that he would guard his heart from caring about a person like he had cared for Nina. Now, sex was just sex. It was a way to take out some pint up energy. The darkness around his heart had never wavered...until he casted eyes upon the Queen. Her beauty was breathtaking. He simply needed to adjust to seeing her everyday. Soon enough, even her beauty would not penetrate the ice around his heart.

However, Dario did not want to test his impenetrable theory by watching the Queen undress. Just the thought of her naked stirred something deep within him, so he nearly sighed in relief when Victoria gave him the green light to leave. [+maroon "I must report back to my lord, your husband. Then I will station myself outside your room. If you need anything before then, Nancy knows where to find me."] The maid seemed to blush at his words, but otherwise did not comment. With a slight smirk, Dario bowed to his queen before taking his leave.

Dario found King Luca in his chambers, attending to his "business." Luckily, the kitchen maid was mostly decent. King Luca was shirtless, lounging on his bed with a glass of wine in his hand. He beamed when Dario walked in. [b "Dario!"] He said to loudly, clearly in one of his better moods. [b "I trust you took care of my bride? Pretty, isn't she?"] She asked, causing the maid next to him pout. If Luca noticed, he didn't say anything. Instead, he shooed the woman away.

Dario watched as the maid gathered her stuff, darting out of the room. [+maroon "You leave a line of broken hearts in your wake, my lord."] Dario said, causing the king to chuckle. [+maroon "Queen Victoria is in her chambers currently getting bathed by Nancy. She seemed pleased with her chambers, though it is a bit small. I cannot rectify that at the moment though."]

[b "No need. My bride will not be in there long. Maybe even less than a month, if things go according to my plan. They usually do."] Luca smirked, shifting his legs so they were hanging off the bed. Dario knew he was searching for his shirt. Finding it first, Dario passed it to his lord, before Luca put it on and stood up. [b "I suppose it is my job as a dutiful groom to make sure that the woman I am marrying is comfortable and satisfied during her stay, don't you think?"]

[+maroon "Yes, my lord."] Dario said, finding it hard to speak. An unexplained anger coursed through his veins for no logical reason. Was he upset that King Luca would inevitably betray Victoria? Or was it the fact that he would have to stay outside the Queen's room and listen to Luca take what is his?

[b "Come along Dario, I'm afraid you are in for a long night."] King Luca said, ascending upon his knight. He walked pasted Dario and out of his room. The knight nearly needed to jog to keep up with his lord. Once the two males arrived outside the Queen's room, Luca gave Dario a look, indicating he needed to stay outside, while he went in. Not pleased, Dario did as he was told, watching as King Luca disappeared into the room. He had to calm his breath, knowing that the feelings he was feeling was irrational. Bringing up Nina had not put him in his right mind. He simply had to push all thoughts of his ex love out of his mind.
[+purple "My grace, your hair is lovely."] Nancy remarked, running her fingers through the Queen's hair. She was getting ready to wash it when there was a knock on the door. [+purple "Oh, must be Dario. He probably forget something."] She smiled, getting up to answer the door. Her eyes went wide as she saw Luca standing there. [+purple "M..My lord..."] She stuttered, bowing low in his presence. [+purple "My grace is bathing, my Lord. I can have her finished-"]

Luca raised his hand and Nancy went silent. He gave the maid a charming smile, one that rendered many weak. [b "I don't mean to interupt, but I wanted to see personally that my Queen was being taken care of."] He said peering past Nancy to glance at his bride. His gaze lingered on her chest for only a moment before meeting her eyes. [b "My darling, I thought perhaps you could use some company. I cannot have a woman of your status getting lonely now, can I?"] He mused, taking a step inside the bathroom. [b "Perhaps we can keep each other company. My night is your, my queen."]
MeisjeKelly     6y ago

Dario decided to leave the room the moment Victoria gave him a choice, somewhat of a green light to leave for the night unless of course, the Queen called for him.
She wanted to call for him. She wanted to call out his name all night long but now all she was doing was lying in a bathtub that was filled with the warmest of water that smelt like lavender and she could feel it, sinking into her pores.
For a moment with her eyes closed, Victoria honestly felt like she was in heaven due to the relief of relaxation. Sure it was a long drive and she was sitting down the whole time but sitting down, legs would start to ache along with her ass.

[+purple "My grace, your hair is lovely."]
[b "This hair is very old. I'm surprised it still has it's life and its bounce. One of the perks of being a vampire. You look as young as died."] Victoria muttered as her eyes remained closed and Nancy, ran fingers through the Queen's hair and washed it with rosewater and witch hazel.
[b "What do you know about Dario?..."]
[+purple "Oh yes. Dario. He fell from Heaven because he killed his Brothers. Fell hard and he crashed here, became a demon with wings. He has made quite an impression on the ladies, that's for sure. Me included. Dario can have any girl he wants and yet he just ..does is work, listens to the King and obeys. No woman seems to be good enough for him.."]
[b "So, he doesn't have a partner?"]
[+purple "All I know is, he used too and that was the reason why he fell. I don't blame him if he never wants a companion again.."]

Nancy continued to work on the Queen's hair and started to wash the body of the Royal before hearing a knock upon the door.
[+purple "Oh, must be Dario. He probably forget something."]
[b "Dario?.."] Victoria replied as she laid in the water but within seconds of Nancy wandering to the door, Vic placed both hands upon the edge of the bathtub and pushed herself up and out of the water, her heart began beating a million miles an hour.

It stopped the moment the door opened wider and the sight of Luca caught her gaze until she looked down and carefully stepped out of the tub while seeing her body was completely out in the open, naked.

[i "I don't mean to interupt, but I wanted to see personally that my Queen was being taken care of."]
[b "Your help have been welcoming and lovely to be around. They are taking good care of me."]
[i "Perhaps we can keep each other company. My night is your, my queen."]
[b "As much as that sounds wonderful, My Lord, it's morning outside and it is time for me to get some sleep."] she replied as she turned her head to Nancy and gave her the look on she being relieved from her post and with that Nancy left, walked out.

[b "See with Vampires, my Lord, we sleep during the day and ..come out at night. I am an hour over my sleep regimen."]

Stepping passed Luca, Victoria walked her naked self into the bedroom and saw Dario out of the corner of her eye and turned her head, looking at Dario before leaning over the bed and grabbed her silk night dress and placed onto her body. [b "Perhaps tonight when I am not so tired?.."] Victoria continued to speak to the King while suiting herself up for her upcoming slumber.
FallenGrace-.:D.L:.   6y ago

[font "tahoma" [size11 Luca was not one to be turned down, and to say he was displeased was an understatement. Of course Dario had briefed him on the norms and customs of the vampire race, stating that unlike demons who slept only when their body had been pushed to its absolute limits, vampires slept more and during the day. Some vampires had sensitive to light, which was why Dario had equipped the room with blacked out curtains. He knew the Queen was not a young vampire, but Dario still did not know where her sensitivities lied. He could only hope he catered to her needs well enough.

Dario had only heard the trail end of the conversation, but he hadn't missed Victoria sauntering into the room in absolutely nothing. He had never seen a woman built the way Victoria was made. Her body was a temple that he could serve for all eternity. He was tempted to get down on his knees and worship the ground she walked on. Yet, he had done none of those things. Before King Luca could strike him down for staring at his future wife, Dario averted his eyes. He could still sense the anger that was rolling off Luca like waves.

[b "Sleep?"] The king repeated, as if he could not quite understand what he was hearing. To his credit though, it only took Luca a few moments to compose himself. [b "Of course. I seem to have forgotten your kind needs an excessive amount of sleep."] He said the words in a way that seemed friendly but held a derogatory tone in it. [b "I suppose I will see you when you awake. You can join me for breakfast."] He said. Since the Kingdom was already on a nocturnal schedule, it was one thing they did not have to change upon Victoria's arrival. [b "Dario will stay in your chambers, unless you wish to send him away. He is under my control, but I have ordered him to cater to your every need. All you have to do is ask."]

[b "Well then,"] The king said, straightening up. [b "I will take my leave. Dario,"] He said, his gaze turning to his guard. His eyes spoke volumes, more than he could say in front of the queen. [i Watch her. Report back to me. Remember, we need her title.] It was the mantra the king had said over and over again. Without any further words, King Luca strolled out of the room, no doubt to find someone new to entertain him. Worse yet, he was going to start questioning some of the vampires he had locked down in his prison in hopes he could find anything more of the lovely Queen Victoria.

For the second time that night, Dario was left alone with the queen. He had not realized how small the room actually felt once it was only the two of them in here. He shifted uncomfortably, running his fingers over the pommel of his sword. The silver was cold to a touch and lethal once he let it free. Personally, Dario preferred his dagger. It was easier to handle and quicker. No matter the weapon, Dario was truly a force to be reckoned with. He had climbed through the ranks fast and was deemed the best knight. The pain he could inflict with just his hands was phenomenal. He could also do some very pleasurable things with his hands...or so he had been told.

[+maroon "My grace, if you feel more comfortable, I can stand guard outside of your chambers."] Dario spoke for the first time since coming back to her room. He had been too distracted earlier to form any kind of coherent sentence. He also couldn't bring himself to call her by her first name. It seemed too intimate. He had been raised, even in heaven, to respect his superiors. Although he was a high ranked knight, he paled in comparison to royalty. The best he could hope for was to eventually marry a nobel woman. However, Dario planned on never marrying. He didn't deserve it.

Moving back into the darkness, Dario awaited his instructions. After all, the king had stated he was to follow her every order. [+maroon "I'm here to serve you, your grace."]]]
MeisjeKelly     6y ago

[+green "Sleep?"]
[b "Yes. Sleep. I, still do need my beauty rest, my Lord."] Victoria spoke knowing full well that her wanting to sleep was not exactly what Luca wanted to hear due to the face that he made and it was not a pretty one. Standing in her chambers, her body now dressed in a gown to cover up her naked body, Victoria focused on her soon to be husband compose himself as it was only a matter of time before he blew up but seemed to compose himself well by speaking once more, accepting on what the Vampiress had said.
[+green "I suppose I will see you when you awake. You can join me for breakfast."]
[b "Nothing would please me more, My Lord."]


If there was any way that she could get out of this, she would try it. Hell, she would try anything as the only thing she really wanted to do was search her surroundings and get herself acquainted with her new home.
Tall and poised, Victoria watched Luca leave the room carefully with both hands clasped together at the front of her torso while Dario remained in the chambers, now being told to obey every order that Victoria gave him.
Every order.
It was the second time during the course of the night that the two were alone together and quite honestly, Victoria could not of been more thrilled about this.

Dario fulfilled every fantasy she had and that was strange considering she had only met him for a mere few hours but perhaps this was just how fate was.

[b "Perhaps I should of let Luca know before he left.. that I do not eat.."] Victoria muttered, going silent for a moment before giving off a soft sigh. That would of been the right time to mention that she did not eat as now a lot of work would be going in to make an amazing feast for the Guest only for it to be thrown out. Moving from her spot, it was not long until she sat down upon the edge of the mattress and grabbed the bottle of lotion and tapped a few times for the moisturizer into the palm of her hand.

[i "My grace, if you feel more comfortable, I can stand guard outside of your chambers."]
[b "Oh no, do not be silly. I'd be uncomfortable if you weren't ..in the room.."] she replied as both hands rubbed together to spread the lotion and before long, one long leg was outstretched and she began to cleanse her skin one limb at a time along with her chest that was still covered by the gown.

[i "I'm here to serve you, your grace."]
[b "Well in that case..."]

Pushing up off the bed, Victoria wandered to the other side of the room where Dario stood and handed over the lotion bottle into his own palm. [b "I need your help.."] Victoria spoke softly, turning around too where her back faced the fallen Angel and slowly, both hands untied the strap from round her waist and the gown, due to her hands motioning the fabric, fell from the Queen's body down to the floor around her feet before hands shifted her long black hair to one side of her neck.

There she waited, biting her lower lip and breathed in deep, silently but exhaled with a soft moan knowing what was to come.
Dario's hands upon her flesh.
FallenGrace-.:D.L:.   6y ago

[font "tahoma" [size11 [+maroon "It would have made no difference, your grace."] Dario offered as a response to her not eating. He gave the woman s small smile, one that had been none to melt hearts of women of all ages and races. He knew that vampires did not consume substances other than blood. Technically, demons did not either. However, some sort of nutrition was needed to nourish their bodies. [+maroon "I have reminded your lord husband countless times of your diet, but you must forgive him. He can overlook certain details at times, for he is a busy man."] Scheming, sex, and ruling took up all of his time. He couldn't be concerned about such trivial things.

Apparently, Dario would not be leaving the queen's chambers anytime soon. He couldn't exactly say he was upset about the prospect of watching the queen slept. If she was half as stunning asleep as she was awake, Dario was a lucky man. However, he also knew that being close to Queen Victoria had it's drawbacks as well. The main one being how he was hardly able to control his emotions when he was around her. He could only hold up the facade of being the faithful knight for so long until he inevitably messed up by saying something he should not. Inexplicably, he felt drawn to the queen and he was doing everything in his power to shut her out. It was just proving more difficult than expected.

[+maroon "Help, my Queen?"] Dario asked confused, but ready to help her out. He hoped it meant going to fetch her something so he could have a moment or two to compose himself. To his dismay, however, Queen Victoria had something else in mind entirely. He watched as she undid her robe, exposing nothing underneath but flawless porcelain skin. He took a step back, clearly thrown by her proposal. [+maroon "Victoria...I mean my queen, I don't think...I should get a maid to help you. It's...It's not wise."]

Dario was sputtering like an idiot, but there was nothing more than he could do. Victoria was coming at him with lotion. He did not even realize he reached out his hand to take it, but a few moments later, he found it in his hand. The queen, in all her glory, was standing in front of him with her back towards him. Her glorious ass only inches away from his hips. If Dario did not know what temptation was, he knew in that minute. He wanted so desperately to reach out and touch her, even though he knew that he needed to get a maid to cater to needs such as these. If the king walked in now, he would not be pleased to see Dario standing in his current situation. He couldn't afford being mistrusted by his king.

Yet...What choice did Dario have? He already had the supplies in his hand. He could not leave Victoria unprotected as he tried to find a maid that was not asleep. [+maroon "This one time, your grace. However, I think it would be best to have either your husband or maid to do this in the future. I wouldn't want to give anyone the wrong impression."] He smiled, mostly nervous, before he poured some of the silky smooth lotion on to his callused hand. Lotions were a luxury that he simply didn't have the time for. Judging by the creamy look of the queen's skin, it seemed as if she bathed in lotion.

Timidly, still undure if he should even be touching the queen, Dario brought his hands up to her shoulders. His touch was light, yet firm in a way that could only be replicated by someone who had been in battle. Slowly, Dario massaged the lotion into her shoulders, his large hands moving down her back but never straying too far, no matter how much he wanted to explore her body. Every so often, Dario would add more lotion, but he stopped once he got to the small of her back, right above her perfectly rounded ass. He dared not go lower, for he knew touching a queen like that would result in centuries of torment.

Touching her was the single best thing Dario had felt in a long time. When he was finished, he could not help but feel slightly disappointed. That is, until he realized what he had just done. Stiffening, Dario took a step back, his expression going back to impenetrable. [+maroon "I believe I have surveyed you, milady. I should insist that you get some rest. My king will want to see you upon waking up. You should get your sleep."] Plus, Dario needed time to reconstruct the walls that were slowly crumbling around his stone heart.]]
MeisjeKelly     6y ago

[i "Help, my Queen?"]

It was not every day that Victoria had a man like Dario adhere to her every whim. Having him here, in her very room made the old Vampire feel something she had not felt in a very...very long time.
However with feeling this way, Victoria also felt that this was something that Dario had not felt in a while either all because of the way he stood, how far he stood away from her and the fact he was repeating what the Queen had said along with turning it into a question.

[b "Yes, help. I cannot seem to get my back.."] Victoria spoke as she came to Dario on the other side of the room, stood toe to toe with him before turning around and let the gown that rested upon her body down onto the floor around her feet. Emerald eyes stared straight ahead and she waited, waited for Dario to put his hands on her as in that moment, that was all she wanted and nothing more.

[i "Victoria...I mean my queen, I don't think...I should get a maid to help you. It's...It's not wise."]

He said her name.
The moment Dario opened his mouth and said her name, Victoria bit her lower lip and closed her eyes and remained that way and silent throughout it all.
[i This one time, your grace. However, I think it would be best to have either your husband or maid to do this in the future. I wouldn't want to give anyone the wrong impression."]
[b "My soon to be husband seems to be too busy. Besides, one will knock on the door before they enter. I think you and I doing this...will be safe."] As Dario placed his hands upon her alabaster skin, there came a time that Victoria became lost in the moment and bit her lip a little hard and her fang pierced her lip and her blood started to seep out. God, she just couldn't help herself.

Soft moaned escaped her lips, soft that she heard and hopefully, Dario did not hear as surely it would of made him uncomfortable.

For what took a few minutes, it felt like seconds and when the Fallen Angel had removed his hands from her body, that was when the hues of the Vampire opened up and again stared straight ahead but now for a moment, vision became fuzzy.

He stopped.
He stopped when it was getting good and Victoria wanted more.

Once he spoke on her needed sleep, Dario was right in all aspects. Victoria desperately needed to rest and yet, all she did was turn around slowly on her heel and faced Dario in all her glory again standing toe to toe.
After having his hands upon her body, even if it was doing a simple order of rubbing lotion onto her body Victoria became an addict. She needed more of it.

Biting the bullet, Victoria raised her hands slowly and placed both palms onto Dario's chest and came in just that fraction closer to the demon with wings. As she shifted in closer, Victoria's hands slid up slowly and her arms wrapped around his neck.

[b "You said my name. Say it again. Say it again...."] she spoke softly, breathing heavily.

This man did something to her.
Thus man, made her feel alive..for the first time in countless years.
FallenGrace-.:D.L:.   6y ago

[font "tahoma" [size11 [i He had said her name.] Victoria. Her name was beautiful and completely fitting for a woman of her status. She was regal, in every since of the word. Her destiny had been planned out since her birth and her life had made her powerful, strong, and utterly bold. Yet she had stumbled into the wrong hands. Dario was never meant to land in the hands of fortune. His life had spiraled out of control, causing him to get cast out of heaven, the only home he had ever known. Since the day he had stepped foot in Luca's kingdom, Dario's life had been nothing but fighting and the occasional fling. It was not suited for a Queen.

Victoria ascended on him, placing her hands on his chest. He hadn't wished he was wearing a shirt until now. The touch seemed too intimate, simply because it was. Victoria, the beautiful queen, was standing before him in nothing but the red of her lips and the pink of her cheeks. For a moment, all Dario could see was the face of Nina looking back at him. They shared the same raven hair and large eyes, butt hat was where the similarities ended. Nina was shorter, her lips not quite as full. It only took him a moment to realize that Nina was not there because of him. Her death would forever be on his hands. He couldn't do the same for Victoria.

[+maroon "My queen, you weaken me."] Dario admitted softly. His hands came up to clasp over hers, firm but not too hard. Purposely, he stayed away from saying her name again, for if he did he knew he wouldn't be able to hold himself back from taking more. The world was a cruel place. He found a woman that made him feel again and she belonged to the Demon King. [+maroon "I have never laid eyes upon a more beautiful woman. You are the sun and you are the stars, but you shine brighter than both combined. I'm finding it difficult to control myself around you and that is a very dangerous thing."] Almost on their own, his hands moved down to her waist, resting at her hips. His thumb traced soft circles on her belly.

[+maroon "You are promised to another: my king. It is the Queen's place to do whatever she can for her kingdom, even if that means going against your heart, your grace. King Luca, admittedly, is a hard dog to train, but everyone can be tamed. I believe you are the only woman who could do it. I believe you could find your own happiness here, if you really tried. After all, my precious queen Victoria, you could do a lot worse than a king."] He smiled, trying to mask the pain that came with the words of comfort he was trying to offer Victoria. If only he could believe them..

In that moment, Dario wondered if he would ever get another chance like this. The queen was standing before him, offering herself to him and Dario was anchored by his loyalties. However, for just one minute he didn't want to be a faithful servant. He didn't want to be an honorable knight. He wanted to be a man kissing a woman. Before he lost all of his nerve, Dario pulled Victoria's body against his hard, taunt one. He didn't hesitate as he tilted her head back and brought his mouth down to hers. Dario kissed Victoria. His mouth grew hot against hers, and it only took a minute to pry her lips apart with his tongue. He couldn't think straight, couldn't move. It was like his body was on autopilot. All he could do was react to her body.

After what felt like a lifetime and seconds, all at the same time, Dario pulled back. His chest was rising and falling with each pant and he still firmly grasped her. Control was slowly starting to come back to him, screaming at him for the actions he had just did. [+maroon "Victoria, you are my queen. Not my equal."] He said ever so softly. [+maroon "If anyone knew I kissed you, I would be dead before I even realized what was happening. We cannot act upon these feelings. They are lust, nothing more. You cannot give up a kingdom for a love affair and I cannot betray my king more so than I already have. I'm sorry, your grace, but I will be asking my lord to reassign you a new guard. One that will be better able to protect you than I."]

With that, Dario dropped his hands from around the woman's body and took a step backwards. He didn't know if he would have the strength to push her off again, which is why he needed to be guarding his king, where he belonged.]]

Dario was a man Victoria had not seen in a long time. There was something about the Knight that reminded her of her late husband and it was because of this, Victoria could not help but fall and become weak at the knees.
This man with wings, made her dead heart come alive again and she swore for a second she felt her heart beat once more even though it didn't and never would again.

Hands upon his chest, it was not long until Victoria bit her lower lip once more out of pure habit the moment Dario raised his own hands and rested them on top of her own.
Victoria knew from the beginning that she was meant to marry Luca, the King and she would hopefully live ever after but never did she think that there was another man that would captivate her mind, body and soul.

[i "I have never laid eyes upon a more beautiful woman. You are the sun and you are the stars, but you shine brighter than both combined. I'm finding it difficult to control myself around you and that is a very dangerous thing."]

There it was.
Words that made Victoria close her eyes and stored that sentence in her mind as whenever she would be alone, all she had to do was remember and again and again over and over those words would spread like wild fire in her head.
The downside to this, it only made her want Dario even more and hopefully, with her standing here, baring herself in all her glory he would want her too.
Victoria at that moment was incredibly vulnerable and there was two ways that this would go and with Dario's now caressing and touching her flesh, Victoria's hopes were high.

[b "You're words are like stars in my ears. I haven't had a man speak this way to me ...in a very long time.."] she muttered softly completely in awe with this man that made her body quiver all over.
With all good things, it was not long until the words that made her feel all happy inside now suddenly made her ill and sick as Dario spoke a while shpeel that she was betrothed to another.
No shit.

[b "Dario, I know. I know that I am here to marry your Lord. I know all this and I know here I will find my happiness but in all understanding, I don't think it is with Luca. I think it might be with you.."] Victoria spoke. As her body was bare standing in front of Dario, here she was with her emotions red raw.
Raw like her lips as what she said, perhaps swung Dario to her direction to even more.
Arms snaked around her waist and within seconds, the Queen's naked body became pressed up against the Knight and the two shared a kiss that was so passionate and intense that tingles, sparks of electricity shit throughout her body and simply would not stop.

The taste of him was to die for.
As both of their mouths spread apart, tongue against tongue danced along with each others own and that was where, Victoria tasted him for the very first time and she wanted more. More of it.
Hands could not stop touching bodies until finally, it was Dario that pulled away and broke the bond that was forming so quickly.

[i "Victoria, you are my queen. Not my equal."]
[b "I don't understand..."]

For the last few minutes, Victoria honestly felt that Dario wanted exactly what she did and deep down she knew that he in fact wanted this but it was because of ...Luca and certain politics that he got scared.
Placing his heart on the line, Dario wanted to protect Victoria and this was the only way.
Was it?

[i "I'm sorry, your grace, but I will be asking my lord to reassign you a new guard. One that will be better able to protect you than I."]
[b "No. Please do not do that. A Queen does not beg but this is my begging you, please don't do that. Who else would be better to protect me than a man who ...has a connection to someone and wants to keep safe."] she spoke, shaking her head only to reach out and grabbed Dario's hand and placed it upon her waist once more.

[b "This, is something I am new too just as much as you. A love affair that I cannot help but want. I would never ...ever, tell a soul about this ..about us. I don't worry about my life, I worry about yours. I will never let another harm you. Please do not leave...."]
FallenGrace-.:D.L:.   6y ago

[font "tahoma" [size11 [+maroon "What you are suggesting is treason, my queen!"] Dario hissed, exasperated that she was willing to put her life on the line for him. [+maroon "If the king even knew you were suggested an affair, he would have me beheaded right in front of you. He would arrange a tragic accident for you and enslave your people. It's not my life that is at stake, it is your people. I'm not worth love, and I'm definitely not worth your time."] Did she not understand what she was risking? All for some fallen angel that literally meant nothing to her. It would be so easy to simply turn his back and inform King Luca of his situation. He would be forgiven and a new guard would be put in his place. Yet...he didn't make his way to the door.

Running his hand through his hair, Dario took deep breaths in attempt to calm his body. His adrenaline was soaring through him, as if on overdrive. He hadn't meant to raise his voice at the Queen, but the words had fallen out before he could help himself. [+maroon "I'm sorry."] He finally said, once again in control of his body and tongue. [+maroon "What I mean, my queen is that I will never be your equal. I'm a Knight, and although that is a high honor bestowed upon me, I can never be more this this. I will never have land, I will never be a noble. I cannot take a wife or father children. My duty is to my King. Any relationship with you could never work."]

[+maroon "Moreso than that, your grace, even if I agreed to this affair-"] And God, how he wanted to. He wanted to be able to kiss her whenever he wanted, to take her to bed whenever he saw fit. He wanted to have his hands all over her and be the man she called for in the thrones of passion. However, none of that would even be remotely possible if her ties were still with the king. [+maroon "How long could we even keep this up before someone found out? We couldn't continue this once you are married. And I...I couldn't watch the king have his hands on you, kissing you, and do absolutely nothing about it. I would want you to myself and that is something I can never have. No matter how much you claim to love me."]

The reality check was just as much meant for himself, as it was for Victoria. He had caught himself toying with the idea of having her as his lover, but the logistics of it did not work out. As the dilemma swam through his head, mudding his common senses, Dario's wings folded in on themselves, pressing into his back. His hand went to his sword, not because he was expecting to use it, but because it had developed into a security blanket for him. It was funny how Dario seemed to gravitate towards things that wanted to kill him. Perhaps he was just as fucked up as everyone else in the demon kingdom and he truly belonged her.

However, despite all of the things telling him no, that he needed to get as far away from Victoria as possible, he could not get the fact that the king had begged him to stay out of his mind. A queen. Begging. For him. It was almost too much to consider. Was Dario ready to go down that road again? It was dangerous and filled with heartbreak. Could he allow his heart to go through hell for a brief glimpse at heaven yet again? A beautiful queen was offering her love and devotion to him. He would be a fool to pass it up. Yet, life would be so much more simple if he did. With a sigh, he knew his answer.

[+maroon "Victoria,"] He spoke softly, not making any movements to grab her. [+maroon "I would like to offer a compromise."] He spoke, hoping she would see the logic behind his words. [+maroon "You may think your chambers are safe, but eyes can be everywhere. The only place that we could truly be alone is my chambers. King Luca trust me and gave me a private quarter. It's small, but there would be no fear of guards or maids walking around. I ask that you truly think about what you want. Think of your people and your soon to be husband. If you still believe an affair with me will still be worth it, then meet me in my chambers upon waking up. I'll have a guard stationed outside your room. If you choose us, tell him you must speak with me about an urgent matter. He will bring you to me and I will dismiss hime."]

[+maroon "However, if you have a change of heart, which is the smartest choice, the guard will take you to see your husband to be in the morning. I will continue my guard with King Luca and we will pretend that this had never happened."] He said, finally taking a step towards her. He leaned down, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead. [+maroon "This is my compromise, my beauty. Sleep and we will see how things play out in the morning."] His next kiss was on her lips, soft and gentle and full of promises. Almost before the kiss had even ended, Dario turned around on his heels and walked out of the room for the night, leaving Victoria to maul through everything he had just said.

Tomorrow, no matter what she picked, everything would change.]]
MeisjeKelly     6y ago

[i "What you are suggesting is treason, my queen!"]
[b "Treason? That sounds so crude. Betrayal of the crown, perhaps?"] Victoria replied knowing full well that what she had just said along with what had just happened was completely unforgivable and completely in the wrong.
It was the first day of her travels and already she had found herself alone in her room with a man while being completely naked and for some reason, as Victoria looked into his eyes, it felt right as if this was the place be.

It wasn't the right thing to say but what Dario said next, made Victoria step back somewhat and her eyes widened from his words.
[b "For a man who gripped me tight and kissed me hard moments ago, this is a shock. Your tongue was down my throat and I know you want this. Why change your mind so fast?.."]
[i "How long could we even keep this up before someone found out?"]
[b "As long as it took."]
[i "We couldn't continue this once you are married. And I...I couldn't watch the king have his hands on you, kissing you, and do absolutely nothing about it."]
[b "Do you really think that low of me? Do you really think that if we started something I would...go off with Luca, marry him, fuck him, say that I love him and then continue this affair with you?"] Victoria replied as she stood in front of Dario looking utterly confused. [b "If I start with you, i'll finish with you. Completely and entirely yours. Who's to say that you and I cannot run way and ...start all on our own?"]

No matter Victoria said and threw at him, Dario just continued to stand there and chose to be loyal to his Lord rather than follow his heart.
Shaking her head knowing she was not winning by any means came the moment that the Queen took a walk back towards the bed and leant over the mattress, grabbed her gown and placed it upon her flesh, covering her body from Dario's own eyes.
Now was not the time as the mood of the two coming together in love making seemed to have passed.

[i "Victoria.."]
[b "What?"] she muttered as her hands tied the robe together and crossed her arms over her chest in a defensive stance. It was nice knowing that one had failed and she did wether Dario's words were kind or not, she lost. as the Fallen Angel would not be sleeping in her bed tonight and hide it from the rest of the Demonic Kingdom.

[i "If you still believe an affair with me will still be worth it, then meet me in my chambers upon waking up. I'll have a guard stationed outside your room. If you choose us, tell him you must speak with me about an urgent matter. He will bring you to me and I will dismiss him."]
With his words, Dario kissed Victoria's forehead and then a nice, elegant kiss upon her lips and he let it linger for a few seconds.
Victoria was on cloud 9 and felt like her body was floating up to heaven despite her being a creature of the darkness with every kiss he gave her.

[b "I'll see you tomorrow..."] she spoke and witnessed Dario turn on his heel and walked out, not looking behind him and within seconds he was gone leaving Victoria to stand there, breathing heavily.
The words that were stuck in her mind was knowing if they did this, the risk of all finding out would be high no matter how hard they tried to hide it. Her people would die and suffer by the hands of Luca.
Or should she just go on the happiness she felt around the man with wings.

It was alot to think about but she knew the answer and it was knowing this...Victoria undressed and went to bed, closed her eyes and slept while the sun was up in the sky.

As darkness fell, the Queen opened her eyes and woke from her slumber, sitting up, stretched and looked around the room seeing no one except for candles that burnt giving off a soft glow of light.
It was time to choose.

Running fingers through her long black hair, Victoria bit her lower lip and placed on the white silk dressing gown over her naked frame and breathed in deep.
Hand upon the doorknob, Victoria twisted it and the door opened somewhat startling the Guard that looked over her.

[+blue "Milady? Is everything alright?.."] he spoke.

Victoria stepped out of the room and looked down the hall for a minute towards Dario's room before turning back to the Guard and nodded her head.
[b "Yes, everything is fine.."] she replied.

The Vampire chose her people instead of love. It was the right thing to do. It was one thing dying as really, Victoria was that old and tired she did not care on what happened to her but with Dario's head on the chopping block, she would never ever put harm his way.

If her heart was beating, it would now hurt however she wandered passed the guard and walked in the opposite direction of Dario's room and headed towards the dining room where Luca was waiting.
Down the staircase, through the foyer and opening doors too the right, Victoria stepped into the lavish room and gave off a smile.

This was the beginning of her new life, a life hurt and knowing it would be a life without love.

This was for her people.
FallenGrace-.:D.L:.   6y ago

[font "tahoma" [size11 The time he spent in his room was horrendously torturous. Dario knew he had done the right thing by leaving Victoria's room. A decision as massive as treason was not one they needed to jump into, especially only knowing one another for one night. Although Dario knew he had made the right choice, it did not make the waiting process any easier. He wanted to be next to his queen, holding her while she feel asleep and being the first one she saw when he woke up. Dario had attempted to will his body to sleep, hoping that a few hours of slumber would make time move faster, but not such like. He was tormented by each passion second of not knowing.

By the time night finally fell over the realm and the sounds of the castle's staff getting ready for the day, Dario was pacing his room. Any moment Victoria would be walking through the door...or she won't. He would be kissing her...or he wouldn't. The seconds seemed to pass by excruciating slow. By the fifth lap around his room, Dario was sure he was going to go insane. Just before he decided to leave his cramped chambers, the door opened and his whole body stopped. His attention went to the door and he held his breath. [i She came. She chose me. She-]

His heart stopped.

The person standing at the door was a familiar face. However, it was not Victoria. A guard Dario had known since his fall stood before him, wearing the uniform that marked him as a knight of the royal guard, the same uniform that Dario was wearing currently. [+blue "Our Highness, King Luca has requested your presences in the dining hall."] He said, making no mention of a certain Queen. Was Victoria even up? Surely she had gotten all of her required sleep. Before he could even ask, the guard before him went on speaking. [+blue "The queen has already accompanied his royal highness and he request you accompany them on any activities they plan on doing."]

Dario felt as if he had been stabbed. The feeling came on suddenly and he couldn't quite process it. The feeling of dread soon gave away to anger and betrayal. Those emotions were easier to deal with than loss and misery. With anger, he could use that to fuel him. Dario realized that the guard was still watching him expectedly, waiting for his answer. With a voice that could cut ice, he said, [+maroon "As he commands."]
[center [pic http://thebooksmugglers.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/dividers.jpg]]
Luca had awakened in his chambers without seeing Dario. He thought it was off, considering the fallen angel was always at his side, day or night. It did not concern him that Dario was missing, since he knew his trusted knight would find him soon enough. With the help of his maid Markos, Luca got dressed in black jeans that showed off his best feature, his ass. He accompanied the black jeans with black books and a black silk shirt. He truly embodied darkness, as everything became shadows in his wake. As he walked down his halls to his dining room, he noticed the fearful glances he had received from some of his servants, and the lustful ones from both men and women. It pleased him that he was both feared and worshipped by his subjects.

A full buffet of food was already prepared as Luca arrived. He didn't need to eat, but he enjoyed certain foods. Plus the nutrients made his body stronger. As he strutted in, a waiter pulled out his chair, allowing him to sit. He loaded up his plate with traditional breakfast foods from around the kingdoms. Just as he was about to take a sip of his wine, a knight entered the room, announcing Queen Victoria's arrival. With a smile, he sat back, eyes following her as she walked in. [b "My darling, I trust you found your chambers to your liking? Beautiful as ever. Please, join me. Kinsley!"] Luca called. [b "Bring my wife to be blood. Don't make her wait."]

Presumably, the waitress named Kinsley scurried off to retrieve the blood her king had asked of her. Luca never took his eyes off the vampire as she was lead to the seat next to him. Luca placed his warm hand on her milky, white thigh. [b "If it suits you better, you need not sleep so far away from me. You are to be my wife. We can share a bed. Would you like that, my sweet?"] He asked. Before he gave Victoria a chance to respond, he leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her lips. Dario had picked that time to walk in on them. When he saw Victoria lip locked with Luca, it was the nail in the coffin. The ice around his heart grew firmer, and the anger inside only continued to brew.

King Luca pulled back, clearly oblivious to Dario's internal turmoil. [b "Tell me you will stay with your king."] He murmured, knowing it would be easier to keep an eye on her this way. An image in the corner of his eye made him turn, smiling as he saw Dario enter. [b "Ah, my loyal fallen angel. I trust you took good care of my bride?"] He asked, receiving a curt nod from Dario. Luca seemed satisfied before asking Victoria, [b "Are you okay with having Dario as your personal knight? If not, I will take him back and assign you a new one."] He spoke, awaiting eagerly for her reply. After all, he knew Dario was the perfect man for the job.]]
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Before the Queen went into her daylight slumber, she did in fact pace the room back and forth from one wall to the other and at times, Victoria did place a hand onto her forehead and really thought on what she was going to do and what she was going to choose.
Dario was ...a protector, a handsome man who made her weak in the knees and he kissed her like it was the last day on earth. Victoria ..since her husband as been longing for a man to make her feel that way, all warm and utterly safe. In her gut, she actually felt like she had found it even if they had only met for a few hours. Sometimes that is what all it took.

The second choice, the choice that Victoria made at the end was that of Dario's mention of her people.
If anyone was to find out about the affair of herself and Dario, she and her people would be dead along with Dario who she started to become very fond of.
As much as it pained her, Victoria went to sleep that day knowing she had to keep her people safe and Dario would have a broken heart.

[i "My darling, I trust you found your chambers to your liking? Beautiful as ever. Please, join me. Kinsley!"]
[b "The room is a little small, my Lord but very comfortable and warm. I do appreciate all the arrangements that have been made to make me feel at home.."] Victoria replied the moment she parked her sweet ass onto the chair in front of the table that was filled with the finest smelling food, food which she did not eat.
Luca soon ordered Victoria's breakfast and within seconds, a young maid scurried back out fast and placed the crystal right infront of the Queen.

The blood was a nice burgundy color.
It looked thick.

However before she could place a single hand onto the glass, Victoria became distracted by the sound of her soon be to Husband's voice, speaking to her about the possibility of moving rooms. Luca had asked if she would enjoy being in the same bedroom as he and honestly, this took Victoria by surprise.
[b "Oh-.."] was all she could say as a pair of lips collided with her own as well as a hand upon her thighs. Luca was quite a possessive man. The grip he had upon her leg and the force against her lips was him making a point and yet Victoria did not pull back as she now had to get used to this.

The kissing and the touching from another man who was NOT the man she somewhat wanted.

Dario had the most imperfect timing.

As the two new lovebirds were kissing at the breakfast table, Dario made himself known unbeknownst to Victoria and Luca but it was when the King pulled back and repeated the question on his soon to be wife to share the same room as him, Victoria gave off a smile and nodded in agreement before Dario was acknowledged by Luca himself.
This made Victoria tilt her head down.
How could she look at the fallen Angel after not meeting him this evening as it as one of the choices.

She was hurting.
Was he?

Clearing her throat, sitting up straight in the chair like nothing had happened, Victoria reached out and gripped the glass before bringing it to her lips. Slowly, the Vampire drank the blood. The pastel mint green eyes that she had due to the lack of energy turned that bright emerald green once more upon obtaining food.
Glass rested back down onto the table, Victoria still had her head turned down. She just could not look at Dario from the fear of wanting happiness rather than protecting her people but she knew that eventually, she would have to see him and talk to him.

This fear came a reality when Luca spoke up once more, knowing how to ruin a perfectly good silence.

[i "Are you okay with having Dario as your personal knight? If not, I will take him back and assign you a new one."]
[b "Dario is a wonderful Knight. I believe he will protect me and keep me safe from harm. He gave me his word and I trust that."] she spoke as she finally got the courage and tilted her head up and looked at Dario. He was the most beautiful creature she had ever seen. Victoria knew that she hurt him and that tore her apart. [b "I wish to keep him by my side, if that is alright with you...my love?.."] Victoria replied, turning back to Luca, giving off a soft smile. [b "Please?.."]
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[font "tahoma" [size11 Despite everything Queen Victoria had done to him in the last twenty-four hours, to stay her knight was the absolute cruelest thing she could have condemned him to. This task meant watching her always, silently from the outside. He would watch her fall in love with Luca and that will ultimately be her downfall. She will doom herself and he will be forced to watch. On the off chance King Luca fell in love with the Queen, he'd then have to watch the woman that made him feel love someone else and that was the worst torture either of them could put him through.

[b "Very well,"] Luca said, taking a sip of his blood-red wine. His tone was pleasant, but laced with an undertone of annoyance. Clearly he had wished that the queen wished to have a new knight reinstated to her, but leaving Dario was not a problem. [b "Dario will remain with you, my darling. I still wish him to accompany you at all times unless you are with me. For your safety of course."] He smiled, taking her pale hand in his. [b "But our room, that will be private. I can protect you and keep your cold heart warm at night."] He smirked suggestively, looking over her body as if he was undressing her.

Their gazes were so attached that Dario believed the king and queen nearly forgot he was in here with them. Not able to stomach anymore of their sexual tension, Dario cleared his throat, though his eyes remained solely on his king. [+maroon "My lord, wouldn't my expertise be better suited training your new recruits rather than watching over your bride?"] The words came out bitter, he was unable to hide the certain malice in his tone. If Luca noticed, he didn't comment on it. Instead, as per usual, he simply look amused.

[b "The new recruits? Ah yes, our newest demons to the king's guard. Your expertise, as you so put it, would be lost amongst them. I have other men to train them. Besides, I gave you a high honor, guarding my wife-to-be. Does that not please you anymore, Dario?"] Luca said, his voice challenging as he looked upon his fallen angel. [b "I'm not sure how things worked in heaven, but here we cannot simply do as we please. That would lead to unnecessary chaos. You know very well I like my chaos necessary."]

The guards stationed at each door snickered. Despite himself, blood rushed to Dario's cheeks. He was not one to question the king's orders, but the arrival of Victoria had thrown him for a loop. In his most humble manner, Dario bowed his head at his king, submitting to his rule even though his body screamed against it. [+maroon "I'm honored that you choose me to watch the Queen and I promise to take care of her. I apologize for acting as if I weren't grateful."]

Luca waved him off, not wanting to hear anymore. [b "Please. It's about damn time you spoke against me. I don't expect you to do it again, but we are demons. You were almost too loyal."] He laughed. [b "Just don't test me, Dario. Now, to your place."] He said. Like an obedient dog, Dario took his position behind the couple, making himself scarce but still close enough in case he needed to jump to the king's rescue. No one would be stupid enough to try to cross the king, but stranger things had happened. As soon as Dario took his spot behind the couple, it was as if he did not even exist in the first place. He watched Luca place another hasty kiss on his beloved's lips.

[b "You must address my people soon, my darling."] Luca said, once he pulled away. [b "They will want to hear from their future queen. You must win their favor. You can understand that my demons are...less than favorable of your vampires. However, I believe we can change that. Don't you? You will speak and in no time at all, open their eyes. I have arranged your first public appearance in four hours."] He explained. [b "But, until then you and I are free to do as we please. Perhaps we can get better acquainted."] He smirked. [b "I invited you to my bed yesterday and I'll do so again today."]]]
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Victoria could tell from the look on Luca's face that her answer was not exactly what the King wanted to hear.
It was one thing for the Queen to have a bodyguard but it also was another to know that the Bodyguard was incredibly handsome. Perhaps Luca wasn't so controlled and confidant after all.

[i "Dario will remain with you, my darling. I still wish him to accompany you at all times unless you are with me. For your safety of course."]
Unless she was with her Husband.
How long in a day would that be? How many days would she spend time with Luca? From what she remembered, a King was often always busy and deep down she did not think she could handle a marriage of ..seeing one another once a week. She had that with her ex partner and now, all she wanted was comfort and a companion she could depend on and see always.

Feeling a warm hand place upon her cold own, Victoria managed a smile directed at the King and listened to him speak once more about their room being the only place that is indeed private. So it should of been. The King chambers was one place that really should be out of bounds. Luca was giving off a hint that whatever it was they would both do in that room, no one would disturb.
It was nice to hear but yet in her mind, all Victoria could think about was Dario and a vision of the two of them, fornicating was nice. With all good things, it came to and end with the voice of the man that kissed her the night before passionate and strong. Words that were a little rude, words that tried to make Luca change his mind in appointing Dario to look after the Queen.

Victoria turned her head and faced Dario, glaring her eyes and giving him such a look that was intimidating and full of rage from his words.
How dare he.
How dare she. How dare she do this to him.

Within minutes, the King and the Fallen Angel spoke to one another with Luca making is point and Dario stepped back with his tail between his legs and shut his mouth and stood and stared at the soon to be married couple.

Public speaking was one thing a Queen had to do. It was a priority and a must when it came to communicating with her people but now, it was her turn to speak to the demons that would soon her her people just as much as they were Luca's.
There was a crash in her stomach as Victoria was never one to enjoy public speaking and would sometimes try her hardest to get out of it but now, she simply nodded but did not speak a word but agreed to do a speech.

[i "But, until then you and I are free to do as we please. Perhaps we can get better acquainted. I invited you to my bed yesterday and I'll do so again today."]
[b "I remember declining your offer yesterday. I will not do it again."] Victoria spoke as she pushed the chair back and slowly removed herself up and out of the seat, grabbing Luca's hand at the same time. Doing this, caused the King to make the same motion as her and within seconds, the two started to head towards the door of the dining room in the direction of the room they would share together as a married couple. As she walked along the ground, Victoria did on one occasion while holding the King's hand, turn her head and stared upon Dario for a single moment, giving eyes of obligation before turning back and started to begin her adventure as she walked out that door with Luca by her side.
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[font "tahoma" [size11 King Luca was pleased with the queen's agreeability. He did not much feel like making threats, but he would if it came down to it. Unfortunately, his only means of "bargaining" was through hostility and violence. It would have been a shame to utilize his less than favorably means of persuasion on his beautiful wife to be, but Luca would go through whatever means necessary to keep his power and status. Yet, none of that would be necessary if Victoria remained agreeable. Hell, he could even come to see her as his equal one day, but that day was far in the future.

Placing his wine glass down on the mahogany table, Luca snapped his fingers. Immediately, like little scurrying mice, two petite blonde maids hurried over and began to clean off the table. None of them made eye contact with the King or Queen; their eyes remained trained down in front of them. [b "Now then, I require time with my queen. I do not wish to be disturbed. Dario, assist with the task of moving my darling's belonging's to my quarters. We do not wish to be disturbed until Victoria is set to speak in front of the kingdom."]

Luca's orders rang out in the otherwise silent room. Dario nodded stiffly, jumping at the opportunity to leave the couple. He made no attempts to glance at Victoria, despite the fact he wanted to shake and scream at her. It was no longer his place. Was it only yesterday that they shared a forbidden kiss? What would his king do if he found out? A small part of him, the bruised ego part, wanted to spill their secret kiss to Luca. The more rational part understood that it would not be Victoria's head on the chopping block. Biting his tongue, Dario left the room without another word.

In the opposite direction, Luca was leading Victoria down the most exquisite and more detailed part of the castle, his own wing. Even though they had no guards trailing after them, the couple was not truly alone. Guards were still stationed at every door, guarding and monitoring whatever walked down the hall. Their presence no longer phased the king. They were simply an extension of his life at the palace, nothing more than decorated pieces he passed daily. Their eyes lingered on the beautiful vampire queen that graced their hall, some even with lust in their eyes.

Eventually Luca came upon a door ten feet tall. It was pure black with splashes of gold decorating the edges. As they approached, the door was opened by one of the king's personal maids. Her sole purpose was to open and close the door whenever he entered or exited the room. It was another way to spread his wealth and power. [b "After you, my darling."] Like a perfect gentleman, Luca bowed, extending a hand for her entrance.

The room, if one could even call it such, was roughly the size of a single family home. The large room was separated into different sections, but the focus of the room was the large bed in the center of the room. The bed alone could fit at least six people comfortably. The bed looked as if had never been used, for the red sheets were pressed perfectly and made for show. The room also held a small reading corner with a large amount of books from all over the world and in various languages. There was another door off to the right of the room that lead into the kitchen. It was only used by the kitchen staff when Luca demanded breakfast in bed.

[b "As you can see, I'm very fond of my space."] Luca said, walking up behind Victoria. [b "However, I do realize that this is no longer just my room. After we are married we can talk about redecorating."] As he spoke, he tilted his head forward and started to leave small kisses up and down her long, creamy neck. Luca was a king with many needs and Victoria could easily fill his fantasies. He wondered what laid under her dress, how her body would feel pressed up against him and tangled in the sheets.

Luca continued to kiss her neck, running his hands up and down her perfect hour glass figure. [b "I do realize that it is tradition for a man and his wife to abstain from...sexual endeavors until they have made the sacred bond."] Lower and lower his hands went, exploring and teasing her body with each word. [b "But, my darling, I have never been one for tradition. You will come to know I am a very persuasive man. I don't stop until I get what I want. Fortunately for you, my sweet Victoria, I want you."]]]
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Victoria was not pleased with all of this.
It was one thing leaving her Kingdom to travel to another where the Leader was a Demon King who was known to not liking the Vampiric race but it was also another that she had to marry a Demon while her heart seemed to flutter when she was around a Fallen Angel, a Knight of the Demon order instead of her betrothed.

It was still unbelievable to understand considering she had just got to her new home and already she was thinking about another man. A man she kissed and ...touched with her fingertips that made her feel like her dead heart was beating again.

With a snap of his fingers, Luca's motion made several little minions come scurrying over and started to clean up the table a second at a time. Silver platters in their hands, they placed items onto the plate and wandered off and away into the kitchen to throw out the trash and place the dirty dishes in the sink where the kitchen maids would clean them, spotless.
Sitting at the table, the Maid's did not look at the Royals but rather did their job but what came next, even though she knew Dario was there in the same room, Luca said his name and Victoria sighed as it came to a reality that a life with Dario was just never going to happen.

[i "Dario, assist with the task of moving my darling's belonging's to my quarters. We do not wish to be disturbed until Victoria is set to speak in front of the kingdom."]
That was exactly what she needed. The Knight packing up her things, going through her belongings, her clothes to her lingere and transfer them to the King's room making it all official.

[b "We can always do this another night, my love. I'm sure you have a lot to do.."]

Victoria tried to speak and tried to get herself out of this however, Luca stood up from the table, pushed the chair back and restd onto his feet and stood tall and poised, holding out a hand to which Victoria took a hold of and before long, both wandered out of the dining room, through the door and down the hallway where pictures hung up in antique frames. Perfect color that matched the wallpaper perfectly along the with the rug that ran all way down the floor right to the very end.
At the end, a large door made of the richest mahogany was pushed open and Victoria smiled.

This room was so much better and bigger than the one she was previously in.
Now this ...was what she had in mind.

[b "Oh my. It's lovely."] she spoke, smiling and biting her lower lip as she took steps into the room and stood in the middle while she looked around before feeling hands upon her body and lips at her neck that nipped at her flesh over and over with kisses.

[i "I do realize that it is tradition for a man and his wife to abstain from...sexual endeavors until they have made the sacred bond."]
[b "The tradition is well and truly overrated. If two people find each other sexually attractive and..interesting and ..enticing, then I don't see what's the harm. It's only natural for two people to feel this way."] Victoria replied, tilting her head to the side and bit her lower lip as Luca made his move and started to feel up his blushing bride to be.

[i "You will come to know I am a very persuasive man. I don't stop until I get what I want. Fortunately for you, my sweet Victoria, I want you."]
[b "And I want you..."]

Turning around, Victoria faced Luca and smiled softly before backing up just a few steps and brought her hands to the front of her body and started to undo the buttons of her gown with her fingertips.
Slowly, one by one they came undone and the gown that rested upon her naked body fell onto the floor around her feet.

Victoria showed off her body to the King just like she did with Dario the night before.

Again Victoria stepped back and slowly came to the mattress with the bearskin rug upon the quilt.

[b "You want me? ...Come and get me..."]
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[font "tahoma" [size11 Victoria was not fighting him, not as she had done the night previously. Perhaps she had seen to reason, saw that making love to her future husband would benefit her. After all, she could not continually push him away from her. He had opened up his kingdom to a vampire, something that had not been done for a millions of years. For as long as history was recorded, Vampires and Demons had never lived together in true peace. The best they could have hoped for was a tense agreement that their kingdoms would leave one another alone as long as they were provoked. It was not a secret that the demons out numbered the vampires and any war would be futile. It would end in a massacre.

However, things had changed. Luca was unlike any king the realm had had before. He wanted his reign to be a glorious one and what else would be more perfect than finally seizing control over the vampire race? Victoria was beautiful, he could make a good husband to her if Victoria did not mind him taking the reigns. Even now, the Queen of vampires was submitting to his wills. [b "I am glad we see eye to eye on that crazy custom. You will be my wife and I must cater to your every whim in the bedroom. What kind of husband would I be if I allowed your needs to go unmet? I would hate to drive you away to some lowly guard. Not when you can have royalty, my darling.]

For a moment, all Luca could do was watch as Victoria unrobed. His eyes trailed down her body as the garment was tossed to the floor. She was pale, he had never seen skin so milky before. Her beautiful breasts were perky and firm, showing no sign of aging or drooping. She was soft in places that needed to be soft and curved in places that needed to be curved. Victoria could easily be a goddess and the most beautiful woman he had ever seen naked.

[i Come get me.]

At those words, Luca was no longer man or demon. Instead he was animal, growling lightly as he stalked his pry. Never had he wanted a woman, much less vampire, as much as he craved Victoria. Before he knew what he was doing, his legs began to carry him to the bed. She looked perfect atop his bed, offering herself up to him willingly. [b "My darling, I wish you would have let me have you the night prior. Now that I see what my future holds, I will never want a night without you in my bed."] He murmured as his large, firm body crawled on top of hers. Luca was not as big as Dario muscle wise, but he was taller. His body was tone with fair skin. He seemed even bigger on top of his bride.

Victoria's entire body was tempting to Luca. He had a hard time deciding where he wanted to start, but her neck was the most tempting. He began to kiss her cold neck, leaving his love bites in his wake. When he laughed, his voice was throaty, deep, and sexy. [b "I can see why the vampires are drawn to the neck. I'm tempted to bite you myself, my dear."] Yet his attention did not stay on her neck for long. He began to kiss down her body, starting from her jaw, kissing down to her breast, and lower. He took his time with her, pleasing her in a way a man could please his woman. He did not stop after one time though, he continued his love making until both of them had been satisfied numerous times.

No one could say Luca was not a good lover.

When the two were finally basking in the afterglow of their love making, limbs still tangled together and bodies pressed firmly against one another. The king had a satisfied smile one his face, tracing circles with his thumb on Victoria's hip. There was exactly forty-five minutes before Victoria was meant to make her speech, which was not enough time to have his way with her again. Luca had maids waiting in her room to do her hair, makeup, and help her into her new dress. [b "You must get going soon, my darling."] He said lightly, but made no attempt to let her go. She fit so perfectly next to him, it would be a shame to let her go. Let her go, he must though.

Shifting his weight, Luca pulled himself up to a sitting position on the bed, the sheets only covering his lower body. There were bites and love scratches down his chest that he wore proudly from his bride. [b "Dario, you may enter now."] Luca called for Victoria's guard. The door to their room swung open and the knight walked in. He kept his hard glare trained on his king, not letting the anger of seeing them together in bed get to him. [b "Please escort my wife to her chambers. Make sure she is safe during her speech. Her safety is in your hands. I'm afraid of what will happen to you if you cannot keep Victoria safe."] He said expectedly.

[+crimson "You have my word, my lord. I will keep my queen safe."] He swore, no matter how much he hated Victoria, he would never let harm come to her. Slowly his eyes shifted to the woman. [+crimson "Are you ready to go, your highness?"]]]
MeisjeKelly     6y ago

This was not the way Victoria wanted everything to go.
At the very beginning, the Queen did have a sense of a second thought of going through with this arrangement but she knew deep down that her Kingdom did in fact need a King, a strong man to help run her city and stand beside her.
Ruling was successful when Victoria was married but when her husband died, the Queen continued to think she could run a Kingdom on her own but that soon got knocked out of her and she started to fail.

Luca was a King that knew how to handle everything and a run a Kingdom smoothly without a companion but everyone ...even a demon needed a partner.

It was a sure deal that she made in her mind that she was ready however seeing Dario, again came the doubt and the Queen started to second guess everything once more but with the Fallen Angel's words of her doing this, marrying Luca for her people, Dario was right and Victoria hated knowing he was.

[i "What kind of husband would I be if I allowed your needs to go unmet? I would hate to drive you away to some lowly guard. Not when you can have royalty, my darling."]
[b "I am afraid that your needs were unmet last night. I must apologize for that. I ...I was tired from my trip and I knew I would not satisfy you."] Victoria spoke to her soon to be husband, a demon man who was built masculine and lovely on the eyes.
Hands that belonged to the Queen removed the pieces of clothing from her body and slowly she climbed onto the large king sized bed giving off a smile and a look of pure seduction.

Victoria had chosen Luca.
Victoria knew that Dario was standing outside by the door, staring ahead before glancing off to the sides as he was protecting the Royal couple, and at times listened as he could not help but hear the noises that were coming from inside.

Slowly, Victoria slid herself up towards the headboard and watched as Luca too started to strip from head to toe and soon felt the bed creak with sound and move as the Demon King too climbed onto the mattress and rested upon Victoria's body laid down onto back.

Luca wasted no time in taking control of the Vampire Queen, turning her head to the side and kissed her neck, nipped at her skin that made the female moan out softly before laughing out at Luca's words.
[b "Now you see why I love going for the neck. If I look close enough ,I can see their blood pumping through there veins, there arterys...and that makes me so ..so...antsy and tingly all over...."] Victoria replied before turning her head and violently kissed Luca's lips.

Long legs had spread apart and the King slid in between them and slowly, buried himself deep inside Victoria and made her moan out in pleasure with every thrust and push he made. Faster and harder to where the headboard hit the wall over and over, loud enough for all to hear outside in the hallway.
It was a lovely time the two shared and yet, at times all Victoria could think about was the Angel who had fallen, who just stood outside and didn't fight for her at all.

Victoria wanted to feel her heart become alive again and for a glimmer of a second last night, with Dario, it felt like it was beating once more.

When it was all over, the Royal couple laid under the single sheet and held once another without a single word as it was not needed. Only when the silence started to become overwhelming, Lucas spoke.
[i "You must get going soon, my darling."]
[b "No. I'm to warm here in your arms.."] she replied only for Lucas to laugh softly and ruin the moment with calling in Dario.

Within seconds, as called, the lovely Fallen Angel showed his face by walking inside and stared upon the bed.
Victoria sat up slowly and pressed the sheet to her chest, listening to the men speak.
Lucas wanted Dario to protect her throughout her speech, a speech that she was no prepared for and somewhat nervous but as it turned out, a good solid hour later, the Queen was dressed and stood on the balcony to Lucas's people and remained standing there.

She was more nervous than anything.
What if they did not like her?

Clearing her throat, Victoria, knowing that Dario was watching her and listening, hoped that she would not make a fool out of herself and ...she didn't.
The speech was successful.
Victoria spoke on doing her best to love and protect their King. Respecting him along with them and promised to look out for their best interest even when her own Kingdom would soon come and the two species would come together as one.
That was her promise and she intended on keeping it, even if her heart was dead and broken because of the choice she had made to give up the one man that peeked her interest in centuries.

Turning from the public, Victoria breathed heavily and placed a hand to her stomach and wandered back into the castle, passed Dario.
She felt sick.
Public speaking always made her feel ill.

[b "How was that, Dario? ...Was that good enough to win them over?..."] she muttered, still breathing out trying to contain her composure.
FallenGrace-.:D.L:.   6y ago

[font "tahoma" [size11 After his fall, Dario no longer believed anything would be a worse punishment. Humiliation and the strip of his title and dignity left the warrior with a collapse sense of self. He was just a vessel of the man he used to be and had worked countless hours to harden his interior. It was how he moved up the ranks so swiftly and earning the title as the King's Warrior, a prestige never handed down to a fallen angel before. Few had let him forget that fact over the years and Dario had faced his share of death threats and senseless fights. The demons simply could not see a fallen angel higher up in ranks than true born demons.

Despite all of that though, God's cruelest punishment was having him fall hopelessly in love with a queen he could never have. He had been cursed to never feel love again, but Victoria had changed something in him. His god was just, but the situation at hand was out of his control, rendering him helpless as he stood guard outside Luca's door and listened to the pair make love. He could not even pretend that Victoria was not enjoying herself, for her moans spoke differently. After all, Luca had a reputation of being a great lover, some people even rumored that the King had once been touched by Aphrodite herself, causing no women to deny his beauty.

With each passing second of their love making, Dario gripped his sword tighter and tighter until his knuckles turned white. After what felt like an eternity, the moans and movement from inside the room stilled and he was being summoned by his king. Taking a deep breath and pushing all emotions out of his face, Dario entered the room, keeping his eyes trained on the king. Soon he was escorting the Queen to her room. The maids quickly went to work on the queen, dousing her in beautiful silks and satins. They dressed Victoria in emerald green with silver trimmings, the colors of King Luca.

Upon seeing her, Dario stood in complete awe. The queen was breathtaking.

He did not speak this thought to her though, instead he fulfilled his duty to his king and lead her out to the balcony. It was as if the whole kingdom had come to catch a glimpse of their new queen. As expected, some were repulsed by the idea of a vampire queen, but others seemed to be just as in awe of her beauty as Dario had been upon seeing her. In the corner of his eye, he noticed Nancy amongst the crowd of people. She had caught his eyes and offered him a shy smile. Nancy had been the only one to warm his cold heart, and he managed to give her a smile back. Nancy would always have a special place in his heart.

Speaking of which, he would need to visit her bed chambers one of these nights.

As Victoria spoke, the crowd seemed drawn in by her words. Some that had been repulsed when she first walked out, actually looked swayed by her speech. She had not won over everyone, there would always be zealous nobles, but Victoria had made her mark on the demon people. They would not be won over in one speech, but Dario could see the strings of respect forming. When the speech ended, Dario was the one to lead the queen off the balcony and he was surprised to hear a faint applause leaving in the queen wake. It was the most he had heard from Luca's subject from anyone other than the king himself.

[+crimson "You faired well, my grace."] Dario spoke, unable to ignore her question. [+crimson "Demons are not an easy bunch to win over, but I think they will accept you, my grace."] He was staying formal, not wanting to mix up their relationship again. He was a lowly warrior while she was a high born queen. Nothing could ever come between them. [+crimson "My queen, shall I take you back to your husband?"] He asked, having heard Luca had wanted her back to him when she was complete with her speech.]]
MeisjeKelly     6y ago

The speech that Victoria had made was calm, cool and collected. Afraid of public speaking since she could remember, the Queen breathed in deep and wandered out onto the balcony and said a speech that was true to the very depths of her.
Victoria had every intention on pushing herself to great lengths to make the Demonic people happy along with her own kind when herself and Luca formed both homes together and joined them as one.

Speaking in front of her new people made the nerves come out ten fold. It was a even worse feeling speaking to them than it was her own people but at the end, in what she thought she had failed in speech, ears perked up and heard the claps of the Demons who were impressed by her words, wisdom and immortal beauty just like Luca .....just like Dario.

The one man who made the Queen with the dead heart, feel giddy and felt like her heart was pumping all over again, beating a million miles an hour. It felt like it did the moment he placed his hands upon her naked body the night before along with kissing her with passion like fire.

Stepping back and off from the balcony, wearing a dress that was skin tight, as well as it being a deep emerald green with gold trimmings that suited her pale skin; Victoria walked passed the opened french doors and stood inside of the palace. Words left her lips and asked Dario, who was standing near if her speech was any good.

[i "You faired well, my grace. Demons are not an easy bunch to win over, but I think they will accept you, my grace."]
[b "If they do not accept me, my place here may be over before it even begun. I would have to go home, away form this beautiful place, the wonderful people, Luca.and you...."] Victoria spoke softly, seeing and knowing it was only herself and Dario in the room.
No one was around.
No one would be looking if anything was to happen.

[i "My queen, shall I take you back to your husband?"]

Good question.
Should he?

Tilting her head down for a second, Victoria bit her lower lip and wandered over to a table that stood up against the wall that harbored black roses in a vase on top and a portrait of a woman that Victoria was not familar of.
Silence filled the room until finally the Queen had the guts to speak on the events the night before.

Tilting her head up, face facing the most incredible and most handsome man she had ever seen, the Fallen Angel she was falling in love with; with each passing minute, Victoria breathed out as she lent up against the table.

[b "Dario. Before we walk out of this room, I need to speak to you about last night.."] she muttered softly before biting her lower lip out of habit as she still felt terrible about this morning and the choice she had made. [b "I had every intention on meeting you this morning. I had every intention on coming to see you and ...kissing your lips and wanting to start an incredible adventure. However when you spoke about my people, too think about my people and what could happen if we pursued this affair, I realized you were right. I need to think about their well being. I have to think about my people before my emotions."] Victoria spoke once more as her eyes continued to stare upon Dario, explaining herself and the fucked up, most stupid choice she had ever made.

[b "I know you were standing out there in the hall when Luca and I were alone. I would of given anything for you not to hear that. Please don't stand there and say that it's okay..that its your job to keep Luca and I safe. Next time ..please just walk away.."]

Pushing herself away from the table, Victoria started to wander towards the door, passed the man she knew she would never have. If she had a heart, this was the time where it would break and never heal.
FallenGrace-.:D.L:.   6y ago

[font "tahoma" [size11 The longer he was trapped in this room with the queen vampire, the harder it was to keep the betrayal and disgust out of his expression. Dario could not so much as look at Victoria without thinking of Luca and his hands all over her body. He wanted to slap sense into the queen and remind her that Luca would always come before anyone else, even her. Her marriage would be an illusion. Even if Luca did come to love Victoria one day, it would never be in the way she deserved. Did only Dario see Victoria for who she really was? A goddess? She should be treated as such.

Waiting in limbo while he waited upon her answer, Dario began making his way towards the door, hoping that would cause Victoria to follow him out. However, the queen had more to say, causing Dario to freeze in his wake. [+crimson "I do not wish to speak about last night ever. It was a lapse of judgement and it will never happen again."] He spat, venom cutting deep with each word he spoke. Last night was still a sensitive topic for him and he did not want to have to remember standing in his room alone, full of hope, as he waited for Victoria to join him.

It had been a childish dream and he knew better now.

All he could do was stand there as Victoria explained herself. He clenched his fist, doing everything in his power not to lash out. Didn't the woman see he no longer wished to think about her? Did she not know that spending each waking second with her was one of the hardest things he was being forced to do? Perhaps Victoria did now, but she simply did not care. It would not be the first time someone someone took advantage of him during a vulnerable moment.

[+crimson "You do not owe me an explanation, my queen."] Dario said coldly, finally turning around to face her. He wore a face of impatience, wanting to be anywhere but stuck in the room with her. [+crimson "It is already out of my head. I regret everything that took place between us and never plan to put myself in that situation again. You will forever belong to the king. I cannot excuse myself when you two are making love. I must stand guard for it is my job. If you are uncomfortable with that, I'm sure you can speak with your husband and either assign me on patrol outside the palace, or demote me. Both are equally humbling. I'm certain you will find a place better suited for me."]

Without waiting for her answer, Dario opened the door. Being this close to her was proving too difficult and his body was unable to help the shaking. As soon as the door opened, a group of five maids, including Nancy came into the Queen's old chambers. Nancy smiled at Dario, lightly running her fingertips over his chest while she walked past. Despite his anger, Dario found himself smiling. Her touch was actually soothing and calmed him when he most needed it.

[+pink "Your majesty."] The maids said in unison, all bowing to her highness. Nancy then stepped up, smiling adoringly at her queen. [+pink "Our king was very impressed by your words to the public eye. He has moved up the marriage and decrees that the two of you will be wed at moonlight, tomorrow. The kingdom is being informed as we speak. We have a lot to do tonight, my queen. He also believes it is best for you to stay in your old chamber for the night, as traditions state."] She smiled before advancing on the woman.

[+pink "Edith and Marigold will start working on your wedding dress and will work through the morning. Hana will be doing your makeup and hair. Elizabeth will be getting you whatever you may need during your time getting ready for your wedding. I will be overseeing it all. Let's get you in the bath,"] Nancy said, taking her hand. Before she disappeared into the bathroom, she turned to Dario. [+pink "You, shoo. Luca will want to see you. Will I be seeing you later on?"] She asked, causing the girls to giggle.

Dario only smirked, enjoying the audience. [+crimson "Don't I always come when you call?"]

Blushing, Nancy pulled the queen into the bathroom and shut the door behind her.]]
MeisjeKelly     6y ago

It was one thing to speak to a crowd, but speaking to Dario just simply proved to be a little more harder than she could ever imagine.
Throughout her little speech to the Fallen Angel, the Queen of the Vampiric race did stutter just a little and did fidget her fingers while resting up against the table against the side wall.
Dario was dazzling and hypnotic.
Perhaps that was why Victoria often lost her breath and became weak in the knees whenever her eyes looked at him.

As awkward as it was now, it was only to get even more awkward if Victoria did not speak on what happened last night between them and even this morning.
Victoria made the wrong choice but she made the right choice for her people and that was all that mattered.

[i "I do not wish to speak about last night ever. It was a lapse of judgement and it will never happen again."] Dario spoke and it was not a nice tone. It was venomous and cruel and it certainly pout Victoria in her place to where she lent up against the table even more and hung her head down, feeling guilty that she let the Warrior down and hurt him. Victoria deserved the tone of voice.
[b "No. I understand that.."]
[i "It is already out of my head. I regret everything that took place between us and never plan to put myself in that situation again."]

Hearing that word, that word of regret made Victoria tilt her head up and her eyes again glanced at a man she was falling for but now, instead of feeling admiration towards him, all she could feel now was her blood boiling and hatred.
How could he say that!
How could he say he had already forgotten it and he regretted it all?

Was it honestly that bad?

[b "You...you snake!..You bastard....."] Victoria spoke out, hurt, feeling as if she could cry, she would of.
Dario did not reply.
Instead he turned his body and opened up the door to which Victoria saw a happy face, one that was seemingly too happy which made her skin crawl.
Nancy stepped inside and delivered the good news that Luca had shifted the wedding date to tomorrow night.
With 2 weeks of preparing, it all came down to a several hours and now, Victoria that was angry, also became stressed out.

[+pink "Our king was very impressed by your words to the public eye. He has moved up the marriage and decrees that the two of you will be wed at moonlight, tomorrow."]
[b "Well, yes of course ,if that was Luca wishes. I don't hear any objections to say otherwise..."] she muttered before taking a glance towards Dario's direction before becoming shuffled into the bathroom hearing that two more women were at her disposal to make the Queen feel relaxed and de-stress and also prepare for the marriage ceremony tomorrow.

It was not Luca she wanted.
It was Dario and Dario could easily become King, if and only if he decided to fight Luca and win. However the Angel was too loyal to fight his very own Royal.

[b "Nancy. If the wedding is tomorrow night then I expect your full attention all day and all night tonight and of course .....tomorrow. You are to be near me at all time, especuially now when I need you most."] Victoria spoke, turning to glace at Nancy who now shut the door and started to undress the Queen letting her be seen in all her glory.
FallenGrace-.:D.L:.   6y ago

[font "tahoma" [size11 Nancy bowed her head when the queen addressed her. [+pink "Of course, your highness. I promise to make your day as stress free as possible. Even you, need to sleep, my queen. Then my duties will be relieved until you awake. King Luca has assigned you Mr. Mikah Sage to guard your chambers while you slumber. He apologizes for taking Mr.Lucian away, but he seeks conference with him for the night."] She explained, never once breaking her smile. Nancy folded the silk robe before placing the garment on the counter. She helped Victoria into her warm bath and then added more rose petals inside for fragrance.

[+pink "My queen, may I speak freely?"] Nancy asked after she dropped the last petal into the clear water. She envied the queen's beauty, in comparison Nancy felt pale. She supposed, in her own right, Nancy was pretty. The girl had fire red hair that she piled high on top of her head in a neat bun. She was skinny, but had well developed curves that men seemed to love. One man, in particular. Dario was the only one she had been with in such a long time. He was a great lover, very attentive and could last hours in bed. Judging by the stories the other maids told at night, not many demons could compete with Dario's love making. The man was a god and Nancy was lucky enough to have him in her bed.

When the queen gave her permission to speak, Nancy cleared her throat before starting. [+pink "You do not seem like a happy bride awaiting her big day. I cannot even began to fathom the stress and hardships you carry everyday. However, a beautiful queen like yourself deserves happiness. The king seems quite smitten with you and I'm sure he will make you very happy in the long run. Allow your heart to open up to him and help you carry the burden of your people. You will find your happiness in him."] She spoke like a true romantic, always finding love in situations that seemed to be lacking it.

After the queen's bath was over, Nancy dressed Victoria into a black, satin night gown. She braided her long hair, so it would be easy to style tomorrow night. [+pink "My queen, you are ready for bed. I must insist that you get a long days sleep. The biggest day of your live is tomorrow and the kingdom must see you looking your best."] She said as she lead the queen to her bed. Already, a new knight was standing guard by Victoria's door, looking poised and alert. Nancy supposed Mikah was handsome, but he paled in comparison to Dario. The other maids had left for the night, no doubt still up and working on every detail for the wedding. Hardly any sleep would be had that night, but Nancy was sure she could spare at least 30 minutes for a certain guard.

[+seagreen "The queen no longer needs your assistance, Miss Nancy."] Mikah spoke up, just as Nancy was leading Victoria to her bed. [+seagreen "The king wishes her privacy until her big day tomorrow. You may go oversee the work of your maids."] For a moment, Mikah's eyes traveled over to Nancy before he took back up his post.

Nancy sent the queen an apologetic smile. [+pink "My apologies, your highness. I'll be in as soon as you awake from your slumber."] She promised. Hesitating only slightly, Nancy gave the queen one last bow before she exited the room. So much still had to be done and there did not seem like enough people or time to get everything complete in time. The king expected the wedding of a millennium, and would certainly not be pleased if his staff delivered anything but the absolute best.

Distracted by her own thoughts, Nancy did not notice the shadowed figure following her down the hall. The maid made a wrong turn, always getting impossibly lost in the grand castle. As she turned around, her body hit hard against something solid. She gasped, getting ready to apologize profusely before the figure pushed her up against the wall. The air rushed out of her as her back hit the cold stone, and only then did she get a good look at the person pinning her in place. [+pink "Dario?"] She said breathlessly. [+pink "I thought you would be with the king?"]

The fallen angel gave her a smile that she felt ache between her left. Dammit, how did he do that so easily? [+crimson "I was, but he then gave me the night off. We had a date, did we not?"] He asked, his hot breath beating down Nancy's neck. She could hardly breath, let alone think.

[+pink "Yes, I...I believe we..did."] She hated her breathless she sounded, but Nancy could not control her urges. Dario was kissing her now, touching all of her sweet spots. Before she knew it, he already had her dress off, and she stood in nothing but her lingerie. The could not say no to him. Instead, Nancy let Dario take control of her body, doing whatever he saw fit.

She barely even noticed that he moaned out the name of the queen when he entered her.]]
MeisjeKelly     6y ago

It was the one thing Victoria actually, really enjoyed.
The mere hours that she opened her eyes and became awake only to rise from her bed, were the hours that was she felt guilt, and somewhat unhappy about the choice she had made but for the sake of her people, this was the only choice.
Dario made that quite clear. Crystal clear.
Dario also made it clear about their little affectionate kiss was nothing but held the stench of regret.

Inside of the the bathroom Victoria stood and after her little speech on wanting Nancy to be close and stay close, the maid placed her hands upon the Queen;s body and slowly unlaced and unhooked the garments that rested upon the Royal's body and it was moments later that Victoria sunk her body into the warm lavender oiled water and felt the warmth sink into her pores and warmed her insides.
It was heaven.
A bath was the only thing she ever looked forward too.

However, whilst in the moment of relaxation, Nancy, through the silence opened up her mouth and again, Victoria heard that squeaky voice seep throughout the air and into her ears. It was a horrible sound and the Queen often winced at the Maid's voice but Victoria agreed to listen to the shpeel.
[+pink "You do not seem like a happy bride awaiting her big day. I cannot even began to fathom the stress and hardships you carry everyday. However, a beautiful queen like yourself deserves happiness."]
[b "I left my home and my people to come to a new environment, a place where I do not know, only to marry a Demon King who now wants to marry me within a mere few hours and has not given me enough time to prepare. Forgive me if I do not seem happy but I will in due time..."] Victoria spoke as she kept her eyes closed and enjoyed the warmth of the water but did not enjoy the company o the maid who asked to many questions and gave off advice that the Queen did not ask for.
To be honest, Nancy, seemed a little to happy.

Not another word was spoke during bath time. Once it was all over, Victoria got up and shimmied into a black, satin gown and sat down in front of a mirror upon a chair and let Nancy brush the most valuable thing upon her body. The one thing that men and women loved and that was her long hair.
Only 3 people had ever seen her hair down from pins. Her late husband, Luca from the night before and Nancy.

More words were said, a new guard was in place to which Victoria felt ill with knowing wasn't Dario.
However, even though the Queen felt hurt and broken from all the events in that evening, she slept like a baby throughout the course of the day not knowing what was happening several meters away and just around the corner.
The man she loved, physically loved another. Fucking the annoying maid up against the wall.


As darkness fell, the sun sunk of to dreamland; it was the moment the Moon arose from the depths that Victoria opened her eyes and slowly sat up from the pillow and looked around the room.
It was a dream. This night, she would indeed marry a man who was indeed a great lover but ...felt would not make a great husband. It didn't even matter. It was all politics and to bring their people together in harmony.

The moment the moon shone up in the night sky, came the moment that Nancy and the two other maids who shared knowing about Dario fornicating with the help entered the room and smiled at the Queen only to speak that it was soon time to marry but for now, it was time to get ready.

One styled her hair in the silver pins, curled the strands and placed in little deadly nightshade flowers that was also known as belladonna.
Marigold placed the make up upon the Queen's beautiful and intoxicating face.
Make up that showed off those emerald eyes. Lipstick that showed off those full pouty lips that Dario once kissed and no longer wanted too.
A dress that was completely immaculate and seemingly, a shade that Victoria raised her eyebrow on the moment her eyes landed upon it.
It was not black.
It was white. White lace with a blood red ribbon around the waist of the bodice, a bodice that was pulled tight around Victoria's body and pushed up her breasts just the perfect amount.
A dress that was long with a train that trailed behind her by meters.

Hours later, Luca stood at the front by a gaunt structured Priest, an organ piano played in the background and Dario stood by the sidelines along with Nancy and the rest of the help.
Dario no longer wanted Victoria in any way shape or form and this was the end of the line for the two of them.

As the doors opened, A Vampire Queen dressed in white entered the room and walked down the aisle towards her future husband, a Demon....not an Angel.
FallenGrace-.:D.L:.   6y ago

[font "tahoma" [size11 The following morning had started out in a whirlwind of commotion. By the time Dario had finally waken up, slightly hung over from the copious amounts of alcohol he had consumed before visiting Nancy last night. He could not say he regretted spending his evening consumed by the maid, but he had wished he went about it in another way. It was not fair to Nancy to be used the way Dario was using her, as en excuse to get over Victoria. Nancy was not laying next to him when he rolled over in her small bed, but he had faintly heard her getting up and heading off to work an hour ago. He had more leisure time before the wedding.

Slowly climbing out of bed, Dario listened in on all the commotion going on outside. Down the hall and up the stairs, Dario knew that both King Luca and Queen Victoria were preparing for their big day. A marriage that would not only combined the two of them, but their kingdoms for eternity. It was no secret that their reign would last forever, since no one would want to touch such a powerful pair. Vampires loved Victoria while the Demons loved Luca. The other race would just have to put up with their new neighbors.

Once again, it left no place for Dario, the only fallen angel.

Pushing all incriminating thoughts aside, Dario began to get dressed. His clothes, that had been all over the floor last night, had been neatly folded and placed on the small dresser. Nancy's work. Dario got changed, not needing to dress up more than his normal attire for the wedding. He supposed that was the only small reprieve he would be given. By midnight, Nancy had come to fetch Dario for the wedding. He would be standing close by the king, along with a few other knights that were meant to protect both the king and his queen. No one could say for sure how the audience would react to the wedding, but Luca was expecting a good outcome.

Leading him to the court yard, Nancy pressed a soft kiss to Dario's lips, before taking up her spot near the rest of Victoria's maids. No expanse was spared to decorate the already marvelous courtyard. It was the closest thing Dario had seen to the Garden of Eden in all of his life. The garden could sit thousands, but every spot had been taken and now only standing room was left. He noticed more demons than vampires, but did not expect anything differently. Only a few brave vampires sat proudly in the throngs of their enemies.

Dario made his way over to Luca, who looked dashing in his suit. The demon gave his knight a keen smile. [b "Glad you could join us, Dario. I hear you had quite the night."] He mused, raising a brow as his gaze flicked to Nancy for a moment. Dario had no idea how the king knew of their romantic escapade, but Luca did have eyes everywhere. It was hard to keep a secret for him. After all, it was not as if Nancy and him had been private about their affairs. Anyone could have walked by.

[+crimson "Believe it or not, my lord, I do have needs too."] He said, earning a smirk from his king. Luca was about to say something else until the music started, silencing everyone in the room. All eyes turned towards the golden arches, awaiting the beautiful bride to appear. Even Luca seemed transfixed as he waited in anticipation. Neither had to wait long, for only a few minutes later, Victoria had arrived. Every breath in the audiences' throat caught as they watched the beautiful woman walk down the isle. For a moment, all Dario could see was her. Victoria was an angel, perfect in every way. He let himself believe that she was walking towards him, pledging her love and life to him...but it could not be so.

Luca was the man she would marry. Never him.


Before the Queen fell asleep that night, it was sitting at the writing desk by the window that was locked along with the curtains drawn to a close that Victoria grabbed the brass calligraphy pen and wrote a letter to her most trusted Advisor back in her Kingdom, saying that the wedding would be within hours and that himself and several others had to attend. Her people would come at a later date and pretty much all of them still were not keen about the idea of their Queen marrying a Demon.

The letter was sent during the early morning and by night fall, the night walkers entered the Demonic Kingdom to watch their beloved Queen get married again for the second time in 400 years.
It was the wedding of the century in the world of the "monsters." Never had their been such a partnership between two foreign creatures and it was truly something to be excited about however the now person who was not as thrilled, happened to be the Bride.
The things she did for her people.

The wedding was set outside, in darkness but when there was darkness, there was light. Light of candles with a bright flame that flickered, so bright that Victoria saw the beauty of it and for a moment, she honestly thought she was in Heaven, that she had finally passed this immortal life and was finally at peace while wandering through Eden. All of this because of a beautiful garden and beautiful man that stood at the end well poised.
An Angel that fell all because he betrayed his God, fought his God and his minions for one woman who just happened to be different.

However, a second glance, Victoria as she walked saw her new soon to be husband and her Eden, her Heaven fizzled away. She had not passed, she was "alive" and about to get married and yet she continued to walk towards the end.
Meeting Luca in the beautiful white lace dress, Victoria who desperately wanted to glance at Dario, did not and only stared upon the Demon King and gave him a soft smile before handing over her bouquet of flowers over to one of her Chamber maids only to reach out and grabbed Luca's hands and listened to the words of the Priest of Darkness.

The ceremony was not long but it was wonderful.
Victoria and Luca said their vows of respecting, being faithful and forever a companion and placed on rings upon fingers. Luca's a nice silver band while Victoria ha a large ruby stone. It had to be a joke. Red, the color of the blood she drank. It was never the less, elegant. Finally being announced as Husband and Wife, the crowd cheered. Hands together, the people clapped and whistled the moment Luca reached out and held onto Victoria tight and kissed her lips, firmly creating that bond.

In that moment, while kissing a man who was now her husband, eyes closed, all she could think about was Dario and it was he who she was kissing.

Pulling back, Victoria opened her eyes and gave off a smile and the two hugged, embraced while her beautiful emerald eyes glanced to Dario who stood behind and off to the side.

The reception was equally intoxicating.
Music played, dinner was served and the drinks were flowing. Victoria officially met Luca's close friends and Soldiers while Luca met the most important people in Victoria's life.

[+green "May I have this dance, your Majesty?..."] came a voice familiar. A voice she smiled at as it was calm and seemed gentle. [b "Of course..."] Victoria replied. Mikah held out his hand, a hand that she placed her own in and within moments, the two wandered onto the dance floor.
The new Queen and a Soldier danced close and stared upon each other with smiles.

[b "So you're a Soldier. Do you have a title or are you a Private?.."] Victoria spoke as the two continued to swirl as other guests joined into the music.
[+green "I am Captain. I am below Mr Lucian. I take his orders as he takes our King's orders."]
[b "That's quite a title you have."]
[+green "Does not compare to yours, my Queen..."] Mikah spoke softly and all Victoria could do was smile as this was actually shaping up to be a terrific night.

The only thing that would make it better was if Dario asked her to dance but for a man she just met, she seemed to know on how he was like.
He was cold, heartless and did not give a single fuck about her. He proved that to her with the words that fell from his lips yesterday.

If Dario wanted to be cold, then she would be too.
FallenGrace-.:D.L:.   6y ago

[font "tahoma" [size11 In a matter of moments, Dario watched as the Demon kingdom and Vampire kingdom were united as one. Today would be marked in history for all of eternity, and King Luca would finally get what he most desired: to be remembered as the king who ruled over the demons and vampires, the most powerful being in all the world. Dario felt his gut wrench as the world was introduced to King Luca and his glorious wife, Queen Victoria. It took everything in his power not to pounce on the king and kill him when he kissed Victoria and sealed in the deal. The rest of the room was immune to his turmoil and they clapped cheered for their rulers.

All to soon, the important guests and only a handful of Luca's most prized soldiers were emitted into the reception following the wedding. The rest of the kingdom went home, back to their lives while the other knights guarded the wedding guests. Mikah, Aiden, Titus, Stark, and himself were allowed as guests into the party. They all watched as Luca and Victoria shared their first guests and then watched as Luca kissed her passionately for the whole world to see. Dario did his best not to think about what would happen later. They would consummate their marriage and continue to do so for days upon end.

Standing alone in the corner of the room, Dario sipped on some of the rum a servant had gave him awhile ago. He was too busy in his own thoughts that he did not notice Luca taking a drink and lean against the wall besides him. [b "Glorious, isn't it?"] His voice startled Dario back to the present. He stood alert and ready for action, but that only caused the king to laugh. [b "Stand down, my dear friend. Stand down. I invited you here as my friend, not my guard. Why is it you look troubled?"]

[+crimson "I do not mean to, my lord. I am quite happy for you."] He said, spitting out the lie easily enough.

If Luca noticed the lie, he elected to ignore it and continued on. [b "My wife is quite popular amongst my guards,"] he chuckled, and Dario noticed she was dancing with Mikah. [b "All the better, I suppose. I do want them looking after her. I have her hand in marriage, but I do not yet possess her heart. I will though, eventually. It is important that I have the love of my wife in order to fully take over the vampire race. Don't you think?"]

[+crimson "It won't be easy, my lord. The vampires have deep seated hatred for the demons. As well as the other way around. They will never see each other as equals."] Dario said, keeping his voice low.

[b "I do not wish for the vampires to ever be equals for demons. However, I want them to think they are. Law will be put into motion later on, but this is not a place to talk about politics. We should have fun. I want you to dance with my wife."] Dario shot a look at his king, causing him to laugh again. [b "Don't give me that look, Dario. It is not everyday the king gives his warrior permission to dance with his wife. I want you close to her. I think she trusts you the most because of your former status. You are an outsider, meaning you are neutral territory. She will confide in you, and I expect you to tell me everything my wonderful wife tells you. Convince her of my love. That is your task."]

Dario could not refuse, no matter how much he wanted to stay clear of Victoria. He could not even excuse himself for Nancy, since Nancy was busy getting the honeymoon suite ready for the new couple. [+crimson "I wont let you down, my lord."] He said and bowed to the king. Reluctantly, Dario made his way over to where Victoria was dancing with Mikah. He had to pretend that he wanted to be here, which was why he boldly went up and tapped on Mikah's shoulder. The knight frowned, looking pissed as he turned around. His anger did not recede when he saw Mikah, but since Dario was ranked higher, he could not disobey him. [+crimson "May I step in?"]

With a grunt, Mikah answered affirmative before dropping his arms from around Victoria and moving away, attempting to find a new woman to dance with. Dario gave the queen a polite bow, before taking her hand and placing his other on the small of her back. [+crimson "If it is not too forward, my queen, you looked breathtaking coming down the isle. King Luca is one lucky man. I wish the two of you nothing but happiness."] He said as he waltzed her around the room. It pained him to be this close, but he had a duty to his king. A king he was slowly starting to resent.]]
MeisjeKelly     6y ago

Mikah was indeed a handsome man.
To be blunt, the men in this Demonic Kingdom were quite intoxicating compared to the Vampire men back home. Sure her men were seductive but nothing compared to Luca's men.

The one whoever that captured her heart and her eyes was a man who was not a Demon but a man who was an Angel, one who fell and was banished from heaven all because of him protecting the one woman who made him feel whole.
Now Dario was empty again and deep down, Victoria wanted to be the one who made him smile, made him warm and the one who would make him whole again, but due to recent circumstances, the Queen was starting to feel hatred towards the Angel.

Hatred was something Vampires had. Victoria as sure she did not have hate in her system but after listening to Dario the night before saying that he regretted the whole passionate moment they shared together. How could he say that?
Dario enjoyed it more than she did. Victoria could see it in his eyes as she also saw him being so loyal.

As the music continued to play in the back ground, Mikah and Victoria continued to waltz along the marble floor, smiling, talking to one another and getting equainted since the pair would become close in the years to come.
It was while dancing that Victoria did see Dario and Luca stand close together, speaking while looking in her direction and she somewhat prayed that Dario kept his mouth shut about everything that had happened within the last few days.
Still nothing was said as the moment dragged on but the moments did deliver someone she did not except.

Mikah stood back with a broken face and Dario took his place in front of the Queen, hand in hand while the other hand of the Angel's wrapped around her waist and she ...held his shoulder.
This was the moment if she had a heart it would beat a million miles an hour.
This was what happiness was however she had to hide it.

Tilting head up, Victoria stared into Dario's eyes as they simply danced with one another and spoke words.
[+pink "If it is not too forward, my queen, you looked breathtaking coming down the isle. King Luca is one lucky man. I wish the two of you nothing but happiness."]
[b "That was too forward and you are nothing but a liar. You stand there, in my room and say the nicest things a man has said to me in centuries and then you turn around and take it all back. I am now confused on how I feel about you."]

Now that was a lie.

Victoria was in love and it wasn't with Luca either...
FallenGrace-.:D.L:.   6y ago

[font "tahoma" [size11 Despite the tense situation, Dario could not help but laugh. He supposed he deserved that, her malice. After all, he had said some crippling insults to the queen last night and it would have been well in her right to punish him in anyway he seemed fit. Granted, Dario doubted that Luca would let her do more than a slap on the wrist, punish him, she could. [+crimson "Simply because we ended on a sour note, does not mean we have to be cold to one another, yes?"] He asked, taking a moment to spin her around before pulling Victoria back to his chest. [+crimson "Besides, you should be overjoyed today, my queen. You just married a king and united your houses. Much is to be celebrated."]

No, he was not going to ruin Victoria's day, no matter how much he hated the pairing. At times, it killed him to be fiercely loyal to a king with no honor. He yearned for heaven's gate, but knew God would never forgive him of the crimes he had committed. He did not belong in this world and most certainly not dancing with another's wife. A wife he lusted over, but more than that, a wife he felt such strong feelings for. He dared not say love, for it was love that had sent him to Hell in the first place. He vowed to never love another and he planned on keeping that vow. Victoria was simply making it hard to do so.

[+crimson "I do not mean to confuse you, your grace. I just know that we are going to be spending an awful lot of time together and I want us to be civil. You are a married woman and I will respect that. King Luca will be a great match for you, giving you everything you desire and need."] By default, he wanted her to know that Luca could give her everything that he could not. He had to count his lucky stars that Luca did not know of their secret kiss. He would have never allowed Dario to live; he would have been made an example of and executed in front of the entire kingdom. He was certain that the other knights would love to see the fallen angel go.

Dario danced with his queen until the song ended and he let her go. By then, King Luca had come back, wanting to dance with his wife. [b "I'm sorry to intrude, but I must insist I take back my lovely wife."] He smiled warmly at Victoria, extending his hand towards her. [b "Oh, Dario."] The king had said, before the man could leave. Dario straightened at his name, looking expectantly at his king. [b "I took the liberty of calling down a certain maid to keep you company for the night. Think of it as a my deepest gratitude for all you have done. Enjoy your night."] He said, smirking before taking Victoria away, kissing her on the cheek.

Dario was confused, unsure how to make out his words. Yet, the knight did not have to wait long. For as soon as he turned around, he saw what Luca was talking about. Behind him stood a beautiful, petite ginger wearing a rose gown. The gown was simple, but stunning none the less. It was clear that it did not cost as much as the other women's fancy dressed, but somehow she made it work. For a moment, thoughts of Victoria was pushed to the side as he took in Nancy. Kind, beautiful, and naive Nancy. She blushed as she noticed his eyes on him. [+pink "The king gave me permission to come to the ceremony. He said you seemed lonely and thought I could cheer you up."]

Dario had been lonely, but it was not anything Nancy could ever fix. Sure, she was beautiful, the sex was nice, and he liked seeing her happy, but he could never love Nancy as she loved him. He could be content with her though, and wasn't that more than what others got? Maybe he had never truly given the woman a chance. Smiling, Dario offered his hand to the beautiful maid. [+crimson "The king has a keen sense. You look ravishing."]

Another blush crept across her features as she took his hand and Dario pulled her close to his firm body. Nancy seemed to gasp as he took her hand and lead her in a waltz. Victoria had been more graceful in her dancing, but Nancy had not been born royal. Dancing did not come naturally. For her part, she did just fine. [+pink "The wedding was lovely. It makes a girl wish they were in the Queen's shows."]

[+crimson "You wish to marry King Luca?"] He asked, raising a brow.

Nancy chuckled, shaking her head. [+pink "No, just married to a man I love. Don't you want that? To be married? To be happy?"]

Dario hesitated, knowing that Nancy was wanting more than he was willing to give her. Yet, he did not want to hurt the woman. [+crimson "Perhaps someday."] He said, treading carefully. [+crimson "But for now I am happy with where things are."] He said, earning a small smile for her. For now, he would remain a man in love with a vampire he could never have.]]
MeisjeKelly     6y ago

sorry its short.
i;m on my phone. =[

[i "Simply because we ended on a sour note, does not mean we have to be cold to one another, yes?"]

There is was.
A sentence that made Victoria look Dario straight ,dead in the eyes and simply raised an eyebrow. He had the audacity to speak those words.
[b "From what I recall, Dario. Yesterday night, you were the one who was cold to me. I stood there and I spoke to you the honest truth in a kind manner. Don't dance with me, look me straight in the eye and say that to me.."] she muttered as the two continued to shimmy on the dance floor in a elegant waltz only to be turned out by Dario and rolled back into his arms and close to his body, chest against chest.
It was nice.
Victoria felt secure and safe when Dario put his hands on her.

There was a lot to be celebrated.
Tonight, marked the occasion that the Vampire Queen married A Demon King, two unions coming together as one however one union was in love with another.

Dario felt so good against her body and he smelt even sweeter but all good things had to come to an end and it all came to a stop the moment the good King gave off a smile and pulled the pairing apart as now it was his turn to dance with the Queen, his wife and she was happy too do so, or so her face showed.
Victoria felt dead on the inside. Victoria already was but the feelings she had just made her unhappy to know the man she loved, did not love her back.

[+red "I'm sorry to intrude, but I must insist I take back my lovely wife."]
[b "I'm all yours..."] Victoria replied with a smile, hoping it would somewhat piss Dario off in hearing that she was indeed all of Lucas. However what came next, it was the Queen that became pissed off and angry, livid but held it in like a Royal should.
Nancy came waltzing in all dressed up, looking pretty and her nose turned up like she was posh when she was nothing.

[+red "Think of it as a my deepest gratitude for all you have done. Enjoy your night."]
[b "Enjoy your night? .."] Victoria spoke as she turned to Luca as the husband and wife held onto each other and moved their feet in the three step to the music. [b "What did you mean by that? I don't like the thought of Nancy being distracted from her duties because of some romance that you are initiating."]

Luca and Victoria continued to dance on the dance floor and whenever she could, whenever Luca looked away, her eyes would stare upon the most incredible man she had ever known.
It was going to be hard.
Staying in this Kingdom knowing Dario was around and ...hearing Nancy speak on her little ..dance it would destroy the Queen.
FallenGrace-.:D.L:.   6y ago

[font "tahoma" [size11 Luca let out a small laugh, completely oblivious to the inner turmoil his wife was feeling. [b "Fear not darling. I simply like to reward my closest warriors. Do not worry about those two, we have bigger things to worry about the lust of two low borns. Let them have their fun."] He said simply, hushing her by pressing his knowing lips to hers. For all of his faults, Luca was an amazing lover. He could kiss any woman and take their breath away, dead or alive. He flicked his tongue across her lips for a brief moment before pulling back, a satisfied smile on his lips as he went back to parading his queen around the ballroom floor.

This went on for what appeared to be hours. The last of the guests began to make their way home. Dario and Nancy had been one of the last to leave. He had danced with Nancy for as long as the woman had wanted. He could not bring himself to pull away, for she had looked so happy to be dancing with him. Hell, someone deserved some happiness, and he would give it to Nancy even if it kill him. She was a sweet girl that did not belong in hell. Probably had sold her soul long ago, not knowing the consequences. Regardless, she was here now and Dario was going to make the most of it.

When the guests began to make their way home for the night, Nancy had finally had enough. [+pink "I do not believe I have ever danced this much in my existence. When I was alive, I was never invited to the balls. My family was low born, simple merchants. This has been one of the bests nights of my life, all thanks to you."] She said, leaning his head on his chest.

Dario had his arms wrapped tightly around her small body, leading her out of the ballroom. [+crimson "I can't say it was all of my doing, my sweet. King Luca gifted us this night. Don't tell me you are too tired for other activities I have planned when I take you back to your room."]

A small blush crept across her lips as she shook her head. [+pink "Never too tired for that, Dario. You know me better than that. Have I ever denied you entrance to my bed?"]

[+crimson "I cannot say you have, though there is a first time for everything."] He mused, picking her up and effortlessly walking her back to the room the rest of the way. He was not the only knight seeking companionship that night. He saw a few of the other demons, Mikah, Stark, and Aiden walking back with their own lovers for the night. He chuckled as he opened the door to Nancy's small bedroom. Like always, he placed her down on the bed and crawled on top of her small frame, careful not to hurt her. He kissed her and kissed her until their clothes just seemed to fall off. Before he realized it, he was connected with her, making her moan out louder and louder with each of his movement.

Meanwhile, Luca was walking his wife back to his room. It was time to consummate the marriage and he wanted her wickedly. [b "You have looked so ravishing all day, my queen, that I could hardly keep my hands off of you."] He murmured into her ear, nibbling on it softly. The guards opened the door to his room and he pulled his new wife inside. If she could please him and learn to love him, Luca doubted he would ever want to bring another woman into his chambers. All Victoria had to do was let him in.

Pulling the vampire close, he began to tease and kiss her neck. [b "I want to make all of your dreams come true, my queen."] He murmured, moving his hands down to her round ass. He gently squeezed her. [b "In a few days, you will be coronated as my queen and all the stress of political business will burden us. However, tonight you are simply my wife and I am your husband, eager to please you in anyway possible. Do you require any of your maids before I make love to you over and over today?"] He asked, still with a firm grip on her.]]
MeisjeKelly     6y ago

This life is what you make it. No matter what, you're going to mess up sometimes, it's a universal truth. But the good part is you get to decide how you're going to mess it up. Victoria did in fact mess it up the moment she set foot into the Kingdom by falling in love and kissing an Angel who had fallen from the sin of disobedience and sin. The Queen did just the same.
After speaking her thoughts towards Luca the moment her eyes rested upon the sight of Dario and Nancy together, it was only a matter of seconds before the King opened up his mouth and replied in a manner that Victoria did not like.

[i "Let them have their fun."]
[b "Their fun? Luca, Dario is a high ranked official. He cannot be fooling around with hired help, that does not look good on you or me.."] Victoria spoke back as she stared deep into the eyes of her husband but all she got was a hard, passionate kiss upon her lips to silence her voice. She obeyed.
Not another word was said as honestly, if she did after what she was seeing with her two eyes, she would erupt and let all hell break loose because of this view of Dario and Nancy being close together.

The magical event seemed to go on forever. Luca and Victoria were the first to leave, holding each other and waving at the guests goodbye as now it was time that Luca and the new Queen spent some time together. Which did mean, consumating their marriage.
Lucky for Victoria, she did not witness Dario and Nancy leave together, hand in hand, wander down a hallway together and enter the same room. That was for a different night, the night she caught them both red handed.

[i "You have looked so ravishing all day, my queen, that I could hardly keep my hands off of you."]
[b "You really did not. Once you had me ...you never let go and I like that. Makes me feel all safe.."] she spoke with a smile, tilting her head to the side and let Luca kiss her neck, nibble on her ear while his hands glided. It felt nice. There was no doubt that Luca was a great lover and Victoria was thankful for that but still in the back of her mind, she just wanted to know what it felt to be naked and in bed with an Angel.

Throughout the course of the night, the hours that she had left, the new wife of the Demon King made love to her husband. Hands were all over each other. Lips tasted flesh orally and lovingly to which Victoria had to restrain herself to biting into Luca's skin and feeding on his blood.
It went on for hours and by the time it was all over, Victoria was satisfied enough to fall into a deep sleep.

Weeks went by and during the course of the days that passed Victoria was officially coronated into the Demon Kingdom. The spirits had a new Queen and they were happy about this because she and Luca re assured them that everything was going to go to plan and everything was going to be okay.
However one thing that was not okay, that was seeing Dario and Nancy spending alot of time together more than usual and Victoria did not like that.
Dario seemed distracted. Nancy was distracted and it did not feel good.

A week later, one night in particular Victoria woke up from her slumber and no one was waiting.
The candles were lit but there was no one around which made the Queen raise her eyebrow.
Shifting off from the mattress, Victoria wandered over to the door and opened it up, seeing a Guard stand there, protecting her from harm.
[i "Is everything alright, My Queen?.."]
[b "Have you seen Nancy?"]
[i "I have not seen her. She has not been around for a few hours.."]
[b "Do you know if there is carriage outside waiting? I requested that I go to the night market tonight. I asked Nancy to organize that."]
[i "No ma'am."]

Giving out a sigh, Victoria closed the door and begun to get ready herself, all on her lonesome.
A gown upon her body with the corset to which she tied herself, long hair not up in pins but down in loose curls that was a rare sight. Make up natural upon her face before she opened the door once more and stepped out of her Queen chambers.
[b "If you see Nancy, please let her know I have gone to see Dario."] she muttered to which the Guard nodded and remained at post while Victoria wandered down the halls towards the bedroom of Dario and did not stop to knock.

Tonight, she needed him and she needed his help.
Tonight instead of all the politic duties that Victoria had to intend too, tonight she was going to go out to the night market, walk around, buy a few things and enjoy her time away from the duty of being a Royal for a few hours.

There was noise coming from his room but because Victoria was still a little confused about where Nancy was and excited to actually get out of the house and also spend a little time with Dario alone, she completely blocked and ignored the noise.
Hand upon the handle of the door, Victoria turned the knob and pushed the door open and stepped in.

[b "Dario, I need you too take me to the mar--."] Victoria spoke as she stepped into the room. What she saw was something she honestly did not expect.
Nancy and Dario, together, fucking in bed in a position that she would never get out of her head.

[b "You!....Both of you!...."]

Within seconds, Victoria walked out of the room and slammed the door. Bringing a hand to her mouth, she practially ran down the hallway towards her chambers.
Heart was destroyed.
Her trust completely broken.
FallenGrace-.:D.L:.   6y ago

[font "tahoma" [size11 Dario had believed that the upcoming weeks would be some of the hardest in his life. He would have to stand by and watch the queen familiarize herself with not only her husband, but her new kingdom as well. Dario had not expected Victoria to appear anymore beautiful than she had on her wedding day, but once again he had been mistaken. The queen had been doused in the silkiest and most richest of fabrics the kingdom had. She had not looked like an angel on her coronation day, but a powerful queen ready to take on the new responsibility of a kingdom. No one could dispute her claims to the thrown that day.

However, Dario had been wrong in his assumption. Day by day, it had gotten easier to see Victoria, mostly because she was amazing in her element. Seeing her kiss and dote on Luca was still hard to watch, but even that he was getting over. He suspected it had partially to due with his new romance with Nancy. The two had gotten more serious over the weeks, whereas Dario had all but moved into her small room. He had stopped his relationships with other flames, no longer needing comfort from multiple women. He found himself content with Nancy, and she with him. More importantly, Dario was finally starting to get along with Victoria.

No, their relationship never crossed the line. They had not kissed since the first day the queen had come to the castle, but the two had started flirting again. It had happened naturally, neither had intended to be so comfortable around one another, but Dario would find himself reaching out to run his hand down her arm, or Victoria would linger her hand on his shoulder for longer than necessary. All completely innocent, but held a deeper meaning that neither of them were willing to explore again. Victoria was a married woman now and Dario could not bring himself to destroy her life by pushing himself between husband and wife.

Overall, life at the palace was going on as normal. For the first time since his fall, Dario had found himself smiling more often than ever before. [+pink "You seem happy."] Nancy had said one night, after thrones of their passion. Nancy was simple in bed, but he liked that about her and enjoyed every moment he spent with her. Tonight, she was curled up against him, running her small fingers over his chests in intricate designs. It was how they had ended each night now.

[+crimson "I am. I suppose I have more reasons to smile now."] He murmured, taking a glance over at Nancy. The demon woman blushed, nuzzling into his neck.

[+pink "It's just that...ever since you fell you have always seemed...passive. You did your duty and you went to your room. You did not care that half of the women here were drooling over you or that half the demons wanted to kill you. Nothing seemed to phase you. You have always been loyal to our king and have done everything asked of you. I just don't know how such a man could have fallen."] She said, looking up at him as she did. His fall was something he had never discussed, not with anyone but the king. He was sure that Victoria knew but no one else had known why. Nancy, just like everyone else, was curious. [+pink "So..how did someone such as yourself fall from God's graces?"] She asked softly.

Although he had been expecting that question, his body tensed. Memories of that fateful night started to stir deep within him and it took everything in his power to keep those memories at bay. If Nancy sensed his discomfort, she simply elected to ignore it, her need for answers were stronger than his comfort. [+crimson "Love is a curse, my sweet. I am a curse."] It was not the answer she had wanted, but it was the only answer he was willing to give her at the moment. Nancy looked unpleased, opening her mouth to argue but Dario had caught her face in his hands, pulling in for a passionate kiss. Her words died on her mouth and soon turned into moans.

Not wanting to waste this moment, Dario pushed Nancy on to her back. He spread her knees apart, lifting her legs backwards before taking what was his. It was not their usual love making, but rough, heated sex. Nancy screamed out in pleasure as Dario continued in his movements. Moving his hands to hers, he held Nancy's arms over her head, immobilizing her for time being. Just as he was thinking of putting her into a new position, the door to her room flew open and Victoria strutted in, nearly stopping dead in her tracks. Dario whirled around, shielding Nancy's naked body with his own. His eyes widened as he took in Victoria's figure and her horrified face.

Before he could even get a word out, Victoria was charging out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Behind him, Nancy was shaking, close to tears. [+pink "She's going to kill me! I have been neglecting my duties. Dario, she likes you, please baby, talk to her."]

Even as she said that, Dario was locating his pants and pulling them on. He made sure Nancy was okay before heading out the doors and running down the hallway. He caught up to the queen in a matter of seconds, reaching out to stop her from entering her private chambers. [+crimson "My queen,"] He said softly, begging her to look at him. [+crimson "I..I thought you knew about Nancy and I. I.."] Why was he explaining himself? He could fuck whomever the hell he wanted. He did not belong to Victoria. She was bound to someone else. Still, Dario knew her feelings towards him and he had hurt her. That was not something he had ever planned on doing.

[+crimson "Victoria.."] He said softly, opting out on using her royal title. [+crimson "I'm sorry you walked in on us. I'm sorry I have been taking up all of Nancy's time. It is not her fault, but my own. Do not be made at her. If you must, take out your anger on me."] He said, hoping she would not just leave him without saying anything more.
MeisjeKelly     6y ago

“To be rejected by someone doesn't mean you should also reject yourself or that you should think of yourself as a lesser person. It doesn't mean that nobody will ever love you anymore. Remember that only ONE person has rejected you at the moment, and it only hurt so much because to you, that person's opinion symbolized the opinion of the whole world, of God.”

Dario rejected her.
Truth be told, Victoria never knew what it was like to be rejected and this was a first time for everything. This whole experience was something new and man first things happened.
Over the course of the last few weeks, from what it seemed to be a volatile relationship between herself and Dario, turned out to be quite flirtacious and friendly.
Hands upon a shoulder or ...the gentle grasp of the hand as the Angel and the Queen spoke, the images of him and Nancy were far back in her mind, right in the back burner.

The two got on perfectly.
Smiles all around and Victoria started to feel like she could actually trust Dario and nothing could come between them. The feelings she had however got stronger but of course had to hide those because she was married to the one man who was powerful. Luca, the Demon King who knew everything.
The one thing Luca did know was the fact that his most loyal Solider was fucking low class maids and the one now he had his heart set on, was that twit Nancy.

Victoria had no idea, she was completely oblivious to all of it but the moment she opened that door and saw an image that would forever be burned on her brain, Victoria was shocked and appaulled.

Now the hatred and the envy kicked in.

Turning around, Victoria practically ran out of the room and down the hallway but did not make it to her private chambers before being stopped dead in her tracks by Dario, one of the culprits.

[+pink "My queen, I..I thought you knew about Nancy and I. I.."] came the words that seeped from his beautiful, intoxicating lips. Victoria listened ever so intently while she turned around and faced Dario only to raise her arm and swiped her left hand to the right hand side and slapped Dario across the face, good and hard, leaving a red mark upon his cheek.
That was all the speaking she did.
Victoria's hand said everything.

And yet, Dario continued to talk despite the fact he was slapped across the face real good.

[+pink "Victoria.."]
[b "You do not get to call me that.."]
[+pink "I'm sorry you walked in on us. I'm sorry I have been taking up all of Nancy's time. It is not her fault, but my own. Do not be made at her. If you must, take out your anger on me."]

Again a nice sharp slap hit Dario's face that made his head turn.
[b "You are a man of high status. You have a reputation to uphold and you go off and fuck...hired help. This ends now, or so fucking help me, I will fucking destroy you.."]

Victoria was going to destroy him anyway with his prized lover getting a big surprise.

Turning her head from Dario, close to the Queen stood a guard who was indeed minding his own business but stared at his Queen only to see Victoria nod in the direction of the room Nancy was in.
The guard shifted from his post and wandered passed the couple and stepped down the hallway and into the room.
All the while, Victoria continued to stare deep into Dario's eyes and took a step in closer to where her body pressed up against his own, nose to nose.

She was no longer fooling around.
[b "Go have a shower. You smell like filth. That's an order...."] she muttered, completely heart broken now knowing nothing would ever happen. Their progress of being friendly ...out the window.

Taking a step back, Victoria kept her eyes on Dario the moment a blood curdling scream came from inside the room and it was not long until Nancy was dragged out of the room by her hair naked, down the hallway and sliding along the carpet getting burns upon her skin.

To the dungeon she would go.

[b "Say your last goodbyes. In three days, her head will be on my mantel."]

Turning on her heel, within seconds Victoria opened up the doors of her private chamber and entered it, slamming it behind her.
Standing in the center of the room, that was where Victoria brought a hand to her mouth and cried hard like she had never cried before.
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[font "tahoma" [size11 The slap the queen had gifted him had been unexpected. Dario had expected her anger, but she had never gotten violent with him before. Still, he tried to explain, ignoring the throbbing in his cheek. For some bizarre reason, Dario felt as if he needed Victoria to understand, as if he had to explain to the queen why she had found in bed with another woman. Except Nancy was not another woman, she was the only woman he bedded. If anything, Victoria was the other woman. Still, the queen slapped him again and this time all he felt was anger. How dare she anger over the exact same thing she did everyday with her husband.

Eyes burning red, he directed his fury at the only person that could push his buttons in such a way. [+crimson "How dare you."] He growled, feeling the need to grab her. He wanted to hurt her, just like she had hurt him countless times. [+crimson "You fuck your husband daily, sometimes multiple times a day. In case you have forgotten, I am a knight. I can take any lover that I wish. You do not dictate whom I bed. I serve King Luca. I do not serve you. You really think you have any power here?"] He sneered. [+crimson "You are nothing more than a glorified lap dog that is only here to unite the kingdoms and bring Luca more power."]

Perhaps it was a bit of a low blow, but he simply did not care in that moment. His anger was taking over his better judgement. Victoria was a stone cold bitch when pushed over the edge, but Dario could be just as bad. His anger only skyrocketed when she ordered the guard to get Nancy and him to shower. [+crimson "I swear to God Victoria, if you lay a hand on her I will never forgive you."] He couldn't kill her. He would be executed for treason and Dario doubted that he would ever be able to truly hurt Victoria, no matter how much she pushed him.

Just as he was about to open his mouth to say more, the guard in the hall was dragging Nancy unceremoniously down the hall. He dropped her at his feet, just as Victoria threatened her life. Nancy sobbed, begging Victoria for her life and not understanding why she had gotten so mad. Dario bent down next to her and scooped Nancy into his arms but his gaze stayed trained on Victoria. [+crimson "Kill her and you will never have me. That's what you want, isn't it? My complete attention? Adoration? I will hate you forever if you kill her."] He hoped that carried weight with her. Nancy sobbed into his chest as Victoria walked to her room, leaving them where they were.

[+pink "Please Dario!"] Nancy cried, clinging to him with dear life. The guard began to drag her away, to the dungeon as Victoria had ordered. Kicking and screaming, Nancy did not go easily.

[+crimson "I'll get you out of there! No one will hurt you, Nancy. I promise!"] He called after the woman. Dario watched as she was taken away and there wasn't anything he could do about it. Victoria had said her peace and her word was law..at least for now. All the warrior could do was go along with her wishes until he had a plan to free Nancy. Even if he did not love the woman, he never wanted her to end up in a situation like this. Dario would never forgive himself if let anything bad happened to her. So, for now he had no choice but to go along with his queen's wishes.

Turning his back towards the queen's chambers, Dario began to make his way to his own room. Once there, he stripped down naked and started the water to his warm shower. He wanted to forget everything that had transpired between them. Stepping into the warm water, the warrior let it run down his body as he wept for a life he knew he would never have again.]]
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[+pink "You fuck your husband daily, sometimes multiple times a day. In case you have forgotten, I am a knight. I can take any lover that I wish. You do not dictate whom I bed. I serve King Luca. I do not serve you. You really think you have any power here?"]

The words that Dario spoke the moment before Victoria opened up her chamber doors and stepped inside played through her mind over and over.
How dare he speak to her in that manner. How dare she ...talk to him the way she did. This irritated her to the max knowing that he said everything as she was walking into the room and did not have a chance to retaliate and talk back.

Pacing back and forth, Victoria shook her head before placing a hand upon the top, growling becoming ever so frustrated with everything hat had happened along with still seeing the image of the Angel fucking the hired help. It was something she would not forget in a long...long time.

No longer having a Maid to help her at this hour, Victoria sighed as she slowly removed every piece of clothing that covered her body and tossed it onto the floor. Naked and somewhat cold, it was not long until the Queen pulled a black lace robe from the wardrobe and placed it onto her nude, porcelein body, wrapped it around herself before tieing it up in a bow.
Long hair that was pinned up nice and tight now flowed down her back with the ends of the strands tickling her lower back.
Make up vanished from her face as she took it off with a special wipe but after all of this, it was still pissing her off.

No more.
It was time to end this now.

Walking out of the chambers, Victoria wandered down the elegant hallway like a woman on a mission until finally she got to Dario's door, pushed it open, closed it she and locked it securely and listened to the water fall from the shower in the bathroom.
He did listen.
He did do what he was told and that was to go have a shower. There was no way she wanted to be near him knowing that Nancy was still on his flesh.
Entering the bathroom, her eyes glanced at a man washing himself down in a glass cage that was frosted from all the steam.

Dario was incredible to look at. Sculpted like a God.

Palm against the glass, Victoria banged on on panel. [b "Get out. We're not done..."] she spoke harshly only to take a step back and walked out of the bathroom and into Dario's bedroom only to stand by the end of the bed.

As the Angel joined the Vampire, that was when she became angrier, pretty much at herself.

[b "I am the one who holds dominance. I am the one you listen too and I am the one you do not...speak too in that manner. You have gone one step too far."] she spoke as she stared at the Soldier. [b "I fuck my husband daily because I have too, not because I want too. It is my duty to be at his beckon call and as his wife, I have to listen."]

[b "What you did hurt me, Dario. We were getting on so well and you do this. You fuck the low help rather than fuck me. And don't you say that you can't because I'm married. I know I'm married but that did not stop you before when you kissed me...."]

[b "Just know, that I will never forgive you. I hate you..."]

That was a lie.

Victoria loved him with ever fiber of her being.

Moving hands to her body, Victoria tied up the gown a litter tighter but her clevage was in plain view for all to see.
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[font "tahoma" [size11 Did the woman know no bounds? Dario had finished his weeping, thankfully for that was the last thing he wanted Victoria to see. She would only exploit his weakness and turn it against him. He had found that out the hard way, for she was becoming just as cruel as everyone else in Hell. The Queen fit her perfectly. Granted, he had not expected her to come barging in on his shower, knocking on the glass. Unfazed that he was completely naked, he turned to frown at her. He stood there in all of his glory, his broad shoulders taking up most of the shower. Water dripped down his chest, perfectly defined from the centuries of war and training.

Dario was every woman's dream of a fantasy lover. He was even better in bed.

[+crimson "Would you like to see me in any other compromising positions?"] He asked, turning his back to her so he could finish up the last of his shower. After another five minutes, simply because he wished to make her wait, Dario finally turned off the shower. He grabbed the towel that was folded nicely on the counter and wrapped it around his torso, low on his hips. It covered some, but left very little to the imagination. Victoria was not worth getting dressed for. At this moment, she was not worth very much for he had never been so mad at a person in his entire existence. How could a woman infuriate him and cause him to lust over her at the same time?

With a deep sigh, Dario walked out with the towel around his waist to present himself to the Queen. He did his best to keep a straight face but it was proving harder by the second. How dare she stand where Nancy should be. How dare she speak to him as if he did not have a choice. [+crimson "People who inform others that they have power truly hold no power what so ever."] He shot back, crossing his arms over his chest as he took a step closer to her. He stood only a few inches away from her, looking straight down. He could see the top of her milky white breasts perfectly.

[+crimson "Are you going to punish me, my queen? Whip me until I comply with you? Demote me as nothing more than a stable boy? Perhaps you would like me to kneel before you in front of everyone so you can make a public spectacle of me?"] He growled, anger that was not necessarily at her was coming up. [+crimson "Trust me, [i Queen,] there is not anymore you can do to me that has not already been done."] Being the only fallen angel, Dario was forced to do some embarrassing and horrible things in the beginning. He was forced to shed his dignity in order to gain Luca's trust. He had done everything thrown his way, but the images had never stopped haunting him. He doubted they ever would.

[+crimson "Fuck you?"] Now that made him laugh. Why on earth would she ever think such a thing? She was married and whether she wanted to believe it or not, Dario suspected she was happy being Luca's wife. The man was not perfect, but he seemed to be fond of his new play things. [+crimson "In case you forgot, you kissed me. I gave you the option to be mind and you chose Luca."] He reminded, once again closing the space between them. [+crimson "I poured my heart out to you Victoria. I wanted to love you. You think Nancy could satisfy me once I have had a taste of you? I loved you. It was impossible and sudden, but I loved you. And you chose Luca."]

No, he could not blame her for that. She chose her people over him and he could not say he would not have done the same thing if he had been in her position. Though, despite all of that, Dario wanted to push her down on his bed, and take out all of his pent up sexual frustration on her. It was with great concentration that he kept himself at bay. [+crimson "I fuck Nancy and wish she was you. But I can never have you. We made that choice the moment you entered Luca's bed."]]]

Dario was built like an Adonis.
No one could deny it, not even Victoria when she just happened to get a small glimpse of what laid behind the curtain the moment she stepped into the Angel's bathroom and slapped her palm again the steamed glass.
What the Queen saw, even though it was for a single moment, she liked but chose not to swell on it as really, on the inside she was still livid from everything that had transpired throughout the course of the single evening.

What Dario walked out in, did not help the situation of the Vampire Queen already being tempted.

Eyes had to look away for a single moment so she could gather her thoughts but in doing so, ears were still alert and listened to Dario's words.
They were not nice.
Full of spite and venom but honestly what else did she expect?

Victoria could not help but give off a soft laugh before biting the bullet and turned her head to face the man of her dreams and stared at him deep in the eyes trying hard not to look down at the clear bulge behind the towel.

[+pink "In case you forgot, you kissed me. I gave you the option to be mind and you chose Luca."]
[b "You're right, I did kiss you but from what I remember, you kissed me back. Sure you gave me a choice but in doing so, you seemed more adamant that I choose Luca, that I choose my people. I did exactly that."] Victoria replied but the response she got back, broke her dead heart, shattered it into a millions pieces of whatever she had left.

Dario spoke the word of love.
Not the present love, but loved in the past tense.

[b "You loved me, and yet you did not show it to me. You want to be transferred, you did not want to be my guard anymore and you go off, form a relationship with some love class minion and fuck her. You really have a different sense of love than what I do."]

[+pink "I fuck Nancy and wish she was you. But I can never have you. We made that choice the moment you entered Luca's bed."]

There it was.
After speaking her words, Dario admitted that it was her he was thinking about. Victoria did not know to be offended at the thought or to love knowing it was her in his mind.
Truth started to spill out.
If Dario was speaking the truth then she had to do the same.

Taking steps forward, the bottom of her lower lip sliding back behind her teeth as she bit it softly out of habit, the Queen could not take her eyes off the man who was not her husband and with doing so, the temptation start to become too much to handle.
Coming toe to toe with the Angel who was taller than she, breathing started to become faster and heavier to which she tried to hide.

[b "Every time I go to bed with Luca, I ....I imagine that it is that bed.."] she spoke while pointing her index finger to Dario's own mattress. [b
"Your bed that I wish I was sliding into it. It's you that I wish was him, that I make love too. That I kiss, all over with my lips. You're not the only one who thinks the way you do. I am the same, every minute of every night I am awake. It is only you and you being too loyal who thinks you cannot have me..."] Victoria spoke, biting her lower lip once more, breathing in deep only to give in and raised a hand to Dario's chest and slowly the Queen's fingertips slid down his chiseled chest to the rim of the towel and gently yanked on it, watching it fall onto the floor leaving the Angel in all his glory.

[b "From the moment I first saw you...it's always been you regardless on how much you hurt me. You're not the only one who falls in love with the forbidden."]
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[font "tahoma" [size11 His towel dropped, fluttering to the floor around him. He stood before his queen uncovered and exposed. He found himself watching her to see if she was taking in his body. Did she like it? Did it cause her to have dirty thoughts? For the first time since the Queen had gotten here, the two were alone. No Luca, no Nancy, no maid, and no guards. She had come to him alone and early, no one would be up for a few more hours. Traitorous thoughts were running through the man's head. He had not thought this way, not even with Nancy, in such a long time. It was both exhilarating and beyond scary.

When Dario walked closer, his strong and capable hands came up to clasp around her waist, pulling her body towards his. [+crimson "We crave what we cannot have. There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable. You, Victoria, are the most unattainable and sinful thing I have ever craved. You do not belong to me, you belong to the King I serve. I had fallen out of grace from one king and now I am about to do it all over again. I have fallen once and I am not afraid to fall again. After all, I have no where else to fall. I have sunk as low as one can go."]

With that, Dario could no longer hold back. He needed Victoria like he needed oxygen. Moving his hands to the ties that held her robe together, he tugged firmly, unraveling the knot. The front of her silk robes open, exposing her matching lingerie set. If this is what she wore to bed daily, then Luca was an even luckier man that he would have suspected. Still, she was wearing far too much articles of clothing for his liking. Skillfully, the fallen angel reached around and unclasps the hooks of her bra, letting it fall to the ground alongside her robe. Her breasts were full, milky and perfect. Seeing them, he could no longer remember why he was so mad at her, but only that his anger and lust were one of the same.

Not waiting for her to make the next move, Dario picked her up and tossed her easily on his full size bed. Not nearly as glorious or big as Luca's but magic was preformed in the bed. In many ways, Dario was Adonis. He was the perfect lover that knew how to please a woman and keep her satisfied for years to come. As soon as Victoria's back hit the bed, Dario leaned over her, nibbling down on the frill of her panties. With his teeth, he discarded them to the floor, smirking down at her. [+crimson "Tell me, my queen, how can you make me both infuriated and full of lost all at once? I cannot decide if I hate to love you or love to hate you. Whatever it is, I just know that I want you."]

Have her, Dario did. He leaned down and kissed the vampire's pretty mouth. His lips were moist and silky smooth. He knew how to move his lips against hers, and soon his tongue found hers. A low growl left the back of his throat, sounding more animal than anything else. Dario was holding back, for he could take what he wanted easily, but it would not have been fun for either of them. He teased her, pleased her with his hands and mouth, and finally connected their bodies. It was something that the both of them had wanted in such a long time, but neither had been willing to make the first move. Today, Dario was not going to stop until he had gotten all of Victoria.

Hours later, Dario laid in bed, panting from the activities both had just been consumed it. He had finally fucked the queen. But it was more than that. Sure, they may have been mad at each other to begin with and were fucking one another out of anger, but something had changed about halfway through. Both had slowed, no longer wanting instant gratification but wanting to draw out the pleasure. They had made love.

Now Luca would have his head mounted on the wall of his palace.
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Dario came into Victoria's life like a whirlwind of emotion. The two definitely had their up's and down's and there was no denying that when they fought, chemistry was still there and it was ever so electric. Each night the Queen woke up brought forth excitement, anticipation and it built up more and more each night that came and went.
Tonight, Victoria had every intention of letting the rage of the past days and the current situation of catching Dario red handed out in the open but instead, she found herself in his enchanting aura and giving in slowly to temptation.

It was wrong.
Victoria was a married woman and recently just said her vows not even two weeks ago, giving herself faithfully and respectfully to Luca and here she was now, breaking those vows for a man who was an Angel who lit up her night sky with the brightest of stars.

With the single step Dario took, it was within seconds that he, like her gave into the sin of lust and slowly snaked his arm around the Queen's body, an action she took in and let her body become crushed against his naked form only to tilt her head up and stared deep into the Angel's eyes.
Words filled her ears.
Words that were perfect and exactly what she needed to hear and for a fraction of a moment, Victoria felt the need to pinch herself.

[i "I had fallen out of grace from one king and now I am about to do it all over again. I have fallen once and I am not afraid to fall again."] Dario spoke and Victoria closed her eyes and smiled. However once feeling his arm loosen grip, Victoria quickly reached down and grabbed his hand only to gently place the hand against her mouth and kissed in the inner palm softly before gliding his thumb across her pouty soft lips letting make the next move, the ultimate move of unclasping her bra, keeping eyes on each other as the brassiere fell onto the ground at their feet.

This was not a moment to walk out on or to be missed because Victoria would regret it for centuries to come. She had wanted him since the moment she laid eyes on the Angel and her nerves were not to get the better of her even when her long legs wrapped around Dario's waist as he lifted her up like she was a feather, bringing her onto the bed and pushed the Queen down onto the mattress as if she were a rag doll.

[b "I hate to love you. I guess my feelings of wanting, trumps me hating you....."] Victoria responded after she straightened her back onto the bed from arching her spine, tilting her head back moments before she felt Dario take off her lush panties with only his teeth, leaving the Queen bare naked just like he was.
Within moments, the passion started to unfold. The two kissed with rough force once Dario rested on top of Victoria while she welcomed his body by spreading her legs apart not even thinking about her husband who laid in a deep sleep on the other side of the castle.

Moans escaped her throat.
Moans that turned into growls with every thrust Dario made deep within the Queen. Faster he got, the harder he got which caused Victoria to scream out in pleasure.

With scratches carved into Dario's flesh, what came next was something Victoria did not expect. They were not fucking anymore. It was no longer hard and fast and sex filled with anger but rather sex that was meaningful, respectful and warm.
They were not fucking anymore but instead they made love to each other, with each other all through the night.

Hours later, the pair breathed heavily, covered in sweat, saliva from all the kissing and the fluids that they could not help but give off because of all the excitement.
Victoria stared at the ceiling with a smile upon her face before turning over onto her side and gently placed her head upon the chest of a man that she knew was the one.

That night was a special night. Not because it was their first time together but because that night, something incredible happened. The impossible that would become possible. The Angel and the Vampire Queen came together as one and conceived.

[b "What happens now?"] Victoria spoke softly, lifting her body up slowly and looked at him. [b "I hate to love you, but I do. I am in love with you.I will let Nancy go, I just don't know what id do if I see you and her...together again. You don't need to worry about me with Luca. I'm so crazy you..I .....I cant bed him any longer. You are, the one I want.."] against she spoke soft, leaning in and gently kissed Dario upon the lips. A kiss that was did not think twice about any longer. They had just shared hours of passion, Victoria did not hesitate on kissing the angel.
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[font "tahoma" [size11 They had fought beautifully for so long, continually dancing around one another's feelings. The jealousy clung to them like a second skin, leaving it's stain in their wake. But now, neither guard nor queen could deny their true feelings for one another. In that moment, Victoria was not a vampire queen and Dario was not Luca's fallen angel, but rather a man who so desperately wanted the touch and love of a beautiful woman. Nancy had been good in bed whereas Victoria had been heaven, the closets thing he had to the pearly white gates in such a long time. He had not realized how much he had craved the touch of another until he felt the touch of his soulmates. After all, there was no denying that Victoria was his soulmate.

In the aftermath of their love, neither one of them could foretell the child they had just made together. An ancient blessing that was bestowed upon only a few angels to supply God with more of his creations. Dario was one of those angels. Hugging Victoria tighter to his chest, he let out a deep sigh into her beautiful hair as he listened to her speak. He was relieved to hear that Nancy would come out of this unscratched, though he could not say the same for the guard who had manhandled her so roughly. [+crimson "My heart belongs to only you, my queen. I'm ashamed to admit I used Nancy to cover up my feelings for you. She's a wonderful woman and I never should have done that. I think you for letting her go. I won't bed her, she deserves love and I can never give that to her."]

But the questions still remained, what did they do now? She would still be married to Luca, whether she bed him or not. Besides, it was not as if her husband would go a day without sex. Luca had an appetite and would not be denied. [+crimson "You mustn't deny him, my sweet Victoria."] He said softly, even though the words were hard to get out. [+crimson "I, no more than you, want to think of you in any other man's arms, but you cannot deny your husband. He will grow suspicious if you stop making love to him. We cannot let him find out. He will punish me, most likely kill me, but the things he will do to you is much worse. You have to pretend as if nothing has changed between you two. You aren't mine, Victoria. Not really."]

It was hard to admit the truth, even to himself, but as long as Victoria remained queen, she would forever be bound to Luca. Dario would never take her title or the well being of her people away from her. [+crimson "What do you want to do about this? If you wish this to be a one time deal, I will respect your wishes, my queen. My silence is golden, I swear to you that."] As much as it would pain him to let her go and pretend that he did not love her, if Victoria wished it, that was exactly what Dario would do. If they were smart, neither of them would look back at this moment and consider it nothing more than a lapse of judgement. If their affair caught win, then they would not be safe anywhere.

Dario thought a long time before he decided to offer the next thing that came to his mind. It was the thing he wanted most, but also the thing that would seriously hurt them in the end. For their love could not go on forever without being known. [+crimson "Or..you take me as your secret lover. No one has to know of me. I will please you, my queen. Any time and anywhere you like. I love you Victoria, and I want to continue showing you just how much you mean to me. I'm warning you though, I can never be more to you than a hidden lover. Perhaps one day, I can be a known lover for it is not unusual for royalty to take lovers, but until then we must keep this between us."]

Moving back slightly so he could look into Victoria's eyes, Dario leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her tender lips. [+crimson "Whatever you choose, my darling, I promise to respect your wishes."] He said as he waited for her to tell him how they would carry out the rest of their time together. Eternity felt more endless than ever before.]]
VividYellow_     6y ago

The fighting had happened, there was no excuse for Victoria's behaviour and instantly, she regretted the way he treated Dario.
The Queen was in love and knew straight away that the Angel was her soulmate. Instantly, she knew that would want to die if she did not have him and frankly a part of her did as she married Luca.

In the aftermath of their love making, the pair laid together in each other arms and remained silent just simply basking in total bliss and happiness. So this was what it was like? It had been such a long time and Victoria could not remember what it was like to sleep with someone who was the other half of ones soul.
The moment Dario opened his mouth and spoke on certain things, Victoria couldn't help but smile and shifted her body onto her side, her head upon the Angel's chest and an arm snaked over his lower torso.

[b "You did use Nancy. As horrid as that sounds, you did and now she is rotting in a cell because ...because I ..got jealous. If I release her, I'm just worried that you will fall and bed her again behind my back. I'm scared..."] she spoke softly, hearing a reply from Dario that he would no longer bed Nancy. He would no longer flirt or do anything sexual to the maid.
Victoria said the same, but now it was too Luca.

[i He will grow suspicious if you stop making love to him. We cannot let him find out. He will punish me, most likely kill me, but the things he will do to you is much worse. You have to pretend as if nothing has changed between you two. You aren't mine, Victoria. Not really."]
[b "Oh Dario, do not be dim witted. Luca would never hurt you. As far as he is concerned, you tried every ounce of your being to fight me coming onto you. I bullied you, I made you fuck me. That's all he needs to know. I love you Dario and I will do anything to protect you from hurt and harm. "] Victoria admitted, loving the feeling of being close to the man she loved.

The one thing she loved more was listening to his heart beat. It made her feel more alive and made her remember into the past when she was a human being. Full of hope and full of life.

Again they were silent, eyes staring around the room while Victoria was getting warm all thanks to Dario's body heat. That was when he opened his mouth and spoke on this being a one time deal.
Victoria raised an eyebrow and lent up from the mattress and his body only to stare into his eyes.
[b "Are you kidding? No, that is not what I want. A one time thing, please tell me you are joking?"]

Dario was going to be her secret lover which was a shame as all she wanted was for the Angel to be out and about, plainly being happy because everyone knew that they were in love.
It was not mean to be.
The two of them had to keep this secret as it was her that ruined of all this. Victoria was married to a King and Dario was loyal to him....well not anymore.

[i "I love you Victoria, and I want to continue showing you just how much you mean to me."]
[b "I love you too, Dario. I will always love you and that's the truth..."] she spoke before leaning in and kissed the Angel's lips once more for a few seconds only to remove herself from the bed and slowly moved on top of the Angel, straddling his waist naked and closed her eyes enjoying the feel of him underneath her. However the moment she opened her eyes and before they could fuck once again, Victoria looked at the time and sighed. [b "Is that the time? ..Shit..."] she muttered and got off from Dario and started to rummage around the room for the linger'e that was on her body before it was taken off and strewn across the room by her lover.

[b "I have to go. Everyone is getting up and so is Luca. I'd like to go for a walk tonight through the garden, if you are willing to take me. I have yet to see it. And I kind of like the idea of making love to you by the roses..."] Victoria replied giving off a smile and placing on the dressing gown onto her skin before tiring it up and headed towards the door. [b "I'll go and ....let Nancy out.."]


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